Birth in the Pacific

China could be preparing for ‘water war’ in Asia after completing serial dams in Tibet
Ukraine marks anniversary of Euromaidan protest on Day of Dignity and Freedom
1943 November 22: Lebanese Independence Day
Kremlin is preparing invasion of Ukraine, intelligence agencies claim
US intelligence shows preparations for rapid Russian push into Ukraine
More lives will be lost on Poland-Belarus border without rapid de-escalation and cooperation on all sides
EU Commissioner faults Lukashenka regime for creating migration crisis
Belarus artist Ales Pushkin sent to psychiatric hospital for examination
Jordan parliament begins debate on constitutional changes
Foxes With Deformed Feet, Missing Ears, Diseased Eyes Found on ‘High-Welfare’ Fur Farms
Hamas official says Qatar enables fuel-to-cash scheme for Gaza civil servants
Six Inuit snatched by Denmark 70 years ago demand compensation
Most ever newborns in Iceland this year?
‘Drunk and armed’: Poland publishes video of Belarusian officer asking for cigarettes over border fence
Rod Stewart attacks Boris Johnson and discusses Scottish independence in Spanish media
Plaid Cymru and Labour unveil three year cooperation agreement that promises ‘radical change’
Catalan pro-independence MP on trial for disobedience over yellow ribbons
Portugal becomes the fourth EU country to stop using coal to generate electricity
New Zealand ending pandemic curbs, adopting a system of living with virus
Yerevan Claim That Armenian Soldier Was Killed By Azerbaijani Forces Is Denied By Baku
Haiti gang releases 2 of 17 abducted U.S., Canadian missionaries
It Denies COVID And Wants Out Of NATO And The EU. Now Bulgaria’s Pro-Kremlin, Far-Right Revival Party Is In Parliament.
Far-right lawmaker, liberal activist advance to runoff in Chile presidential election
Bulgarian President Refers To Crimea As ‘Russian’
Bulgarian President Rumen Radev cruises to another five-year term
EU Delegation Discusses Cooperation, Situation In Afghanistan With Central Asian Nations
Island anger: Guadeloupe closes schools after COVID rioting
Former Japan envoy says awareness of human rights violations low in China
Prayer events to mark 60 years since West Papuan ‘birth’ in the Pacific
Palau faces the dragon
Duhok International Film Festival showcases Afghan films
IHS Announces ​​$46.4 Million Available for Tribal Behavioral Health Programs
Invisible scars result from patriarchal tolerance of gender-based violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina
‘Neglect at home, profits abroad’: Cuba’s medical system
Watchdog orders funeral plan providers compensate Aboriginal customers over deceptive conduct
‘Being Adivasi’: 7th volume of ‘Rethinking India’ series released
Somaliland launches revamped Berbera Airport
5 extinct ethnic groups that used to live in Russia
Glasgow delivered, but what, exactly?
Sulaimani security forces use tear gas, rubber bullets to disperse student protesters
The Torture of Four Female Political Prisoners in Nicaragua
Slow Connection at Checkouts at Cuba’s USD Stores
Ortega as Seen by Governments that Violate Human Rights
Early Warning Brief: A New Chinese National Security Bureaucracy Emerges
China warns Taiwan firms against ‘backing independence’
‘unequal civil war’: Hong Kong man accused of throwing water bottle sentenced to 28 months in prison for rioting
20-year-old Hong Kong activist Tony Chung sentenced to 3 years and 7 months for secession and money laundering
Love and Fury: Sterlin Harjo’s New Doc Premieres December 3
Build Back Better Pell Grant Increase is a Step Forward in Honoring Treaty Obligations for Education
The ignored, unwanted, and unforgiven
Could Jamaica’s ‘wickedest city’ become a UNESCO World Heritage Site?
Sense of New Caledonia December referendum questioned
World Uyghur Congress urges Canada to take refugees, block Chinese imports
Efforts on to promote tribal products in national, global markets, says official
Be More Bothered About Terrorists, Bandits In The North, Not Kanu—Igbo Youths Lambast Northern Counterparts For Opposing IPOB Leader’s Release
French & Indigenous Languages To Get A Federal Push
Local Maya Immigrants Seek Services — And Visibility — In Their Indigenous Languages
International Basque gathering Jaialdi postponed until 2025
Kazakh Ex-President To Give Up Leadership Of Ruling Party
Tibetan university graduates are finding it hard to get work in Tibet’s capital Lhasa
Blasts Rock Serbian Munitions Factory, Killing Two
Lukashenko wants to create confusion, divide and gain legitimacy
Putin To Host Meeting With Armenian, Azerbaijani Leaders In Sochi
25% of school instruction in Catalonia must be given in Spanish
Seismic Shift Under Way In Bosnia After Pledge To End Coal Industry
Ukrainian army and western unity could prevent Russian attack
Cambodian opposition activist slashed to death during festival
Between bad, worse and worst: Europe faces tough tests this winter
Libya to construct solar plant with Total Energies
Estonian MP: Ukraine is an obsession for Russia
Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed vows to lead troops in war against rebels
Juozas Jakavonis, nicknamed Tigras, one of Lithuania’s last surviving anti-Soviet partisans dies of Covid
Vaccine scepticism hits Gambia’s polio campaign
EU Must Stand Up to China’s Hegemony by Backing Lithuania on Taiwan
Niger’s Great Green Wall tentatively comes to life
Sweden becomes first non-NATO partner with Patriot
‘Healing by the hair’: Togolese hairdressers help fight mental health
Swedish military cooperation with Finland reinforced
#TheSame: Hungarian media defy ban on publishing LGBT+ content for children
‘We have a totally different management style’: what makes Sweden the world’s most responsive government?
China Using Forced Uyghur Labor, Exploiting Complex Supply Chain
BBC interviews Lukashenka in Minsk amid migrant crisis
Greenland Strips Chinese Mining Firm of License for Iron Ore Deposit
Japan, Vietnam to cooperate on space defense, cybersecurity amid concerns about China
Belarus border issue is attempt to destabilise EU – EU executive
West and Central Africa have highest numbers of child soldiers
Employees at Belarusian Enterprises Are Fired en Masse According to Special Lists
Philippine Supply Boats Reach Marines at China-guarded Shoal
Attacks Of Illegal Migrants And Belarusian Security Forces On Polish Border Become More Aggressive
India Arrests Prominent Kashmiri Rights Activist Under Anti-Terror Law
Russian-controlled forces in Donbass raise combat readiness
Hong Kong court sends 20-year-old student activist to prison for pro-democracy work
Supporting community resilience in eastern Ukraine
EU extends human rights sanctions, including on Chinese officials
Tibetan party members in Tsolho Prefecture subjected to severe restrictions on religious practices at home
CCP Operates Parliamentarians to propagate Beijing’s Narrative on Tibet in Italy
Maldives: India first or India out?
Ortega Defies Inter-American Court… refuses to release 21 political prisoners
Unnecessary check-posts being removed in Balochistan
Syndicate Among Nigerian Security Operatives Selling Body Parts Of Detained South-Easterners – IPOB Alleges
How recognising Somaliland can help India gain greater influence
Escalation in Western Sahara sparks arms race between Morocco, Algeria
Tatarstan President suggests naming Kazan the City of first printed Quran in Islamic world
UFC newcomer wants apology from Conor McGregor for talking ‘bad’ about Dagestan
6 Native American Artists You Should Listen to Right Now
From language to religion, Haitian culture bears Indigenous Taino influences
Occupiers detain more than 30 people in Crimea, including four journalists
Freddie Mercury’s timeless ‘Barcelona’ remembered on the singer’s 30th death anniversary
Bosnia and Herzegovina is on the brink of collapse
NATO ambassador: US remains critical for Estonia, Europe security
The view from Northern Ireland on the UK-EU post-Brexit trade dispute
CCP Times: Lithuanian politicians, Nathan Law are West’s tools to do ‘dirty work’
EU wouldn’t have plan to be climate neutral without Greta Thunberg
CCP Times: China gets tougher on reckless Lithuania, as Baltic politicians kidnap national interest
Slovakia becomes the second European country to go into lockdown as COVID cases surge
What next for the refugees stranded between Belarus and Poland?
Somalia Declares Humanitarian Emergency as Drought Worsens
Stanislau Shushkevich: The Regime Is de Facto at War With Poland
Tsikhanouskaya Urges The EU To Do More For Belarusians, The ‘Forgotten Europeans’
Qatar detains 2 Norway journalists amid World Cup coverage
Released After 18 Years In Prison, Dissident Kazakh Poet Aron Atabek Dies After COVID-19 Hospitalization
Magdalena Andersson resigns just hours after being voted Sweden’s first female prime minister
Ethiopia expels Irish diplomats over Ireland’s stance on war
Jan Jambon tells Belgian ports to ‘prepare for Scottish independence’
Israeli airstrike on central Syria leaves 2 dead, 7 wounded
Transport for Wales working on AI and big data-driven bus network as part of pilot scheme
Serbian activists rally against laws on expropriation and referendum
Spanish government urged not to execute ruling on language minimums in schools
North Korean sentenced to death after students caught watching Squid Game
China slams Taiwan’s invite to Biden democracy summit, fines Taiwan
Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed officially joins the battlefront
Malawi requests Mike Tyson to be its global cannabis ambassador
Burundi organizes first Africa’s international women’s cycling tour
Russia’s military build-up near Ukraine is different this time
4th Thursday in November: Thanksgiving, United States
1975 November 25: Suriname Independence Day
North Korea: Law, but not as we know it
Dark days for Honiara in the shadow of geopolitics
Trouble on the Mekong
“Better to fight than to stand still thinking that the UN or peace will bring you freedom”
Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam vows to ‘plug loopholes’ in internet regulation, and ‘supervise and manage the media’
Representing in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: Wampanoag Elders Provide a Blessing and Land Acknowledgement
Truth-telling central to quashing myth Aboriginal Tasmanians ‘extinct’, treaty report says
Anti-lockdown activists spreading dangerous ‘lies’ about COVID response in Indigenous communities
Three Adivasi rebels surrender with arms before 18 Garwal Army and Digboi police
Sindhi novelist Rasool Memon dies
Armenian Yazidi Rights Activist Goes On Trial For ‘Incitement’
Hazara elders pledge support for Taliban
Rough road to market for Somaliland farmers in Erigabo
Morocco accused of “greenwashing occupation” of Western Sahara
Dynastic Propaganda: How Kadyrov weaponizes his sons to secure his bloodline
Assembly of First Nations announces 13 delegates to meet Pope Francis at the Vatican
Indigenous tribes push to preserve Native American food culture
Indigenous languages need to thrive, but funding isn’t there say language educators
Across the globe, the diversity of language overlaps with that of the natural world
American Indian/Indigenous Languages Seminar extends reach, becomes inclusive forum
Remembering Diego Maradona’s time in Barcelona
Slovakian government apologises for forced sterilisations of Roma women
North Korea bans leather coats to stop citizens from copping leader’s iconic look
Luxembourg: does the nation’s art help to explain its elusive identity?
Russian, Belarusian fighter jets jointly patrol Belarus border
Australia Sending Troops to Solomon Islands as Unrest Grows
Chinese authorities destroy dome a Uyghur exile built for his hometown in Xinjiang
NYC Event Supports Writers Imprisoned in Russian-Occupied Ukraine, Crimea
A Tatar restaurant cooks meals for migrants in Poland’s freezing forests
Philippines rejects China’s demand to remove ship from shoal
Guinea: Residents demand justice for late rape victim, M’Mah Sylla
‘Get up!’ Pope prays that Lebanon can get back on its feet
Russia arrests, fines 30 Crimean Tatars celebrating release of their unjustly imprisoned lawyer with a 50-kilo cake
Putin says Russia will offer good gas deal to Serbia
Libya’s election body bars Gaddafi’s son from vying for presidency
Gambia investigators urge justice for abuses under Jammeh
Church of Sweden apologizes for abuse of the Sámi People
Israel pushes for better Iran deal amid military buildup
Al-Shabab claims responsibility for latest blast in Somalia
Two Tunisian governors detained on suspicion of graft
Europe’s ‘last dictator’: Who is Belarus’s Alexander Lukashenko?
Burkina Faso extends internet suspension
Government announces ‘Union Division’ of British Army in ‘Future Soldier’ restructure
Mali tour guides transformed into battlefield interpreters
Welsh princess portrayed as ‘seductress of the English’ was a ‘victim of sexual abuse’ claims historian
UAE general accused of torture elected as Interpol president
Urdd to attempt World Record online sing-along as part of 100th birthday celebrations
November 26: Remembrance Day for the Victims of Holodomors in Ukraine
‘How Do You Say That Again?’: The Grief & Guilt Of Language Loss For Second-Gen Immigrants
Planning ‘direct channel’ with China, we’re dying a ‘slow death’: Tibetan govt-in-exile president
A Belkis Ayon Retrospective: Sikan in Europe
Women in Costa Rica Demand Release of Nicaraguan Prisoners
The New Escape Route for Cubans is Called ‘Nicaragua’
Pro-gov’t candidates for Hong Kong legislature receive rotten meat in mail from Taiwan
Hospital services for Māori ‘hostile and racist’
Chinese vlogger films Uyghur concentration camps in Xinjiang
Balochistan’s boundless passion for football has nowhere to go but an event is keeping the flame alive
Papua clan takes first step toward official recognition of land rights
The sinister attempt to silence a Yazidi survivor
What do Berber tattoos mean?
Québec government announces support for establishment of First Nations Executive Education program
Interior First Nations feel ‘ignored and abandoned’ by prime minister
Without land sovereignty, Canada’s relationship with First Nations is truly irreconcilable
Native American author reflects on issues important to Indian Country
Navajo Nation Council in favor of protecting more of Utah’s public lands as federal wilderness
Violent Protests Unsettle Solomon Islands
Lithuania want US and EU to coordinate potential Beijing 2022 diplomatic boycott
Sri Lanka Bows to Chinese Pressure Again
EU court provisionally denies immunity to Puigdemont but says he should not be arrested
Cambodia Bolts Into Its New Normal
Estonia aligning with Europe against Huawei
Is China to Blame for Solomon Islands Unrest?
19,000 run in Barcelona to raise awareness of breast cancer
Japan Approves Record Extra Defense Budget
Blinken to Visit Latvia and Sweden Next Week for NATO, OSCE Talks
Singapore to rule Tuesday on disabled Malaysian’s execution
Spanish budget passes in Congress with support from pro-independence parties
Some fear China could win from US spat with Marshall Islands
Chinese Embassy stops issuing visas in Lithuania
UN decries attack on court in Libya ahead of national vote
New Wales fan culture film ‘Independent Football Nation’
Protesters break into Lebanese ministry as crisis deepens
Small States at the Top of Global Diplomacy: Different Tactics of Estonia and Norway on the UN Security Council
Japan, Canada foreign ministers air wariness over China
Kate Forbes dismantles GERS argument against independence on the BBC
NATO Secretary General and the President of the European Commission to visit Lithuania and Latvia
Lidl is selling a Nollaig Chridheil door mat, and Gaelic speakers are loving it
All thoughts turn to NATO’s future in Rīga
Stornoway Tesco praised by Gaelic speakers after new store signs shown off
Lithuania snubs games: Minister will not attend Beijing Winter Olympics
Bertie Auld hailed as one of Celtic’s ‘greatest ambassadors’ at final farewell
Lithuania looks at taking legal action against Lukashenko
UN demands “rapid return” of civilians to power in Mali and Guinea
Lithuanian FM says Beijing ‘not very aggressive’, expects ties to normalise
‘From Rwanda to Hollywood’: Kigali style goes global
Irja Lutsar: The strategy of a mindless virus better than mankind’s best
Burkina Faso: Kabore vows to address dysfunctions within security forces following deadly attack
Lithuanian President plans to raise the issue of activating NATO’s Article 4
Malawi: Police break protests against rising cost of living
Iceland’s journey to the centre of the Earth
Hungary silently rejoins the EU’s joint vaccine pool
NATO chief warns Russia of ‘costs’ if it moves on Ukraine
Could the ‘dump of death’ near Mostar be making locals ill?
Greenland Wants to Take the Lead: “We Have to Pick the Right Friends”
‘Battery arms race’: how China has monopolised the electric vehicle industry
Poland calls on NATO to send more forces amid concerns about Russia
Burned by Bulgaria veto, North Macedonia to ‘act more carefully’ on EU integration narrative
Path to Democracy in Belarus
Kazakhstan president visits Brussels in effort to deepen relations
Ukraine at OSCE speaks of negative consequences of Russia’s infrastructure projects in occupied Crimea
Ethiopia Imposes New Restrictions on Sharing Information on War
Radio Liberty freelancer detained in Minsk, his apartment searched and equipment seized
Israel warns of looming emergency after its first case of omicron, new COVID-19 variant
U.S. Says ‘All Options’ on the Table Over Russian Troop Build-Up Near Ukraine
Moldova Fights COVID With Black Humor
IMF outlines Ukraine’s losses due to Nord Stream 2 operation
Armenia, Azerbaijan Pledge Progress After Putin Hosts Talks On Borders, Transit, Trade
Debt Of Belarusian Flagships On Loans And Borrowings Approaches BYN 95 Billion
Kyrgyz Officials Announce Detention Of Alleged Coup Plotters Ahead Of Elections
Zelenskiy says Ukraine uncovers coup plot involving Russians; Kremlin denies role
U.S. lawmakers visit Taiwan, China responds dismissively
Ukraine demands Spain withdraw school textbooks with “Russian” Crimea
Lukashenka Comes To Bruzgi To Inspire Migrants To Another Assault
The Fate of Cuba’s Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises
Chinese University of Hong Kong seeks to reinstate student union, asks campus clubs to sign pledge not to break law
How Hong Kong’s pro-democracy forces crumbled: over 50 groups gone in 11 months
U.S. Voting Material Released in Apache, Navajo, and Yup’ik
Hmong New Year celebration features Hmong culture at Sheboygan North
When Nehru was asked what India’s stance towards tribals should be, he said ‘humility’
Adivasi candidate in Telangana MLC election despite TRS ‘pressure’
The corporate world’s race to net-zero hinges on tiny villages in the DR Congo
Governors Wike, Uzodinma Behind Illegal Detention Of South-Easterners By Nigerian Military For 10 Months – IPOB
10th Ojukwu memorial: Biafra agitation won’t end soon – Bianca
2023 Women’s World Cup is already leaving a First Nations legacy
Musician Joanne Shenandoah, a powerful voice for Native culture, dies at 64
View ‘Indigenous Expressions’ at Watermark
Indigenous language workshops connecting Gunggari people to culture
Man makes learning Navajo fun for children
‘You can watch 35 movies in Catalan and 93 in Icelandic on Disney+ in Catalonia’
Ethiopian performers and athletes prepare to visit the frontline
Spanish police protest government plan to reform ‘gag law’
Thousands in Burkina Faso Call For President’s Resignation
China issues warrant for Suncity boss over illegal gambling
Venezuelan indigenous facing difficult conditions
Solomon Islands police find 3 bodies after violent protests
French Convoy Faces New Protests Crossing Into Niger From Burkina Faso
The music of Poland’s smallest minority
France to consider some autonomy for Guadeloupe amid unrest
Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine obsession could spark a major European war
Protests Continue In Tajikistan For Third Straight Day
Russia’s Military Buildup Next to Ukraine May Force Joe Biden’s Hand
North Macedonia’s PM Resigns As Head Of Social Democrats
Biden administration resists tougher Russia sanctions in Congress
Demonstrators In Serbia Block Bridges And Roads To Protest Legislation They Say Favors Business
Danish FM Jeppe Kofod to visit China to discuss green transition and security policy
1912 November 28: Albanian Flag Day/Declaration of Independence
1873 November 28: Hawaiian Independence Day
1960 November 28: Mauritania National Day
1821 November 28: Panama Independence Day
Edinburgh March for an Independent Scotland in call for indyref2
Kiwi Chow’s Hong Kong protest film ‘Revolution of Our Times’ wins Taiwan’s Golden Horse Award
Tom of Finland Art Festival is 2 days of artists, vendors, and performers
“You Are on Potawatomi Land” – Reflections of Native American Heritage Month
Norway’s Oil Boom Is Only Just Beginning
Amid closing ties, Lithuanians in Taiwan receive gifts and free taxi rides
Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture now goes to the Udmurt village of Baiterek
Stoltenberg and von der Leyen stress unity on security issues in Rīga
EU, NATO vow action against hybrid threats on Baltic visit
Author of Forest Brothers pens a prequel, Finnish Boys
Cambodian rapper vows to continue writing critical songs after a year in jail for incitement
EU regulations may yet disarm Vladimir Putin’s pipeline weapon
First wahine Māori to head Pharmac advisory board
Iceland’s left-right coalition takes office for second term
How New Zealand Recognizes the People There First
‘You can’t stop the English coming to Wales’, says parent behind petition against school switch to Welsh medium
New Caledonia caught in the middle of Australia-France submarine spat
SNP back motion to speed up independent Scotland adopting own currency
China forcing migration of Uyghur Muslims from Xinjiang
Hondurans vote for president as leftist contender vies to end conservative rule
Sikh Farmers, Diaspora Sad But Not Surprised to Learn of Fake Social Media Accounts Against Protests
Cambodian Prince and Politician Norodom Ranariddh Dies at 77
Balochistan police arrests 19 doctors demanding protection of medical workers
Kyrgyzstan parliamentary election set to bolster president
Nearly all terrorists involved in civilian killings in J&K last month neutralised: Sources
Taiwan sends jets after 27 Chinese planes enter buffer zone
Youth of Kashmir ready to take up arms out of anger, says Omar Abdullah
Burkina Faso lifts internet suspension a day after violent protest
Argentine court to hear Myanmar Rohingya genocide case
Namal Pokuna: Oasis for serenity
Recruitment of 4,000 men in Hazara to be completed next year
How I ran Central Bank of Biafra – Sylvester Ugoh
Israel approves NIS 3 billion plan for Druze, Circassian communities
‘Sell A Kidney’: Locals In One Of Russia’s Poorest Regions Struggle Under A Mountain Of Personal Debt
Indigenous people don’t disappear; they’re ignored
The Indigenous Serrano language was all but gone. This man is resurrecting it
Film ‘Sooyii’ highlights the need for preserving Indigenous languages
Take a peek inside some of Cornwall’s quirky tiny homes from buses to woodland hideaways
‘Never anything more than 20 mins away’ Expat life in one of world’s smallest countries
Swiss voters approve government’s pandemic response in referendum
1864 November 29: Sand Creek Massacre
November 29: International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
1966 November 30: Barbados Independence Day
November 30: Saint Andrew’s Day, Scotland’s official national day
1967 November 30: Yemen Independence Day
1961 December 1: Global Flag Raising for West Papua, West Papua National Day
1971 December 2: United Arab Emirates National Day
December 3: International Day of the Basque Language
1st Sunday of December: Sindhi Culture Day