Americas: Colombia’s Indigenous face scourge of violence

Wikitongues offers direct support for new and early-stage language revitalization projects
1821 October 15: Sequoyah Day, creation of Cherokee Syllabary
October 15: National Hispanic Heritage Month, US

Revitalizing Indigenous Peoples’ Languages: A Matter of Human Rights
Suriname’s Frustrated Path to Better Governance
Illegal agricultural project moves ahead on Brazilian Indigenous lands

Indigenous protest in Bogotá descends into clashes with police

Mayoral candidates address Indigenous issues at second election forum
Ralph Lauren apologises after Mexico indigenous ‘plagiarism’ claim

China failed its Arctic ambitions in Greenland

Solar Energy, the Solution for Remote Communities in Argentina

The Most Amazing Islands In The Caribbean
Honduras strengthens position as US nearsourcing partner as recession looms
Final two Pléiades Neo imagery satellites land in French Guiana
Paraguay rebel leader Villalba killed in clash with army
In the western Amazon, oil blocks eat away at Indigenous lands, protected areas

Historical and ongoing discrimination threatens spiritual, cultural and physical survival of indigenous peoples says UN report
Indigenous Guarani live in deepening poverty in Brazil
Brazil’s biggest elected Indigenous caucus to face tough 2023 Congress

The Aztec Antichrist Chronicles Indigenous Resistance and Religious Conversion
Ask a Bookseller: part memoir, part Ojibwe cultural toolbox
Brazil’s indigenous people fear election result will do little to help them

1979 October 27: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Independence Day
UNESCO Bolsters Support to Indigenous Cultural Start-ups in Mexico
The Indigenous World 2022: Mexico
Brazil’s Indigenous communities confront challenges to their land and way of life

US Virgin Islands Launches New Branding and Marketing Campaign

Uruguay and Argentina, key partners to bring the EU and Latin America closer

Guarani Leader Fights for Her Community as It Confronts Climate Change Effects in Paraguay
Peruvian Indigenous community wants to become a shareholder in Las Bambas mine

The true cost of Argentina’s lithium rush

US National Native American Heritage Month
1981 November 1: Antigua and Barbuda Independence Day
Muted Tongues: A Timeline of Suppressed Languages
China, Circumpolar Indigenous People and the Colonial Past of the Arctic
Not just about the party, Día de los Muertos is rooted in Mexican Indigenous spirituality and traditions
Colombia’s Indigenous population faces scourge of violence

How can traditional economies lift Inuit out of poverty? ITK summit tackles question
Red Amautiit exhibit at Winnipeg Art Gallery commemorates missing and murdered Inuit women and girls

1903 November 3: Panama Separation from Colombia
1978 November 3: Dominica Independence Day
Indigenous languages make inroads into public schools
Greenland’s Melting Ice Sheet Brings an Unexpected Flow of Wealth Potential
Honduran forest governance agreement brings cautious hope

Foreigners aboard Peru riverboat held in pollution protest
Feds and Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami establish an Inuit health research network, but ‘unacceptable reality’ of long travels remain
New podcast series spotlighting Inuit artists to launch in January
Falklands Legislative Assembly reaffirms rights to self-determination amid Chagos sovereignty negotiations
The weird way language affects our sense of time and space
Tourists held by Peruvian indigenous group protesting oil spill are freed, says official

Opinion: Don’t let language fade

1922 November 7: International Inuit Day
Choctaw Lesson: What is the Weather Like?
A Young Mayor Rides Bolivia’s Political Shake-up
Gran Chaco: Argentina risks losing its largest native forest

UNESCO doubles down on its commitment to inclusive education in a multilingual world
Beyond smudging: Indigenous creators reclaim their influence on the wellness industry
Lack of Doctors on Greenland
Sandinistas complete their political domination of Nicaragua
USNS Comfort Completes Second Mission Stop of Continuing Promise 2022 in Honduras
In Brazil’s soy belt, Indigenous people face attacks over land rights
Mercury rising: Why Bolivia remains South America’s hub for the toxic trade
Actress Laverne Cox finds peace in paradise on Anguilla
‘Barbaric’ homicides surge in Turks and Caicos amid drug-related violence

Honduras: Solidarity during prolonged crisis
Agriculture and livestock farming devours the forests of Gran Chaco

Mexican lawmakers launch support group for Tibet
Photos: Agriculture cuts into Argentina’s Gran Chaco forest
The Mesoamerican Influences Behind Namor From ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’
Aruba airport became the first in the world to receive the Green Globe certification

1620 November 11: Mayflower sails from England to America
Younger generations push to preserve a disappearing Indigenous language in rural Alaska
Young Indigenous women from Mexico and Morocco unite for COP27
As an Indigenous Mexican woman, I’ve experienced racism on both sides of the border
Remembrance Day: Veterans make ’emotionally challenging’ return to Falkland Islands
Chilean President: Plan to Restitute Lands Claimed by Mapuche
Chilean President likens Mapuches to Nazis
Ceremony in Villa Mascardi: chronicle of Mapuche ritual in support of Lafken Winkul Mapu community
Colombia’s signing of Escazu accord brings hope to land defenders
‘Leaders, not victims’: African, Asian, and Latin American women’s groups demand climate funding
11 Books to Understand the Indigenous History of LATAM
Latin America closes ranks at Cop27 around climate finance
Sint Maarten National Day
Eight Wounded In Martinique Shooting
Rihanna, rum and a female PM: The new republic of Barbados is a hot spot for 2023

Angry Chinese envoy barged into Mexican parliament over deputies’ launch of a Tibet group
Bolivia: Protesters revolt amid census demands
Indigenous Groups Are Key to Reversing Amazon Destruction
Colombia: Violence against Indigenous communities on the rise

Classes reawakening Indigenous languages in southwestern Manitoba
Soldiers, police take industrial action in Suriname
Afro-Andean Funk: Preservation Of The Quechua Language, Music, And Cultural Tradition

How to realistically elevate the status of Indigenous languages
Five Inuit content creators join TikTok bootcamp
‘We’re not in igloos anymore’: Seal Summit wraps with hope for a growing market for Inuit hunters
The New Together We’re More Campaign is for the Choctaw Proud
The legacy of Choctaw Code Talkers lives on
Defenders of the forests: Costa Rica’s green heart beats in the mountains of Talamanca
Nicaragua: Putin’s New Client State
Oil Majors Are Betting Big On Suriname
Peruvian Amazon Indigenous leaders to lobby banks to cut ties with state oil firm
UK increases budget and capital support for Montserrat
Dutch Caribbean Islands want to reduce cost of inter-island air travel
Turks and Caicos Islands tops Condé Nast Traveler’s list
Bitcoin Cash Could Be Legal Tender in St. Kitts by March, Prime Minister Says
Team Antigua and Barbuda Break 30-year Wait To Capture OECS Swimming Championships
Wealthy Russians are applying for Grenada passports to flee draft

Do Mountains Have Souls?
Revitalizing Indigenous Connections: Celebrating Native American Heritage Month 2022
Demolition of Nain Boarding School closes ‘dark chapter’ of Inuit history, says Nunatsiavut
Nonabah Lane, Navajo educator and environmental sustainability specialist with numerous ties to MIT, dies at 46
China circles El Salvador’s economy as country edges toward crypto plunge
Environmental ‘superministry’ bill raises alarm in Guatemala
Chilean state to address historic land debt with Mapuche Indigenous communities
St. Vincent and the Grenadines ditches US and re-dials Venezuela
Grenada takes a U-turn, now it welcomes Russians open-heartedly
Humanitarians launch Haiti appeal to ease spiralling cholera-fuelled crisis

Indigenous leaders call for independent funding mechanism to support climate and biodiversity action
CSUSB student determined to revive and preserve California’s Indigenous languages
Emory held indigenous language path listening sessions to honor Muscogee Nation
Canada invests in new Inuit-led community wellness hub in Iqaluit
One of the last living Navajo Code talkers shares his story
World Wildlife Conference opens in Panama
The crypto crisis fallout in El Salvador
Cardinal Czerny remembers Jesuits killed in El Salvador
Mexican indigenous groups push back against fast fashion
Paraguay not bowing to global pressure against cattle farming
Bolivian activists push back against mining industry
Boric Is Trapped on Trade
Dam construction ignites Indigenous youth movement in southern Chile
The Gran Chaco is slowly nibbled away
South America’s forgotten forest being destroyed by farming
Lula insists ‘Brazil is back’ at UN climate summit
After 50 years, the mission of Cimi is still “to defend with courage and prophecy the cause of the indigenous peoples”
U.S. federal officials make major seizure of arms, ammunition bound for Turks and Caicos
Dominica stages successful 22nd edition of World Creole Music Festival
Antigua and Barbuda moves to Blue Economy
St. Vincent journalist Kenton X. Chance gets international award
Dominican Republic steps up Haitian deportations, raising tensions

Indigenous language speakers doubled among youth in past five years, report says
Apaches get rehearing in fight to preserve Oak Flat, a sacred site in Arizona
Denver to hire consultant for Indigenous Peoples historic context
Indigenous people: The landscape is different, but the connection to nature is the same
Evanston Public Library releases acknowledgement of Indigenous Land
Celebrating Native American Heritage Month, every month
Nation’s first Native and Strong Lifeline Launches as Part of 988
ArtSEA: New ʔálʔal Cafe brings Native food, art to Pioneer Square
Atlantic First Nations Water Authority signs deal to take over water services in 17 First Nations
Legal advocacy group for First Nations people granted intervener status in Supreme Court case
B.C. First Nations leaders thank John Horgan for leadership on premier’s last full day
Co-author of status card report says First Nations people experiencing ‘micro-aggressions’
Canada spends more responding to climate emergencies in First Nations than preventing them, auditor general says
Saskatchewan First Nation accuses U.S. miner of extracting potash without providing ‘benefit’ to community
Polaris: Bermuda is in a fragile economic state
Art Gallery of Ontario appoints curator focused on Inuit art
Congress considers fulfilling 200-year-old promise to seat Cherokee Nation delegate
Museum of the Cherokee Indian wins top SOAR Award
Lions rookie Malcolm Rodriguez reflects on lineage from Cherokee Nation, Mexico
How a Navajo Language Unity Club amplified students’ voices across AZ, Navajo Nation, & USA
Documentary Encourages Utilities to Help with Light Up Navajo
Massachusetts museum repatriates Wounded Knee Massacre artefacts to Lakota and Sioux nations
Transfer of Sacred Apache Land for Copper Mining Gets New Look
Belizean fishers are feeling the effects of climate change
Costa Rica capturing thousands of endangered sharks every year
El Salvador to Buy Bitcoin Every Day Starting Tomorrow, President Says
Sexual health in Mexican indigenous women
At COP27 Indigenous Land Defenders from Mexico, Guatemala Warn “Green Capitalism” Creates Violence
Corruption, Cocaine, and Gold: Interview With Suriname’s President Santokhi
Guyana in a ‘hurry’ to develop, US EXIM Bank promises special attention
U.S. offers $5 mln reward in hunt for Paraguay prosecutor’s killers
Film ‘Utama’ is an arduous, authentic journey toward climate devastation
United States and Ecuador Sign Open Skies Agreement
Coast of Ecuador holds the largest population of manta rays – study
The route from Ecuador to the United States
In Chile, drought and human expansion threaten a unique national park
Chile: Spanish investors are preparing for a gloomy 2023
Amazon Leader Welcomes Climate Vow from Brazil’s Lula to End Deforestation with Indigenous Help
Venezuela’s dictator mocks international community … again
Visiting Fulbright Scholar Margo Groenewoud brings new Caribbean insights to CUNY DSI
2 die off Guadeloupe at finish of Route du Rhum sailing race
In storm-hit Puerto Rico, local communities fill US disaster response gaps
Jamaica declares regional state of emergency to stop violence
The Dominican Republic has “a violent culture” against women
Haiti: Canadian accused of plot to topple Jovenel Moise government
Families of jailed Cuban protesters blocked from meeting US officials

Indigenous Leaders Workshop in Geneva from 21 to 24 November on Enhancing Participation in the Human Rights Council
‘Shameful’ UN silencing Indigenous voices, say banned Cop27 activists
COP27: Indigenous leader warns against leaving out ancestral knowledge
Indigenous Winnipeggers
Underfunded, understaffed, Canada’s Indigenous Services Agency is failing to protect First Nations
For Native Americans, Tribal Colleges Tackle the ‘Present-Day Work of Our Ancestors’
This Thanksgiving, educate yourself on Native American history
Native American UC Davis professor’s photograph featured in New York City’s Museum of Modern Art
California auditor slams universities for not returning Native American remains, artifacts
Dissecting Ocean Dynamics in Greenland Fjords
Panama conference backs ‘historic’ plan to regulate global shark trade
Superstition Over Sexual Pleasure Is Putting Panama’s Sea Turtles at Risk
El Salvador reports high number of femicides
Learning is reciprocal at the UNC Program in Nicaragua
Guatemala finds hundreds of pre-Hispanic artifacts in U.S. couple’s house
A Nation in the Crosshairs of Climate Change Is Ready to Get Rich on Oil
Venezuela Asks World Court to Throw Out Guyana border case
Three more companies awarded `Made in Guyana’ certification
Guyana seeks to reduce the mortality rate and number of malaria cases by 2025
Guyana announces salary increase for public servants
Guyana health minister says country prepared for any future pandemic
URUGUAY: Students access cutting-edge clean energy projects
Bolivia and Peru Face Narcotrafficking Together
Ecuador secures funds for Peru power interconnection
Chile’s GDP posts largest quarterly drop in over 2 years as recession fears grow
Daughters of Charity put themselves at the service of abused women in Peru
A Peruvian Shaman Talks Ayahuasca, Healing and Tourism
MBtv: South American indigenous tribes unite through film
‘Young people are leaving us’ in Amazon suicide wave
Native American Heritage Month: The Importance of Land Acknowledgments
Montserrat announces list of activities of Alliouagana Festival of the Word celebration
A tiny Island in the Caribbeans has overturned mighty USA’ sanction structure
Implications of Dominica Snap Election
Antigua and Barbuda wins in CJ Caribbean travellers’ choice awards
Barbados spearheads push on climate disaster financing
Bahamas takes control of bankrupt exchange FTX assets
Can Puerto Rico recover before the next climate disaster?
Algeria to help Cuba as energy shortages bite

1969 November 20: Occupation of Alcatraz
November 24 : Thanksgiving, United States
1975 November 25: Suriname Independence Day
1821 November 28: Panama Independence Day
1864 November 29: Sand Creek Massacre
1966 November 30: Barbados Independence Day
1914 December 8: Battle of the Falklands Day
1948 December 10: Human Rights Day
1981 December 11: El Mozote massacre, El Salvador
December 18: International Migrants Day