Asia: Trials and Indifference

Turkey thanked Kurdistan for its Earthquake Response with Military Strikes
Challenging times ahead for Laos’s new prime minister

Death toll climbs to 33,000 people in Turkey-Syria earthquake
The Carefully Managed Trials Of Karakalpak Protesters
US Holds Drills in South China Sea Amid Tensions With China
East Timor faces economic challenges ahead of joining ASEAN

1913 February 13: Tibetan Independence Day
United Arab Emirates to host the 71st Miss World pageant
Iraq, Kurdistan Region Discuss Disputed Areas, Federal Budget
India, Nepal agree to boost economic and development ties
China plans Aksai Chin railway to connect Tibet, Xinjiang
Iain Duncan Smith accuses Xinjiang governor of ‘murder’ at Uyghur protest
How a new Vietnam-Indonesia deal will affect South China Sea disputes
Hmong is a ‘dying’ language – but it’s being preserved at this Fresno school

2011 February 14: Day of Rage (Bahrain)
Putin’s War in Ukraine Hitting Russia’s Numerically Smallest Nations Hardest
Hackers target Bahrain airport, news sites to mark uprising
Secretary Blinken’s Meeting with United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed
Kyrgyzstan to host Russia-led defence bloc drills
Nepal, India skip contentious issues at Kathmandu talks
More Minnus, Droupadis: Every tribal success story is a reminder how much govts need to do for genuine Adivasi empowerment
Xinjiang governor cancels Europe trip after outcry from politicians and activists
Marcos summons Beijing envoy over laser use in South China Sea
US Renews Warning It’ll Defend Philippines After China Spat
Timor-Leste Changes Law to Enforce Portuguese in Schools
Singapore faces a ‘delicate balancing act’ amid weak economy and inflation, says deputy PM
Voice of Democracy, one of Cambodia’s last independent media outlets, has been shut down

Sri Lanka, India to sign power grid linking pact within two months – envoy

UN votes unanimously to extend sanctions on Yemen’s Houthis
Avalanches kill at least 20 people in Tajikistan
Two Years Later: The Campaign to Protect Maldives’ Waves
China Sanctions US Companies Following Arms Sales to Taiwan
Holding out against China in a row over reefs
Laos, Cambodia pledge to enhance business cooperation
Cambodia placed on watchlist of ‘repressive’ states: CIVICUS
UN experts warn of ‘catastrophic consequences’ if Rohingya refugee rations are cut

Russia Is Down, But Not Out, in Central Asia
India: Railways to run special train covering Sikh pilgrimage sites
Mongolian PM sees South Korea as customer and gateway for rare metals trade
Taiwan finds crash site of suspected Chinese weather balloon
Tackling taboos: Japanese university club teaches Ainu traditions

Qatar-based bid for Man United confirmed on deadline day
Yazidi activist calls on Baghdad to help Shingal returnees
Reexports To Russia: How The Ukraine War Made Trade Boom In Kyrgyzstan

No elections jeopardizes legitimacy of Kurdistan Region, says President Barzani
Nepal and India to build two cross-border transmission lines, stepping up energy partnership
Two Decades After Muthanga, Kerala’s Adivasis Continue to Struggle for Constitutional Rights

Syrian president visits Oman in 1st trip abroad since quake
Aziz Abdullah: Uyghur asylum-seeker death heaps pressure on Thailand

February 21: International Mother Language Day
‘Disappointment’ in Brussels after Israel expels MEP on official visit to Palestine
UAE opens interfaith center as symbol of tolerance, but religious strictures remain
Uzbekistan presents its products at the Chinese Expo Center
Artificial urban islands could supply homes in Maldives as waters rise
Why Did Bangladesh’s Kuki Chin Flee to India’s Northeast?
200 years of Sikh-Canadian history on display in Woodstock, Ont., museum exhibit
World Sindhi Congress holds protest in UK against enforced disappearances cases
Marking Losar, the Tibetan New Year
India ties up with Singapore for its first real-time overseas payments link
A collection of rare centuries-old jewelry returns to Cambodia

What’s true and what’s false in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s state of the nation speech
Making learning fun in Palestine – the Multi-Year Resilience Programme
Govt, opposition demand national language status for Sindhi
Members decry delay in declaring Sindhi a national language
The Ainu People And Their Ancestral Lands

Anvita Abbi: ‘Indigenous languages being killed’
Russian Military Decides Against Probe Into Alleged Beating Of Soldiers Mobilized From Tyva
Oman joins Saudi in opening its airspace for Israeli carriers
Holy See and Sultanate of Oman establish full diplomatic relations
Lebanon central bank governor faces corruption charges
Gaza-Israel exchange of fire follows deadly West Bank raid
Israel launches airstrikes on Gaza after rocket attacks as violence escalates
Strong earthquake strikes Tajikistan, near border with China
Nepal’s stated policy keeps it from joining China’s Global Security Initiative
Scores missing after large mine collapse in China’s Inner Mongolia
Global Losar celebrations support Tibetan cultural preservation

Ukraine war: The Russian region with high casualties where an army contract is big money
The United States Takes Sweeping Actions on the One Year Anniversary of Russia’s War Against Ukraine
Five unmissable dishes that define the Maldives
Pakistan: Members of Sindh Assembly demand national language status for Sindhi
China Blasts Pentagon Official’s Taipei Visit Amid Flurry of US-Taiwan Exchanges
Bird Flu Outbreak Confirmed in Cambodia

1950 February 25: Kuwait National Day
Dozens Of Coffins Stacked In Novosibirsk Airport Hint At Soaring Russian Losses In Ukraine
Russia’s Regional Arts Struggle On After Year of War
Daniil Medvedev outlasts evergreen Andy Murray to claim Qatar Open title
Reporter’s Notebook: Karakalpakstan Trials Test Justice in Uzbekistan
Love for Sindhi language brings together Indian and Pakistani expats in Dubai

A Fight for Survival: What Victory Looks Like to Putin
Suicides by Dalit, Adivasi students worrying: CJI

Israel-Palestine: UN envoy gravely concerned over killings and retaliatory attacks
Israeli settlers rampage after Palestinian gunman kills two
Amid tensions, Jordan hosts Palestinian-Israeli talks
Under pressure: Houthis target Yemeni government with economic warfare
A Gas OPEC? Turkmenistan Being Pushed To Follow Russia’s Lead In Gas Games
Blinken backs Kazakhstan sovereignty as Ukraine raises fears
Communist rift plunges Nepal’s ruling coalition into crisis
He came to Kansas City to escape the Taliban. Now he’s warning others of genocide in Afghanistan

1947 February 28: 2.28 Incident in Taiwan
Expanding the Scope of Oman’s Israel Boycott?
Israel releases settlers arrested after anti-Palestinian attacks
Twitter under fire for censoring Palestinian public figures
UN says at least 50,000 killed in Turkey and Syria quakes
India Revives Civil Militia After Hindu Killings in Kashmir
Is Sikh Militancy Returning to India’s Punjab State?
Amritpal Singh: The self-styled preacher raising fears in India’s Punjab
Who is Amritpal Singh, the radical Sikh leader from Indian state of Punjab dubbed as ‘Bhindranwale 2.0’?
Putting Mongolia on the digital map: Bolor-Erdene Battsengel
Joint Statement on Advancing the U.S.-Mongolia Economic Partnership
North Korea’s Kim Jong-un sounds alarm on agriculture amid reports of food shortages
The Dalai Lama on the Gratitude He Feels Looking Back at His Escape From Tibet
Volkswagen sees no sign of forced labor at its plant in Xinjiang
Japan and Australia may conduct South China Sea patrols with U.S. and Philippines, ambassador says
‘Everywhere they go, the Rohingya are exploited’

Formula One drivers urged to speak up for human rights in Bahrain
Pushing Kurdistan into the abyss
Turkish drone kills two members of local Yazidi security forces in northern Iraq
China’s Rise Reverberates in Tajikistan
Critical for Kazakhstan to pursue oil export options outside of Russia, investor says
Blinken wraps up Central Asia tour before G20 talks in India
The impact of China’s expanding footprint in Uzbekistan’s automobile industry
Patriarchies: How An Adivasi Woman Has To Fight Multiple Oppressions
Hong Kong ends mask mandate after 945 days
Japan and Australia may join Philippine S China Sea patrols

March 2: Baloch Culture Day
US condemns Israel far right minister’s call for Palestinian town ‘to be erased’
Curious about the motorcycle club wearing turbans? They want to talk with you
Sindhi community asserts its Sanatani Hindu identity, says imposition of Sikh customs not acceptable in Sindhi temples

Kem Sokha: Rights groups condemn Cambodia opposition leader’s 27-year sentence

Lebanon paralysis grows as security chief bows out
Israel sees one of its biggest-ever protests
Kashmir at epicentre of India’s spate of internet shutdowns
For Sindhis, Holi is the time for gheeyar
Hong Kong court convicts 3 activists who organized Tiananmen vigils

1991 March 5: Kurdish National Uprising in Iraq
Max Verstappen cruises to victory in season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix
Who Are Kuki Chins And Why Are They Taking Refuge In India
British Sikh MP Preet Kaur Gill gets threatening email saying ‘watch your back’

After jailing antiwar activist Natalia Filonova, authorities in Buryatia send her adopted son to remote orphanage
Kuwait’s Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah reappointed PM
Lebanon leans on US dollar to cope as currency, economy tank
Uzbekistan: Second Karakalpakstan trial nears end amid general indifference
Balochistan: Nine security officers killed in suicide attack in Pakistan
Fire rips through Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh leaving thousands homeless
For the first time, a Hmong story heads for the opera

EU reforms travel rules after transport chief’s free flights to Qatar
Qatar’s emir names new PM, carries out cabinet reshuffle
Readout of President Joe Biden’s Call with Sultan of Oman Haitham bin Tariq Al Said
Unions in Kyrgyzstan push to ratify ILO C190
China Loses Ground in Nepal
An Adivasi journalist quits the newsroom to embrace YouTube
Mongolia: 2023 Dzud Early Action & Response Plan
China closes sacred temple around Tibetan National Uprising Day

Sri Lanka leader says IMF deal imminent after China’s pledge
How are China’s neighbors viewing Beijing’s military plans?
From St. Paul’s East Side to the stage, Kao Kalia Yang’s ‘The Song Poet’ is first Hmong story adapted to opera

While Moscow Could Not Afford It, China Will Build Railway North to Sakha
Kuwait to empower women as ‘equal partners,’ says minister
Lebanon: Electricity Crisis Exacerbates Poverty, Inequality
ISIS bride who chained five-year-old Yazidi slave girl in the sun and let her die of thirst faces tougher new sentence
How, and Why, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan Shut Down the Internet
Inflation Continues Its Steady Upward Rise in Laos
UN Says It Needs $876 Million for Rohingya Refugee Crisis

1959 March 10: Tibetan Uprising Day
Chinese tourists are returning to Nepal after three years
Remembering China’s invasion, cultural destruction, and ongoing repression in Tibet: Sherap Therchin for Inside Policy

UAE welcomes Iran-Saudi deal as ‘important step for regional stability, prosperity’
Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom review – Bhutan school drama is a breath of fresh air
Adivasis hold protest demanding land, forest rights

Russia declares World Wildlife Fund and others ‘foreign agents’
Remains of Sakhalin Ainu, who faced troubled history, set to return to Japan for 1st time

Kyrgyzstan: Exiled Russians facing pressure for anti-war stance
Houthis Release 117 Prisoners, Begin Exchange Talks With Yemen
Is Putin About to Get His Gas Union With Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan?
Bhutan: Free Long-Term Political Prisoners
How Bhutan graduated from the ‘Least Developed Country’ status
New Hopes Emerging for the People of Tibet in the Changing World
Singapore’s Banking System Remains Sound and Resilient

2008 March 14: Tibetan Unrest
Putin tells aircraft factory workers in Buryatia how he was tricked
Two Toxic Commodities, Two Crimean Wars, and Other Wrong Historical Analogies
Not just casinos: Macao reimagines tourism post-pandemic
Mongolia looks to copper to transform stagnant economy
Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act Statistics
China exerts control over internet cable projects in South China Sea

Spirit of Fire Film Festival in Khanty-Mansiysk Addresses Development of Northern Film Industry
China, Russia and Iran hold joint naval drills in Gulf of Oman
Maldives parliament considers amendment restricting journalists’ coverage of elections
Mongolia to decide on gas pipeline route after Russia-China cost agreement
Carving a way forward: Toru Kaizawa on preserving Ainu traditions in Hokkaido

1988 March 16: Halabja Massacre, Kurdistan
CPJ calls on Uzbek authorities to ensure Karakalpak journalists are not imprisoned for their work
Honduras to switch ties from Taiwan to China, says president

An Afghan-Hazara girl wins a gold medal at Gujarat University

1971 March 26: Bangladesh Independence Day
1976 March 30: Land Day, Palestine
April: Hmong Heritage Month
1805 April 2: Children’s Book Day/Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday
1949 April 4: Founding of NATO
April 8: International Romani day
April 14: Rememberance day of Al-Anfal genocide campaign against Kurdistan
April 17/Nissan 27: Yom HaShoah, Israeli Holocaust Remembrance Day
1946 April 17: Evacuation Day, Syria
1975 April 17: Khmer Rouge Killing Fields, Cambodia