Europe: On Edge Where Ukraine Meets Russia

Liechtenstein and Switzerland mark 100 years of customs union
Azerbaijan stays on F1 calendar until 2026
European Court of Human Rights rules Russia should pay Georgia for 2008 war

Pope voices willingness to return Indigenous loot, artifacts
The Romanesque churches of Andorra
Convicted terrorist pardoned in Hungary on eve of Pope’s visit
Pope Francis urges Hungarians to ‘open doors’ to migrants

1707 May 1: the Act of Union of Scotland and England
Norway unveils a life-size sculpture of Freya, the euthanized walrus
Donald Trump says ‘great to be home’ after landing in Scotland for golf visit
Abkhazian Official Hints Russia Using Its Territory to Avoid Western Sanctions

Austria has helped pay for more than half a million repairs in bid to tackle e-waste
Sweden’s king, queen visit Baltic neighbor Estonia
Immigration drives population increase in Slovenia
Commission proposes to extend suspension of tariffs and quotas on imports from Moldova

May 3: World Press Freedom Day
Zelensky in surprise visit to Finland for Nordic PM summit
Ancient Knights of Malta get their 1st non-aristocratic head
New Buddhist Monastery Consecrated in Tuva
Kalmyk’s Kazakh Asylum Request Denied, Gets Suspended Sentence For Crossing Border Illegally
More jail for anti-war teacher and historian from north Russian Komi Republic

1990 May 4: Latvian Independence Restoration Day
Credit Suisse: Asia investors sue Switzerland over bank collapse
‘Made in Wallonia’: Region provides extra €2 million for video games production
Denmark announces huge investment to modernise defence
Andorra freezes $55 million worth of bribes received by members of the Maduro regime

Could relations between Croatia and Serbia be thawing?
Russian Court Arrests Crimean Tatar Woman For Alleged Spying As She Traveled To Visit Ailing Father

Natives of Chechnya detained in Belgium in case on preparation of terror act

Slovakian president picks technocrat government after prime minister quits
How Chechen Strongman Kadyrov Uses Official Honors To Seek Prestige And Reward Allies
Russia Blames Ukraine for Car Blast That Wounded Pro-Kremlin Writer

Liechtenstein plans to accept Bitcoin as a payment option
Whales take up to two hours to die after being harpooned, Icelandic report finds
Unrecognized Transnistria asks Russia to increase number of “peacekeepers”
Central banker to head Slovakia’s caretaker government in political crisis
Why was Hasbulla Magomedov arrested in his native Dagestan?
Russia’s War Reopens the ‘Nationality Question’

1950 May 9: Schuman Declaration, Europe Day
Former Isle of Man chief medic sacked for whistleblowing is awarded £3.2m
F-22 Raptors arrive in Estonia to deter aggression over Baltic skies
US reaffirms support for North Macedonia’s EU accession
Gagauzia Takes Center Stage in Moscow’s Efforts to Rein In Moldova
Cyprus handed 800-page US dossier on Russia sanctions breaches
The Islamic State Has a New Target: Russia

1877 May 10: Romania Independence Day
Long-awaited ‘Canon of Flanders’ is finally revealed
Sweden’s ‘Truth Commission’ delves into painful Sami past
The Pope ‘meets Spider-Man’ in the Vatican City
EU Commissioner Gabriel nominated as Bulgaria’s new prime minister
Russia restores visa-free access for Georgians, lifts flight ban; Tbilisi happy
Youngest Brother Of Self-Exiled Chechen Opposition Bloggers Added To Russia’s Wanted List
Ramzan Kadyrov and Chechnya’s Political Stability Amid the War in Ukraine

Fishing deal with Russia creates headache for Faroe Islands
School children injured in Finland bridge collapse
Malta retains its top spot for LGBTIQ+ rights
Russia makes eyes at Georgia, prompts contradictory reactions in Tbilisi
Navalny Says Returned to Solitary Confinement for 15th Time
U.S. Ambassador to Moscow Visits Imprisoned American Paul Whelan
Anti-War Activist From Russia’s Tatarstan Flees Country, Fearing For His Safety

Top French museum flips the Roma narrative
Luxembourg to return to the Eurovision song contest in 2024
Montenegro court releases crypto entrepreneur Do Kwon on bail
New Opportunities for the Basque Peace Process
Portuguese parliament legalises euthanasia after long battle
Journalist from Chechnya claims discrimination in Georgia
Two Women From Karelia Flee Russia Fearing For Safety After Anti-War Posts

Pope Francis reforms Vatican City State’s ‘Constitution’
Vatican experts uncovering gilded glory of Hercules statue struck by lightning
Tens of thousands march against Serbia’s populist leadership following mass shootings
‘I was born to do this’: Ukraine’s 2016 Eurovision winner Jamala on why Putin fears her people, Crimean Tatars
Shootout with law enforcers becomes second incident in Dagestan within seven weeks, two persons killed

What’s it like to live in Luxembourg?
Loreen: Who is Sweden’s two time Eurovision final winner?
Andorra will come back to Liga Endesa after winning the LEB Oro
Eurovision 2023: Croatia’s entry sends gay Twitter into a tailspin: ‘Hold my rocket!’
Greece’s ‘greatest turnround’: from junk to investment grade

Romani activists launch legal actions against Bulgarian far-right for hate speech
Duo in Austria charged with playing Hitler speeches on train intercom
Isle of Man to grow cannabis business to diversify economy
Minister says UK ‘ought to’ discuss giving Channel Islands seats in parliament
San Marino: ancient land of liberty
Athens threatens Albania’s EU path again over elections arrest
Basque party angers ETA victims’ families by adding former terrorists to elections list
Pro-Russian Candidate Wins Governorship of Moldova’s Gagauzia Region
Israel and Cyprus working on deal to build natural gas pipeline, processing plant
Nalchik activists refused to hold events on Circassian Day of Mourning

1944 May 16: Day of Sinti, Romani and Roma resistance
Council of Europe summit in Iceland seeks to hold Russia to account for waging war in Ukraine
Gibraltar deal now in UK hands, Spain tells the UK
EU Border Guards to Target Illegal Migration in Montenegro
Croatia – Flooding in Multiple Counties After Record Rain, Authorities on Alert as Rivers Rise
ETA terrorists convicted of murder withdraw from Spanish elections
Russia’s most potent hypersonic weapon neutralised, says Ukraine
Indian scholars in Sanskrit and Pali can do a lot to support Buddhism in Russia—Russian Buddhist scholar
Court In Russia’s Karelia Sentences Man To Six Years In Prison On Treason Charge
Kazan to become Volga land improvement centre

1814 May 17: Constitution Day, Norway
May 17: Galician Literature Day
May 17: Endangered Species Day
With the triumph of the right, Finland’s Sámi people face bleak future
Catalonia’s 2.5 bln euro plan to make the region more drought-resistant
Moldova adopts EU-backed Cybersecurity Law
Slovakia’s interim government hopes to end political turmoil
Chechnya’s Kadyrov Accuses Ukraine, Czech Police of Kidnapping Favorite Stallion For Ransom

1944 May 18: Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Crimean Tatar genocide
Faroe Islands to apply for EBU membership to join Eurovision
Vatican: Car rushes gate into Vatican City, reaches palace courtyard before being stopped by police; suspect detained
Intelligence links found in Russian companies in Hungary
Ukraine war: Russia launches ninth wave of missile attacks on Kyiv this month
Crimean Tatars: The swallows that always return
UFC maintains links with Russian fighters and others connected to sanctioned Chechen warlord despite Ukraine invasion
US And Ukraine Promoting Separatism In Chechen, Circassian, Nogay, Kumyk And Ingush Areas

Brittany, Alsace explore ways that could bring them closer to autonomy
UK troops test rapid reinforcement of NATO battlegroup in Estonia
Sofia-Skopje relations deteriorate after Russia-Ukraine comparison
Slovakia: Disappointment as suspected mastermind in Ján Kuciak murder acquitted again
Georgian anger as Russian flights land again in Tbilisi

Russian oligarch profits from occupation of Ukraine while maintaining US ties
Catalonia Can’t Quit Madrid
Convicted native of Dagestan has his sentence toughened in case of terror acts

1864 May 21: Circassian Genocide Memorial Day
2006 May 21: Montenegro Independence Day
The quiet language revolution in Russia’s former empire
Estonia, Latvia plan joint purchase of German medium-range IRIS-T air defense systems
Sinn Féin scores record win in Northern Ireland as voters rage at DUP blockade of Stormont
Circassian exile remembered with tears on 159th anniversary

Cornish Making a Comeback
Guernsey, Jersey, and the Isle of Man agree 15% minimum tax
American player left stranded and unpaid, sends distress signal from Montenegro
Moldova: EU launches civilian mission to strengthen the resilience of the security sector in the areas of crisis management and countering hybrid threats
Quran-burning case transferred from Volgograd to Chechnya
Activists commemorate Circassian Genocide in Nalchik despite event ban
Chief draft officer in Karelia demands several hundred more fighters in war ‘against Satan’
Paul Whelan believes ‘wheels are turning’ for release from Russian jail

Ostana Prize 2023 recognises Tamajeq, Basque, Asturian, Arpitan, Corsican, Gaelic writers
Adolf Hitler house in Austria to be used for police human rights training
Ukraine war: Nato watches Russian ‘Zombies’ in Estonia
The Sami persecution revealed
Killer whales learn to sink yachts off Gibraltar
Romania must recognise same-sex civil unions, EU top rights court rules
As Teachers’ Strike Grips Romania, They’re Not The Only Professionals Feeling ‘Humiliated’ And Unhappy
Moscow Faces Increased Difficulties in Countering Circassian National Movement
Circassians on 159th anniversary of Tsitsekun: ‘The name of this is genocide’
Residents of Ingushetia and Chechnya share their stories of domestic violence
Headed by former Arkhangelsk police chief, Gazprom Neft mercenaries are fighting in Ukraine

Turkish police shoot and kill a Romani man in Izmir
Lithuania’s ruling coalition and opposition quarrel over what must come first: government resignation or snap elections
Ukraine and Russia trade places in battle for Bakhmut

1948 May 25: Day of Heroes of Fight Against Totalitarianism
Denmark, Netherlands to lead F-16 training coalition for Ukrainian pilots: Austin
2023 Isle of Man TT: Everything you need to know
Russia angered by visit to Norway of largest US aircraft carrier
Russia signs deal to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus
Czech Republic buys Swedish armoured vehicles for €2 billion
Russians in Crimea nationalized Crimean Tatar Mejlis building
Armenian, Azerbaijani Leaders Mix Optimistic Talk With Angry Discourse In Moscow
Rights Defender In Russia’s Komi Sentenced To Six Years In Prison On Terrorism Charge
Assimilate or Flee: Wartime Pressures Weigh on Russia’s Ukrainian Diaspora

1918 May 26: Georgia Independence Day
Belgium swaps convicted terrorist to free aid worker jailed in Iran
Germany to move Slovakia-based Patriot system to Lithuania to protect NATO summit
Portugal police end latest search for clues of missing British girl
Portugal moves closer to banning Chinese suppliers from 5G
Moldova threatened by outside-staged conflict in Gagauzia
‘Get out’: Influx of Russians to Georgia stokes old enmities
In Russia, children will be sent to patriotic camps and taught to shoot and fly UAVs
Mari State University Cricket Team Crowned Champions of Russian Premier League

Paul Whelan says Russian prison officials retaliated after he refused interview

1918 May 28: Armenia Independence Day
1918 May 28: Azerbaijan Republic Day
Max Verstappen cruises to victory at Monaco Grand Prix, avoiding rain-induced chaos
Latvia shock USA to win their first ice hockey world championship medal
UK Home Office starts ad campaign to deter Albanian migrants
Lukashenko offers nuclear weapons to nations willing ‘to join the Union State of Russia and Belarus’

Russia warns of artillery shooting 5 NM from Norway’s Grense Jakobselv
NGOs accuse Malta of ‘coordinating criminal mass pushback’ of 500 migrants
Ukraine war opens door for Moldova to end its frozen conflict

Russian ‘spy’ whale Hvaldimir spotted off Sweden coast
Dozens of NATO peacekeepers injured during clashes in northern Kosovo
‘Kosovo is the heart of Serbia’: Serbian tennis star Djokovic
Republic of Moldova: 7 individuals listed for their destabilising actions and for undermining the territorial integrity of Ukraine
5,000 Bashkirs Protest Russian Mining, Putting Putin’s Plans To Make Russia Self-Sufficient In Manganese – OpEd
Finland finishes test section of fence at border with Russia

Latvia elects Edgars Rinkevics as president – the first openly gay head of state in Europe
Lithuania to reinstate checks on borders with Latvia and Poland for NATO summit
The United States and Norway: A Vital Alliance and Partnership
Why Sweden Could Become One of the World’s First ‘Smoke-Free’ Countries
Ancient medicines and apothecary artefacts on display at Vatican museum
Bosnia and Herzegovina: War crimes convictions a historic moment for international justice
EU hopeful Moldova hosts European leaders in strategy summit
Moldova to press for accelerated EU membership process at leaders’ summit
UK and Moldova kick off talks on migrant returns deal as Sunak feels the heat
Abkhazia faces protests as discontent mounts
Georgia Treads a Cautious Line Between EU Dreams, Russia
Dagestan citizen’s defence treats terrorism case as fabricated

Faroe Islands tightly restricts port access for Russian trawlers
Ex-soldier becomes first person to swim from UK to Isle of Man
Sweden will join NATO soon, Joe Biden promises
UNWTO and San Marino to host European conference on accessible tourism
Borrell in Chisinau officially inaugurates European Union Partnership Mission to Moldova
‘Progress is possible after Putin falls’: Transnistria’s LGBT community fights for its voice
UK, Bulgaria to expand intelligence sharing to fight illegal migration – Sunak
Parliament easily backs measure aimed at restraining Hungary’s EU presidency
US, NATO ‘Boots On The Ground’ Possible If Putin Not Defeated, US Senator Says. West Keen To Disintegrate Russia Into 43 Small Nations

We asked an AI chatbot a series of questions about Wales and the Welsh
European Political Community summit takes place in Moldova bringing together 45 countries
Ingush blogger charged with ‘justifying’ Caucasus Emirate

1523 June 6: National Day of Sweden
1944 June 6: D-Day/Normandy landings
1905 June 7, Norway: Independence Day/Union Dissolution Day
1940 June 14: Soviets shoot down Finnish commercial airliner Kaleva returning from Tallinn to Helsinki
1941 June 14: Soviet Mass Deportations from Baltic States:
1904 June 16: Bloomsday
1944 June 17: Icelandic National Day
1953 June 17: Uprising of 1953 in East Germany
2006 June 18: Catalan Statute of Autonomy referendum
June 20: World Refugee Day
1792 June 21: Iolo Morganwg founds Gorsedd of Wales
1917 June 26: Crimean Tatar National Flag Day
July 5th: Tynwald Day, Manx National Day
1253 July 6: Crowning of King Mindaugas – Day of Statehood in Lithuania