Asia: Fear and Hope

May 11
Political turmoil in Kuwait as emir dissolves parliament
Jordanian authorities shut down Muslim Brotherhood-linked TV station
Tehran Seeks to Resolve Complex Relations with Iraqi Kurds
Kashmir: Why Modi’s BJP is not fighting elections in the Himalayan region
Eight more mainland cities to join HK, Macao individual visit scheme
Malaysia’s appetite for oil and gas puts it on collision course with China

May 12
Sergei Shoigu: Russia’s political survivor battered by Ukraine setbacks
Israel orders more evacuations as Rafah fighting intensifies
Fourth Indian arrested and charged in Canada over Sikh activist’s killing

May 13
Sunset, May 13: 1948 Iyar 5: Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day
Regional perspectives on drought management in Asia
Learning English: A Growing Trend in Kazakhstan
‘Camouflage is key and your asset must fluently speak her language’ says Tinder Asia VP Daniel Kim
Future of NATO-Gulf relations discussed in Kuwait
Iraq: Looming Camp Closures in Kurdistan
Yazidi Genocide: A decade on, US delegation to Iraq reflects on atrocities, pledges support
A human booster for digital innovation in Tajikistan
International Human Capital Forum Empowers Youth in Tajikistan towards Green Skills and Jobs
7 years on, Nepal and China still at odds over BRI execution
High voter turnout marks first major poll in Kashmir since loss of autonomy
Modi’s BJP skips Kashmir in India polls for first time in three decades
Why Baloch Women in Pakistan Led an Unprecedented March
How Sindh keeps Sindhi alive
China’s sinicisation campaign puts Islamic expression on the line
Unstoppable Change: Documentary on Blue Mountains East Timor Sisters in the making
The Lao People’s Democratic Republic becomes the sixth country to sign a Validation Agreement with the European Patent Organisation

May 14
China Is Reversing Its Crackdown on Some Religions, but Not All
UNODC launches its 2022-2025 programme for Central Asia
Searing temperatures sweep like fire across Asia Pacific, causing distress for millions
As Chinese tourists flock to Laos, illegal Chinese tour guides fill language gap
Kuwait’s unique democratic experiment could be at an end
An Israel-Lebanon Agreement May Not Be Worth the Costs
UAE says it will not ‘provide cover’ for Israel’s post-war presence in Gaza
Remembering Yezidi Genocide and Seeking Justice
Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan press ahead with ambitious electricity export plan
Fallout between the Maldives and India is ‘absolutely’ benefiting Sri Lanka, says tourism minister
Stabilising India-Nepal ties in changing times
Hazaras and Shias: Violence, Discrimination, and Exclusion Under the Taliban
Unrest in Pakistan-administered Kashmir: What’s behind the recent protests?
MRTC officer celebrates Army’s support for Sikh Soldiers at Times Square ‘Turban Day’
Calls grow for penalizing discriminatory remarks against Ainu
Laos signs renewable energy agreement with Thai company
‘To have your own day just means a lot’: May 14 declared Hmong American Day

May 15
1948 May 15: Nakba Day, Day of the Catastrophe in Palestine
Global Indigenous: Tibetan language under attack
UN forum in Bahrain endorses declaration on entrepreneurship and innovation for the SDGs
Jordan foils arms plot as kingdom caught in Iran-Israel shadow war
The Teachers Building a New Labor Movement in Iraqi Kurdistan
Turkmenistan, EU discuss prospects for cooperation
No Justice for Crackdown in Tajikistan’s Autonomous Region Two Years On
China and Russia Disagree on North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons
Uyghur woman who complained about land grab arrested by authorities in Xinjiang
Brunei: strict controls of the media, internet freedom and the right to peacefully assemble
China’s top diplomat holds talks with Brunei’s second minister of foreign affairs
Dfat accused of attempting to censor official history of military operations in Timor-Leste
K-pop group Seventeen partners with UNESCO to open learning centers in East Timor
End of Lee era for Singapore as PM steps down

May 16
1944 May 16: Day of Sinti, Romani and Roma resistance
1954 May 16: Kengir uprising, Kazakhstan
Taiwan: LY approves amendments to allow exclusive use of Indigenous names
Arab League calls for deployment of UN peacekeepers in Palestinian territories
Bahrain Celebrates Its History as a Pearling Center
Arab summit in Bahrain calls for Gaza cease-fire, international peace conference
Jordan Muslim Brotherhood denies reports Iran is sending it weapons
Kazakhstan’s new domestic violence law is welcome but further reforms need to close remaining protection gaps
Maldives: ‘The election’s outcome wasn’t determined by expectations but rather by disillusionment’
2 schools rebuilt with China aid handed over to Nepal
Hazaras in Afghanistan Face Brutal Persecution Under Taliban Rule
Linguists suggest adopting roman script for Sindhi
Tibet: Singer Gegjom Dorjee detained over song mourning life without freedom
[Hungary] Foreign Minister: Cooperation with Brunei Was a Missed Opportunity by the EU
As Cambodia launches $36.6bn building drive, China, Japan fight for spoils
Revolution leaves Myanmar up for grabs
The military dictatorship controls less than 50% of Myanmar
Celebrating Hmong American Veterans Day

May 17
1990 May 17: International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia
1995 May 17: Panchen Lama’s abduction in Tibet
May 17, third Friday in May: Endangered Species Day
Safeguarding mother tongue and mother nature
Qatar briefly kicked out Hamas leaders as hostage talks stalled in April — officials
Turkey sends Syrian mercenaries to Niger to secure strategic interests
Will Germany betray Yazidi genocide victims?
EU Special Representative for Central Asia, H.E. Ambassador Terhi Hakala visited Turkmenistan
Second meeting of the Interagency Steering Committee to Counter Cybercrimes in Kazakhstan
Together for Inclusive Justice: Over 100 Women Lawyers Convene at Balochistan’s Historic First Women Lawyers Conference
US woman accused of stealing identities to give North Koreans jobs
Rally in support of Tibet held outside Chinese Embassy in Vilnius
US adds 26 textile firms to Uyghur region blacklist
I have fond memories of high school in America. I’m worried my daughter won’t feel the same in Singapore.
Western volunteers join the battle against Myanmar’s military regime

May 18
Strangers in Their Own Land: Being Muslim in Modi’s India
Lebanon’s economic crisis endures, as does the EU’s ‘fear’ of refugees
American therapist detained in Syria more than seven years ago has died
Pakistan, India urge citizens in Kyrgyzstan to stay inside
Why Nepal Escalated Its Map Dispute With India
Afghanistan´s Hazara seek refuge in Indonesia
Yes, Japan Will Defend Taiwan
North Korea confirms missile launch, Kim Jong Un vows bolstered nuclear force
China’s ‘virtual invasion’ of India and the cultural genocide of Tibet
‘Refuge of the last dreamers’: the Laos city suspended in time
As ethnic armed group claims to have captured a town in western Myanmar, Muslim Rohingyas flee again

May 19
How Iran Is Trying to Punish Jordan for Helping Israel
Jabin Jacob on China’s Growing Influence in South Asia
Saskatoon Sikh community celebrates Vaisakhi with parade, harvest festival
Saga of Sindhi struggle
‘Bhrasht Janata Party’ sought to dilute Adivasi rights: Jairam Ramesh

May 20
2002 May 20: East Timor Independence Day
Arab Summit in Bahrain Proposes Timetable for Palestinian Statehood, Calls for UN Forces in Gaza
Parliament was dissolved in Kuwait and hardly anyone noticed
Panic in Bishkek: Why were Pakistani students attacked in Kyrgyzstan?
1,200 Pakistani students at Kyrgyzstan International University leave country after mob violence shock
Tajikistan: Officials sign deal to modernize TALCO, the country’s largest industrial enterprise
Increased Reliance on Russia and Commitments to China Driving Uzbekistan’s Gas Imports
Maldives welcomes ICC arrest warrant applications against Israeli premier, defense minister
Think Bhutan’s $100 daily tourism fee is pricey? It could go even higher, says prime minister
India sees a chance to make Sri Lanka ‘a virtual province’ amid its rivalry with China
Country depends on tourism; 60 pc people come from India: Sri Lankan MP V Radhakrishnan
65 more from Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh enter Mizoram
Making Sense of Recent Mass Protests in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir
‘Stop threatening Taiwan’, its new president William Lai tells China
East Timor’s Fight for Freedom Holds Lessons for Palestine

May 21
May 21: World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
Shen Bin’s read on Shanghai Council and Sinicization
Asia Renewables Growth Forum 2024
Indonesia has more than 700 languages. Can AI save them?
Cu | Stanford, where’s the rest of Asia?
Iraq’s Prime Minister Al-Sudani says no progress on Kurdistan oil exports talks
Pathways to Success: Supporting Youth in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Turkmenistan Bans People From Talking About the Weather
Pakistani Student Exodus Damages Kyrgyzstan’s Reputation, Causes Economic Fallout
Nepal PM survives 4th vote of confidence
Nepal ditching India for China? EAM Jaishankar gives a ‘reality check’ with examples to students
As coffee expands in Bangladesh hills, conservationists worry about ecosystems
Mongolia and UNODC launch initiative to combat translational organized crime
British man accused of spying for Hong Kong’s intelligence services found dead in park
China slams Lai’s inauguration speech and warns Taiwan of reprisals
The Ainu Policy Promotion Act and Culture-Centered Indigenous Policies in Japan
Tibet: Mass Relocations of Tibetans Not Voluntary
One dead and at least 71 injured after severe turbulence hits Singapore Airlines flight
‘Nowhere to go’: Rohingya face arson attacks in Myanmar’s Rakhine State
Untangling Hmong History with UC Merced’s Ma Vang

May 22
May 22: International Day for Biological Diversity
Taiwan’s indigenous solutions for national defence
Qatar formally accepts Agreement on Fisheries Subsidies
Tens of Thousands Protest Bill to Expand Legislative Power in Taiwan
China accelerates forced relocation of rural Tibetans to urban areas, report says
Singapore Doubles Down on Executions
French Development Agency strengthens its commitment in Cambodia during the official visit of Marie-Hélène Loison
Armies of young insurgents are changing the course of a forgotten war
28 NGOs urge global action to stop Rohingya displacement by Myanmar’s Buddhist armed group
Rohingya refugees seriously threatened: In the crossfire between the Burmese armed forces and the Arakan Army

May 23
Bahrain’s King Considers Reviving Ties with Iran
Transforming Bhutan’s Agrifood System: Women Leading the Way
Taliban’s Morality Police in Jaghori District Handed Over Hazara Market to Pashtuns
Development-induced dispossession: Adivasi existence in the milieu of contemporary Indian texts in translation
South deploys AI-powered systems to ‘better monitor’ North Korea
Grey horizons for Beijing’s South China Sea strategy
Ancient humans lived in East Timor 44,000 years ago, archaeologists find
‘The entire town is burning.’ Fires rage as Rohingya caught up on the front lines of Myanmar’s civil war

May 24
The ASEAN Declaration on Environmental Rights: whose rights and what rights?
Syria: Growth Contraction Deepens and the Welfare of Syrian Households Deteriorates
Raising the Next Generation of Leaders in Bhutan
Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied: When Will the Rohingya Genocide Case Be Resolved?

May 25
1946 May 25: Jordan Independence Day
1948 May 25: Day of Heroes of Fight Against Totalitarianism
Temperature crosses 51°C in Sindh as heatwave continues

May 26
China Is Trying to Remake Uyghur Kitchens
12 people injured during turbulence on Qatar Airways flight
Tajik Government’s Crackdown In Gorno-Badakhshan Enters Third Year
From Tibet to Xizang: China’s strategic moves

May 27
The Lower Dolpo Circuit: A 220km trek to the roof of the world
The China-US clean energy subsidy race
Indosat to launch Indonesian-language model for AI in July
Lebanon’s shift from safe haven to hostile country for Syrian refugees
Kazakhstan Serves As Gateway to Central Asian Region, Says Singapore’s President
In Kazakhstan, ‘The Floods Are Over But The Problems Have Just Begun’
Russia to build nuclear power plant in Uzbekistan
Czechia inaugurates honorary consulate in Bhutan
FOAR Visits Balochistan to Boost Agriculture and Water Resilience
In pricey Hong Kong, residents flock to China for cheaper dining, shopping
Volkswagen: Address Uyghur Forced Labor
For Rohingya, anti-junta gains in Myanmar bring fear as well as hope

May 28
Asia-Pacific Employment and Social Outlook 2024: Promoting decent work and social justice to manage ageing societies
MSF: Israel must end its campaign of death and destruction in Gaza
Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan Intend to Enhance Partnership
Macao plays positive role in Chinese EVs going overseas: Deloitte
Macao Could Be Hub for Tech Exchanges, Expo Co-Founder Says
Changing North Korea’s Future Through Its Women
First Nations advocates resolve to put traditional fishing rights under international spotlight
How Timorese Women Perceive the Election of Prabowo Subianto in Indonesia

May 29
UNESCO dives into a new chapter of journeys to ethnic communities in ASEAN
Lebanon reverses move to grant ICC jurisdiction to investigate alleged war crimes
Israel’s operation in Rafah doesn’t cross US red lines – White House
South Korea, UAE ink trade deal lifting tariffs on over 90% of imports
China-Nepal joint oil probe to give Kathmandu more autonomy as it aspires toward economic independence
Fatal Bus Crash in Pakistan’s Balochistan Kills 28, Injures 22
CM Revanth wants to reflect Adivasi culture and rituals in Telangana state’s new emblem Southern States

May 30
Putin’s residence in Altai has burned down
Qatar Fund for Development and ICRC Successfully Conclude Humanitarian Project in Libya
Just Energy Transitions? Lessons From Oman and Morocco
China May Withhold Support for UAE’s Territorial Claim Against Iran
Maldives Halts Coastal Development Projects
Pakistan: Strengthening law enforcement capacities in Balochistan

May 31
Their Ancestral Traditions Under Threat, a Village in Russia’s Far East Stands Up to Gold-Mining Giant
Ten years after Yazidi genocide, survivors struggle to rebuild lives
Kicksharing Takes Off in Kyrgyzstan
Sikh separatist contests India election from jail, a worry for government
Hong Kong convicts 14 activists of subversion
Hong Kong SAR: Türk deplores use of national security laws
Discover Ainu heritage in Hokkaido
Understanding The Spiritual Significance Of Ainu Tattoos And Textiles
Chinese tomato from Xinjiang arrives, Italian farmers protest
Death of a Filipino in South China Sea clashes would be ‘very close’ to act of war, Philippines leader warns
Why Dollarization Is the Solution to Laos’ Economic Woes

June 1
1969 June: LGBT Pride Month
1984 June 1: Operation Blue Star at the Sikh Golden Temple
Qatar, Egypt, and US call on Israel, Hamas to finalize cease-fire proposal pushed by Biden
Palestine Granted Quasi WHO Member State Status – Without Voting Rights
UAE dispatches new aid shipment to embattled Gaza Strip
The Sacred Journey of Tawus Tour: Reviving Ancient Yezidi Traditions
Kyrgyzstan cracks down on immigration after mob violence in Bishkek

June 2
Vietnam intensifies repression of Khmer Krom, activists say
Qatar Charity sends food and medical aid to Gaza
Maldives set to bar Israelis from visiting; Foreign Ministry issues travel warning

June 3
Kazakhstan: Government taking action to promote Kazakh language
With Parliamentary Suspension, Kuwait Has More to Gain Than Lose
Iran’s foreign minister confirms Oman-brokered talks ongoing with US
Turkmenistan’s balance of trade with China tilting heavily in Ashgabat’s favor
Turkmenistan Suspends Flights To Kazan, Tatarstan
Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers mission to Turkmenistan
Oxford scholarships for Balochistan students
Alleged woman Naxalite held in Raipur; PUCL says she is ‘Adivasi activist and human rights defender’
Belarus, Mongolia sign 14 documents on expanding bilateral cooperation
Beijing slams ‘ignoble’ U.S. role in South China Sea dispute

June 4
1989 June 4: Tiananmen Square protests/June 4th Incident
Silver Jubilee sparkles across Jordan
Kyrgyzstan ratifies the ILO Violence and Harassment Convention, 2019 (No. 190)
Tajikistan Set To Outlaw Islamic Hijab After Years Of Unofficial Ban
USAID and UNDP Unveil Second Phase of Chittagong Hill Tracts Conservation Project
North Korea—The Forgotten Human Rights Crisis
Turkiye Fidan visits China, will travel to Uyghur region
Cambodia tells US to keep it out of Washington’s geopolitical strategy
How Cambodia’s Relationship with the US Can Stop Being “One-Sided Love”

June 5
Sanctions on Russian Diamonds: Looming Supply Shifts in 2024
Man arrested in Qatar Grindr ‘sting’ sentenced
Zelenskyy thanks Qatar for role in returning Ukraine children on Doha visit
Israel ‘prepared for an extremely powerful action in north’ against Lebanon: Netanyahu
Lebanon: Israel’s White Phosphorous Use Risks Civilian Harm
Beyond proxies: Iran’s deeper strategy in Syria and Lebanon
Advancing teacher education in Iraqi Kurdistan: Building a better pedagogy
Joint Statement on the United States-Kazakhstan Enhanced Strategic Partnership Dialogue
Sri Lanka: A ‘virtual province’ or investment risk for India?
Behind The Facade Of Modi’s ‘New Kashmir’
China Caught Red-Handed in Promoting Fake Anti-India Sikh Protests in the West
LS polls mark rise of Bharat Adivasi Party in Rajasthan’s tribal belt
Bharat Adivasi Party’s Jaikrishn Patel wins in Rajasthan’s Bagidora Assembly byelection
Exiled Uyghur journalist links Urumqi arrests to his reporting
Have Turkey, China hit reset button on Uyghurs as Fidan visits Xinjiang?
FM Fidan pays highest-level Turkish visit to Xinjiang since 2012
What the West Can Learn From Singapore

June 6
Indian Christians Relieved as Election Results Limit Hindu Nationalists
Japan needs bilingual disclosures to bridge detrimental language gaps
Oman to phase out polluting industries ‘too difficult to decarbonize’
Land Use Land Cover(LULC) Classification for the Kurdistan region of Iraq [EN/AR/KU]
US lawmakers draft bill to stop Maldives travel ban on Israelis
Bhutan explores controlled burning of mountainsides
3 killed, 12 injured as bus catches fire in Pakistan’s Balochistan
Mongolia: Journalist faces eight years in prison for exposing suspected embezzlement by deputy prime minister
North Korea sent trash balloons to South Korea. Activists are sending balloons back with K-pop and K-dramas
NED: 2024 Democracy Award—Tibet Action Institute
Uighurs: Turkish Foreign Minister in Xinjiang, anti-terrorism collaboration with China begins
Call to Action: Keep the heart of Cambodia beating and Make the stories told
Caritas calls on global community to do more for Rohingya refugees

June 7
Italy’s G7 invitation highlights UAE’s growing international role
Ten years on, Iraqi police rescue Yazidi girl taken by IS
IsDB President Conferred with Kyrgyzstan’s Prestigious Order of Friendship
China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan railway project gets off the ground
Tajikistan Economy to Grow 6.5% in 2024 and 2025, Green Economy Key for Sustainable Development — ADB
Xi signs rail corridor deal Moscow didn’t want
Uzbekistan Outlaws Karakalpak Group Amid Crackdown
How Tibetan dumplings helped migrants integrate in Kashmir
Corruption Issues Loom Large as Mongolia Prepares to Vote
Hong Kong and Tiananmen: Erasing Memory in the Name of National Security
Singapore Management University wins ICC Moot Court Competition, English version
Cambodia still has a stake in Myanmar’s crisis
How the ‘Politics of Gratitude’ Inflames Cambodia-Vietnam Relations

June 8
Meet the BCL Asia 2024 Teams: KCC Egis Basketball Club
Displaced Yazidis face uncertain future as Iraq shuts down camps in Kurdistan
Afghanistan: Shi’ite Muslim Hazaras Face Brutal Persecution Under Taliban Rule
The temple storming still affecting Sikhs today
Adivasi farmers being evicted from Kaziranga, among Asia’s most militarised protected areas, for big hotels

June 9
Iraq sees progress in talks with Kurdistan on oil exports resumption
Between hardship and hope: The journey of the displaced Rohingya population and their hosts in Bangladesh

June 10
South Korea, Turkmenistan agree to expand cooperation in energy, infrastructure
President of Islamic Development Bank in Dushanbe: Tajikistan’s Success Is Our Success
BRI in Nepal: An Appraisal
The rule of law in Hong Kong is in grave danger
The Singapore Stone’s carvings have been undeciphered for centuries – now we’re trying to crack the puzzle

June 11
‘Unprecedented scale’ of violations against children in Gaza, West Bank and Israel, UN report says
South Korean president arrives in Kazakhstan on 2nd leg of Central Asia tour
Can Macao be ‘new bridge’ between Western universities and China?
Auckland Tibetan Association Calls on PM Luxon to Raise Tibet During the Chinese Premier Li Qiang’s Visit to New Zealand
Singapore’s Premier Wong makes 1st overseas trip to Brunei
Brunei Darussalam ratifies the Promotional Framework for Occupational Safety and Health Convention, 2006 (No. 187)

June 12
1898 June 12: Day of Freedom in Philippines
Rosatom and Republic of Sakha sign deal to ensure efficient launch of Yakut small NPP
Gaza: Hamas, Israel committed war crimes, claims independent rights probe
First EU-Jordan Business Forum in Amman
US Congress passes Resolve Tibet Act
ASEAN aims to conclude South China Sea code of conduct by 2026
Philippines says China poses ‘existential’ threat in South China Sea
Urgent action needed to protect children from child labour amid rising security concerns

June 13
Egypt and Bahrain Collaborate with China to Build Hyperspectral Camera for the Chang’e-7 Mission
Lebanon: Fears rise over a potential war with Israel
Israel denies hitting designated ‘safe zone’ following Palestinian news agency report
Security Landscape Of Balochistan: A Path To Peace
China’s Ambitious ‘5G-A’ Plans in Tibet: Strategic Implications for India

June 14
India brings back bodies of 45 workers from Kuwait
Doing Business in Kazakhstan 2024
Bhutan: Dispatch from the Hermit’s happy hills
The formative history of Buddhism in Mongolia in the 16th and 17th centuries: a reassessment
Philippines increases South China Sea patrols as Beijing set to roll out new trespass laws
Brunei’s Strategic Role in Enhancing China-BIMP-EAGA Cooperation

June 15: International Uyghur Language Day
June 20: World Refugee Day
June 30: International Day of Parliamentarism
1997 July 1: Transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong
2009 July 5th: Urumqi Massacre, Xinjiang
July 15: Third Week of July: Captive Nations Week