2017 3 26

This edition was completely destroyed during publishing. The entire file turned into some hieroglyphs. Fortunately the file survived in an intermediate form in an application where it wasn’t even saved.


Crackdown in Belarus: write a letter to Lukashenka, so he knows the world is watching

Sign the online book of condolence for Martin McGuinness

Cornwall Petition: No to a cross-Tamar “Devonwall” parliamentary constituency

Petition: Let independent Scotland stay in the EU!

Help end genocide in West Papua, sign the petition


April 9-10 and May 23-24 conference: Armenia 25 Years On, Now What?

Healthy Kids! Healthy Futures! Conference” April 26-27, 2017, at Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino in Santa Fe, New Mexico

FinTech Awards Luxembourg opens for applications

March 31-April 2: Cherokee Days scheduled at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian


March 22, 2016: Belgium marks first anniversary of Brussels attacks

March 24, 1999: Serbia Mourns 1999 Bombing Victims; Kosovo Thanks NATO

March 25: Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

March 25, 1917: Georgian Church marks 100th anniversary of restoration of independence

March 25, 1918: Freedom Day in Belarus (Dzen Voli)

March 25–28, 1949, Operation Priboi: Soviet Mass Deportation from the Baltic States

April 26, 1937: Bombing of Guernica, Basque Country


Tuareg factions to boycott Mali peace conference

Tuareg rebellion (2012)

Tuareg people

Mongolia races to preserve two-humped camels

World Bank Project Aims to Help Mongolia Diversify Exports

Ethnic Mongolian Herders Protest Lack of Compensation For Grazing Ban

36th anniversary of first space flight by Mongolian is marked

Which Will It Be for Montenegro: Toward West or Russia?

US Secretary of State urges Senate ratification of Montenegro’s NATO membership

U.S. Senate to vote on Montenegro NATO membership next week

Montenegro to join EU through urgent procedure?

Russia, an alleged coup and Montenegro’s bid for NATO membership

Malta to be reported to EU for ‘de facto tolerance’ of illegal trapping

Here’s a Win-Win Deal for Trump: Cyprus

Six Russian soldiers, six militants killed in foggy Chechnya base attack

Chechen convicted of ‘honour killing’

A third Chechen war is inevitable. The only question is when

It Takes 78 Mercedes-Benzes to Make a Chechen Mafia Wedding Procession, Apparently

Jamaica enjoys mixed rankings on UNDP’s HD report

Jamaican woman is 2017 Young Global Leader from C’bean

Qualified architects leaving Jamaica

Lux. 10th healthiest country

After 19 hours of debate — through the night — Haiti welcomes a new government

Haiti police dispute there was attempt on ex-president’s life

South Sudan, Haiti, Ukraine top list of suffering nations

U.N. Accepts Blame but Dodges the Bill in Haiti

Namibian President Calls for Land Expropriation

Namibia gets UNESCO funding

Do We Care About Namibia’s Natural Treasures?

16 amazing things you didn’t know about Namibia

Representatives of Nordic-Baltic states visit Tshkinvali occupation line

Expert compares situation in Baltics with Berlin during Cold War at U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee meeting

Lithuanian Prime Minister sees no fast solutions to migration problem

A Russian propaganda site incites breaking up Baltic countries

Lithuanian MEP Guoga blacklisted by Russia

Life and culture in Uummannaq, Greenland

Why Australia Is a Continent, but Greenland Is Not

Author of the Month: Seven years in Greenland

Oil in Norway: Continental divide

Disney’s hit ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is banned in Kuwait for its ‘gay moment’

Guarani-Kaiowá leader: “We will resist at any price, because all we have left to lose is our lives”

Peruvian Prof. Presents First Quechuan Thesis Defense in Europe

Dream Big Maori competition

Anniversary showed Belgium at its best (and worst)

Tunisian Man Charged With Attempting London-Style Terror Attack in Belgium

Lebanon’s Jumblatt affirms son as political heir

Hundreds protest Lebanese parliament’s proposed tax hikes

Israeli Army Chief: If Hezbollah Targets Israel, Israel Will Target Lebanon Itself

Hungary seeks to ban Heineken beer’s ‘communist’ red star

Former BNP leader Nick Griffin is ‘moving to Hungary’

In Trump’s America, Hungary finds a friendlier partner

Aboriginal leaders bid to take over neglected national park

Don Dale detainee recounts journey from Australian bush childhood to Darwin adult jail

‘Wait and see, mate’: Indigenous barrister breaks barriers

‘Treated like animals’ and isolated without toilets, Aboriginal Kids’ Commissioner slams government

The politics of Aboriginal kitsch

Australia again denounced for treatment of Aborigines as UN investigates

Pakistan Gets Closer to Tatarstan

‘Freedom of expression is a universal value’ Switzerland tells Turkey

How Swiss democracy sidelines firebrands

US judge grants asylum to teenage blogger from Singapore

Flying TAXIS could be hitting Singapore by 2030

Syrian Refugees Coming Home to Armenia

Armenia arrests opposition activist for weapon smuggling

The ambitious new EU and Armenia deal

Death of the ‘Bread Bringer’ sparks protests in Armenia

Sweden preparing nuclear fallout bunkers across the country amid fear of Russian war

Russia trying to gain influence in Libya: US general

Khalifa Haftar forces accused of Benghazi atrocities

In Slovenia, ski jumping’s coming home

Turkmenistan leader’s son gets senior parliament job

UK excludes Somaliland from donor conference for postponing elections

Somaliland drought “a kind of nightmare” – and a security threat

Albania’s Agribusiness Support Facility – With a Little Help From Your Friends

Russia to pay off Soviet debt with $125 mln for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnian War, 25 Years Later: Mostar Bridge Illustrates Lingering Divide

Yazidis who suffered genocide are fleeing again, but this time not from the Islamic State

Yazidi “superhero” wins award for helping survivors of Islamic State atrocities

Scottish Parliament recognizes genocide against the Yezidi people

Kurdistan Regional Government collecting evidence to recognize Yezidi case as genocide

What does “Home” mean after 74 genocides? Interview with a Yazidi refugee

Analysts eye April for break in Czech currency limit

Czech crown may find rise restricted when cap is lifted

Free movement could break up the EU – Czech foreign minister

Population rises in Prague and the Czech Republic

Austria creates charging point network to boost electric car usage

Austria’s chancellor urges Europe to meet social needs

Mass Protests in Macedonia as EU Envoy Tries to Break Deadlock

EU tells Macedonia leaders to stand aside or face sanctions

Russian Propaganda Exploits Ethnic Tensions To Keep Macedonia Looking Inward, Not Westward

Croatia to play in front of first full home crowd since 2014 following hooliganism bans

Croatia preparing law to save economy from Agrokor-like fallouts

Behind Azerbaijan’s facades

Azerbaijan’s Lost Transparency

Nobody trusts world’s best currency

Serbia says no to NATO on alliance’s airstrikes anniversary

In Serbian election, comedy candidate is no joke

The Latest: Exit polls put center-right ahead in Bulgaria

A look at the political blocs in Bulgaria’s general election

Bulgaria’s economy: a tale of extremes

20+ Brutal Photos Of Freedom Day Protest On Minsk Streets

EU must reinstate sanctions after Belarusian dictator’s violent crushing of Freedom Day protests

5 things you need to know about Lukashenka’s crackdown on Minsk protests

Document: Russia Uses Rigged Polls, Fake News to Sway Foreign Elections

‘Russia Is a Threat … to All of Europe’, Lithuanian President

Paul Niland: Creating fake ‘republics’

New Threats Require a New Response: What the Baltic Countries and the US Face in Putin’s Russia

From torture to solitary confinement for a letter in Crimean Tatar

Former Ukraine Minister Named To Manage Puerto Rico’s Financial Crisis

Russia may be helping supply Taliban insurgents: U.S. general

Warning to Russia’s neighbors: Moscow started to undermine Ukraine in Crimea already in 2008

Why Has Russia’s Propaganda Machine Set its Sights on Belarus?

Menacing FSB interrogations of Ukrainian Cultural Centre activists in Russian-occupied Crimea

Hungarian secret agent reveals in detail how serious the Russian threat is

Imaginary “terrorists” with no terror acts: Russia’s collective punishment of Crimean Muslims

Lukashenka’s crackdown will not intimidate Belarusians now, Kalyakin says

Crimean journalist accused of contempt of court for demanding open trial

Products of Luhansk Cartridge Works on sale in Georgia

Kremlin-backed “DNR” to open fake diplomatic mission in Greece

Soviet-era punishment resurfaces in Crimea: the political abuse of psychiatry

Ukraine bans Russia’s Eurovision entrant over Crimea tour

Battling IS, Kurdish Fighters Court Russia And US to Forge New Future

Referendum will tell world what Kurdistan people want: PM Barzani

There will be a referendum this year for Kurdish independence in Iraq: Barzani

Kurdish family demands justice in Turkey’s Diyarbakir

Turkey in new clampdown on Kurdish opposition

Kurdish Activists Arrested in Turkey Ahead of Nowruz Celebrations

Worldview: Rubin: Time for Kurdish independence?

Flag raised at Binghamton City Hall to celebrate Kurdish New Year

Kyrgyzstan: Clashes Break Out as Returning Exiled Politician Detained

A Glimpse Into Moscow’s Little Kyrgyzstan

Court Freezes Media Accounts for spreading “dishonest information” about Kyrgyzstan President Almazbek Atambayev

Kyrgyzstan: Authorities Respond to Freedom March With Detentions

China, Kyrgyzstan vow to upgrade military ties

Dale Grimshaw on West Papua: ‘It’s heartbreaking that nobody will listen’

Man fined $500 for West Papua protest at Indonesian consulate

Petition seeks NZ govt stand on abuses in West Papua

French journo pair deported from West Papua

West Papua: Human Rights Watch Calls Out Indonesian Restrictions on Freedom of Press

Indonesia Steamrolls Media Freedom in Papua, Again

Why Eritreans Opt for Risky Exodus to Ethiopia

Andorra end 11 year run of 58 defeats with Faroe Islands draw

Faroe Islands to overhaul fishing regulations

Belarus Is the Latest Thorn in Putin’s Side

A new face in Belarus’ anti-government protests: The poor

Outrage as Belarus arrests authors, publishers and journalists

Moldova says no response from Russia on money-laundering probe

Russia Could Have Laundered Up to USD 80 B Via Moldova, Latvia

INTERVIEW: Moldova’s populist pro-Russian ‘hand grenade’

Moldovan Agriculture Minister Dismissed After Arrest On Corruption Charges

UN Human Rights Council adopts first resolution in support of Georgia

Brexit: Full farming devolution urged for Wales

‘Only we care if our country succeeds or fails’: Welsh readers on post-Brexit era

Hard Brexit ‘incredibly damaging’ to Welsh agriculture

£4.2 million for Welsh language schemes

A new national identity: Smörgåsbord Studio rebrands Wales

Why are Welsh language community newspapers thriving?

Tongue twisting: What Brexit means for minority languages

Online Welsh-language journalism: A second ‘golden age’?

Estonia has 1.3 million people: Here’s how it plans to get 10 million e-residents by 2025

Candles lit across Estonia in honor of March 1949 deportations

Adivasi Council to carry out long march in Karachi next month

Under the Radar: Tajikistan on track to be the next Afghanistan

Preparing for Remediation of Uranium Legacy Sites in Tajikistan

Central Asia’s Anxious Watch On The Afghan Border

Biafra: Why Igbo nation will be freest nation when created – IPOB

Biafra: We have reached point of no return – MASSOB

We are created Biafrans and we have to exhibit it in all sense of responsibility – MASSOB

Biafra: IPOB condemns secret trial of Nnamdi Kanu

Biafra: Nigerian government perfecting plans to kill Nnamdi Kanu – IPOB

Russia’s Dagestan to name stadium after pole-vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva

‘No beards, no veils’: Uighur life in China’s Xinjiang

Peter Sanders photographs Muslims in China to dispel negative notions about Islam

Church official calls Stalin “executioner” and supports ban on his perpetuation in Ingushetia

Young Palestinian dancers tell stories of resistance

UN report slams Israel’s ‘subjugation of humanity’ in Palestine

Palestinian Women Try to Bring Baseball to Gaza

Political Prisoners absent during Palestinian Mother’s Day

The Unlikely Populist: John Tsang’s Fight for Hong Kong’s Top Job

Hong Kong relives its failed push for greater democracy as leadership election nears

Will Hong Kong’s next chief executive be gutsy enough to tackle the mainland invasion

Six questions for Hong Kong chief executive candidates Woo Kwok-hing and Carrie Lam

How annexing Crimea allowed Putin to claim he had made Russia great again

Crimea: The place that’s rather difficult to get into

Large-scale Russian military exercise kicks off in Crimea

RFE/RL Contributor Mykola Semena Goes On Trial In Crimea

Crimean dissidents silenced by Moscow

Activists report 43 abductions in Crimea since Russian annexation

Russia shows muscle in annexed Crimea

What role will Crimean Tatars play in Russian-Turkish relations?

Three years later: Russia’s suicide by Crimea

Guernica – when the Basque child refugees arrived in Montrose

Blue plaque to remember Basque refugees housed in Lancing

Basques to descend on Buffalo

Basque LNG bunkering project ‘advancing at a good pace’

How the refugee crisis is dealing another blow to Europe’s Roma

Yuri Yunakov to Headline 20th Anniversary Herdeljezi Romani Music Festival

Newport arts project fuses Welsh and Romani cultures

NAKA prosecutes MP Mazurek for anti-Roma statements

Thirsting for justice: Roma and the human rights to water and sanitation

Documentary exposes racism against Hungarian Roma

Roma fear there is no place for them as Romania’s cities modernize

Discrimination against Roma in education: waiting for changes on the ground

Slovenia: More should be done to ensure that Roma, migrants and those in poverty are not left behind

Declaration against anti-Gypsyism: the Congress calls on local and regional authorities to take a stand

Cornish Minority Report: Stop oppressing Cornwall and fund our culture, language and traditions

The Fires in Tibet

What Ever Happened to Hollywood’s ‘Free Tibet’ Rallying Cry?

‘India sending Dalai Lama to Arunachal but Beijing will decide successor’

Tibetan Pedestrians Being Attacked, Beaten by Chinese Security

Tibetan NGO Organizes Exhibition to Highlight Tibet’s Past Independence Status

Calling for Dalai Lama’s return, farmer stages Tibet’s first self-immolation of 2017

Printing the Ancient Way Keeps Buddhist Texts Alive in Tibet

China Stops Tibetan Horse Festival, Arrests Two Organizers

Celebrating Tibet at Carnegie Hall

Tibetan Women’s Soccer Team Denied U.S. Visas to Attend Tournament Will Host Its Own

The Art of Non-violence: Winning China Over to Tibet’s Story

BBC local news makes light of Cornish oppression claims

World leaders pay tribute to Martin McGuinness

Without Martin McGuinness, there would have been no peace in Northern Ireland

How Ireland is reinventing itself as the best small progressive country in the world

Election has opened pathway to new and equal Ireland

Nicola Sturgeon: ScotRef will be held when it is right for Scots, not when it is convenient for Theresa May

Treated with contempt: Scotland snubbed over Article 50 date announcement

Nicola Sturgeon: Scotland’s future should be the people’s choice

Michael Fry: Scotland’s sense of nationhood IS palpable, just like the man said

Nicola Sturgeon: The people of Scotland must choose own fate and not have it imposed upon them

FORMER governor of the Bank of England: there are ‘no major problems’ on currency for an independent Scotland

Only a quarter of Scots trust UK Government to do best for Scotland, survey finds

‘Sex Workers For Yes’ group launch campaign backing IndyRef2 plan

4 ways a second Scottish independence campaign would be different

#Putin gives green light for incorporating some South Ossetian units into Russian Army

Protests Erupt in South Ossetia as Former President Blocked from Running Again

CoE Congress: Abkhazia, S. Ossetia Polls ‘Illegal

Putin Meets South Ossetian Leader in Moscow

Norway ousts Denmark as world’s happiest country

Sami people persuade Norway pension fund to divest from Dakota Access

Catalonia approves funds to hold independence referendum

Catalonia and Scotland at core of Europe’s geopolitical conundrum

Censorship in Catalonia: mention independence in Catalonia and you could be arrested

Spain compelled other governments to oppose Catalonia’s independence

Google Doodle remembers Finnish woman writer & social activist Minnah Canth

Finnish, US defence ministers discuss ISIS and Winter War

Documentary Film: In The Light of Reverence

Fracking, Pipelines and Coal Projects Trample Indigenous Rights

‘We All Know Someone’: Tribal Community, Advocates Seek to Honor Missing and Murdered Native American Women

Trump Budget Takes an Axe to Native Housing Allocations

Vatican and Its Legacy of Domination

World’s Best Heart Health Found in Indigenous Amazon Group

Indigenous Indonesians at a Crossroads

Native communities look toward the next battleground after the Dakota Access pipeline

What does Canada 150 mean for Indigenous communities?

Indigenous communities across Canada move to banish drug dealers

Iceland ends capital controls more than eight years after 2008 crash

How Iceland Makes a big Contribution to Genetic Research

Western Sahara should be able to negotiate their own fisheries partnership agreement with the EU

AU denounces illegal exploitation of Saharawi resources, urges Morocco to comply with international legality

AU calls on international community to support its efforts to overcome current impasse in Western Sahara

Western Sahara: Morocco‘s absence from AU Peace, Security Council, a “failure for first test”

It only took a few centuries, but Denmark has finally repaid all its foreign debts

Denmark doubles PhD numbers ‘without lowering quality’

LGBT community in Denmark rejoices: homosexual marriages in church are not against constitution

One in four young Danes placed in foster care attempts suicide

Latvia’s fortress think tank

Beijing piling on pressure against Taiwan independence

Taiwan says Chinese military threat grows, U.S. regional strategy unclear

Taiwan Plans Military Spending Surge to Counter Rising China

Universities, Taiwan Government at Odds Over Chinese Students

What UK publishers can learn from Portugal in the fight against Google and Facebook

Latvia sends out its centenary invitation

Baltic states’ centenary coin vote launched online

Trump-linked data firm suggested stoking ethnic tensions in Latvia

Candles lit across Estonia in honor of March 1949 deportations

March 25 in Latvia: a day of double significance

Wounded Ukrainian soldiers, families undergo treatment in Georgia

Georgian leaders condemn London terror attack

Head of Norwegian Parliament: “Georgia on way to becoming member of European project”

3 years since annexation of Crimea: Georgia supports Ukraine’s territorial integrity

Balochistan: Hundreds of Baloch Civilians Continue to Suffer Extreme Abuses

Hmong: Newspapers Apologise after Falsely Accusing Two Girls of Theft

Sindh: Repercussions of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor for Indigenous Peoples Will Be Catastrophic

Assyria: Documentary on Genocide to Be Screened in Cyprus

Brazil Taken Before the Inter-American Court for Violating Indigenous Rights

Congo militia decapitates 40 police officers in ambush

Sierra Leone police brutality against protesting students condemned

Gambia to set up truth and reconciliation commission

Somali pirates take over Somali vessel to use as mothership

US warns South Sudan government against ‘deliberate starvation tactics’

Benin: Lawmakers reject President Talon’s calls for urgent constitution review

Mauritania constitutional referendum

Twenty million people facing starvation in Yemen and Somalia-Red Cross

Rwanda to send extra troops to South Sudan

Zimbabwe: Opposition wants UN to handle 2018 polls

NGOs raise concern over rights violations in Burundi

Car bomb kills four near Somali presidential palace

Somalia names 26-minister cabinet

Exiled Yahya Jammeh works on Equatorial Guinea farm ‘for the cameras’

The Equatorial Guinea and South Sudan seal oil deal

Djiboutian human rights activist arrested

CAR: François Hollande reiterates support for state sovereignty

Why Africa is less happy than the rest of the world

Pope begs for forgiveness over church’s role in Rwanda genocide

All African delegates of Africa Summit in U.S. denied visas

AU donates $100,000 towards Somalia drought relief, $863.5m needed

1.6 million people flee South Sudan in the past 8 months


2017 03 19

Cornwall Petition: No to a cross-Tamar “Devonwall” parliamentary constituency

Petition: Let independent Scotland stay in the EU!

Help end genocide in West Papua, sign the petition


March 13: National Day of Internet Freedom in Tunisia

March 14, 1855: International Circassian Language Day

March 14, 1801: Mother Tongue Day in Estonia

March 17, 461: Saint Patrick’s Day, Ireland

March 18, 2014: Crimea Annexation by Russia

March 19: Finland celebrates equality on Minna Canth Day

March 20, 1956: Independence day in Tunisia

March 21, 1990: Namibia Independence Day

March 23: Nordic Day

March 25, 1821: Greek Independence Day

March 26, 1971: Independence Day in Bangladesh


Crimea: When Is an Annexation Not Actually an Annexation?

Crimea annexation anniversary triggers reactions in US, EU

Iconic natural landmark in Gozo is gone forever

After 219 years, de Valette’s dagger returns to Malta on loan

38 People Have Been Killed by a Bus After a Hit-and-Run Incident in Haiti

Belarus And The Ghosts Of 2014

‘We Are Not Slaves’ – Europe’s most repressive state is re awakening

New Zealand Welcomes A Mighty River To Personhood

Will Libya see Russia’s next foreign intervention force?

Picking at the Tangled Knot of Libya

No let-up in Cyprus bird poaching

Cyprus says sweeping changes have reduced prison suicides

The four big security challenges facing Sweden today

Inspiring hundreds of young entrepreneurs in Jamaica

Sleeping with Bob Marley’s ghost – a unique pilgrimage to Jamaica

Jamaica activist arrested after posting names of alleged sexual predators

Lebanon heroin fighters nervously watch health care reform

With Lebanon no longer hiding Hezbollah’s role, next war must hit civilians: Israeli Minister

Will Lebanon tap its oil and gas wealth?

Moldova needs to improve judiciary and business environment

Serbia’s Vucic: West Balkans Need Clear EU Message

Hunting unicorns, Singapore Exchange turns to dual share system

Singapore beats Hong Kong to claim title of ‘World’s Best Airport

Water price hike sparks rare public protest in Singapore

Scots charity worker jailed for 20 years for child abuse in Albania could be freed after accusers claim they were told to lie

Albania: In Europe’s Wild East Cannabis is a Billion-Dollar Business

Khat in the Horn of Africa: A Scourge or Blessing?

‘Neutral’ Turkmenistan Breaks Away from Russia, Hooked Instead on China’s Natural Gas Imports

In Turkmenistan, Singing The Praises Of Berdymukhammedov’s Mom

Uzbekistan Puts a Smile on an Economic Blow to Turkmenistan

Slovenia Is Now Selling Salami That Pays Homage to Melania Trump

More insurers ‘close’ to picking Luxembourg for post-Brexit base

Ingush antiterror officers charged with battery and torture

Mass brawl erupts during MMA fight in Dagestan, Russian officials tell media to shut up about it

Video of a bin in Kizlyar, Dagestan, goes viral

Tajikistan’s Deadly Export

Tajikistan Extends Lawyer’s Long Prison Sentence For Quoting Avicenna

Greenland closer to building world’s fifth-largest uranium mine

Here’s Why Kuwait’s Dollar-Bond Debut Was a Hit With Investors

Bolivia sees coca as a way to perk up its economy – but all everyone else sees is cocaine

Ban on Head Scarves at Work Is Legal, E.U. Court Rules

Legalizing Discrimination in Europe

Punjab, Tatarstan form committee for enhanced ties

Fleeing for freedom, Eritrean refugees are being abandoned by Europe

Socialists say Bulgaria pays high price for EU’s Russia sanctions

Anger over corrupt politicians could open door to ‘Bulgaria’s Trump’

Bulgaria’s PM says taking steps to prevent election meddling by Turkey

Descendants of Namibia genocide victims seek reparations in New York

Namibia doesn’t want “aid” to make up for Germany’s genocide—it wants $30 billion

Northern Namibia braced for worst flood in memory

Tuva: four-year-old girl hikes five miles in -33C temperatures to find help for dying grandmother

Baying for blood: Wolfhounds are set on each other in vicious fights organised by dog breeders in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan struggling with consequences of illegal construction instead of preventing it

Central Asia corruption: how Kyrgyzstan can make a fresh start

Croatia rejects U.S. lawsuit over World War Two crimes

Romania and Croatia declare support for more EU enlargement

What do people earn in Switzerland?

Free speech permits ‘insults’ about Turkish president, says Switzerland

Swiss first time mothers among the oldest

Dukha: Mongolia’s reindeer herders defend their way of life

Women’s needs take back seat under threat of dzud in Mongolia

Having little and holding on: the generation of Danes who refuse to fly the nest

Abkhazia votes in parliamentary elections

Palestinian leader invited to White House

Muting prayers is muting the Palestinian struggle

Evidence shows Palestinian security forces violently suppressed peaceful protest in Ramallah

Israel shuts Palestinian map office, citing sovereignty breach

UK issues ‘grave concern’ over record Palestinian homes demolitions

Palestinian diaspora divided over right to return

Azerbaijan’s President Calls for Renewed Nagorno-Karabakh Talks. It’s Not That Simple

Azerbaijan: Five years’ jail for leading worship?

Beijing takes aim at Hong Kong’s pro-independence advocates

Beijing has stern words for Hong Kong and Taiwan

Beijing’s new initiative to stifle independence debate in schools ‘not brainwashing’

EU Extends Sanctions Over Russia’s Crimea Annexation

UN mission: prisoners are still subjected to torture in Crimea

Crimean Premier-separatist intends to recognize Putin the Tzar

Russian enforcers forced Crimean Tartar to dig his own grave

The “energy bridge” is down on the anniversary of the “referendum” in Crimea

Siemens has supplied gas turbines to Russia for Crimea

#Macedonia’s political crisis takes ethnic turn

Montenegro tops the list of EU accession countries

Montenegro leader: Russia wants to destroy EU

In Armenia, ‘What Do You Want to Be?’ Is Asked in Infancy

Armenian president: Stronger ties with both EU and Russia a priority

Protest Continues Into Third Day In Armenia Over Activist Death

Stop oppressing Cornwall – Council of Europe’s warning to Britain

Campaign to keep Cornwall whole steps up a gear

Global Kernow – how Cornish place names conquered the world

Five Hundred – A story of the Cornish language

Several political parties come together in ‘Progressive Alliance for Cornwall’

Council awards funding to Cornish language projects

Historic day as Nicola Sturgeon unveils plans for a new Scottish independence vote

Scottish independence: Sturgeon ‘determined’ to have second vote

Unionists line up to condemn ScotRef as ‘divisive’, ‘preposterous’ and ‘unwanted’

Support for Scottish independence soars to an all-time high

Our readers react II: ‘It’s an exciting time to be alive’

Hard Brexit destroys economic case for the UK

South West & Gibraltar MEP becomes the first from England to support Scottish Independence

‘Let Scotland stay’: German petition demands EU allow independent Scotland to remain

Russian ‘threat’ to small nations must be addressed by Scotland says MP

The Boycott law: Israel takes a step away from democracy

Israel denies redress to thousands of Palestinians

Israel to mute mosques’ call to prayer over loudspeakers to ‘help locals who have been losing sleep’

UN’s Rima Khalaf quits over report accusing Israel of apartheid

How Jewish people celebrate Purim

Kurdish internal disputes escalate across Syria and Iraq

Self-immolations on the rise among Iraqi Kurdish women

Bernard-Henri Lévy, Contributor: Address To The Kurdish Nation

Kurdish supporters in Frankfurt protest against Erdogan

The reality the Kurds in Iraq choose to ignore, for the sake of attaining a state

Russia targets Slovakia as the weakest link in V4

Rental housing lacks tradition in Slovakia

What Slovakia loses when it neglects the Roma

25 amazing things you probably didn’t know about Hungary

Hungary’s Orban makes rallying call to European nationalists

Hungary: Activists Blow Whistles on Prime Minister’s Speech

Hungary re-elects President Ader in display of Orban’s dominance

Around the World, Supporters March for Tibet to Mark 1959 Rebellion Anniversary

Tibetan government remembers those killed in 1989 Tibet protests

Pinterest Now Banned In China!

316 is a day of bloodshed: Monk arrested after lone protest in Tibet

The Lost World of Tibet – film of the old pre-occupation Tibet

Chinese authorities using tourism to squash Tibetan Buddhism

Latest self-immolation protest by a Tibetan man reported in Tibet

The Tibet policy: India no longer content playing by China’s rules

Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, and Alabama Shakes ignite Tibet House Benefit stage

I am willing to be messenger of His Holiness’ Middle Way Approach: Chinese Professor

Love for Communist party and need for patriotism, says “fake Panchen”

Campaign “Fly your flag for Tibet” in Germany faces political backlash

Unexpected? Lhasa is China’s “Happiest City” of the Year (Again)

Chinese Diplomat Attempted To Confiscate And Destroy A Tibetan’s Coverage Of Tibet Briefing At United Nations

Aboriginal elder determined to keep advocating for West Papua

Author praised for opening readers’ eyes to West Papua’s repression

Island Nations Call for Investigation into Human Right Abuses in West Papua

Two French journalists deported from Papua over “lack of coordination with related institutions”

Indonesia’s long relationship with Freeport at crossroads

Gaelic Football capturing imagination in Galicia

Galician shipowners express uncertainty over Brexit talks

Barcelona leave the LaLiga title behind in Galicia

Laying bare the atrocities of security forces in Chhattisgar

Adivasi padyatra against ST status delay concludes

Can Serb mayor ease Bosnia’s Srebrenica pain?

Bosnia Accused of Failing Wartime Rape Victims

New hope for Yazidi women tortured by IS fighters

Understanding ISIL’s sexual attacks against the Yazidis

Brutalization of the Yazidi is the crime of our age, and shows ISIL for what it truly is

Czech Zoo to Dehorn Rhinos After Paris Poaching Attack

Finland’s tech scene had a white-hot 2016 — funding jumped 42 percent

Helsinki Airport named the world’s best airport

Time to spark national debate about future of Wales, not excluding independence

Wales as an Economic Entity

Plaid hits out at Welsh Government for failing to protect historic place names

Why independence for Wales is not an idle fantasy – Adam Price

Russian Army to Absorb South Ossetia Units

Protests erupt in South Ossetia as ex-president is refused registration as presidential candidate

Frozen Conflicts And Disputed Borders Create Uncertainty In Russia’s Shadow

Russia is building up its military presence in Georgia. New S-300 in occupied Abkhazia

Call for the Aboriginal flag to fly atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge is growing

Ben Wyatt making history as first Aboriginal treasurer in Australian state or federal government

Aboriginal Peoples Week: University’s St. John’s campus, March 20-24

Shark Bay Aboriginal cultural experience

Ukrainian language set for media boost in new law

Ukraine remembers 100 years of revolution

Five signs of less than universal Russian approbation of Crimean Anschluss

“Anti-parasite tax rallies” throughout Belarus end in mass arrests

Munich and the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact revisited, Part 1: The interwar prelude

Rapidly Deterioriating Human Rights Situation in Crimea

Russian agents in Minsk pushing Lukashenka to crack down hard

European Parliament demands Russia release Ukrainian hostages, slams human rights abuse in occupied Crimea

First resource to prevent male Māori suicide launched

Māori singled out by child welfare agencies

Biafra: The missing link

Biafra Genocide Exhibition Spain to France

8 things that must be done before Biafra will come to pass

Radio Biafra resumes operation Sunday – IPOB

Basque Separatist Group ETA pledges to fully disarm by April 8

Young Romani Man From Macedonian Prison Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances

Roma families displaced by the war in eastern Ukraine face a double bind of poverty and discrimination

Oromo and Other Minorities Further Marginalized by Ethiopian Government’s Economic Development Strategy

WMS students lend hands to Oromo Awareness Project

It is now illegal not to offer vegan food at prisons, hospitals and schools in Portugal

Portugal enjoys double-digit growth in international visitors for sixth year

Australia’s Response to the Doctrine of Discovery

Honduran Military Involved in Murder of Berta Caceres

Trump asked to continue White House Council on Native American Affairs and annual Tribal Nations Conferences

From coast to coast and north to south, Indigenous women are on the rise

How reporting on Indigenous issues as an Indigenous journalist can get complicated

Native American groups take oil pipeline protests to White House

China’s Xi calls for “great wall of iron” to safeguard restive Xinjiang

What’s the History behind China’s Obsession with Xinjiang?

Elderly Uyghur Woman is Assigned a Chinese Spy as ‘Daughter’

Taming Chechnya

Timeline: A brief history of the Western Sahara

Polisario seeks to keep Sahara dispute in spotlight

UN envoy to Western Sahara resigns

Illegal exploitation of Western Sahara resources

Protest against illegal plundering of Western Saharan resources

President of Republic reiterates adherence to struggle for self-determination and independence

Pop Up Gaeltacht: Breaking the stigma around Irish language

Ireland: are we any closer to a border poll?

What the parties have said on a united Ireland

Sinn Fein demand Irish unity referendum as Brexit trigger looms

Russia turns down Latvia’s proposal for bilateral agreement on confidence-building measures

Baltics: focus of Russia’s ”information machinery” elsewhere at the moment due to other interests

Iceland Exits Krona Controls Eight Years After Banking Crash

In world first, Iceland to require firms to prove equal pay

NATO Deputy Secretary General thanks Iceland for its contribution to European security

Iceland Expects 2.3 million Tourists

Whaling in Iceland to start in a month

Kosovo Moves to Establish Army

Kosovo Ex-Communist Leader Wounded in Assassination Attempt

Kosovo Seeks To Root Out Radical Islam In Prison System

Estonia celebrated Mother Tongue Day with an Estonian e-test

Country as a service becoming reality in Estonia

The very first Estonian feminists – Lilli Suburg and Marie Reisik

Why one American wants Catalonia to be Europe’s new nation

Catalan leaders use Barcelona Champions League miracle to push for independence

Madrid pounces on Catalan separatists amid push for vote

Former Catalonian president Artur Mas banned from office over ‘illegal’ independence vote

Catalan MEPs report “disgraceful and anti-democratic” 9-N sentence to the European Parliament

Catalan independence referendum ‘should be based on Scotland’s 2014 poll’

Romeva at Westminster: “There is more interest in discussing the Catalan question here than in Spain”

Mas, Ortega and Rigau could show the world “how weak democracy is in Spain”

“Political dialogue urgently needed,” says Spanish Constitutional Court President in resignation speech

British MPs defend Catalonia’s democratic right to call a referendum

MEPs consider Catalan independence vote sentencing “reprehensible” and “worrying”

Barotseland: Kuomboka To Take Place After 4 Year Absence

Barotseland: Kuomboka Ceremony in 2017 Expected to be the Grandest Ever

American Indians gather in D.C. for four-day protest against Trump, Dakota Access pipeline

Oklahoma American Indian students lead nation in math, reading scores

Zimbabwe: ‘Female journalists, interns face high level of sexual harassment’

Zimbabwe’s opposition to hold anti-government protests on March 22

App market growing in Africa with new additions every day

UN fears full-blown famine in Somalia

Gabon: Teachers seek solution to crisis

Ethiopia: South Sudan gunmen kill 28, kidnap 43

Guinea: Toumba Diakité formally charged

Somali pirates release hijacked ship and crew without ransom

Africa: Investors predict growth

Rights violations still rampant in South Sudan

CAR: Uneasy calm in Bambari

Libyans stage anti-militia rallies in volatile Tripoli

At least six dead in Burundi floods


2017 03 12

Help end genocide in West Papua, sign the petition


March 6, 1957: Ghana, the first sub-Saharan African country to become independent from colonial rule

March 8, 1944: Kabardino-Balkaria commemorates 73rd anniversary of Stalin’s deportations

March 10, 1959: Tibetan National Uprising Day

March 11, 1990: Day of Re-Establishment of Lithuania’s Independence

March 12, 1968: Independence Day in Mauritius


March 16: History night focuses on The ‘Basques in Emmett’

May 5: Holodomor Education Conference: Education–Awareness–Action


Belarus spring challenges Lukashenko’s hardline rule

Belarus’s Almost Revolution

In Belarus, a rising fear: Will we be the next Ukraine?

3 Belarus opposition leaders sentenced to 15 days

Andrei Sannikov: West Must Support Belarusian Democratic Opposition

Belarusian protesters win a real victory: officials feel compelled to meet with them

A Rubicon is crossed: Like Ukrainians, Belarusians now view fighting despotism as patriotic

Is there a Khrushchevian ‘Crimea’ in Belarus?

For Belarus, Moscow reanimates themes used to justify aggression in Ukraine

The U.S. is sending 2,500 troops to Kuwait, ready to step up the fight in Syria and Iraq

Macedonia at the Crossroads – Is Peaceful Transfer of Power Possible in Authoritarianism?

GOP congressman worries: Russia might move in the Balkans

U.S. insurer AIG makes Luxembourg its EU hub to cope with Brexit

Just one in five foreign rapists in Sweden are ever deported to their home countries

Is Sweden really the best place in the world for women?

Austria calls for less money for EU states opposing refugee distribution

Once welcoming to migrants, Austria now taking tougher stance

Austria stops four Turkish political meetings as row spreads

With eye on Turkey, Austria wants ban on foreigners campaigning on its soil

Austria Is Making Electric Cars More Affordable Than Ever

Montenegro Jails Five More Serbs Over Alleged Coup Plot

Serbian court rejects extradition of Montenegro coup suspect

Montenegro coup suspects push for poll to foil Nato bid

With some support in Forbes: President Donald Trump Should End NATO Expansion Charade

Singapore relaxes some property curbs

Singapore considers harsher penalties for child sex crimes after public outcry

Azerbaijan leaves transparency group after membership suspended

Donald Trump’s hotel Azerbaijan

A sample Cyprus history lesson

Cyprus: EU opposes peace deal giving Turks key freedoms

Cyprus’ religious leaders unite against violence to women

Turkey referendum affecting peace talks: Cyprus President

Island, interrupted: Peace remains elusive for divided Cyprus

Survey: Switzerland considered ‘best country’ in the world

Hydropower: Switzerland’s massive source of renewable energy

12 fascinating facts about the history of women’s rights in Switzerland

Country with the biggest number of cars produced per capita: fifth carmaker could come to Slovakia

China Courts Albania Investment As U.S. Pushes Reforms

Albania Opposition Delays Launch of Judicial Reform

Mogherini to Albanian students: You are the present of this country

DNA reveals Aboriginal people had a long and settled connection to country

Australia’s first aboriginal minister seeks referendum on recognising aboriginal within Australia

Hungarian law targets Soros, foreign-backed NGOs

Czech president starts re-election bid with media jab and a bit of Russian

Czech prime minister holds on to party leadership before election battle

Looking Into The Horse Milk Story That The Dalai Lama Told John Oliver

Far East Affairs: Mongolia and Japan

India Can’t Be Mongolia

Ban or not, Mongolian child jockeys stay in the saddle

Libya’s eastern parliament quits UN peace deal with Tripoli

Libya’s eastern parliament calls for elections next year

‘Serbia Also First, Please’

Serbian confidence in EU accession process declining

OSCE Calls on Kosovo to Continue Talks With Serbia

Kosovo: Talks between Belgrade and Pristina ‘essential’ to peace, UN envoy tells Security Council

New war crimes court may bring Kosovo families justice

Foreign affairs MEPs encourage #Serbia and #Kosovo to do more to improve ties

McAllister regrets Serbia is ignoring anti-Russia sanctions

Serbia Presidential Elections 2017

UN report: Turkey guilty of ‘serious’ abuses in Kurdish region

Damning UN report slams Turkey, revealing the extent of its anti-Kurdish war

Armed Forces Chiefs Meet in Turkey Over Syrian Kurdish Tensions

Greenland’s constitutional commission

Young Greenlanders are in no rush for their country to gain its independence

Plans unveiled for a massive uranium mine in Greenland

West Papuan flag raised on the Great Wall of China!

Indonesia trying to divert attention away from serious human rights violations in West Papua

Slovenia pursues plan to sell its largest bank

Elections in Armenia: The Missing Ideological Battle

France seeks to revive Armenia-Azerbaijan peace push

Little Free Libraries in Armenia Launches Campaign to Expand to Regions, Artsakh

Armenia Must Recognize Artsakh says ARF’s Manoyan

In Algeria, Berbers Fight For Equal Amazigh-Arabic Language Status

Haratin: Women Prime Victims of Slavery and Sexual Violence in Mauritania

Eritrean refugees in Missoula fled a nation of oppression and military conscription

Eritrea: International Women’s Day Commemorated Nationwide

11 Malian soldiers killed in an attack on army post near Burkina border

In Tunisia, a theater fights against obscurantism

UN chief on emergency visit to Somalia

Lesotho readies for elections after parliament is dissolved

Akon lights up Gambian village

Outrage as Gambian journalist is attacked at press conference of ruling coalition

South Sudan: ex-army general forms rebel group aimed at deposing President Kiir

South Sudan famine stricken regions receive emergency food rations

Mama Togo, first supporter of “The Sparrowhawks”, the Togo football team

Botswana president Ian Khama meets German Chancellor Merkel ahead of international tourism fair

South Sudan leaders have failed the people and neglected their duty- UN

For the fast time in a more than 25 years Somalia to print new bank notes

Dozens of passengers left stranded after Tunisair grounds all flights over uniform row

Gambia: Remains of opposition activist Solo Sandeng exhumed

Somaliland: Investigators discover 17 bodies from old mass graves

Repatriation of Tshisekedi’s body postponed as divisions deepen in Congo’s opposition

Gambia: coalition near collapse over legislative election

Gabon opposition rejects President’s call for talks to ease political tensions

Hundreds join anti-government protest in Guinea-Bissau

Congo accused of ‘gross’ human rights violations by the United States

Former Abkhaz Leader Seeks Election To Parliament

Tbilisi says illegal election in breakaway Abkhazia is attempt to legalise occupation

Russian Activist Navalny Opens Campaign Office in Tatarstan, Calls For More Decentralization

Russia’s Eyes Focus on Tatarstan

Bulgaria Being Pushed into ‘Geopolitical Sandwich’

Czar Bust in Crimea Reportedly Appears to Shed Tears

Three years after Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Tatar voices are still unheard

Atlantic Council: U.S. Has Thrown Ukraine ‘Under the Bus’

Is Trump throwing Ukraine to the Kremlin sharks?

Ukraine three years on: a basis for optimism

‘Out of sight, out of mind’: Humanitarian crisis worsens in Ukraine as world focuses on Syria, Iraq

Taras Shevchenko. The case of a personal fight against the Russian Empire

Russia in the Hague accused of terror & discrimination in Crimea & funding terrorism in Donba

Russia slanders Crimean Tatar Mejlis & openly lies about Odesa, MH17 at Hague Court

Russia’s lawyer doesn’t deny Russian missile downed MH17, only that it’s terrorism

Ukraine vs. Russia in The Hague: key arguments

Russia lies about its most openly anti-Crimean Tatar trial at the Hague

The Sad, Rich, and Hopeful History Behind Crimean Tatar Traditional Clothing

Peoples of Russia have nothing in common except loyalty to Putin

Putin gives military award to Russian soldier for Donbas battle

Searching for the American Dream on the Edge of the War in Ukraine

Malta’s famous Azure Window rock formation collapses

‘If you live here and want to be Welsh, you are’ Leanne Wood outlines her vision for tolerance

How the Welsh developed their own form of poetry

Former Caernarfon gym could be transformed into Welsh language experience

Faroe Islands’ first Michelin-starred restaurant

Chisinau accuses Russia of hindering money laundering investigations

Moldova Warns Against Official Travel To Russia, Citing ‘Humiliating’ Abuse

How a single mom revolutionized Moldova’s Jewish community

Moldova: The Captured State on Europe’s Edge

Moldova Pays High Price for Power Games

Romania to offer technical support in implementing European legislation in Moldova

Thousands gather to mourn Haiti’s former president

UN expert flags ‘daily violations’ in Haiti prisons

Haiti is Ready for UN Peacekeepers to Leave Soon

World’s First Ship Tunnel to Bypass Norway’s Most Dangerous Waters

14.8 million euros to stimulate tourism in the Basque Country

Basque Actress looks forward to switching off the TV during the national anthem of Spain et al

San Sebastián’s Renown For Great Food Keeps Growing

Celebrating Basque culture in Virginia City

‘Time to bury’ US-led law, as Bolivia expands coca production

Bolivia: Former Governor Sentenced for Orchestrating Massacre of Indigenous Protesters

Touristic project to unite Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia

Reporting in Ramzan Kadyrov’s Chechnya

Why Putin May Not Want to Defeat ISIS in Syria

We have nothing else to sell but our teeth

Heritage New Zealand launch new Maori strategy to protect land

Battle for the Maori electorate seats is going to be a hot one

New initiatives helping to grow Māori Social Enterprise

10 fascinating facts about Bosnia and Herzegovina

U.N. Court Declines to Reopen Bosnia’s Genocide Case Against Serbia

Bosnia Investigates Lawyer Who Appealed Genocide Case Before UN Court

Yazidi boys made to fight for IS

Amal Clooney and Yazidi rape victim pressure UN to investigate ISIS crimes

Prague to send psychotherapists to help Yazidis in Iraq

Nagas, tribes focus of Cambridge exhibit on India’s marginalised

Jharkhand’s Adivasis have been relentlessly protesting for months. Why?

Bangladesh: identity grabbing

Chittagong Hill Tracts: Indigenous Groups Vulnerable to Corrupt Police

Draft law proposed for protection of indigenous groups’ land rights

‘Why British, Nigerian governments don’t want Biafra Republic’

Biafra national party, UPP, restructuring for Anambra state elections

Biafra: Why our camps, headquarter in Igboland were shut down – MASSOB

These 17 photos show Finland’s brutally cold World War II battle with the Soviet Union

Finland founds International Gender Equality Prize

Who are the richest people and families in Ireland?

In wake of election, Sinn Féin sets its sights beyond Stormont

Northern Ireland Scrambles to Save Power-Sharing as Brexit Looms

Will Northern Ireland’s political upheaval be good news for marriage equality?

Dublin wants special deal for Northern Ireland to ease Brexit impact

Hotel with ‘the worst view in the world’: Banksy opens a Palestinian guest house

Elton John tells Palestinians: “Please know that you are not alone”

Israel’s Biggest Crime Against Palestine Is Occupation Itself

Palestinian legal activism, between liberation and the ‘desire’ for statehood

Are British universities silencing critics of Israel?

PM Modi’s Israel visit without a stopover in Palestine shows shift in New Delhi’s foreign policy

The Second Palestinian Nakba: Kuwait and the Iraq War

Greece’s economy has turned corner, says central bank chief

Greece’s economy performed even worse than expected at the end of 2016

Taiwan urges reconciliation as China butts in on memorial

Former Taiwan President: Student Exchanges Could Be Key to Peace With China

Taiwan is weighing whether to evict former dictator Chiang Kai-shek from his own memorial

Gauging Climate Change’s Impact on Iceland

Iceland’s Contribution to UN Reproductive Health Fund Triples

Jewish community centres hit by wave of bomb threats

Why Hollywood has abandoned Brand Israel

2017 Pritzker Prize goes to Catalan firm RCR Arquitectes

Catalan National Assembly member speaks out as Homs trial continues

Westminster to create All-Party Parliamentary Group on Catalonia

Ex-CIA spy freed in Portugal, avoids extradition over kidnapping

Ñuqanchik Peruvian news caught international media’s attention

The lost ones: Inside Brazil’s Indigenous suicide crisis

Indigenous Mexicans Slam Misappropriation of Native Designs

A United Nations Observer Said The US Is Still Mistreating Native People

UN rights expert urges US to create indigenous land policy

‘It’s kind of late to complain about immigration,’ says Indigenous writer Doug Cuthand

Families divided after Ottawa tells thousands they’re not indigenous

Stacey Dooley investigates sinister facts behind 1,200 indigenous Canadian women who have gone missing or been MURDERED since 1980

Words Matter: Horizon Zero Dawn, Games Criticism, and Native Appropriation

Indigenous people speak out against pollution of tribal lands

Indigenous Languages Still In Danger Throughout Indian Country

Native Women’s Day Is Every Day

Native Nations Rise March: A Powerful, Emotional Uprising for Indigenous Rights

Boxing kids and women shining silver… Captivating black and white photos show the lives of the Corke’s Meadow travellers who set up home in 1950s Kent

Former South Ossetian Leader To Appeal Election Ban

Ossetia to be latest focus of Russia’s uneasy relationship with EU

Protesters rally to save last green site in Lebanon’s Beirut

Hitting the slopes at Lebanon’s oldest ski resort

Lebanon looks to develop oil industry

Spirit of Unity: Three Russian Buddhist Republics Celebrate Losar in Moscow

India brushes aside Beijing’s warning against Dalai Lama’s Arunachal visit

Ani Choying Drolma: Nepal’s rock star nun

Meet the Little Tibet of Delhi

The Dalai Lama Is Politically Incorrect

Nepal bans ‘Tibetan Uprising Day commemorations’ again

History Leading Up to March 10, 1959

Visit the holiest Tibetan temple

China Hands Out Monetary Awards to ‘Patriotic’ Tibetan Monks, Nuns in Rebgong

Tibet remains 2nd least free place in the world

Tibetan languages face heavy government pressure whilst modernity threatens neglected dialects

Need to resist China’s uncivilised expansionist policies

Commemorating Tibetan Uprising Day in the face of our political differences

Tibetan Man Beaten, Arrested For Sharing Dalai Lama Pictures

India asks Beijing not to politicize Dalai Lama’s Arunachal visit

More than ten sovereignty organizations actively fight for the independence of Hawaii

Anyone who appreciates our language, customs and values can be an Estonian

Theresa May accused of attacking the foundation of the Scottish Parliament by seizing back devolved powers

Oil and gas ‘should not be part of the economic case for indyref2’

Unionist side will bring its very own brand of grievance culture to indyref2

50/50: Half of Scots now ready to vote Yes

Indy Scotland will target rUK businesses anxious about Brexit in bid to close growth gap

Spanish MEP from ruling party: We won’t veto Scotland’s EU membership

‘All-out offensive’ in Xinjiang risks worsening grievances

Remembering the Ghulja Incident: 20th Anniversary of ‘Uyghur Tiananmen’ Passes With Little Notice

Detained on Unknown Charge, Uyghur Kills Five With Axe

Morocco pulls troops from contested area of Western Sahara

Balochistan: More Than 22 Million Children Without Access to Education in Pakistan

Iran: Swiss Parliament Conference Raises Awareness for Plight of Minority Groups

Georgian Ambassador to US calls for “stronger America in Georgia, in region”

Tbilisi to host NATO Parliamentary Assembly session in May

Georgia surprises 6,000,000th tourist with once-in-a-lifetime adventure

Deterring Russian Aggression in the Baltic States

Lithuanians stock up for ‘hybrid’ war with Russia

Representation of women in decision-making processes remains low in all three Baltic states


2017 03 05

Help end genocide in West Papua, sign the petition

Would you volunteer teaching English to Ukrainian kids?


February 26-27, 2014: Russia’s annexation of Crimea

February 28, 1947: 2.28 Incident in Taiwan

March 1, 589: Saint David’s Day Wales

March 3: Bulgaria Marks 139th Anniversary of Liberation from Ottoman Rule

March 5: St Piran’s Day, the national day in Cornwall

March 6, 1957: Ghana, the first sub-Saharan African country to become independent from colonial rule

March 11, 1990: Day of Re-Establishment of Lithuania’s Independence

March 12, 1968: Independence Day in Mauritius


Moldova Suddenly Recalls Envoy, Moscow Surprised

Moldova And Ukraine: Diverging Neighbors?

Switzerland’s Sustainable Food Scene Is Thriving

Can Switzerland become the world’s digital safe?

No country for small farmers

Kosova: Contemplating a Renewed Bid for UNESCO

Balochistan: Civilians under Prolonged Attack in Dera Bugti Province

Brazil: Soya and Oil Threaten Rainforest and Indigenous Population in Mato Grosso

Ethiopia: Merera Formally Charged of Support to Terrorism and Constitutional Disorder

Timeline: Human Rights Situation in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s Oromo Revolution echoes around the globe

Ethiopian government charges another opposition leader with terrorism

Ethiopia: Oromia Initiating Economic Revolution

West Papua: Vanuatu Calls for More Attention to Abuses During HRC

Sweden Introduces Military Conscription for Men, Women

Sweden’s women wear motivational messages on football shirts

With Libya’s transition paralyzed, a would-be premier projects power in Tripoli

Neighbors Work Quietly to Broker Fresh Libyan Political Accord

Tripoli tense as militias prepare for battle

Bulgaria’s caretaker government eyes access to euro ‘waiting room’

Palestinian Bedouins fear forcible transfer by Israel

Australia encourages Israel’s occupation of Palestine

A forgotten US vision for a single democratic state in Palestine

Change of policy? PM Modi will visit Israel, but skip Palestine

Croatia sets up commission to tackle legacy of totalitarian past

Hong Kong rebel lawmakers fight parliament ban

Human Rights In Hong Kong Are At A Tipping Point

Pro-Beijing group under fire for ‘harassment’ after visiting school of teacher who criticised police rally

Boris Johnson demands Russia end its ‘illegal’ annexation of Crimea during a visit to Ukraine

New bridge tightens Russia’s grip on Crimea

Kiev march marks third anniversary of Russian annexation of Crimea

Crimea will not be forsaken: Ukrainian president

Remember the Crimean Tatars jailed for resisting Russian occupation

69 children and other compelling reasons for resisting any ’deal’ with Russia on Crimea

Slain Crimean Tatar Reshat Ametov “wanted his children to live in a free Crimea”

Sweden returns to military conscription, citing Russia’s annexation of Crimea as major reason

America would gain nothing from cosying up to Putin’s declining Russia

More Russians Proud of Annexing Crimea Than Being First Country to Send a Man to Space

Bolivia complains to France about its portrayal in video game

British drug smuggler describes life inside notorious Bolivian jail where governor snorted cocaine and murder was part of everyday life

Ireland, Cyprus, Malta and Luxembourg to be hardest hit by Brexit

Cycle coaching success in Namibia

Fifa to promote grassroots football in Namibia

Final milestone for the upgraded H.E.S.S. telescopes in Namibia

Japanese food aid helps rural communities overcome the impact of drought in Namibia

Issue of Land haunts Germany’s effort to atone for Africa genocide

Malta supports a military-free Cyprus

The tribal versus development

Adivasi students wow audience with their science exhibits

Adivasi on tribal life, G Murthy, Tsunami Kitty combine

Human dimension of rhino conservation

Belarus: EU prolongs arms embargo and sanctions against 4 individuals for one year

Belarus And Russia: This Time It’s Different

Putin says sure will be able to solve disputes with Belarus

Belarus now pregnant with revolution – Lukashenka losing his base in countryside

Cyber attackers target Singapore Defence Ministry, but no secrets found

Singapore PM offers blunt assessment of US relationship

Singapore May Have Designed the World’s Best Bus Stop

Roma segregation – Slovakia’s evergreen problem

Roma Join Jews To Turn Budapest Club Into Anti-Government Hub

G*psy Prêt-à-porter: A collection of misuse and misinformation

Czech Republic: Romani-owned business distributes clothing, food and hygiene supplies to the needy in Teplice

French court fines Jean-Marie Le Pen for Roma comment

Bearing witness: how ‘evacuations’ provide the pretext for forced evictions of Roma in France

Ireland finally recognises Traveller ethnicity

Film about 1995 kidnapping revisits old grudges in Slovakia

Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary insist on EU equality ahead of Rome summit

Macedonia’s President Refuses To Give Opposition Leader Mandate For New Government

EU and Russia step into Macedonia crisis

Georgia marks beginning of Gender Week

More than 900 Georgian citizens detained along occupation line in 8 years

Foreign Minister urges UN to stand for human rights in Georgia’s occupied regions

European spirit is stronger in Georgia today than anywhere else

Why Are India, Luxembourg, and Other Countries Getting Into the Space Race?

Luxembourg fends off cyberattack on government sites

Large-scale survey to gather intelligence on how Luxembourg moves

Luxembourg feels more European than any other country in the bloc

Luxembourg’s finance minister calls to ‘de-dramatise’ Brexit, Trump

Grapes of wrath sour Slovenia-Croatia relations

Severe winter ‘dzud’ continues to ravage Mongolia

How Deadly Pollution Became One of Mongolia’s Biggest Problems

Galicia to help SMEs with EUR 18 million

Greece, getting smaller

Greek Crisis Deja Vu

Flour power lifts spirits as Greek village stages mock battle

After failed experiments, it’s morning again in Jamaica

Does the diaspora add value to brand Jamaica?

Jamaicans urged to contribute to nation building

Ex-Haitian President Preval dies, first to peacefully hand over power

In Haiti, a hit song about ‘sugar babies’ and ‘papas’ becomes social commentary

UN Fund to Fight Cholera in Haiti Hovers at 2 Percent of Goal

American owner of missionary orphanage in Haiti arrested for allegedly sexually abusing kids

Turkmenistan: Burning Craters And Empty Cities

Indigenous Australians more likely to experience racism

Designated Aboriginal seats only way to ensure representation in parliament

The missing kids of the ‘second stolen generation’

Most of the itinerant groups in the inner city are not locals, says elder

Nobel Prize in gastronomy: Nominations open for Basque Culinary World Prize

Basque novel evokes unresolved history of violence

Developing education in Eritrea begins with teachers

Czech regional council member: Waste-to-energy brings us closer to developed countries

Czech Firms Plot Successions as Post-Communist Founders Retire

Montenegro ‘to indict Russian spy behind coup plot’

Montenegro asks for British help after cyber attacks in wake of ‘Russian-backed coup plot’

Pro-Russian forces in Montenegro call for Steve Bannon’s help against NATO

Bitter Harvest Introduces World to Stalin’s Ukrainian Genocide

Portugal recognizes Ukraine’s Holodomor famine as genocide

‘Stop feeding Moscow!’ – slogan of next Russian revolution, St. Petersburg regionalist says

Hacked correspondence shows Kremlin’s efforts to promote “Russian world” in Eastern Europe by funding radicals

Ukrainians re-discover their own language

U.N. probe says Syria, Russia deliberately “obliterated” civilian areas

NATO Unprepared to Defend Baltics from Russian Attack

Cynical Unionist word play is fooling no-one

Independence is the best way to make Scotland a wealthy nation

Don’t come to Scotland and sermonise, Sturgeon warns May

Finland among the best in the world

Uighur’s plea to let sick son get treatment

East Turkestan Elites Meeting: Strategy for Uyghurs Struggles

China deploys aircraft, combat helicopters in anti-terror drill in Xinjiang province

China congress: BBC team forced to sign confession

Cornwall and Cornish people celebrate Piran, its National Saint of peace

“People say we can’t afford to do it. I say we can’t afford NOT to do it” – Capital of culture bid to proceed 🙂

Happy St. Piran’s! The Cornish ignored AGAIN as Boundary Commission press on with Devonwall plans

St. Piran’s Events 2017/Hwarvosow Peran 2017

St Piran’s Day: What is the National Day of Cornwall and how to say it in Cornish

Catalan president Puigdemont: independence referendum will be carried out

EU support for referendum “to be gained through persistence rather than urgency”, says ‘En Comú Podem’ leader

How Norway’s huge sovereign wealth fund made a $53 billion return

Norway helps improve Romania’s nuclear safety

Mass killer Breivik loses human rights case against Norway

Norway’s Government-Abducted Children, And Ramifications For Europe

Finland among the best in the world

Same-sex marriage law goes into effect in Finland

U.N. Human Rights Experts Unite to Condemn China Over Expulsions of Tibetans

Macau Gallery Cancels Tibetan Artist Event Amid Chinese Pressure

Chinese Consulate Behind University Protest Against Dalai Lama

Tibet Being Used As A Tax Haven By China’s Wealthiest

Defying China, India to host Dalai Lama in Arunachal Pradesh

Severe repression of Tibet’s religious, cultural, linguistic heritage: US report

Tibetan Buddhism Most Repressed Religion in China – Freedom House

Dalai Lama Photo Exhibition in Buddhist Tuva

US denies visa to Tibetan women’s soccer team

Man Behind Tibetan Settlement’s First Public Library

Tibetan Monk Detained in First Ngaba Protest This Year

Man arrested in Sweden for spying on Tibetan refugees

Nigeria: Ex-Central Bank Governor Calls for Release of Biafra Separatist Nnamdi Kanu

Nigerian Court Throws Out Half of Charges Against Biafra Separatist Nnamdi Kanu

Biafra Jews Stage Protest, As Court Dismisses 6 Out 11 Counts Against Nnamdi Kanu

Jubilation as Court frees 35 Biafra agitators

Biafra: IPOB releases government structure

The man who fed Biafra children

Northern Ireland Voters Give Sinn Fein Its Biggest Win Ever

Arrogant Unionists in crisis as Sinn Fein gains transform politics

Sinn Fein Makes Big Gains, Reshuffling Political Landscape In Northern Ireland

Could Sinn Fein surge spurred by Brexit see Northern Ireland leave the UK?

The next step after Northern elections

Azerbaijan: a 21st century dynasty

Azerbaijan: No Progress On Key Reforms

In Azerbaijan, Another Blogger Gets Jail Time

Ankara Bargains With Iraqi Kurdistan’s President

Barzani asks Erdogan to free pro-Kurdish detainees

US Gen. Townsend: YPG not a threat to Turkey

Barzani vs. PKK: Recipe for Kurdistan’s Second Civil War?

Rival Kurdish factions clash in northwestern Iraq

Pacific nations call for UN investigations into alleged Indonesian rights abuses in West Papua

Call for more access to West Papua

Showdown in Indonesia-controlled West Papua Brings World’s Biggest Gold Mine to Standstill

Australia disciplined their own soldiers for raising West Papua issues

West Papua flag mural in Darwin, Australia, has been partly painted over

EU’s Mogherini heckled in Serbia by pro-Russia MPs

Fifth meeting of the Accession Conference with Serbia at ministerial level

Serbia Worried about Croatia’s Possible Blockage of Its EU Negotiations

Serbia Calls Presidential Election for April 2

Despite Hype, Numbers Show Serbia’s Stalling Anti-Corruption Fight

Bangladesh officially recognises Kosovo as an independent state

Foreign Affairs MEPs encourage Serbia and Kosovo to do more to improve ties

Protests continue in Albania

Albania: ISIS target World Cup qualifier reacts with fury to bomb and drone plot

Albania upbeat on tourism, but justice reform delays EU talks

Armenia Reaches New Political Agreement With EU

Secretary General welcomes Armenian President to NATO Headquarters

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Austrian court convicts Chechen on terror-linked charges

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Liberia’s Ebola hero and 2014 TIME Person of the Year dies in childbirth

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Lesotho set for elections following no-confidence vote against PM Mosisili

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