Bill to Address Chinese Uyghur Re-Education Camps Starts Journey in the US

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1902 May 20: Cuba Independence Day

2002 May 20: East Timor Independence Day

1864 May 21: Circassian Genocide Memorial Day

2006 May 21: Montenegro Independence Day

1822 May 24: Ecuador Independence Day

1991 May 24: Eritrea Independence Day

1946 May 25: Jordan Independence Day

1918 May 26: Georgia Independence Day

1966 May 26: Guyana Independence Day

1918 May 28: Armenia Independence Day

1830 May 28: Indian Removal Act

1918 May 28: Azerbaijan Republic Day

1967 May 30: Anguilla Day

1967 May 30: Biafra Day

1992 June 3: Mabo Day, Australia

1989 June 4: Tiananmen Square protests/June 4th Incident

1970 June 4: Tonga Emancipation and Independence Day

1523 June 6: National Day of Sweden

1905 June 7, Norway: Independence Day/Union Dissolution Day

Batwa: New Study Shows People is Less Integrated into Social Welfare Programs

Uganda’s Minority Batwa Fear for Disappearing Culture

Gay man takes Russia to Europe’s rights court over Chechnya LGBT+ attacks

U.S. sanctions Kadyrov henchman in charge of MMA fight club for role in Chechnya’s anti-gay purge

Jailed Rights Defender Titiyev Files Request For Early Release In Chechnya

Heads of Crimea and Chechnya police top list of richest regional police officers

Cult of the Kadyrovs – Chechen president’s hometown renamed in honour of father

Turkey marks 155th anniversary of Circassian tragedy

Russian Senator Stripped of Mandate Amid Murder Investigation of Circassian Activist Aslan Zhukov

Three militants eliminated in Dagestan

Dagestan’s Last Tightrope Walkers: A Photo Essay

Xinjiang Re-education Camp Detainees Appointed ‘Crying Time’ Every Two Weeks

Gulgine Tashmemet, a PhD student in Malaysia, disappeared since December 2017, after returning to her hometown in East Turkistan

Zahirshah Ablimit, popular #Uyghur singer from #EastTurkistan, detained in after traveling with his parents to Turkey

Gulshan Abbas, a retired medical doctor, abducted on Sep 11, 2018, from her home in Urumchi

Gulnar Obul, well known university professor, arrested & accused of being ‘Two-faced’ for writing about #Uyghur culture, history & religion

Tashpolat Tiyip, Xinjiang University president, handed suspended death sentences, exact charges never made public

US Senate Panel Passes Bill to Address China Uyghur Crackdown, Camps

75 Years after Deportation, Moscow’s Genocide of the Crimean Tatars Continues

Poroshenko suggests granting Crimean Tatars national territorial autonomy in Ukraine

Russia uses threats & intimidation to drive Crimean Tatar language out of schools in occupied Crimea

Lithuanian MPs suggest recognizing Soviet persecution of Crimean Tatars as genocide

Erdogan: Turkey to defend Crimean Tatars under any circumstances

Mejlis chairman Chubarov: Russia consistently implementing concept ‘Crimea without Crimean Tatars’

State-sponsored abductions that Russia brought to Crimea. Where is Ervin Ibragimov?

UN demands Britain end rule of Chagos Islands in 6 months

Deadly floods in Guinea exacerbated by garbage-filled drains

Thousands March in Northern Ireland Demanding Same-Sex Marriage Equality

May ‘blocked amnesty’ for Northern Ireland veterans

Listen to JFK’s previously unheard private message to Ireland

Trump to visit Ireland during D-Day trip to UK and Normandy

Brexit shifts politics in Ireland as parties look north

Irish soccer’s split identity in the age of Brexit

Ireland United: The dream of an all-island soccer team

As Brexit looms, Irish employment hits new record high

Northern Ireland growth nearly four times slower than London

Theresa May’s successor won’t get better Brexit deal: Irish minister

Irish famine memorial dedicated on Deer Island

American family gives Irish Famine-era manuscript back to Ireland

These Projections Spotlight The Neglect Of Women In Northern Ireland

Ireland Votes Overwhelmingly to Ease Divorce Restrictions

Fresh plea for Border poll as survey shows 65% back united Ireland

Britain: Indonesia’s claim of sovereignty over West Papua, the Act of free choice” is an “utterly flawed process”

UN chief waffles over West Papuan human rights violations

There is Nothing ‘Neo’ about the Colonialization of West Papua

Dreams of Comoros oil boom hang on seismic survey

Turkmenistan’s alpha male goes to the dogs

El Salvador wartime parties suspend controversial amnesty bill

Finland’s Lions claim ice hockey world championship

Paraguayan indigenous community goes digital to protect ancestral lands

A woman takes leadership of Paraguay’s Maka people

UA students discover 1,800-year-old footprint ‘snapshot’ of Athabascan ancestors’ culture

‘Resisting to exist’: Indigenous women unite against Brazil’s far-right president

Ecuador’s isolated indigenous tribes: Stuck between oil and state neglect

How Bolivian Indigenous Peoples Mobilized History for Social Change

Aboriginal mothers are incarcerated at alarming rates – and their mental and physical health suffers

Yukon has a new protected area

Reviving language: How researchers develop palawa kani, drawing on historical sources, as second dictionary nears completion

Rwanda lawmakers approve swahili as the official Language of the country, dropping french completely

Hong Kong independence activists granted refugee status in Germany

Hong Kong police arrest student independence movement leader for allegedly damaging Chinese flag

We’re approaching a point of no return in Greenland

Vietnam’s Ethnic Minorities Need Connectivity to Catch Up

‘Divide and conquer Asean’: China tries to go one on one with Malaysia to settle South China Sea disputes

India, Singapore Begin SIMBEX 2019 Naval Exercises in South China Sea

South China Sea: Tensions to ERUPT as disputed waters ‘on verge of collapse’, expert warns

Farmer Herder Clashes in Chad Follow Familiar Pattern

Tensions flare near Chad’s precarious northern border

French military take over from Belgium at enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Estonia

US energy secretary Perry: Sanctions bill on Nord Stream 2 coming soon

Communism is Prison exhibition opens in Tallinn

U.S., Estonia Sign 5-Year Road Map of Defense Cooperation

Estonian e-services suffer worst breach yet

100 years since Rīga was freed from communist rule

Estonian Song Festival is turning 150

Riigikogu celebrating 100th anniversary with open doors day

Baloch Movement to hold protest against Pak nuke prog on May 28

Car bomb targets Baloch insurgents in Kandahar

George Orwell’s son follows father’s steps in Barcelona during Spanish Civil War

Super League: Catalans Dragons beat Wigan Warriors 33-16 in Barcelona

150 lecturers signal open letter criticising Spain’s remedy of Catalan Authorities

Big pro-Catalan rally staged in Madrid

Jailed leaders register as MPs and senator in Spanish parliament

Japan’s NTT Data opens first European AI center in Barcelona

Junqueras and Sánchez express desire for dialogue in Spanish parliament exchange

Madrid court rejects Puigdemont lawsuit against electoral authority

Raucous scenes as jailed Catalan leaders take office

‘Victory against repression’ as Catalan prisoners take seats at parliament

Sónar+D brings Artificial Intelligence and ‘The Next Internet’ to Barcelona

Aging Catalan population expected to hit eight million by 2030

Here are the top 5 electric motorcycles and scooters from the Barcelona Motor Show

An interview with exiled Catalan President Carles Puigdemont

Cannes: Catalan director shocks with two-hour orgy of sadomasochistic debauchery

Power shifts in southern Catalonia – from nuclear to wind

Nestlé to invest €17.2m in biomass boiler in Girona plant

Catalan independence trial set to end on June 11

‘This is not a trial between equals,’ says Welsh MP Hywel Williams

Independence trial is ‘historic mistake’ says Catalan minister Alfred Bosch

Catalan Tourist Board launches UK campaign to promote Year of Cultural Tourism 2019

Òmnium claims ‘state operation’ aimed to criminalize its head Jordi Cuixart after his arrest

Jailed Catalans suspended as Spanish MPs

Puigdemont says Brussels win shows strength of independence cause

Honduran anti-graft mission probes ex-president over drug money

Welsh Independence Has Gone Mainstream

Bridgend Council threaten landlord with fine over Cofiwch Dryweryn ‘advertisement’

New book explores 15 centuries of Welsh literature

Welsh lessons for migrants and refugees ‘neglected’

Western Togoland Secessionists In USA Petitions UN Over Arrest, Brutality Of Members

Soldier Charged For Aiding Volta Secessionists

Central African Republic massacres leave more than 50 dead

Remote Togo village transformed by solar power

Gridlock in Moldova’s government helps Russia and Putin

Moldovan Pride march met by opposing groups

Southeast Europe’s first P2P lending platform launched in Moldova

Cook Islands targets gold standard for tuna products

Mauritania: Bloggers languish in detention two months after their arrest for condemning corruption

SNP call on BBC to refer itself to Ofcom to allow Question Time probe

Sturgeon: Voting SNP shows Scotland has had enough of being ignored

Nicola Sturgeon renews indyref2 call as Theresa May quits

Expert pollster: No-deal Johnson would give Scotland independence majority

Logging ravaging the Solomon Islands’ forests

Solomon Islands, Taiwan, and the Politics of Recognition

Vanuatu to seek more Belt and Road assistance from Beijing: PM

What if Equatorial Guinea Kept Its Promises on Human Rights?

European Parliament elections: Democracy arrived in Slovakia 30 years ago, but where are the voters?

One in five Swiss women has been a victim of sexual violence

Pro-Biafra Anniversary Turns Bloody As Police Open Fire On MASSOB Members

Biafra: Court Remands 140 Arrested IPOB Members For Alleged Treason

Gerry Gogan obituary: Irish priest expelled from Biafra

Rohingya refugee men join push to curb sexual violence

Thousands of Czechs protest for fourth week against justice minister

In Bosnia, women footballers play against the patriarchy

Gambia targets African tourists for more sustainable growth

Venezuela Gang Muscles Into Trinidad and Tobago, Others May Follow

Qatar not invited to emergency Arab summits in Saudi Arabia – Qatari official

Iran Closes Assyrian Presbyterian Church in Tabriz

Erdogan Describes Assyrian, Greek and Armenian Genocide As ‘Reasonable Relocation’

NIA files charge sheet in Sikh militancy case

G. Bissau protesters call for March election winner to form government

Austria’s coalition government collapses over scandalous Ibiza video

Botswana lifts ban on elephant hunting

Galician Literature Day, a celebration of language and culture

Somaliland celebrates independence amid lobbying for international recognition

China accuses U.S. for intervening in its relations with Dominican Republic

Albania government denies links to organised crime

Kyrgyzstan: One spiky little tweet exposes social fault lines

Seychelles set for commercial aquaculture debut

Malta named best European holiday destination for LGBT travellers

Bulgaria builds gas link to end full reliance on Russian gas

Ezidi radio presenter found in Syrian camp four years after ISIS kidnapping

Over 130 Yezidis resettle in France as part of new humanitarian initiative

PKK clash with Turkish forces in northern Erbil province

Kurdistan Region rights commission calls for suspension of acting Kirkuk governor amid ‘Arabization’ policy

Nashville Schools To Offer Kurdish Language Classes

Turkish-backed militants kill Syrian Kurdish abductee in Afrin after blackmailing his family

IS Militants Target Kurdish Farmers in Disputed Iraqi Territories

Kurds are creating a state of their own in northern Syria

US House Committee presses to protect Kurds in Syria

Kurdish city returns to original name ‘Dersim,’ attracts Turkish ire

Kurd in Germany running in EU elections proud of her Kurdish identity

How would a war between the U.S. and Iran impact the Kurds?

Turkish bombing causes population in Kurdistan Region border villages to dwindle

Parliament to elect new Kurdistan Region President on Tuesday

Russian, Turkish proxies poised to intensify clashes in Syria’s Idlib

Kurdish prisoners, MP in Turkey end hunger strike after Ocalan’s call

Bolivia’s Morales begins bid for 4th term despite complaints

Anniversary of Sahrawi armed struggle: 46 years of resistance

Western Sahara: November 8, established as National Day of Saharawi Civil Prisoner

UN envoy for Western Sahara quits over health reasons

France stands behind obstruction of efforts of UN envoy Horst Koehler (Emhamed Khaddad)

Tajikistan prison riot kills prominent opposition members

‘Breaking the silence’: Report documents torture in Kashmir

The tumultuous history of Tibet

US Ambassador to China visits Tibet after four years

US Ambassador Raises Concerns About Religious Freedom in Rare Tibet Visit

As elections near, Belgian political parties pledge support for Tibet in response to ICT questions

The 17-point Agreement – What China promised, what it really delivered and the future?

China forces 30,000 Tibetan monks and nuns to take exams on Chinese law

Human Rights Watch Calls on China to Immediately Release Over 80 Tibetans Unjustly Imprisoned for Long-Term

Taiwanese president challenged to invite Dalai Lama

Tibetan Angst over Chinese buy up in Australia

Morocco Calls Off Amendment Allowing Bank Al Maghrib to Issue Amazigh Banknotes

Tunisia’s indigenous Amazighs launch their first political party

South Sudan Warring Parties Sued Over Delay to Form Government

Can Bahrain “deal of the century” meeting achieve anything tangible?

‘This is not a peace plan’: Palestinians shun Bahrain conference

Tunisia frees United Nations expert suspected of espionage

Renaming of North Macedonia a rare Balkan diplomatic success

Libya documentary puts female footballers in spotlight

Russia Sees Libya Stalemate as Strongman’s Assault Stalls

Head of International Atomic Energy Agency visits Cuba

Shortages plague Cuba as U.S. sanctions sharpen economic woes

Thanks Iceland, Madonna for Disrupting Eurovision’s Big Deception

Blame it on Bieber: Iceland canyon too popular with visitors

Wow Air Collapse Decimates Iceland’s Economy

Kushner’s squeeze play on Jordan’s King Abdullah


New Caledonian Independists 2 Seats Short of Majority

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1948 May 15: Nakba Day, Day of the Catastrophe in Palestine

1811 May 15: Paraguay Independence Day

1944 May 16: Day of Sinti, Romani and Roma resistance

1814 May 17: Norwegian National/Constitution Day

1995 May 17: Panchen Lama’s abduction in Tibet

1991 May 18: Somaliland Independence Day

1944 May 18: Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Crimean Tatar genocide

1902 May 20: Cuba Independence Day

2002 May 20: East Timor Independence Day

1864 May 21: Circassian Genocide Memorial Day

2006 May 21: Montenegro Independence Day

1822 May 24: Ecuador Independence Day

1991 May 24: Eritrea Independence Day

1946 May 25: Jordan Independence Day

1918 May 26: Georgia Independence Day

1966 May 26: Guyana Independence Day

1918 May 28: Armenia Independence Day

1830 May 28: Indian Removal Act

1918 May 28: Azerbaijan Republic Day

1967 May 30: Anguilla Day

1967 May 30: Biafra Day

Prefecture in Qinghai to Drastically Cut Tibetan Language Education

China’s Effort to Silence the Sound of Uyghur

Assyrian Writer Uses Language to ‘Engage, Challenge and Empower’

Uzbekistan: Keeping the Karakalpak Language Alive

British languages could be part of cultural loss on ‘a massive scale‘

Ending Cornish autocorrect woes with the SwiftKey keyboard

Language commissioners from six countries support a similar role being established in Northern Ireland

A farewell to the last of the great Scots scholars

Eureka High Students to Receive First California Seal of Biliteracy in Yurok Language Tonight

Thousands take to the streets across #Galicia to call for ‘freedom, justice and equality’ for #Galician

New Breton project to help people find Breton-speaking small businesses

Safeguarding Books and Reopening Schools: Syrian Kurds Fight to Treasure Their Traditions

New Words Help Bring Back Native Languages

Ngambela Manyando shamelessly order arrest of Barotse activist after WhatsApp, Social media brawl!

Chinese fishing giant and Kiribati announce joint venture

Eritrea blocks social media, reportedly to curb planned protests

Equatorial Guinea authoritarian regime praised in UN human rights review

Ex-Armenia president goes on trial, rejects ‘coup’ charges

Beware the Underworld Merchant-Adventurer

Estonian Films Headed for Record Breaking Year

The New Far-Right is Sinking Estonia’s International Reputation

Estonia finance minister vows to oppose further EU integration

Not OK. France’s Le Pen after Estonia visit asks to delete controversial selfie

#EUelections2019: Pro-Kremlin narratives in Latvia

Vilnius University awards diplomas to students expelled by Nazi and Soviet authorities

International Conference Explores Armenian, Greek and Assyrian Genocides

After Attacks On Assyrians, Northern Iraq’s Christian Minority Recommits To A Homeland

Rohingya Muslim shops and schools set on fire by Buddhist vigilante groups

Registration gives many Rohingya refugees identification for the first time

Bangladesh police kill two suspected Rohingya traffickers in clash

Rohingya girls rescued from traffickers in Bangladesh

Guam Has an Amazing, Millennia-Old Indigenous Culture No One Knows About

Trump To Meet Leaders Of 3 Micronesian Nations

UN chief Guterres concerned nuclear ‘coffin’ leaking in Pacific

Libya aid agencies seek U.N. resolution to protect people caught up in fighting

Minnesota could get a new state holiday: Hmong-Lao Veterans Memorial Day

Two Australians who gained access to Nauru share the horrors they faced

Contrasting Cases of Energy Dependence: Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago

Without Venezuela’s oil, Haiti struggles to keep lights on

‘Even Young Children Were Not Spared.’ Haiti Police Describe Massacre In La Saline

End A Dissident’s Ordeal in Turkmenistan

HKFP Lens: Lisa Ross dives into the heart of Uighur identity with shots from China’s Xinjiang

China’s online ‘army’ wages war on Uighurs

Religious Repression and Cultural Decimation: Spare a Thought for Uyghurs this Ramadan

‘Saved’ by state terror: Gendered violence and propaganda in Xinjiang

How Uyghurs are silenced from sharing their suffering with the world

Diplomat Confirms Limits on Ramadan in Xinjiang

Western Companies Get Tangled in China’s Muslim Clampdown

The razing of mosques is the next step in China’s crackdown on Uyghur culture

China tells Turkey to support its fight against Uighur militants

China pushes inter-ethnic marriage in Xinjiang assimilation drive

Man arrested during Nicaragua’s massive protests killed in prison

Fugitive El Salvador ex-president Funes paid by Nicaragua government

Croatia’s WWII divisions in the open as Merkel visits

Victims of deportation of Crimean Tatars commemorated in Kyiv

Hizb ut-Tahrir case: Russian court extends remand time for Crimean Tatar men

US urges Russia to free arrested Crimean Tatar activists

Occupation authorities mull terrorism-related charges against Crimea Tatar leader Dzhemilev’s stepson

Crimean Kids With Kalashnikovs: Critics Warn Of Growing Emphasis On ‘Patriotic’ Education

Tortured Crimean Tatar jailed for over 10 years without a crime

When You Think About Crimea, Think Crimean Tatars

Bitter 75th Anniversary of the Crimean Tatar Deportation as Russian persecution mounts in occupied Crimea

Turkey Marks 1944 Tragedy Of Crimean Tatars

Russian bridge to Crimea strangles Ukraine ports

Shhh—No Need To Fear Russia, Says Russiophobia Report Paid For by Russia

Putin calls Ukrainians ‘fascists.’ They’re about to swear in a Jewish president.

Anti-Kremlin campaigner calls for ‘French Magnitsky act’

Council of Europe to allow Russia to vote again

Muslims will trigger disintegration of new Russian empire, Ukrainian mufti says

Dagestani wrestler who desecrated Buddha statue in Kalmykia arrested after igniting mass brawl

Ingush Activist Rizvan Ozdoyev Detained Over Violence At Rallies Against Chechnya Border Deal

Russian embassy wrapped in Pride flag to protest Chechnya’s anti-gay purge

LGBT Torture in Chechnya Continues, Human Rights Group Confirms

“Kiss-in” at Russian embassy to protest homophobia in Chechnya

Turkey’s divided Circassians

Dalai Lama Offers Buddha Statues to Buddhist Temples in Russia

Ingush blogger Ismail Nalgiev expelled from Belarus without trial

Son of Ingush UR party member arrested on suspicion of terrorism

‘Oldest man in world’ dies aged 123 after shunning doctors, TV and alcohol

Is Russia a Muslim country?

Mediation in Norway aims to resolve Venezuela crisis

Venezuela’s Collapse Is the Worst Outside of War in Decades

Vatican launches its first ever women’s football team

Victims of Clergy Abuse to Sue Vatican, Seek Abusers’ Names

Growing fears that Ebola could spread within and beyond DR Congo

Money, guns and brides fuel South Sudan’s cattle wars

South Sudan refugees flood into DR Congo

Kiir urges rival Machar to return to South Sudan

UN Steps Up Measures to Combat Ebola at South Sudan-Congo Border

South Sudan bans discos, bars to operate for five hours daily

Sudan protest hub: Roadblocks being removed, US lawmakers pile pressure

How Sudan targeted the women driving protests

United Liberation Movement for West Papua urges Indonesia not to execute West Papuan political prisoner Yogor Telenggen

West Papuan independence activists Yakonias Womsiwor and Erichzon Mandobar jailed for ‘rebellion’

West Papua Issue Raised in UK Parliament, but Follow-Up Is Unlikely

Colonial Indonesian prosecutors seek prison sentances on treason chardges for West Papuan referendum activists

As Indonesia mulls moving the capital, indigenous groups fear another land grab

A new high: Indigenous Thai farmers swap opium for coffee, land

Putla: A 75-year-old woman indigenous rights defender

Tomoko Keira’s ‘The Spirit of Huci’: A year of living with an Ainu elder — review

How democracy has failed India’s adivasis

Millions of indigenous people face eviction from their forest homes

Adivasis demand equal allocation in national budget

No power, water, roads: Telangana’s Guttikoya adivasis demand basic facilities

‘Stop atrocities on Adivasis’: Alleged letter by Maoists warning TDP leaders surfaces

Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation donate $750,000 to Sacramento State’s Native American Studies program

Maine to become first state to ban Native American mascots in public schools

Vermont Ditches Columbus Day, Renames Holiday To Honor Native Americans

One of the Last Navajo Code Talkers, Whose Native Tongue Stumped WWII Enemies, Has Died

Cave Inscriptions Shed Light on Cherokee History, Religion and Culture

A Rising Native America Aims to Make Further Gains in the 2020 Elections

Must-Watch Film ‘Welcome to Gwichyaa Zhee’ Fights for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Copper, fjords, reindeer and controversy: inside Norway’s new arctic mine

An Uncommon Victory for an Indigenous Tribe in the Amazon

First Indigenous Women’s March empowers survivors, offers support

Signs of the times: indigenous women and indigenous place names

How a 19th-Century Photographic Technique Erased a Māori Tradition

Indigenous Australians Challenge Government Over Climate at UN

Treaty: Aboriginal Victorians to elect First People’s Assembly

Insiders Insight: Togo family dynasty eyes rule until 2030

Faroe Islands ‘Closed For Maintenance’ to Tourists

The Demise of Hong Kong

Honduran president’s brother admits to knowing drug lords

Multilateral Presence and the Free and Open Indo-Pacific

Vietnam Is the Chinese Military’s Preferred Warm-Up Fight

Chad Suspends Import Taxes on Food to Avoid Sudan-Style Protests

St. Kitts And Nevis Court Rules Adults Can Legally Use Marijuana In Private

Pakistan: 5 killed in Gwadar hotel attack claimed by Baloch Liberation Army

Baloch group warns China against its presence in the region

‘China may end up helping Baloch freedom war’

Gwadar is not last, more attacks to come, Baloch Liberation Army declares

Pakistan’s Shiite Hazara Minority Fear Atrocity at Hands of Sectarian Militants in ‘Prison-like’ Ghettos

It’s Like ‘Living In A Cage,’ Say Pakistan’s Besieged Hazara

Tiny East Timor to become world’s first plastic-neutral nation

Women in Kyrgyzstan are fighting sexism by joining the space race

Zimbabwe to pay US$660 million to white farmers, finance ministry data shows

Plaid Cymru call for votes as Wales poll shows united Remain effort would beat Brexit Party

How Was Polynesia Populated? Two New Books Explore the Pacific’s Mysteries

Stop Tuvalu and ‘the world from sinking’ UN chief tells island nation facing existential threat from rising seas

Solomon Islands disappearing beneath rising sea at ‘unprecedented’ rate

European Commission head Juncker says Georgia is a ‘100% European state’

Allies’ support proves that Russia’s aggression will not deter Georgia’s progress toward EU and NATO – Georgian president

Abkhaz parliament confirms opposition leader was poisoned, presidential elections may be rescheduled

Abkhazia bans foreigners from leading tours

Iceland Tops KidsRights Index

Women Are One Third of Board Members at Iceland’s Largest Companies

Gabon president vows to nab thieves of $250m protected hardwood

Trans-Dniester: The disputed ‘smuggler’s haven’ ruled by Moldovan ‘football kings’

Moldova’s president to dissolve parliament unless deadlock settled by mid-June

Is everyone in Scotland really ready for the responsibility of independence? campaign for independence hits huge milestone in just three weeks

Nicola Sturgeon: There’s now a chance to keep Scotland in EU

Edinburgh McDonald’s stops selling milkshakes during Farage visit

Ex-Belgium king to be fined £4k a day until he takes DNA paternity test

Extreme right is gaining ground in all of Europe, except for Wallonia

Christian Aid urges to Drop Sierra Leone Ebola-related debts

Widespread flooding in Paraguay causes damage, deaths

A new election brings little hope for Solomon Islands’ vanishing forests

Belarus: Media Under Attack as European Games Loom

Switzerland Loves Guns. The E.U. Wants Reforms. Voters Will Decide

Liberia opposition vow to go ahead with June protest

Biafra day to be marked on May 30

IPOB Ready For ‘Landmark’ Event Towards Biafra Sovereignty

Biafra: Police cautions IPOB ahead of May 30 sit-at-home order

Turkey to send second drilling ship off Cyprus

Austrian state plans ‘Ten Commandments’ for asylum seekers

Austria recognises third gender option in official documents

Austria approves headscarf ban in primary schools

Czech protests over new justice minister enter third week

Djibouti Again Ordered to Pay US$385m to port operator

Pendarovski sworn in as new North Macedonia president

Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia sign border agreement

EU peacekeepers warn Serb leader against dividing Bosnia’s armed forces

EU Starts New Program to Fight Graft and Organized Crime in Bosnia

Will The Gambia be a turning point for AU peace efforts?

Ghana keen on crashing ‘Western Togoland’ separatist dream

UAE reports acts of ‘sabotage’ against commercial ships

NYU Chaplain to Be First Chief Rabbi in the United Arab Emirates

Interviewed from prison: Catalan independentists’ choice for Europe’s top job

Joan Miro: The Catalan Magician Remakes the World

Carles Puigdemont will give up Catalan presidency bid if he becomes MEP

Barcelona among 43 world cities listed for fighting climate change

Statistical Institute of Catalonia

Torra’s first 12 months as Catalan president

Defense lawyer accuses Supreme Court judge of ‘violating fundamental rights’ of Catalan witnesses

Supreme Court to allow jailed MPs to take up seats but refuses their release

Catalan political prisoners granted temporary freedom for swearing-in

Elected Catalan pro-independence prisoners allowed to attend parliament on day before opening

Barcelona becomes world’s most popular international conference city

DocsBarcelona back again with a focus on nature, women’s rights and politics

Parliament speaker Roger Torrent urges Council of Europe commissioner to visit jailed Catalan politicians

Spanish electoral authority stops jailed Catalan politician Oriol Junqueras from taking part in a televised debate

Spain goes after Catalan media, government officials and businesspeople over 2017 referendum

Catalonia indyref: 28 new people charged including media bosses

Puigdemont’s list files lawsuit against electoral authority

Catalan president Torra makes court appearance over yellow ribbons controversy

Catalonian Women Filmmakers Raise the Bar

A New Generation of Women Filmmakers on the Rise in Catalonia

Foreign minister pays tribute to slain Catalan photojournalist on Balkans trip

Catalonia Representatives Visit Croatia, Ignored by Officials

Sarajevo, possible venue in Barcelona’s bid to host 2030 winter olympics

Franco’s legacy animates Spain’s Vox party

Catalan pro-independence parties end Socialist leader’s bid to head Spanish Senate

Catalonia: 150 Academics Sign Open Letter Denouncing Violation of Civil Rights

Messi awarded Creu de Sant Jordi for service to Catalonia

Catalan lawmakers to head both Spain’s congress and senate

Spain’s Sanchez nominates Catalans to chair Congress and Senate

Pedro Sanchez picks Catalans for key positions in Spanish government

New York mayor backs reelection of Ada Colau in Barcelona

Dire Straits veteran to play Barcelona in October

Barcelona take on Lyon in ‘dream’ Women’s Champions League Final

Leo Messi’s ‘humility and honesty’ earns him one of Catalonia’s highest civil awards

Barcelona vice-president Mestre believes Catalan giants’ success can help grow female football

How to Make Money Off Rainforests Without Cutting Them Down

Qatar inaugurate first stadium amid possible FIFA plans for 2022 World Cup expansion

EU official voices concern over Greek PM handouts

Greek Anarchists Vandalize U.S. Ambassador’s Home

Greek journalist’s car targeted in reported bomb attack

India and Pak Should Resolve Issues Through Dialouge Involving Stateless Nations of the Region, World Sikh Parliament

Congress and BJP are fighting over 1984 Sikh genocide just for votes, says Dal Khalsa

First aid in years lifts hope for cut-off towns in Central African Republic

ICC postpones hearing of Central African Republic case to September

US in new push to resolve Israel-Lebanon sea border dispute

Lebanon’s Latest Brush With Crisis Has Hezbollah Scolding Banks

UN calls for probe into allegations of torture in Lebanon

In Lebanon, vintage film posters question Western cliches

Lebanon’s ex-Maronite patriarch dies days before turning 99

“We’re Not Coming Out!”: why the overlooked story of Romani Resistance Day still resonates in 2019

Kuwait urges military to take ‘maximum caution’ amid US-Iran tensions

Elephants Can’t Vote, But They May Decide Botswana’s Election

Mining diamonds in Botswana

EU shrinks tax haven blacklist, removes UK, Dutch territories

Josu Ternera, leader of Eta Basque rebels, arrested in France

U.S. Intelligence: China Is Building Up Its Capability to Invade Taiwan

Taiwan loses Asia’s press-freedom top spot – but still pretty good

China Again Blocks Taiwan’s Participation in World Health Meeting

Feud between Rwanda, Uganda strongmen takes toll

Somaliland Celebrates Independence Despite Lack of International Recognition

East Africa Finally Acknowledge the Reality that is Somaliland

Dominican Republic ends probe of defrocked Jersey priest found teaching children

‘A Million Elephants’ No More: Conservationists In Laos Rush To Save An Icon

Sweden Reopens Julian Assange Rape Case

Sweden to host international meeting on ISIS tribunal

‘Rise up’: Papua New Guinea female police chief’s battle cry to women

Yezidis build homes on Mount Shingal, the only place they feel safe

ISIS burns crop fields in Makhmour after farmers refuse to pay tax

US-led Coalition: ISIS not defeated

Yezidi lawmaker introduces bill calling on Iraq to mark national genocide day

Turkish court sentences Kurdish author Fuat Onen to 37 months over writings

Erdoğan’s little helper – Why is Facebook censoring Kurdish solidarity?

Kurdish village fears ‘demographic change’ as hundreds come to unlawfully claim land

Suspected ISIS attack leaves two Kurdish civilians dead in disputed Khanaqin

Blocked from humanitarian aid, Afrin Kurds experience hardships in Serdem Camp

Uncertain Future Awaits Displaced Syrian Yazidis in Lebanon

Kurdish-led authority: Damascus stirring tensions in east Syria

France reopens probe into killing of 3 Kurdish activists

Kurdistan region worried as U.S. and Iran tensions grow

Turkey begins moving 600 Kurdish prisoners from Afrin to unknown location

Iraqi forces demolish homes of 4 Kurdish families in Kirkuk

Turkey’s Erdogan seeks to strip 21 Kurdish, opposition MPs of immunity

“The resistance of the Saharawi people will end with victory and self-determination”, East Timor PM

Sahrawis are fed up with waiting

Human Rights Watch denounces the arrest and trial of a Sahrawi woman

World Bank Offers $27m For Geo-Energy in Dominica

Pro-independence parties progress, are left 2 seats short of majority in New Caledonia Congress

Anti-independents secure narrow majority in New Caledonia vote

French Loyalists Retain Slim Majority In New Caledonia

New Caledonia’s provincial elections sharpen independence political divide

A hardened atmosphere after New Caledonia’s provincial elections

New ‘anti’ force shakes up New Caledonian political landscape

How the Dalai Lama Negotiated the Future of His Nation in Exile

China’s Worsening Human Rights Abuses Evoke Memories of Mao

Nepal Orders ‘Investigation’ of Reporters Who Wrote About Dalai Lama

Two MPs Secretly Attend Tibet Convention Violating Nepali China Policy

Xi had Agreed to Meet Dalai Lama in 2014 but Cautious Indian Govt. Stopped it

Missing facts in China’s white paper on education in Tibet

Tibetan Villagers Evicted to Make Room For New Airport

Dr Lobsang Sangay: ‘The human rights situation in Tibet has gone from bad to worse

Human Rights in Tibet Took Downward Turn in 2018

Tibetan community marks 25 years in Chicago region

China’s Digital Wall Around Tibet

60th Year of Suppression Marked with More Clampdowns

Dear United Nations, Panchen Lama’s Missing Case is Unlike Any Other

11 Reasons Why Tiny Bhutan Stands Out From The Rest Of The World

Donald Trump meets Hungary’s Viktor Orban at the White House

Hungary far-right party forms uniformed ‘self-defense’ group

Bahrain charges lawyer of sharing “fake news” for his Tweets

Tunisia on edge as Libya’s Hifter advances

Burundi orders asset seizure of exiled opposition

Threats, vote-buying in Bangsamoro region on eve of midterm polls

Cuba Rations Staple Foods and Soap in Face of Economic Crisis

Defiance and Arrests at Cuba’s Gay Pride Parade

Political detentions cause political crises, says Brotherhood in Jordan


China Given Seat on UN Indigenous Forum

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1950 May 9: Europe Day

1877 May 10: Romania Independence Day

1948 May 15: Nakba Day, Day of the Catastrophe in Palestine

1811 May 15: Paraguay Independence Day

1944 May 16: Day of Sinti, Romani and Roma resistance

1814 May 17: Norwegian National/Constitution Day

1995 May 17: Panchen Lama’s abduction in Tibet

1991 May 18: Somaliland Independence Day

1944 May 18: Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Crimean Tatar genocide

1902 May 20: Cuba Independence Day

2002 May 20: East Timor Independence Day

1864 May 21: Circassian Genocide Memorial Day

2006 May 21: Montenegro Independence Day

1822 May 24: Ecuador Independence Day

1991 May 24: Eritrea Independence Day

1946 May 25: Jordan Independence Day

1918 May 26: Georgia Independence Day

1966 May 26: Guyana Independence Day

Why Are Hazaras Targeted In Pakistan?

A young Hazara woman: “We are used to the feeling of fear”

Photographer’s Death in Central African Republic Still Unsolved

Chinese logging takes heavy toll on farmers in Guinea-Bissau

Boko Haram’s resurgence in Chad

Fight continues for secret files on murder of Australian reporters in East Timor

Gambia: 22 death sentences commuted to life imprisonment, a welcome step towards abolition

Batwa: Uganda MPs pass motion to guard cultures of minority tribes

‘United Shades of America’ goes inside the home of Minnesota’s rising star Hmong chef

‘The Hmong’s story in Anchorage is part of the whole city’s story’

Surkov seen remaining in charge of Kremlin policy on Donbas, Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Belarus Deports Ingushetian Activist To Russia

Russia’s Only Buddhist Chaplain, The ‘Lonely Lama’

Russia: New Anti-Gay Crackdown in Chechnya

New taxi service for women in Chechnya

Meet the Journalist: Ben Mauk on Circassian Nationalism

Misuse of Anti-Extremism in April 2019

250 rockets fired from Gaza at Israel; 1-year-old child among those killed in retaliatory airstrikes

US crafting surrender document not a peace plan: Palestine FM

In Push for Trade Deal, Trump Administration Shelves Sanctions Over China’s Crackdown on Uighurs

Uyghurs Face Tight Ramadan Curbs as China Bristles at ‘Concentration Camps’ Remark

Dozens of mosques, major shrines ‘razed’ in China’s Xinjiang

Reporter’s Notebook: Uighurs Held For ‘Extremist Thoughts’ They Didn’t Know They Had

Human Rights Watch Reverse-Engineers Mass Surveillance App Used by Police in Xinjiang

EU urges China to ‘change the situation’ in Xinjiang where ‘up to one million Uighurs are detained’ in internment camps

Security cameras and barbed wire: Living amid fear and oppression in Xinjiang

Jailed Uyghur Scholar Ilham Tohti Receives Freedom House’s ‘Freedom Award’

The Uyghur women fighting China’s surveillance state

Former Xinjiang teacher claims brainwashing and abuse inside mass detention centers

I’ve fought China’s slow-motion genocide of Uighur Muslims. Now, my family are victims.

Thousands in rare pro-democracy protests in eSwatini

Journalism in Nicaragua under siege

While the world is distracted by Venezuela, repression continues in Nicaragua

40 years later, grappling with regime change in Nicaragua

Shuttered Lebanese stock exchange highlights fiscal strain

What We Know About 23 Crimean Tatars Detained in March

Rally in support of Crimean political prisoners held in Kyiv

Exhibition dedicated to 75th anniversary of deportation of Crimean Tatars opens in New York

Ukrainian political prisoner beaten by prison staff in Russia for Maidan

Russian Authorities To Remove Tatar Collaboration Slur From Crimean History Textbook

Russia intensifies repression against Crimean Tatars to squeeze them out of Crimea

Two Ukrainian fishermen freed in Russian-occupied Crimea

Vandals Smash New Monument To Crimean Tatar WWII Victims

Russia begins 15th Ukrainian ‘spy’ or ‘saboteur’ trial in occupied Crimea based on televised ‘confessions’

Russia’s first Ukrainian POWs imprisoned in Donbas for over four years

Russian proxy republics ‘officially’ seize Ukrainians’ homes in Donbas

Ukraine will not recognize Russian citizenship illegally offered to Ukrainians in Donbas

Ex-commander of Joint Forces: About 75,000 Russian soldiers stationed in Crimea and Donbas

Russian trolls blamed Ukraine for MH17 in 65,000 tweets after disaster

The landscape painters who invented Norway

Indonesian prosecutors demand jail for West Papuans found with weapons

Polish tourist jailed in Indonesia’s West Papua files appeal

Spotlight on West Papua abuses in British parliament

1st ever UK House of Commons debate on West Papua took place at the UK Parliament

Jordan revamps cabinet in latest overhaul of top institutions

Trump declares ‘invasion’ at border after DHS says 1 percent of Honduras, Guatemala entered US

Libya: Battle for Tripoli becomes a sandbox for outside powers

Here is Europe’s most sustainable country in 20 pictures

El Salvador gang violence stifles progress on gender killings: top prosecutor

Brunei backs down on gay sex death penalty after international backlash

Thousands of people in Finland to receive genetic health predictions

Columbus brought measles to the New World. It was a disaster for Native Americans.

White House issues proclamation for ‘Missing and Murdered American Indians and Alaska Natives Awareness Day, 2019’

Trauma lives on in Native Americans by making us sick – while the US looks away

Navajo Code Talker Fleming Begaye, Sr. dies at 97

‘Thunder Bay’ Podcast Investigates Canada’s Colonial Impacts On Indigenous People

Arctic word games or Indigenous survival?

Inuit condemn U.S. torpedoing of Arctic Council declaration

Indigenous groups march 200km across Guatemala against corruption

Territorial management and governance of the Columbian Amazon by indigenous people

Indigenous Mobilization Wins Battle in President Bolsonaro’s War on Indigenous Peoples

Church workers: Venezuelan indigenous face some of greatest hardships

India’s Adivasis Caught Between State and Guerilla Violence

‘We don’t want to die landless’: Kerala’s Adivasis are again agitating for land promised in 2001

Adivasis from Kothagudem ask Maoists to release abducted youths

China, Which Incarcerates Millions of Uighurs, Gets Seat on UN Forum for Indigenous Peoples

UN to Lend a Helping Hand to Indigenous Peoples Worldwide

First as journal publishes university research in Scots

Gaelic bardic tradition in Cape Breton helped preserve history, language

Wycliffe Associates Look To Launch 100 New Bible Translations for Dayak People of Borneo

Cortizo wins Panama election on pledge to stamp out corruption in ‘money-launderer’s paradise’

Hundreds of thousands of Haitian children suffer in slavery – and women play a key role in perpetuating the system

Tallinn 800 – a fitting age for a gorgeous medieval city

Study: the Baltics could stop Russia with a guerrilla army

Monument to Lithuanian partisan leader Adolfas Ramanauskas-Vanagas unveiled in Chicago

Lithuania to continue to boycott May 9 Victory Day events in Russia

Latvian Saeima becomes first foreign parliament to recognize genocide of the Crimean Tatars

Venice Biennale’s Top Prize Goes to Lithuania

Lithuania: Šimonytė narrowly beats Nausėda as the two head for runoff in presidential elections

EU and US warn Turkey against Cyprus offshore drilling

Denmark is the least feminist nation in the world, global survey finds

Bankruptcies Double as Denmark Targets Fraudulent Enterprises

Pompeo skips visit to Greenland amid new tensions with Iran

China tightens the screws on Hong Kong

Foxconn chief tells China to recognise Taiwan’s existence as sovereign state

Three retired Hong Kong police officers reportedly travelled to Taiwan to monitor pro-independence activists

Isolation hurts Taiwan’s highly professional military

South China Sea: Indonesia sinks scores of boats as rift with Beijing deepens

How Vietnam, Philippines Will Get around China’s Fishing Ban in Disputed Sea

U.S., Japan, India and Philippines challenge Beijing with naval drills in the South China Sea

Would China’s South China Sea Bases Be Wiped Out In A War?

U.S. Seizes North Korean Vessel and Sails it to American Samoa

Oman ratifies defence agreement with UK

‘Pak running multiple concentration camps in Balochistan’

Petition for Free Balochistan

Greece: Protests held against Pakistani forces after Baloch women, children abducted

Balochistan: Three persons including two youngsters abducted from Kech

Pakistan don’t need Baloch, but their resources, claims activist

Balochistan: Iranian force beat up and harass female school teacher

Sindh’s politico-religious, nationalist parties demand governor’s removal for anti-Sindh remarks

Catalan leader re-applying for entry to Canada after travel permit mix-up

Federal officials to look again at Catalan leader’s request to come to Canada

Madrid court overturns ban on Puigdemont running in European election

Exiled Catalan trio to stand in Euro poll

Catalonia’s Puigdemont urges Pedro Sanchez to be open to dialogue

Puigdemont to visit London, Berlin and Ljubljana during EU election campaign

Puigdemont in Slovenia: Goal is Stronger Democracy in Catalonia & EU

Puigdemont to give up presidency bid if elected MEP

ANALYSIS: It’s time for Pedro Sanchéz to be bold and take a risk on Catalonia

Barcelona president says Messi can play until he’s 45 and will have TEN statues at renovated Nou Camp

Unemployment continues downward trend in Catalonia despite minimum wage increase

Library of US Congress boasts over 10 million documents in Catalan

Automobile Barcelona revs up for centenary edition

European Greens top candidate: Catalan trial ‘politicized’, ‘open dialogue’ needed

Spanish minister walks out of Holocaust memorial over ‘political prisoners’ remark

“Catalan: a minoritized language”, a talk at University of Cambridge

The Catalan independence movement is not behind the rise of Spain’s far right

Atlético Madrid’s Catalan curse

Seat breaks record in sales for first 4 months of 2019

‘They grabbed me by the testicles and threw me to the ground’ – Catalan Trial day 40

Barcelona to become world capital of trade and logistics in late June

Unionist leader offers Sánchez support to reimpose direct rule on Catalonia

Spain’s acting PM and opposition leader agree to open talks on Catalan crisis

Jailed Catalan leaders request release to take up their seats as MPs

Lawyers for imprisoned Catalan MPs request release for swearing-in

The leader of the Socialist Party in Catalonia to become speaker of Spanish Senate

World Health Organization supports Barcelona’s decision to ban the most-polluting vehicles

Catalonia unveils pavilion for Art Biennale in Venice

What can Scotland learn from Catalonia? Quite a lot actually …

Catalan Socialist leader’s bid for Senate presidency up in the air

Attorney General opposes release of jailed Catalan leaders to take seat in Spanish parliament

Unprecedented pro-independence landslide in Chamber of Commerce election

Catalonia, an active partner for European integration

Independence ‘No’ vote surpasses ‘Yes’ for first time since 2017, suggests public poll

Battle for independence movement hegemony reemerges in European election

Spain’s General Election & Catalonia Independence – World Liberty Weekend

Jailed Catalan leader hints at support for Pedro Sanchez in Euronews interview

Formula One comes back to Catalonia as locals fear for its future

Girona says it with flowers as Temps de Flors festival begins

How will Brexit affect Catalonia?

How Europe will be the next battleground in the Catalan independence question

Catalonia president steps in to save Spanish GP

To march or not to march … do mass demonstrations help independence?

Celebration of European languages and culture in Barcelona in May

“Stop Vox” – The cross-party manifesto against the far-right

Jailed and exiled Catalan politicians to take part in European election TV debate

British Embassy in Somalia launches Somali journalism prize award

How Can Native Language Journalism in Kyrgyzstan Improve?

Mau Mau fighters lose suit for British colonial torture compensation

Namibia tribes appeal US court ruling in genocide suit

900 white farmers register for compensation in Zimbabwe

Ffilm Cymru Wales invests £185,500 in seven Welsh companies

From James Bond to Lemmy – the Welsh Assembly turns 20

Has Wales embraced the Welsh Assembly 20 years on?

Concern about ITV survey asking whether Welsh speakers ‘too dominant’ in Assembly

Welsh independence march: Huge turnout in Cardiff for AUOB Cymru march

Today we march towards a better future as an independent country, Adam Price

Tahiti statute text on nuclear tests reworded

Two French tourists kidnapped, local guide killed in Benin

How Benin’s democratic crown has slipped

Benin’s unrest reflects a broader worrying trend in West Africa

Fuel for thought: black market in petrol in Togo and Benin – in pictures

Brexit boom lifts Luxembourg insurance sector

Despite Gains, Mauritania’s Road to Defeat Slavery is Long and Bumpy

Glasgow attracts huge turnout of Yes supporters for pro-independence march

Devolution has made independence more likely, say half of Scots

All Under One Banner chief organiser charged by police after march

All Under One Banner start preparations for 2020 Glasgow independence march

IT’S time for Scottish independence, Nicola Sturgeon reacts to poll putting Brexit Party in the lead in the UK

Dangers of disinformation discussed in San Marino

As Kiribati disappears, will the world take heed?

In exile in Bangladesh, a bittersweet revival of Rohingya culture

Rohingya women, girls being trafficked to Malaysia for marriage

Burma releases Reuters journalists jailed for reporting on Rohingya

Cyclone Raises Fears About Vulnerability of Rohingya Refugee Camps

Austria Moves to Tighten Rules on Investment in Critical Assets

Czechs protest for second week against new justice minister over meddling fears

War-ravaged historic ‘Pearl of Bosnia’ Mosque reopens

Kosovo’s president to boycott summit in Bosnia

Banking on Kosovo

Rita Ora buys a £1.5million mansion for parents in native Kosovo from her £18m fortune after making No9 on Sunday Times Rich List

Tajikistan’s ruler-in-waiting rides out Ramadan grumbling with handouts

Serbia Holds Military Parade Amid Tensions With Kosovo

The digital rock: Monaco goes high tech

Bush fire guts 4 villages, kills 33 in South Sudan

Will Guyana soon be the richest country in the world?

US approves $3bn Apache helicopter sale to Qatar

‘Violence and hatred’: Qatar and UAE go head-to-head at The Hague

How Greek crisis helped removed taboo on mental health

Photo exhibit debuts in B.C. showing impact of 1984 anti-Sikh violence in India

Five men killed after being deported from UK to Jamaica

Pope Francis issues broad new Vatican law on reporting of sexual abuse and cover-up

Pope to Roma and Sinti: those who discard others are real second-class citizens

Crucial victory as Ukrainian court orders compensation for Roma families driven out of Loshchynivka

Azerbaijan Indicates Armenian Soccer Star Will Be Allowed In For Europa Final

The long road back to Liberia: the story of Mo Sangare’s international debut

Armenia’s jailed ex-president: I’ll join struggle against new leaders

Botswana gives leaders stools made from elephant feet

‘Greatest Basque spectacle’ wowed thousands in 1949. Now, Boise show honors its past

Eduardo Chillida’s Basque museum and sculpture park given a new lease of life

Basque Broadcaster EITB Bans Gambling-Related Advertising

Newspaper Gara Victim of Spain’s Ideological Persecution of Basque Independence Movement

Basque Culinary World Prize 2019 nominations closing soon

Remains of nearly 85,000 genocide victims buried in Rwanda

Women lead Rwanda’s renaissance

Will Somaliland Ever Seek Israeli Agro-miracle?

Somaliland is Where World Must Learn Peace Lessons From

Somaliland: Egyptian Delegation Visits to Discuss Bilateral Relations

Eritrea keen to host Somalia-Somaliland talks

Dominican Republic’s Capital City Receives Honor of Gastronomic Culture Capital of the Caribbean

Gabon Court Rejects Medical Exam to See If Bongo Fit to Rule

Fiji PM rebuffs ‘move to higher ground’ advice as Australia frets over climate

Bulgaria Offers Chilly Welcome as Pope Francis Tries to Mend a Schism

Sweden is going cashless

Krona’s Plunge Shows How 2008 Crisis Is Only Just Hitting Sweden

In Sweden you can roam anywhere you like, without the landowner’s permission

Vietnam’s Changing Ties with Sweden a Sign of Times

Vietnam To Receive Clean Energy Development Assistance From Sweden

U.S, allies propose financing for power plant for Papua New Guinea gold mine

Syria’s Kurds reject regime-imposed ‘reconciliation’

Damascus denounces Kurd-Arab forum as ‘treason’

No turning back: Syrian Kurds reshape region with books and school

Turkey Begins Offensive on Kurdish Militias After Attacks

Four Turkish soldiers killed in two attacks by Kurdish militants, Turkey says

Factbox – From Kobani to Kirkuk: the Kurdish struggle for rights and land

Syrian Kurdish authorities return 27 freed Yezidis to Shingal

Freed From ISIS, Yazidi Mothers Face Wrenching Choice: Abandon Kids Or Never Go Home

Iraqi Yazidi refugees prevented from returning to Sinjar due to ongoing dangers

Turkish Kurd Leader Ocalan Meets Lawyers for First Time Since 2011

Lawyer: Ocalan wants hunger strikes to end

Ocalan letter says northern Syria needs to be resolved democratically

Kurdish party reiterates support for Turkey opposition in re-do Istanbul elections

Kurdistan parliament re-institutes presidency office two years after suspension

Kurdish-led SDF Transfers IS Kin to Home Countries

Anti-Kurdish protests grow in Syria’s Deir al-Zor – residents, locals

UK to raise issue of Kurdish hunger strikers with Turkey

Former leader of short-lived Soviet Kurdish republic buried in Erbil

Ezidi worker commits suicide off high-rise in Erbil

Singapore passes controversial ‘fake news’ law which critics fear will stifle free speech

Kashmir’s women take small steps towards economic independence

New Caledonia’s independence referendum: Local and regional implications

Self-determination in New Caledonia: uncharted waters ahead

Sovereignty is only way for New Caledonia – Neaoutyine

Anniversary of Tjibaou’s death commemorated in New Caledonia

Western Sahara: Natives of the desert, natives of Africa?

Young Tibetan Girl Wins Highest American Television Award

‘Portraits’ of long-missing Panchen Lama renew Tibetan anger to Chinese ‘meddling’

Tibetan Man, Aunt Sentenced For Panchen Lama Protest in Sichuan

Former Botswana President in Direct Challenge to China Calls for Support to Tibet

TIPA’s “Yarkyi” Festival 2019 celebrates excellent preservation and promotion of Tibetan theatrical art and culture in the last 60 years

Dalai Lama’s former envoy tells German parliament “China wants to destroy the core of Tibetan identity”

His Holiness the Dalai Lama thanks Tibet supporters at the 7th World Parliamentarian Convention on Tibet

One More Torture Survivor, Former Political Prisoner Yeshi Gyatso Passes Away

‘Mother of Tibet’: Meet The Unsung Saviour of Thousands of Tibetan Children

China Influences 3 Journalists to Probe in Nepal for Writing Dalai Lama Article

China’s White Paper on Education in Tibet: The Missing Facts

Two Russian Agents Sentenced for Montenegrin Coup Plot

Blues blowin’ in from the desert

Africa’s Sahel region grows as breeding ground for terror, posing critical danger to U.S. and allies

Challenges of Morocco’s Many Languages Lead to Academic Debate

Giant Public Artwork of Amazigh Woman’s Face Destroyed

Amazigh Students Oppose Panel on Palestinian Cause, Threaten to Kill Panelist

Former Miss Uruguay Found Dead In Mexico City Hotel Room

Belize votes to take Guatemala’s territorial claim to the International court of Justice

In Bhutan, The Prime Minister Is A Doctor Every Saturday

Bahrain ditches subsidy reform plan as political tensions simmer

Free press should be barred from 2020 poll: Burundi commissioner

Pro-western candidate wins North Macedonia election

Pope makes historic first visit to North Macedonia

Is Eritrea coming in from the cold?

US deporting more and more people to Eritrea – a country it says tortures and kills its citizens

Cuba cancels annual Conga Against Homophobia parade

Suits Filed Against Carnival Cruises, Cuban Firms Over Seized Property In Cuba

Foreign businesses at Cuba tourism fair defy new Trump sanctions

Ahead of Brexit, Barclays puts £2.2bn into Irish unit

Northern Ireland’s voters have sent politicians a clear message

My London history students’ knowledge of Ireland is, at times, shocking

Why does Brexit matter to Connecticut? Ireland.

Northern Ireland parties launch new bid to form government

Could a surge for Northern Ireland’s smaller parties save devolution?

On This Day: 1916 Easter Rising executions continue to the shock of many Irish people

The Ties that bind Ireland and Jamaica

UK and Ireland’s Common Travel Area to continue after Brexit

Honoring 10,000 Irish immigrants who built the US railroads

Darkness Into Light: 200,000 participate in suicide awareness walk

Anti-gay preacher is first-ever banned from Ireland under exclusion powers

Ireland and Britain declare climate emergencies, but will it make a difference?

Bananas May Be Iceland’s Next Big Thing

Iceland’s Eurovision act: Israel is apartheid

World’s first open-sea beluga sanctuary to open in Iceland


As Indonesia tries to beat independence out of West Papuans, Scottish independence is becoming inevitable. Will Sanchez listen to Catalonia?

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

Aug. 12, 2019 – Aug. 16, 2019, Tromsø, Norway: Summer School: Revitalisation and reclamation of Indigenous and minoritised languages

May 6th to May 7th 2020 Venice, Italy: First Conference on the Endangered Languages of East Asia

1707 May 1: the Act of Union of Scotland and England

May 1/Nissan 27: Yom HaShoah, Israeli Holocaust Remembrance Day

1963 May 1: The Day of Terror: colonial Indonesian military arrive in West Papua

May 3: World Press Freedom Day

1990 May 4: Latvian Independence Restoration Day

May 8/Iyar 5: Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day

1950 May 9: Europe Day

1877 May 10: Romania Independence Day

1948 May 15: Nakba Day, Day of the Catastrophe in Palestine

1811 May 15: Paraguay Independence Day

1944 May 16: Day of Sinti, Romani and Roma resistance

1814 May 17: Norwegian National/Constitution Day

1995 May 17: Panchen Lama’s abduction in Tibet

1991 May 18: Somaliland Independence Day

1944 May 18: Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Crimean Tatar genocide

Israel’s U.N. Ambassador gives the U.N. Security Council a history lesson on the Bible

Uyghur Inmates in Iconic Xinjiang Detention Camp Photo Identified

To Live in Xinjiang Is Just Like Being Jailed

U.N. chief raises issue of Xinjiang’s Uighurs during China visit

U.S. Religion Report Assails China Over Abuses Of Muslims, Calls Russia, Uzbekistan ‘Countries Of Particular Concern’

Uyghur IU student fights to free father Ilham Tohti from imprisonment in China

China frees ‘lost’ Uighur wives but at a price, families say

‘Truth hidden in the dark’: Chinese international student responses to Xinjiang

Xinjiang phone app exposes how Chinese police monitor Uighur Muslims

Taiwan Voices Support for Uyghurs in China

Chinese photographer Lu Guang’s detention in Xinjiang raises alarm

Airbnb listings in China are littered with racist discrimination

We need a brand new Scotland that doesn’t look like Britain

Downing Street caught out secretly polling Scots voters on independence

Glasgow indy march kicks of season of All Under One Banner rallies

Map of landmines – How Brexit might help the Scottish independence quest

Is an independent Scotland now inevitable? I’m beginning to believe it might be

Some sort of Scottish independence is inevitable. May needs to face up to it

Hard Brexit could push Scottish independence ‘over the line’, warns Tony Blair

Brexit makes the case for an independent Scotland

Scotland on the brink: the nation’s final years of independence

When will the Hazara and Baloch Genocide stop?

Baloch living on both sides of artificial border are inseparable: Hyrbyair Marri

Balochistan: Iran’s IRCG arrest more than 30 Baloch youth in Jalq

Balochistan: Iranian forces execute two Baloch in Kerman Prison

Balochistan: Nine children and women of one family abducted in Naseerabad

‘It opened my eyes’: the Indonesian woman fighting for West Papuan rights

Lawyers launch court action challenging Indonesia’s annexation of West Papua

School, homes in Sorong, West Papua, inundated by floods

West Papuan speaker ‘silenced’ when trying to raise UN agenda issue

Indonesia jails Polish tourist in Papua for treason

25 year old West Papuan Maikel Ilinmaton tortured to death by Indonesian Security officers

West Papuan and Indonesian students beaten by Indonesian police and militia for peacefully demonstrating on the 56th Anniversary of the “Day of Terror”

Finland Cozies Up to Iran like it did for Soviet Union

Ukrainian political prisoner Bekirov receives no treatment for over week, under threat of diabetic coma

Crimea: Russia’s newest Potemkin Village

Russian Police Search Homes Of Two Crimean Tatar Activists

Czech Constitutional Court rules in favour of hotel ban on Russian citizens approving Crimean landgrab

Ukraine preparing appeal to Council of Europe over searches in Crimean Tatar houses

Zelensky: Border only “common” thing between Ukraine, Russia

American Indian tribe bans GOP governor from reservation over opposition to Keystone protestors

‘All Political Parties Have Treated Adivasis As Disposable People’

A Broken Skull, a Dubious Paper Trail: Australian Justice for One Aboriginal Man

Fighting Words: The Navajo Code Talkers of World War II

Clashes over possible Guinea president third term

Founder member of Self-Determination for Gibraltar Group William Serfaty dies age 74

Why the Tiny City-State of Monaco Might Be Home to the World’s Most Resplendent Art Fair

Rising Military Spending In Europe Amid Russia Fears

UK unable to defend itself without help, warn analysts

Russia drops out of top 5 global military spenders while US and China up the ante

Nearly half of young Russians have never heard of the mass political repressions carried out by #Stalin.

Will people hear the story of the Numto reindeer herders?

Russian Court Extends Detention For Bashkir Activist Airat Dilmukhametov

Chechnya: Journalist Zhalaudi Geriyev Released After Three Years In Prison On Drug Charge He Denies

Portugal Just Launched a National Space Agency!

China Tightens Control Over Hong Kong

US Lawmakers Join Opposition Against Proposed Hong Kong Extradition Amendments

30 Years After Tiananmen: Hong Kong Remembers

Dark Days in Hong Kong

Kosovo’s Leader: EU Is ‘Weak,’ U.S. Needed For Talks With Serbia

China’s Trade War Is Taiwan’s Opportunity to Bring Cash Home

Romani children, their rights and wellbeing: time to reset the research agenda beyond 2020

Social Security cards in occupied Tibet could be surveillance tool

Sen. Richard Lugar, consistent supporter of Dalai Lama and Tibet, passes away

US federal commission says China sought “forced assimilation” of Tibetan Buddhism in 2018

Three Tibetan detained for praying for the release of Panchen Lama

China arrests Tibetan university student for writing a critical essay

His Holiness the Dalai Lama Congratulates Japan’s New Emperor Naruhito

Japan’s new era ‘Reiwa’ represents Harmony and ‘Hope’ in Tibetan

Denisovans, A Mysterious Kind Of Ancient Humans, Are Traced To Tibet

Is China Attempting to Prop up Fake Tibetan Organizations in Canada?

Six Marxist students vanish in China in the lead up to Labor Day

Tibetan Boy Selected to an Australian State Under 14 Football Team

Tibetan journalists voice alarm over lack of press freedom in Tibet

Death Threats Against Chemi Lhamo Were Organized by Chinese Diplomats in Canada

China’s Engineered Development in Tibet

Pariah no more? Greece needs big bond investors to seal its comeback

Benin’s government has shut the internet ahead of an election that has no opposition

Journalist Casimir Kpedjo detained, facing false news accusations in Benin

Record low turnout at Benin polls with no opposition

Benin democracy suffers blow as president-backed parties win

Tanks surround Benin ex-president’s home amid violent poll protests

Shots fired as post-election violence grips Benin

ISIS chief Baghdadi makes first video appearance since 2014

Turkish jets shell Kurdistan Region’s Chamanke district, target local mosque

Turkey protests Kurdish language classes at Japanese University

Kurdish activist dies after livestreamed attempted suicide

Former American YPG volunteer’s suicide raises trauma concerns

Disputes in Kirkuk postpone vote to decide new governor

Yazidi women seek acceptance for children born of IS rape

NRC warns 45,000 children may become stateless in post-ISIS Iraq

Arabs in Syria’s Deir al-Zor protest against ruling Kurdish militia: residents

Turkey separates Afrin from Syrian territories with concrete border wall

Hundreds of Syrian Kurds march to protest Turkish wall in Afrin

Russian-Syrian offensive in northwest Syria escalates as talks begin in Geneva

Kurdish women’s experience of state violence in Turkey

Iraqi Shia militias kill two unarmed Kurds in Iran: Rights group

Yezidi mayor accuses PKK, affiliates of abuses in Shingal

Syrian Kurdish leader reveals indirect negotiations with Turkey

Turkey sentences doctors protesting Afrin invasion to 20 months in jail

UN Iraq envoy calls for unified control of Sinjar for Yezidis to return home

Sikh Youth Acquitted in Arms Seizure Case of 2011

The Sikh Struggle for Self Determination

15 Genocide Culprits Acquitted by Supreme Court

It is Darbar Sahib, not “Golden Temple”

Sikh Council UK: Mass Resignations Leave In Doubt Future Of The Organisation

South Africa lashes out at UN over Western Sahara

Morocco : A Sahrawi activist sentenced to seven months in prison

POLISARIO Front urges UN Security Council to end status quo, Morocco’s illegal occupation of Western Sahara

These three groups are pushing Algeria to change

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Hmong Awarness Month

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Latvia’s ‘Harmony’ in Jeopardy

Belarus leader’s visit to Latvia delayed for indefinite period – media

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Latvia marks 29th anniversary of restoration of independence

Lithuanians in Vilnius district feel discriminated against in education

Lithuania blacklists Russian singer Leps over his alleged ties with criminals

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FC Barcelona wins eighth Liga in 11 years

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Spain bars exiled ex-Catalan leader from European election

Former Catalan president denied entry to Canada, angering Quebec separatists

Catalan leader goes to court after Canada refuses him entry for Quebec group’s event

Puigdemont’s party appeals ban on standing in European elections

Prosecutor overturns ban on Puigdemont standing in European election

Supreme Court to decide on ban to Puigdemont standing in EU election

Spanish police ‘beat people’ and ‘pulled them by the hair,’ say referendum voters

Catalan trials: Voters ‘beaten and kicked’ on day of indyref

Barcelona Home Sales Pick Up Despite Lingering Political Uncertainty

Barcelona summit brings together top European entrepreneurs and investors

Catalonia: Awareness-Raising 1,300 Kilometers Walk From Pyrenees to Belgium

Recovering Catalonia’s “influence” abroad: foreign office heads appointed for Portugal, Central Europe and Baltics

Diplocat holds first event after forced closure

Call for another New Caledonia referendum in early 2020

Papua New Guinea PM faces no confidence vote

Nicaragua: Ortega government continues to violate the right to freedom of press

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Wall Street banks boycott Brunei-owned hotels after kingdom makes homosexuality punishable by death

UK aid to give clean, affordable renewable energy boost in Somaliland

Somaliland: Possible Establishment of Diplomatic Relations with Kenya

Honduras Congress stalls reforms after violent protests

More than 80 children of IS members returned to Tajikistan

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UN Panel: South Sudan Killed Activists

South Sudan denies kidnapping, executing prominent critics

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Learning My Father’s Language

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Iceland’s Missing Male Students

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