Life Changed a Little

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

January 21: Martin Luther King Day

1946 January 22: Establisment of the Republic of Kurdistan

1919 January 22: Day of Unity of Ukraine

1954 January 23: World Freedom Day, Taiwan

1759 January 25: Burns Night, Scotland

1788 January 26: Australia Day, Invasion Day, Survival Day

1950 January 26: Republic Day in India

January 27: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

1968 January 31: Nauru Independence Day

2004 February 1: Erbil bombings, Kurdistan

1948 February 4: Sri Lanka Independence Day

1997 February 5: Gulja massacre, East Turkistan/Xinjiang

1917 February 6: Sami National Day

1840 February 6: Waitangi Day, the national day of New Zealand

1974 February 7: Grenada Independence Day

Samoa MP wants Chinese flags removed from building sites

Want to Cultivate a Liberal European Islam? Look to Bosnia.

‘Another cycle is born’: New generation of Indigenous leaders step up in Old Crow

Cherokee Nation creates its own film office to promote filmmakers, locations and tribal stories

Life Changed Little on a Tiny Island Between Alaska and Russia

A Chechen Court Ruled To Forgive $100 Million Of Citizens’ Gas Debts. Gazprom Isn’t Happy.

Women Being Sexually Assaulted in Chechnya’s Anti-LGBTQ Purge

Arctic art house: Russia nurtures Yakutia film boom

Russia boasts rich diversity of national minorities, but education policies, restrictive legislation undermine the exercise of their rights

Pennsylvania man is recording world languages in a mission to save them

Regional plan seeks to foster use of Norman language

Educating Adivasi: The Side Effects Of School For India’s Indigenous

South China Sea: Fishing on the front line of Beijing’s ambitions

Vietnam jails man for 14 years for attempting to overthrow state

Pompeo: ‘It’s time’ for nations to pick sides in Venezuela

Hong Kong moves to make disrespecting Chinese national anthem a crime

Ukraine, Putin, NATO: Journalists name reasons that could push Russia to grab Belarus

‘A Category Of Citizens’: Officials Shrug Off Belarusian Minister’s LGBT Slur

Palau drops Kosovo recognition in favour of Serbia

Kosovo academics brace for controversial ethnic land swaps

Kosovo to keep tariffs until Serbia grants recognition, insists PM

Putin To Visit Kyrgyzstan This Year

Zimbabwe soldiers accused of beatings amid protest crackdown

Ukraine Emerges from Isolation

International Support Urged For Ukraine in Face of Russian Aggression

100 years ago, west and east Ukraine united in short-lived independence amid invasion from all sides

Ukraine Sentences Ex-President Yanukovych In Absentia To 13 Years In Prison

Russia ordered to comply with the Geneva Convention on Prisoners of War in treatment of 24 imprisoned Ukrainians

Ukraine says it sees surge in cyber attacks targeting election

Ukraine’s Slow but Steady Strangulation Is Taking Place in Plain Sight

Activist Group Publishes ‘Hacked E-Mails’ From Russia

Occupation authorities in Crimea mulling ways to intimidate lawyers of captured Ukrainian sailors – Mejlis official

CRIMEA: Four years’ jail for mosque meetings

Russia stages mystery arrest for new propaganda about ‘Crimean Tatar battalion’

Making te reo cool and relatable: a new path for Māori Television

Time to Break the Silence on Palestine

Is Palestine imploding?

Palestinians protest ‘apartheid road’ in occupied West Bank

McDonald’s apologizes after people said an ad supported Taiwan independence from China

US Navy sails warships through Taiwan Strait

Whatever the Basques did in Idaho, they clung to their unique culture

Language Rights of Basque Speakers

Protesters in Athens hurl petrol bombs at police over Macedonia name deal

South Sudan embraces old enemy Sudan, now rocked by protests

No Brexit deal means hard Irish border, EU says

Brexit awakens old fears in Northern Ireland

Poland stuns Brussels with proposal to put time limit on Irish backstop

‘We Are All Irish,’ Belgium Says as It Asserts Unity Amid Brexit Chaos

How the Irish Won Their Freedom

Marshall Islands digital currency set to launch in mid-2019

Leader of Comoros Seeks New Term After Rules Changed

Comoros elections: 19 people set to challenge Comoran president

Liechtenstein’s 300th anniversary: Big bash in a small country

Liechtenstein moves to create legal certainty around blockchain

Qatar Muscles in on Saudi Arabia to Shore up Lebanon’s Ailing Economy

Nicaraguan journalist flees to Costa Rica, fearing government threats

Beijing’s Mass Internment of Uyghurs

A Death Sentence For a Life of Service

At Least 10 Australians Imprisoned in China’s ‘Re-Education’ Camp

My Personal Story.

CCP Interfering With How Muslims Perform Funerals

China: Uyghur pop idol Zahirshah Ablimit detained in Xinjiang

Alignment of Xinjiang, Tibet security forces underline China’s lockdown policies for Tibetans and Uyghurs

Arrested for Celebrating Dalai Lama’s Birthday, Tibetan Monk Choekyi Released Due to Critical Health Condition

Chinese order Tibetans to worship Xi Jinping and Party leaders

Lawyer denied access to imprisoned Tibetan language advocate Tashi Wangchuk on eve of arrest anniversary

Tibetan Nomads in Chamdo Forced From Their Land in Resettlement Scheme

China to relocate Tibet’s Tsonyi County nomads

Tibetan nomads made to pay for forced relocation homes, denied promised assistance

Local Tibetan activist A-nya Sengdra held without trial

China Intensifies Campaign Against the Dalai Lama In Tibet

Lobsang Sangay calls for dialogue with China

China’s lonely rise: After decades of heady growth, Beijing is suddenly facing resistance at home and abroad

Fighting for Tajikistan’s Jailed Lawyers

Indonesian forces surround local West Papua National Committee office and paint over sign

Humanitarian crisis in West Papua as thousands displaced escaping bombing and suspected chemical weapons use by Indonesian military

Historic petition for West Papuan self-determination handed to UN amidst humanitarian crisis and alleged chemical weapons use

If election is not decisive, I’ll call another, Moldova’s president says

‘The only thing we can do is adapt’: Greenland ice melt reaching tipping point

Forests need protection

Bank customer in Wales told to use English rather than ‘foreign language’ Welsh

A no deal Brexit poses an existential threat to the Welsh agriculture industry

Need to prepare for any negative effects of Brexit on the Welsh language

Who Speaks for Native Hawaiians?

Scotland: Independence is nothing like Brexit … it’s been done before

Ian Blackford: Scottish independence is a Brexit ‘escape route’

Independence referendum series on BBC Scotland’s new channel

Why a People’s Vote on Brexit causes all sorts of problems for Scottish independence referendum

Mhairi Black: Independence has never looked more attractive

Greens developing updated blueprint for independent Scotland

Across Scotland, far too many young people cannot continue Gaelic Medium Education beyond primary school

Scots urged to safeguard Gaelic for future generations

UN rep urges state government support for Dayaks

Key Demand of the Communist Party: Czech lower house approves tax on church compensation payments

Cameroon Struggles to Aid IDPs in Anglophone Separatist Areas

Philippine referendum returns big ‘yes’ vote on Bangsamoro self-rule

Black January in Baku – the time and place the Soviet Union died

2019: Where to Expect Russian Moves

Islamic State Suicide Bomber Targets U.S., Kurdish Forces in Syria Attack

Pompeo, again, affirms continued support for Syria’s Kurds

Nashville Schools vote to add Kurdish to high school language class options

Iraqi Airways agrees to add Kurdish to languages used for in-flight instructions

Peshmerga commanders near Nineveh see ISIS pre-2014 conditions emerging

Turkish military strikes kill 2 more in Kurdistan Region

Kurdish leaders call on Christians to remain in region after meeting with patriarch

Turkish court releases Kurdish MP Leyla Guven on hunger strike

Africa ocean health index 2018: Seychelles top, Ivory Coast bottom

Armenia, under new leadership, re-opens Panama Papers case

Why Burundi Is Kicking Out Aid Groups

Church may close its schools in Fiji over non-Catholics principals

Hungary working to modify funding for Russian-built nuclear plant

Global power play does little for Djibouti’s impoverished citizens

12 Catalan leaders face trial on charges of sedition and rebellion against Spain

Thousands gather to show solidarity with Catalan prisoners

Spanish court accused of obstructing investigation into Spain’s application of direct rule in Catalonia

Jailed former Catalan home affairs minister Joaquim Forn to stand for Mayor of Barcalona

MP raises imprisonment of Catalan speaker in UK parliament

Spanish Supreme Court expects Catalan independence trial to start ‘around’ February 5

‘I would step down if I felt independence is not possible,’ says Catalan president Quim Torra

Spanish Supreme Court to call Mariano Rajoy as witness in Catalan independence trial

Jailed Catalan independence leaders to be transferred to Madrid prisons on January 29

Record 8 million visitors stayed in Barcelona hotels in 2018

Exiled Anna Gabriel calls for ‘strategic agreement’ in Catalan independence camp

Catalan and Spanish governments meet amid criticism from Ciutadans

Pro-independence union calls general strike coinciding with start of Catalan independence trial

80 years since Barcelona fell to Franco

UN Special Rapporteur on persecution of Catalan politicians: ‘Non-violent political dissent by minorities should not give rise to criminal charges’

Òmnium leader Jordi Cuixart denounces Spanish Supreme Court for not allowing him to use Catalan in court

Pirates Control Ocean Between Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago

US no longer announcing deaths, damage in Somalia airstrikes

Somaliland Seeks Intervention of the UN Security Council Over Qatar’s Donation of Armored Vehicles to Somalia

Brussels sues Slovenia over ECB raid

Oil plan stalled as East Timor president vetoes state budget

Political Mafias Helped Empower Gangs, says El Salvador Security Expert

Fourteen miners killed in Rwanda tin mine after hill collapses

Luxembourg gains 80 financial services firms in run up to Brexit

Sierra Leone: Nonviolence – the answer to the crucial political moral questions of our time

Sierra Leone bans FGM in clampdown on secret societies

Liberia’s ex-president Sirleaf joins The Elders

Liberia’s footballer president Weah marks year in office

50 Million Women Speak Project Launched in Liberia

Liberia wrestles with poverty and ecology in bid to protect sharks

Construction starts on $2.3B highway across Turkmenistan

Haiti looks set to be entirely wiped of its native forests

Vatican’s Swiss Guards wear new 3D-printed helmets

Undersea cable damage wipes out most Internet access in Tonga islands

Oromo Liberation Front is dead, but its Oromo struggle lives

Massive power outage in Panama ahead of papal visit

Pope in Panama blasts corruption but avoids wading into Venezuela fray

Tunisia’s Fledgling Democracy Shows Signs of Wear and Tear

Jordan’s PM: We need a more sustainable plan to help countries hosting refugees

Gruesome Laos deaths of Thai activists sends chill through dissident community in exile

EU sees crime risks from Malta, Cyprus passport-for-sale schemes

UN envoy: No prospect Rohingya refugees can go home soon

Long-awaited bridge over River Gambia inaugurated

Biafran Government in Exile and Biafran Shadow Government won’t take part in general elections

Indigenous People of Biafra give reason for election boycott

Strengthening EU resilience to disinformation will remain Lithuania’s priority

German Navy returns to treating the Baltic Sea as a potential theater of war

Sweden: Russian military planes briefly violated airspace

Russian ‘order of battle’ report suggests an elaborate strategy, not just brute force

Latvia gets a new government led by Krišjānis Kariņš

Taavi Toom: It’s a good idea to host NATO summit in Estonia

Crisis Brews as Colombia Asks Cuba to Extradite Rebels Linked to Bogota Attack

International organizations making it difficult for small developing states, says Dominica PM

Solomon Islands province bans logging in bid to protect environment

Israel, Chad Renew Diplomatic Ties That Were Severed in 1972

If Croatia joins the Eurozone, it would give Russia its greatest weapon in Europe

A section of Canadian Sikhs begins ‘Prove it or Remove it’ campaign

Bulgaria says it will end passport-for-sale policy ahead of EU warning schemes could help criminals

Albania opposition leader fined for defaming ruling lawmaker

Singapore braces for tougher times as China slows down and the trade war heats up

Baloch talents are crucified

Baloch leader criticises UN for ignoring human rights violations by Pakistan in Balochistan

Balochistan Enforced Disappearances: Several people abducted by Pakistani forces


Stalin’s NKVD and Hitler’s Gestapo cooperated even before Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1999 January 15: Račak massacre, Kosovo

1990 January 19-20: Azerbaijan: Black January

1991 January 20: The Barricades in Latvia

1946 January 22: Establisment of the Republic of Kurdistan

1919 January 22: Day of Unity of Ukraine

1759 January 25: Burns Night, Scotland

1788 January 26: Australia Day, Invasion Day, Survival Day

1950 January 26: Republic Day in India

January 27: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

1968 January 31: Nauru Independence Day

2004 February 1: Erbil bombings, Kurdistan

Canadian sentenced to death in China for drug smuggling amid tensions between countries

Indigenous Peoples Stage Solidarity March on Washington

Teens in Make America Great Again hats taunted a Native American elder at the Lincoln Memorial

Native American life front and center in DC with historic march

Trump invokes one of the worst Native American massacres to mock Elizabeth Warren

Disturbing racist note left on elderly Aboriginal woman’s car

Indigenous youth suicide at crisis point

First Native American woman elected to Washington State House wears traditional regalia at swearing-in

Alfred Newman, one of the last remaining Navajo Code Talkers, dies at 94

New leader of Navajo Nation delivers message of hope, change

Native writers craft “Molly of Denali” kids TV character

Adivasi Lives Don’t Matter

In Chhattisgarh, Adivasi man’s dubious arrest shows police excesses continue under Congress rule

Palestine assumes chairmanship of G77, UN’s largest bloc

Palestine launches bid for full UN membership despite US veto

Biggest overhaul of how Welsh is taught in schools announced

Times criticised for ‘should the Welsh language be taught?’ poll

Why support for Welsh Independence could hit 40% by 2020

Norway is getting its first non-socialist majority government since 1985

Russian Justice Ministry calls for ‘brave’ Crimean lawyer’s expulsion from Bar Association – media

Russia caused one death to try to discredit Crimean Tatars and is now risking new fatalities

Crimea may have same future as “Baltic States in Soviet Union”

Charges against Crimean Tatar activist dropped after he was tortured and jailed for six months

Russia brings mass prosecutions of believers to occupied Crimea

5-year sentence demanded in Russia’s “safari hunt of Muslims” in occupied Crimea

Russia mulls fines for country’s maps without Crimea

Film Based on Holodomor Added to Berlin Film Festival Lineup

Russian court extends detention of Ukrainian sailors until April 24

Russian proxy ‘Luhansk republic’ seizes another woman hostage

Russia seizes bus driver and forces him to ‘confess’ to spying for Ukraine

10-year ‘sentence’ for Ukrainian hostage who openly rejected Russian ‘defence’ of Donbas

Putin agrees to allow access of French, German experts to Kerch Strait area

Russia deploys nuclear-capable ballistic missile launchers near Ukraine border

Russia Says Ukraine May No Longer Be a Country Soon

The West’s failure in 1991 must not be repeated now

Stalin’s NKVD and Hitler’s Gestapo cooperated closely even before Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Maghreb Countries Celebrate Amazigh New Year 2,969

Morocco’s Amazigh want their new year to become official holiday

Algeria: Arab-Amazigh Dispute over Using Arabic Alphabet for Berber Languages

Gunmen kill more than 30 Tuaregs in ongoing Mali violence

HONG KONG: Looking Back on a Rough 2018 for ‘One Country, Two Systems’

US report says rapidly modernizing Chinese military has set sights on Taiwan

Donald Trump warns Turkey of economic devastation if Kurdish forces attacked

Turkey demands life imprisonment for US Consulate employee

Residents of Christian towns in Iraq face another displacement

Search continues for 3,117 Yezidis still missing

Trial starts for Pole accused of links to Papuan rebels

Solomons emphasises diplomacy with Indonesia on Papua

Lawyers in Indonesia launch legal action against last month’s arrest of 3 members of West Papua National Committee

A New Russian View of Ethic Minorities

Deaths and detentions in ‘new wave of persecution’ in Chechnya, say LGBT activists

Renewed gay purge in Chechnya places spotlight on the UFC’s concerning links to Ramzan Kadyrov

Is Chechnya Putin’s blueprint for Syria?

Border Dispute Between Chechnya and Ingushetia Threatens Regional Stability

Ingushetia’s military policemen escorted to Syria

Russian servicemen hold drills in Tuva Region mountains

Under the surface of Russia’s Arctic super-region is a looming disaster

Indigenous languages video tutorials will be released in Yakutia

Georgians, God, and Grapes: Life In South Ossetia

Georgia’s Breakaway Regions: Should We “Forget” about Them?

Ciarán Mac Giolla Bhéin: Time for an Irish Language Act

‘Derry not in Ireland’ award nominee told

Ireland readies ‘mega’ no-deal Brexit legislation package

Irish economy ‘resilient enough’ to withstand bumps of hard Brexit

Economic assimilation of the Famine Irish in America

Ireland loaded with experience for Six Nations defence

World Bank promises better internet for Tuvalu

Fate of ETA prisoners divides Spain

Idaho’s rich past impossible to examine without recognizing Basque culture

Czech martyr Jan Palach’s enduring legacy, 50 years after his self-immolation

Czechs mark 50 years since Jan Palach’s self-immolation over crushing of Prague Spring

Flames Of Protest: The Wave Of Self-Immolations Against Soviet Tanks

China escalates its military capability in Tibet

Even Tibetan Medicine being taught only in Mandarin Chinese

A senior monk from Tibet calls for resumption of the Sino-Tibetan dialogue

Dramatic increase in Tibetan youths volunteering across CTA

Google Faces Renewed Protests and Criticism Over China Search Project

25 Tibetans Sentenced in Central Tibet in 2018 for “Inciting Separatism”

China uses nationwide anti-crime campaign to denounce Dalai Lama sympathizers

Dalai Lama Advises Tibetans to Uphold Tibetan Culture and Values

Tibetans Forced to Prostrate to Xi Jinping Pictures: Religious Repression in Tibet Accelerates

Catalan president rejects Spanish budget yet again over independence referendum refusal

‘Voting can never be a crime, we are democrats and pacifists,’ say jailed leaders in statement of defense

Jailed Catalan leaders request five international observers to attend their trial

Barcelona’s airport reaches all-time best 50m passengers in 2018

Cuixart denounces ‘suspension of rights’ to ‘protect’ Spanish unity in statement of defense

Catalonia and California strengthen business ties

Quim Torra in the US asks for “international mediation that allows Catalans to exercise self-determination”

King Felipe, Puigdemont, and Rajoy among proposed witnesses for independence trial

Two pro-independence mayors arrested over ‘public disorder’ offenses

Carme Forcadell accuses Spanish court of acting ‘politically’ ahead of independence trial

What will defendants in the independence trial argue?

Jordi Alba, winner of Catalan sportsman of the year award

Why focus on Catalonia? Congress must prioritize human rights and democratic values in 2019

Torra warns Catalonia faces ‘gravest’ threat since Franco’s death

The Spanish police “continues to act in the same way it did under the Franco regime,” says CUP MP Maria Sirvent

Spanish police arrest 16 in connection with pro-independence protests

Democrat and Republican US congressmen meet with Catalan president

Catalan and Spanish governments consider opening new spaces for dialogue

Court reopens case of Puigdemont’s traveling companions at time of his arrest

What is La Masia? Barcelona’s famous youth academy & the star players it produced

Jailed former minister Romeva: ‘I won’t declare myself innocent; I’ll deny having committed a crime’

Catalan minister: “If the death penalty were in force, they would be asking for our execution”

Spanish region’s call for direct rule in Catalonia roundly rejected

Lawyers rubbish legal grounds for Catalan indy trials

Jailed Catalan politicians see independence trial as “opportunity” to reveal truth

Catalan PEN association denounces detention of Cuixart and Sànchez

Ahead of Catalan trial, Òmnium accuses Spain of “violating fundamental rights”

Kosovars Remember 1999 Racak Massacre

Beset by protests, Serb leader stages lavish reception for Putin

Russia, Serbia sign nuclear cooperation agreement

Putin accuses Kosovo of stirring tensions by setting up its own army

Breakaway Moldova Region to Open ‘Embassy’ in Russia

Ahead Of Election, U.S. Calls On Moldova To Ensure Free, Fair Process

‘Counter-Extremism’ in Xinjiang: Understanding China’s Community-Focused Counter-Terrorism Tactics

U.S.: Lawmakers to Introduce Bill To Protect Uighur Minority in China

A New Dystopian Reality Grips Xinjiang

Xinjiang Authorities Detain Uyghur Aspiring Professional Footballer in ‘Political Re-education Camp’

Why the West won’t act on China’s Uighur crisis

Russian ambassador sparks backlash with suggestion Guinea change constitution

Qatar triumphs over Saudi Arabia in ‘blockade derby’ at Asian Cup

Panama paints ‘wall against racism’ to welcome pope

Welcome to Jamaica, Home of the World’s Best-Performing Stock Market

South Sudan pursues fragile peace, but people remain wary

Luxembourg makes all public transport free

Is Turkmenistan Being Pulled Into Russia’s Orbit?

New migrant caravan leaves Honduras as US extends border troop deployment until September

Honduran officials threaten prison time for migrant parents who travel illegally with minors

Togo: Government to soon start biometric census of the population

Lao Migrant Youth Increasingly Looking for Work in China

Toto’s ‘Africa’ to play ‘for eternity’ in Namibia desert

World’s Longest Bridge Nears Completion in Kuwait

Montenegro: Investigative journalist sentenced to 18 months in prison

Croatia nixes F-16 purchase from Israel after US objection

Putin Names New Central African Republic Envoy as Ties Deepen

The Bahamas’ iconic conch could soon disappear

Sierra Leone faces a culture of rape

Guyanese MP flees to Toronto after receiving death threats for voting against his own government

Mauritania: Repressive Laws Restrict Peaceful Speech

Will Russia Save Ortega in Nicaragua?

Nicaragua paper runs blank front page in protest of Ortega government

Equatorial Guinea supports entrepreneurs with one-stop shop

Lithuania’s top court orders recognition of same-sex gay spouses

Baltic states report highest share of pensioners at poverty risk in EU

Cigarette smuggling from Belarus to Lithuania almost doubled in 2018

Stoicescu: Russia seeks integration in Estonia in words alone

Two Domestic Films Top 2018 Box Office in Lithuania

Latvian Diaspora’s Involvement in the Latvian State Independence Renewal Processes 1989–1991

Litvaks, Jews in Lithuania and antisemitism

Latvia marks day of Barricades

Latvia to continue to maintain sanctions against Russia until Russia begins to observe international law

Gabon President Bongo back home a week after failed coup

Mass student protests bring down Albania’s science minister

How the United States Can Support Armenia’s Fledgling Democracy

UN Investigating Brutal November Massacre in Haiti

Barbados will lag region in 2019

US to lift Cyprus arms embargo in security boost

Migrants depart from El Salvador as new U.S.-bound caravan forms

El Salvador police: gangs step up killings before election

Tunisia: Socioeconomic injustice persists 8 years after uprising

Tunisia hit by general strike, amid economic tensions

U.S. considering allowing lawsuits over Cuba-confiscated properties

Ethiopia says launches offensive against Oromo rebels

Climate change is rotting away Greenland’s cultural heritage

Kyrgyz police disperse anti-Chinese rally

Lofven tears up Sweden’s political landscape to retain power

Barotseland mourns as she remembers her nationals massacred on 14th January 2011 by Zambian state agents

Litunga reluctantly accepts Zambian security escort as he retreats to his Winter Palace

The Baloch need a helping hand

Balochistan: Pakistan forces abducted 11 persons in two days

Sindhis Demand Independence From Pakistan on GM Syed’s Birthday

Lawmaker wants to replace Presidents Day with Hawaiian Independence Day

YouGov poll suggests major swing to Scottish National Party

Delay indyref2 and risk another lost generation of Scots

Scottish Government received just two complaints about Gaelic road signs


China’s Oldest University for Tibetans Ends Instruction in Tibetan. Year of Indigenous Languages

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1918 January 8: Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points on free trade, democracy and self-determination

1991 January 13: Freedom Defenders Day in Lithuania

1990 January 19-20: Azerbaijan: Black January

1991 January 20: The Barricades in Latvia

1946 January 22: Establisment of the Republic of Kurdistan

1919 January 22: Day of Unity of Ukraine

1759 January 25: Burns Night, Scotland

1788 January 26: Australia Day, Invasion Day, Survival Day

1950 January 26: Republic Day in India

January 27: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Four decades on, Cambodia reflects on its ‘Killing Fields’ nightmare

USA Congress does not recognize the pretended sovereignty of Morocco over Western Sahara

Turkish President Snubs Bolton Over Comments That Turkey Must Protect Kurds

Syrian Kurds say Afrin proof that Turkey targets Kurds

Iraqi PM orders removal of Kurdistan flag in Kirkuk, calls it ‘violation of constitution’

Turkey to attack Syrian Kurds even if US doesn’t withdraw: FM

US-led coalition says withdrawal from Syria has begun

Officials in Syria’s Manbij say both Russia and US now patrolling

Chinese military equips troops in Tibet with mobile howitzers

From Tibetans to Americans, no one is safe from China’s arbitrary enforcement of local laws

US warns travelers of China’s ‘coercive’ use of exit bans

Trump Signs Second Law Aiming to Improve Situation in Tibet

China’s Oldest University for Tibetan Students Ends Instruction in Tibetan

China’s Digital Silk Road Is Looking More Like an Iron Curtain

China pledges easier foreign tourist access to Tibet amid U.S. pressure

Nevis to Run on 100% Renewable Energy

French minister moots association status for New Caledonia

Taiwan’s President, Defying Xi Jinping, Calls Unification Offer ‘Impossible’

Chinese general warns Taiwan Independence supporters to be treated as ‘war criminals’

Nauru president voices support for Taiwan amid China threat

Hong Kong unveils proposed law banning insults to Chinese national anthem

How forgotten local plants could ease malnutrition in East Timor

Admissions to Domestic Films in Estonia Doubled Due to Centennial Film Programme

Estonia’s Arvo Pärt is the world’s most performed living composer eighth year running

Latvia opens its KGB archives — while Russia continues to whitewash its past

Baltic Way – a peaceful call for independence on day of infamy

A Mixed Year for Freedom in Lithuania

European Broadcasting Union calls on Lithuanian authorities to ensure national broadcaster’s independence

Europe must cut ties with Mauritania, anti-slavery politician says

South Sudan restarts oil output at key field halted by conflict

Putin’s Retirement Plan Depends on Belarus

Report: Belarus Lifts Limit On U.S. Envoys Allowed In Minsk

Lukashenko orders Belarusian government to arrange for oil deliveries via Baltic ports

Lukashenka Is in the Rocking Chair

Mikalai Statkevich: What Will Western Politicians Do When Belarusians Uprise?

‘Everyone must be on board’ for peace in Central African Republic: UN’s Lacroix

Chain reaction: Russian politician explains how Russia could implode

Russian activist Oyub Titiev: One year behind bars in Chechnya

One year ago, Oyub Titiev was arrested for drug possession

Antigay Purge Flares Up in Chechnya, Activists Say

Protesters ‘fired from jobs’ in Ingushetia

Why did 14 opposition parties just boycott Togo’s legislative election?

Gabon’s Bongo names new prime minister after thwarted coup attempt

Republic of Macedonia Approves Name Change In Step Toward Joining EU

Peru, Paraguay recall diplomats over Maduro inauguration in Venezuela

Slovakia again breaks record in car production

The trial of Catalan referendum leaders casts a long shadow over the EU’s credibility

SEAT ends year with ‘record’ sale of over 517k vehicles

Catalan government makes first step to recover suspended laws

Wikipedia in Catalan hits 600k articles

Catalan government tells Lego: don’t toy with our language

Catalan political prisoner Jordi Cuixart still in Madrid jail

Spain’s oppression of Catalan presidents is nothing new

30 MEPs ask to meet with Spanish president and discuss the political situation in Catalonia

Spanish Supreme Court wants 9 Catalan pro-independence leaders moved from Catalan prisons to Madrid

Meet Cervera, your 2019 Catalan Culture Capital

Barcelona mayor visits jailed Catalan leaders

Local judge allowed former minister to leave prison to visit his child in hospital

Surge in life sciences investment in Catalonia: report

PEN: A Troubling Trend: Free Expression Under Fire in Catalonia

UNPO Welcomes the Assemblea Nacional Catalana as its Newest Member

Catalan leader says ‘No’ to Spain govt budget

“Two Catalonias”’s Pact of Forgetting

Bahrain Arbitrarily Detained Activist’s Family

Suriname authorities seize record amount of cocaine at port

Mood of revolt in Serbia as anti-Vucic protests grow

And the Golden Globe for most obvious PR stunt goes to Fiji Water Girl

UK, Russia and UAE scramble to set up military bases in Somaliland

Somalia shoots itself in the foot

Northern Ireland to get power to reject new EU laws and regulations in Brexit backstop

UK government confirms £300m for peace projects in Northern Ireland after Brexit

Delay Brexit? Ireland would not stand in the way

Belfast City Hall to be lit up red for Irish Language Act protest

Over 90% of Ulster Unionists oppose Irish language act, new study finds

Welsh party leader calls for Celtic political union

2 Years for Hacker Who Crippled Liberia’s Internet With Mirai Botnet

Ringing in 2969 with Ottawa’s Amazigh

Moroccan Activists Call for Amazigh New Year to Become National Holiday

Algerian Islamic Scholars Say Celebrating Amazigh New Year is Haram

Quran Interpretation in Amazigh Language to Be Published in Algeria

Some 37 people arrested for political reasons in occupied Crimea in 2018

Crimean crisis reignites resistance

Russia’s imprisonment of disabled Crimean Tatar activist is a death sentence without a crime or trial

Russia launches dangerous attack on lawyers defending victims of persecution in occupied Crimea

Ukraine’s SBU claims to arrest 71 foreign spies, prevent 8 terror attacks in 2018

Ukraine’s troops mark 5th New Year at war with Russia

Poland Scrambles To Wean Itself Off Russian Gas

Support grows in PNG for an independence vote in West Papua

Indonesian thugs protest and call West Papuan students Monkeys outside West Papuan student dormitory

The dark side of powerful China — its repression — can benefit US

Turkey abandons Uighurs in favor of Chinese investment

Too little too late: ASEAN’s role in the plight of the Uyghurs

Beijing announces deployment of ‘carrier killer’ missile after U.S. warship sails near South China Sea islets

Russia warns British plans for military bases in South China Sea and Caribbean could lead to retaliation

Pompeo Arrives in Jordan on 8-Nation Middle East Tour

Kyrgyzstan Women Fight to End Bride Kidnapping

Diplomacy with Chinese characteristics: The case of Denmark

At least 24 Native Americans — most of them women — went missing in Montana last year

Canada: racist letter shocks Indigenous family in Edmonton-area community

Canada: Revitalizing Indigenous languages

Revitalizing the Inuktitut language on social media, one word at a time

Inuit org plans big boost to Inuktitut literacy this year

Greenland’s residents grapple with global warming

Vatican breaks into the sports world, launching a track and field team with Olympic aspirations

Why isn’t Curaçao member of the International Olympic Committee

Caribbean to Decide the Fate of Nicaragua and Venezuela at the OAS

Nicaragua Left Without Witnesses

Nicaraguan Supreme Court Justice Resigns in Protest

Israel ex-minister pleads guilty to spying for Iran

Eight-year-old girl dies as Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon hit by extreme winter weather

Balochistan: 10 dead bodies recovered near Quetta buried in hast without identification

Four Baloch youth abducted from Kech and Khuzdar

Who was Robert Burns, where did he live and when is Burns Night?

First ever Doric film festival to shine a light on north-east language

Scotland thanks Andy Murray as he announces his retirement

Nicola Sturgeon set to unveil indyref2 plans soon

COMMUNIQUE: A unity of purpose will hasten Barotseland Independence actualization

Southern Mongolia: School Under Investigation for Displaying Flag of Independent Mongolia


The Year of Indigenous Languages Begins

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1960 January 1: Independence Day in Cameroon

1993 January 1: Velvet Divorce: Czech Republic and Slovakia

1804 January 1: Haitian Declaration of Independence

1962 January 1: Samoan Independence Day

1956 January 1: Sudan Independence Day

1948 January 4: Myanmar Independence Day

1968 January 5: Prague Spring

1918 January 8: Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points on free trade, democracy and self-determination

1991 January 13: Freedom Defenders Day in Lithuania

1990 January 19-20: Azerbaijan: Black January

1991 January 20: The Barricades in Latvia

Norway sets world record with electric cars sold last year

He Was Shot But Survived The Srebrenica Massacre At Age 7. Now He’s Rebuilding His Life.

Taiwan will never accept China’s ‘one country, two systems,’ says President Tsai

Taiwan president calls for international support to defend democracy

Thousands march in Hong Kong for democracy and independence from China

Tibetan leaders on India tour to seek support

Chinese policies damaging the ecology, says Tibetan govt-in-exile

China Orders Tibetan Pilgrims to Return Within 3 Days

Tibetan Students Are Forbidden ‘Extra’ Activities During Winter Break

Dalai Lama Returns to Dharamshala, Congratulates Nancy Pelosi

Tibet independence call made at annual Jan 1 Hong Kong demonstration

Tibet included in new law enhancing US leadership in the Indio-Pacific Region

Chairman Xi Jingping Orders Chinese Army to be Battle Ready

Insert the Tibetan flag emoji – because representation matters

2019: Optimism for Kurdistan Region, but worry for Rojava

Where do the Kurds fit into Syria’s war?

KDP returns to Kirkuk, Hashd forces to withdraw under new deal

Kurdistan Region Tourism Board says tourists tripled during 2018 New Year celebrations

PKK attacks Turkish military base, killing one soldier and injuring two

Turkish-backed rebels pushing for further mass displacement from Afrin

Christians fear Turkish attack could end Christianity in northeast Syria

Syria’s Yazidis will suffer the consequences of US withdrawal, activist

Bolton: US won’t leave until Turkey guarantees to protect Syria’s Kurds

7 Kurdish parties join forces with HDP for Turkey provincial elections

Indonesia destroys and steals the offices of West Papuan campaign for self determination

Villagers are still hiding in the jungle after Indonesia dropped chemical weapons on West Papuan villages

Ambazonia: Nigerian Lawyer in African Commission on Human Rights Court Case Against Cameroon Government for Arrest of Refugees

Twelve uplifting stories from Indigenous Peoples in 2018

Empowering the world’s indigenous people

First Native American congresswomen embrace after being sworn in

Brazil’s Bolsonaro targets minorities on 1st day in office

Brazil’s indigenous agency acts to protect isolated Kawahiva people

Murkowski’s broken promises grow as Arctic Refuge oil development barrels forward

Yearstarter2019: Preserving wealth of culture among Dayak community

Adivasis plan protest in national capital

U.S. to Investigate Discrimination Against Native Students on Montana Reservation

Australia’s adoption crisis: Just NINE Aboriginal children found new family homes this year

Wickham mural of Aboriginal boy’s face demolished

For Inuit, Arctic research left a troubled legacy

Western Sahara: Is One of Africa’s Oldest Conflicts Finally Nearing Its End?

Centre says it cracked down on 18 Khalistani terror modules, arrested 95 suspects over two years

Lawyer’s fears for ‘innocent’ Scot Jagtar Singh Johal

Court Grants 51 Jewish Indigenous People of Biafra Members Bail

Samoa and Kiribati first countries to celebrate 2019

Hopes of deporting Gambia’s exiled dictator from Equatorial Guinea fade with video of NYE despots’ dance

Guinea Bissau Weaver Takes Pride in Traditional Creations

Fate of two nations: Cambodia and East Timor

French court orders sending Central African Republic war crimes suspect to ICC

Dozens killed in ethnic violence in Burkina Faso

Violence, gangs cast pall over life in Honduras

Netanyahu Mediating Between Honduras, U.S. in Exchange for Jerusalem Embassy Move

Palestine TV offices in Gaza ransacked, equipment destroyed

Jordan’s Trade Unions to Place Israeli Flag in Building Entrances for All to Step On

Why most new immigrants to Israel aren’t considered Jewish

Lungu’s eSwatini girlfriend pregnant

Cuba’s Castro blasts United States on 60th anniversary of revolution

Belgium’s Flemish Region Bans Jewish and Muslim Methods of Ritual Animal Slaughter

“The Walloon language can be saved – but there’s not much time”

Kosovo: “Serbia is little Russia, taxes to remain forever”

Serbian demonstrators resume anti-president protests

Laos plans 12 new hydropower projects this year

Ukrainian Orthodox Church Officially Gains Independence From Russian Church

Belarus Is Standing In Line For Tomos

There Will Not Be Another Crimea In Belarus, There Will Be Another Afghanistan

Hanseatic League 2.0 reflects changing shape of EU

Kapitan’s Last Stand? Tajik Army Sticks With Russian Terms For Now

Sudan and South Sudan: The Tale of Two Economies

Mauritania’s anti-slavery opposition MP released

Somaliland protests Mogadishu expulsion of top UN envoy

Somalia Expels SRSG Haysom, Somaliland Invites Him in

Somaliland and Somalia Could Go to Sea War in 2019

Oil Keeps Oman on Debt Binge With $6.2 Billion Plan for 2019

Modern witch-hunts terrorise Papua New Guinea highlands

Rwanda gets first public coding school

Costa Rica Is On The Brink Of An EVolution

Emperor Nero Of Turkmenistan Sees Out 2018

Montenegro launches scheme offering citizenship for investment

Taiwan signs agreement with Marshall Islands to promote Austronesian language, culture

‘Men Kill Women Because They Can’: Inside El Salvador’s Devastating Femicide Crisis

Why did Russia’s new language bill draw flak from the Caucasus?

Quran Interpretation in Braille to Be Published in Tatarstan

Gang killed Ingush religious leader Belkharoev

Ramzan Kadyrov’s unchecked power in the Caucasus

UAE, Bahrain send activists to jail for speaking up

Is Armenia Playing a Dangerous Game with China?

Chad frees nearly 60 amnestied ‘political’ prisoners

Rohingya refugees left stranded in repatriation purgatory

Russia builds fence completely cutting occupied Crimea from Ukraine

Crimean Tatars See Budapest Memorandum as Key to Recovery of Their Homeland

Crimean Tatar activist who took aid to Ukrainian POWs viciously attacked & told this is his “last warning”

‘Patriotism’ of not speaking Uyghur

Dozens Detained As Muslims Resist Mosque Closures in China’s Yunnan

China Sentences Ethnic Kazakh Artist to ‘Re-education’ Camp

China Targets Prominent Uighur Intellectuals to Erase an Ethnic Identity

China unveils plans to ‘sinify’ Islam amid signs of spreading crackdown

Organ Harvesting Tribunal Finds Overwhelmingly Against China

Guyana government to challenge no-confidence vote in court

Tensions Roil Bolivia as Electoral Court Says Morales Can Run Again

How an unlikely friendship has grown out of Jeremy Vine’s Welsh language Twitter row

Voice recognition project offers big opportunity to Welsh language

Brexit has already created more than 4,500 jobs in Ireland

Moving back to Ireland was one of the hardest things we’ve ever done

Brexit sends Britons seeking Irish passports up 22 per cent in 2018

Is Ireland still no country for young people?

The Irish war of independence as seen by the international press

It may not seem so but Scotland is closer to leaving toxic UK

Angus Robertson urges Scots to back second Brexit vote

Balochistan: Youth abducted from Picnic point killed in custody

Balochistan: Aged Baloch man killed in custody, his body found in Hub

Violence by Spain is not just limited to Catalonia

Elizegi: I would like to see the Basque Country in the European Championship

Classic jerseys: No.6 Euskaltel

Here’s what happened in Catalan politics this year

Torra urges Spain to engage in “credible, honest and bold dialogue”

Referendum case trial to mark Catalonia’s near future

What will happen in Catalonia in 2019?

Clara Ponsatí: I fear I’ll not be able to go home until Catalonia is independent

PP and Cs insist Spain must suspend Catalonia’s self-rule again after Torra speech

Several events outside prisons remember jailed leaders during festive season

People’s Party wants to prevent Puigdemont from earning public money

Classics remain most translated Catalan books in 2018

Gerard Pique’s investment group completes FC Andorra takeover

Jailed leaders to defend ‘legitimacy’ of referendum in trial

Candidate Manuel Valls attacks literature award winner over ‘political prisoners’

With journalists jailed and activists in hiding, Nicaragua enters a new ‘reign of fear’

Timeline Nicaragua: Eight Months of Civic Rebellion