2016 11 29 Tuesday

November 25, 1975: Suriname Independence Day

November 28, 1912: Albania Independence Day

November 28, 1960: Mauritania Independence Day

November 28, 1821: Panama Celebrates Its Independence From Spain

Crimean Tatars deported again under Russian occupation of Crimea

November 30: St Andrew’s Day: Scotland’s national day

December 1, 1961: West Papuan solidarity events planned to mark Morning Star flag day

Moldova’s geopolitical crossroads

EU, Moldova reaffirm ties after pro-Russian president elected

Pro-European Candidate To Challenge Moldova’s Presidential Election Results

The Indian caste where wives are forced into sex work

China orders Xinjiang residents to hand over passports

NT domestic violence campaign reaches Parliament House

Sahrawi Human Rights Commission Condemns Repression, Torture Against Women in Western Sahara’s Occupied Territories

Montenegrin lawmakers approve new pro-NATO government

Students in Belarus speak up against challenges they face on campuses

Denmark´s New Coalition Government Picks Eurosceptic as Foreign Minister

China protests to Singapore over military ties to Taiwan

Nigeria security forces killed 150 peaceful pro-Biafra protesters since August 2015

Biafra Republic will be my last words on earth, Nnamdi Kanu vows

Why Delta, Idomas and other minorities should join the Biafra struggle

Behold, Māori politics’ great realignment. Or, don’t believe the hype

New Putin move to win a military base in Libya

Yanukovych ‘doesn’t remember’ the bloodiest day of Maidan killings

Number of Ukrainians taken hostage by the Kremlin has risen to 36

It’s long past time to identify and shame Holodomor deniers

6 Reasons You’ve Probably Read Russian Propaganda Today

The new Putin coalition

MEPs draw map of pro- and anti-Russia countries in the EU

Russia’s border doesn’t end anywhere, Vladimir Putin says

Ukrainian hostages in the “LNR” and “DNR: The price of life

Stalin starved populations to death to russify Ukraine, North Caucasus and Kazakhstan

Bull fights: cultural clash in Catalonia

Catalan Minister for Education aims to repeal Spanish Education Reform, considers it “ideological”

Catalan Diplomacy appoints 39 internationally-known citizens to explain Catalonia to the world

Catalonia: government budget for 2017 allocates €5.8 M for pro-independence referendum

Romani women gather in Czech capital to discuss how their position has changed during the last 50 years

Tackling inequalities faced by Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities

Coercive and Cruel: Sterilisation and its Consequences for Romani Women in the Czech Republic (1966-2016)

15 Things to Know Before You Go to Galicia

Namibia leads Africa on global entrepreneurship index

Basque Country leader to push for more autonomy from Spain

European Parliament Resolution on the Situation of the Guarani-Kaiowá Indigenous People in Brazil

How Berber women are fighting desertification

Finland set to become first country to ban coal use for energy

Finnish president has busy schedule for 2017 independence centenary

Parliament of Georgia approves new Government

Edward Snowden loses Norway safe passage case

Taiwan: Detailed List Shows Extent of Diplomatic Block by Mainland China

Tbilisi tower lights up to mark women’s global anti-violence campaign

‘6 Myths About Happy Thanksgiving’ & Natives

DAPL: Evacuation Orders and Snowflakes Fly as Injured Water Protectors Sue Morton County

Pope to visit Ireland, possibly Northern Ireland

17 famous people who were born and raised in Cornwall

Are Cornish people victims of acceptable racism?

Scotland: plan to project Saltire on buildings for St Andrew’s Day blocked as ‘too political’

Scotland: yes is back: January conference will kick off major push to get ready for indyref2

The head of National Museum of the American Indian on what we should all know

American Indian tribes commemorate Colorado’s Sand Creek Massacre

Could Kurds join Nato one day?

After Mosul, Iraq’s Kurds Face Internal Crisis

In Iran, the Kurdish Struggle Remains in the Shadows

Nottingham demonstrators stand in solidarity against Kurdish oppression in Turkey

Turkey issues arrest warrant for Syrian Kurdish leader

2 Mass Graves of Iraq’s Yazidi Minority Found Near Mosul

How an underground network gets Yezidi girls and women out of ISIS-held Mosul

The Yazidi people: who are they and why are they on the run?

In northern Iraq, Yazidis risk all to flee Islamic State

‘It’s about revenge’: The Yazidi women and their personal war on Isil

Indonesian group supports referendum for West Papua

West Papua: political prisoner and KNPB Leader Steven Itlay convicted of treason by colonial Indonesian courts

Australia accused of training and funding death squad that is used by Indonesia to torture and kill peaceful West Papuan self determination activists

Intimidation as Governance in Tibet

China Takes a Chain Saw to a Center of Tibetan Buddhism

Photos: The sights and sounds of Delhi’s Mini Tibet

Dharamshala TSO organizes first Tibetan local leaders’ conference

Land of Happiness: Vision of a fearless Tibetan mother

Tibetan PM urges Canada to send fact-finding delegation to Tibet

Parliamentarians on Tibet applaud Mongolia for welcoming Tibetan leader

Opposition wins seats in Kuwait vote, as does just 1 woman

Libya won’t take part in any OPEC cuts for ‘foreseeable future’

Finger pointed at Russians in alleged coup plot in Montenegro

Haiti elects new president

Denmark urged to clean up U.S. military waste in Greenland

Switzerland has voted against plans to abandon nuclear power by 2029

Why Iceland (the country) is suing Iceland (the grocery store)

Namibia: Genocide Meeting Turns Ugly

Kuwait’s Strength Is Also Its Weakness

Scotland: St Andrew’s Day Special: Gerry Hassan: Seven challenges which must be addressed if we want independence

Scotland: SNP survey will be gold dust for Yes activists, says indyref strategist

Denmark most expensive nation in the EU

Russia ‘brainwashing’ Europeans says Lithuania’s FM

Repression and Nonviolent Resistance in Africa’s Last Colony

Ogoni: MOSOP Denounces Extensive Delays of Ogoniland Environmental Clean-Up