Oceania: Making Waves

January 20
10,000 attend rare national unity meeting over NZ gov’t’s ‘anti-Māori’ policies
Guam, where America’s next war may begin

Thousands of Māori gather to tell New Zealand’s government: you cannot marginalise us
CHamoru artist Gisela McDaniel named in Forbes Magazine’s ’30 Under 30′ list
New partnership empowers indigenous women entrepreneurs in Samoa

Palau becomes first nation to officially ratify historic UN Ocean Treaty
Northern Marianas delegate to US Congress announces retirement
New Marshall Islands president reaffirms Taiwan ties at inauguration
Scandal-hit Olympic surf tower in Tahiti wins local backing

Relations between Māori and NZ government deteriorate as details of controversial bill leak
Nauru seals diplomatic ties with China after dumping Taiwan

Indigenous languages are founts of environmental knowledge
Wenda calls on Euro politicians to sign Brussels Declaration on West Papua

1788 January 26: Australia Day, Invasion Day, Survival Day
Artist Taloi Havini wins £40,000 Artes Mundi prize
Kiribati country profile
Ben Lowenthal: Hawaii’s Local Identity Is Distinctive But Hard To Pin Down

Tuvalu’s pro-Taiwan leader loses seat in closely watched election

The Marshall Islands Aren’t Giving In to Sea Level Rise
Tuvalu’s Sinking Reality: How Climate Change Is Threatening the Small Island Nation

Plea for return of two Aboriginal children stranded in UK without passports
Fire, Floods, Drought: Over Two Decades of Navigating Through Climate Challenges in the Pacific
Tuvalu’s 2024 general election: a new political landscape

1968 January 31: Nauru Independence Day
National synergistic linkages between green trade and sustainable development: Vanuatu
Pacific nations tax unhealthy foods to tackle NCD crisis
China is making waves in the Pacific
Tonga walks a tightrope on its Chinese debts
Living conditions and poverty in French Polynesia

February 1
Barossa Partners to invest up to a$10mn in Aboriginal communities
U.S. Pacific Islands Backdoor for Chinese Visitors Gets Scrutiny
UH reprints UOG professor’s book about Guam era when leprosy patients were exiled
Interior Department Announces New Guidance to Honor and Elevate Hawaiian Language

Māori anger at moves to unravel decades of progress isn’t just on the streets. It’s in the courts
Bougainville Copper soars on Panguna licence 5-year extension
US will resume Peace Corps program in Palau as it moves to counter Chinese influence in Indo-Pacific
Giant waves flood key US military base on Marshall Islands
Mark Brown proposes trilateral defence and security deal between Cook Islands, New Zealand and Australia
Tahiti to host five trans-Pacific undersea cables

Native Hawaiian leader traces her roots in southern China

At 73, Australia’s Most Important Aboriginal Writer Is Making Her Mark
US Official Urges Papua New Guinea to Reject Chinese Security Deal
Cook Islands poised to become deep-sea mining leader

Lowitja O’Donohue, trailblazer for indigenous Australian rights, dead at 91
Yang Hengjun: Australian writer given suspended death sentence in China
Stress-testing Fijian democracy in 2024
Basketball Fiji Soaring High
Niue lightning strike damage extensive – ‘Huge concern’ in cyclone season

1840 February 6: Waitangi Day, the national day of New Zealand
Stagnant and faltering self-determination efforts in the Pacific
A new China loan threatens Vanuatu’s debt outlook
U.S. Coast Guard sails to outer islands of Federated States of Micronesia with needed equipment and supplies
Study Suggests Independent Invention of Writing on Rapa Nui (Easter Island)
Native Hawaiian Physician-Scientist Kekoa Taparra Is Making Waves

New Zealand pilot kidnapped a year ago in West Papua will be freed, rebel group says
Tuvalu could recognize China, but how much would it affect Taiwan?

Australia – Integration of Aboriginal children: the contribution of schools after the wound of the referendum
Become enriched in Yolngu Aboriginal culture through the Fralin’s “Madayin” exhibit
Solomon Islands: Growth rate of the real gross domestic product (GDP) from 2018 to 2028
In Indonesia, Papuans’ unique ‘noken’ voting system faces an uncertain future
Kompetensia Kometsiu: Inácha’igen Mes CHamoru Competition Launches to Celebrate Cultural Champions
Journey to the Roots of CHamoru Heritage: Guam’s Lukao Fuha Ceremony

I’m An Aboriginal Woman With Chinese Heritage — Here’s What It’s Like
Niue facing more power rationing
Call for applications: Youth-led visions for a climate-secure Pacific
China’s increasing political influence in the south Pacific has sparked an international response
Niuean bilingual class opens in West Auckland
French Pacific news in brief

Rebirth on Easter Island: Reconnecting with Land and Traditions Amid the Pandemic
This Is What Easter Island Looks Like Post-Pandemic

Nauru: The Country With Nothing Left to Lose
Japan-Federated States of Micronesia Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

New Zealand Backs Cook Islands’ Deep-Sea Mining Exploration Amid Environmental Concerns
Pioneer in Native Hawaiian education awarded seat on a national panel

Govt announces new National Commissioner for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people
Blow for France as Glencore quits struggling New Caledonia nickel mine
Tuvalu country profile
Cook Islands Foreign Minister urges global recognition of regional priorities
Uncharted waters: the standoff between Tonga’s King and government
Japan to give ¥2.4 billion in grant aid to Samoa

Māori political systems are the oldest in Aotearoa – it’s time university politics courses reflected this
Solomon Islands’ PM Pledges To Tighten Relations With China
SEAS students support Native Hawaiians in massive Land Back movement and efforts to build food sovereignty

France offers loan to New Caledonia nickel firm Prony to avert collapse
A metal chest brings laughter to a cyclone-ravaged community in remote Vanuatu
Malaita and the Provincial-National Divide in Solomon Islands
Ericsson Powers Bluesky’s New 5G Non-standalone (NSA) Network in American Samoa

Guam’s Fight to Save the CHamoru Language: A Cultural Legacy at Risk
Pacific Island leaders warn US failure to pass funding bill opens door to China
Cook Islands Dodges First Cyclone of the Season: A Tale of Preparedness and Resilience
The fascinating true story behind Taika Waititi’s ‘transgender’ soccer movie Next Goal Wins

Indonesian election raises concerns for West Papua independence movement

At least 64 killed in ‘largest’ tribal clashes in Papua New Guinea
China lures Palau with economic incentives to break ties with Taiwan
British Museum facing social media campaign to return Easter Island statue
On Kaho’olawe, new technology could restore a sacred Hawaiian island

Australia to build biggest navy since second world war to meet China threat
Navigating the Digital Pacific: Insights from Tonga and Solomon Islands’ Digital Readiness Assessments
North Bougainville MP enquires about Bougainville referendum
Paris Olympics surfing puts pressure on Tahiti’s fragile ecosystem

February 21: International Mother Language Day
Official UK Trailer for Aboriginal Orphan Religious Film ‘The New Boy’
Clashes and Controversy: New Caledonia’s Fiery Protest Against French Constitutional Amendments
Japan plays a game of Pacific islands geopolitical chess
Kiribati’s government not responsible for viral post, sorry
Niue: The Two-Decade Fight for Two Letters on the Internet

Aboriginal fire experts to teach northernmost iwi how to do traditional burnoffs
Clashes between pro-independence protesters, police as 3 ministers visit New Caledonia
Vanuatu referendum seeks to instill stability after revolving-door governments
China Influence at Issue in Solomon Islands Election
Kiribati launch Marine Spatial Planning with Pacific BioScapes

Chinese police are working in Kiribati, Hawaii’s Pacific neighbor