Language of Maybes

1975 June 25: Mozambique Independence Day

June 26: Crimean Tatar National Flag Day

1960 June 26: Madagascar Independence Day

1977 June 27: Djibouti Independence Day

1976 June 29: Seychelles Independence Day

1960 June 30: Democratic Republic of Congo Independence Day

1962 July 1: Independence Day of Burundi

1867 July 1: Canada Day

1997 July 1: Transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong

1962 July 1: Rwanda Independence Day

1960 July 1: Somalia Independence Day

1971 July 1: West Papua Day of Resistance

1998 July 1: Biak Massacre, West Papua

1776 July 4: United States Independence Day

1962 July 5: Algeria Independence Day

1975 July 5: Cape Verde Independence Day

1811 July 5: Venezuelan Declaration of Independence

1975 July 6: Comoros Independence Day

1253 July 6: Crowning of King MINDAUGAS – Day of Statehood in Lithuania

1964 July 6: Malawi Independence Day

1978 July 7: Solomon Islands Independence Day

1816 July 9: Argentina Independence Day

2011 July 9: South Sudan Independence Day

1973 July 10: Bahamas Independence Day

1979 July 12: Kiribati Independence Day

1975 July 12: São Tomé and Príncipe Independence Day

South American Poet Embracing a Language of Maybes

Irish language works get their own award category for first time at Irish Book Awards

Libya’s Education Ministry denies removing Amazigh language from syllabus amid accusations of racism

Rif: protest leader’s 20-year sentence sets off marches in Morocco

Small Nation, Big Wins: ‘Palau Pledge’ Tops Cannes Lions With 3 Grand Prix

How Russia’s security services target Crimean Tatars as “Islamic terrorists”

Sentences passed in Russia’s most openly lawless anti-Crimean Tatar ‘trial’

Mother Of Crimean Tatar Jailed In Russia ‘Starts Hunger Strike’

Video surveillance installed in cell of hunger striking political prisoner Balukh in Crimea

Crimean Tatars Celebrate Day to Honour National Flag

EU Leaders Agree To Extend Sanctions On Russia

EU refuses to congratulate Erdogan, says conditions for elections ‘not equal’

Congolese doctor helps Yazidi women overcome rape stigma

Honest History: Treaty of Peryaslav — In 1654, Ukraine becomes Russian vassal for 337 years

POLISARIO rejects proposals to extend EU-Morocco association agreement to Western Sahara

Koehler arrives to occupied Aaiun: the occupied city is under a tight security blockade

Occupied Aaiun witnesses a massive demonstrations demanding Sahrawi people independence

Ok at 83, Dalai Lama is Looking Forward to Living 20 More Years

Tibetan Exile Narrative Has Transformed from a Victim Mindset to One of Success

Tibetan Director Wins Two Golden Goblet Awards in Shanghai

Tibet-Nepal Railway Link will Serve Chinese Interests not Tibet’s

Dalai Lama to Visit Netherlands and Germany in September

Two Tibetans Arrested for Keeping Dalai Lama Photos

Tibetans warned against celebrating Dalai Lama’s birthday in Kham

EU, Germany Calls for Tashi Wangchuk’s Release at the 38th HRC Session

Trump-Putin to meet in Helsinki on 16 July

Trago Mills boss’s Welsh language comments have people turning their back on the store

Creating bilingual website ‘a business decision’ as demand for Welsh language services grows

Thousands stage march to Bannockburn in support of Scottish independence

Nicola Sturgeon appoints new generation of SNP ministers

11 English Scots for Yes tell us why they back independence

Glasgow University hears its first Gaelic graduation speech in 567 years

In Europe, the targeting of Roma sets off alarm bells for Jews

Baltic states to decouple power grids from Russia, link to EU by 2025

Greece hails debt relief deal as EU calls an end to crisis

Taiwan’s Tsai urges world to stand up to China

New Spain PM to move Catalan, Basque prisoners closer to home

Not everyone is in awe of Spain’s new progressive government

Documentary chronicles climate change through three children growing up in the Marshall Islands

How Equatorial Guinea became the only Spanish speaking country in Africa

Being Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual Is a Crime in These Places

After Signs of Progress, Paraguay Turns Its Back on LGBT Rights

Jawar Mohammed to return to Ethiopia as Oromo Media Network opens Addis office

EU divided over Balkan accession as NATO says Macedonia welcome

Comoros: 3 opposition leaders arrested during anti-referendum protest

EU, Canada sanction Myanmar generals over Rohingya; Myanmar says two are fired

Moscow still refuses to recognize Soviet genocide of Ingermanlanders

Journalist Charged For ‘Attending’ Anti-Putin Protest in Tatarstan

Perspectives | Making dynastic rule fashionable again: The case of Turkmenistan

EU subsidy fraud in Slovakia: The dirty fight for arable land

MEPs back process that could strip Hungary of EU voting rights

Australia and Vanuatu to negotiate security pact to head off China expansion

Catalan secessionists cut formal ties with Spanish monarchy

Six Catalan delegations abroad reopened

Sagrada Familia, ninth most Instagrammed tourist site in Europe

Torra in Washington pledges to work until Republic is “internationally recognized”

Indictment for pro-independence leaders confirmed

Spanish president rejects agreed referendum for Catalonia

Catalan police heads to face trial for sedition

Catalan president walks out of US reception calling Spanish ambassador’s speech ‘offensive’

Spain uses European arrest warrants ‘disproportionately,’ says Fair Trials

Documentary makes the case for jailed Catalan activists

Exiled Catalan leader gets Swiss residence permit for five years

Puigdemont government ordered to pay €2.13m for October 1, 2017 independence referendum

Standing with Catalonia – International Solidarity in Defence of Democracy and Self-Determination

New campaign aims to boost Catalan in music

Kosovo and Albania collect money for fined Swiss players

UN Backs Call For Withdrawal Of Russian Troops From Transdniester

Xinjiang Rapidly Building Crematoria to Extinguish Uyghur Funeral Traditions

Uyghur Friendship Group Holds First Event in the European Parliament

Chinese firms cash in on Xinjiang’s growing police state

Will Trinidad and Tobago’s cybercrime bill stifle media freedom?

Maldives exiled former president abandons presidential bid

Opponents of constitutional change in Burundi face torture and execution

Is the acquittal of Ali Salman a breakthrough in Bahrain?

Saving the underwater wonder world of Belize’s reef

South Sudan foes in new peace talks to end deadly war

UN top court begins hearing Qatar lawsuit against UAE

Baby shot dead as Nicaraguan violence erupts again

How Ortega has stayed in power in Nicaragua

Kuwait’s economy shrinking for fourth year in a row

Radicalisation in paradise: Tackling the growing threat in Mauritius

Grenada’s new Parliament building opens

UN Rights Rapporteur Laments Lack Of Improvement In ‘Kafkaesque’ Belarus

‘Worst Human Traffickers’ Include Russia, Belarus, Iran, Turkmenistan

New Caledonian politicians head to Paris for independence referendum talks

New Caledonia independence referendum preparations going well – UN

French PM presses for dialogue in New Caledonia ahead of referendum

France to hold summit with Pacific Island countries in French Polynesia

Ex Vatican diplomat found guilty of possessing child pornography

What’s Stands in the Way of Tajikistan’s Development? Basically Everything

Trying To Stop Suicide: Guyana Aims To Bring Down Its High Rate

Baloch activists hold anti-China protest to oppose CPEC project in Balochistan

Baloch Liberation Army appeals to Baloch nation to boycott Pak polls

Balochistan: Enforced-disappearances continue unabated in different regions

World Sindhi Congress protests in U.S. against enforced disappearances in Pakistan

Pashtun, Baloch and Sindh Activists Protest Outside UN Headquarters In Geneva against Atrocities Committed by Pakistan Army

West Papua Liberation Army behind deadly Nduga attack

New Zealand’s Silence on West Papua’s ‘Slow Genocide’

Hawaii’s quest for a new type of independence

Criminalising Dissent: Repression of Sikhs in Indian-Occupied Punjab

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern returns home from hospital with new baby

Multilingualism online: “Language barriers are a major challenge”


Anti-Independence Coalition Collapses

1898 June 12: Day of Freedom in Philippines

1941 June 14: Soviet Mass Deportations from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

2012 June 14: Assassination of West Papuan Independist Mako Tabuni

June 15: International Uyghur Language Day

1944 June 17: Icelandic National Day

June 21: National Indigenous Peoples Day, Canada

1975 June 25: Mozambique Independence Day

June 26: Crimean Tatars National Flag Day

1960 June 26: Madagascar Independence Day

1977 June 27: Djibouti Independence Day

1976 June 29: Seychelles Independence Day

1960 June 30: Democratic Republic of Congo Independence Day

1962 July 1: Independence Day of Burundi

1867 July 1: Canada Day

1997 July 1: Transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong

1962 July 1: Rwanda Independence Day

1960 July 1: Somalia Independence Day

1971 July 1: West Papua Day of Resistance

9 Livingstone Barotse granted bail, six others acquitted in Mongu as the Zambian President heads to Barotseland

WHO certifies Paraguay malaria-free

Storm-battered Dominica braces for new hurricane season

Qatar takes UAE to U.N. human rights court over boycott

Comoros opposition leader jailed for 6 months for demos

Former Vatican diplomat indicted on child pornography charges

Latvia commemorates victims of 1941 deportations

Te Tauihu policy first step towards Wellington becoming te reo Māori capital

Committee of 24: Participants call to speed up Western Sahara decolonization

Exiled as a child, Sahrawi grandmother still longs for home

The history behind Morocco’s “Africa” World Cup not being fully embraced by all Africans

World Cup 2018: Can Iceland stun the world again?

Swaziland Admits It Is Broke

Carefully, Kazakhstan Confronts China About Kazakhs in Xinjiang Re-Education Camps

Players Group Demands Release of Uyghur Pro Footballer Detained For ‘Visiting Foreign Countries’

Nearly Half of Xinjiang Village’s Residents Sent to ‘Political Re-Education Camps’: Official

Uyghur pop star detained in China

Crimea. Territory of torture

Jailed Crimean Tatar human rights activist says that FSB prove that Russia has changed little since Stalin era

‘Trump is ours!’: Russian state TV celebrates Trump’s suggestion that Crimea is part of Russia

US to double number of Marines in Norway amid Russia tensions

New hub reflects NZ grassroots support for West Papua

Green co-leader slams human rights ‘obscenity’ over West Papua

Barbara Dreaver: Why is NZ and the world turning its back on human rights abuses in West Papua?

Finland’s first terror attack: Life sentence for Turku stabber

Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto is healing and resurgence in action

Correctional Service’s psychological tests fail Indigenous prisoners, Supreme Court rules

Ancient Native American King’s House Rediscovered in Florida

One Of The Last Living Navajo Code Talkers From WWII Passed Away

Sprawling comedy features American Indian family

Is this the last chance for Honduras to protect indigenous consultation rights?

Video Shows Border Patrol SUV Hitting Native American Man, Then Driving Away

Indigenous treaties are meaningless without addressing the issue of sovereignty

How flexischools could help close the gap in Indigenous education

Self-rule by Adivasis could end Maoism

U.S. extradites former Panama president to home country

Spain’s Basques form 200km human chain calling for independence vote

‘Melting Away’ — Climate change and Greenland’s Inuits

Hong Kong independence activist Edward Leung jailed for six years

Why Are Hong Kong’s ‘Localists’ on Their Own?

Impact of Chinese money on independence of Hong Kong media

15 schools in Cornwall teach youngsters Cornish and keep ‘critically endangered’ language alive

Rare ancient writing found on medieval Cornish stone

People could identify as Cornish on the next census and this is what people in Cornwall have to say

Kuwait and Oman Are Stuck in Arab No Man’s Land

RFE/RL Correspondent Roughed Up — Again — In Turkmenistan

Student In Turkey ‘Tricked Back’ To Turkmenistan And Imprisoned

‘We need the king!’ Lesotho fed up with politicians’ mistakes

Cuba ‘sonic attack’: US tests two more Havana embassy staff

Anti-Chinese protesters take to Vietnam’s streets

Chinese missile launchers reappear on disputed South China Sea island

US urges regional governments to block South Sudan war money

Mass movement against enforced disappearances grips Pak’s Sindh

Baloch leader says fight for Baloch independence will continue

Boakai Slams Liberia’s Reliance On Donor Money

Tajikistan’s Banned Islamic Party Claims Former Members Hit By ‘Wave Of Arrests’

Landslides and Flooding Threaten 200,000 Rohingya Refugees as Monsoon Rains Lash Into Bangladesh Camps

Guiana: France ‘flooded’ with cocaine as traffickers exploit ‘back door to Europe’

Belarus Passes Legislation Against ‘Fake News’ Media

EU issues encouraging messages ahead of 10th anniversary of Russia-Georgia war

Russia conducts drills in Georgia’s occupied Tskhinvali region

Honduras Anti-Corruption Probe Implicates President, Opposition

Moldova Struggles to Escape Russia’s Energy Embrace

Turnaround in Moldova’s separatist Transnistria region as it boasts 15% GDP growth in Q1

El Salvador’s former first lady arrested in corruption case

The Withdrawal Bill shows that Westminster will never work for Wales

In Brexit Britain, Scots are starting to believe that independence is worth the risks

‘Independence it must be’: Mastermind behind ‘The Vow’ switches from No to Yes

Haiti bans Oxfam GB over sexual misconduct scandal

‘Velvet revolution’ makes Armenia a nation of smiles

Macedonia seeks new direction with name change

Kyrgyzstan’s ‘Graveyard Mafia’

Saint Lucia wins social media marketing award

Climate Change and the Disappearing Islands of Kiribati

Maldives’ Slide Toward One Party Rule

When an Indigenous Land Defender Becomes an Enemy of the State

Papua New Guinea declares state of emergency over riots

Baltic Brutality?

Baltics know truth is more powerful than guns – Dalai Lama in Vilnius

Over thousand people took part in deportee name readings across Lithuania

Greece passes fast-track reform package to unlock bailout cash

Sikhs abroad feel Khalistan narrative meant to marginalise

Leaders open TANAP pipeline carrying gas from Azerbaijan to Europe

Azerbaijan acquires new missiles in escalating arms race with Armenia

Jonathan Lee: Antigypsyism is a cancer at the heart of Europe

Young Gypsies and Travellers launch activist network at Appleby fair

Clinging to Power Amid Violent Protests, Nicaragua’s President Faces a Crisis Point

Nicaragua Protests Take a New Turn: Empty Streets

What are the reasons behind low wages in Slovakia?

US State Department reaffirms protections for Iraq’s religious minorities

Erdogan threatens Kurdish rival with death sentence, Demirtas responds

Six months after receiving death threats, Miss Iraq reunites with Miss Israel

Turkey Coordinating With Iran on Possible Military Incursion Into Kurdish Iraq

Top Syrian Kurd hopes Assad serious about talks

KRG announces 20 Kurdish studies scholarships for foreigners

KRG officials mark first Eid since IS defeat, referendum

Christians in Kurdistan join Muslim neighbors to celebrate Eid al-Fitr

Mauritania’s slavery problem

New Caledonia anti-independence coalition collapses

UN Committee Set to Examine Civil and Political Rights in Laos

Don’t Forget France in Laos

Journalist shot dead in Kashmir

UN calls for international probe into Kashmir rights violations

China Restricts Tibetan Observances in Lhasa During Buddhist Holy Month

Sweden jails man for spying on exiled Tibetans for China

‘Honoured’ Tibet team manager looks back on ‘really great’ CONIFA World Football Cup as players make way home

This delegation truly represents Tibet: President to Canada

Denmark widens probe into police and pro-Tibet protesters

New airports on Tibetan border may test Sino-Indian détente

A Gulag history museum runs into office space problems after possibly discovering a Soviet-era mass grave

Ingush man detained by FSB turns up dead

‘Children’s friend’: The dark story behind Stalin’s popular photo with a Soviet girl

Russia reinstates political trial of historian of the Terror Yuri Dmitriev

Spanish minister calls for constitutional reform in wake of Catalan separatist push

Catalan ex-minister not too optimistic about talks with Spain government

Catalan vice president says he doesn’t have ‘much hope’ in Spanish government

King of Spain’s brother-in-law sentenced to almost 6 years in jail

Ponsatí’s lawyer considers summoning former Spanish ministers to Scotland court

Spain’s New Government and the Catalan Crisis

Foreign minister to reopen Catalonia’s main offices abroad

Catalan president hopes for more meetings with Spanish counterpart

Catalan parliament speaker takes judges to court for ‘violating rights’ of jailed MPs

Catalonia diplomats back in action abroad

Germany ‘should’ promote mediation in Catalonia, says Bundestag Human Rights committee chair

Trump-Kim summit in Singapore highlights city’s global ties

Small fry: Faroe Islands seek fish export pledge with Russia trade deal


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Catalonia Returns to Self-Rule

1918 May 28: Armenia Independence Day

1918 May 28: Azerbaijan Republic Day

1967 May 30: Anguilla Day

1967 May 30: Biafra Day

1970 June 4: Tonga Emancipation and Independence Day

1523 June 6: National Day of Sweden

1898 June 12: Day of Freedom in Philippines

1941 June 14: Soviet Mass Deportations from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

2012 June 14: Assassination of West Papuan Independist Mako Tabuni

June 15: International Uyghur Language Day

1944 June 17: Icelandic National Day

Arla cheese to be labelled ‘Welsh’ but made in England

How do we rescue the Welsh language? By making it the default option

Leeuwarden, Friesland: EU capital of culture 2018

Militant Attack in Mali’s North Leaves More Than 20 Dead

Bulgaria torn between Russia and the West

A Lesbian Prime Minister Oversees a New Gay Era for Serbia

War leaves one in four girls in South Sudan suicidal

Ceasefire monitors accuse South Sudan forces, rebels of civilian killings

Can an ambitious project to plant millions of trees save the Karakalpak people of Uzbekistan?

Civic groups attack Honduras ruling weakening anti-graft mission

Liberia: A Land of Wealth without Manager

Hmong: A History of Relocation

Gambling in Finland: From vice to national virtue

Nine Barotse languish in jail without trial or bail weeks after their arrest on alleged unlawful assembly

Indigenous Guatemalan woman shot dead by US Border Patrol

Before it’s over, May is Foster Care Month: Native foster families are needed

‘Birthed into politics’: Paulette Jordan’s quest to become 1st Native American governor

Arctic art: Canada’s Inuit people sculptures tell unique stories

Pipeline stance complicates Heitkamp’s 2nd term Senate hopes

Marshfield pow-wow celebrates Native American culture

Are Seals Kosher? A Jewish Inuit Activist Says Yes.

Marvel Adds Indigenous Superhero from Canada’s North

Indigenous Mental Health and the Psychological Political Warfare of the Nicaraguan State

Dartmouth students get hands-on lessons in Native traditions

‘Pacha, Llaqta, Wasichay: Indigenous Space, Modern Architecture, New Art’ at the Whitney

In Panama, world’s indigenous young people to meet before World Youth Day

How 6 Indigenous Designers Are Using Fashion to Reclaim Their Culture

Anthropologist Plots New Use for Motion-Capture Technology

For American Indian youth, risk is higher for alcohol, drug use, say CSU researchers

New opioid abuse prevention campaign aimed at helping American Indian communities

With ‘There There,’ Tommy Orange Has Written a New Kind of American Epic

Indigenous Women Have Been Disappearing for Generations. Politicians Are Finally Starting to Notice

Peru: Needy families slept on hospital floors until one doctor started a shelter

Navajo Presidential Race Draws Crowded Field of Candidates

Navajo judge won’t toss claims of abuse in Mormon program

Attu descendants visit their ancestral home for the first time

In Kansas City’s Crossroads, Unusual Space Spotlights Untraditional American Indian Art

Indigenous rights bill passes in the House of Commons in Canada

Canadian Heritage launches engagement sessions on First Nations, Inuit and Métis Languages

Navajo, U.S. government treaty of 1868 exhibited on the Navajo Nation for the first time

Navajos commemorate anniversary of 1868 treaty

Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto kicks off with New Moon

Panama charts WB loan for indigenous development

The violent collectors who gathered Indigenous artefacts for the Queensland Museum

Adivasis declare ‘self-rule’ in tribal dominated areas of Telangana

Ukrainian filmmaker Sentsov says he may die during World Cup to save fellow prisoners

Crimean Tatar Hero Mustafa Dzhemilev Honored by National Endowment for Democracy

Ukraine Charges Moscow Has Brought Up To 1 Million Russians Into Crimea

Haley calls on Russia to withdraw from Ukraine

Mustafa Dzhemilev, the Ukrainian president’s commissioner for the Crimean Tatar people

Shifting Loyalty: Moscow Accused Of Reshaping Annexed Crimea’s Demographics

Russian FSB remove incriminating videos of the arrest and death of Crimean Tatar veteran Vedzhie Kashka

Kremlin Political Prisoner Oleksandr Kolchenko joins Oleg Sentsov in a hunger strike equivalent to suicide

‘Locked in’ – The devastating effects of Israel’s Gaza blockade

Roman Abramovich, After Visa Troubles in Britain, Surfaces in Israel

Israel approves more than 2,000 settlement units in West Bank

Kuwait proposes ‘international protection’ for Palestinians

NATO starts Montenegro air patrols

Latvia probes whether Russian money flows used to meddle in Europe

Myanmar Is Intensifying Violence Against Ethnic Minorities, U.S. Says

Bongo Bids to Entrench Power in Gabon Before Parliamentary Vote

Denmark joins some European nations in banning burqa, niqab

Greenland, Faroe Islands to stop commercial fishing of wild salmon for 12 years

Faroe Islands to bid for International Island Games

Changed beyond recognition: Ireland witnesses a second uprising after abortion vote

Irish Language Can Bridge Northern Irish Divide, Trinity Study Finds

Joint UK/EU status and border buffer zone for Northern Ireland under consideration in new Brexit plans

Pakistan to Give Equal Rights to Millions in Tribal Areas, Ending a British Legacy

Balochs hold protest against Pak’s 1998 nuke tests

Chagai: The Fukushima and Chernobyl of Balochistan

Nine people abducted from different areas of Balochistan in past few days

Tackling heavy Caribbean debt is key to future disaster protection, leaders say

Antigua first Caribbean state to ratify convention against racism

Brexit fallout benefits non-life in Luxembourg

How the Basque language has survived

Spanish Court Nixes Terrorism Accusation in Basque Incident

Armenia a Century on: Lessons in Challenging the Status Quo

After Armenia’s Velvet Revolution, a New Look at the Karabakh Challenge

The Tragedy of Armenia’s First Prime Minister: Too Blunt and Now Forgotten

The Legacy of the First Republic of Armenia during the Soviet Era: The Tumultuous 1960s

This mine in Swaziland that produced iron 43,000 years ago is the world’s oldest

Taiwan has just one diplomatic ally left in Africa and China is eagerly eyeing it off

Central African Republic approves war crimes court

Nine humanitarian organizations looted in the centre of Central African Republic

There’s a new battle for influence in Central Africa, and Russia appears to be winning

Beijing accused of forcing Uyghur-Han intermarriages

Uyghur Student Missing, Believed Detained After Return From Malaysia University

Xinjiang Jails Uyghur Civil Servants Over Lack of Enthusiasm For Anti-Extremist Campaigns

China is secretly imprisoning close to 1 million people — but they’ve left 2 big pieces of evidence behind

Abdulehed Mehsum: Death in Custody of Yet Another Uyghur Religious Scholar

Nauru limits media access to Pacific talks

EU removes Bahamas, St Kitts from tax haven blacklist

Indonesian Counterterrorism Law Threatens Civil Liberties

New Indonesian terror laws might implicate Papuan groups

Soldier Kills Indigenous Papuan In Yapen Island

Scottish Independence Convention to push ahead with plan for campaigning body to train Yessers around Scotland

Ian Swanson: If Growth Commission is realistic, then so is independence

National tests to be offered in Scottish Gaelic

SNP report outlines new prospectus for Scottish independence

Scotland builds its economic muscle to fight again for independence

Thousands of Scottish independence marchers have taken to the streets of Dumfries

Austria calls for overhaul of EU free movement

Burundi court validates vote to extend president’s tenure

Burundi ‘insulted’ by French gift of donkeys to village

Organising a trans beauty pageant in conservative Tonga

San Marino to become the first organic country in the world

In Portugal, trust in China is the art of the deal

Guinea’s president reshuffles government as he faces strikes, civil unrest

Taiwan welcomes Haiti president as China chips away at allies

Syria recognises independence of Georgia’s occupied Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Not Just Russia: Jehovah’s Witnesses in Eritrea Are Being Imprisoned and Abused, Reports Reveal

Oil industry is finally starting to be affected by Norway’s rapid electric car adoption

Batwa school rehabilitated

A Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan Ends in a Young Woman’s Death

South China Sea dispute: Mattis says China ‘intimidating neighbours’

US warns of ability to take down Chinese artificial islands

Japan, Vietnam share concerns over S.China Sea

Philippines rebuilding runway on South China Sea island, scene of stand-off with Beijing

Storm dumps three years of rain in a day in Oman and Yemen

United Arab Emirates jails activist for 10 years ‘for defaming nation’

Croatia’s far right pushes for vote to curb minority rights

Nine jailed in Hong Kong for ‘Fishball Revolution’ riots

Hawaii volcanic haze spreads to Micronesia

Report casts grim outlook on investment in Djibouti

Belarus’ Lukashenka, Russia´s Putin Regimes Remain Main Threat For Journalists

East Timor opposition coalition wins election after months of deadlock

Barbados launches ‘emergency plan’ to tackle massive debt

China and Russia could be looking for a back door to Western intelligence through the ‘soft underbelly’ of New Zealand

New Zealand Plans to Kill About 150,000 Cows to Eradicate a Bovine Bacterial Disease

Somaliland: 2 journalists and protesters arrested in Laasaanood and two TV channels shut down

Paraguay to have its first woman president

Rival Libyan leaders in Paris agree to hold elections in December

Taiwan grants visa-free entry to Nauru, Tuvalu nationals

South Korea to help Tuvalu avoid risk of sinking under water

Saint Lucia to host its first-ever Data Literacy Boot Camp

Biafra shutdown cripples Nigerian cities

Biafran War Memories: Why young Africans need to know their history

The day Biafra almost gained real independence from Nigeria in 1967

Police arrest leader of pro-Biafra group, 20 others

How Sweden is preparing for Russia to hack its election

How the US and Rwanda have fallen out over second-hand clothes

Kiribati: country the size of the U.S. is rapidly disappearing into the Pacific

Slovenia May Go the Way of Italy With Tight Election

Maldives: Opposition candidates barred from election

Amid Domestic Strife, Maldives’ Military Takes to International Stage

EU, West urge Maldives to hold credible, transparent presidential poll

Interview: Fugitive Maldives ex-leader aims for return

Protests in Bolivia spread after death of college student

Bolivia turns in police officer blamed in student’s death

How an online satire magazine in Bosnia and Herzegovina ends up reporting the news and fact-checking its peers

Qatar bans imports from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and UAE

Namibia Seeks Innovative Ways to Address Human-Wildlife Conflict

Papua New Guinea Is About To Block Facebook To Curtail Hate Speech, Fake Profiles, And Porn

UNESCO’s proposes to remove Belize from in Danger list

Emmanuel Macron says France may return museum artefacts to Africa

Zangbeto: Voodoo Savior of Benin’s Mangroves

Azerbaijan inaugurates Southern Gas Corridor key terminal

Lithuania’s reform movement Sajudis marks 30th anniversary

Turkmenistan: Cotton bans and whitewashes

Turkmenistan’s Natural Gas Dilemma

Moroccan forces attack violently Sahrawi demonstrators in occupied city of El-Aaiun

Jordanians strike against tax rises in largest protest for years

Rural revitalisation transforms Tibet

€10,000 book on Tibet

Tibetan Students in Qinghai Appeal in Letter For Teaching in Tibetan

US annual report condemns China for persecution of religious freedom in Tibet

China Arrest Tibetan for Keeping Dalai Lama Books, CDs

Dalai Lama Calls for Tibetan Unity, Says Favoritism is Backward

Why India Won’t Play Its ‘Tibet Card’

Passion and pride on show at alternative World Football Cup

Equatorial Guinea’s leader offers Robert Mugabe asylum

Schools, hospitals shut as Chad civil servants go on strike

How the People of Chad Brought a Tyrant To Justice

How Chad’s Zakouma National Park became one of Africa’s greatest conservation success stories

Far-Right Attack: Third in Recent Weeks Against Roma in Ukraine

Bulgaria: Roma murdered in racist attack

Roma denied official minority status in Switzerland

Bashar al-Assad threatens US troops

US deployment to Shingal ‘brings hope’ to Ezidis, blocks Iran’s ‘corridor’ to Syria: Mayor

Yezidis want quota seat in Kurdistan Region parliament

Iran deliberately cuts flow to river in Kurdistan, causes water crisis

Entrepreneurial activity in Catalonia higher than in Spain and Europe

Jailed Catalan leaders ‘victims of revenge,’ relatives tell European Parliament

European Parliament vetoes exhibit featuring Catalan ‘political prisoners’

Catalonia is European region that attracted most EU funds for innovative projects

Catalan president calls for ‘dialogue without conditions’ with Madrid

Rajoy to be ousted with Catalan and Basque votes

Catalan president calls on economic lobby to ‘help open dialogue’ with Spain

Rajoy stripped of Spanish presidency

Door open to Catalan self-rule after Rajoy ousted from power

Catalan president takes Rajoy to court

German prosecutor requests Puigdemont’s extradition for rebellion

Catalan government takes office in emotional event, lifting direct rule

Jailed former Parliament speaker ‘regrets nothing,’ says her son

Cameroon jails activists demanding secession

Theme of kindness for Samoan Language Week

Leaders Of Two Russian Far East Regions Resign

Circassians Remember the Past But Mobilize for the Future

Man tortured in Dagestan after conflict between his family and security forces officers

Police in North Ossetia close a rape investigation after apparently blaming the autistic victim

Russian military police return to base in Chechnya after Syria mission

New Yamal-Nenets governor is 30 years old and has a MBA from Singapore

Former head of Russia’s Mari El Republic faces final corruption charges

Kremlin’s Proxy Attacks on Last Vestiges of Russian Federalism