Europe: Long & Short

April 13
Irish language group says it won’t pay €6,686 water bill over English language correspondence
How UN resolution commemorating 1995’s Srebrenica massacre is igniting tensions

April 14
1931 April 14: Proclamation of Catalan Republic by Francesc Macià
1978 April 14: Georgian Language Day
Sweden’s Icehotel: The menu inspired by eight Sami seasons
Cyprus suspends Syrian asylum applications

April 15
NASA Welcomes Switzerland as Newest Artemis Accords Signatory
Faroese Telecom pairs with Ericsson to launch 5G across Faroe Islands
What Estonia’s defense chief learned on his latest trip to the US
Canada’s Poseidon crosses Atlantic to Norway
Sweden’s pivotal role in critical materials for Europe
Montenegro Ex-Chief Prosecutor, Ex-Police Boss, Face Organised Crime Charges
Rosselkhoznadzor allows the import of fresh products from Gagauzia into Russia

April 16
Explore the future of minority language rights at Annual Summer School in Bratislava
Language Technology as a Competitive Advantage for the EU
How the Eurovision Song Contest reflects Europe’s cultural diversity
Centuries-Old Principality Set to Become IMF’s Youngest Member
Netherlands to deploy Patriot air defence system to Lithuania in July
Pamela Hogan’s ‘The Day Iceland Stood Still,’ About 1975 Women’s Strike, Debuts Trailer
Chinese Tourists Continue Love Affair With Iceland, Kazakhstan is New Favorite
Hydrogen production facility planned in Latvia’s Port of Liepaja
Historic Copenhagen stock exchange in Denmark goes up in flames
NASA Embraces Sweden as Newest Member of Artemis Accords Family
The EU-Montenegro Joint Consultative Committee: Montenegro is advancing in the EU accession path
Montenegro Then And Now: 45 Years After Devastating Earthquake
NATO and Bosnia and Herzegovina continue to strengthen their cooperation through defence education activities
Bosnian Serbs threaten to secede if UN adopts resolution on Srebrenica genocide
Paris 2024 Olympic flame lit in Greece at ancient birthplace of the Games
Czech Prime Minister Fiala held talks with US President Biden at the White House
Speech by Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala at the Hudson Institute in Washington
France recalls its ambassador to Azerbaijan, accuses Baku of ‘damaging’ ties
What to read to understand Chechnya
Chechnya Bans Music That Isn’t Between 80 and 116 Beats Per Minute
Attack on Shahed factory in Tatarstan proves Ukraine’s ability to reach deep into Russia – British intel

April 17
First Sami Film Premieres on Netflix: “I Am Nervous”
Tate’s new Indigenous art fund taps into theme of Venice Biennale
Namibia’s Nama community rejects green-hydrogen port expansion
Ukraine’s Romani people face discrimination in Germany
Why The EU Should Look To Estonia To Achieve Its Vision For A Digital Europe
Two migrant trafficking organizations dismantled in Albania
PACE recommends that Kosovo* becomes a member of the Council of Europe
Dalmatian spot: kicking back on Croatia’s Dugi Otok island
What Would a Proactive Western Strategy on Belarus Look Like?
Petr Fiala discusses deeper Czech-U.S. cooperation in the U.S. Congress
Dark clouds over Azerbaijan
Georgia footballers protest against Tbilisi’s ‘foreign influence’ bill
Drones hit a Russian military facility in Mordovia

April 18
In Corsica, autonomy measure stirs debate and doubt
Campaign group launches vision for universal Welsh-medium education
The Minister of Liechtenstein predicts Azerbaijan’s return to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)
Spy scandal revives fears of Austrian exposure to Russia
EU, UN and Austria launch new project to improve air quality in Georgia
In Corsica, autonomy measure stirs debate and doubt
Latvia: Round-table to discuss the country’s progress in combating human trafficking
Minister: Denmark first to buy military aid for Ukraine from Ukrainian manufacturer
Better land policy and management on the horizon for Montenegro
Serbian military drill ramps up as relations with Kosovo deteriorate
Pro-Russia governor of Gagauzia falsely claims Moldovans don’t want to join EU
Moldovan youth is more than ready to join the EU
Congress Secretary General urges Bulgaria to advance fiscal decentralisation
Chechen minister runs afoul of police in Dagestan after refusing to stop vehicle
Russian Propaganda Tries to Pass Off Udmurtian Insignia as Belonging to ‘Canadian Mercenaries’

April 19
The UK is poorer without Erasmus – it’s time to rejoin the European exchange programme
EU leaders call for strengthening the EU’s competitiveness
Bulgaria likely won’t join eurozone in January 2025 despite government goal
Eurostat: Quarterly national accounts – GDP and employment
Royally stylish: The Princess of Liechtenstein whose wedding dress might have inspired the Duchess of Sussex
Finland: Stricter asylum and citizenship laws proposed by goverment
Finland urges EU to help end migrant influx from Russia
FIBA European Championship for Small Countries 2024
Poland Minister Sikorski holds talks with Prime Minister of Principality of Andorra
Slovenia Signs Artemis Accords, Joins Pursuit of Safer Space
Bosnian Serbs Defy Schmidt With Election, Referendum and Immunity Laws
Three decades on, Croatia’s Vukovar bears invisible scars of war
Croatia’s top court bars President Milanovic from becoming prime minister
Belgium & Czech Republic call for sanctions regime to counter Russian malign influence activities
Commonwealth and Cyprus sign MOU on Blue Charter Centre of Excellence
Armenia and Azerbaijan agree on ‘historic’ return of villages
New show in Tbilisi revisits Georgia’s Soviet-era as protests against ‘foreign agent’ law rage across the country
Kadyrov’s law enforcer harshly detained in Dagestan
Intelligence Report: The Ingush Jamaat and the Islamic State Wilayat Kavkaz

April 20
‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding:’ A shallow depiction of the Roma community
Armenian Border Residents Protest As Yerevan, Baku Agree On Delimitation

April 21
Serb majority in N. Kosovo boycotts vote on removing ethnic Albanian mayors
Kosovo*: Its Footnote Is Both A Blessing And A Curse
In Basque vote, a major breakthrough for left-wing separatist Bildu
Moldova Faces New Challenge From Restive Gagauzia Region
Bulgaria can’t join the eurozone in January. Here’s why.

April 22
April 22: Earth Day
The home of the Sami. From past to present
Spain: Basque nationalists and socialists renew the alliance in Vitoria and strengthen it in Madrid
European State of the Climate 2023
Lufthansa, Eurowings, Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines say “Yes to Europe”
Europe experiences widespread flooding and severe heatwaves in 2023
Romani family sues municipality of Rome for discrimination in housing at former ‘La Barbuta’ segregated camp
‘Unbroken’: Flanders provides €1.5 million for mental health support in Lviv
In Belgium, the Flemish far right is gaining ground ahead of the European elections
Does Russia pose real threat to Lithuania? Poll shows most Lithuanians think yes
Norway to provide Ukraine with new contributions for air defense
Finland Long Believed It Could Tame Russia. Now Moscow Is Enemy No. 1.
Basque separatists make historic gains but fail to win election outright
Nationalists, Socialist Party coalition to govern Basque Country
Territorial handover stokes protests in Armenia, celebrations in Azerbaijan
Two Georgians Illegally Detained by Russian Occupation Forces
Russia To Reinforce Finnish Border With Nuke-Capable Missiles; Poland Says Ready To Host US Nukes

April 23
303 April 23: Sant Jordi’s Day, Catalonia
Brexit ≠ Engxit: the fate of English in post-Brexit EU
Luxembourg’s free public transport to be extended across French border with new commuter scheme
Chair of the NATO Military Committee visits Luxembourg
The Ecosystem: Belgium’s self-reliant blockchain ecosystem
Berlin bans protesters from singing in Irish and Hebrew at pro-Palestine rally
Ireland forecasts €8.6bn budget surplus this year
Bringing Air Malta back from the dead… just to watch it die again
Moldova’s Restive Separatists, Russia Worries, and EU Aspirations
Armenia and Azerbaijan peace deal ‘closer than ever’ as countries start fixing common border
Azerbaijan launches first renewables auction
Abkhazia freezes assets of non-profit organisation citing tax evasion
Uzbekistan to export fruits and vegetables worth over 10 million euros to Bashkortostan, Russia
Pancreas vs. Putin: the Kremlin’s terminal Chechnya problem

April 24
1915 April 24: Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day
1916 April 24: Proclamation of the Irish Republic
The tiny republic of San Marino is alarmingly friendly to Russia
Russia, Ukraine Hold First In-Person Talks to Return Displaced Children
Russia, Ukraine to exchange displaced children in Qatar-brokered deal
Do you speak a ‘big’ global language? Here’s what my tiny language can teach you
Securitization and European Democracy Policy
Parliament celebrates the 20th anniversary of the EU’s biggest enlargement
Six Walloon communes pledge to support regional dialects
Screen Cornwall unveils first recipients of Cornish-language film initiative
The tiny republic of San Marino is alarmingly friendly to Russia
House prices in Andorra break records as demand soars
Serbia Convicts Yugoslav Army Soldiers of Kosovo Village Massacres
The 50th anniversary of Portugal’s Carnation Revolution – the peaceful uprising that toppled a dictatorship and ended a decade of colonial war
Greece: Orange Sahara dust haze descends over Athens
Moldova Prosecutors Send Crime File on Gagauzia Governor to Court
Bulgaria Minister urged to drop defamation lawsuit
[Czech Republic] Seeking Proposals: English Language and Soft Skills Courses for Roma Community
Pakistani smuggling network busted in Romania
Russia, Ukraine to exchange displaced children in Qatar-brokered deal
Armenians fear new war with Azerbaijan despite talk of peace
Church, Entire Village ‘Erased’ In Azerbaijan’s Recaptured Nagorno-Karabakh
Azerbaijan asserts itself as a regional power
Russia’s Bashkortostan hopes to develop trade operations with Azerbaijan
What Next for Chechnya After Kadyrov Reported Seriously Ill? Experts Weigh In
The Return to Circassia
Canada grants Airbus waiver against sanctions on Russian titanium

April 25
1974 April 25: Carnation Revolution in Portugal
Switzerland: Draft Investment Screening Act
Ghana’s vice President, Bawumia meets Pope Francis in historic Vatican visit
UK slams MEPs for saying Gibraltar is undermining Russian sanctions — and calling it a ‘colony’
UAE, Gibraltar set to remain on EU’s ‘high risk’ watchlist until September at earliest
From Catalonia to Kharkiv – local authorities lead zero waste success stories, new report shows
Portugal has to “pay costs” for its colonial past – President
Portugal marks 50 years of democracy with far right on rise
Greece’s Prime Minister Wants His Nation to Be the Comeback Story of the Decade
Lithuania rejects claim it launched drone attack against Belarus
Forgotten exodus: Tracing North Caucasian Muslim Diaspora’s odyssey

April 26
1937 April 26: Bombing of Guernica, Basque Country
1986 April 26: Chernobyl nuclear disaster
Andorra imposes language requirement on foreign residents
Applications Opens to Academy of Music in Liechtenstein
24 of the best things to do in Corsica
Asylum seekers trying to escape Rwanda policy fleeing to Ireland
Optimism is back in Norway’s economic outlook
Commission proposes Association Agreement with Andorra and San Marino to the Council
Andorra imposes language requirement on foreign residents
How a ragtag army defended Bosnia and Herzegovina against two aggressors
Czech Minister Lipavský Paid a Working Visit to Hungary
Uzbekistan Airways to launch flights from Tashkent to Makhachkala
Russia to Reopen Elista Airport Shuttered Since Ukraine Invasion

April 27
Open Day – Europe Day, 27 April 2024 – European Parliament in Strasbourg
The Chamber of Deputies of Luxembourg in support of Taiwan’s participation in the WHO and maintaining the status quo in the Taiwan Strait
Historic day for Croatia as the country receives first six Rafale fighters
Activists point to unifying significance of Circassian Flag Day

April 28
Calls for greater protection of Cornish language
Minardi reflects on tragic 1994 San Marino GP: “For me, Senna is still alive”
Portugal says no plans to pay colonial reparations

April 29
Faroese independence is suddenly back on the table
Remembering the Romani Holocaust in Slovakia
Brussels: During Romani Week, activists discuss the fight for equality and inclusion ahead of elections to the European Parliament
UK: Romani artist Delaine Le Bas nominated for the prestigious Turner Prize
In Austria, the far right leads the race for European parliamentary elections
Record amount invested in bicycle ‘highways’ in Flanders
How the mafia operates in France’s Corsica, out of tourists’ sight
Seven arrested in money laundering probe involving King Gaming on Isle of Man
Estonia blames Russia for GPS interference that forces Finnair to suspend flights
‘There are few opportunities for us here‘: Ukrainians start leaving Lithuania for home
Scotland’s leader Humza Yousaf resigns after a year in power, throwing his pro-independence party into chaos
Moldova eyes energy lever to topple Kremlin puppet regime in Transnistria
Wanted Romanian Prince Detained at Maltese Resort
20 years of free movement and Green Line trade in Cyprus bring people and communities together
Thousands protest in Georgia against controversial foreign influence law
Kadyrov Appoints Son, 16, As Supervisor Of Special Forces School In Chechnya
Russia, an armed group kills two police officers in the Karachaj-Cherkessia region – video

April 30
‘A lot of collective trauma’: Sweden’s Indigenous Sami people speak to truth commission
Eurozone and EU GDP grew by 0.3% q/q in Q1
Security Council hears of progress in Bosnia despite ‘worrying’ trend of genocide denial
Energy Transitions Podcast: Why Portugal is a European renewables success story
Russia Created a Network of Telegram Channels in Moldova, Transnistria, and Gagauzia to Spread Russian Propaganda
Commissioner Ferreira visits Hungary to see how Cohesion Policy is benefiting people and regions on the ground
Murmansk double killer pardoned to fight in Ukraine

May 1
1707 May 1: the Act of Union of Scotland and England
Scottish government survives no confidence vote after leader’s resignation
Station to station: the European language DJs taking radio to new realms
The 2nd China-Iceland Live Streaming Week is Held in Iceland
Tensions rise between Ireland and the UK over migration
Belarus’ Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya in Norway: Meetings with Foreign Minister, Oslo Mayor, and Culture Minister
Gaming: Wales zombie survival thriller enjoys chart success
In May, Vatican to offer special Marian tour of Pope’s gardens
Czech Republic mulls transition to Euro
Russia flaunts Western military hardware captured in war in Ukraine

May 2
Basque country’s Athletic Club top global ranking of home-grown players
Russia uninterested in Ukraine peace summit in Switzerland
The Road to Green 10: Discover grassroots environmentalism in Austria and Berlin
Presidents of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia issue joint statement on 20th anniversary of membership of Baltic States in EU
Migrants will be taught Irish language to help develop a ‘sense of identity’ in Ireland
What if Russia wins in Ukraine? Ask Georgia.
Ingushetia: Leila Gatagazheva transferred to house arrest

May 3
May 3: World Press Freedom Day
Sweden’s Sámi pay the price in Europe’s quest for copper
Song for Wales winner inspires fresh bid to get country its own Eurovision place
EITB launches Makusi for Basque children
Channel Islands dream of tunnel linking them to France
World Orienteering Championships 2029 awarded to Sweden
Song for Wales winner inspires fresh bid to get country its own Eurovision place
Belarus’ Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya met with leadership of Malta
Letter of Intent on Cooperation between the European Parliament and the Belarusian Democratic Forces
Russia repeats genocide on Crimean Tatars
Aphrodite On The Rocks? Cyprus’ First Gas Find Faces Uncertain Future
Flashpoint South Caucasus
Satellite Images Reveal Work at Russia’s New Black Sea Port
Turkey-Based Ingush Group Labeled ‘Undesirable’ in Russia
Karelian flag spotted in exhibition of “NATO trophies” from Ukraine in Karelia

May 4
1990 May 4: Latvian Independence Restoration Day
In Transcarpathia, the Romani blocked the TCC due to the mobilization of their comrades. Violators were charged with hooliganism
Founder of Wallonia-France unification party dies
Belgium’s ports drowning under glut of Chinese electric cars: ‘Some are parked here for a year, sometimes more’
Crimean Tatar leader’s aide detained at Chisinau airport

May 5
Europe Day 2024 : video message from CoE Secretary General
French Politician Attacks Woman After Being Egged In Corsica
Gagauz Factor in Moldovan Politics: Russia Versus the EU
Czech Republic: The rise and rise of Daniel Křetínský

May 6
Over 40,000 people gathered in Palma to protest against government’s policies to undermine Catalan, the official language
Europe Day is an Open Day!
Power link between Sweden and Lithuania goes offline
The rise of Sweden’s super rich
Pope receives President of Albania
Portugal poised for more World Rally Championship action
Polish judge begs asylum in Belarus
Is Chechnya preparing for Kadyrov’s demise — and what could come next?

May 7
Sámi Museum named European Museum of the Year 2024
Eurozone retail sales for March see biggest surge in 18 months
Austria hit with a wave of antisemitic attacks since 7 October
New NATO trick: Finland stores equipment in Norway, spurred by Russia’s range
John Swinney elected as new Scotland leader
EU announces deal with Andorra and San Marino – just don’t mention finance
Rainfall allows Catalonia to ease water restrictions for first time since drought began
Greece Slams Turkey for Reopening Former Orthodox Church as Mosque
Abkhazian Foreign Minister fired and ‘summoned for questioning’
Trouble in Tbilisi: How Europeans can keep Georgia’s European dream alive
Regional Official Arrested for Bribery in Russia’s Bashkortostan
Arkhangelsk authorities take people’s benefits to support the Ukraine war

May 8
Luxembourg Architecture City Guide: 23 Projects to Explore in the Grand Duchy
OFAC de-lists Sberbank (Switzerland) from Russia sanctions list
Chair of the NATO Military Committee visits Belgium
Estonia summons Russian chargé d’affaires after its GPS system is jammed
Norway’s Arctic is scene of new ‘Cold War’ between Russians, Ukrainians
China President Xi Jinping Holds Talks with President Aleksandar Vučić of Serbia
Serbia to Xi Jinping: No one reveres you like we do
Fresh Data About Romania’s IT&C Industry: ANIS Presents Its New Study and Awards the Change-Makers
Three children of Nina Tseretilova return to Dagestan
Witnesses in case against believers in Kalmykia reject investigators’ version

May 9
1950 May 9: Schuman Declaration, Europe Day
Europe Day: celebrating solidarity, democracy and diversity
US: Europe Day
Record number of people moved from one region to another in Belgium in 2023
Faroe Islands town gets a landmark row club clad in timber
The Isle of Man TT Is Coming, So Here’s a Reminder How Fast These Motorcycles Go
World’s largest air capture plant opens in Europe. Is it really a ‘misguided scientific experiment’?
Estonia had discussed sending non-front line troops to Ukraine: General
What is behind the Malta hospital scandal that has led to charges against former PM Joseph Muscat?
Further blow to Malta’s reputation as Central Bank chief charged in massive bribery scandal
North Macedonia’s right-wing opposition scores victory in elections
Croatia’s ruling conservatives embrace far-right party in new government
Analysis: Is the West losing a battle with China for Serbia’s heart?
Movies: Basque Country Highlights Emerging Talents at Pioneering Showcase
China’s Xi meets Orban in Hungary
Abkhazian opposition figures express support for Georgia’s foreign agent law protesters
Chechen Demands in Dagestan Threaten to Destabilize Entire North Caucasus

May 10
1877 May 10: Romania Independence Day
Australian bishops approve Indigenous liturgy for Vatican review
EU: Foreign language skills statistics
The Palestinian who almost represented Iceland at Eurovision
How dirty Russian money taught Latvia to get serious on sanctions
Baltics, Poland, & Finland agree on uniform implementation of EU Russia sanctions & export controls
Thousands march in Sweden’s Malmo against Israel’s Eurovision participation
San Marino: Minister of the Government talks about a potential withdrawal from Eurovision!
EU Policy. Malta loses its Commissioner nominee over hospital corruption scandal
Albania, Serbia Plan Joint Bid for 2027 European Youth Football Tournament
Xi’s visit to Hungary long on symbolism, short on cash
Under Russian Occupation, Crimean Tatars Face a Campaign of Erasure
80 Years of Pain: Ukraine calls for recognition of 1944 Crimean Tatar genocide on 80th anniversary
Woman human rights defender and journalist Lutfiye Zudieva received a warning from Russian de-facto authorities
Armenian protestors march against territorial concessions to Azerbaijan
Drone sets oil refinery on fire in Russia’s Bashkortostan in first such case
Section of five-story building collapses in Pechora, Komi Republic, Russia

May 11
Europe’s Forgotten Children
European TrailO Championships: success for Norway and Czechia in Relay
With a surprise cross-border attack, Russia ruthlessly exposes Ukraine’s weaknesses
Georgia protest against ‘Russian law’ draws tens of thousands in Tbilisi

May 12
41st #HerriUrrats, the Basque youth festival, calls for more support for Euskararen Erakunde Publikoa and Basque-medium education in Iparralde
Nemo’s hometown celebrates Eurovision win for Switzerland
Greece reacts to North Macedonian president’s swearing-in speech
Spain’s Socialists hail ‘new era’ in Catalonia following election win
Tatarstan-Turkey Economic Relations and Implications for Russian Geopolitics

May 13
Ar Redadeg, the sponsored run for Breton which supports important Breton language projects, will run (????) from 17-25th May
Could Belgium’s historic labour law for sex workers usher change across Europe?
Fearing Russian invasion Estonia’s civilians heed their country’s call to arms
Zaha Hadid Architects Wins Competition for Riga Ropax Terminal in Latvia
Lithuania’s citizenship referendum fails to pass constitutional amendments
Nausėda and Šimonytė make it to runoffs in rerun of 2019 presidential election
Croeso i Gymru! Wales becomes first UK nation to launch metaverse experience
Orcas sink sailing yacht in Strait of Gibraltar
North Macedonia president stokes controversy at inauguration
Catalan independence is, like, so 2017
‘Catalonia punishes independentism’: Socialists win big in regional election
Catalonia: Separatists lose majority, Socialists make gains
Portugal is no longer a problem for Europe
ILO supports online technical exchange between China and Portugal on social protection coverage extension for platform workers
EU must start ‘real’ accession talks with Ukraine, Moldova this summer – Lithuanian PM
Bulgaria’s first hydrogen charging station inaugurated, a significant milestone towards green mobility

May 14
EU Arctic Forum and Indigenous Peoples’ Dialogue
OpenAI rival Anthropic launches chatbot Claude in Europe to give users more choice
New report decries Europe’s failure to respect the rights of Romani children
Liechtenstein to host Hong Kong in city’s first ever football match in Europe
Pride of place for Corsica’s natural gems and passion of sport
Land of dragons and jank: I took a trip to Wales in the metaverse
How ‘Doctor Who’ Exec Producers Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner Helped Transform South Wales Into a Buzzing Hive of Production
Repression grips Russia’s Bashkortostan months after shock protests

May 15
France to deploy army to New Caledonia over riots
Online Shopping Threatens Climate, Nature and Indigenous Europeans
Eurozone inflation to fall faster than expected, EU says
Forty Pilot Whales Killed in First Faroe Islands Grind of 2024
Tender opens for Channel Island ferry services
Lithuania makes ‘minimal’ progress on LGBTQ rights – ILGA-Europe report
In Wales, Europe’s first Black national leader sees racism resurging
Lessons from an American about pintxos in the Basque Country
Slovakia’s Prime Minister shot outside Bratislava
‘Lone wolf’ suspect charged in shooting of Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico
How the Ukraine war brought China and Russia closer together
New protests erupt in Georgia after parliament passes ‘foreign agent’ law
Ingushetia: Leila Gatagazheva’s defence treats her return to SIZO as unjustified cruelty
Two Airports Temporarily Closed In Russia’s Tatarstan After Drone Attack

May 16
1944 May 16: Day of Sinti, Romani and Roma resistance
EU Projects Higher Growth in Eurozone
Theatre show gives Roma and Gypsy families a voice
Netherlands: Coalition parties introduce stricter migration and integration measures
Dutch Government Veers to Far Right With Newly Formed Coalition Dominated by Wilders
Happiest people in Baltics live in Estonia – survey
EU grants project of common interest status to CCS scheme in Latvia and Lithuania
Scotland’s Momentum Films Launches at Cannes, Looks to South Asia With Diverse Projects
Vatican City to face first ever class action
Spain, UK ‘Getting Closer’ To Gibraltar Deal
Post-Brexit deal on border between Gibraltar and Spain remains unresolved
Improving Governance for Better Public Services in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Slovakia PM Robert Fico in stable but serious condition after shooting, doctors say
Uzbekistan: Icon of Crimean Tatar cause reflects on exile, 80 years on
‘I side with European Georgia’ – Lithuanian FM addresses protesters in Tbilisi
Türkiye ranks as largest investor in Tatarstan: Envoy to Moscow

May 17
1814 May 17: Constitution Day, Norway
1863 May 17: Galician Literature Day, Galicia
1990 May 17: International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia
May 17, third Friday in May: Endangered Species Day
Liechtenstein legalizes same-sex marriage in near-unanimous vote
Moldova’s Breakaway Transnistria Releases Anti-war Activist
Key weeks ahead for Russia’s war in Ukraine
Time to recognise the Crimean Tatar genocide

1944 May 18: Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Crimean Tatar genocide
1864 May 21: Circassian Genocide Memorial Day
2006 May 21: Montenegro Independence Day
May 21: World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
May 22: International Day for Biological Diversity
1948 May 25: Day of Heroes of Fight Against Totalitarianism
1918 May 26: Georgia Independence Day
1918 May 28: Armenia Independence Day
1918 May 28: Azerbaijan Republic Day
1969 June: LGBT Pride Month
1962 June 2: Novocherkassk massacre, RF
1523/1809/1974 June 6: National Day of Sweden
1944 June 6: D-Day/Normandy landings
1905 June 7, Norway: Independence Day/Union Dissolution Day
1940 June 14: Soviets shoot down Finnish commercial airliner Kaleva returning from Tallinn to Helsinki
1941 June 14: Soviet Mass Deportations from Baltic States:
1904 June 16: Bloomsday
1944 June 17: Icelandic National Day
1953 June 17: Uprising of 1953 in East Germany
2006 June 18: Catalan Statute of Autonomy referendum
June 20: World Refugee Day
1792 June 21: Iolo Morganwg founds Gorsedd of Wales