Rohingya Crisis Is Becoming Islam’s Genocide

1946 April 17: Evacuation Day, Syria

April 18: Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day

1980 April 18: Independence Day of Zimbabwe

April 19, 1940: Indian Day in Brazil

303 April 23: Catalonia: Sant Jordi’s Day

1915 April 24: Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

1916 April 24: Proclamation of the Irish Republic commences the Easter Rising

1974 April 25: Carnation Revolution in Portugal

1937 April 26: Bombing of Guernica, Basque Country

1961 April 27: Sierra Leone Independence Day

1994 April 27: Freedom Day in South Africa, first post-apartheid elections

1960 April 27: Togo Independence Day

1707 May 1: the Act of Union of Scotland and England

May 3: World Press Freedom Day

1990 May 4: Independence Restoration Day in Latvia

Portugal passes law to let trans people self-identify their legal gender

Cameroonian soldier killed in separatist attack, residents decry military crackdown

Zimbabwe marks first independence day without Mugabe

Georgia celebrates Georgian Language Day, April 14, 1978

‘Organs Missing’ From Georgian Man’s Body Returned From South Ossetia

Abkhazia and South Ossetia Reject Georgia’s Peace Plan

De facto leader of occupied Georgian region invites Syrian President Bashar-al Assad to Tskhinvali (South Ossetia)

Barotse Royal Establishment now ready for negotiations on the controversial Barotseland Agreement of 1964

Australian warships challenged by Chinese military in tense South China Sea confrontation

Sikh yatrees flash ‘Khalistan Referendum 2020’ banners in Nankana Sahib

Thousands demonstrate against Modi in London

India protests against Pakistan’s attempts to incite Sikh pilgrims to raise Khalistan issue

UK challenges legality of Scottish and Welsh Brexit bills

Scotland praised for standing ‘completely apart’ in its support for Catalonia

Finland is killing its world-famous basic income experiment

Little-known peoples of Europe, have preserved their traditions

In pictures: Israel at 70 – seven major moments

Israeli soldiers kill four Palestinians, wound 700 at Gaza rally

The Future of Welsh-language broadcaster S4C: Funding and Remit

Drama helps battle child marriage in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Moscow Using Serbs Against Bosnia as It Did Ethnic Russians Against Ukraine

Golden Dawn Girls: What Happened to Greece?

Greece and Turkey Are Inching Toward War

Greece’s Macedonian Slavic heritage was wiped out by linguistic oppression – here’s how

EU backs opening accession talks with Albania, Macedonia

Balochistan: Female educationist forcibly evicted from her house

Balochistan: Muslim Student Federation attacked Baloch students on Multan University

Pakistani proxies try to sabotage Sindhi Baloch Forum’s peaceful rally

World Sindhi Congress organises ‘Remembrance Day’ for martyrs

English, Sindhi to replace Urdu in Sindh University signboards

23rd Micronesian Islands Forum set for April 25-27

Outreach scheduled on vote to pursue Chuuk independence

Baltic ambassadors claim Russia is a threat to their nations

Ezidi girl rescued after three years of captivity under IS

Shadow of ISIS hangs over Yezidi new year celebrations in Lalish

Iraqi Yazidi Family Finds Refuge in Armenia

For Yazidis In U.S., New Year Holiday Brings Taste Of Lamb And The Home They Fled

On Yezidi New Year, SRSG Kubiš Calls for Continued Efforts to Win Freedom of Kidnapped Women and Children, for Accountability for Crimes Against Yezidis

Turkey taking huge strides away from EU: Top negotiator

US concerned about direction Turkey is taking

Turkish singer receives year in prison for ‘insulting Erdogan’

Week of government wrath for intellectuals in Turkey

Two More pro-Kurdish MPs Stripped of their Seats in Turkey

HDP promises ‘Kurdish slap’ to Erdogan’s AKP

Turkey’s Erdogan calls snap elections

HDP walks out as Turkey’s parliament approves early election date

Day after election call, Turkey sentences Kurdish MP Yildirim to 90 months in jail

UN blocked from reaching those displaced from Afrin: Spokesperson

US: Moscow working with Damascus to block chemical inspections in Syria

Chemical weapons inspectors finally visit Douma and take samples

Nearly 150 Iranian Kurdish Kulbar killed, wounded in 2017: Hengaw

UN rights experts urge Iran to annul death sentence for Kurdish prisoner Panahi

Kurdistan holds emotional ceremonies for the Anfal genocide

Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Protesters Beaten, Journalists Detained

My Kurdish Oppressor

The great Russian oil game in Iraqi Kurdistan

US: Iraqi assault on Kirkuk led to ‘abuses and atrocities’

US reaffirms commitment to democratic, federal Iraq

Iraq resumes Kuwait reperations stalled by IS conflict

US considers sanctioning Chinese officials over crackdown that detained ‘tens of thousands’ of Muslims in Xinjiang

World Uyghur Congress President Dolkun Isa prevented from participating in UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues again

Economic downturn could spark new type of Czech populism

Czech Republic weighs nuclear options

China’s gift to Europe is a new version of crony capitalism

US Marines are stationed in Norway to help deter Russia, and Norway may ask them to stay longer – There’s ‘a big-ass fight coming’

Russia, NATO military chiefs meet in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani Journalist Wanted By Baku Leaves Ukraine After Months Of Uncertainty

“The Monkeys’ Father” in Tibet

The litter-collecting monk of Tibet

Tibetan Farmland Seized For New Airport

As EU and China celebrate Year of Tourism, access to Tibet for European travellers remains limited

Tibetan Activists Fight for Release of Language Rights Advocate Tashi Wangchuk

China detains two Tibetan monks for ‘illegal’ WeChat postings

Guinea-Bissau president names new Prime Minister amid political crisis

Former army snipers reflect on military tours to East Timor ahead of Anzac Day

Rural towns are paying a debt of honour to East Timor’s war efforts

Nobel laureate blasts East Timor’s failure against poverty

Australia’s plot to plunder East Timor’s oil

Protestors for West Papua self-determination call for mining company to leave

Melanesia Caught in a Pincer

Taiwan premier reiterates Taiwan-independence approach as ‘pragmatic’

China sends warning to Taiwan in the form of live-fire military drills

60 MEPs call on the EU to boycott FIFA-2018 over Russian wars, Ukrainian political prisoners

Four years of conflict in Ukraine leave 4.4 million people in a dire humanitarian situation

Ukraine asks Constantinople to allow creation of independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Where, when will Kremlin strike next?

How Russia Promotes Terrorism on YouTube

FSB’s ‘secret witness’ exposed during trial of 6 Crimean political prisoners

Russia flouts Hague Court order to reinstate the Crimean Tatar Mejlis and education in Ukrainian in occupied Crimea

Four violent deaths in Crimean prison where Russia is holding political prisoners

Thousands attend march for Irish language in Dublin

Only British passport holders can apply for Brexit border force jobs

Irish unity question can’t be dismissed as ‘hypothetical’

Theresa May’s Irish border plans ‘annihilated’ in Brussels

Polisario Front rejects inclusion of Western Sahara in renegotiation of EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement

Iceland to resume hunting endangered fin whales

Justice Neil Gorsuch Hires First American Indian Law Clerk In SCOTUS History

How indigenous women who survived Guatemala’s conflict are fighting for justice

This App Can Tell You the Indigenous History of the Land You Live On

Cooperative agroforestry empowers indigenous women in Honduras

Aleutian run: Island-hopping on an Alaskan ferry

Trauma Of Assimilation Still Felt By Navajo Students Today

Navajo language has immeasurable value, Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye

The Paradox of the Women of La Paz

American Indians are being ignored

How New York’s suffragists drew inspiration from indigenous peoples

An Indigenous Corn Makes a Comeback

Costa Rican Aborigines, the beginning of our people

Gwich’in Nation resolves to fight Trump’s rush to drill in the Arctic Refuge

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

Empowering indigenous communities for mother and child health

Indigenous peoples’ collective rights to lands, territories and natural resources

Indigenous peoples’ rights to lands, territories and resources at the centre of UN annual forum

Indigenous leaders at UN forum ask for more accountability in international aid

‘We deserve better:’ Family of Colten Boushie calls for United Nations to study systemic racism in Canada

An indigenous Australian perspective on Cook’s arrival

Driven from home, Philippine indigenous people long for their land

Adivasis in Adilabad pay tributes to Indervelli martyrs

Why did police fire on Adivasis in Indervelli on April 20, 1981?

Job quest spurs adivasi exodus

An Adivasi woman is Kerala’s newest cricket star – and dreams of playing for India one day

Twenty five languages at risk of completely disappearing

Preserving delicate languages is the life work of Yale visiting fellow

Increased visibility has led to a serious drop in prejudice against the Roma

Gypsies arrive in Gloucester park and tell us how much they love the city

Celebrating Romani art and culture at the first Roma Biennale

Roma in Ireland: Pavee Point report exposes ‘relentless’ poverty and deep discrimination

Murder trial but no probe into police inaction during anti-Roma pogrom in Loshchynivka

Kosovo in ‘early stages’ of its EU path, says EC progress report

Kosovo bank reportedly freezes accounts of alleged followers of Gülen movement

Legality of Hong Kong media covering pro-independence comments will depend on the situation and law

Hong Kong Law Professor Reported to Police For ‘Sedition’

As Hong Kong’s crackdown on dissent continues, is independence the secret dream in many hearts?

Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Party Denied Permission to Register as a Company

Hong Kong film flirts with political controversy

Beijing ‘confuses Hong Kong localism with being anti-China’

Insufficient proof to prosecute lawmaker Junius Ho after remarks on ‘killing’ independence advocates – police

Ukraine Affirms Readiness To Provide Territory For Withdrawal Of Russian Troops From Transniestria

Transnistrian “instructors” who helped Donbas militants detained in Moldova

With Catalonia’s leaders in jail, Spain hits the grassroots

Thousands march in Barcelona for jailed Catalan leaders

Junqueras tells judge Catalan vote was not a crime

‘I’m a political prisoner,’ says MP Jordi Turull

Scottish trade unions call for release of all Catalan “political prisoners”

‘Catalonia was changed forever after independence referendum’

Switzerland won’t extradite Marta Rovira for “politically motivated” crimes

Spain to retaliate against Brussels delegation after deposed minister’s visit

Institutional violence up in Catalonia

Catalans living abroad increases 6.4% in 2017

‘We call for release of political prisoners,’ says EU-Catalonia Dialogue Platform spokesperson

Madrid sacks two Catalan government officials using Article 155

Diplocat advisors to continue work despite dissolution

Spanish intervention halts Sant Jordi institutional events

Spain’s anthem booed at the Copa del Rey final

For Mali’s Tuareg, music speaks of suffering and the Sahara

Why Ardern’s Maori cloak, worn to meet the Queen, delighted New Zealand

Hmong Language and Culture Enrichment Program Develops Strong Cultural Identities

Artists to showcase Hmong-American experience in ‘ALOUD’ exhibition

Biafra protesters storm London as Buhari meets Queen of England

Biafran War testimonies of ordinary people

Biafra when restored will be far better than Nigeria

Biafra, a nation under siege

Kanaks want ‘crime against humanity’ statement from Macron

Macron not welcome by New Caledonia tribe

Taiwan expands solar streetlights to outer Marshall Islands

How a tiny paper in the Marshall Islands has given voice to victims of nuclear testing

Huge demonstration for official status for #Asturian language

Peace in the Basque Country cannot be built by only one side

Basque separatist group ETA to announce final dissolution in May

Basque separatist group ETA issues apology to victims

ETA “truly sorry” for suffering caused by independence campaign

Thousands rally for ETA prisoners in Basque city

Kiribati president invites Donald Trump to see impact of climate change on his country

Kiribati govt’s media control stifling transparency, says MP

Journalist found stabbed and killed in Liberia

Liberian War Criminal Sentenced to 30 Years in US prison

Batwa petition govt over land

Pacific Commonwealth islands on the front line of the plastic waste crisis

Commonwealth: International body born out of colonial past

Guyana: Opposition leader to boycott anti-corruption walk

Ministry Of Information Blocked In Minsk

Belarus to require internet comments to be authorized

Wartorn South Sudan’s army chief dies

More than 200 child soldiers freed in South Sudan

South Sudan rebels say they have freed seven aid workers

For international donors, Lebanon is a country worth saving

Election fever hits Lebanon, nine years since last legislative vote

Costa Rica unveils 1st and sustainable convention centre

Qatar joins Gulf war games in apparent compromise

Diabetes ‘ongoing disaster’ tops Fiji health bill at $124 million

The great game comes to Greenland

Mining firms from China to Canada watch as Greenland holds election

Denmark seeks UN cultural agency recognition for ‘hygge’

Kyrgyzstan cabinet falls in surprise no-confidence vote

Can blockchain help a tiny, travel-dependent island reinvent its economy?

Politics a dirty game all over the world – Botswana’s ex-President

Botswana’s new president urges Congo’s Kabila not to stand again

Botswana’s Ian Khama: Leaving office not a train smash

All that glitters is not gold: Can Ethiopia’s new PM deliver?

Ethiopia’s PM names new cabinet, MPs appoint female speaker

Luxembourg leads the trillion-dollar race to become the Silicon Valley of asteroid mining

Luxembourg banks’ digital maturity lower than EU average

Luxembourg’s love affair with water

US bars second Albanian lawmaker over alleged corruption

EU urges Albania to deepen reforms for entry talks

Albania Offers to Host US Military Bases

Al-Qaeda Raids in Somalia Scuttle Africa’s Plan to Withdraw

Comoros president suspends constitutional court

A very potent protest movement is emerging in Armenia

Armenia: Tens of thousands call for PM Serzh Sargsyan to step down after ‘power grab’

Church supports move to legalize homosexual acts in Trinidad and Tobago

All politics is local—in Libya, that could be an opportunity

Frederic Wehery on the Battle for the New Libya

What happens to Libya without Khalifa Haftar?

Haftar’s military chief targeted in Libyan assassination attempt

Oil theft ‘costing Libya over $750m annually’

As drought keeps men on the road, Mauritania’s pastoralist women take charge

Mauritanian president to step down after second term expires

Maldives rejects U.N. call to let ex-president fight election

‘World’s First’ Underwater Villa to Open in the Maldives Later This Year

Is this the most Instagrammable hotel in the world?

Meet the EU’s next member state: Montenegro

Pro-EU Milo Djukanovic Wins Montenegro’s Presidential Election

Son of a top aide to late Paraguayan dictator Alfredo Stroessner is expected to easily win Sunday’s presidential election

Some See Gold In Investing In Chechnya, But Not Everyone Is Sold

How the Kremlin’s anti-corruption agenda masks federal control in the North Caucasus

Iraq Hands Life Sentences To Two Daghestan Women For Islamic State Ties

Crimean Tatar Mejlis leader: If Ukraine extradites Chechen refugee to Russia, I could be next

US Calls Out Russia For Chechen Violence In Human Rights Report

Broad coalition of non-Russians launch Internet petition drive against Putin’s language policies

Human Rights Abuses of Eritreans, At Home and Abroad

Burundi forces kill perceived regime opponents

Nkurunziza reshuffles Burundi cabinet ministers ahead of referendum

Eight arrested in Burundi for planning to disrupt key vote

Former diplomat: UK will remember Slovakia kept silent in Skripal case

Journalist among at least 10 killed in Nicaragua protests over social security

How do people die in Switzerland today?

King Mswati III of Swaziland proclaims his nation will be henceforth known as eSwatini

Tunisia’s “Startup Act” could show other African governments how to support tech ecosystems

Togo: Protests break out despite ban

WorldLink: Togo’s witch children

El Salvador arrests 200 gang members in nationwide sweep

El Salvador court reopens investigation of 1989 Jesuit massacre

Gambia will pursue Jammeh with rule of law, due process – President Barrow

The silencing of Malta’s anti-corruption campaigner Daphne Caruana Galizia

Cuba’s Raul Castro steps down as vice president Miguel Diaz-Canel takes over

Cuba’s new President just a rebranding of repression

This Is Not the ‘End of an Era’ in Cuba

Canada Recalls Families of Diplomats in Cuba Following Mystery Illness

RAF planes take off from Cyprus base ahead of Syria strikes

Russians buy EU citizenship in Cyprus

Cyprus church defrocks priest for 1st time over sex offense

Bahrain sentences 24 Shiites to jail, revokes nationality

‘White Gold’: Discovering Bhutan’s natural energy treasure

Guatemala votes to refer conflict with Belize to ICJ

Is the Pressure now on Belize?

Equatorial Guinea calls for African ‘human rights institutions’

Croatian Parliament speaker cuts short visit to Serbia after flag incident

Bulgaria, freedom of the press at the time of the EU presidency

Seventy-six Rohingya refugees rescued in Indonesia after drifting at sea for nine days

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh on ‘precarious ground’ ahead of monsoon season

Rohingya Crisis Is Becoming Islam’s Genocide



1946 April 17: Evacuation Day, Syria

April 18: Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day

1980 April 18: Independence Day of Zimbabwe

April 19, 1940: Indian Day in Brazil

303 April 23: Catalonia: Sant Jordi’s Day

1915 April 24: Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

1916 April 24: Proclamation of the Irish Republic commences the Easter Rising

1974 April 25: Carnation Revolution in Portugal

1937 April 26: Bombing of Guernica, Basque Country

1961 April 27: Sierra Leone Independence Day

1994 April 27: Freedom Day in South Africa, first post-apartheid elections

1960 April 27: Togo Independence Day

1707 May 1: the Act of Union of Scotland and England

May 3: World Press Freedom Day

May 4, 1990: Independence Restoration Day in Latvia


Can world muster the will to prevent new atrocities?

April 27th in Brussels: Uyghur March For Freedom

China Is Forcing People To Download An App That Tells Them To Delete “Dangerous” Photos

East Turkestan: Muslim Poet An Ran Detained for Article Referencing Xinjiang

Xinjiang Authorities Detain Uyghur Pro Footballer For ‘Visiting Foreign Countries’

East Turkestan: Reports of Chinese Arresting Uyghur Women in Gilgit-Baltistan

China holds biggest ever military drill in South China Sea

Interview: Labelled a ‘threat to China,’ Hong Kong law scholar Benny Tai says Beijing is trying to brainwash Hongkongers

Balochistan: Missing Baloch man dies after torture in custody of Pakistani forces

‘We need your help’: Baloch chief minister’s plea to leaders in exile

Poland marks 8th anniversary of president’s death in Russia

Russia intensifies repression against Crimean Tatars

Debunking Russia’s Crimean myth

UNESCO approves decision on monitoring mission to Crimea

Russia’s barbaric destruction of Khan’s Palace and Crimean Tatar heritage reaches new critical stage

Russia uses Secret Collaborators and Traitors to persecute for faith in Crimea

Why is Russia transferring armored vehicles with wiped out board numbers to Ukrainian border?

Nationalism Is on the Rise in Ukraine, and That’s a Good Thing

More than half of all non-Kazakhs in Kazakhstan now speak Kazakh, Astana says

Russian Investigative Reporter Dies After Fall From Window; Editor Rejects Suicide

Ukrainian journalist loses defamation suit for criticizing Moreira propaganda film on Ukraine

Why Expelling Russian Diplomats Isn’t Enough

Take the Free West Papua challenge – Use your talents to support West Papua!

Vanuatu calls Non-Aligned Movement for their support for West Papua’s freedom

Youngsolwara activist Emily Fatu: Why I bleed black and red in support of a Free West Papua

A Picture Speaks 1000 Lies: Indonesia’s President hands over thousands of “symbolic” land ownership certificates to West Papuans

Women’s leader Mama Yosepha refuses Indonesian President’s visit to West Papua due to ongoing mass killing of West Papuans

Xi urges Taiwan’s business community to shun independence

Pro-independence forces in Taiwan align to push referendum

China announces Taiwan Strait live-fire drills amid tensions

International groups lend support for independence

We need a capitalist economic plan for indy Scotland

Sillars: No indyref2 until Yes support reaches 60%

How to Start a New Country: This book can help get us prepared for Scottish independence, Robin Hall

SNP MP Angus MacNeil calls for indyref within 18 months

Business for Indy reveals policies to make economic case for indy

Call for Gaelic to be included on Duolingo

Arguments for Yes have never been stronger, so bring on indyref2

It’s time to talk about Irish unification as reconciliation

‘Still a fragility to it’: N Ireland 20 years after Good Friday

The Good Friday Agreement in the Age of Brexit

Irish Government to invest €178m in Gaeltacht and Irish language

Dublin to get ‘flagship’ Irish language hub to encourage people to speak ‘a cúpla focal’

New Irish Language Centre On The Horizon For Ennis

Azerbaijan goes to the polls amid muzzled media and blocked websites

Azerbaijan election: President Ilham Aliyev wins fourth term

Azerbaijan: a ‘rebalancing’ of relations with West

Armenia and Azerbaijan simultaneously re-boot their leaders

Armenia becomes parliamentary republic as new President sworn in

New, weakened president inaugurated in Armenia

New president of Armenia to pay a visit to Russia soon

Cameroon: Gov’t says arrested separatist leaders are in good health

Bosnia: Cable car in Sarajevo reopens after 26 years

29 Years Since Tragedy – Georgia Remembers April 9 Heroes

Georgian Special Services Publicize Russia’s Attempts to Subvert Country From Within

The genocide of the Roma – and how commemoration of this ‘forgotten Holocaust’ is shifting

New Mexico district eyes Spanish, Navajo dual-language plan

The Gruesome Story of Hannah Duston, Whose Slaying of Indians Made Her an American Folk “Hero”

Wells Fargo Names Dawson Her Many Horses to Serve American Indian/Alaska Native Communities

Brazil averts “a massacre” by blocking eviction of Indians

American Indian Foods Returning to Brussels to Represent Native Companies at Seafood Expo Global

Bolivia: Relatives rejoice as ex-president found guilty of civilian massacres

Edward S. Curtis American Indian photogravure exhibit opens Friday

‘We are still here’: The fight to be recognized as Indigenous in Uruguay

Navajo Nation sues opioid manufacturers, distributors, and pharmacies

Navajo Nation judge weighs jurisdiction of sexual abuse lawsuits against the Mormon church

Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues to Focus on Land, Resources Rights, as 17th Session Convenes, 16-27 April

Jharkhand: Adivasi rights activist in illegal solitary confinement gets relief after hunger strike

Czechs discover hidden film record of Stalin’s antisemitic show trial

Tahiti woman told not to challenge China

French Polynesian pro-independence leader says conviction claim baseless

Iraq’s Yazidis Still Suffering And Afraid

Has the Kurdish independence movement failed?

Top Iraq Court Set To Rule On Kurdistan Region’s Oil Exports

KRG starts paying salaries of Kirkuk’s Kurdish education teachers

Why Iraqi Kurdistan could be on the brink of revolution

U.S., Britain and France Strike Syria Over Suspected Chemical Weapons Attack

WHO demands access to Eastern Ghouta where over 500 exposed to chemical attack

U.S. believes Russia is tampering with chemical weapons evidence in Syria

U.S. to hit Russia with new sanctions over Syria chemical weapons attack

Death sentence approved for Kurdish activist Ramin Hossein Panahi in Iran despite unfair trial

Mike Pompeo slams Turkey for assault on Afrin, hails Kurdish partners fighting Islamic State

Kurdish humanitarian groups in Syrian Kurdistan call for urgent help for Afrin victims

Syrian militias arrest, kill Kurds accused of YPG ties in Afrin: monitor

Syrian rebels admit chemical use against Kurds

KRG calls on Baghdad to take ‘practical steps’ to compensate Anfal victims’ families

Genocide Watch: Kurds on brink of ‘extermination’ 30 years after Anfal

New Delhi’s delicate dance over Tibet

Chinese man charged with spying on Tibetan refugees faces four years in Swedish prison

Cash Rewards for Informers in Tibet

100 Days Since Trial and Still No Respite for Tibetan Rights Advocate Tashi Wangchuk

China disappears elderly woman Lhamo Dolma on pilgrimage

Dalai Lama Among Top 10 World’s Most Admired People

China Should Not Equate Sinicization of Tibet with Modernization

Tibetan Democracy One of Most Unique Systems

American Footballer Aaron Rodgers Presents Cap, Ball to Dalai Lama

Central Tibetan Administration President Visits U.S

Greek soldiers fire warning shots at Turkish helicopter in Aegean Sea amid growing tensions

Enough is enough – why anti-Welsh racism can no longer be tolerated

Welsh food should be sold under the Red Dragon, not Union Jack

Discovered In Translation: The Joy Of Gwenno

MP’s withering Twitter putdown of ‘anti-Welsh’ columnist Rod Liddle goes viral

Welsh Government’s rebel Brexit bill heads to court

Portugal is set to break away from a 25-year long budget deficit

In pictures: No longer ‘the weak gender’ in Lithuania

The hollow war drums of the Western Sahara conflict

Minister Admits: Morocco could improve rights in Western Sahara

Escalating Tensions in Western Sahara

When grandchildren of Nelson Mandela alert the King of Morocco on Western Sahara

Flashback: New Zealand’s first Māori MPs elected to Parliament 150 years ago

A tale of colonisation – deep music connections for Māori, Caribbean

New Zealand may have just killed its oil industry

Comoros protests to re-claim French Island, Mayotte

Biafra: 40 members missing after Police, Army attacked us in Anambra – IPOB

Biafra: Buhari’s govt too tribal, corrupt – MASSOB

Reminisce of Biafra at Achuzia’s Night of Tributes

Civil War: How US, other world powers planned to help Biafra – Mbu

Biafra: Family demands Nnamdi Kanu’s corpse for burial

Re-Emergence of the Nation of Biafra Has Broken down the Walls of Nigeria

IPOB: Callous Clampdown on Biafrans by Nigerian Security Forces Is a Threat to Global Security

Nigerian Army Again Admits Invading Kanu’s Residence, As They Promise To Prosecute Soldiers Involved

Hmong colonel who fought with U.S. in Vietnam gets full military burial

‘Growing up Hmong at the crossroads’ is a journey of generations

Screening of “The CIA’s Lost Army” at the European Parliament hosted by MEP Ignazio Corrao

Hundreds of Villagers in Chiang Rai’s Wiang Kaen District Protest Police Detention of Three Hmong Men Detained Over Suspected Drug Smuggling

New Caledonians have till 20th April to register for independence referendum in November

New Caledonia unions against retirement age rise

New Caledonians protest over violence against women

Hundreds gather in Samoa to protest about land rights

Basques mull reconciliation as ETA dissolution nears

Basques Seek Spanish Budget Breakthrough in Catalonia

80th anniversary commemoration of Guernica bombing rejected by Spanish senate

On terrorism, Basque nationalism and a ‘bar brawl’

Major union warns of authoritarian turn in Spain

Scandinavian countries to vote on ‘promoting dialogue’ in Catalonia

Spanish police arrest 7 in connection with Catalan secession

Spanish police arrests pro-independence activists accusing them of rebellion and terrorism

Woman investigated for hate crime over banner reading ‘police go home’

European Commission says Germany acted ‘according to rules’ regarding Puigdemont

Spanish police raid Catalan public diplomacy council

Spain’s Supreme Court blocks jailed MP Jordi Sànchez’s bid to be sworn in as Catalan president

Spain refuses to free Catalan leader candidate Sanchez from jail

Finding a way out of the Catalan labyrinth

More than 40 MEPs from 15 countries demand release of Catalan leaders

Parliament to take Spanish judge to court for blocking presidential bid

Marta Rovira breaks silence: “I’m in Switzerland to keep fighting against a brutal political persecution”

‘All performing arts genres’ covered at theatre festival in Igualada

Office rentals in Barcelona up 20% in 2018

Former President of the European Parliament Pat Cox calls for political dialogue

Over 900 buses arrive in Barcelona for protest

Hundreds of thousands protest for release of prisoners

Why were pro-independence supporters protesting today? Find out what some of them had to say

Photos: Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated all over today to ask for the release of the political prisoners. It has been 6 months since the Jordis went into temporary detention.

Barcelona brought to a halt as Catalans march for freedom

Catalan government did not use public funds to pay for the October 1 independence referendum, confirms Spanish Treasury

Taranaki teen wins Cook Islands’ first Commonwealth Games medal

Saint Lucia Police issue human trafficking alert

Somaliland legislators approve historic law criminalising rape

Deadly bomb attack targets Somalia soccer crowd

Gabon: Bongo’s constitutional “power grab” and The Resistance

Gabon returns three suspects to Turkey over Gulen links

10 of the worlds smallest countries

Uncertainties Delaying Economic Recovery in the Pacific

IMF urges Guyana to toughen deals with oil majors

Clashes as Swaziland marks 50 years of independence

Swaziland denies purchase of luxury cars for king’s birthday

East Timor parties start campaign for 2nd election in a year

East Timor’s LGBTI community keeps getting stronger together

The story of a billboard that triggered a political war in Kuwait

Former Vatican adviser arrested on suspicion of watching child sex abuse

Oman bans tobacco advertising

Tajikistan Seeks Extradition Of Two Opposition Politicians From Turkey

Tajikistan Expects Russia At Regional Water Conference In June

Russian Foreign Minister thanks Tajikistan for support in Skripal case

New presidents of Zimbabwe, Botswana meet in Harare

Is The Bahamas Committed To Its Own Success?

Controversial slum relocation kicks off in Rwanda’s capital

Why we must listen to those who have fled Kagame’s Rwanda

Rwandan genocide 24 years on: what happened to the children born of rape?

On Rwandan genocide anniversary: Can world muster the will to prevent new atrocities?

Flawed return deal offers no way back for Rohingya refugees

Violence and landslides block aid access to Papua New Guinea quake victims

Namibia scraps plan to force white-owned businesses to sell 25% stake to blacks

Germany finally agrees to rename streets linked with genocide in Namibia

Turkish President Erdogan Urges Kyrgyzstan to Join Fight Against Gulen

Aruban official pleads guilty to laundering bribe money in U.S.

Albania: the theatre of politics

Does Germany hold the key for Albania’s accession to the EU?

Albania’s broken democracy needs constructive and inclusive action

US names Jamaica among 4 major C’bean drug producers

Closer China Ties Seen Pressuring Brunei on Sensitive Maritime Claims

Mauritius: beyond the beaches

Mauritius freezes 58 bank accounts linked to Angola’s sovereign wealth fund

Surgery Lit by Cellphone: Togo Doctors Strike Over Deplorable Hospitals

Togo police crack down on anti-government protesters

New opposition alliance formed in Togo

Croatia backs treaty on women despite right-wing protests

Cyprus leaders’ meeting aims to restart peace talks

Dominica’s hurricane recovery efforts boosted by voluntourism program

Trinidad and Tobago has just legalised gay sex

In ‘The Burning Shores,’ Libya Blossoms — Briefly — Before Unraveling

UN decries ‘sheer horror’ suffered by thousands detained in Libya

Returning Students Want to Help Rebuild Gambia

How the Gambia Learned to Grow Both Forests and Food

New non-profit helping mothers in Gambia, West Africa

Jammeh’s party loses more grounds in Gambia’s local govt polls

Gambia is a Tinder dream for geriatric sex tourists, says Prue Leith

Force feeding burdens obese Mauritanian girls with diabetes, heart disease

Liberal democracies, don’t give up on the Maldives

Pro-EU Milo Djukanovic wins Montenegro presidential election

Bolivia is not Venezuela – even if its president does want to stay in power forever

Bolivia calls U.N. meeting over Syria strike threat

No defence in Chechnya: Oyub Titiyev and the grim future of human rights in Russia’s North Caucasus

Luxembourg ranked 27th for financial complexity

Trump-Kim summit could take place in Mongolia’s Ulaanbaatar — here’s what the coldest capital city on earth is like

China, Mongolia to explore free trade agreement – Xinhua

Mongolia anti-graft agency arrests two prime ministers amid mine probe

Eritrea-Ethiopia border crisis: UN’s impotence to blame

Putin planning to interfere in Belarusian elections to replace Lukashenka, Sivitsky says

21 ‘table tennis club’ members arrested in Burundi

Slovakia did not hesitate to start its national EU convention

Slovakia Willing to Boost Contributions to EU Budget If Needed

Where are you going, Slovakia?

The number of Slovaks returning from abroad rises

B.C. professor jailed in Slovakia accused of child porn, sexual violence

Nicaragua forest fire burns almost 9,000 acres

Taiwan warships drop anchor in Nicaragua amid sinking ties with China

Mueller is now looking into more mysterious meetings in the Seychelles

Tiny Djibouti aiming to be global military, shipping center

Global powers vie for sway in Djibouti

China’s Strategy in Djibouti: Mixing Commercial and Military Interests

Gunmen fire on UN base in Central African Republic

Central African Republic demonstrators lay corpses in front of U.N. mission

Civilians killed in Central African Republic were ‘manipulated’: U.N.

Four things to know about the conflict in the Central African Republic

Gulf feud hits new low with proposal to make Qatar an island

Four Arab states stick by Qatar demands despite U.S. pressure to end rift

Singapore and Hong Kong are winning over start-up accelerators

Poverty in Switzerland: 615,000 people below the threshold

UN says 2 local humanitarian workers killed in South Sudan

South Sudan’s ex-military chief Paul Malong forms organisation to challenge President Salva Kiir

The tragic echoes of Turkey’s anti-Gülen campaign in Turkmenistan

In Kashmir, 2 killings come amid tangles of fear and loyalty

Troops kill 4 Kashmir civilians during anti-India protest

Asifa Bano: The child rape and murder that has Kashmir on edge

El Salvador Arrests One of Most Wanted Criminals

El Salvador bishops in D.C. to plead for saving immigration protections

After women jailed for miscarriages, El Salvador finally debates abortion

El Salvador Must Reform Abortion Ban To Support Efforts To Reduce Maternal Mortality

Life Doesn’t Go On After The Mudslides In Sierra Leone

Court challenge filed against Sierra Leone election results

Sierra Leone president issues stern cost-cutting and civil service regulations

Dominican Republic convicts man over 2011 murder of journalist

Russia to repeat Baltic airspace shutdown

Viktor Orban, after soaring to reelection win in Hungary, to target George Soros and NGOs

Hungary Election Was Free but Not Entirely Fair, Observers Say

Hungary’s Orban to seek EU of strong nations after landslide re-election

Chad has blocked social messaging apps and BBC amid political and economic anxiety

As Bhutan’s economy grows, so does its waste problem

Belize steps up to prioritize the health challenges faced by its youth

How One Country Is Restoring Its Damaged Ocean

Controversial ‘Goodbye Belize’ play features Guatemalans in blackface

Denial of genocide prevails in dream for ‘Greater Serbia’

Scenarios to end Kosovo and Serbia’s frozen conflict

Romania pushes Bulgaria into second place to claim EU’s highest road death rate in 2017

Thousands protest disability welfare reform in Bulgaria

300 demonstrate in Lannuon (Lannion) #Brittany for the @Diwan Breton immersion schools

Batwa: Climate Change to Hit Vulnerable People the Hardest



April 9: Day of the Finnish Language

April 9 in Georgia: Day of National Unity (1989) and restoration of independence in 1991

1998 April 10: Good Friday Agreement, Northern Ireland peace process

2010 April 10: Smolensk Catasprophe

April 14: Rememberance day of Al-Anfal genocide campaign against Kurdistan

1946 April 17: Evacuation Day, Syria

April 18: Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day

1980 April 18: Independence Day of Zimbabwe

April 19, 1940: Indian Day in Brazil

303 April 23: Catalonia: Sant Jordi’s Day

1915 April 24: Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

1916 April 24: Proclamation of the Irish Republic commences the Easter Rising

1974 April 25: Carnation Revolution in Portugal

1937 April 26: Bombing of Guernica, Basque Country

1961 April 27: Sierra Leone Independence Day

1994 April 27: Freedom Day in South Africa, first post-apartheid elections

1960 April 27: Togo Independence Day