Welsh Language Petition

Learning Welsh should be as accessible as learning English

Welsh language should be as accessible as English language is. Sadly, it is not the case. It is relatively easy to find a free English class and it is impossible to find a free Welsh language class. The UK Equality Act states that no one should be treated less favourably than another just because of his or her nationality, ethnic or national origins, religion, religious or philosophical belief or absence of religion or belief. Learning Welsh should be as accessible as learning English to anyone, including the first generation immigrants.

This petition was successfully submitted to the National Assembly for Wales and can bee seen here in English and in Welsh. The United Kingdom will not respond to the petition adequately because of a very strong negative attitude towards the Welsh language:

Council of Europe expressing concerns regarding the use of Catalan and the Spanish State’s other “regional languages” in the administration of justice and in the health service.

  • #despitebeingtaughtinwelsh scandal
  • Cardiff Central Library does not stock any Welsh language books in their EU bookcase despite knowing that such publications are available
  • Scottish Independence Referendum coverage: despite tangible support in Scotland the BBC failed to even once utter that the Scots may potentially be right to want independence at least in some alternative reality, similarly main UK politicians and the media in general
  • Language Show, a yearly trade show on matters of language, sticks exclusively to 5-7 imperial languages and ignores any minority British languages or any immigrants’ languages
  • More than 1/3 of London inhabitants are first generation immigrants (12% in the UK) and they have no political party or any other representation in society.
  • Meet-ups for immigrants on www.meetup.com are usually led not by immigrants
  • A company that operates car parks in North Wales refuses to accept letters of complaint in Welsh
  • Councils arguing that Welsh is irrelevant