Europe: Ukraine War and the Peoples of Russia

Muted Tongues: A Timeline of Suppressed Languages

November 5: International Romani Language Day

Draft EU spyware inquiry findings suggest Spain behind espionage of independence movement
Wings Over Scotland back on Twitter as account reactivated amid Elon Musk takeover
Finnish MP backs Scottish independence as part of unusual re-election campaign
UNESCO doubles down on its commitment to inclusive education in a multilingual world

November 9: Ukrainian Writing and Language Day
1938 November 9: Kristallnacht
1989 November 9: Fall of the Berlin Wall
2014 November 9: Catalan self-determination referendum

[Finland] Sámi parliament law delayed again as Centre takes more time
ECHR rejects ex-Catalan president’s defamation claims against Spanish newspaper
SNP officially launch pro-independence broadcasting platform
Faroese Minister Fired After Statements Against Queer People
In nod to Catalonia, Spain’s PM seeks to replace sedition in penal code

1282 11 11: Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, last prince of independent Wales, dies at Battle of Orewin Bridge
1620 November 11: Mayflower sails from England to America
1918 November 11: Poland Independence Day
Spain appeases Catalans with planned reform of sedition law
Head of Crimean Tatars’ Mejlis calls upon Russians to leave Crimea: they have one foot in Voronezh, the other on the bridge

Cornwall House with standing stones which belonged to ‘Arch Druid’ goes on the market
The rise of FC Andorra

Fear of bloody civil war and nationalist uprisings loom large on Russia?

The oldest Basque script has been found in Navarre, dating back to the 1st century
Artsakh FM speaks with his Transnistria counterpart

Do Mountains Have Souls?

1807 November 16: Icelandic Language Day
Catalan cinema: Language students in UK and Ireland discuss ‘Sis dies corrents’
Yr Wyddfa: Snowdon to be known by Welsh name from now on after national park vote
Presidency of the Council of Europe in Iceland’s hands
Indigenous leaders call for independent funding mechanism to support climate and biodiversity action

1989 November 17: Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia
Indigenous people: The landscape is different, but the connection to nature is the same
Moldova faces winter darkness as Russia weaponises energy
A teacher in Karelia punishes a seventh grader for coming to school in a hoodie with a U.S. flag

1918 November 18: Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia
COP27: Indigenous leader warns against leaving out ancestral knowledge
Europe’s last ‘absolute’ monarchy: the sovereign’s powers in Liechtenstein
This 2,000-Year-Old Inscription Changes Our Understanding of the Basque Language

2013 November 21: Euromaidan, Ukraine
Putin puts the energy squeeze on pro-EU Moldova

Prigozhin awards Order of Courage to double homicide convict recruited by Wagner Group
Karelia regional deputies ask Putin to issue decree ending mobilization
Russia’s Tatarstan Adds RFE/RL Correspondent To Wanted List

Tromsø in Northern Norway Will Get a Long-Awaited Sami House
UK top court rules against Scottish independence vote plan
People of Wales ‘involuntary inmates’ in the UK union, says Plaid Cymru leader
Poll says 50% of Scots would vote SNP in de-facto indyref election
‘Scotland and Catalonia have inalienable right to self-determination’
The ‘Sleeping Beauty’ of Basque Country
Less Gas and Electricity: Moscow Sets Stage for Moldova Coup
Mari State University, Russia celebrates 50 years of excellence

Polar bears are better protected than Romani people in Serbia
Seminarians run a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot around Vatican City State
The Danger of Civil War in Chechnya!

Manx language, once almost silenced, is now talk of the town
Faroe Islands to ‘close for maintenance’ in 2023
Despite Ukraine invasion, Faroe Islands re-establishes fishing agreement with Russia
Policing Hate Crime against LGBTI Persons – Training in Catalonia

November 26, 4th Saturday of November: Remembrance Day for the Victims of Holodomors in Ukraine

Russia’s mobilization efforts are forcing Crimean Tatars to fight on the frontlines
Kyiv now reaching out to Circassian nation

1912 November 28: Albanian Flag Day/Declaration of Independence
Welsh choir stuns passengers on Doha Metro in Qatar
The Hand of Irulegi delivers more questions than answers on Basque origins

Finland’s indigenous Sámi politicians clear new human rights law hurdle
Flanders wants to become ‘Silicon Valley of sustainable food production’
Oleg Zhdanov: How Russian troops in Transnistria are supplied

November 30: Saint Andrew’s Day, Scotland’s official national day
Scottish independence support up in wake of Supreme Court ruling
William the last Prince of Wales? It has never been more likely
Fresh push for Catalan, focusing on school, medical centers, and audiovisual sector
The Best Tax System on Earth
The Pope’s Website Is Down After a Suspected Hack
Thirty years on, Bosnia and Herzegovina is still without a shared history
Crimean Tatar Activist Gets 17 Years In Prison in Russia On Terrorism Charges

Spain ‘not granting deserved protection’ to Catalan, president says at UN
Corsica: Many arrests in a nationalist context
Uber is giving away free reindeer sleigh rides in Lapland
Half a Million Russians Face Eviction From Crimea if Ukraine Takes it Back
Police In Russia’s Tatarstan Search Homes Of Local Journalist, Anti-War Activist

Cornwall’s devolution deal formally offered
What do the Bosnian & Herzegovinian elections mean for Roma?
Wallonia to create 30 new nature reserves in eco-preservation push
Talks with breakaway region fail to ease Moldova energy woes
Czech Republic to train Ukrainian troops on its territory
Arestovich: A Bashkir company appeared in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

December 3: International Day of the Basque Language
Northern Ireland Would Vote Against Unity, Irish Times Reports

Film hopes to attract Welsh viewers with Cornish language posters
Continental Europe’s biggest battery system inaugurated by Corsica Sole in Belgium
Georgia-Russia trade ties expand amid Ukraine war
Around 2,500 dead seals wash ashore in Russia’s Dagestan

1917 December 6: Finland Independence Day
Number of Welsh speakers in Wales falls for second decade in a row according to census
A New Frontier: 5 Reasons Why Iceland is a Growing Hub for Filmmakers Around the World
Latvia revokes Russian opposition TV station Dozhd’s broadcasting licence
Slovakia’s long-simmering issues are reaching a boiling point
‘The political crisis in Belarus is not resolved and people are still detained’

Independence ‘on the table’ after interim Constitutional Commission findings says YesCymru
Scottish independence support at 56%, Ipsos Mori poll finds
Just 16 and shot in the head: Romani boy the latest victim of racist policing
Switzerland and EEA membership: not as simple as it sounds
Huge divergence between Norway and Finland in Russian border traffic
North Macedonia’s annual inflation stands at 19.5% in November
European Commission will provide €25 million to support the democratic aspirations in Belarus
Azerbaijan wants to cut Artsakh’s “last link with the world”
Ingush lawyer describes specific features of mobilization in Northern Caucasus
Teacher in Komi Republic charged with ‘justifying terrorism’ for online post about Crimean Bridge

The last fisherman of Monaco
Explainer: how tax engineering works in Luxembourg
Netherlands plans curbs on China tech exports in deal with U.S.
US to deploy more troops to Estonia to boost NATO defenses
Lithuania to train more Ukrainian soldiers in 2023
China has never been important economic partner for Lithuania – finance minister
Blinken Says He Is Confident Sweden and Finland Will Join NATO Soon
Malta: 20,000 people attend pro-life protest
Russian mercenary group Wagner opens ‘cultural center’ in Serbia
European Minority Languages: Is Basque the most unique language in Europe?
Portugal says Ronaldo did not threaten to leave World Cup squad
Greece to ban spyware as wiretap scandal grows
Slovakia approves new military aid package for Ukraine

Luxembourg must seize opportunity to become global leader in sustainable finance
Isle of Man mental health scheme set to help more young people
Let the lava flow! Iceland’s volcano show is a hit
U.S. artillery and aviation units to be deployed in Latvia
Tiny Lithuania Could Change How The World Handles China
Irish becomes official language in Northern Ireland for the first time
Norway defends ‘cooperation’ on fisheries with Russia amid row involving EU and UK
In Finland, Sámi rights take central stage in national politics
Russian-flagged tanker off Malta may have given a false location
Croatia to join Schengen but Bulgaria, Romania bids rejected
Serbia is on the brink of war warns the country’s prime minister
Austria’s President Blasts Own Government For Blocking Romania And Bulgaria’s Schengen Entry
Bulgaria to send its first military aid to Ukraine
Belarus: Russia’s accomplice or an occupied nation?
EU Cohesion Policy: €2.14 billion for a just climate transition in Romania
‘Only 100 metres apart’: Ukrainians and Russians face off in Donetsk
Special event ‘The end of the empire: how the peoples of Russia will exercise their right to self-determination after the victory of Ukraine”
Georgian Government threatens to strip Ukraine fighters of citizenship

1948 December 10: Human Rights Day
1994 December 11: First Chechen War
1974 December 13: Malta Republic Day
1989 December 16: Romanian Revolution
December 18: International Migrants Day
1979 December 24: Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
1990 December 26: Slovenia Independence and Unity Day
1991 December 26: Dissolution of the Soviet Union
1943 December 28: Day of Memory and Sorrow in Kalmykia
1993 January 1: Velvet Divorce of Czechia and Slovakia
1968 January 5: Prague Spring
1918 January 8: Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points on free trade, democracy and self-determination