2017 01 01

“We are not fine” – Yazidis on Mount Sinjar

December 26, 1991: `Evil Empire` dissolved – Ronald Reagan Evil Empire Speech

December 28, 2011: Turkish warplanes bombed 34 Kurdish civilians, mostly children, in the village of Roboski

January 4, 1948: Myanmar Independence Day


Meet the Yazidi refugees forging a new life in country NSW

‘I cannot sleep at night’: A Yazidi mother’s anguish over her husband and daughters, captured by ISIL

25 years on, evil empire is less big but no less evil

The Soviet Union Is Gone, But It’s Still Collapsing

Happy New Year from West Papuan Independence Leader Benny Wenda

Alan Bissett: Hope and humanity – our only chance of survival

SNP’s crisis warning to Theresa May amid fears of UK quitting European Convention on Human Rights

Welsh outrage at reports of plan to pull out of European Court of Human Rights

Mhairi Black: As a turbulent year ends, we must be ready for fresh battles

China pushes plans to bottle and ship Tibet’s clean water

Forced expulsion of monks and nuns from Serta Larung Gar continues

Han Chinese, Western Students of Buddhism Also Forced From Larung Gar

Tibet: Tensions on the roof of the world

China says party control over religion in Tibet will only increase

Tibetans in Tibet will be blessed with Kalachakra initiation

Tibetans in anguish as Chinese mines pollute their sacred grasslands

Our freedom struggle is alive, int’l support for Tibet is growing: Sikyong

The road to Tibet will soon be a freeway to a tourists’ playground

Will the Trumpquake create favourable waves for Tibet?

China to build major visitor centre on Mount Everest

How the battle for Mosul may bring independence to Iraqi Kurdistan

Kurdish journalist missing in Turkey after protesting TV closure

Iranian Kurdish groups warn of further attacks against them in Kurdistan Region

This is Kurdistan, a documentary

Democratic Federation of Northern Syria moving ahead with declaration of autonomy

Kurds and Damascus meet over tensions, future of Rojava

Kurdish women in Sweden awarded as they lead the way in public life

At least 16 Kurdish women are political prisoners in Iran

Turkey shuts down Kurdish distinctive school

Nine journalists and writers on trial in Turkey charged with supporting outlawed Kurdish rebels

PKK command in Shingal says era of Kurdish civil war is over, vows to stay

The First Kurdish Novel Ever Translated Into English Bridges Politics, Poetry, and Johnny Depp Movies

As 2016 comes to an end, Kurdish leaders optimistic about 2017

Turkey shutters Kurdish language institute

New government in Spain, same old deadlock for Catalonia?

Catalonia will make unilateral declaration of independence from Spain in the event of “50 per cent plus one more vote” referendum result

Joan Coma testifies before the Court for defending “civil disobedience” in a plenary session

‘We’ve come to make a country’ — fans flock to watch Catalan national team

Catalan chief pledges ‘binding’ independence referendum in 2017

Catalan president pledges referendum in New Year address

Catalonia leader vows 2017 referendum on Spain independence

A Separate Catalonia?

Governance, Resources and Livelihoods of Adivasis in India

Kerala: Adivasi colony goes cashless

Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistanmull recognizing Crimea as Russia

Pinchuk proposes Crimea for Donbas

Kissinger advises Trump to accept Crimea as Russia – Bild

Christians urge Russia to return the house of prayer to believers in Bakhchisarai of the Crimea

Russia learned in Aleppo what to do with Ukrainian cities, Moscow TV host says

Crimean Tatar leader added to Russian List of ‘Terrorists & Extremists’ for Opposing Annexation

Russia recognizes only punitive psychiatry while driving tortured Ukrainian political prisoner insane

Who are the 36 Ukrainian hostages of the Kremlin? Interactive graphic

Crimea, and why Ukraine could not support Israel

‘Deported’ Crimean Tatar activist on hunger strike too weak to stand

Russia’s terror grip on Crimea tightens with new ruling on 4 Crimean Tatar political prisoners

No investigation into abduction of Crimean Tatar activist

A day in the life of Nariman Dzhelyal

US Commerce Department adds 23 companies from Russia and Crimea to sanctions list

New monuments in Crimea reinforce Russian version of ‘historical justice’

Ukraine has counted 652 foreign vessels called at the ports of Crimea

Mustafa Dzhemilev fears situation in Crimea will become worse

Wines from Crimea have been found in European shops in spite of import prohibition

Kremlin’s Donbas Proxies Use Russian FSB Tactics Against Luhansk Bloggers

Moscow media have launched an anti-Belarus campaign, Warsaw’s EAST Center says

Ukraine Fears Pro-Russian Coup In Belarus

Lukashenka’s Dismissal Seriously Discussed By Kremlin Strategists

Lukashenka’s Leash Becomes Shorter

Belarus’ Post-Soviet Economy: Tractors to World of Tanks

Misfortunes Chasing Rosatom’s Nuclear Power Plant Construction In Belarus

Arctic Studies for Climate Change Require Voices of Inuit People

In Greenland’s oil hunt, all’s quiet on the western coast

Canada’s growing indigenous population reshaping cities across the country

Jim Carr open to permanent indigenous voice on National Energy Board

Indigenous voices to grace Paganicon stage

Canada 2016: A Roller Coaster Ride of a Year for Indigenous Peoples

Trudeau promises aboriginal language bill, but activists say whole system needs overhaul

5 Most Significant Business Developments in Indian Country in 2016

American Indian chamber honors 6 businesses at conference

“Trump advisors aim to privatize oil-rich Indian reservations”

Descendants Of Native American Slaves In New Mexico Emerge From Obscurity

Evo Morales seeks to defy Bolivia’s constitution, Latin America’s rightward shift

Floods kill at least eight in Bolivia

Russian and Chinese Arctic roles “high-priority” for Danish spy outfit

Call for end to Boxing Day hunts with dogs in Northern Ireland

UK Financial Firms Attempting Ireland Relocation Post-Brexit

Brexit pushes Northern Ireland applications for Irish passport above 65,000

McCain visits frontline Ukraine troops in anti-Putin gesture

US Senators in Latvia give reassurances over Article 5

‘Every credible member of U.S. Congress, Senate’ views Putin as threat, McCain in Estonia

McCain calls for permanent US troops in Baltics

Lithuanian ‘Elves’ Combat Russian Influence Online

Security report: Estonia’s current maritime defense would not stand up to crisis

Finnish President: Russia and US could sideline EU

China Resumes Ties With São Tomé, Which Turned Away From Taiwan

Quoting Mao, China says Taiwan, HK independence supporters will fail ‘like flies’

Beijing blasts Taiwan, H.K. independence supporters

Hong Kong’s pro-independence lawmakers make final appeal against ban

Taiwan’s President to Make Two Stops in U.S. During Central America Trip

No space for Hong Kong independence, China says

China Gives “broken and bleeding” Warning to Taiwan, Hong Kong Independence Advocates

Taiwan president to visit US

Is Kosovo a breeding ground for Islamists?

Serb wall in Kosovo to be brought down by government

Kosovo Serb Minister Quits Under Serbian Pressure

Albanian Judges Likely to Quit to Avoid Vetting

Albania kicks three out of politics over past crimes

Bank branches disappearing in Denmark

Denmark vows action after Isil fighters revealed to be receiving benefits payments

2016 Saw Surge in Danish Children Receiving Transgender Hormone Treatments

Efforts for a Cyprus settlement at crucial junction

Natural gas key to Cyprus talks

Turkish Cypriot leader says referendum possible in 2017

UN envoy sees ‘historic opportunity’ for Cyprus reunification in 2017

Reporters Without Borders Urges Bulgaria to Protect OCCRP Partner Journalist

Biafra: Be steadfast! Freedom fighting not a child’s play

Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra complain about depreciating standard of living

We won’t stop agitation until Biafra Republic is created

Allow us to go, ‘Biafrans’ beg Buhari

Croatian Mural on World’s Most Beautiful in 2016

A trip on Palestine’s social media bus

Palestinians Eye Israeli Settlements With Unease, Hoping For Foreign Support

Israeli Settlers Move Into Another Building in Palestinian East Jerusalem Quarter

UN sharpens global focus on Israel-Palestinian conflict

Abbas: 2017 will be the year of Palestinian statehood

Israel accuses Barack Obama of promoting UN resolution that denounced West Bank settlement

Pakistan minister issues nuclear warning to Israel after ‘being tricked by fake news site’

Israeli guard: ‘Go from this land or I will kill you’

‘There’s no way to dream’: A glimpse of life in Mongolia’s ger shantytowns

Landlocked Mongolia considering permanent neutrality

Mongolia, with deep ties to Dalai Lama, turns from him toward China

Protests outside Morocco’s embassy in Madrid for release of Saharawi political prisoners

POLISARIO win several campaigns at UN, international courts and public opinion courts against Morocco

Moroccan forces intervene “violently” against Saharawi citizens in El-Aaiun

Why Luxembourg, Of All Places, Is a Global Leader in Asteroid Mining

Luxembourg to sharpen tax rules for intra-group financing

Kuwait jails Filipina for joining IS jihadists

Switzerland moves further to end bank secrecy

When Switzerland was in the 2016 news search spotlight

Watch: Malta’s 2016 in two minutes

2016 was the year the Maltese stood up for women’s rights and gender equality

Malta’s leadership role proves how a small country can thrive in Europe

Finland: top stories of 2016

Finland kicks off celebrations for 100 years of independence

Universal right to open a bank account and receive online banking, in Finland

Switzerland: Defining Protestant identity – 500 years on

The indigenous model who is going to change the world

Corey Barker’s family calls for more Indigenous representation on juries after police acquittal

More Indigenous Doctors Aim to Close Australia’s Health Gap

China Demolishes Thousands of Mosques

China Doesn’t Mind Islamic Extremists, as long as they’re not Uighur

More than 1,000 violent clashes in restive Xinjiang this year, including acts of protest and rebellion by minority groups

The Four and a Half Days That Portugal Ran on Renewable Energy

Why the crisis in Greece has no end in sight – and another summer of stress is on the way

Greece: The Game Is On Again

Greece: 2016 in pictures

Maori admitted to mental health services at higher rates than non-Maori

Forbes: Sweden is the best. Swedish business: No it’s not

Montenegro seeks 2 Russians & 3 Serbs over anti-NATO coup attempt

Trash crisis forces Lebanon’s environmental awakening

Explosion kills local official in northern Lebanon

A legacy of war in Lebanon’s unknown mass graves

Jamaica wants to sign Open Skies agreement with five African countries

Crime pays in Jamaica – Senior Cop

Moldova to get $95m gas interconnector with Romania

Anti-Putin Moldovan politicians RESTORE EU flag after it was REMOVED by pro-Russian leader

TV licence fee strike launched by Welsh language campaigners

Traffic management solutions for drones in Singapore’s airspace

New Year Will See Norway Church And State ‘Divorce’

Haiti Postpones Release of Official Election Results

Namibia: Germany Grapples With Its African Genocide

Hungary’s Jobbik gets double rebuff for Hannukah greetings to Jews

One Little Country Blocks Moscow’s Domination Of The Entire Middle East: Azerbaijan

Slovenia marks decade since adopting the euro

Iceland’s ‘crazy’ year ends without a government

It’s not game over. Austria stopped rightwing populism in its tracks