Asia: Press Freedom in HK Disappearing

Dark days ahead for the Hazaras in Afghanistan
Uyghurs keep focus on Xinjiang report, access as UN rights chief preps for China tour
Hmong professor didn’t hold a pencil until age 8. Now she uses her talents to lift up and preserve the stories of her people.
Another Mekong River dam in Laos begins review process
China musters troops to track US warship transit of Taiwan Strait
Three Chinese nationals die in suicide bomb attack on Karachi Confucius Institute
Uyghur high school principal from Xinjiang’s Ghulja city said to be detained
Fear of Russia Drives Central Asian Response to Ukraine War
Kazakh Lawmakers Look To Strip Ex-President Nazarbaev Of Special Status
India Reaps Economic Gains From Sri Lanka’s Crisis
Fear of Russia Drives Central Asian Response to Ukraine War
Tajikistan: Forced military conscription and the road to tragedy
Kazakhstan, China Commend Bilateral Cooperation, Mark 30 Years of Diplomatic Relations

China says Taiwan ‘playing with fire’ over alleged Taiping Island plans
Low interest in events hailing North Korea’s warm relationship with Russia
Tibetan schoolteacher released from jail in Qinghai
Indigenous peoples fight for land rights at global summit
Cambodia arrests leader of opposition political party who was in hiding
Canadian, UK lawmakers advance measures on China’s repression of Uyghurs in Xinjiang
Sinjar residents ‘suspicious’ of Iraqi army reinforcements
Australia’s Hazaras call for faster residency processing amid ‘systematic’ attacks in Afghanistan
After Publicly Backing Ukraine’s Sovereignty, Uzbek FM Steps down
Kyrgyzstan alarmed by Tajikistan’s reported purchase of Bayraktar drones
‘Look at Ukraine’: Russian Commentator Threatens Kazakhstan
These two books shed light on Uyghur mistreatments in China

Rights groups call on China to release Taiwanese man who attended Hong Kong protests
Japan PM begins SE Asia trip, urges open seas, response on Ukraine
Gorno-Badakhshan Activist Extradited From Russia Goes On Trial In Tajikistan
Islamic State in Afghanistan Looks to Recruit Regional Tajiks, Inflict Violence Against Tajikistan
Japan asks Kazakhstan to align with int’l community against Russia
Laos Pushes Forward With Seventh Mekong River Dam Project

Georgia presses US for support amid fears of Russian wars
Jenin: How the city became a symbol of Palestinian resistance
Deadly West Bank attacks follow Israeli raid on Al-Aqsa
Yazidi security forces declare determination to resist against Iraqi military
US holds high-level talks with UK over China threat to Taiwan

China enlists foreign vloggers to whitewash Uyghur situation in Xinjiang
Monday declared first day of Eid al-Fitr in Jordan
Thousands rally in Armenia against Karabakh concessions
Punjab govt bans 3 books for distorting facts related to Sikh history
Ukraine War A New Test For Chinese Power Across Eurasia
Turkmenistan and Italy’s Veneto discuss preparations for business forum
Japan urges Mongolia to join int’l pressure on Russia over Ukraine

Many ex-Soviet republics do not want Russian troops operating in their country
Claims Of Normalcy In Kashmir Self Serving Lies: Mehbooba
Laos shrugs as villagers lose farms to dam reservoir
Sri Lanka extends credit line with India as China voices support
Delivery of US Howitzers to Taiwan delayed due to Ukraine crisis
Maldives is preserving its pre-Islamic heritage, with some help from India
Vietnam protests as China declares annual South China Sea fishing ban
Kyrgyzstan: Community, deprivation, passion and joy in the holy month of Ramadan
Mustafa Shokai: The Forerunner of Kazakh Independence
“Kazakhstan could well become Russia’s preferred fruit and vegetable supplier”
Deliveroo backs off plan to cut pay of UAE delivery riders after strike
Will landlocked Kazakhstan prove a lure for Russian beach bums?
German airline Condor makes inaugural flight to Georgia
Ukraine is the focus, but Russian troops are in several ex-Soviet republics
Armenian police arrest hundreds as protests grow
Rohingya refugee children celebrate ‘lifeless’ Eid on remote Bangladesh island
Iraqi soldier killed in clashes with Yazidi fighters
Cambodia’s trafficked brides
6 Turkish occupation soldiers killed in its largest base in Southern Kurdistan
Singapore’s next leader faces challenge to be friend of both east and west
Will Anyone Dare to Use Kurdistan’s First Long-Distance Hiking Trail?

May 3: World Press Freedom Day
Two Adivasi men allegedly lynched on suspicion of killing cow in Madhya Pradesh
How could Russia-Israel controversy over Ukraine affect Israel’s operations in Syria?
A different Eid-ul-Fitr in Kashmir this time
Israel to increase military, civilian aid to Ukraine – report
Turkmenistan: Keeping tabs on discord
Russia accuses Israel of backing ‘neo-Nazis’ in Kyiv as diplomatic row grows
How the Chinese industry establishes a foothold in Kazakh security apparatus
Blackouts force Syrians to return to old ways to keep lights on
U.S. Ambassador to the UN vows to raise Uyghur’s case with Chinese counterparts
Turkey aims for one million refugees to return to Syria
When the CCP Thought Taiwan Should Be Independent
Lebanon tells UN it can no longer bear cost of hosting Syrian refugees
For North Korea, military parades come before the people’s wellbeing
A glimmer of hope as Lebanon goes to the polls
North Korea distributes pork to military units to mark 90th anniversary of army’s founding
Dubai Uncovered: Data Leak Exposes How Criminals, Officials, and Sanctioned Politicians Poured Money Into Dubai Real Estate
Hong Kong plummets toward bottom of press freedom ranking
Over 1,000 prisoners released in Oman as part of Fak Kurba initiative
Global oil price shock buys time for Kuwait
Czech Senate President Visits Georgia
NATO political consultations with Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia
Armenian, Turkish Envoys Agree To Continue Efforts At Normalizing Ties
Thousands of Yazidi people flee after clashes between Iraqi army and militia forces

Sunset, 4 May: 1948 Iyar 5: Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day