2017 4 23

April 16: Aberri Eguna (“Fatherland Day”) in Basque Country

April 19, 1940: Indian Day in Brazil

April 23, 303: Catalonia: Sant Jordi’s Day

April 24, 1916: Proclamation of the Irish Republic

April 26, 1937: Bombing of Guernica, Basque Country

April 27, 1961: Sierra Leone Independence Day

April 27, 1960: Togo Independence Day


Disputed islands of the South China Sea

Haiti to rebuild National Palace smashed in 2010 earthquake

UN inaugurates water supply system in Haiti anti-cholera fight

A scandal of sexual abuse mars the U.N.’s exit from Haiti

With End of UN Mission Ahead, Haiti Seeks to Revive Its Military

Mongolia launches its first satellite

Mongolia Clears Hurdles Needed for $5.5 Billion IMF-Led Bailout

Montenegro is going to be Europe’s hottest new tourist destination — here’s why

Montenegro makes notable progress towards EU

Sixth False Bomb Report Alarms Montenegro Capital

Russian Media Paint Dark Picture of Montenegro

Anti-Semitic Incidents in Austria Rise Again, NGO says

‘Islamic’ kindergartens: Vienna’s Muslim preschools cause a stir in Austria

Austria calls for closure of Mediterranean migrant route

Switzerland is not manipulating its currency

Switzerland’s controversial Islamic leaders

IN PICS: Ten stunning images of Switzerland in spring

Geneva marches again – this time for science

Turkish obstruction keeps Armenian memorial in public eye

Cyprus and Austria sign MoU for co-operation in military matters

Cyprus evaluating implications of Turkish referendum results

Cyprus leaders meet in bid to revive stalled peace talks

Soros gets warm Brussels reception amid spat with Hungary

Slovenia ombudsman asks court to examine new migration law

Slovenian government seeks some supervision of central bank

Portugal’s junk rating is increasingly difficult for agencies to justify, says deputy finance minister

Portugal Is a Keynesian Mirage

In Portugal, Drug Use Is Treated As A Medical Issue, Not A Crime

Inside the World’s first all-female special forces unit: Norway’s Jegertroppen

Norway’s oil problem sets election stage after spending binge

Kuwait quizzes IS suspect deported from Philippines

Kuwait is rich and advanced, but with a contradiction at its heart

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait signal likely extension of oil output cut

Kuwait’s most prominent opposition figure freed from prison

Sierra Leone News: Enslaved in Kuwait for 2 months… Victim reveals secrets

Kuwait study urges caps on number of expatriates

Brazilian tribal leader fronts global protests for land rights

Brazil’s Indigenous Leaders Convene To Shore Up Eroding Rights

Brazil: Official Report Links Human Tragedy of the Guarani Kaiowá to Agribusiness

Donald Trump to host Palestinian president next month

Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israel go on hunger strike

Israel rules out talks with Palestinian hunger striking inmates

Israel Orders Solitary Confinement for Hunger Strike Organiser

A Novel’s Role in Israeli-Palestinian Tensions

Jewish and Arab Israelis do not want to live in same neighborhoods

Israel ‘lobbying FIFA’ to prevent settlement teams’ ban

Iran vows ‘Death to Israel’ as it unveils its latest missiles during National Army Day

US Defense Secretary Reiterates Support for Israel

Secession of Caprivi from Namibia – 3d treason trial ends with 10-year jail term

Thousands March in Tizi Ouzzou for Independence of Kabylie from Algeria

Libya urges international ‘intervention’ to stave off civil war

Occupation No One Cares About: Morocco’s Continued Occupation of the Western Sahara

UN peacekeeping force in Western Sahara must urgently monitor human rights

Sahrawi president urges UN to intervene to guarantee security, intergrity of Sahrawis in occupied territories

Polisario Front accepts appointment of Horst Köhler as UN Personal Envoy for Western Sahara

My Stand On Nnamdi Kanu And Biafra, By Charly Boy

Biafra: Southern Cameroon Joins Secession Struggle

IPOB laments members’ disappearance, detention without trial

IPOB restructures, appoints new leaders for Biafra zones

12 Nigerian states Biafra agitators want

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, 11 professors set to storm Washington DC for Biafra conference

There will be no movement in Biafra land May 30, the 50th anniversary of the declaration of the Independent State of Biafra

Exiled Ethiopian athlete vows to protest Oromo killings at London Marathon

Oromo: Controversial Report on Protests Downplays Severity of Government Crackdown

Eritrea: Will the Dutch close the Eritrean embassy?

The famine the Eritrean government doesn’t want you to know about

Egypt to establish military base in Eritrea

Eritrea presses China for help on Security Council sanctions

Somaliland editor detained after trading himself for colleague’s freedom

Break Away Nation: How Somaliland Is Putting The Horn of Africa On The Map

Somaliland: A little goes a long way

Somaliland: no water, no school & no future!

Mali returns interim authorities to last northern cities

A guide to Barotseland Self-determination

Injustice against Barotse nationals escalates as Magistrate Milumbe sees opportunity to cash-in

Batwa: Denied Land Ownership in Burundi

Somali national stadium still a military base, CAF President to the rescue

Ex-Zimbabwe PM and Veep hint of alliance to unseat Mugabe in 2018

Zimbabwe at 37: We are ‘masters of our own destiny’ – Mugabe

Zimbabwe is 37 years old, opposition “commemorate and not celebrate”

UN alarmed by Burundi militia chants to ‘impregnate or kill’ opponents

Gambia to do away with iconic glass marbles for ballot papers

Gambia’s first visually impaired female MP

C.A.R holds unprecedented disarmament talks with rebel groups

South Sudan takes first steps to a new constitution

Somalia: Roadside bomb kills 8 in Puntland

Czech court bars Uber in country’s second-largest city

Two weeks after float, Czech crown falls back to former cap level

China Bans ‘Extreme’ Islamic Baby Names Among Xinjiang’s Uyghurs

Uyghur Village Cadre Dismissed For Holding Islamic Wedding Vows at Home

Businesses eye tie-ups between Xinjiang and Singapore

‘Domestic burden’ holding young Indigenous women back from school

Private schools push for separate Indigenous campuses to cash in on federal funds

Indigenous translations go online as reform talks end

In Macedonia, anti-press rhetoric leaves journalists feeling vulnerable

The real story about the Republic of Macedonia

Suspect in foiled French election attack also sought by Belgium

Belgium’s ‘fairytale’ bluebell forest victim of own beauty

Finland’s Green Party And Nuclear Power — Really?

Finland is experiencing an increasing drain of elite brains

Rauma in the spotlight: city celebrates 575 years as Finland turns 100

Finland has a nascent ‘jihadist underworld’

How Finland could be a smoke-free country by 2030

Hybrid war in the High North: Finland responds to the Russian threat

Russian language losing its position around the world

The largest international technical cyber defence exercise in the world takes place next week

Influx of ‘red capital’ raises fears for editorial independence in Hong Kong media

CCP puts separatist activities in HK, Taiwan on national security agenda

Two unfinished tasks for independence advocate Peng Ming-min

Taiwan return of China dissident seen as bid for better ties

Independence advocate honored with Tainan park

Chiang Kai-shek statue on Yangminshan beheaded

Ai Weiwei questions HK autonomy after being denied bank account by HSBC

Belarus orphanage children found on brink of starvation

Between East and West: what’s next for Belarus?

Stanislau Shushkevich: Lukashenka Is Losing Power

Serbian president lobbies Russia, Belarus for supply of S-300s long range missiles

Serbia’s Post-Election Protests Broaden, but Can They Make a Difference?

Fresh claims of Azerbaijan vote-rigging at European human rights body

Taekwondo champion fights gender inequality in Azerbaijan

Authorities in Azerbaijan use jail, militia to stifle protest movement

Azerbaijan To Provide Georgia With Alternative To Russian Gas In 2017

Ukraine’s mission to UN tells about massive human rights violations in Crimea, Donbas

Russia turns Crimea into largest military base in the world – Poroshenko

Occupying authorities not to unban Crimean Tatars’ Mejlis – Russian media

Russian prosecutor demands 17 years for Crimean Tatar political prisoner Ruslan Zeytullaev

Putin’s Crimean hostage Ruslan Zeytullaev has been on hunger strike for NINETEEN DAYS

Crimean woman abducted and taken to interrogation with a bag on her head

How Russia fights religious ‘dissidents’ in occupied Crimea

Crimean Tatar political prisoner Arsen Dzhepparov: jailed & refused urgently needed medical care for not collaborating

In Russia rallies held in support of Crimean Tatars

“Putin friends” from EU attending business forum in Russian-occupied Crimea

Occupants “erase” Crimean Tatars from history of Crimea

Crimean Tatars: UN Court Reiterates Condemnation of Illegal Occupation of Crimean Peninsula

Tortured to Death for Defending Ukraine’s Flag and Ukrainian Unity

First casualties of OSCE mission in Donbas: land mine blast kills one, injures another

Poroshenko asks Tillerson to revisit UN peacekeepers deployment in Donbas after OSCE incident

Putin follows Hitler and Stalin in seeking to repress Jehovah’s Witnesses

20 Ukrainian soldiers to undergo treatment in Hungary

Crimintern: How the Kremlin uses Russia’s criminal networks in Europe

Moscow reacts to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan switching from Cyrillic with hysterics

Road Rage: How a New Tax Has Turned Dagestan’s Truckers Into Russia’s Most Stoic Protesters

The latest protest Moscow is trying to ignore: Thousands of angry truckers

State of counter-terror operation imposed in two districts in Russia’s Dagestan

Number of Russian citizens fighting for ISIS in Syria up dramatically in last year

In macho Chechnya, being gay is an act of intolerable rebellion

‘They want to exterminate us’, says Chechen gay man

Chechnya’s President Claims He Is Under “Attack” as Journalists Flee for Their Lives

Thousands of Slovaks protest corruption, demand ouster of PM Fico’s ally

Tajikistan Opens A New Chapter: No Books Allowed In Or Out Without Approval

Tajikistan’s Economy: Any Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Is Tajikistan’s Most Famous Militant Gulmurod Khalimov Dead?

Luxembourg to Launch a Fund Offering Financial Support for Space Resources Industry

Economic Recovery and Confronting Corruption in Kyrgyzstan

Activists ramp up pressure on Lebanon’s rape law

Lebanon rape law: Wedding dresses hang in Beirut sea front protest

Lebanon army kills wanted IS militant in raid

Catalan politicians declare commitment to independence referendum

Catalan government to call the referendum and apply its results, despite Spain’s threats

Catalonia to declare independence if Spain blocks the referendum, warns Catalan VP

British MPs, diplomats and journalists debate Catalonia’s independence roadmap at Westminster

Newcomers Dominate Bulgaria’s New Parliament

Bulgaria stops five Germans on way to Syria to join militant groups

Did Cornish voters for Brexit just kill off their own language?

U.K. Prime Minister Calls For Early Election

How an early election makes Scottish independence more likely

Nicola Sturgeon calls on Scotland to reinforce her mandate for indyref2 in the upcoming election

Nicola Sturgeon: Tory attempt to block indyref2 will ‘crumble to dust’ if SNP win election

Yes2 relaunches as aYe Scotland ahead of new #ScotRef campaign

SNP in Falkirk are telling their voters to pick pro-indy Green candidates as their next preferences

NEPA urges public to change habits as Jamaica observes Earth Day

Jamaica urged to take bold steps with ganja

Iceland’s cave people

Little taste for EU membership in Iceland

Icelanders Seek to Keep Their Language Alive and Out of ‘the Latin Bin’

Can Iran stop Iraqi Kurdistan independence?

Only Israel will recognize independent Kurdistan now, top Shiite leader

German foreign minister meets Kurdistan leaders in Iraq

What is next on Erdogan’s Kurdish agenda?

Turkish-backed rebels attack Kurdish forces in northern Syria

Turkish warplanes bomb Kurdistan border areas for third day

Kurdish parties come together to set date for independence referendum

Kurdish Iranian parties discuss creating a democratic front

Science confirms the incredible story of Lithuania’s Holocaust escape tunnel

The art of action: meet the artist who walked across Moldova in search of cultural identity

EU Warns Moldova To Honor Trade Pact As President Looks To Russia

Moldova complains about ASF threat from Ukraine

Snow storm blasts Moldova: UN provides essential equipment as hundreds of villages without electricity

Moldovan court sentences “raider” Platon in connection to $1bn bank fraud

Police, customs officials helped smuggle 10 tonnes of cannabis from Albania to Italy, prosecutors say

No candidates nominated for vote on Albania’s president

India’s Tibet Game Tests Beijing

Beijing renamed places in Arunachal Pradesh because of Dalai Lama’s Tawang visit

Exile: A Record Of The Early Years Of Exile Tibet

Tibetan monk released after three years in prison

Politics of Reincarnation: India, China, and the Dalai Lama

The night my father escaped Tibet

The four loves and the enemy within: new ideological campaign in Tibet reflects heightened agenda of control in 19th Party Congress year

Tibetan Culture Immersion Summer Program in India for Tibetan Youths

Hollywood Shunning Richard Gere For Supporting Tibet Implies Chinese Factor There

5 Tibetans arrested in Kardze after self immolation by Tibetan

Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act introduced in the US

Russian Soldier Stabbed To Death In Armenia

Sarkisian Promises ‘Radical Changes’ In Armenia

Elections in Armenia: ‘A New Beginning,’ but Highway Robbery Prevents ‘a Just Armenia’

West Papuan independence leader to visit NZ

Denmark to contest UK efforts to ‘take back control’ of fisheries

Revolting scenes in Danish soccer derby as Brondby fans throw dead rats at Copenhagen

Despite Withdrawing From Denmark, Uber Is Bullish on Its Future in Europe

Denmark sees surge in number of poor

Singapore raises voice against rising protectionism

Younger Singaporeans choose YouTube over TV

Tomorrow’s Cities: Singapore’s plans for a smart nation

New Zealand tightens immigration rules in ‘Kiwi-first’ crackdown

Puha & Pakeha brings Maori flavour to the streets

The phrase ‘Māori tribal elite’ really tells you something – about the person using it

Kosovo citizen indicted for alleged war crimes in 1999

Thaçi: Albanians to unite if EU closes door to Kosovo

Three Yezidi girls freed from Mosul

Helping traumatized Yazidi refugees requires a different kind of care

Yazidi survivors ring in new year and new life

We Yazidis understand the forces of hatred that threaten civilisation

Yazidis who fled Isis live in limbo in Turkish refugee camps

Barzani stresses unity in Yezidi new year message

Islamic State holding more than 3400 Yazidis since 2014: Kurdish official

Yezidi commander resigns from PUK, founds new party

On Yezidi New Year, SRSG Kubiš Remembers Victims, Calls for Release of Yezidis Held by Daesh

Armenia’s President congratulates Yezidi community on New Year

Sweden mulls sovereign wealth fund as government debt keeps falling

15 movies that will help you discover Sweden

Women around the world: Latvia

ETA Still Wants Independent Basque Nation After Disarming

Basque separatist group launches internal debate after disarmament move

PNV leader proposes Gibraltar co-sovereignty as a model for Madrid – Basque Country relationship

Hopes for peace in the Basque Country, writes Gerry Adams

Local exhibit in Boise, Idaho, will commemorate 80th anniversary of Gernika bombing

The Basque Experience: Analysis of Post-Conflict Context, Reconciliation, and Cultural Reflection

Greenland: Neighbourhood diplomacy: Reykjavík is being eyed as the location for Nuuk’s next ‘embassy’

Grant Provides Path to Nursing for American Indian Students at Cal State San Marcos

In The 1920s, A Community Conspired To Kill Native Americans For Their Oil Money

Photographer Captured Changing Lives of His People

Indigenous Scholars Endorse D.C. March for Science

Cherokee Nation Sues Walmart, Drug Companies Over Opioids

Athletics, reconciliation to come together at North American Indigenous Games, July 16-23

New health research centre to focus on Indigenous, mental health issues

Brexit has returned Irish unity to political agenda – O’Neill

Breandán Mac Cionnaith: Irish unity not a case of ‘changing one flag for another’

Has Theresa May turned her back on Northern Ireland?

General Election 2017: Polls at awkward times for Northern Ireland tend to make things worse

May’s election call ‘shows disinterest and disdain for Northern Ireland’

Irish Citizens Assembly votes to mandate Oireachtas to legislate for abortion

Brian Feeney: Arlene Foster’s Irish Language gesture too little too late

DUP’s Arlene Foster to meet Irish Language groups ‘as soon as possible’

`One for me, one for you’ comfort zone risks obscuring Irish language debate

After Mt Everest, Adivasi girl sets her goals high

Land issues continue to haunt Adivasis

Tatarstan Names An Ethnic Russian As Prime Minister

Georgia: Lavrov’s Abkhazia Visit To Shore Up ‘Illusion’ Of Legitimacy

Georgia and Ukraine share agenda on de-occupation

Did a Welsh Prince Reach the New World Before Columbus?

Wales must not be left behind

Wales faces a “epoch defining election”

Yes Cymru: Why do you want an Independent Wales?

Faroe Islands resume search for oil riches

Initiation of criminal case against ex-head of Russia’s Mari El Republic Markelov appealed

Albino girl known as Snow White becomes as internet sensation in Siberia

Greece blows EU-IMF bailout targets away with strong budget performance

Rival parishes on the Greek island of Chios celebrate Easter by taking part in annual rocket war ‘Rouketopolemos’

Greece’s refugee children learn the hard way

Students build bridges with Native Hawaiian youth on spring break exchange

This Indigenous Man Couldn’t Check In To His Flight Because He Used His Tribal Name

Balochistan: Over 100 people arrested during military offensives in Bolan and Panjgur

Brittany: 2017 Presidential Candidates Display Lack of Interest Regarding Regional Self-Determination

Chittagong Hill Tracts: Student Dies Following Brutal Torture by Bangladeshi Army


2017 4 16

Sign the petition for West Papua to receive a fair, internationally supervised vote!

Tell U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to push for Russia to free Oleg Sentsov

Stop IMF loan to the brutal dictator of Belarus!

Urgent Action: Larung Gar Buddhist Academy, the largest Tibetan Buddhist institution in the world, is under threat


April 7, 1994 – July 1994: Surviving Rwandan genocide

April 17, 1946: Independence Day in Syria

April 18, 1980: Independence Day of Zimbabwe


Clean-up, power outages continue over Easter weekend after Cyclone Cook

Belarus Crackdown Throws US Sanctions Relief in Doubt

Belarus says Russia promises new loans of over $1 billion

“Belarus is a place that badly needs shaking up”

Journalists face trial for covering protests in Belarus

Republic of Moldova: Council agrees to €100 million financial assistance

Moldova says ready to start recovering stolen billion

Moldova Steers A Path To Democracy And Reform

Mystery Surrounds Moldova Assassination Plot

Lukashenko: Belarus and Moldova will be able to advance relations despite difficulties

Moldova – What’s next?

Belarus president off to Kyrgyzstan on working visit

Austria ready to challenge Germany’s autobahn “foreigner tolls” in court

Slovakia is more digitally competitive

Slovakia is vulnerable to Russian influence

‘Britain’ banned in Slovakia; call it UK or face fine

U.N. chief calls for Western Sahara talks, parties wary

UN concerned about human rights violations in occupied Western Sahara

US Western Sahara  Foundation urges Trump to take action against occupation

European Conference calls on UN to set Western Sahara self-determination referendum date

Moroccan authorities carry out massive campaign of arrests of Sahrawi civilians in occupied Dakhla

Biafra Issue: There is no going back on May 30 sit-in

IPOB faults British envoy’s position on Biafra

Biafra: Intimidation can’t stop us from separating from Nigeria – BIM

Amnesty Demands End to Rights’ Violation Against Pro-Biafra Activists

Five Tuareg dead in jihadist attack in central Mali

Namibia to make white-owned businesses sell 25% stakes to blacks

Namibia under pressure to seize land for redistribution

In Somaliland, water is a life-or-death resource

Diarrhoea kills 28 in Somaliland in 10 days: Red Cross

Somaliland: Human Rights Centre calls on the government to release detained opposition politicians

Somaliland journalist detained over critical coverage of police

Al Shabaab bomber disguised in military attire kills 5 Somali soldiers

At least 10 dead after overloaded boat sinks in Guinea-Bissau

Guinean baby girl delivered by cabin crew 42,000 feet mid-air

Congo: Louzolo Amour church members drink beer to ‘cast demons’

Fresh South Sudan violence forces more than 6,000 refugees into Uganda

Gambian parliament picks a female lawyer as new speaker

Risk of Mass Starvation in northeast Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen

Libyan traffickers running ‘slave markets’ and kidnapping rings – report

Trump aide drew plan on napkin to partition Libya into three

Libyan rivals clash in neglected south

After NATO’s failure, Russia eyes oil-rich Libya

‘Libya’s Haftar met with senior US official in UAE’

Gabon hosts conference to promote human-wildlife coexistence

S. Sudanese court orders retrial of fraud case against presidential staffers

Mali: Boubakar Keita reshuffles cabinet

Days after war declaration: Somali president wants talks with Al-Shabaab

South Sudan President Kiir orders arrest of perpetrators of recent violence

UN officials visit Somalia’s worst hit drought regions

What is the role of social media in the Oromo social movement?

Ethiopia-Eritrea borderline tensions puts regional stability at risk – EU

Eritreans in the Netherlands complain of pressure to support youth congress

US imposes sanctions on two militia commanders in the CAR

Gambian minister and ‘Vice-President’ wins top ‘African Woman’ award

Democratic Gambia ‘is at a historical turning point’ – IMF Mission

Rights groups decry ‘human rights violations’ in Congo’s Pool region

Benin declares end of Lassa fever epidemic

Gambians mark the beginning of the end of Jammeh’s 22-year rule

“Development of Africa will be done only by Africans,” Guinea’s president

Congo’s Sassou is an ‘excellent advisor’ – Gambia’s Barrow on first Central Africa trip

US to deploy troops to Somalia, first time in over 20 years

Burundi suspends activities of MSD opposition party

Zimbabwe law to compel banks to accept livestock as collateral

Croatia struggling to contain Agrokor fallout

Slovenia adopts law to shield economy from Agrokor crisis

Ecommerce in Slovenia and Croatia compared

Former head of Russia’s Mari El Republic Markelov denies guilt in corruption case

Serbia protests: Anger, eggs and chanting at ‘anti-dictatorship’ rallies

Germany’s Gabriel supports Serbia’s EU bid, says protests ‘part of democracy’

NATO official hopes Serbia-Kosovo tensions will ease after vote

Serbia, United States Step Up Efforts to Bolster Region’s Security

Kosovo Feels Russia’s Heavy Hand, via Serbia

Kosovo officials say they found plans to attack senior officials

Malta’s battle of the bulge

Super-scaled lightsabers are coming to Singapore

Singapore Developed a Travel Guide Based on Brainwaves

Bulgaria tops list of bargain European beach holidays

Bulgaria Edges Closer to Coalition Deal

Ergodan referendum splits Bulgaria’s Turks

Bulgaria, “quasi-media” on the rise

Greek gloom as economy stalls amid latest bout of EU wrangling

Greece, inspectors to resume bailout talks in late April

Greece Will Rise Again

Cyprus reunification talks restart, tough challenges ahead

House’s Inquiry Into Russia Points a Congressman to Cyprus

U.S. says “credible reports” Russia tried to interfere with Montenegro elections

14 charged with Montenegro coup, including 2 Russians

Alleged Plot, Coming Trial In Montenegro Reads Like a Thriller

Trump approves Montenegro’s accession to NATO

Senator McCain: Montenegro in NATO Important for Keeping Russia at Bay

The milestone that charted Jamaica’s nationalism

Who is dying violently in Jamaica?

Where’s the safest place to live in Jamaica?

Invest in Jamaica, Consul General to NY urges diaspora

Albania Parliament to elect new president April 19

EU warns that blocking judicial reform ‘harms present and future of #Albania’

Albania opposition’s rally threatens to disrupt local polls

EU calls on Albania opposition to end parliament boycott

Tajikistan, Uzbekistan resume regular flights after 25 years

Tajikistan Orders Police To Attend The Theater

UBS CEO: Switzerland is more important to America than China

How a couple of sausages triggered the Swiss Reformation

Easter in Switzerland: more than just eggs

Six months after Hurricane Matthew, food, shelter still scarce in Haiti

UN votes to end Haiti peacekeeping mission in October

Haiti doesn’t need our pity — it needs us to listen

President Aims for Tobacco-Free Turkmenistan by 2025

Turkmenistan president ‘wins’ contest to pen anthem for major Asian sporting event

End of Transition: Armenia 25 Years On, Now What?

Cher criticises UK refusal to recognise 1915 Armenian killings as genocide

Nine Bolivian customs agents ‘kidnapped’ by Chilean police in border dispute

Aboriginal football players call for end to racial abuse

Throughcare ‘failing’ to lower recidivism for Aboriginal inmates

An Aboriginal Man Has Been Awarded $38,000 After Being Assaulted By Police

Australian governments have failed Indigenous peoples, says Oxfam

‘Black teens’ not allowed: Racist sign left on Melton, Melbourne, milk bar window

Australian Census: ‘typical’ Indigenous 15 years younger than ‘typical’ white Australian

Kindred skies: ancient Greeks and Aboriginal Australians saw constellations in common

Hundreds protest stray dog poisonings in Macedonia

Macedonia Protesters Wield Cardboard Shields Against New Coalition

As Macedonia’s Political Deadlock Drags On, Economy Slows And Social Costs Mount

Lebanon’s Aoun suspends parliament

Death toll climbs in clashes at Palestinian camp in Lebanon

Lebanon urged to do more to trace thousands missing from civil war

Luxembourg City in full bloom

Luxembourg just 9th in liveability ranking

Luxembourg refuses to be labelled ‘tax haven’ by Illinois

Sweden stands together for a minute’s silence as the shocked country remembers the victims of jihadist terror attack that claimed four lives

Sweden will ‘never go back’ to the days of mass immigration, PM

Sweden attack: Uzbekistan ‘warned West of IS link’

Amnesty International honours Canada’s Indigenous-rights movement

Mexico Urged to Prioritize Bilingual Education for Indigenous Communities

More names added to CBC missing and murdered Indigenous women database

US: Survey Shows High Levels of Financial Distress Among Natives

American Indian Museum Showcases Kiowa Photographer Horace Poolaw

Suspected Islamic State cell was planning attacks on U.S. forces in Kuwait – report

In Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, an Indie Music Scene on the Rise

Mongolia was epicenter for early horse culture, study suggests

Koruna Unchained Empowers Czechs on Path to Western Riches

Mazanec: A Czech Easter Tradition Fighting To Survive In The U.S.

Czech lawmakers approve faster pension growth

Election cycle could yet prove taxing for Czech banks

Pressure Grows as Hungary Adopts Law Targeting George Soros’s University

Hungary’s liberals find a hero in their battle against Viktor Orbán

UNHCR urges suspension of transfers of asylum-seekers to Hungary under Dublin

Germany suspends migrant returns to Hungary

Iran, Hungary agree to collaborate on small nuclear reactors

Slovenia says tougher EU border checks ‘unacceptable’

A Historic Graveyard in Slovenia Is Now Home to a Digital Tombstone

Communist-era spy rooms found near giant cave in Slovenia

Norway raises security level after explosive device found in Oslo

Discovering Portugal’s wild side

Portugal, Santander agree to end litigation over swaps

Azerbaijan: How Russia Is Using Terrorist Attacks to Its Advantage

Azerbaijan president: gas pipeline to EU is an inevitability

Azerbaijan wants pan-Arab summit with Israel, envoy says

Azerbaijan GP promoter clears the air with Formula one boss

US is interested in strong and independent Azerbaijan

US provided over $1.3B as assistance to Azerbaijan in 25 years

Finnish LGBT activists launch fundraiser to help gay Chechens flee torture

Newspaper Staff that Investigated Chechnya’s Vicious Anti-Gay Crackdown Threatened by Russian Republic’s Political Elite, Targeted With Cyber Attack

Russia found in violation of the right to life over Beslan School attack

Finland’s baby slump continues

Helsinki hybrid threat centre one step closer to reality

Finland is named the world’s safest country

Refugee Crisis Hurts Europe’s Romani

Wanted: Fixed jobs and a postal address

Nike to Investigate Misuse of Logo in Racist Knock Off Merchandise

Exclusion and Structural Discrimination of Roma in Europe

Czech civil society prize goes to Romani musician Radek Banga for protesting music award to neo-Nazi band

Yes, Rex Tillerson, U.S. taxpayers should care about Ukraine. Here’s why.

Manafort’s firm received $1.2M payout on Ukraine ledger at center of corruption probe

Experts say the Kremlin may have been behind the St. Petersburg terrorist acts

Russsian FSB radically changes the plot in its ‘Crimean saboteur’ trial

For 11 days Kremlin’s Crimea hostage Ruslan Zeytullaev is keeping hunger strike in Russian prison

Making Ukraine mono-ethnic – Putin’s greatest achievement and most fateful failure

Russian language use in post-Soviet space declining precipitously

Suspected Maidan Killer & Three Other Ex-Berkut Officers Flee to Russia

Imaginary “terrorists” with no terror acts: Russia’s collective punishment of Crimean Muslims

Batons & gunshots in new arrests of Crimean Tatars in occupied Crimea

Russia says struggling to source gas turbines for Crimea power plant

Crimean wine confiscated from Italian drinks fair as it ‘violates sanctions against Russia’

Russia: Government Preparing To Move 2018 Election Date To Mark Crimea Takeover

CIA chief calls WikiLeaks a ‘hostile intelligence service’

Johannes Remy. Brothers or Enemies: The Ukrainian National Movement and Russia from the 1840s to the 1870s

Transnistria frozen conflict zone recognizes Russian tricolor as second “national” flag

Comparison of Hitler’s Germany with Putin’s Russia: How Russians Became Fascists

Timeline: Russia’s Hybrid War in Ukraine

Syria chemical attack: why Russia blocks the UN Security Council resolution?

27,000 forced to attend “mobilization assembly” in occupied Donetsk Oblast

Stadium for Cornwall: The new ground to transform sport in the county?

Is Europe softening its stance on Scottish independence?

Nicola Sturgeon during UN visit: Scotland’s independence campaign ‘an example for the world’

Courtesy, empathy and respect will be at the heart of ScotRef campaign, says Nicola Sturgeon

Group of 50 European politicians announce independent Scotland would be welcomed into European Union

Experts ‘bust Unionist myth’ that indyref upset the financial markets

Clear majority of Scots say the UK is going in wrong direction

SNP to set out policy on EU membership before next indyref

George Kerevan: Forget Brexit — the true European faultline today is in Barcelona

Trump won’t help Catalonia get independence: ‘This is a matter for Spain’

Government suspects Spanish pressure behind US Embassy statement on Catalan independence

Puigdemont vows to push ahead with referendum despite new warning from court

Catalan leaders in ‘Le Soir’: Why can’t Madrid be like London?

Meet the Iraqi Kurdish men inspiring social change through fashion

Kurdistan discussed independence referendum with all permanent members of UN Security Council

For Iraqi Kurds, Trump Brings Hope for Independence

US coalition kills 18 members of Kurdish forces fighting IS

International mediation needed on Kurdish issue

Lithuania to push military spending above NATO target

Lithuania rushes to keep citizens as Brexit looms

Surmounting Lithuania’s Holocaust past

Dalai Lama says Tibetan people should decide on his succession

Monk carries out self-immolation protest in Tibet

Concerns Raised Over Hiring Han Chinese Only at Luxury Hotel in Tibet

Pilgrims’ Tents Destroyed at Sichuan’s Yachen Gar Buddhist Center

China is ‘hysterical’ over monk’s trip to India

China ‘abruptly cancels’ Australian delegation’s planned visit after human rights criticism

Tibet Museum Inaugurates Exhibition on Capturing Tibet: Colonialism and the Camera during the Mission to Lhasa

Tib. medicine nomination in UNESCO’s ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage List’ unacceptable: Senior TMAI official

First original Tibetan cartoon to hit TV screens in May

Using Welsh language makes business sense…and CASH for North Wales firms

Several Short Sentences About the Welsh Language

Could independent Wales survive in a post-Brexit world?

Denmark proposes law change to block Gazprom pipeline

China warns against intrusions over detained Taiwan activist

Why President Trump Should Break the ‘One China’ Spell

Taiwan marks Freedom of Speech Day with exhibition

Why is Israel afraid of the Nakba’s March of Return?

Palestinian stabs UK woman in Jerusalem amid Easter fetes

British-Palestinian barred from Israel under anti-BDS law

China: World Must fix ‘Historical Injustice’ Against Palestine

Facebook vs Palestine: Implicit support for oppression

Latvia spends more on education than EU average

Historian calls for revealing Latvia’s KGB legacy

NATO’s Build-Up in East Cuts Fear of Conflict, Estonia Says

Estonia Snags First Spy Linked to Russian Military Intelligence

A new report says Russia is intensifying its spy game in Eastern Europe

Estonia: The Little Spycatcher Who Could

EU: Synchronization of Baltic power grid via Poland best option

Rail Baltica: a new corridor for the Baltic states

Estonia’s founding would have been inconceivable without unity

Security agency: Russia sent own right-wing extremists to Estonia for ‘Nazi’ labeling

Lithuania seeks to become Fintech leader in Baltic, Nordic region

A DNA test showed I’m 100% Maori. Many thought there were none of us left

Adivasi with a difference

Armed With a Toothless Law, the Plight of the Adivasi Worsens

All India Adivasi Conference to be held in Visakhapatnam

Tatarstan’s Pursuit of Power-Sharing Accord With Moscow Energizes National Movements Across Russia

Tatarstan to work with Pakistan for promoting halal food

Azerbaijan, Dagestan plan to create joint tourist routes

Hong Kong’s new China-backed leader says there is no room for moves toward independence

Pro-independence Hong Kong National Party appeals against Companies Registry’s denial of registration

A new protest movement may be astir in HK. A less placid one

Hong Kong lawmaker charged for upending Chinese flag

South Ossetia: Voters Opt Against the Kremlin Favorite

Authorities Urge Kyrgyz Herdsmen to Spy on Uyghurs in China’s Xinjiang

Official demoted in Xinjiang province for not smoking in front of religious leaders

Fellow Uighurs should beware of ‘two-faced’ people in separatism fight, official says

Han Chinese Offered Triple Salary of Uyghurs in Xinjiang Police Recruitment Drive

Is China Really Facing a Terrorist Threat From Uighurs in Xinjiang?

Bosnia risks delay to IMF funds after missing reform deadline

Yezidi mass graves discovered so far contain 1,646 people, official

Bodies of 1,500 Yazidis found in northern Iraq since 2015, says official

For this Syrian Yazidi family and their Jewish hosts, Passover is a refugee story

Priest Exposes Parallels in Jewish, Yazidi Genocides

Yazidi Activist: ISIS ‘Opened Up’ Pregnant Friend, Raped Her and Baby

Freeport brings ‘no benefits’ to Papuan people, say Jakarta protesters

327 Georgians illegally detained along Russian occupation lines in 2016

What country would Georgians pick if they could choose where to be born?

Lezghin: One of Azerbaijan’ Major Ethnic Groups Remains Largely Unknown Internationally

Chittagong Hill Tracts: Indigenous Communities Come Together For Boisabi Celebrations

Balochistan: Abductions and Extrajudicial Killings Used as Tools to Impose State Census and Pave Way for CPEC

Ogaden: Youth & Student Union Issue Update on Humanitarian Crisis

Ogoni: MOSOP Condemns Ogu Militant Attack on Farmland

Brazil: Indigenous Peoples Occupy Offices of National Indian Foundation to Protest Its Dismantling


2017 4 9

Due to unknown to Small Nations’ Alliance reasons the web site was down for almost one week.

April 9, 1989 Day of Nationa Unity and April 9, 1991 Restoration of Independence in Georgia

Alex Salmond: Being small is no barrier to the success of independent countries such as Norway, Slovakia and others

Wednesdays, the only language allowed at that government office will be Aymara

Top Bolivian NGO facing eviction – given just days to move archive

First Transsexual Woman in Bolivia Gets Legally Married

Bolivia seeks Friday Security Council talks on U.S. Syria strike

Bolivia Condemns OAS ‘Coup’ After Being Removed from Presidency

From powwow to rock, Indigenous Music Awards nominees announced

How a non-Indigenous man became a member of the Fort William First Nation

Indigenous students’ journey to finding their voices on campus

Researchers: How to Protect Peru’s Rainforest? Indigenous Land Titles

Consultations Finally Begin Between Indigenous and Costa Rica

Berta Caceres Murder: DESA Corporation’s Defamation Lawsuit Dismissed

Violent Eviction of Indigenous Shuar Clears Way for Copper Mine

How Did I Miss That? Cherokee Nation Teams Excel at Robotics World Championship

Same-Sex Marriage? Osage Nation Votes ‘Yes’

Over a Hundred Gay Men Reportedly Rounded Up, In Some Cases Killed, by Police in a Single Region in Russia

Moscow deploys Russian Guard and OMON against truckers in Daghestan

Moscow’s false story about Alaska infuriates residents of Russian North

Putin accepts resignation of Mari El Republic’s head

Head of Russia’s Udmurt Republic arrested in corruption case

Rosneft Discovers New Field In Bashkortostan

Tatarstan’s Prime Minister Resigns, Becomes Chief Of Tatenergo

Tatarstan makes a strong pitch for global spotlight

Eritrea slams US sanctions after North Korea military deal

US Imposes New Sanctions on Eritrea’s Navy Over North Korea Links

A story of regeneration and reforestation from Eritrea

Main South Sudanese rebel group threatens to stop oil production

Over 3000 South Sudanese flee border town to Uganda after Tuesday raid

U.N. denied access to South Sudan town alleged to be massacre site

New Somali PM vows to eliminate corruption

Somali pirates hijack another ship

Somalia: At least seven dead in Mogadishu’s car bomb explosion

Tunisia to hold first post-revolt local polls on Dec 17

Mali peace conference urges talks with Islamist groups

Mali: Situation Desperate, Must Reorganize

Middle East Studies hosts film series on displacement

Tinariwen: From the Sahara desert to Denver, one road leads to another

Southern Libya tribes sign peace deal after secret talks in Rome

Tebu body rejects Rome deal with Tuareg and Awlad Suleiman

Italy-Libya accord to fight smugglers is ‘dangerous fiction’: aid groups

Barotseland freedom fighters still in jail

Former US president Bush visiting Namibia

Negotiating Western Sahara: between international law and geopolitical interests

From the Sahrawi refugee camps: Polisario prepares its resistance

Western Sahara Conflict: “the key to the solution is in Europe”

IPOB vows to lockdown Biafra land on May 30 to honour fallen heroes

Ex-Gov. Obi warns Federal Government against use of force against the Biafra

Army displays weapons made by Biafran engineers in Owerri

Biafra: Charlyboy drums support for Nnamdi Kanu, follows him to court

Biafra: Again, Nnamdi Kanu opposes hiding identity of witnesses

Remove Itsekiri land from Biafra map to avoid civil war – Itsekiri youths warn

What Gowon said about Ojukwu after the Biafra war

Biafra: Why we won’t be part of your ‘Kangaroo investigative panel’ – IPOB tells Army Chief, Buratai

Oromia: Deep Reform Set to Bring Radical Change

64% of Maltese happy with the way democracy works in Malta

Should Lebanon get more funds for hosting refugees?

Fighting intensifies in Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon

Lebanon’s Hezbollah calls US strike on Syria ‘idiotic step’

Jamaica finds true heir to Usain Bolt’s throne – record-breaking 12-year-old sprinter Brianna Lyston

Jamaica looking for benefits from financial services sector

Banned drug found in Jamaican sprinters’ 2008 samples — report

Serbia’s Vucic confirms domination with presidential win

EU the biggest loser in Serbia’s elections

Thousands of Serbs protest against big election win for PM Vucic

Slovakia does not want Soros’ uni

Slovakia lifts amnesty over 1995 kidnapping of ex-leader’s son

Wha’s Like Us? Former partners Czech Republic and Slovakia are flourishing after Velvet Divorce

Wha’s Like Us? ‘It is a strange feeling for us’: Brexit limbo of Slovakian Scots

Czech koruna soars as central bank ditches its euro peg

Czech FM wants appeal in Czech national’s killing in London

Lithium reviving centuries-old Czech mining tradition

Haiti’s new government pushes back on US priorities

Haiti Stands Up to US, Rejects OAS ‘Coup’ Attempt Against Venezuela

Haitians wonder if they will be sent home to a still-devastated Haiti

Turning plastic trash from Haiti into trendy shoes

Testing the waters: Somaliland dives into the international arena

Multi-million dollar deal for Somaliland’s historic port sparks land rush

Somaliland journalist sentenced to 2 years in prison

New Kuwait highlights the same old problems

Kuwait, UNHCR sign landmark agreement to aid Syrian refugees

Armenia elections tainted by vote-buying: OSCE monitors

U.S. Congratulates Armenia on ‘Calm and Orderly’ Elections

How Armenia Is Trying to Stop Sex-Selective Abortions

Armenia’s election: The status quo wins at the expense of democracy

Armenia – Azerbaijan – First anniversary of the truce following the “Four-Day War” (5 April 2017)

Businessman suspected in Italian bribery case linked to Azerbaijan’s first family

EU and Switzerland to reopen trade and political talks

Italy, Switzerland in Dispute Over Nighttime Border Closings

Concerns Mount Over Kyrgyzstan Being Breeding Ground for Terrorists

St. Petersburg train bomber believed Uzbek, 22, who left restive Kyrgyzstan to find work in Russia

Crackdown, repressions prompt wave of solidarity in Belarusian society

Russia and Belarus, after presidents meet, say disputes settled

With crackdown on protests, Russia’s new friend Belarus tightens its grip on power

#Belarus: European Parliament condemns mass arrests

Russia Makes Preparations For Full-Scale Offensive Operation

Tajikistan steps up battle against Islamic clothing

Australia’s indigenous aid program bureaucratic and wasteful: U.N.

Australia’s Aboriginal children ‘essentially being punished for being poor’ – UN rights expert

Aboriginal astronomy the star of Dreamtime stories

Indigenous elders develop app in bid to reduce youth suicide rate

Indigenous plight by the numbers

Highlight: A Touch of Tuva

What the hell is going on in Macedonia?

Who is using and forcing all of Macedonia’s attributions?

Power Battle Leaves Macedonia Without Government

Macedonia Accuses Albania Of Interfering In Internal Affairs

EU tells Macedonia, paralyzed by political crisis, to focus on EU entry

Macedonia’s Gruevski Faces Grilling Over Election Fraud

Norway: ‘bomb-like device’ destroyed in central Oslo

Norway’s Doomsday vault will now store and protect the world’s data

Wha’s like us? Norway can give us inspiration for a future Scotland

‘I am not here by luck. I am equal to everyone else’ says lone Adivasi faculty at MG University, Kottayam as she battles against caste discrimination

Rupee dreams: Tribal youth opting for jobs over studies

Melania Trump’s home country celebrates 25 years of US recognition

Albania PM calls Montenegro NATO entry historic for Balkans

Moldova, Montenegro agree on cooperation within European integration

NATO Day celebrated in Montenegro

Moldova Says 17 Arrested In Plot to Assassinate Leading Politician

Moldova Urges Moscow Not To Recognize Transdniester Documents

Moldova PM hits back at president’s anti-EU claims

Hungary passes bill targeting Central European University and its founder George Soros

Austria ready to host embattled Budapest-based university

Germany’s Merkel Encourages Spain, Portugal to Invest in Solar

Dazed but defiant, Stockholm unites after attack

Sweden celebrates International Roma Day

Bulgaria’s Borissov Starts Coalition Talks With Nationalists

EU Court Reprimands Bulgaria Over Air Pollution

Cyprus leaders to resume peace talks on April 11

Cyprus peace deal needs to be watertight for vote, says President

Wha’s like us: Is Croatia a partner or rival for the tourist trade?

Wha’s like us: Scottish fishing industry lends a hand in Croatia

Wha’s like us: Croatia proves a country can join the EU and not use the euro

Influential Turkmen Energy Chief Fired For Failing To Achieve The Unachievable

Singapore cuts jail term for megachurch leader in pop music fraud case

Singapore is not quite what Brexiters think it is

Terms Of ‘Union’ With Russia Dominate South Ossetian Presidential Election

South Ossetia Polls: What You Need to Know

European Parliament’s committee chair condemns developments in Abkhazia and Tskhinvali

US Mission to the OSCE sums up recent Int’l discussions on Georgian conflict

Russia Absorbs Military Units of Breakaway Abkhazia

U.S. Condemns ‘Illegitimate’ Elections In Georgian Breakaway Regions

Georgia president’s annual address touches on Russian occupation, EU and NATO

World experts shape future for Georgia’s mountain tourism

9 people kidnapped in 33 days for crossing occupation line in Georgia

Georgia and Norway sign defence cooperation agreement

Inside the Luxembourg bid to lure City firms after Brexit: How the Grand Duchy lines up against Frankfurt, Paris, Dublin and other rivals

Luxembourg labour costs 4th highest in EU

Luxembourg University ranked 11th worldwide

Israel approves first new West Bank settlement in 20 years

Hamas executes three ‘Israel collaborators’ in Gaza

Palestinian activist’s Australian visa cancelled on eve of speaking tour

Why Israel Is Nothing Like Apartheid South Africa

Can Social Entrepreneurs Create A New City Of Palestinian Opportunity?

Israeli soldier killed in Palestinian car ramming in West Bank

Hamas ‘would accept Palestine state within 1967 borders’

Palestinian flag to fly above City Hall over ‘brutal occupation’

No End in Sight for Mideast Conflict, But Palestine Stocks Are Soaring

Estonia is to introduce its culture, arts and science to Europe

Andres Simonson: Estonia 100 – the gift of security

Basque leaders hope ETA disarmament plan will bring end to long conflict

Basque separatist group ETA hands over arms, ending decades of conflict

Iceland weighs pegging its currency to the euro, finance minister says

Iceland’s genetic goldmine, and the man behind it

Climate Change Is a Boon to Tourism in Iceland

Was Russia in Kurdistan preventable?

Why the Pentagon doesn’t want Turkey’s help in Syria

Is the Iranian regime facing a Kurdish uprising?

Democracy on Trial in Ankara

Turkey’s new-old red-lines in Iraqi Kurdistan

Kurdish flag to fly above Kirkuk despite Iraq ban

Turkey’s Erdogan calls on Iraqi Kurds to lower Kurdish flag in Kirkuk

Turkish President Courts Kurdish Vote

Kurdistan will hold independence referendum in 2017, senior official

Trump son-in-law, top US officer meet Iraq Kurd leaders

Lithuania says Russia has ability to launch Baltic attack in 24 hours

Article 50: What to look out for in Wales

Leanne Wood warns Wales could be left with a ‘puppet parliament’ post-Brexit

Programme to promote the use of the Welsh language

Festival to celebrate and embrace Welsh learners

Embrace Irish language act, says Welsh minister Alun Davies

Wales football hero to return to home turf as 2017 National Eisteddfod President

Albania Defense Ministry opens military island for tourism

Albania, Kosovo Struggle to Boost Low Trade Levels

Upcoming elections will be ‘real test’ of #Albania EU credentials says report

Want the baby to stop crying? Be Danish. Or don’t breastfeed

Denmark hopeful Trump meeting will settle concerns over transatlantic relationship

Wha’s like us? Common values between Scotland and Denmark could be priceless

Wha’s like us? Denmark proves how small countries can handle debt and invest for growth

Freedoms of religion and speech on the backfoot in Denmark

Expat to be deported from Denmark after 32 years in the country

Uganda parliament pledges support for West Papua independence

West-Papua: Concerns Over Rapprochement Between Indonesia and Solomon Islands

Jokowi urged to honor promise to free up media access to West Papua

Dialogue is a recipe to end deadly violence in Papua

How Ukraine and the West Could Push Putin Out of Crimea

Finnish railway firm pulls magazines over Crimea holiday ad

Russia breaches international law forcing Crimeans to serve in occupying army

King Abdullah: Compromise with Russia on Crimea to get its help in Syria

Russian FSB resorts to flagrant falsification to jail Ukrainian activist in Crimea

Pro-Ukrainian victim of savage attack faces ’extremism’ sentence for Crimea is Ukraine post

Crimean Tatar placed on Russia’s List of Extremists & Deprived of Pension for Calling Crimea Ukraine

2 Crimean Tatars on trial for a pre-annexation pro-Ukraine rally released under house arrest

Security forces raided Central Market of Simferopol

Crimean Tatar political prisoner punished in Russia for refusal to act as informer

Crimean Tatar political prisoner declares hunger strike

Russia ignores its own international agreements in trying journalist for saying Crimea is Ukraine

Children taught to glorify war and the invader in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russia’s Crimean Tatar captive goes on hunger strike demanding justice

Syria: containers for chemical weapons found at Shayrat Air Base

McCain: Trump Administration ‘Seriously Considering’ Lethal Defensive Aid to Ukraine

Ukrainian public broadcaster urges Eurovision to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty

Spoiling Ukrainian-Polish relations: next phase in Kremlin’s hybrid war

Only Ukraine’s success can influence positive development of Russia – Lithuania’s ex-Prime Minister

Ukraine should aim to make occupation of Donbas as painful as possible – expert

If you want to see Russian information warfare at its worst, visit these countries

Remnants of Cyclone Debbie leaves New Zealand underwater

Chicken run: New Zealand Post will start delivering KFC to beat mail slump

Seven in 10 Bay of Plenty prisoners are Maori – the highest rate in 30 years

First global smartphone with Māori language operating systems unveiled

Denmark spurned Chinese offer for Greenland base over security – sources

Greenland: Plenty more money in the sea?

Greenland’s political parties are looking on the bright side of a lacklustre local election

Greenland’s eastern coast trapped in a decimating population slide

Chef Leif Sørensen brings culinary prestige to the Faroe Islands

‘Swiss ignorance about Roma speaks for itself’

Shutka: Inside Macedonia’s only Roma-run municipality

Sweden celebrates International Roma Day

Lawyer admits to negligence representing Roma refugees

International Romani Day celebrated in Bucharest this weekend

Roma Burned from their Homes as Lessons Go Unlearned in Romania

Italy: Gianturco Roma Camp Demolished on the eve of International Roma Day

Slovenia: tolerance highlighted on International Romani Day

‘The best Roma in the village is the Roma who works as a servant’

Slovakia: there are efforts for positive changes in Roma community

CityU HK student union claims political suppression over ban on pro-independence party merchandise

Baltic states think Russia is laying the groundwork for looming ‘kinetic operations’

Russia to send the world’s largest submarine to the Baltic

Russian Narratives on NATO’s Deployment

Tensions flare as Greece tells Turkey it is ready to answer any provocation

Syrian migrant sets himself on fire in Greek migrant camp

China bans ‘abnormal’ beards and wearing veils in Xinjiang

Xinjiang Police Search Uyghur Homes For ‘Illegal Items’

Re: Baltica: Baltic Russian-language news sites Baltnews linked to Kremlin’s global propaganda network

Lithuanian government backs cutting back alcohol sale hours and banning advertising

Estonian formin: US response to use of chemical weapons was necessary

Latvia’s FM: Missile strike on Syrian airbase was an adequate response

Lithuania’s Grybauskaite: Syrian and Russian leaders must know red lines

Got your ‘Passport for Cornwall’?

Tibetan Lama gives up monkhood for marriage and people love it

Dalai Lama and Tibet: India’s leverage against China

Tibetan Sikyong meets with Swiss Parliament delegation

The kingdom of women: the society where a man is never the boss

Tibetan fashion hits the Beijing runway

Tibetan lawmakers debate on electoral reform, women empowerment

Speaking up for Tibet: advocates around the world on Tibet Lobby Day

Arunachal bodyguard relives 1959 with the Dalai Lama

How Donald Trump may have provided India an opportunity to play the Tibet card

Why the Dalai Lama’s visit to a tiny town in India is causing such a stir

India unperturbed as China throws up a tantrum over Dalai Lama’s Arunachal visit

Nancy Pelosi And US Lawmakers Tell Trump To Talk Tibet With Xi

Tibetan Political Prisoner Released After Nine Years in Prison

Tibet seeks meaningful autonomy, not independence: Tibetan leader

Senators Cardin and Rubio call on Secretary Tillerson to raise Tibet during Xi Jinping’s visit

Sweden Does Not Accept India’s Tibetan Travel Document ‘IC’

I first got my freedom in Arunachal: Dalai Lama

Tibetan museum comes up with exhibition on self-immolations

Tibetan Families Ordered From Their Homes in Chamdo Prefecture

India Borders Tibet, Not China: Arunachal Chief Minister

Sweden Arrested Spying Agent Targeting Tibetan Refugees

Tibetan Self-Immolation Protest Survivor Released

Tibetan Girl Among Top Model Belgium Finalists

How the Dalai Lama escaped to Arunachal Pradesh 58 years back

Swedish Parliamentarians form new Swedish Tibet Friendship group

Happiness will Prevail Once Again in Tibet: His Holiness the Dalai Lama Tells Tibetan Community in Guwahati

Yazidi woman, enslaved by ISIS, shares her story of survival

The World’s Biggest Yezidi Temple to Be Built in Armenia

Brexit revives Sinn Féin campaign for united Ireland vote

Plans for Irish language college among those left in the balance

Brexit begins: Northern Ireland reaction as Article 50 triggered

Wha’s like us? Irish border will be contentious after hard Brexit

Wha’s like us? Ireland can show us how to live life on the edge

America Can No Longer Afford to Leave Taiwan Out of Its China Policy

Documenting Taiwan’s blacklisted dissidents

Kosovo leader’s military maneuvers

Thaci Backtracks on Establishing Kosovo Army

Scotland Home Truths: David Low, who helped save Celtic in the 1990s, says indyref2 campaign must be built on honesty

Spain says it would not veto an independent Scotland joining the EU

Book Review: McSmorgasbord explores a variety of relationships with the EU and points a way forward for Scotland

Westminster’s post-Brexit power grab could end Scotland’s renewables ambitions

Top Spanish MEP attacks UK for keeping Scotland out of EU

No legal challenge to Scotland Act planned for second independence referendum

Fast track: Key Merkel ally says indy Scotland would have ‘relatively speedy’ entry into the EU

Puigdemont: What goes for Scotland, goes for Catalonia

Former British MP suggests raising Catalonia pro-independence aspirations at the UN

Spanish Court suspends Catalan independence referendum line items from budget

Catalan Government committed to referendum despite Spain’s suspension of budget

Catalonia to announce date of independence referendum in June

The date of the Catalan referendum will be announced in June

Catalan Government appoints delegates in Poland, Geneva and Scandinavia

Banned Catalan leader can’t stand for EU Parliament either, says Spanish Court

Puigdemont meets with Jimmy Carter to talk about Catalonia’s pro-independence process

Kremlin-backed APT28 doesn’t even bother hiding its attacks, says Finnish secret police

Finnish Baby Box Is Becoming Popular Around the World

Women have been voting more than men for three decades in Finland

Smoke-free babies as a goal: 15% of pregnant Finns still smoke

Finland: Information and communication workers top median earnings list

Lapland reindeer herders still carrying radiation from Cold War nuclear tests

Finland: Over 800 couples marry in first month of legal same-sex unions

Secret orders for media coverage of Chinese presidential visit to Finland

Wha’s like us? Finland’s immigration issues are something that Scotland can learn from

Wha’s like us? Finland is proof a small country can withstand a few huge economic blows

Finland’s centenary year 2017 opens a treasure chest of events


2017 4 2

This edition was destroyed about twenty times during publishing and a very significant part of work had to be re-done. For some time the computer did things on the screen completely by itself. It would be nice, if the law enforcement agencies could at least try to pretend that they do something to protect us from criminals.

Over 1000 West Papuan people in Timika gathered yesterday to show their support for the Free West Papua petition

Dawood Saleh, Yezidi author looking for publisher for his book

March 30, 2017, Palestine: Land Day

April 4, 1960: Senegal Independence Day

April 8: International Roma day

April 9 in Georgia: Day of National Unity (1989) and restoration of independence in 1991

4-6 May 2017: Association for Study of Nationalities World Convention 2017

June 1-3, 2018: AABS Conference at Stanford University: The 100th Anniversary of Baltic Independence

Cyprus president: restart stalled peace talks immediately

Cyprus in new push to attract filmmakers

As Britain Exits, Moldova’s PM Says the Only Way Is Europe

NATO Chief Defends Plans To Open Office In Moldova

An invitation to invest in Moldova’s media market

Wizz Air opens 26th base in Chisinau, Moldova

Moldova’s President Dodon initiates referendum to increase his powers

Marchers Rally Against Abortion In Romania, Moldova

Brexit: Luxembourg hoping to capitalise on potential loss of financial services jobs in City of London

Luxembourg says has legal right to host relocating EU banking body

Hadid’s film on Berber community wins Milan festival

Biafra: MASSOB begins sensitization, mobilization on how to secede

Biafra referendum coming soon – MASSOB

MASSOB seeks support for Biafra referendum

Biafra: Kanu’s continued incarceration just to impress Buhari — IPOB

Pro Biafra group holds world summit in London

Ogoni: Niger Delta Clean-up “Too Slow”, Says MOSOP

Namibia: Plastic-Free Environment Campaign Launched

Tebu, Tuareg and Awlad Suleiman make peace in Rome

Thousands of Somalis flee their homes in search of food as famine looms

Somali parliament approves new cabinet

Millions of dollars raised through social media for famine-hit Somalia

31 Al Shabaab militants killed in Somalia, two bases destroyed: Kenya military

Somaliland: ‘I convinced my sister not to do type III FGM on her daughter’

In drought-stricken Somaliland, families try to survive on black tea

Somaliland Hospital Cares for Malnourished From Drought

Basic engineering could save Somaliland’s water

Ethiopia imprisons 16 accused of trying to create a separate state in Oromia

Despite outward calm, Ethiopia extends state of emergency

Ethiopia is making nonviolent Oromo dissent impossible

South Sudanese rebel group frees three foreign oil workers

Over 60 000 S Sudanese enter Sudan in three months – UN

Sudan to open new cross-border corridor for aid delivery to South Sudan

Six aid workers killed in an ambush in South Sudan

S. Sudan rebel group accuses government forces of killing aid workers

Finland allocates $20 million to famine-hit African countries

Wood industry in Gabon faces almost 80% decline in tax revenue

Insecurity in Central African Republic regions

C.A.R’s main TV to run peace and reconciliation campaigns

Guinea-Bissau political fiasco worrying

Guinea-Bissau: Political crisis intensifies

Rwandan court orders release of wife of exiled opposition activist

Mali’s Kidal town ruined by insecurity

Mali: Six killed in multiple attacks

Springtime Is Counterterrorism Training Time in Tajikistan

Tajikistan To Hold Separate Military Maneuvers With U.S., Russian Troops

Russian long-range bombers used in war games in Tajikistan

Armenia holds a parliamentary election, ruling party favored

Republican Party and Prosperous Armenia ‘in close race’

In Armenia, Unprecedented Outreach Ahead Of Elections

Macedonia on the Brink

Opinion: EU should introduce sanctions to Macedonia’s President Ivanov

Tusk to visit Macedonia

Hungarian PM denounces Soros-backed college, U.S. urges restraint

Soros-Funded University Pledges to Fight Hungarian Crackdown

Hungary: university legislation dispute spills out onto the streets

Hungary ‘ready to detain all migrants’

‘Let’s stop Brussels!’ Hungary revolts against EU for ‘forcing illegal immigration’

Hungary’s ‘Let’s stop Brussels!’ survey

Hungary completes border container camps for asylum-seekers

Slovenia to invest 1 bln euros in new railway line

Slovenia sees robust economic growth, narrower deficit in 2017

UK BioIndustry Association Looks to Switzerland for Post-Brexit Options

How will the Brexit negotiations affect Switzerland?

Swiss spaghetti hoax still the pick of the crop

Lebanon near ‘breaking point’ over Syrian refugee crisis: PM Hariri

Israel-Lebanon maritime dispute explained

Lebanese government reveals its first budget in 12 years

Lebanon: Activist Charged for Facebook Post Criticizing Politicians

Brexit galvanises Europe’s centre-right leaders in Malta meeting

Malta posts first budget surplus in 32 years in 2016 as economy surges

Muscat appeals for unity so Malta can achieve its full potential

Turkmenistan opens Belarussian-built potash plant for Chinese and Indian markets

Turkmenistan: With Money In Short Supply, Cash-Free Seen As Answer

Country With World’s Fourth Largest Proven Gas Reserves Now Only Has One Customer

Milking Turkmenistan’s People To Pay For The Games

Austria refuses to take in any more refugees under stalled EU scheme

Attacks against Austrian refugee shelters soar

Austria to file legal challenge against German highway toll

Czech divers search for new depths in world’s deepest cave

Belarus police arrest over 400 protesters; many are beaten

Belarus leader to meet Putin amid threat of new Western sanctions

What to Know About the Protests in Belarus

The protest of Belarus’ ‘social parasites’

MEPs call for reset in relations with Belarus

Belarus police raid offices of Polish-funded TV

At least eight journalists still jailed for reporting on Belarus protests

Belarus: Between Russia and the West

Is Lukashenka running out of bullets? – and three other reasons why Belarus will never be the same again

Lukashenka: End of an era?

Serbia: Putin Agrees to Large Weapons Delivery to Balkans

Serbia on EU path seeks to improve ties with Moscow, PM says

Spotlight on Serbia’s unorthodox presidential candidate

Serbian PM the runaway favourite to become president

10 candidates chase front-runner in Serbia vote

Serbia clubs ‘in serious danger’ of European ban, UEFA warns

Stranded in Serbia, migrants endure an odyssey of violence

Ganja used to lure visitors to Jamaica – Tourism Ministry wants post removed

Jamaica expecting 4.2 million visitors in 2017

The Weird Reason Singapore Is the World’s Most Expensive City

Politician’s Arrest Sparks Weekend Protests in Kyrgyzstan

“Inciters, deceivers, slaves”: Kyrgyzstan’s president takes aim at the press

Kyrgyzstan: Growing Pressure on Media Groups

Kyrgyzstan’s Capital Through the Cracked Windshields of Its Beloved Trolleybuses

Kyrgyzstan: Police Suggest Expelling Foreigners Without Courts

Japan to extend $850 mln bailout loan to Mongolia

New Study Recommends Key Actions to Improve Early Childhood Education in Mongolia

Death toll in Mongolia apartment blast rises to five

Mongolians protest over alleged theft of government funds

Belgium probes devastating Mosul airstrikes that killed 200 civilians

Belgium’s Flemish Region to impose limitations on ritual slaughter without stunning

Struggle for control of Libya’s oil threatens to deepen conflicts

Libya’s oil output down 252,000 bpd due to armed protests

Arab Summit calls for political solution to Libya’s crisis

What Americans Need To Know If Russia Intervenes in Libya’s Civil War

Oil climbs On Libya output woes, hopes for extension of OPEC-led production cuts

Montenegro draws closer to joining Nato

Montenegrin MoD: Ratification in US Senate brings Montenegro closer to most important foreign policy priority

Borisov’s pro-EU party beats Socialists in Bulgaria’s snap election

Bulgaria wants exemption from planned EU pollution curbs on coal-fired plants

Kuwait says oil at $50-$55/bbl puts producers in good position

Kuwait: Former MP sentenced to 46 years over insulting tweets

Sweden the EU’s ‘climate leader’

Sweden to offer compensation for transgender sterilizations

Christian women die in Eritrea following hunger strike

Eritrea: Dawit Isaak chosen for 2017 World Press Freedom Prize

Slovak parliament paves way to probe 1995 kidnapping of president’s son

Who kidnapped the son of Slovakia’s president?

Fico: I cannot see another living space for Slovakia than EU

Slovakia among EU countries at greatest risk after Brexit

Haiti: Recovery and resilience after Hurricane Matthew

Has a murderer in Haiti been hiding in plain sight in Massachusetts?

Regional financial institutions urged to protect their systems from Haiti

Business Professor Sees Education as Key to Haiti Progress

Haiti is still waiting on promised UN help for cholera epidemic

US Senators Ask for an Investigation into Trump Dealings in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan: Investigations from the German ‘underground’

Brussels Rolls out the Red Carpet for Azerbaijan

Assault on Palestinian man shows violent effects of police impunity

‘Incitement’ or history? Israeli-Palestinian debate rages

Israel-Palestine deal remains EU’s ‘top priority’

Arab leaders seek common ground at summit on Palestinian state

Eddie Izzard barred from Palestine Marathon over Tel Aviv comedy gig

Palestine’s man in Washington

Facing Death Threats And A Ban On His Novel, A Palestinian Author Flees

Deadly Funny: The Aboriginal stand-up comedians cracking up Australia

Radio Hearing: What’s the best format for new Aboriginal stations?

Self-Help Isn’t Enough for Native Women

Violent Eviction of Indigenous Shuar Clears Way for Copper Mine

Senator Heitkamp, Franken, Durbin Unveil Bill to Heal Trauma in Native Children

Derrick Watson, Only Native Hawaiian Federal Judge, Issues Travel Ban Injunction

The Realities of Lateral Violence Within Indian Country

UN Reports on Indigenous Rights Neglect for Bri-bri Community

Who Belongs? The Epidemic of Tribal Disenrollment

Dark tourism, Aboriginal imprisonment and the ‘prison tree’ that wasn’t

Australia’s version of Boyhood shows an Aboriginal boy’s journey to manhood

Children in state care explain stigma, discrimination and not knowing who they are

Culturally appropriate resource helps Indigenous Australians discuss end of life

Maharashtra govt mulls authorising Collectors to auction Adivasi land

Act against policemen who beat up adivasi youth: HRF

Tribals plan stir over land laws changes

Pranab visit sparks tribal outcry

Amnesty demands independent investigation into gang rape of tribal women by police

Beijing-backed civil servant picked as Hong Kong leader

Hong Kong Has a Controversial New Leader. What Happens Next?

Chinese activists jailed for supporting Hong Kong pro-democracy protests on social media

EDITORIAL: China must allow Hong Kong to elect its leader on its own

Some of Greenland’s coastal ice will be permanently lost by 2100

Greenland: No longer in a league alone

Greenland holds a local election on April 4

Adopt-a-language: on language loss in the circumpolar North

Four out of five Finns can’t be wrong, can they?

Kirkuk votes to fly Kurdish flag

Iraq’s parliament bans Kurdish flag in Kirkuk

Kurdistan’s economic outlook in 2017 promising, says minister

Syria: Kurdish YPG fighters dominate Turkey-US talks

Turkey ends ‘Shield’ operation in Syria, Erdogan saddened by US-Kurdish cooperation

U.S.-backed Kurd forces capture Syrian air base amid reports civilians fleeing Raqqa

In Turkey, Kurdish Singers Keep Traditional Music Alive

Iraq/Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Troops Shot at Protesters

Kurdish journalist killed in northern Iraq

BREAKING: State of Great Kurdistan to be Created in Syria and Iraq

Slave saviours: the men risking their lives to free brick workers in Dagestan

Dagestan: Rallying truckers encircled by National Guard of Russian Federation

Portugal deficit down to 40-year low

Portugal cuts its fiscal deficit while raising pensions and wages

Portugal Calls for EU Reform Push as Britain Starts Divorce

Tbilisi Reiterates EU Visa-free Travel Promise to Abkhazia, S. Ossetia

Jean-Claude Juncker: Visa waiver success for both Georgia and EU

State supports people displaced from Abkhazia and Tskhinvali to start small businesses

Geneva International Discussions feature Abkhazia and Tskhinvali

UN Security Council discusses situation in Abkhazia and Tskhinvali

Runoff Parliamentary Vote in Breakaway Abkhazia

Tbilisi: Russia intentionally obstructs peace process

Another foreign journalist banned from reporting in West Papua

Indonesia, Australia and the Papua question

Indonesian army seize West Papuan bags displaying the West Papuan flag

West Papuan man executed by the Indonesian police

The High Price of Putin’s Takeover of Crimea

Russian authorities ‘imprisoning Crimean Tatars in psychiatric hospitals’

Life under Russia not all it was cracked up to be

Kyiv demands from Russia to cease occupation of Crimea and Sevastopol

Down and out in Crimea

Tillerson: US to maintain Ukraine-related sanctions on Russia until Crimea is returned

3 years after Crimea, US struggles with response to Russia

Blacklist exposes judges involved in political persecution in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russia accused of multiple human rights violations over ban on Crimean Tatar Mejlis

Jailed Crimean journalist & politician on hunger strike in protest at revenge detention

Crimean Tatar activist jailed for video posted 7 years ago in new wave of repression

Crimean Tatar activist abducted by masked men from outside court

Exiled Crimean Tatars Keep Traditions Alive In Kyiv

New attack on Crimean Tatar rights lawyer Emil Kurbedinov

Arrest warrant on ex-Ukrainian PM culminates Russia’s most cynical torture-based political trial

A Ukrainian filmmaker imprisoned in Russia just won a Freedom to Write Award

Ukrainian mosaic: five unique ethnic groups

Ukrainian 18th century Independence leader Ivan Mazepa to get his own museum

How Eurovision Became the Kremlin’s Mousetrap

Eurovision threatens to ban Ukraine over Russian singer row

In Europe’s Other ‘Divorce,’ Ukraine Loses To Russia … Again

EU court rules Russia sanctions over Ukraine are valid

Kiev activists end blockade of Sberbank offices after deal to sell Ukrainian business

Information war is real, and we’re losing it

Seven reasons the conflict in Ukraine is actually a Russian invasion

Language policy in Ukraine and the experience of Finland and Israel

Russia is afraid of Intermarum

Israel’s multilayer defense system nears completion

Estonian police to use teddy bears to comfort children

‘I’m not afraid’: The president of tiny Estonia gives a giant lesson in leadership

Planned Russian Exercises in September Sow NATO Worries

Latvia: can’t live with Russia, can’t live without her

Debunked: The myth of the Golden Age of the Baltics in the Soviet Union

Baltic PMs going to Ukraine next week

These Passionate Liv Linguists Refuse to Lose Their Language

Latvia-Russia Ties Shaped by Soviet History, Marred by Politics

Elves versus trolls in battle for Latvian internet

Baltics meet Tillerson in US

Lithuania finds lost declaration of independence

What’s the reason for Basque football’s boom?

Meet the Bakers, Cheesemakers, and Pepper Farmers of Basque Country

Bertsolaritza: Basque improvised poetry; preserving the language

EU Peacekeepers Ready to Intervene in Bosnia if New Strife Erupts

Southern Slavic? Balkan Nationalists Balk At Common Language Initiative

Belgrade discussion: The future of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia Indicts Sixteen for Banking Scam

Growing numbers of Yezidis emigrating

Amal Clooney calls for collection of evidence of Isis atrocities

A New London Exhibition Spotlights the Women Who Survived ISIS

Dawood Saleh, Yezidi author looking for publisher for his book

Wales: Great Repeal Bill ‘biggest Westminster power grab since annexation’

Welsh medium education is ‘missing out’ on capital funding

Scotland’s Relationship with the EU after Brexit: Lessons from the Faroes

Indigenous in the city

Historical ban on potlatch ceremony has lingering effects for Indigenous women

Wigwam Conspiracy: why are Canada 150’s Indigenous people stuck in time?

Indigenous, accompanied by church, fight for rights in Amazon rainforest

How Indigenous Groups Can Reclaim Stolen Property

Maori Party surges into potential Kingmaker position in latest poll

Galicia intends to prevent tons of non-caught fish quotas from remaining in the EU

What’s Chechnya doing in Syria?

Chechen Parliament Speaker Back At The Public Shaming Game

Refugees from Chechnya unsuccessfully seek refuge in Poland

Chechen militants ‘extrajudicially executed’ in attack on Russian base

Chechen villagers fight with police over demands for money

Chechnya approves law allowing hijab in schools

Ildiko Nova explores the discrimination she has faced – through her visual art

Investing in Roma health can show real benefits

Slovak Romani people travelling to visit relatives not allowed on planes in Warsaw, some have lost their life savings

First Romani woman and second Romani person in history will be beatified this Saturday: Emilia Fernández Rodríguez

Main hero in the next Batman film will be Romani – “Nightwing” to call attention to the rights of Romani people

Talks on forming new Northern Ireland government break down

David Davis admits Northern Ireland has a Brexit get-out

Time to talk in Northern Ireland

Dalai Lama meets Assam Rifles jawan who escorted him to India 58 years ago

Dalai Lama recalls flight to India ahead of northeast trip

Ahead of Dalai Lama’s visit, China issues another stern warning

Terrorist Group Warns Dalai Lama Before Assam Visit

Dalai Lama Arrives In Assam, Way To TAWANG, Despite China’s Opposition

Spotlight On Tibet As The Dalai Lama Visits Northeast India

5000 expelled, destruction continues at Tibet’s Larung Gar

As China Steps Up Demolition of Larung Gar, Tibetan Political Leader Point To Revival of Cultural Revolution in Tibet

Tibetan Muslims Hope For A Seat In Tibetan Parliament

Tibet forced to observe holiday celebrating its ‘liberation’ by China

Good news: Dolma Tso walks free

Tibetans and Supporters Lobby for Tibet in United States, Europe, and Australia

China Rewards ‘Patriotic’ Tibetan Monks, Muslim Leaders in Sichuan

Security crackdown follows first Tibetan self-immolation in 2017

China Extending Tibet Policies To Muslims in Uyghur

Trouble brews for China in Xinjiang

Why China is banning beards and veils in Xinjiang

Forbidden to Move, Forbidden to Pray: The Plight of the Uyghurs in China

Official urges archeologists to prove Xinjiang part of China since ancient times

Law was meant to let American Indians prosecute violence; is it working?

American Indian Movement launches community patrol in Winnipeg

Quinault Nation President Sharp honored with American Indian Leadership Award

Western Sahara wants AU to sanction Morocco after no-show

EU deeply divided over Western Sahara policy

Morocco condemned by AU for absence on Western Sahara meeting

Western Sahara conflict unresolved

Confederation of Italian Regions and Municipalities in Solidarity with Saharawi People holds its annual session

Anti-racism week in Finland

Finland’s Next Games rises in stock market debut

Independence-leaning Taipei ‘foiled in bid to open back channel to Beijing’

Ready, set, aim: China points advanced missiles at Taiwan

Taiwan: NGO Employee Detained by China

Holyrood says Yes: Nicola Sturgeon given mandate to go for indyref2

Kevin McKenna: Ten top tips for the Unionist parties as they lurch into the ScotRef campaign

Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland WILL have a referendum on independence before Brexit

Sturgeon signs independence vote request

Now, THIS letter’s ours! Nicola Sturgeon signs indyref2 request after Tories launch Westminster power grab

Nicola Sturgeon: There’s no rational reason for Westminster to block indyref2

Top pollster John Curtice predicts attempt to hold legal referendum without Westminster’s permission

UK’s May Seeks to Stem Scottish Support for Independence

Mhairi Black: May’s behaviour is the best argument for indy

Why the other half vote: Scottish independence edition

Speaker of the Catalan parliament says that Scotland will win ScotRef ‘either way’

Scottish Independence and Wales

After Exiting Capital Controls, Iceland Still Wary of Private Investors

Iceland is melting

Why Iceland Doesn’t Have an Alt-Right Problem

50% of Catalans support calling a referendum without Spain’s permission

Spanish Government challenges Catalan independence referendum budget in court

Catalan MP loses seat in the Spanish Parliament for allowing symbolic vote on independence in 2014

Puigdemont met with US congressmen to discuss Catalonia’s independence

US congressman supports Catalonia’s right for self-determination

We’ve got self-driving cars, now Denmark wants self-driving ships

Cornish passports are a thing and they are being issued on Brexit Day

Greek police intercept eight suspect packages that targeted bailout creditors