Another Lethal Self-Immolation Protest Against China in Tibet

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
November is National Native American Heritage Month in the US
1920 November 27: Belarus Heroes’ Day
1912 November 28: Albanian Flag Day/Declaration of Independence
1873 November 28: Hawaiian Independence Day
1960 November 28: Mauritania National Day
1821 November 28: Panama Independence Day
November 29: International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
1966 November 30: Barbados Independence Day
November 30: Saint Andrew’s Day, Scotland’s official national day
1967 November 30: Yemen Independence Day
1st Sunday of December: Sindhi Culture Day
1961 December 1: Global Flag Raising for West Papua, West Papua National Day
1971 December 2: United Arab Emirates National Day
December 3: International Day of the Basque Language
1917 December 6: Finland Independence Day
1961 December 9: Tanzania Independence Day
1948 December 10: Human Rights Day
1981 Deceember 11: El Mozote massacre, El Salvador
1994 December 11: First Chechen War
1963 December 12: Jamhuri, Kenya Republic Day
1974 December 13: Malta Republic Day
1971 December 16: Bahrain National Day
1991 December 16: Kazakhstan Independence Day
1989 December 16: Romanian Revolution

Norway Has World’s Safest Roads
Lesotho: Why a dispute over mohair led to a parliamentary fist-fight
Comoros plans to raise $5 bln for development projects next month in Paris
BRE shocked by latest ConCourt ruling to discard Chiefs Act, Privy Council to reconvene on 9th December
Ukraine interested in joining Three Seas Initiative
Chubarov: Silence about Crimea at Normandy Four summit could look as consent to annexation
Guinea temporarily frees jailed protest leaders
Suriname President Convicted in 1982 Killings
Samoa measles toll hits 42 as nations dispatch medical teams, supplies
Trilingual dictionary for French Polynesia
Cabo Verde’s first lady visits Westport to raise money for Mozambique
Trinidad And Tobago Moves To Decriminalize, Establish Cannabis Economy
Togo opened its first major contemporary art center in a restored colonial palace
Papua New Guinea faces cash crunch as China repayment schedule ramps up
Gabon Nabs 8 in Anti-Graft Effort, Dubbed Operation Mamba
New Roadblock Alleged For Women Drivers In Turkmenistan
Ingush journalist accused of drug possession released under house arrest
Russia rejects asylum applications from two Chinese Tatars who fear imprisonment in concentration camps
Forbidden to Travel to Tatarstan Czech Delegation Led Cuts Short Visit to Russia
Five acquitted in Karachay-Cherkessia over photo in support of Kochesoko
A gay criminal case could help bring marriage equality to American Samoa
Uruguay opposition claims victory in presidential vote, official candidate concedes
Europe’s least-visited country is just as beautiful as Tuscany without the crowds
Citizenship by Investment is Dominica’s Main Source of Funding
Portugal’s Lusorecursos in talks to fund 400 mln euro lithium project
Sweden turning into Europe’s wind power hot spot
Beijing turns South China Sea code into barrier for US and Japan
Could There Be a Cold War Reboot in Latin America?
Europe’s Last Soviet Economy Approaches Its ‘Hour of Reckoning’
‘When our community falls, we feel it.’ Hmong community grieves after Fresno shooting
Language, Violence & Identity: Unpacking the Word ‘Khalistan’
Google Goofs Up Again, Says Lahore is the Capital of Khalistan
Why Prince Charles Holds the Title of Prince of Wales—and Why He Was So Unpopular In the Beginning
Love in the time of Ebola: ‘Hell’s Gate’ opens in Liberia
Danes see Greenland security risk amid Arctic tensions
China mixing military and science in Arctic push: Denmark
Nicaragua judge sets trial for opposition activists
Flying fish: Icon of Barbados under threat
Biafra: In a Local Beer, a National Hero
How indigenous Bolivians lost faith in Evo Morales after the Amazon blaze
Bolivia after Morales: Indigenous communities fear setbacks
World in Progress: Living with HIV and droughts in Eswatini
Scotland’s general election is different and could change the United Kingdom forever
Hope for the future of justice at National Indigenous Justice Forum 2019
First Nations traditional songs an untapped and dwindling source of sustainability knowledge
Inuit Ancestors Conquered North American Arctic by Bringing Their Own Dogs With Them, Archaeologists Discover
4 young Indigenous people on what “home” looks like today
‘Everything is dying’: Q&A with Brazilian indigenous leader Alessandra Munduruku
A 1970 Law Led to the Mass Sterilization of Native American Women. That History Still Matters
Why A Group Of Native American Activists Laid Claim To Alcatraz Island 50 Years Ago
Navajo country music pays tribute to ‘Indian cowboys’ and outlaw legends
States Move to Add Native American History to Curriculum
Where Most Native Americans Live
Aboriginal people in Western Australia seek £150bn over lost territory
It’s Time for Tajikistan to Become a Startup Nation
Armenia Should Invest More in Families, Not Institutions
Burundi Accuses Rwanda of Armed Attack, Threatens Retaliation
Ibn Firnas of Berber descent was the first to attempt human flight in 875 CE
Incumbent Geingob wins Namibia presidential election with 56.3% of the vote
Greece to Ask for NATO’s Support in Dispute With Turkey
Want Internet in Kashmir? Agree to Give Up Privacy
Niue celebrates Mickey, ‘Fantasia’ on new silver bullion coin
Malta PM to Quit as Questions Mount Over Reporter Murder
Australian Defense Task Group Visits Fiji as Part of Australia’s ‘Pacific Step-Up’
Lā Kū’oko’a: A Panel on Hawaiian Independence
New EU Commission president says she has ‘enormous respect for the Kurds’
Dark days for Kurdish politics, but worse for Turkish – scholar
NATO chief: ‘Negotiated political solution’ crucial in northern Syria
SDF leader reaches deal on deployment of Russian troops near regions in northern Syria
HDP fear for Selahattin Demirtaş’ life in Turkish prison
Trump Warms to Syria Kurds Again, Alarming Russia and Turkey
SDF says Turkish ceasefire violations have killed at least 68 civilians
HRW Urges Indonesia to Free Peaceful Papua Activists
Pole jailed in Indonesia’s West Papua faces ‘declining health’
Refugees on their own land: the West Papuans in limbo in Papua New Guinea
‘Anti-Islam’ Europe Is No Place for Azerbaijan, President Says
FIFA Broke Own Rules To Host Club World Cup In China
No excuse for silence on China’s camps for Uighurs: exiled leader
TikTok’s owner is helping China’s campaign of repression in Xinjiang
Huge leaks are exposing Xinjiang’s re-education camps. But don’t expect Beijing to back down
Dominica and Grenada officials linked to diplomatic passport sale
Slovakia approves amendment extending ban on the publication of opinion polls
Benin Expels EU Ambassador After Accusing Him of ‘Interference’
Albania’s search for quake victims ends; death toll up to 51
Czech search engine was beating Google until recently
Abdulla Yameen: Maldives ex-leader convicted of money laundering
Costa Rica Oil Theft Reaches Record High in 2019
Baloch Activists Hold Anti-Pakistan Protest At UN Office In Geneva
Balochistan: Pakistan forces abduct 18 people including women and children from Awaran and Dera Bugti
Abduction of Baloch women a slap on face of parliamentary parties
Chinese elite police join Serbian units in first European drills
Germany’s AKK warns of Russian, Chinese influence in Balkans
Trump signs bill supporting Hong Kong protesters despite strong opposition from China
China bans US military visits to Hong Kong over human rights act
French couple seeking to adopt killed in Haiti
Tuvalu Parliament sessions go live
Bangladesh is deliberately blocking Rohingya refugee children from education
Why Western Togoland Restoration Struggle Is Lawful
You Can’t Intimidate Us – Western Togolanders To Kweku Baako
‘Western Togoland’: Police pick up 10 more members of Homeland Study Group
Jamaica has China to thank for much-needed infrastructure — but some locals say it has come at a price
Eurovision: Hungary pulls out of ‘too gay’ song contest
In Lebanon, financial collapse and security concerns loom
Political tension in Mauritania amid return of former leader
US senator visits home of imprisoned Bahrain rights activist
Spain expels a Moroccan for participating in Catalan independence marches
MEPs ask Commission to mediate on Catalonia issue
European Court decision on Oriol Junqueras’s immunity to be released December 19
Catalan lawyers take Spanish government to International Criminal Court over crimes against humanity during 2017 independence bid
Barça’s 120-year history
Spain’s Unionist prime minister must rely on pro-indy politicians
Catalonia and Flanders call for EU ‘integration’ mechanisms for ‘new independent states’
Influential Tamil poet Rudhramoorthy Cheran says Catalan Trial was ‘an attack on freedom of expression’
Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon thinks that European Council president Charles Michel must intervene in Catalonia
FC Barcelona captain Lionel Messi wins record 6th Ballon d’Or
Puigdemont ‘baffled’ by Canada’s refusal to grant him a visa
How Catalan MPs took the Constitutional oath in Spanish congress
Croatia Meets Teacher Demands to Bring Nationwide Strike to End
Fintan O’Toole: Schools with immigrants producing tomorrow’s Irish speakers
Key issue of Irish language can be resolved to restore Stormont, says Arlene Foster
As Brexit Pulls Britain Apart, It Could Bring Ireland Back Together
Ireland Scores an Upgrade Even in Face of Brexit Risks
Ireland regains AA rating for first time since financial crisis
UN: South Sudan recruits new force, contrary to peace deal
Rail Baltic cornerstone laid
Vilnius Massacre 1991: Russia should stop illegitimately prosecuting Lithuanian judges
University of Tartu marks 100 years of Estonian-language school
Vestments of Estonian bishop who died in Soviet prison returned to his cathedral
Estonia tops tables in PISA international education rankings
Majority of Russian speakers proud to live in Latvia says study
UArctic Congress 2020 takes place in Reykjavik, Iceland from Oct 5-8, 2020
Iceland begins its Arctic Council chairmanship with a focus on observers
Belgium retains year-end No. 1 spot in FIFA rankings
Qatari foreign minister’s Saudi visit seen easing Gulf rift
Assyrians from Around the World Gather in Jerusalem to Discuss the Future of Aramaic
EU parliament condemns Cuba’s detention of top dissident
Tibetan Anti-Corruption Campaigner Anya Sengdra Will Face Trial ‘Soon,’ Police Official Says
Tibetan Man Dies After Self-immolation Protest Against China
ICT calls on China to allow Tibetans to learn in their mother tongue
Dalai Lama’s first children book to be published by Puffin
Morocco and Gambia: The Unlikely Global Climate Leaders
Finns commemorate outbreak of Winter War
Sámi rapper Ailu Valle wins state art prize
How Frozen 2 And Klaus Brought Indigenous Sámi Representation To Film
Gap between girls’ and boys’ reading skills largest in Finland
Scottish Gaelic lessons arrive online to mark St Andrew’s Day
China Has Lost Taiwan, and It Knows It
Batteries helping bring solar future to New Caledonia