2016 11 05 Saturday

Dominica celebrates 38 years of political independence

Panama celebrates Independence Day

5 November – the International Romani Language Day

It’s National Native American Heritage Month


Rajoy not allowed to forget Catalan independence referendum

Spanish court will be able to suspend public servants who don’t comply with its rulings

Police arrest Mayor of Berga for refusing to take down pro-independence flag

Welsh will be ‘minority language’ on Anglesey if nuclear plant gets the go-ahead

Irish dancers from around world in Belfast for All-Ireland championship

How the Irish helped to invent modern-day Halloween

Stars through the eyes of Guarani community

China wants to nip in the bud any talk of Hong Kong’s independence

Beijing plans to intervene in Hong Kong pro-independence lawmakers’ oath dispute

Xi Jinping warns China’s communist government will collapse if Taiwan’s independence matters mishandled

Western Sahara standoff fuels tensions, diplomatic scramble

Copenhagen International Conference on Western Sahara issue calls for the decolonization of the last colony in Africa

FIFA Fines Kosovo, Croatia for Fans’ Racist Chants

Libya: time to get the real players round the table

EU Must Act, Hungarian Govt Harms Rule of Law

Austria sends troops to Hungary-Serbia border

Biggest International Book Fair in Croatia Opens Next Week

Somalia: Al Shabaab Gains Ground As Ethiopia Withdraws Its Troops

After election, vote monitors urge change in Belarus

Sweden’s clean corporate image dealt blow with insider trading case

Angry protests in Turkey and beyond after arrest of pro-Kurdish HDP politicians

Turkey Suspends Thousands of Teachers in Kurdish Areas

Kurdish Women Battle IS With Songs — and Machine Guns

Belgium stops prosecuting Kurdish politicians for ties to the Kurdistan Worker’s Party

‘There is One Kurdistan,’ Say Iranian Kurds Fighting in Iraq

Inside Greece’s self-ruling Kurdish enclave

Tibet unveils new Tibetan-language input software

Over 1000 monks, nuns expelled, forced patriotic reeducation in Tibet

‘Doctor Strange’ is a really fun, whitewashed ride!

China objects to British Parliament Speaker meeting Tibetan leader

Is Switzerland prepared for terrorism?

Celebrating a clean and green Singapore with carnival festivity

Singapore is striving to be the world’s first ‘smart city’

UK Human Rights Activist Peter Tatchell dedicates Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award to West Papua

Rwandan and #Yazidi survivors share their story at UN

Yezidis struggle for support and feel forgotten again

Namibia: Africa Golf Jacket Champs Launched for Fourth Year

Basque country: Inspiring land of tradition and passion

Meet ‘Korean Billy’!!! He nails the Welsh language!

Slovakia proposes voluntary help for EU in migrant crisis

5 Biafran armoured vehicles which were built during the war

An Inside Look At The New Crossroads Of Eurasia: Azerbaijan’s New Port Of Baku

Rights Watchdog Urges Azerbaijan To End Harassment Of Lawyers

State apology forthcoming for Finland’s reform school children

Finland is changing everything that sucks about parent-teacher conferences with the world’s largest one

Palestinian Authority and Israel lock heads over PA attempt to join Interpol

Rampant resource development puts Indigenous women and girls at higher risk of violence

Why so much hate for the Cornish?

Status of Celtic languages in XXI century

41st Annual American Indian Film Festival: November 4–11, 2016

‘The Whole World Is Watching’: The Political Crossfire @ Dakota Access Pipeline

50,000-year-old settlement found in Australia’s barren interior shows Aboriginal ancestors were skilled survivors

Historic terror recruitment trial begins in Norway

New Hans Christian Andersen museum green-lighted in Odense

Fleeing anti-Semitism in France, an African Jewish family makes aliyah

China Recalls Passports Across Xinjiang Amid Ongoing Security Crackdown

Director of Ukrainian library in Moscow goes on trial for ‘extremism’

Russia seeks PR agencies to improve image abroad

Why young people keep leaving Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe Arms Itself Against Russian Military Aggression

NATO reform: Ukraine says it is pursuing 600-point program

Russia uses punitive psychiatry against more Crimean political prisoners

In Crimea, Russia signals military resolve with new and revamped bases

Moldovan Presidential Candidate Calls Rival’s Crimea Remarks ‘High Treason’

Ukraine rebuilds navy, with U.S. help, to counter Russian build-up in Crimea

UN Wants Tribunal On Human Rights Abuses In Eritrea

Greek Anarchists Are Finding Space for Refugees in Abandoned Hotels

Serbia hosts joint military exercises with Russia

IOC threatens legal action against Kuwait

Hurricane survivors’ lives in limbo as Haiti tries again to hold vote

Haiti looks to local resources after hurricane aid falls short

Tiny Slovenia world’s best at preserving environment to boost prosperity

Business environment in Slovakia has significantly deteriorated

Why do asylum seekers come to Sweden?

Armenia, Iran Sign Deal To Increase Gas Imports, Power Flows

Better, Safer Roads Lead to Improving Lives in Rural Armenia

Ex-president of Romania is now also citizen of Moldova

NATO: Montenegro Membership Certain Despite Russia Objection

How Britain Destroyed the Palestinian Homeland

Life on the Pine Ridge Native American reservation

Human rights activists on the “invisible” Chechen refugees in Brest

Greece vows to maintain close ties with Moscow

Kuwait demands global unity with Palestinians

Serbia Releases Detained Kosovar Police Chief

N.Korea Trying to Send Slave Labor to Mongolia

Deal on Cyprus Reunification Closer Than Ever, UN Envoy Says

Kiwi couple launch first Maori language doll in New Zealand

What is life really like for women in Iceland, the world’s most woman-friendly country?

Increased meth use devastating remote Aboriginal communities

Scotland: Ready for #indyref2? Scale of SNP national survey campaign revealed

Bike-sharing to hit Malta next month

Clinton v Trump: Where do they stand on Palestine?

Belgian ‘city of jihadis’ struggles with returning Syria fighters

Albania Nominates Its First Female Army General

In Albania, the Church honors martyrs of the communist era

Story of migrating Scots on display

facebook Shut Down Radio Biafra London

Women Now Make Up Almost Half of Iceland’s Parliament

Amazigh: Protests Arise in Morocco after Death of Fish Vendor

Kaiowa and Guarani Forced to Return to Overcrowded Reserve While Violence Against Indigenous People Escalates


2016 11 01 Tuesday

November 1st 1981: Antigua & Barbuda Independence Day


US & Sweden Defense Cooperation Should Improve To Counter Russia

41st Annual American Indian Film Festival Kicks Off November 4-11 in San Francisco

World Series puts Cleveland’s controversial mascot on the national stage

Native Americans suffer twice as Bundy Gang acquitted and Standing Rock protestors attacked

Man Held in China’s Xinjiang For Downloading ‘Terrorist’ Circumvention Software

Kosovo urges citizens to avoid Serbia after ‘unacceptable’ arrest

Kosovo MPs Declare ‘Liberation War’ Just and Fair

Kosovo Urged to Protect Journalist after Death Threats

Kuwait looks to ban expats from public sector jobs

Moldova presidential election goes to a run-off

European town built by Middle East investors has Arabic as ‘official’ language and bans locals unless they’re SERVANTS

Croatia to coach Bosnians on how to join the EU

Croatia to organize World Halal Day

Rural Malawians About to Go Online

Somalia remains the global capital of unsolved murders of journalists

Eritrea: UN Commission of Inquiry Calls for Leaders to Face Justice

Central African Republic: Deadly Raid On Displaced People

NATO, Russia to hold parallel military drills in the Balkans

Is Russia planning “a new Donbas” in the Balkans?

Russian Embassy in the UK depicts Europeans as “gay pigs” in concentration camp established by Americans

“10—12 people would beat me all at once, kicking me”, Russian political prisoner

Russia prevents ‘Ukrainian Crimea saboteur’ hostages seeing lawyers after torture exposed

Russia threatens Norway with nuclear war after it gives green light to US marines

Russia is not a superpower, but a superproblem – Lithuania’s FM

Spooked by Russia, Tiny Estonia Trains a Nation of Insurgents

Baltics mostly united in foreign policy, security matters; main differences concern economics

Baltics to build stronger logistics within the EU and NATO

Tabloid: Supo suspects Russia of buying up Finnish property for military personnel

Former Miss Finland accuses Donald Trump of sexual assault in 2006

Danish ad throws Donald Trump under the bus

Denmark far behind Nordic neighbours on gender equality

Sweden draws closer to NATO as Russia tensions rise

Italian delegation to occupied Crimea between politics and business

Putin’s Support for Europe’s Far-Right Just Turned Lethal

Russia Voted off UN Human Rights Council

Iraqi, Kurdish Forces Bracing for More IS Suicide Attacks

Kurdish PM wants to discuss independence with Baghdad after Mosul

Turkey imposes travel ban on leading Kurdish politician for ‘supporting terrorists’

Kurdish HDP leader warns Turkey may ban his party

Journalists and Kurdish leaders arrested as Turkey purge deepens

How Turkey’s AKP undid its legacy on ‘Kurdish question’

October 29 1923: Republic Day, Turkey

Greece: Turkish President Erdogan: East Aegean Islands Belong to Turkey!

Lebanon’s Aoun wins presidency to end two year political vacuum

Trump vs. Hillary: The Kurdish Question

Sikyong Addresses Tibetan Community in Britain, Visits London School of Tibetan Language and Culture

Tibet Situation : Critical – Full Documentary by Jason Lansdell

Senior Tibetan monk imprisoned for exposing Chinese torture methods released after five years

Tibetan Buddhism: eviction of monks and nuns from Sichuan’s Larung Gar Buddhist Institute

Tibetan democracy calls for next big leap

Tibet Museum revisits Cultural Revolution with photo exhibition

Jakarta urges Canberra to deliver regional warning on Papua

Where can I get a Free West Papua Campaign T-Shirt?

From occupied WEST PAPUA – Indonesian police shoot at least 9 people and kill at least 1

Melanesian identity is growing in West Papua

Wanted for Crimes Against Humanity in East Timor in Public with Australian Foreign Minister

Large cache of weapons found near family home of Serbia’s prime minister

One of Europe’s worst environmental disasters still burns in Swiss memory

Bitcoin goes on sale across Switzerland via railway ticket machines

15 most peculiar buildings in Switzerland

Entry bans to Switzerland tripled in 2016

Daily gas imports from Slovakia by Ukraine set new record on Oct 29

Independence and stability top priorities for new Greenland government

John Lennon letter returning MBE due to ‘Britain’s involvement in Biafran war’ valued at £60k

Biafra not security threat to Nigeria

Everybody will contribute to our Biafra constitution

Zuckerberg is helping Buhari to kill Biafrans

Why does Biafra want separation from Nigeria? Seven reasons—by C. K. Ekeke

Scotland: IndyRef2? The thorny question of Scottish independence hasn’t gone away

Ewan McGregor would have voted Yes to independence from the UK to keep Scotland in the EU

Fiona Rintoul: We must ‘fail better’ the next time we chose our destiny (Scotland)

Independence dream lives on in Catalonia despite Mariano Rajoy’s re-election as Spanish Prime Minister

Māori back Native Americans with Facebook haka

Maori language exponents set to shine at national awards

Research challenges the claim that the USSR invested in the Baltic states

Samhain: Seven facts about the spooky Irish festival which became Halloween

Iceland Lawmakers Face Tricky Negotiations After Inconclusive Election

Relocating European Medicines Agency to Finland?

China tries to ‘divide and rule’ Taiwan by befriending pro-Beijing towns

Majority says Taiwan is independent

Why Singapore Wants Its Food Courts to Be Run by Machines, Not People

Libyan officials squabble, residents protest as cash crisis hits home

Athletes Building Up ‘Brand Jamaica’

Cyprus’ new division: two time zones now a reality

EU official: Cyprus accord ‘game changer’ for bloc, region

U.N.’s Ban to open Cyprus talks in Switzerland next month

Showing restraint, Belarus to release anti-Russian blogger: rights group

Belarus allows small demonstration outside KGB headquarters

“Russian propaganda makes you a zombie,” or Halloween in Minsk

How Dairy Farmers in Belgium Held Up a Big E.U. Trade Deal

Campaigners release song for Eritrean journalist Dawit Isaak marking his 15th year in prison

My Welsh-language education makes me privileged

Malta airport rocked by huge explosion at fireworks factory

Ukrainian traitor appointed Russian National Guard chief in Crimea

Ukraine fines Russian airlines Hr 721 million for flights to annexed Crimea

Crimea declares the resumption of ferry service to Turkey

French President Francois Hollande has acknowledged France’s role in the Nazi persecution of Gypsies

Is the Bellevue Police Department scared of ‘gypsies’?

Racist attacks on Roma in Ireland

Lithuanian tour guide offers ‘extreme tour’ through Romani gypsy village

Azerbaijan launches investment offensive as cheap oil looms

Lithuanian court finds 3 ex-OMON members guilty for 1991 border killings

Greek Homeowners Scramble as Repossession Looms

Bulgaria’s Kristalina Georgieva quits European Commission to become World Bank CEO

Bulgaria Ranked 1st by Road Fatalities in Europe

Helping Haiti needs more than just theory

Spanish federation accused of misappropriating Haiti funds

New bird species in Slovakia

Chechen Culture Ministry Creates Wedding Police

Orbán threatens to sue EU over mandatory migrant quotas

Police called to UCL over ‘violent’ anti-Israel protest which left Jewish students barricaded in room

How a Glove Factory in Rural Armenia Is Beating Back Labour Migration to Russia

German regulator to end common power price zone with Austria in 2018

Grant Signed To Improve Disaster Resilience for Herders in Mongolia

Huuchinhuu Govruud: ‘She Was The Pride of The Mongolian People’

An American Ally…Where Listening to Voice of America Was Just Banned?

Wales ‘could become Europe’s top recycling nation’

Israel: Settlers’ takeover of security posts ‘alarming’