Aboriginal Redacted from Birth

1948 May 15: Nakba Day, Day of the Catastrophe in Palestine

1811 May 15: Paraguay Independence Day

1944 May 16: Day of Sinti, Romani and Roma resistance

1814 May 17: Norwegian National/Constitution Day

1995 May 17: Panchen Lama’s abduction in Tibet

1991 May 18: Somaliland Independence Day

1944 May 18: Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Crimean Tatar genocide

1902 May 20: Cuba Independence Day

2002 May 20: East Timor Independence Day

2006 May 21: Montenegro Independence Day

1822 May 24: Ecuador Independence Day

1991 May 24: Eritrea Independence Day

1946 May 25: Jordan Independence Day

1918 May 26: Georgia Independence Day

1966 May 26: Guyana Independence Day

1918 May 28: Armenia Independence Day

1918 May 28: Azerbaijan Republic Day

1967 May 30: Anguilla Day

1967 May 30: Biafra Day

Congo: Civil activists push for release of colleagues and ‘political prisoners’

Lebanon’s gay pride week brought to halt after crackdown

Central African Republic: Fire and bloodshed in Bambari, a town symbolizing peace

The depths of despair in South Sudan

Rohingya: ‘This genocide is still going on’

Three survivors after plane with 110 aboard crashes in Cuba

Costa Rica plans to ban fossil fuels and become world’s first decarbonized society

Bhutan’s Happiness Faces the Growing Pains of Development

Turkmenistan: Fast and furious. And broke

New Zealand has its own population of blue whales

Compulsory te reo Māori is nothing to fear – it’s the decent and civilised choice

Chinese Uyghurs forced to welcome Communist Party into their homes

‘Worse than prison’: A rare look inside China’s detention camps to ‘brainwash’ Muslims

Uyghurs continue to be subjected to significant restrictions during Ramadan

Lithuania urges prison for last Soviet defense minister

“Putin is Serbia’s friend but he respects our path towards the EU”

São Tomé and Príncipe: This Small Island Paradise Is Showing Africa How to Beat Malaria

The Thistle & Shamrock: Brittany

Liberia needs both African and international partners to build lasting peace

Volodymyr Balukh, Crimean political prisoner on hunger strike, subjected to new ‘trial’ for ‘attacking’ a police officer

Russian military ‘overseers’ believed to issue the orders to torture hostages in Donbas

Filmmaker Sentsov launches hunger strike untill Russia releases all Ukrainian political prisoners

Why Ukraine needs a free and recognized Orthodox Church

Polish President Asks UN To Deploy Peacekeepers In Eastern Ukraine

Treebark pancakes and pinecone soup: “dishes” from Ukrainian 1930’s Holodomor famine served in Brussels

Trucker Putin opens Russia bridge link with annexed Crimea

Russian occupation forces will need Kerch Strait Bridge to leave Crimea – Poroshenko

Crimean Tatar faces huge sentence in Russian FSB’s ‘machine of wholesale persecution’

Verdicts awaited in Russia’s most openly anti-Crimean Tatar ‘trial’

Those involved in deportation of Crimean Tatars should stand trial – Chubarov

Crimean Tatar who sued Putin over annexation of Crimea ‘deported’ to Uzbekistan

Kremlin hires academics to deny Crimean Tatars their rights

Honest History: For Crimean Tatars, A Grim Anniversary

Prayer in memory of victims of 1944 deportation held in Crimea

Crimean Tatars mark 74th anniversary of deportation as 25,000 driven out of Crimea since 2014

Ukraine honors victims of genocide against Crimean Tatar people

Turkey marks 1944 tragedy of Crimean Tatars

Crimean Tatars Detained for Honouring the Victims of the Deportation

ICJ requests information from Russia on implementation of order on resumption of Mejlis’ activities – Zerkal

Norway has given a cautious approval to Europe’s largest carbon-capture project

Guinea heads for reshuffle after street protests end

Portugal: from pig to golden child

Kyrgyzstan: MPs want to strip former president’s immunity

Higher Education for American Indian and Alaskan Natives Increases Employment Rate But Does Not Close Earnings Gap

The indigenous peoples of Interior Alaska

Canada’s inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women gets a failing grade

Can photographs save the Caribou people?

Gwich’in Nation Joined by Institutional Investors in Call to Defend Arctic Refuge from Drilling

3 Guatemalan indigenous leaders killed in separate incidents

Indigenous women’s art displayed on billboards across Canada

At a Killer’s Sentencing, Native Americans Talk of Both Healing and Enduring Suspicions

Former addict in NC runs Trail of Tears to raise awareness of drug epidemic

The Trump agenda has Native American tribes feeling under siege

Idaho woman challenges establishment and history in hope of becoming nation’s first Native American governor

Paulette Jordan, running to be the first Native American governor, wins Idaho’s Democratic primary

Who Should Teach Indigenous History?

Inside Contemporary Native Artist Rick Bartow’s First Major Retrospective

Could Congress step in to save the Navajo coal plant? New bill may offer lifeline

Indigenous Women Built These Tiny Houses to Block a Pipeline—and Reclaim Nomadic Traditions

Berlin Museum Returns Artifacts to Indigenous People of Alaska

Cherokee Nation lauded for hepatitis C elimination effort

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Will No Longer Honor Teams with American Indian Mascots

PBS cartoon to depict life in rural Alaska

Descendants of Ecuador’s Caranqui Seek to Find Their Roots with Museum

Campaign season opens for Navajo Nation presidency

Teens’ experience at Colorado State shows campus reality for Native Americans

New Youth Center at American Indian Museum Focuses on Invention

Alleged Fake Indian in Cleveland Indians $9 Billion Lawsuit Admits Stealing from Indians

Ronald Libertus, advocate and expert in American Indian art, dies at 79

Brit Reed Is Leading a New Generation of Indigenous Chefs

Native Hawaiians resist ‘bombing’ of their sacred lands

Australia’s stolen wages: one woman’s quest for compensation

Indigenous flag designer says idea to police the authenticity of Aboriginal art is ‘repugnant’

‘Aboriginal’ redacted from birth, death, marriage certificates after being deemed an offensive term

‘Walking in their tracks’: How Sydney’s Aboriginal paths shaped the city

UN concerned about 600 indigenous people and human rights defenders on Philippines “terrorist” list

The Constitution set in stone: Adivasis in Jharkhand are using an old tradition as a novel protest

The phenomenon of bertsolaritza in Frisia

A Basque terrorist organization has disarmed, which some hope will lead to new opportunities in the US

Eta’s armed struggle is no more. Now Spain must end its brutality

Basques watch Catalan independence bid with caution

A Rare Look Inside Oman

Leading Hong Kong independence activist convicted of rioting, sentencing to come

Anger in Vietnam after Chinese tourists are spotted in T-shirts with controversial South China Sea territory map

As Rosneft’s Vietnam unit drills in disputed area of South China Sea, Beijing issues warning

GAP ‘extremely sorry’ for China map T-shirt which omits Taiwan and the South China Sea

Chinese bombers make debut landing on disputed South China Sea runway

Australia boosts Pacific aid and diplomacy as China influence spreads

Fiji looks for private hospital operators, to the concern of nurses

Antigua and Barbuda makes historic “rasta” report to OAS

EU set to remove Bahamas, St Kitts from tax haven blacklist

Diego Maradona becomes chairman of club side in Belarus

UK businessman in Belarus penal colony without fair trial, say campaigners

World Sindhi Congress celebrates Sindhi Heroes day

CPEC: A death warrant for the Baloch nation

This Baloch girl is all set to make a mark by breaking stereotypes

TG4 star Sile Seoige explains why she speaks the Irish language more since giving birth

Brexit: As May casts doubt on border poll win Sinn Fein says time right for Irish unity vote

Could Brexit lead to a united Ireland?

Brexit: Senior Unionists from Northern Ireland ‘ready to talk’ to Dublin about possible unification

Council of Europe calls for Irish language act

New criteria to remove obstacle to Irish-medium schools

Major exhibition of Irish-language manuscripts in Trinity

Tajikistan Faces Epidemic Of Childhood Malnutrition

The place to be: Uruguay 1930 — where the World Cup began

A History Lover’s Paradise in Tiny Uruguay

Nicaragua: Ortega Finally Accepts Human Rights Investigation

In Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega turns to Catholic Church in face of protests

Former El Salvador President to Stand Trial for Money Laundering

Water usage lessons from Namibia

Investigative reporter attacked in Bulgaria

Bolivia ambassador reads out names of Gaza victims at UN meeting

22,000 Icelandic citizens sign petition against next year’s Eurovision in Israel

Kuwait urges UN to condemn Israel and protect Palestinians

Stories of the catastrophe: Palestine

Ethiopia opens talks with exiled Oromo Democratic Front

Drug Trafficking, Election Funds Deficit Could Derail Guinea-Bissau’s Progress

French President’s trip to New Caledonia not welcomed by all

Tahiti’s Temaru wants UN to run New Caledonia independence vote

Paris ‘schizophrenic’ over its Pacific colonies, says Tahiti’s Brotherson

France obstructs Tahiti decolonisation process

Edouard Fritch is re-elected French Polynesia president

Historical figures from Georgia’s First Democratic Republic unveiled on Facebook

Botswana wants to shrink civil service so privatisation can grow the economy

Republic of Moldova: Transition from communism to democracy

Cryptocurrency may light up renewable energy in Moldova

Cook Islands to be fully powered by solar plus battery power by 2020

Support for Cook Islands youth web series

First Welsh language augmented reality map brings ‘prydferthwch Cymru’ (‘the beauty of Wales’) to tourists

Graffiti fun to learn about language and heritage

Machynlleth business backs Welsh language business initiative

First ever Welsh-language wellbeing app launches

Allegheny College student Sarah Shapley will participate in a Fulbright Summer Institute to study in Wales

Welsh Assembly backs controversial Brexit bill

Yes Cymru: No Government has the right to negotiate away Wales’s freedom

New Singapore anti-terror law can order media blackout

Singapore-Brunei Security Ties in Focus with Presidential Visit

Brunei’s independence tested by China, Saudi and waning oil

Everything is about independence in Scotland, so UK ministers should ensure Holyrood gets its powers

#Readytogo? Rift over timing of indyref2 marks a turning point for yes movement

The faces of Armenia’s revolution: Here are some of the people who helped change the government

Impact of the Change in Government in Armenia on the Karabakh Conflict: View From Baku

Azerbaijan Warns Armenia It’s Ready For ‘Large-Scale Military Operations’

Women, political power and gender equality law in Paraguay

Soros foundation to shut its office in ‘repressive’ Hungary

Bahrain Bars Members of Opposition Groups From Standing in Elections

Bahrain revokes citizenship of 115 people in mass trial

DUP-linked company accused of ‘whitewashing’ torture in Bahrain

Here’s how Sweden is preparing for an information war ahead of its general election

Security Council extends support for African Union force in Somalia

How the Maldives’ brutal regime lashes raped women for ‘adultery’ while profiting from Western tourism

Bosnia families bridge ethnic divide, demand justice for dead sons

UN concerned about 600 indigenous people and human rights defenders on Philippines “terrorist” list

St. Kitts-Nevis preparing to implement Caribbean Regional Oceanscape Project

Cameroon govt to probe brutality meted out to separatist leader

Russia’s Offshore ‘Missile Tests’: Psychologically Undermining the Economic Security of the Baltics

Pay up now -Time to confront Britain on reparation, says professor

Uproar in Guyana after images of prisoners having a cocktail party goes viral

Fresh allegation against Scots Sikh held in India

Slovakia: Two Romani children shot in Poprad, perpetrator not yet identified

State terror: Romani children need protection from abuse in care homes

Canada grants former MEP Viktória Mohácsi political asylum

Former Romani MP and poet Kujtim Pacaku dies at 59

Ultranationalist Terrorist Kills Romani Man With Knife in Bulgaria

China says military exercises intended to threaten Taiwan

Taiwan slams global brands for siding with China

Isolated and threatened, Taiwan boosts domestic arms makers

EU to Lose Key Ally in Slovakia as President Won’t Seek New Term

Burundi: Killings, Abuse Ahead of Referendum to Extend President’s Rule

Burundi Voters Back Constitution Extending Presidential Term

Burundi opposition says referendum wasn’t free, transparent

Estonia Will Roll Out Free Public Transit Nationwide

Estonia best in Baltics for LGBT+ rights

Two-year-old migrant girl dies after being shot in the face during police chase in Belgium

Kosovo: One woman’s drive to rebuild her nation — through the stars

Iraqi Kurdish fortunes reversed in city they longed for as capital

Kurdish parties clash in northern Iraq amid ballot rigging accusations

Kurdish alliance emerges as key actor in Turkey’s upcoming elections

Iraqi commission announces Kirkuk vote results, Kurdish PUK comes first

We will continue providing aid to Kurdistan Region: Italian Ambassador to Iraq

Kobani is not Kurdish, Erdogan declares at Chatham House

Demirtas could be freed from Turkish prison within days, lawyer tells Kurdistan 24

Turkish warplanes attack PKK targets in Kurdistan Region

UK PM’s ‘Kurdish terrorism’ remark angers social media users

Turkey investigates 30 politicians for supporting KRG referendum, criticizing invasions of Afrin, Kirkuk

Iraq announces final election results; KDP leads in Kurdistan

In KDP victory statement, Barzani calls for strong Kurdish presence in Iraqi government

Time for ‘thorough review’ of Erbil-Baghdad relations, says Masoud Barzani

Montenegro Heads Slowly but Steadily Towards the EU

Rejection of freedom of information requests raises alarm in Montenegro

Montenegro: journalist Olivera Lakić attacked

EU warns Montenegro to address media freedom

Mauritius launches first cloud camp

Regional court to judge Sierra Leone schools ban for pregnant girls

India calls ceasefire in Kashmir for holy month of Ramadan

Libya hands over bodies of beheaded Christians to Egypt

Libyan National Conference process first phase preparations concluded, interim results announced

To Free a Human Rights Defender in Russia’s Chechnya

Chechnya ‘gay purge’: Russia claims it can’t find any evidence of LGBT people or violence

Joint Letter to FIFA Concerning the Human Rights Crisis in Chechnya

Dozens of people reportedly disappeared and executed in Chechnya are now charged with terrorism

‘World’s oldest woman’ says she’s never lived a happy day in 128 years

Beet Salad For Dessert? Russian Symphony Conductor Slammed For Mocking Tatar Music

Chinese Delegation Warns US not to Support Dalai Lama

Vice President of German Bundestag officially meets President, expresses support for Tibet

Putting Tibet Back on the Agenda

Tibetan Schoolchildren, Parents Warned Away From Religious Observances

Nomads left without compensation after land grab

Tibetan Monks Trained in India Banned From Teaching in Lithang

Exile Tibetans are representatives of people of Tibet to the world

Protest in Dharamshala: Where is Tibet’s Panchen Lama? China alone can answer!!!

Are we nearing an end of an era of China’s Economic Imperialism?

First Tibetan Origin American for US Congress Wins Democratic Primary

Moment of Pride for Tibet as Tibetan National Football Team Participates in CONIFA World Cup

Tibetan Protester Freed From Prison Two Months After Sentence Ends

Plural Morocco: Citizenship, Multiculturalism, and the Democratic Challenge – Festival of Amazigh Culture

Tahar Ben Jelloun: A Writer Who ‘Witnesses his Time’ – Festival of Amazigh Culture

Portuguese Parliament approves motion of support for Sahrawi people’s self-determination

A tragedy that changed the life of a Gambian philanthropist

Rights groups seek prosecution of Gambian ex-leader in Ghana

Europe is paying to keep young Gambians from trying to cross the Mediterranean

Gambia’s capital makes history by voting first female mayor

Taiwan relations unchanged despite Chinese pressure: Palau president

FINALLY! EU to INTERVENE in Spanish police ‘BRUTALITY’ in Catalan independence referendum

Clara Ponsati back in court

Spanish president only EU leader to not attend summit with Kosovo

Belgium rejects extraditing Catalan leaders

Hip Hop artist Valtonyc to enter prison in coming days over lyrics

Spanish Supreme Court accuses Belgium of “lack of commitment”

Protests mark 7 months since pro-independence activists jailed

Spanish government will not attend Torra’s inauguration

Socialists propose updating rebellion crime to match events in Catalonia

Ciutadans call for control of Catalan finances, police and public media

Spain’s Supreme Court warns Germany: Don’t commit ‘same mistake’ as Belgium

Spanish prosecutor requests new European arrest warrant against leaders in Belgium

Spanish court dismisses appeal by jailed Catalan leaders

Catalonia gets new leader determined to achieve independence

Watching the world: satellite company sets up European HQ in Barcelona

EU-Catalonia Dialogue Platform calls for ‘unconditional lifting of direct rule’

President Torra to visit jailed colleagues on Monday

259 public servants fired by Spain using direct rule

Robert De Niro to open hotel in Barcelona in 2019

Catalan president writes to Rajoy calling for meeting to engage in dialogue

Catalan president names jailed, exiled ministers to govt

Torra nominates new government including jailed and exiled officials

If Spain ‘censures’ reinstatement of officials it will be acting like ‘dictatorship,’ Lluís Puig

‘I Can Finally Dream’: Tunisia Expands Protection for Battered Women

Bosnia Refuses To Extradite Suspect In Hamas Commander’s Slaying To Tunisia

In Chad, the Elephants (So Many Elephants) Are Back

Referendum scheduled in Belize

A plane linked to the Russian government flew into the Seychelles the day before a secret meeting that Mueller is investigating

Barotseland Administrator Afumba yet to return home!


Muslims call Rohingya crisis ethnic cleansing – Human Rights Abuses Escalate in Xinjiang and Tibet

1950 May 9: Europe Day

1877 May 10: Romania Independence Day

1948 May 15: Nakba Day, Day of the Catastrophe in Palestine

1811 May 15: Paraguay Independence Day

1944 May 16: Day of Sinti, Romani and Roma resistance

1814 May 17: Norwegian National/Constitution Day

1995 May 17: Panchen Lama’s abduction in Tibet

1991 May 18: Somaliland Independence Day

1944 May 18: Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Crimean Tatar genocide

1902 May 20: Cuba Independence Day

2002 May 20: East Timor Independence Day

2006 May 21: Montenegro Independence Day

1822 May 24: Ecuador Independence Day

1991 May 24: Eritrea Independence Day

1946 May 25: Jordan Independence Day

1918 May 26: Georgia Independence Day

1966 May 26: Guyana Independence Day

Estonia Film 100 Celebrates Nation’s Anniversary with Slate of New Projects

Greece escapes a financial tragedy

Tashi Wangchuk: Tibetan language advocate’s journey to imprisonment

China’s Military Is Waging a Cold War in Tibet

Study Reveals China’s Use of Economic Leverage Against Leaders Meeting Dalai Lama

Central Tibetan Administration President to visit Germany

Tibet Has Never Been a Part of China: Chinese Professor Hon Shiang Lau

Dalai Lama of Tibet meets European Parliament delegation on Europe Day

We are on Tibet side, will never be silent: European Parliament delegation in Dharamshala

We Protest Chinese Government’s Suppression of Minority Languages: European Parliamentary Delegation

Registration Open for ‘Five-Fifty Youth Forum: Shaping Tibet’s Future’

Ten Years On, Sichuan’s Quake Victims Are Silenced During ‘Day of Thanksgiving’

Access Denied: China Enforced Isolation of Tiben and the Case for Reciprocity

Human Rights Abuses Escalate in Xinjiang and Tibet: Forcible Medication in Detention Camps, Mass Surveillance

A New Gulag in China

Authorities in Xinjiang’s Kashgar Detain Uyghurs at ‘Open Political Re-Education Camps’

Xinjiang Authorities Jail Uyghur Imam Who Took Son to Unsanctioned Religious School

Strikes in Iranian Kurdistan put on temporary hold

Erdogan Vows New Anti-Syrian Kurd Offensive

Troubled Kurdish neighbourhood in Turkey targeted

Conscript in Turkish army ‘lynched’ for singing in Kurdish, MPs say

In Turkey’s Kurdish heartland, a battle for homes and votes

Selahattin Demirtas: The Making of a Kurdish Mandela

Demirtas vows to rally voters from prison despite ‘unfair’ campaign conditions

Turkey bans nine books on Kurds, ranging from genocide, Barzani, and Mahabad to Ezidi faith

Iraq’s Kurdistan region to hold elections on Sept. 30

Peshmerga fighter hospitalized after being tortured by Iranian-backed militia

KDP leads election Iraq in Kurdistan Region, Nineveh according to unofficial results

Trial of Congo’s former presidential candidate opens

Barotseland: Activists Released After International Intervention

Cape Verde aims for free trade zone with Atlantic islands – Premier

Barcelona hosted most international congresses in world last year

Over 10k postcards to Finland in ‘solidarity’ with Catalonia

Controversy in Senate as official taking oath in Catalan obliged to speak in Spanish

Spain to keep nobility title honouring deceased dictator Francisco Franco

European Commission ‘looking into’ concerns about ‘rights regression’ in Catalonia

Jailed speaker tells judge her imprisonment would happen ‘nowhere else’

Juncker insists dialogue is needed in Catalonia to solve crisis

Constitutional Court suspends bill to remotely swear in president

Viggo Mortensen joins Catalonia’s Òmnium Cultural

Madrid court summons Puigdemont’s traveling companions

Spain ‘obstructing’ investigation on police violence in Catalonia, says Amnesty

Judge dismisses charges against five teachers accused of hate speech

Support for independence in Catalonia up to 48%, says new poll

Quim Torra becomes 131st Catalan president

Catalan speaker to bypass meeting with Spanish king

China committed to peaceful settlement of bilateral disputes over South China Sea: Premier Li Keqiang

Vietnam asks Beijing to withdraw its missiles from the South China Sea

Georgia Ranked 4th in StrategEast Westernization Index 2018

Year of Young People: I’m proud to use my Gaelic every day in Glasgow

Unionist negativity over indy march won’t stop Yes camp joy

SNP depute race ‘will show when members want indyref2 held’

Outlander tourism boosted by two new series for hit TV show

The big reason why we must never give up on independence: Trident

Catalans praise Scots over Ponsati case

Common Weal paper lays foundations for an independent Scotland

Bahrain aims to emulate Norway when it comes to oil investment, Tamkeen chair says

Tribeca Festival honours Russian Fascist propaganda short

Moscow forming ‘death squads’ in occupied Crimea and elsewhere, Shmulyevich says

“Crimean Cossacks” who whipped Moscow protesters fought against Ukraine in Donbas

Ukraine wants to cut ties with the Russian Orthodox Church

The only ‘Ukrainian school’ left in occupied Crimea teaches in Russian

School kids intimidated in Russian-occupied Crimea as Crimeans refuse to reject Ukrainian citizenship

Ukrainian sentenced to 8 years on bizarre ‘sabotage’ charges in Russian-occupied Crimea

Hague court rules Russia must compensate Ukrainian investors $159 mn for Crimea losses

19 raids, 28 detentions, 39 arrests recorded in occupied Crimea this year

Russia will return Crimea as it returned independence to Baltic States – Volker

As Russia ratchets up repression in annexed Crimea, Crimean Tatars deserve European support

Russian censor prohibits Crimea Human Rights Group from informing Crimeans of their rights

EU Council sanctions five persons over Putin’s elections in Crimea – Poroshenko

Crimean Tatar faces huge sentence in Russian FSB’s ‘machine of wholesale persecution’

Only Crimean Tatars targeted in Russia’s most lawless trial “because the victor calls the shots”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu urges UN to review the discredited 1969 referendum incorporating West Papua into Indonesia

Taiwan’s laws on language are showing China what it means to be a modern, inclusive country

At least 41 Palestinians killed as protests turn deadly ahead of US embassy move

The Palestinian whose life spans the ‘Catastrophe’ of his people

Most foreign envoys absent as Israel, U.S. launch embassy festivities

Belfast City Council advertises for Irish language officer

Roma Burned From Their Homes by Masked Men as Violence Escalates in Ukraine

Angelina Jolie Producing Biopic on Native American Athlete Jim Thorpe

Indian Country Today editor on future of Native journalism

Nelson: Inuit bore brunt of Greenpeace activism

Lacrosse wins mean more than records to Cherokee’s Gab Bodine

The First Native American Congresswoman in US History Could be Elected This Year

How 250 Siberians Became the First Native Americans

Budding writers produce books at Cherokee

‘Wiñaypacha’ Is the First Peruvian Movie Shot Entirely in the Aymara Language

Native superheroes should be drawn from real life

Aboriginal Gathang language brought to life for Taree school students

Doctors raise alarm about ancient HTLV-1 virus: ‘Prevalence is off the charts’ in Australia

Australia expanding Aboriginal land rights

Both sides in Cameroon’s escalating separatist crisis turn on journalists

Lack of Welsh speaking mental health staff ‘risks illnesses being misdiagnosed’

Neil Hamilton calls for ‘Welsh stamp’ on UKIP Wales

We’re punishing Welsh speakers for their good English

Y Lolfa and Parthian frontrunners on Wales Book of the Year shortlist

‘Speaking Welsh makes me feel less like a stranger’ says actress who fled Turkey death threats

Labour has sold Wales down the river and they can’t even explain why

Existing Welsh laws will be unenforceable thanks to Westminster power-grab

BBC rejects calls for independent review into how it portrays the Welsh language

Why racism against Welsh people is still racism

The Decaying Remains of France’s “Human Zoo”

Compensation for land must come from former colonisers: ADeC

West Africa: Fulani conflict getting worse

New Zealand to boost Pacific aid as China’s influence grows

Peacemakers mark end of violent Basque separatist group ETA

Madrid lacks imagination to facilitate Basque identity even post-Eta

‘Terrorists’ or ‘Mistaken Idealists’? Spain Confronts ETA’s Bloody Legacy

7000 protested in support of Basque medium education in Baiona, north Basque Country

Bashkir Activists Say Police Idle As Gay-Bashing Campaign Gains Steam

Adidas accused of historical insensitivity for its Russia ‘tank dress’

Top-6 Soviet World War II myths used by Russia today

Magomed Khazbiyev — an Ingush dissident challenging the state

Russian Activists In Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, And Buryatia Call For Abolishing Non-Russian Republics – OpEd

How 250 Siberians Became the First Native Americans

Chechnya Proposes Constitutional Changes to Help Vladimir Putin Stay in Power Longer

Armenia protest leader Pashinyan wins PM vote

New Armenian PM tells Putin he wants closer ties with Russia

Independent candidates get most votes in Tunisia’s 1st free municipal election

Protests after investigative journalist Olivera Lakic shot and injured in Montenegro

Serbian police seal off village to prevent far-right rally

Serbia Bars Kosovar Karate Team At Border

Somaliland Must Be Free

Somaliland: Prosecutions Threaten Free Expression

Kenya president says 9 soldiers killed in attack in Somalia

Somalia suicide bomber strikes market, kills at least 10

Kyrgyzstan man faces prison for Facebook insults

RFE/RL Correspondent Forcibly Detained In Turkmenistan

Landslides kill 18 in Rwanda, death toll at 200 since January

Gambia declares criminal defamation unconstitutional, keeps some laws on sedition, false news

Why Singapore for the Trump-Kim summit?

Windrush migrant who returned to Jamaica gets PM award

Singapore, Brunei ink pacts to boost cooperation in finance

UN Security Council pushes Myanmar on accountability over Rohingya

Islamic countries call Rohingya crisis ‘ethnic cleansing’

Maldives court jails 2 Supreme Court justices

Opposition wins in East Timor

The Quest to Hurricane-Proof Dominica

What makes the Bahamas one of the most progressive financial centres

Burundi media regulator suspends BBC and VOA, warns other broadcasters

‘Castrate the enemy’: Violence grips Burundi ahead of vote

Mauritius story tells us that Africa can transform, develop

Mauritius 2017 FDI jumps 28 pct yr/yr

Riddled with violations, Lebanon’s first election in nine years yields underwhelming results for independents

British-born scientist, 104, dies in assisted suicide in Switzerland

Paraguay to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem, following US

Latvian embassy in Moscow “attacked”

George Soros’ Open Society Foundations to move from Hungary to Germany

Bhutan, known for its Gross National Happiness Index, comes to terms with mental health crisis

Equatorial Guinea opposition party ban upheld by nation’s highest court

A Sindhi living in Sindh, yet ashamed of their own “tacky” language

Sindh: Author and Activist Recounts Struggle for Recognition of Language


Survey about the political future of the Basque Country: Barcelona remain unbeaten: Glasgow indy march: Biafra Day sit at home: Why France wants to stay a colonial power

1707 May 1: the Act of Union of Scotland and England

1963 May 1: The Day of Terror: colonial Indonesian military arrive in West Papua

May 3: World Press Freedom Day

1990 May 4: Independence Restoration Day in Latvia

May 5: National Day of Awareness for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls

May 5: Uyghur Doppa Day

1950 May 9: Europe Day

1877 May 10: Romania Independence Day

1948 May 15: Nakba Day, Day of the Catastrophe in Palestine

1811 May 15: Paraguay Independence Day

1944 May 16: Day of Sinti, Romani and Roma resistance

1814 May 17: Norwegian National/Constitution Day

1995 May 17: Panchen Lama’s abduction in Tibet

1991 May 18: Somaliland Independence Day

1944 May 18: Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Crimean Tatar genocide

1902 May 20: Cuba Independence Day

2002 May 20: East Timor Independence Day

Many Roma Feel Discriminated

Hopes growing for Scottish independence after Brexit

Trouble BREWS in Scotland as SNP renews attempts to use Brexit to push for independence

The Scottish Government backs plans to keep Gaelic alive

Tory immigration policy threatens Gaelic provision on Mull

Tens of thousands march for Scottish independence

Keith Brown: This is how far we’ve come on indy

Jaw-dropping support of indy march sends a powerful signal

Glasgow indy march shows Catalan Effect is taking hold

Antigua and Barbuda leads OECS in Quality of Nationality Index in the Caribbean

Urgent meeting on Wallis and Futuna as dengue spreads

Pro-independence French Polynesia leader walks out of TV debate

Call to annul part of French Polynesia election result

Pacific News Minute: French President Macron Visits Australia, New Caledonia

Return of New Caledonia colonisation deed puzzles

Polls show most in New Caledonia against independence

New Caledonia: What you need to know about the French territory’s independence referendum

Emmanuel Macron is more worried about New Caledonia than Australia

Macron to Noumea as independence vote draws near

Macron visits French territory New Caledonia ahead of independence referendum

Inequality key issue for New Caledonia independence

Why France wants to stay a colonial power

Pro-France rally as Macron visits New Caledonia ahead of independence vote

Pakistan- ‘Mankiali language’ of KP gets recognition in Ethnologue

Nine people abducted from different areas of Balochistan in past few days

Pakistan’s Shi’ite Hazara on Hunger Strike to Protest Targeted Killings

Mali Tuaregs killed in ‘jihadist revenge’ attacks

Dominican Republic Bows to Chinese Pressure and Ends Relations with Taiwan

China renews military threat against Taiwan as independence push grows

Russia, the Baltic Sea and Unexecuted Missile Tests off the Latvian Coast

“Floating Chernobyl” Departs St. Petersburg

Wage remittances to Moldova keep rising, strengthen local currency

Igor Dodon, Russia’s Ambitious Ally in Moldova

EU’s Mogherini Critical Of Moldovan Banking Fraud Investigation

Industrial spill at Bosnia factory pollutes river

Hong Kong’s pro-independence movement struggles amid rising pressure from Beijing

Trump strongly supports NATO membership for Georgia

New dawn or swan song? Czech communists eye slice of power after decades

Czech Brewer Mocks #MeToo, Calling It a ‘Pathological Campaign’

Czech Republic’s shrinking media landscape reflects declining press freedom

Czech president: Czechs made Novichok, citing spy agency

Barotseland: 1964 agreement,2012 BNC pushed off dialogue table

Palestinian president says Jewish behavior caused the Holocaust, sparking condemnation

US-based Khalistani Sikh body threatens Punjab’s jail minister

Huge Sikh Parade In New York Demands Separation Of Punjab From India

Seven Uyghurs & Kazakhs have been sentenced to 8-14 years in prison for “contacting friends & relatives in other countries”

Thousands March in Brussels to Protest Mass Detentions of Uyghurs

China Keeps Sinking into Paranoia By Massively Arresting and Pressuring Uyghur and Kazakh Minorities

China: Xinjiang, Agriculture and the Uighur Population

Perspectives | Navigating Xinjiang’s security checkpoints

Breizh Bistrot part of the second coming of the crepe

Linguist Marcia Haag: What We Lose When We Lose A Language

How Native American powwows evolved over years

Native American History Is A Dark Precursor To Their Inequality Today

Maine West High School retires American Indian mascot following debate over use

Inuit feast brings community together

The Birth of the First American Indian Birthing Center

Native American Photographers Unite to Challenge Inaccurate Narratives

Canadian lawmakers seek papal apology for forced schooling of indigenous children

After Stunning Democratic Win, North Dakota Republicans Suppressed the Native American Vote

“Am I Inuk enough?”

Artists seek films in Navajo language for inaugural Navajo Film Festival

You Can Now Purchase a Groundbreaking Quechua-Spanish-English Dictionary

Groundbreaking this month for 42-unit center for homeless young American Indians

As the U.S. moves to open ANWR to drilling, Canada says ‘not so fast’

Halifax to host 2020 North American Indigenous Games

College Apologizes After Native American Students’ Visit Is Sidelined By Police

May 5 is National Day of Awareness for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls

In Adilabad, tribals take to citizen journalism

Adivasis seek special column for census

Tea garden deaths on the rise in World Bank-funded plantations, claim local NGOs

Who is anti-national? Sedition charge against Bastar reporter for Facebook post raises key questions

Greenland PM Kim Kielsen to stay as PM following coalition agreement

Incomers to get ‘welcome packs’ to urge them to learn Welsh

6 reasons why the Welsh language is superior to English

What does the EU Withdrawal Bill mean for Wales?

Bougainville independence not ‘play thing’

We do not need to mimic a law assembled in 1919 for repression of colonial subjects

Greenpeace blasts palm oil industry deforestation in West Papua

Crimean savagely beaten for pro-Ukraine views gets 2-year prison sentence for ‘extremism’

Critically ill Crimean Tatar political prisoner Uzeir Abdullaev denied hospitalization

EU Delegation condemns violation of Abdullayev’s rights in Crimea

Crimean Tatar businessman & philanthropist seized in new FSB offensive in Russian-occupied Crimea

Suleyman Kadyrov: sentenced into silence for saying that Crimea is Ukraine & reporting Russian repression

History reveals Tibet was never part of China

Why China’s ‘liberation’ of Tibet was no such thing

World Press Freedom Day 2018: Xi Jinping, release Tibetan Tashi Wangchuk – charged over a NYTimes report

Many Tibetan refugees in Karnataka can vote in 2018 polls but they won’t, here’s why

Modi honours Tibetan institute

Dalai Lama to Attend World Hindu Congress in Chicago

Trending This Week on Social Media: Sachin Tendulkar Meets His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Spying: China’s Invisible Tentacles Extend into the Exile Tibetan Community

Wave of restrictions imposed on Lithang County

Catalan situation is ‘surreal’, says Barcelona deputy mayor Laia Ortiz

FCBarcelona players celebrate league in Barcelona streets

Johnny Ronan’s homage to Catalonia

Spanish government behaving like Franco on Catalonia, says Anwar

Supreme Court dragging Spain to “international shame,” says jailed MP Sànchez

Catalan teachers singled out after hate speech accusations

JxCat spokeswoman Elsa Artadi reemerges as potential presidential candidate

ERC to change tactics to achieve independent Catalonia

Two decades since Catalan police took charge of the roads

Catalan parliament demands ‘immediate’ release of jailed Catalan leaders

Catalan parliament urges EU to be ‘space of understanding, dialogue, and mediation’

Catalan parliament denounces verdict of ‘La Manada’ case as ‘disgraceful’

One in four rape victims in Catalonia is under 18

Catalan writers in Brussels condemn ‘repression’ by Spain

JxCat propose to swear in Carles Puigdemont as president

Barcelona remain unbeaten, in rough-and-tumble Clasico draw with Madrid

Can Gaeltacht schools be saved from extinction?

What are the best books in Irish? Weaponising the Irish-language canon

Trimble: There may be scope to learn from Scottish experience on Gaelic

National Irish Famine commemoration day ‘has been set’

Sahrawi Republic participates in the Japan-Africa Public Private Economic Forum in South Africa

Morocco cuts diplomatic ties with Iran over Western Sahara feud

Algeria Summons Morocco Ambassador Over Western Sahara Comments

Polisario Front denies Moroccan allegations concerning so-called “Hezbollah’s military support”

Russian activists call on Estonia to add new people to Magnitsky list

Juncker’s participation in Karl Marx anniversary is a disgrace

Kurdistan referendum main focus during UK forum in House of Commons

Iraqi Kurdistan: From scorched land to role model

Kurdistan to take path of independence if Iraqi partnership fails: Kurdish official

Barzani: Kurdistan will expand economic ties with Iran, create free trade zone

Former Israeli PM says Israel will continue to support ‘needs, aspirations’ of Kurds

Kurdish Vote May Have Major Impact on Turkey’s Polls

CHP challenges Erdogan to release Demirtas and ‘race like men’

Pushed aside by Turkey opposition, Kurdish parties seek third way

HDP nominates imprisoned Demirtas for President of Turkey

Jailed Kurdish candidate for Turkey presidency launches campaign behind bars

Kobane rebuilds, step-by-step without international aid

British officials highlight democracy, empowerment of women in Rojava

Turkey slowly implementing demographic change in Afrin

UN confirms civilians displaced from Afrin are prevented from going home

US slams Turkey over population transfers in Afrin

Kurdish-led, US-backed Syrian forces resume offensive against Islamic State

Panahi death case on 70th anniversary of UN human rights declaration

Execution of Kurdish activist Panahi halted ‘for now,’ lawyer reveals

WHO: Finland has the world’s cleanest air

Finnish and Estonian governments to hold joint meeting in honour of centenaries

Maori business proves government ‘help’ not required

Niue: New coin series portrays Disney’s villains with first coin featuring the Evil Queen of Snow White

Biafra Day: Igbo groups announces date of celebration

30th of May Biafra Heroes Day – IPOB declares sit at home

Biafra: Zionists order mass return of Igbos May 30

Trump’s meeting with Buhari will bring Biafra struggle to limelight – IPOB

Pro-Biafra Groups Express Disappointment Over Buhari’s Meeting With Donald Trump

Kachin: another Myanmar minority is trapped by violence and in need of aid

Basque separatist group ETA says its journey has ended

93% of ETA has approved the end of the organization

Basque ETA separatists announce they are ‘completely’ dissolving

Gerry Adams quotes Bobby Sands and hails ‘historic moment’ at Basque peace conference

Arnaldo Otegi: The Basque Gerry Adams

Survey about the political future of the Basque Country

Austria accused of undermining new EU data law

Pirates ‘massacre’ Guyana fishermen off Suriname coast

This Is Where People Live Longer Than Anyone Else

Micronesians ‘slowly dying’ from poor diet – Palau leader

Nauru waives journo fees for Pacific Islands Forum

Vanuatu plans to permanently evacuate entire volcanic island

Mauritania ‘blasphemy blogger’ in jail despite serving sentence

Mauritania: Harratines protest slavery, discrimination

Mauritanian Government Lambasted at UNHC for Slavery

“50 best homophobes from Chechnya” hunt down Bashkiria gay men

Seventy years on, the Kumyk people in Dagestan are still fighting territorial claims

On Yamal tundra, a grand plan for reorganization of reindeer husbandry

Chechnya’s Kadyrov Wants to Revive Tsarist-Era ‘Savage Division’

Unemployment and outmigration keep Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay–Cherkessia in stagnation

Chechnya Court Rejects Appeal, Leaves Activist Titiyev In Jail

Fighting the tropes of Russian propaganda

Comoros to hold referendum on presidential term limits on July 30

Brest Hotel Denied Putin’s Night Wolves Lodging For Night

Anguilla at a crossroad: Take the painful road set by Brits or take the road of unending economic struggle and loss

When Peace Agreements Fail: Lessons from Lesotho, Burundi, and DRC

Croatian LGBT Picture Book Causes Political Scandal in Serbia

Lebanon holds first general elections in 9 years

The Philippines Is Permanently Banning Its Workers From Going to Kuwait

Refugees continue to face starvation in civil war-torn South Sudan

10 aid workers in South Sudan freed a week after abduction

UN backs talks, not elections in South Sudan

Former Fiji MP jailed for two years for spray-painting anti-government graffiti

How an unrecognised state’s port deal could shift dynamics across the Horn

How it feels to be the foreign minister of a country that doesn’t officially exist

Majlis Podcast: No Longer Atambaev’s Kyrgyzstan

Honduras marches turn violent in anger over last year’s election

Honduran journalists face increasing threats and intimidation

Trump administration moves to expel some 57,000 Hondurans

How bad is it in the countries these migrants are fleeing from? This bad

What To Wear: A Style Guideline For Tajik Women

How Botswana Revived Africa’s Largest Mammal Migration

Heavy rains kill 183 in Rwanda in four months

Once a haven of peace, Uruguay unnerved by spike of violence

Evolution of Ethnicity in East Africa

Guinea Bissau: Overriding Personal Interest, Constitutional Lapses

Jamaica: St James parish state of emergency extended

Armenia’s Bad Week for Autocrats

Poverty-stricken Armenians pin hopes on opposition

Gabon Court Dissolves Parliament Over Legislative Vote Delay

Costa Rica’s new president promises plan to speed clean transport

Costa Rica Launches a Green Cryptocoin

Suicide attackers storm HQ of Libya’s election commission, 12 dead

Luis García Meza, Bolivian Dictator Jailed for Genocide, Dies at 88

The Bahamas moves to ban disposable plastics, flying balloons by 2020

Burundi jails official for saying president’s foes should be thrown in lake

In Burundi, a disputed referendum threatens to deepen a neglected humanitarian crisis

Burundi bans the BBC, VOA two weeks before referendum

Possible Use of Blinding Laser Weapon Near China’s Djibouti Base Spurs US Warning to Aviators

Australian Scientist, 104, Heads to Switzerland to End Life

The Gambia: A new era of press freedom

Inside Cuba’s massive, weekly, human-curated sneakernet

Latvia marks restoration of independence day

Enigma of the Three Seas Initiative

Turkey hints at alternative to federation for Cyprus peace deal

Mongolians sip ‘oxygen cocktails’ to cope with smog

Soros university promises no exodus from Hungary despite Orban law

Chad parliament approves new constitution expanding president’s powers

Singapore is ‘strongest’ candidate to host Trump-Kim summit in mid-June: South Korean daily

Girl power shines in robotics competition in Seychelles

Alarming drug results for Seychelles: survey shows 6 pct of population has used heroin

Belize sets date for vote on Guatemala border dispute

Rohingya refugees tearfully plead for U.N. Security Council help

Doctors prepare for spike in Rohingya women giving birth after sexual attacks


Greenland eyes independence – large-scale raids in Crimea

303 April 23: Catalonia: Sant Jordi’s Day

1915 April 24: Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

1916 April 24: Proclamation of the Irish Republic commences the Easter Rising

1974 April 25: Carnation Revolution in Portugal

1937 April 26: Bombing of Guernica, Basque Country

1961 April 27: Sierra Leone Independence Day

1994 April 27: Freedom Day in South Africa, first post-apartheid elections

1960 April 27: Togo Independence Day

1707 May 1: the Act of Union of Scotland and England

May 3: World Press Freedom Day

1990 May 4: Independence Restoration Day in Latvia

1877 May 10: Romania Independence Day

ETA peace conference called for May 4

Basque separatist group ETA hands over weapons and munitions

Baloch activists protest in South Korea against Pak atrocities

Balochistan: Iranian forces shot dead three Baloch men, injured one

Balochistan: Pakistani forces abducted Eleven people in past few days

World Sindhi Congress participates in UN forum on indigenous issues

Anwar Maqsood apologizes for racist depiction of Sindhi culture

Sindhi political party protests against Pak’s atrocities

Are indigenous people united under the United Nations?

Ogoni-Land: Reception of UNEP Report, and Biafra

Biafra: IPOB members appeal proscription order

BIAFRA: Thousands of IPOB members from all over the world heads to Washington to protest against Buhari during meeting with Trump

Hmong chief ambushed, family killed

Attack on Hmong leader well planned, police say

Language club helps preserve Hmong culture in the US

Student Org Brings Awareness to Hmong Culture

Tapura wins first round of French Polynesia election

Bickering as French Polynesia prepares for second vote

Chinese diplomats accused of illegally occupying a French Polynesian mansion

Georgia joins European Year of Cultural Heritage with dozens of events

Red Cross Identifies Remains of Abkhazia Conflict Victims

Bibilov Invites Bashar Al-Assad to Occupied S. Ossetia

Nauru advocates for South Ossetia at UN

Israel Denies Mossad Gunned Down Palestinian In Kuala Lumpur

Palestinians file complaint against Israel under anti-racism treaty

How Natalie Portman became the latest Israel-Palestine flashpoint

12 year-old Palestinian shot by Israel army sniper loses leg

Tokelau’s first newspaper aims keep islanders informed about climate change

Chinese Hackers Targeted Japanese Defense Firms

China’s intimidation in the South China Sea poses an economic threat to Vietnam

China flexes muscles with ‘Guam killer’ missile; new drills near Taiwan

Despite Chinese Pressure, Taiwan Keeps Its Press Free

Moldova identifies dozens of fighters in Donbas

Maghrebi parties eye resuscitating moribund regional grouping

Algerian Berbers March for Independence of Kabylie

14th International Festival of Amazigh Culture in Morocco

Love, books and roses

Political overtone at Catalan celebration of patron saint

Spanish police ‘ban yellow’ at Barcelona game

Eduard Márquez: I am a Catalan writer and I want independence for my country

Catalan crisis: Switzerland to offer good offices but not interfere

St Andrews right to defend Catalan academic

Spanish home affairs minister under fire for confiscation of yellow shirts at football final

Jordi Sànchez punished for recorded message in election campaign

Catalan union in court over November strike

Unemployment in Catalonia drops to lowest level since crisis began

Junqueras requests transfer to Catalan prison

Barcelona rejects controversial La Manada verdict

Impact on Catalonia of six months under direct rule

Germany rejects Spain’s petition to award officers who arrested Puigdemont

Lawyer Anwar: Ponsati faces a death sentence if extradited

850km march towards Madrid prisons to support jailed Catalan leaders completed

World’s Sinking Islands Challenge Our Imagination

Some Scientists Predict These Islands Are Doomed, But That’s Not the Whole Story

Islands comb own shores for solutions to environmental pressures

Rising Seas Will Render Many Pacific Islands Uninhabitable by Mid-Century, Study Says

Europe’s Depopulation Time Bomb Is Ticking in the Baltics

Earth Day Curaçao 2018 – Klein Curaçao Clean-up

Uyghurs in XUAR’s Ghulja City Held in at Least Five ‘Political Re-Education Camps’

Kazakh Man Recounts ‘Reeducation’ In Western Chinese Camp

Uyghur Professor and Poet Abdulqadir Jalaleddin Detained in Xinjiang Capital Urumqi

Thousands March in Brussels to Protest Mass Detentions of Uyghurs

Please Sign Petition Calling on EU to Demand Release of Approximately 1 Million Uyghurs Arbitrarily Detained in ‘Re-education’ Camps!

Where Does The Caribbean Rank On Press Freedom?

French tycoon Vincent Bolloré accused of swaying elections in Guinea and Togo

Canadian police frees Khalistani ‘separatist’ Hardeep Nijjar after 24 hours in custody

Family does its part to keep Navajo language alive

Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Battles to Keep Land

Trump challenges Native Americans’ historical standing

Trump Administration Supports Changing Indian Health Programs That Will Sabotage Treaty Rights

Native Tribes Could Lose Federal Recognition of Tribal Sovereignty Under Trump

A Pope Given to Apologies Has Nothing for Indigenous Canada

Why Is Oklahoma City Blocking This School for Native American Kids?

‘Real Indian’ running against Sen. Elizabeth Warren sues after city tells him to stop calling her ‘Fake Indian’

It’s developers vs Native Americans in battle over Berkeley shellmound

Brazil’s Indigenous March in Brasilia for Rights and Land

Inuit upset about Russian rocket splashdown in Arctic waters

Indigenous Remains Do Not Belong to Science

Canadian dies in ‘lynching’ in Peruvian Amazon, accused of killing an indigenous shaman

The hidden history of Indigenous stereotypes in tabletop games

Revitalizing Indigenous Education and redefining scholarship

Savagery of One True Religion

Alberto Fujimori to Stand Trial in Forced Sterilizations Case

Exclusive: Ancient Mass Child Sacrifice May Be World’s Largest

10 bipartisan senators push back on Medicaid work requirements for Native Americans

Gwich’in Leaders Gather to Re-Affirm Opposition to Arctic Refuge Drilling

Navajos: Utah County Wants Native Candidate Off Ballot

Brazil’s indigenous people protest against land threats

The Government of Canada Announces Funding to Support Indigenous Languages in Southern Alberta

Ban On Non-Cherokee Media In Tribal Council Chambers Sparks Free Press Debate

New Inuit program launches to prevent community support workers from quitting

Paulette Jordan, hoping to become 1st ever Native American governor, says she refuses to ‘wait my turn’

MP seeks probe into Adivasi youth’s death

Dalit, Adivasi organisations to form larger alliance

Australia’s forgotten indigenous World War II veterans

Aboriginal men’s alliance to start after Tamworth Pitch Night

Traditional Aboriginal sign language from Central Australia highlighted in Hobart Language Day

ANZAC Day: Australians recall ‘The Frontier Wars’ against Aboriginal people

Anzac Day marked with Frontier Wars protest and Black Diggers March

Respecting the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as Renewable Energy Grows

Native Knowledge: What Ecologists Are Learning from Indigenous People

Shifting Geopolitics May See Movement in Western Sahara

Swedish parties call on their government to recognize Sahrawi State

UN Security Council calls on Morocco, Polisario Front to hold negotiations without prerequisites

Estonia most westernized country among former Soviet republics

Reading North: Books in the Arctic

Fix it like Finland: ‘Nowadays there isn’t a single rough sleeper on Helsinki streets’

Finland will end its basic income experiment in 2019

Czechs to open honorary consulate in Jerusalem

Germany pledges continued support to Kurdistan, will facilitate voluntary return of thousands of Iraqis

US, KRG lay cornerstone for new Consulate building in Erbil

Turkish Speaker threatens MP with expulsion over phrase ‘Kurdish provinces’

Kurdish parties under pressure by Iraqi military authorities in disputed areas: PUK

HDP lawmaker urges Turkey to recognize Armenian Genocide

36 Kurds detained by security forces in Iran last month: Hengaw

Turkey sentences over dozen journalists to decades in jail

Era of racism against Kurds in Iraq ‘over,’ says Iraqi PM Abadi in Sulaimani

Curfew announced in 70 Kurdish villages, hamlets in Turkey

KDP calls for investigation of Oct. 16 attacks on Kirkuk

KRG delegation launches 2-week visit in Washington to meet with US officials, congressmen

Salih Muslim warns of ‘dangerous’ demographic change in Afrin, calls on UN to respond

Erdogan’s Revenge and the Kurdish Dilemma

French troops arrive in Kurdish-controlled northeastern Syria: reports

German party wants to ban arms export to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE

Iraqi military rule in disputed areas restricts Kurdish parties’ elections campaign: Party Officials

Pompeo visits Saudi Arabia, Israel, promises tough stand against Iran

Years in prison wanted for Demirtas as HDP prepares to nominate him for Turkey presidency

Turkey’s top Kurdish politician to run for president from behind bars

KDP’s struggle for Kurdistan’s right to self-determination will continue: Nechirvan Barzani

Kite-flying Yazidis trained to film genocide sites

Yazidis facing forced conversion to Islam after capture of Afrin

Yazidis who never came down Sinjar mountain

Like a Schindler for Iraq, This Unlikely War Hero Freed Women From ISIS

Ronak Ali Yazdin returns from Sweden to run for Yezidis in Iraqi elections

RDPP, UNICEF, UNFPA announce projects to aid survivors of sexual violence in Iraq

Should there be the same legal protection for the Welsh language as for race or religion?

Liz Saville Roberts aims to get the Welsh language protected under the Equality Act

Plaid Cymru MP Liz Saville Roberts told to ‘GET A LIFE!’ after comparing Welsh jokes to Islamophobia

The new chair of Welsh Labour lives in Bolton in England

Calls for impact of new housing developments on Welsh language to be assessed

Now is chance for Kosovo deal, says Serbian president – but at what cost?

Tusk Urges Kosovo, Serbia To Work Harder At Normalizing Ties To Join EU

Serbia Bars Croatia’s Defense Minister in Tit-For-Tat Move

Nine West Papuans arrested by Indonesian police at the visit of a delegation from the Solomon Islands

Indonesia suspected of hacking pro-West Papua sites

Ben Bohane: China? No, let’s face the elephant in the Pacific room

Ukraine seeks church independence to bolster stand against Russia

Ukrainian disappears after mystery detention in Russian-occupied Crimea

Eastern Ukraine statelets “effectively controlled” by Russia – PACE resolution

Over 1,000 Ukrainian veterans have committed suicide

Library of Ukrainian Literature destroyed in Moscow

Honest History: Ukrainians today still struggle with memory of Holocaust

Ukrainian neo-Nazi C14 vigilantes drive out Roma families, burn their camp

“It’s better to die”: Ex-political prisoner Chiygoz on conditions in Simferopol’s remand facility

Mother of arrested Crimean Tatar activist sentenced for “depressing” police officer

Large-scale raids taking place in Crimea

The permitted and the forbidden: Ukraine’s security services turn their eyes to “banned” Islamic literature

Crimean Tatar businessman & philanthropist Resul Velilyaev seized in new FSB offensive in Russian-occupied Crimea

The Irish language is free at last and it’s going global

Losing our language costs Ireland its soul

Tibet can be in China if Beijing recognizes its distinct culture and autonomy: Dalai Lama

Tibetan Monk Woechung Gyatso Detained on ‘Cybersecurity’ Charge

Tibetan Refugees in India Protect Language and Culture

In a First, US Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution on Tibetan Reincarnation

US Urge China to Respect Tibetans’ Right to Choose the Next Dalai Lama

U.S. Congressman Jim McGovern Calls on China to Free Panchen Lama of Tibet

According to reliable source, Panchen Lama Alive and Receiving Normal Education: His Holiness the Dalai Lama

France’s Macron Buys Into China’s Rights Vision

Bosnia court rejects extradition of Turkish national over Gulen’s links

New Zealand PM triumphs abroad, faces pressures at home

The AI-powered chatbot that can help you learn te reo Māori

Language Revival: How 7 Communities are Bringing Languages Back to Life

Calexit gets go-ahead to start collecting signatures

Struggle for independence worth it – former Cape Verde President Rodriques Pires

What does it take to create a new country?

Smaller economies among Portuguese-speaking African countries grow above the regional average in 2018

The ‘Palau Pledge,’ a Small Nation’s Bold Environmental Effort, Just Won a Top Global Ad Honor

The Batwa: Uganda is saving its gorillas – but there’s a human cost

Sierra Leone: Are brawls in parliament a sign of things to come?

Guyana abolishes colonial era juvenile offences

Book review: Russia’s Muslim Heartlands reveals diverse population

Russia reports 10 terror suspects killed in Caucasus region

Kadyrov says respect for human rights is higher in Chechnya than in US

Almaz Imamov, Tatar Man Who Claimed Language Discrimination, Faces Hate Charges

The first volume of the album on the Yakutian indigenous peoples’ culture introduced to the UN

Fourteen Alleged Members Of Hizb Ut-Tahrir Detained In Tatarstan

Bashkir Activists Demand Investigation Into Russian Comic For Alleged Insults

‘I’ll JAIL Trump and Merkel’ Chechen leader in threat as Russia tensions peak

Police Search Regional Parliament In Russia’s Sakha-Yakutia

Investigative Committee confirms detention of two Yakut deputies

Chechen rights group head Oyub Titiyev’s pre-trial custody extended

Tatarstan president visits Ankara

Voices4 Activists ‘Are In This For Life’ As They Fight For Queer Chechens

Guinea Bissau gets new Cabinet

Amid Brexit and rising populism — there’s a European country that’s still desperate to join the euro

Belarus leader says may loosen grip on power – but not yet

Authorities Are Afraid To “Outsleep” Revolution In Belarus

Will Russia Absorb Belarus?

Rival groups from Somalia’s army fight at former UAE training facility

Weapons stolen from training facility in Somalia, sold on open market

Somalilands Independence Bid Boosted by Geostrategic Shakeup

Greece, Macedonia hold new talks in Vienna on name dispute

Macedonia expects to get date to start EU membership talks soon

Why Swaziland Is Now the Kingdom of eSwatini

Swaziland has a new name – eSwatini – but will anything else change?

Good News For Uzbekistan Is Not Good News For Turkmenistan

Costa Rica: A Paradise For Retirees From Around The World

Trailblazers ‘pay a price’ says Costa Rica’s first black woman VP Epsy Campbell

Lebanon: reconstruction or destruction?

UN peacekeepers accused of child rape in South Sudan

South Sudan president rejects opposition calls to quit

Schools free disabled in South Sudan’s war zone from ‘curse’

Attacks on South Sudan health facilities, workers increasing

For medical workers in South Sudan’s war, just reaching the sick is a challenge

10 aid workers go missing in war-torn South Sudan, UN says

Greenland eyes independence from Denmark after election vote

Faroe Islands delay their referendum on more independence

Bahamas to ban plastics

Nikol Pashinyan shapes up as Armenia’s next PM

Armenian parliament fails to elect new PM

Togo: Remittances from diaspora reached nearly 9% of GDP in 2017

Mongolia and Singapore reportedly shortlisted to host historic US-North Korea summit

Tourists ignore state of emergency as Maldives reports record arrivals

Khalifa Haftar makes triumphant return to Libya after rumours of his death

Son of former top aide of ex-dictator Stroessner elected Paraguay president

Burundi: 8 arrested over plans to disrupt referendum vote

Burundi activist Germain Rukuki given 32 years for anti-Pierre Nkurunziza demo

Nicaragua scraps unpopular welfare plan, but unrest continues

Belgian Court Sentences Paris Attack Suspect Salah Abdeslam To 20-Year Term

Qatar PM went to wedding hosted by ‘one of the world’s most prolific terror financiers’

Saudi Arabia threatens ‘fall’ of Qatar government, unless it pays for US troops in Syria

Unstable neighbours and bad policy are just two of Jordan’s problems

Chad bishops oppose constitutional reforms which would increase president’s power

Venezuela, Panama to restore envoys, resume airline service – Maduro

Two Equatorial Guinea ‘coup suspects’ arrested in CAR

Tunisia: Media sector crisis continues, entering decisive phase

Tunisia: An Imperfect Blueprint For Post-Arab Spring Reform

Saudi-led air strike kills top Houthi official in Yemen

What does the death of Saleh al-Sammad mean for Yemen’s Houthis?

Four militants, 2 security men killed in Kashmir encounter

Report Claims US to End Military Training for Slovenia Due to Pro-Russian Stance

Gambia’s Road to Democratic Reform

Malta under “unprecedented” Europe monitoring in journalist murder probe

2017 sets new record for neo-Nazi activity in Sweden

Under U.S. gaze, Latvia votes to dismantle banking bridge to Russia

Everything Is for Sale in Cyprus, and China’s Buying

Civil organisations in Hungary brace for government crackdown on NGOs

Record Turnout in Bhutan Elects Third National Council

Wedged between China and India, Bhutan has to play juggling act

China, India hold 1st summit since last year’s Bhutan friction