Tibetan Graduates Edged Out by Chinese Competitors for Jobs in Tibet. China closes Tibet to foreigners again.

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1965 February 18: Gambia Independence Day

2003 February 20: Spanish police close the only Basque language newspaper

2014 February 20: Heavenly Hundred Remembrance Day in Ukraine

February 21: International Mother Language Day

1979 February 22: Saint Lucia Independence Day

1944 February 23: Aardakh a.k.a. Operation Lentil: Soviet expulsion of Vainakh (Chechen and Ingush) to Central Asia

1918 February 24: Estonia Independence Day

1950 February 25: Kuwait National Day

2014 February 27: Russia’s annexation of Crimea

1844 February 27: Dominican Republic Independence Day

1976 February 27: Proclamation of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

1947 February 28: 2.28 Incident in Taiwan

1992 March 1: Bosnia and Herzegovina Independence Day

589 March 1: Saint David’s, National Day of Wales

March 2: Baloch Culture Day

1878 March 3: Liberation Day in Bulgaria

March 5: St Piran’s Day, Cornwall national day

1991 March 5: Kurdish National Uprising in Iraq

1957 March 6: Ghana, 1st sub-Saharan African country to become independent from colonial rule

1944 March 8: Mass deportation of the Balkars by Stalin’s Soviet Union

1959 March 10: Tibetan National Uprising Day

How the Declaration of Korean Independence spread overseas

Almost 100 Jewish graves desecrated hours before French march against ‘unprecedented’ anti-Semitism surge

SwiftKey Beta v7.2.4.20 adds Karakalpak language support

Pacific language weeks celebrate national asset

Doric at the centre of new documentary made by Aberdeen University

Serbia and Kosovo Prepare to Lay Wartime Disputes to Rest

Cyprus Orthodox Church backs Ukrainian church’s independence

Guinea-Bissau to hold delayed elections

U.N. reports mass rape, killings, torture in South Sudan, seeks oil scrutiny

Tauranga woman quizzed over Māori name disappointed by landlord prejudice

Morocco looks to French as language of economic success

The Muslim World Looks On as China Persecutes Its Muslims

American Firm, Citing Ethics Code, Won’t Sell Genetic Sequencers in Xinjiang

British Muslims Rally to the Uyghur Cause

Wary of Xinjiang backlash, China invites waves of diplomats to visit

China Spiriting Uyghur Detainees Away From Xinjiang to Prisons in Inner Mongolia, Sichuan

Venezuela’s opposition ambassador takes control of embassy in Costa Rica

Suriname’s president fires central bank governor

Slovaks protest lack of progress one year since journalist’s murder

Over 130 Crimean Tatars persecuted by Russia’s FSB since occupation of Crimea

33 European states call on UN members to consider non-recognition measures against Russia for Crimea

If Russia retains veto right at UNSC, organization to become dysfunctional – Crimean Tatar leader

Counter-terrorism operation regime imposed in Dagestan’s Derbent District

Chechen land grab: Dagestan weary of losing territory to Kadyrov’s territorial ambitions

Dagestani blogger arrested in Moscow

Resettlement of Lezgins Complicates Azerbaijan’s and Russia’s Relations With Ethnic Minorities

Papuans plan to boycott Indonesian elections, say independence activists

United Nations experts condemn human rights abuse and racism in West Papua

UN demands probe into Indonesian treatment of Papuans

Albanian opposition in mass resignation move to demand fresh elections

Is Ethiopia mediating a deal between Somalia and Somaliland?

Withdrawal of 1 000 Burundian soldiers from Somalia begins

Ethiopia and Djibouti sign deal to build gas pipeline

Hong Kong’s ban on pro-independence National Party upheld, as gov’t rejects appeal

News outlet HK01 blacklists pro-Hong Kong independence groups from ad deals and partnerships

Greenland in 360°

Faroe Islands to close for big clean-up in April – but volunteers can stay for free

Life after Castro unrelenting for Cuban artists ahead of ‘sham’ referendum

Former foreign minister Romeva: ‘No international treaty prohibits self-determination’

Barcelona mayor to avoid Spanish king reception during MWC

MEPs condemn ‘unequal treatment’ as European Parliament blocks Catalan conference but allows far-right Spanish event

Catalan presidents critical of European Parliament’s conference refusal

Barcelona mayor and European Greens’ head support prosecuted Catalan independence leaders

Pro-independence leaders organise mass strike in Catalonia

Thousands march against Catalan trial during general strike

Police arrest four in Catalonia amid general strike in Spain

Spanish police clash with striking protesters in Catalonia

Celtic fans injured in Valencia after Spanish police attacks: police became violent after seeing Catalan flag

International observers critical of Catalan independence court case

Spain uses Constitutional Court systematically as political tool to suspend all initiatives by Catalan parliament

Catalan government considering legal action over digital repression by Spain

Spain Struggles for its Identity as Catalan Independence Leaders Face Trial

We are defending democracy, says Catalan Parliament president

Jailed Catalan leader tops pro-independence coalition’s election list

Equatorial Guinea joins Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative

Vietnamese Intellectuals Call On Trump For Support in South China Sea Dispute

Three Nicaragua Farmers Leaders Given 216, 210 and 159 Years in Prison for Protests against Daniel Ortega

Loan of $100 million from Taiwan gives lifeline to Nicaragua’s Ortega

Premier Su won’t sign independence referendum as ‘Taiwan is already independent’

“If it’s Taiwan today, people should ask who’s next?” asks Taiwan president facing aggressive Beijing

Retired Japanese general predicts China will invade Taiwan by 2025, Okinawa by 2045

Balochistan: Four abducted from Kech and Gwadar

Haiti police fire rubber pellets at mourners as protests resume

Hezbollah hits back at U.S. criticism of its role in Lebanon

Lithuania arrests eight top judges in anti-corruption crackdown

Suicide rates among Baltic youngsters are the highest in Europe

Tuvalu dismisses Australian offer of citizenship for fisheries

Vote on Micronesia state breakaway postponed

Wales to expand its number of Welsh-speaking nurseries

Security chief in south Libya town assassinated

US 2019 Budget Bill Increases Financial Aid to Georgia

Armenia, Georgia Renew Military Cooperation Program

MFAs of Artsakh and South Ossetia sign cooperation agreement

Moldova opposition election candidates: We’re being poisoned

Moldova president says country needs Russia

Scotland: BBC contacts Unionists for new debate show – but not Yes groups

Tajik Opposition Figure Arrested After Return From Self-Imposed Exile

Hungary accepts hundreds of Venezuelans with Hungarian ancestry

Oil Spill From Shipwreck Threatens Solomon Islands’ World Heritage Site

Samoa arrested blogger ‘King Faipopo’ accused of defaming prime minister

Jordan MPs demand expulsion of Israeli envoy over Al-Aqsa dispute

How the mood is shifting in favour of Palestine

Even if Rwanda didn’t exist, Burundi’s issues will persist – Kagame

Guaido says he’s trying to freeze Venezuelan accounts in Switzerland

Aboriginal foster parents needed to help increasing number of Aboriginal kids in out-of-home care

‘They want to kick me out’: Aboriginal man faces deportation to New Zealand

Tasmanian land returned to the Aboriginal community for the first time in 14 years

When conservation provides a cover for anti-Indigenous sentiments

Farming is not Poverty, it is Fundamental for our Future

Brazil sees growing wave of anti-indigenous threats, reserve invasions

Brazil’s first indigenous congresswoman defends her people’s rights from Bolsonaro

Brazil wants to legalize agribusiness leasing of indigenous lands

How Development Excludes Adivasi Peoples

India orders ‘staggering’ eviction of 1 million indigenous people. Some environmentalists are cheering.

Mexico’s indigenous languages at risk of disappearing

About 60,000 residents in the Navajo Nation don’t have power

Canada’s Liberals promise $638M for urban Indigenous housing

Inuit leaders say staying priest’s sex charges will traumatize victims again

Japan Recognizes Ainu

Japan’s new policy on the Ainu is misleading

Goodbye to the godfather of Lesotho politics

Marshall Islands consider radical measures to survive rising sea levels

How a street painter from Benin got an art exhibition in Finland

As Police Brutalities Grow in Punjab, Sikh Activst Disrupts BBC Live Show in Protest

Halfway into term, Duterte delivers on Bangsamoro promise

Two cheers for the European Parliament Roma Resolution

Hundreds of Thousands of Rohingya Refugees at Risk From Looming Cyclones

Rohingya: killings should remind all nations of their responsibility to protect victims of mass atrocity crimes

For Yazidi survivors of Islamic State killings, the nightmares go on

ISIS bride Shamima Begum still SUPPORTS rape and murder of Yazidi sex slaves

The Joke and the Humour: Russia expands their ethnic cleansing effort to Ireland

Ireland publishes no-deal Brexit bill it hopes it won’t need

Basque Country Steps up as international climate leader

Turkmenistan looks to gas expansion

UN eyes second round of Western Sahara talks in March

43 Years of the Moroccan genocide in UM-dreiga, a crime against humanity still unpunished

Moroccan occupation forces intervene against Saharawi demonstrators in the occupied capital Aaiun

Turkey holds hundreds over alleged ties to Kurdish militants

US threatens to abandon Kurdish-led SDF if they work with Assad

Syrian Kurds call on EU countries to help create safe zone in Syria

Iraqi Kurdistan elects first ever female parliament speaker

Turkish authorities remove multilingual signboard in Kurdish city

Between Erdogan and the Ayatollahs, These Women Lead the Kurdish Battle for Freedom

Syrian regime rejects autonomy for Kurds: Assad Advisor

Kurdish parties show solidarity ahead of Turkish elections

US to keep 200 troops in Syria, paving way for international force in safe zone

Iraq forms Joint Operations Command in Kirkuk without Peshmerga

Swiss army officer that fought ISIS barely avoids jail time

Turkey blocks Kurdish politician’s mayoral bid in Batman city

Kurdish PhD student establishes language course at University of Pennsylvania

Kashmir: India-Pakistan tensions flare as more soldiers are killed in gun battle

Tibetans Punished for Teaching Their Own Language by China’s Communist Regime

Banned 1954 Czech documentary on Tibet returns to cinemas

A Tibetan-Canadian student was attacked online after winning student council elections. She thinks Beijing is to blame.

Trump’s US Government Approves $17 Million Funding for Tibetans

China closes Tibet to foreigners over 60th anniversary of uprising and 2008 unrest

There Will be a Sunny Day for Tibet Soon Says Dalai Lama

Tibetan Translation of Guide to Language Rights of Linguistic Minorities Released on International Mother Language Day

Tibetan Graduates Edged Out by Chinese Competitors for Jobs in Tibet

New Caledonia anti-independence parties join forces

Iceland to let more than 2,000 whales be killed within the next five years

Aberdeen to twin with Guyana capital city

Guyana hopes oil will bring wealth – not corruption and crisis

Qatar aims to build $20 billion sports sector ahead of World Cup

Lessons from Jamaica for small countries with big debts

President Vladimir Putin’s terrifying ‘retirement’ plan: Forcing a ‘unification’ with Belarus

Belarus to respond jointly with Russia if intermediate-range missiles deployed in Europe

The chilly feeling around Sweden’s struggling krona

Former Maldives president arrested over money laundering


Correct Thoughts

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1818 February 12: Chile Independence Day

1913 February 13: Tibetan Independence Day

2011 February 14: Day of Rage (Bahrain)

1804 February 15: Statehood Day in Serbia

1918 Fabruary 16: Lithuania Independence Day

2008 February 17: Kosovo declaration of independence

1965 February 18: Gambia Independence Day

2003 February 20: Spanish police close the only Basque language newspaper

2014 February 20: Heavenly Hundred Remembrance Day in Ukraine

February 21: International Mother Language Day

1979 February 22: Saint Lucia Independence Day

1944 February 23: Aardakh a.k.a. Operation Lentil: Soviet expulsion of Vainakh (Chechen and Ingush) to Central Asia

1918 February 24: Estonia Independence Day

1950 February 25: Kuwait National Day

2014 February 27: Russia’s annexation of Crimea

1844 February 27: Dominican Republic Independence Day

1976 February 27: Proclamation of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

1947 February 28: 2.28 Incident in Taiwan

1992 March 1: Bosnia and Herzegovina Independence Day

589 March 1: Saint David’s, National Day of Wales

March 2: Baloch Culture Day

1878 March 3: Liberation Day in Bulgaria

11 Russian fighter jets made mock attack on Norwegian Arctic radar

Small states’ influence grows through cooperation, Estonian FM Mikser says to Riigikogu

Former communist concentration camp in Latvia now holds a playground

Lithuanian spy case recalls Soviet-era practices

Baltic states: Beneath a Russian veil in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Comoros Blocks Opposition Candidate From Presidential Elections

Gazprom takes on Chechnya in big test for Putin

‘Mockery Of Justice’ In Chechnya As Titiyev’s Trial Nears End

LGBT community in Chechnya faces ‘new wave of persecution’

EU Lawmakers Call For Immediate Release Of Chechen Rights Activist Titiyev

French senate votes for revised French Polynesia autonomy statute

Alleged Torture Case Renews Focus on Russian Military Contractors in Central Africa

Russia-brokered truce takes effect in CAR

Hong Kong Lawsuit Challenges China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ Ambitions in Djibouti

Maldives president suspends ministers as corruption scandal spreads

Kuwait and Jordan pen 15 economic agreements as bilateral cooperation grows

East Timor defrocks Catholic priest after case of Catholic child sexual abuse is confirmed

What’s it like growing up a Hmong immigrant in America?

Hmong: The Struggle of the Third Generation of Refugees over their Cultural Identity

Venezuela shifts oil ventures’ accounts to Russian bank

Indigenous Pemon on Venezuela’s border with Brazil vow to let aid in

Curaçao to serve as Caribbean base for humanitarian aid for Venezuela

For the first time Japan recognises the Ainu as indigenous

Norway gives go-ahead for Arctic copper mine despite fears of Sami herders

Gwich’in people will not back down when our sacred Arctic National Wildlife Refuge lands are at risk

Inuit hunters use new radar maps to navigate rough ice

Trump Jr. makes light of Native American genocide while rooting for father’s attack on Warren

An Epidemic of Violence Against Native American Women

Search group, legislators seek help for Minnesota’s missing American Indian women

Quebec declines talks with feds, provinces, territories on coerced sterilization

How This Trailblazing Navajo Cowboy Made Professional Rodeo History

Myanmar police use rubber bullets to break up Karenni protest

Fourth Global Meeting of the Indigenous Peoples’ Forum at IFAD

Pope: Indigenous Peoples, living cry of hope for our common home

Official Launch of International Year of Indigenous Languages

UN mandates states to protect IP culture, rights

What a Saami-Led Project in Arctic Finland can Teach us about Indigenous Science

Tragic Report Into Aboriginal Suicides Released in Australia

Australia admits ‘failing’ to improve Aboriginal lives

Canada to Greenland arctic cruise: An eye-opening journey into Inuit country

First ‘Ramnika Samman Puruskar’ Awarded to Adivasi Author Jyoti Lakra

Why Are Adivasis Invisible And Unheard Of In Hindi Cinema?

Cornish language cheque refused by Lloyds Bank

Ancient European stone monuments spread from Brittany

“Pas d’Occitània sens occitan” (No Occitania without Occitan). 5,000 march in Tolosa/ #Toulouse for #Occitan education

‘We speak #Basque, #Breton or #Occitan and we are 2nd class citizens.’ #GrandDebat reveals disillusionment with French state over its anti ‘regional’ language policies.

Making Haku Chhoyala | Food Brings a Nepalese Indigenous Community Together

South Dakota State Senate unanimously identifies Lakota, Dakota and Nakota dialects as the state’s native language

Five Dead, 40 Trapped in Collapsed Liberian Gold Mine

Timeline: Crackdown on Anti-Slavery Movement in Mauritania Continues after Release of Biram Dah Abeid

Feuding tribes unite as new civil war looms in Libya’s south

Morocco’s Indigenous People [Amazigh] Cry For Sustainable Development

High Atlas Amazigh: Civil society matters to the Sustainable Development Goals

Concept Of Leadership Among Amazigh In Morocco

Turkey condemns China’s ‘torture and political brainwashing’ in Xinjiang

Activist For Kazakhs In Xinjiang On Trial In Almaty

#MetooUyghur campaign asks Chinese government to prove that Xinjiang detainees are still alive

China’s mass surveillance of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang province revealed in data security flaw

Ex-Miss Costa Rica accuses Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former President Oscar Arias of sexual abuse

Iskanders deployed along Ukraine border mean Russia preparing to create “land corridor” to Crimea – expert

Russia moves to crush Orthodox Church of Ukraine in occupied Crimea

Crimea Is Ours: Russia Up In Arms After Google ‘Incorrectly’ Maps Peninsula

Turncoats and torture deployed against Ukrainian Muslims in Russian-occupied Crimea

Point of no return in destruction of Crimean cultural heritage is passed – expert

Russia’s deportation of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars from occupied Crimea a “neo-imperial policy tool” – report

Russia’s FSB detains another three Crimean Tatars after raids

Russia repeats lies about Crimean Tatars used by Stalin to justify the Deportation in school history textbook

Russia orders arrest of Crimean Tatar Mejlis member for ‘violating its territory’ by seeking to #LiberateCrimea

Namibia passes a law allowing mothers to leave newborns with police or at a safe house without facing prosecution

Indonesian police admit torturing West Papuan man with a snake

International award for film about journalism in West Papua

Indonesian police strip naked West Papuan activist of his Morning Star themed clothes

West Papuan Fransiskus Gebze shot three times by Indonesian police

Sweden replaces China envoy in furore over dissident bookseller

Trade Project Builds Somaliland’s Economy; Leaders Seek More

Why Somaliland Could Where Others Failed: A Call to the Democratic World!

Somaliland court suspends newspaper for one year for publishing ‘false news’

Vatican envoy to France under investigation for sexual assault

Austria probes Amazon over alleged unfair trade practices

Catalan independence trial: not just legal battle, media one too

Catalonia: Key Dates in Fight for Independence

400 Catalan mayors call for ‘fair and impartial’ independence trial

Catalan leaders’ defense teams claim independence trial is ‘political’

Who are the Catalan leaders accused in the independence trial?

Catalan independence trial starts in Spain’s Supreme Court

Catalan leaders go on trial in Madrid over independence bid

Trial of Catalan leaders over independence bid begins

Start of independence trial sparks protests around Catalonia

Ronnie Cowan: We are protesting outside No 10 for rights of Catalan accused

Greens/EFA group call for a ‘fair and independent trial’ starting today in Madrid

A group of MEPs on Catalonia: ‘We reject the false narrative behind the accusations, it’s a political trial’

Catalan trial ‘proof that European democracy needs to be improved,’ says Puigdemont

Catalan president: trial ‘attack on democracy and human rights’

A government in the dock

UK Parliament speaker would accept debate on independence

Solution to Spanish-Catalan relations ‘can’t be found through a criminal trial,’ says international observer

Court accepts Catalan language but rejects simultaneous translation

Icelandic MP: these ‘look like political trials’

Ex-Catalonia president expects new warrant

Catalonia Trial Reopens Spain’s Painful Debate On Identity, Democracy

EU Parliament bans Puigdemont conference over ‘security threats’

Catalan leader on trial: ‘I am a political prisoner’

Junqueras: ‘I’m being accused for my ideas and I see myself as a political prisoner’

Spanish president calls snap general election for April 28

‘Spain ungovernable until solution found for Catalonia,’ says Catalan government

Rubber bullet victim: ‘no reason’ for police to fire during referendum

Hundreds of thousands march in Barcelona against Catalan trial

Our silence about these show trials in Spain is shameful

Real Madrid dejected to third place after collapse at home

Will Catalan crisis make Spain ‘ungovernable’?

It’s All About Catalonia as Spain’s Electoral Campaign Begins

Sánchez calls on a ‘moderate and sensible’ Spain ahead of election

Seeking independence ‘is not a crime,’ Barcelona protesters say

The trial of nine Catalan political prisoners clashes with the fundamental values of the European Union

Flemish Parliament Speaker Jan Peumans to President Tajani “It is a shame that @Europarl_EN refused access to @QuimTorraiPla and @KRLS to the conference in #EP

Spain vetoes Catalan police to guard president in Brussels trip

‘Political issues need to be dealt with through political solutions’ – Flanders leader

‘If the price of defending self-determination is my personal liberty, I’ll pay it,’ says Torra

Equatorial Guinea: Rights Lawyer Faces Bogus Charges

Pakistani army shoot an innocent Baloch

Balochistan: 15 Persons abducted from district Awaran and Kech

Balochistan: Three Baloch students abducted in less than two weeks

Balochistan: Seven persons abducted from Kech and Dera Bugti

Balochistan: Young Baloch student abducted from Peshawar

Main accused in Sindhi nationalist leader’s murder arrested

Papua New Guinea police seek return of almost 300 luxury cars ‘missing’ after Apec summit

Macedonia officially changes name to North Macedonia, drawing line under bitter dispute

Seven Islamic extremists get life sentences for killing tourists in Tunisia

Calls for Tajani’s resignation over Slovenia, Croatia row

While Wales remains invisible on the silver screen no one will know who we are

Native Hawaiians Demand Complete Independence

Statistics Show Crime on the Rise in Georgia

Facebook Removed 168 Accounts, 28 Pages, 8 Instagram Accounts in Moldova

Armenia sends non-combat team to Syria at Russia’s request

Curaçao to serve as Caribbean base for humanitarian aid for Venezuela

Thousands in Serbia Protest for 11th Week Against Populists

How the Scottish Parliament has changed the nation’s identity

Scotland dreads Brexit. But is it enough to boost sentiment for Scottish independence?

Scotland will be independent in five years, declares Sturgeon

Tajikistan Claims Opposition Leader ‘Voluntarily’ Returned From Self-Imposed Exile

Votes for sale in Solomon Islands election

May Sesheke Bees Thunder and Lightning Strike Them (about Zambia’s propensity to shed innocent Barotse blood)

Why the European Union sees Samoa as a threat

Guam, other US territories in European Union’s dirty-money blacklist again

Saudi Arabia, but not Russia, on EU ‘dirty money’ list

EU puts Saint Lucia on notice

Army Nabs IPOB Members over Biafra Referendum

Nigerian Elections: Can Boycott Win the Independence of Biafra?

New outbreak of deadly ‘camel flu’ reported in Oman

Jordan sentences 2 to hang for Daesh-claimed Karak attack

Scores of Chadian rebels held after French air strikes

Rwanda’s first female neurosurgeon urges girls to embrace science

Rohingya activists bemoan failure of Muslim countries to address Myanmar crisis

Sierra Leone declares national rape emergency after five-year-old girl is paralysed during horrifying sex attack

From Siberia To Freedom: The Odyssey Of The Czechoslovak Legion

Pompeo visits Iceland as US-EU rift on Iran grows

Dal Khalsa Stages Protest Against Unjust Life Conviction of Three Sikh Youths

On the brink of catastrophe: the forgotten Dom refugees from Syria

Sinti Man Shot and Caravans Set on Fire in Italy

Ireland Under Pressure Over Border Plans for No-Deal Brexit

How a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit Could Open a Path to Irish Unity

Irish language street signs for West Belfast get green light

Conor McGregor picks beautiful Irish-language name for his new daughter

Haiti vows expense cuts, deeper probe of oil scandal amid protests

In Nicaragua, steep pension cuts, tax increases could plunge country into recession

US does not support referendum on Taiwan independence

In Basque Country, The First Seeds Of A Post-Growth World

Nominations Open For The Basque Culinary World Prize 2019, Celebrating Chefs Who ‘Transform Society Through Gastronomy’

Bertsolaritza: poetry slams are helping to revitalise the Basque language

Refugee footballer Hakeem Al-Araibi arrives in Australia after Bahrain extradition case dropped

Turkmenistan’s Unreal Harvest

Cyber attack on Malta bank tried to transfer cash abroad

You Can Now Buy Bitcoin At The Post Office In Liechtenstein

U.S. Cancels National Guard Commander’s Kosovo Visit Over Serbia Tariff

Building Resilience to Natural Disasters and Climate Change in Grenada and the Caribbean

Kurdish translators aim to get Sorani dialect into Google Translate

Turkey bans Kurdish Theatre Days as threat to security

Turkish Kurds set to lead Kurdish awakening – U.S. analyst

Key dates of the Kurdish conflict in Turkey

Germany bans 2 Kurdish publishing houses for backing PKK

20 years after arrest, Kurdish militant chief Abdullah Ocalan remains key figure

Turkey detains Kurdish journalist, poet Salih Turan on ‘terror’ charges

Kurdish forces fight to liberate last village under ISIS control

2 Civil Activists Reportedly Held in Iranian Kurdistan

Turkey bans rally for Kurdish MP on hunger strike

Kurdish security chief meets with Russian top diplomat

Kurdish villagers driven off their mountainsides by Turkish airstrikes

Four Kurdistani parties in Turkey face closure over name

Kurdish hunger strike in Strasbourg on day 63

Denied Iraqi citizenship, graduates from Rojava miss out on jobs

Syrian Kurds call on EU countries to help create safe zone in Syria

Western Sahara Movement Angry at EU-Morocco Fish Deal

Morocco-EU fisheries agreement: European Court orders EU to respect international law

Bhutan has achieved 100% electricity access. Here’s how

New Caledonia and Vanuatu sign free trade agreement

UN experts say Belgium needs to apologize for colonialism

Car Bomber Kills 44 Police Troops In Indian-Controlled Kashmir

Beijing cracks down on Tibetan New Year celebrations

China Sets Up Camp in Tibet’s Shigatse to Train Party Workers in ‘Correct Thought’: Report

Tibet sees more visitors in New Year holiday

Tibetan woman elected student president in Canada, Chinese students enraged

Tibetan-Canadian student politician, Uyghur rights activists come under attack by Chinese students in Canada

Protests at Canadian Universities Raise Concerns About Chinese Government Involvement

Chile joins Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay in World Cup bid

Burundi rejects Mkapa report over proposal to amend constitution, again

Burundi and China sign an act of delivery and reception of the new Presidential Palace

Tut editor in Belarus court on charge of illegally accessing state media website

Russia May Absorb Belarus: ‘We’re Ready to Unite,’ President Says

Miami Belarusians Held Rally To Commemorate Missing Politicians And To Support Charter-97


Will Syrian Kurds Be Saved from Catasrophe?

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1948 February 4: Sri Lanka Independence Day

1997 February 5: Gulja massacre, East Turkistan/Xinjiang

1917 February 6: Sami National Day

1840 February 6: Waitangi Day, the national day of New Zealand

1974 February 7: Grenada Independence Day

1818 February 12: Chile Independence Day

1913 February 13: Tibetan Independence Day

2011 February 14: Day of Rage (Bahrain)

1804 February 15: Statehood Day in Serbia

1918 Fabruary 16: Lithuania Independence Day

2008 February 17: Kosovo declaration of independence

1965 February 18: Gambia Independence Day

2003 February 20: Spanish police close the only Basque language newspaper

2014 February 20: Heavenly Hundred Remembrance Day in Ukraine

February 21: International Mother Language Day

1979 February 22: Saint Lucia Independence Day

1944 February 23: Aardakh a.k.a. Operation Lentil: Soviet expulsion of Vainakh (Chechen and Ingush) to Central Asia

1918 February 24: Estonia Independence Day

19-year-old local goes missing following security officials’ visit in Dagestan

Revision of French Polynesia’s autonomy approved in spite of independist opposition

Macron heralds setback for Tahitian dancing UNESCO world heritage application

Macron blames monopolies for high cost of living in French territories

Bangsamoro plebiscite as it happened on the ground

Battling for Hmong heritage in Vietnam

Blackface in Friesland: Protesters target “Sinterklaas’s brother”

Libya’s Amazigh Supreme Council condemns fighting in the south, urges UN to act

Rights campaigners seek U.N. probe on China’s Xinjiang camps

Uyghurs Demand an End to Mass Incarcerations Ahead of 22nd Anniversary of Ghulja Massacre

Chinese Officials Force Muslims to Drink, Eat Pork At Festival

China Secretly Transferring Uyghur Detainees From Xinjiang to Shaanxi, Gansu Province Prisons

Japan protests Chinese development work in East China Sea gas field

Moldova’s pro-Russian president might have his own government soon

Russia Looks to Strike at Ukraine’s South Again?

Russia makes its law retroactive in order to jail abducted Ukrainian soldier

Ukraine shudders as Putin promises to ‘defend’ Ukrainian believers

Russian propagandist Kiselyov’s nephew jailed in Germany for terrorism in Donbas

Yanukovych removed from Interpol’s wanted list

Ukrainian parliament bans Russian citizens as election observers in Ukraine

Ukrainian Parliament Passes Constitutional Amendment To Reflect EU, NATO Aspirations

Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia & occupied Crimea jailed for much longer than murderers

France, Germany compromise on Russia’s Nord Stream II gas pipeline

Russia-occupied Crimea’s de facto authorities want to close cathedral of new Ukrainian church

YouTube collaborates with Russia to censor video about imprisoned Crimean Tatar human rights activist Kuku

First int’l human rights mission since occupation reports on how Russia crushes opposition in Crimea

OSCE reports silent about Russia’s illegal “elections” in occupied Crimea

Tracing the outlines of a Basque homeland

Hawaiian Recognition Day, new state holiday proposed

Native Hawaiians Divided on Federal Recognition

Youth Arrested for Liking Facebook Post Supporting Khalistan; Forced to Tender Written Apology and Deactivate Facebook Account

Three Sikh Youths Sentenced to Life Just for Possessing Printed Material About Sikh Martyrs

Tokelau leader sees merit in establishing High Court

Swiss prosecutors end money-laundering probe against Equatorial Guinea leader’s son

Vanuatu refuses to back down on West Papua

West Papua: 1.8 million signatures can’t be wrong

Solomon Islands Kadere Party speaks of continued support for West Papua

Human Rights Watch asks Indonesia to free 3 Papuan Activists

War in West Papua

Sindhis in Pakistan demand separate homeland

Balochistan: Bullet-ridden dead body found in Kharan, three abducted from Khuzdar

2019 Nigeria Elections: Buratai Orders Clamp Down On Biafra Supporters

Finland basic income trial ‘increased well-being but not employment’

China and Taiwan clash in Lunar New Year military propaganda videos

Central African Republic reaches peace deal with armed groups

Sierra Leone’s president declares rape a ‘national emergency’

How one single mother in Burundi started helping women like her

Russia training for large-scale war – Swedish experts

Estonian PM: Eastern Partnership has to be ambitious

French air strikes ‘repel incursion into Chad from Libya’

US to cut aid to Cameroon due to alleged human rights violations

British football fan arrested for wearing Qatar shirt in UAE

One of the organisers of the For a Decent Slovakia gatherings intimidated

Macedonia signs accord to join NATO despite Russian misgivings

Greek parliament approves Macedonia’s NATO accession

Number of Political Prisoners in Nicaragua Rises to 767

A Pedophile Doctor Drew Suspicions for 21 Years. No One Stopped Him.

Study finds a dearth of mental health interventions for ethnic minority youth in the US

Japan’s Ainu connect with fellow indigenous group in Aleutians

Brazil’s indigenous lands under threat

Support services to be provided in Gaelic for young people in Scotland

Meet Irma Alvarez Ccoscco, the host of @ActLenguas Twitter account for February 4-10, 2019

Translator of Bible into Belarusian language Vasil Syomukha dies at 83

Inuit leaders gather in New York for launch of UN’s year of Indigenous languages

Utah dedicates a day in August to the Navajo Code Talkers, whose top-secret transmissions “saved thousands of lives” in World War II

Local movie-watching in Latvia tripled in 2018

World’s first Irish-language porn magazine released

Plaid Cymru are about to make a grave error that will put Welsh-speaking communities at risk

Journalism is rooted in Indigenous communities

‘Situation dire’: Aboriginal child suicide inquest lays bare intergenerational trauma

Bolivia picks Chinese partner for $2.3 billion lithium projects

Hungary Holding Back On Vote On Extending Belarus Arms Embargo

Belarus urges Lithuanian politicians to adopt more peaceful attitude

European Parliament approves EU-Moroccan trade deal, ignoring Western Sahara Indigenous protections

Turkey Slams France Over Armenian-Genocide-Commemoration Day

Ireland resisting UK attempts for bilateral border talks

Senior MEP warns that Irish Republic could sue UK over no-deal Brexit

EU ready to assist Ireland in no-deal Brexit scenario -Juncker

For children and babies, the pollution in Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar can prove fatal

Bosnia’s sole female coppersmith keeps flame burning for dwindling art

Pacific paradise in peril: tourism resort threatens Palau shorebird haven

Thousands protest to demand Haitian president’s ouster

Seychelles Research Journal provides new platform for studies conducted in island nation

Seychelles 1st African country to host World Junior Open Water Swimming Championships

Roads to peace: EU supports reconnecting Eritrea and Ethiopia

Pope Francis’s mass in the United Arab Emirates was historic — and complicated

Plaid Cymru are about to make a grave error that will put Welsh-speaking communities at risk

China struggling to keep Communist members in Tibet religion-free

Tibetans are inspired by South Africa, Tibetan president

Pro-Tibet groups targeted with ExileRAT in spy campaign

Tibet Ranked Worst Freedom in the World 2019 With Syria

2019 Tibet House Benefit: Primal Screams, Feedback and a Bowie Cover

Chinese Restrictions Hamper Tibetan New Year Celebrations

How Radio Luxembourg ruled the airwaves

Syrian Kurdish Leader Asks U.S. to Save Her People From ‘Catastrophe’

Kurdish-led forces ready for push on last ISIS pocket

Kurdistan and Iran to exchange prisoners on Monday

Kurdish lawyer likely killed by Turkish police: Investigation

Erdogan tells Turkish voters to worry about price of bullets, not food

After surviving IS, Yazidi women ask to go home

Protesters throw feces at Catalan courtrooms in protest of “fake trials”

Spain will seek “vengeance” rather than justice in Catalan trial, says Puigdemont

Artur Mas, Joana Ortega and Irene Rigau punished for organising Catalan independence vote in 2014

Demonstrations supporting Catalan independence called in over 20 European cities

General strike coinciding with independence trial called in Catalonia for February 21

Rally against Catalan trial called for March 16 in Madrid

Parliament speaker: Catalan leaders to be tried for their ‘ideas’

CUP calls for ‘permanent mobilization’ ahead of Catalan independence trial

Spain suspends talks with Catalan government

Catalan government accuses Spain of ‘breaking off talks’ and ‘giving in to far-right pressure’

Jordi Cuixart: Catalan trials will judge Spanish democracy

Maldives seeks foreign aid to find cash linked to ex-president

Germans for Scottish Independence to march ahead of Brexit

First Minister puts forward Scottish independence case in Georgetown University speech

Sick Unionist trolls target 17-year-old independence campaigner

Scotland must realise the Labour Party can’t save us

Angus Robertson stresses role of Brexit in boosting Yes vote

Unionist reaction shows Progress Scotland is a gamechanger

‘Delaying indyref2 will make it more difficult for Scotland to stay in the EU’

First edition of world’s largest cycling event to be staged in Scotland

Angus Robertson: Progress Scotland will help win independence

Indian diplomats at work, UK officials skip Pakistan’s London event on Kashmir

Third Skripal Suspect Linked to 2015 Bulgaria Poisoning


1.8 million-strong Papuan independence petition makes it to the UN

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1968 January 31: Nauru Independence Day

2004 February 1: Erbil bombings, Kurdistan

1948 February 4: Sri Lanka Independence Day

1997 February 5: Gulja massacre, East Turkistan/Xinjiang

1917 February 6: Sami National Day

1840 February 6: Waitangi Day, the national day of New Zealand

1974 February 7: Grenada Independence Day

1818 February 12: Chile Independence Day

1913 February 13: Tibetan Independence Day

2011 February 14: Day of Rage (Bahrain)

1804 February 15: Statehood Day in Serbia

1918 Fabruary 16: Lithuania Independence Day

2008 February 17: Kosovo declaration of independence

Petition in Solidarity with Catalonia – for the right to peaceful self-determination!

2019 Basque Writing Contest

EU double standard over Venezuela and Catalonia

Catalan independence trial will start on February 12

International Trial Watch to send observers to Catalan independence trial

Spanish court rejects international observers being present in courtroom during Catalan trial

Catalonia: the trial will be about our ideological freedom

‘They’re judging an entire people,’ says Catalan president ahead of trial

Democracy on trial: Catalan leaders to face rebellion charges

Treatment of Catalan prisoners ‘is boosting independence cause’

Catalan President calls world to ‘join Catalan people’ in independence trial

Spanish government calls on president to “tone down” rhetoric

Report details brutal police methods during Catalan indyref

Great deal of concern in Westminster over Catalan independence trial, says Welsh MP

Questions asked after London event adds Spanish unionist to panel

Catalans show support as political prisoners moved to Madrid

Spanish police officer suspended over video mocking pro-independence supporters

UN council to push for free elections in Guinea-Bissau visit

Estonia is emerging Europe’s least corrupt country

Resilience of Necessity in the Baltics

Architect, former diplomat Jānis Dripe speaks out over collaboration with KGB

18 killed in Central African Republic attack

Cuba opens its first new church since the revolution 60 years ago

Canada confirms 14th case of diplomat falling mysteriously ill in Cuba

Tunisia’s secular opposition forms new party

Rohingya Refugees Create Music To Memorialize Culture For Future Generations

Global push to free Bahrain soccer player in Thailand after extradition request issued

Irish lower house passes bill to ban Israeli settlement goods

Killing of Palestinian by Israeli settlers ‘shocking’: UN envoy

Denmark again the least corrupt country in the world

UN Committee slams Finland over Sami electorate ruling

Chained by the neck and starving: Photos show reality of Aboriginal life post-colonisation

‘If it wasn’t for Brian, the Manx language would have died out’

The latest front in Canada’s effort to reconcile with indigenous Canadians: Language

Indigenous Bolivian Women Summit Aconcagua

New UNESCO Courier issue on indigenous languages and knowledge

Tanya Tagaq takes Inuit throat singing to wildly unexpected places

Go Cornish is launched online

Young Ainu aims for Olympic moment toward Japan’s diversity

Uyghur Businessman Dies in Xinjiang Political ‘Re-education Camp’

Muslim Uyghur survivors recount unspeakable horror in Chinese internment camps

US Lawmakers Nominate Jailed Uyghur Academic Ilham Tohti to Receive Nobel Peace Prize

NGOs urge UN to adopt resolution on China’s human rights abuses

Bitter Winter Monitoring Uyghur Persecution in China Vows to Continue Work Despite Ban, Arrests

Blackwater founder Erik Prince’s new company is building training center in Xinjiang

Protests in Honduras against president heat up

From the Archives: Nauru gets independence from Australia, NZ and UK

Nauru to help Ukraine separatists’ banking – claim

Majority of Orthodox believers in Ukraine identify with Ukrainian church

Russia sentences Crimean Tatar to 10 years for alleged involvement in ‘Ukrainian battalion’

New Russian laws can stifle any information about environmental disasters in occupied Crimea

Russian FSB rejects imprisoned Crimean Tatar activist’s alibi in favour of their ‘secret witness’

Papuans get independence petition to UN despite obstacles

Why nearly 2 million people are demanding an independence vote for West Papua province

5 West Papuan political prisoners: Indonesia can imprison us but they cannot imprison the 1.8 million

Indonesian government terrified of the West Papuan peoples petition for Referendum

Indonesian security forces are hunting for the organisers of the West Papuan peoples petition to the UN

Indonesia blocks websites circulating #LetWestPapuaVote petition

El Salvador’s presidential hopefuls skirt talking about violence

Nayib Bukele is elected president of El Salvador, vows to end corruption

Hong Kong tops ‘economic freedom’ chart despite political pressure from Beijing

Corruption rising in Burundi, survey says

Laos Pays Compensation to Families of Dead and Missing in PNPC Dam Disaster

Growing Chinese Navy Adds to Risk of Clashes in Asia’s Major Maritime Dispute

Maritime rescue center opened on South China Sea islet as Beijing seeks to reinforce claims

China outreach to Bhutan poses fresh challenge to India

With Name Change Out Of The Way, Macedonia Looks To Start EU Talks Soon

Baloch activists hold awareness campaign in London to highlight issue of missing persons

Balochistan: Pakistani forces disappeared seven people in four days

Balochistan: Pashtun Tahafuz Movement CC member killed in Loralai

Mohajirs, Pashtuns, Baloch, Hazara meet US congressman, raise human rights violations in Pakistan

Rugby Sevens: Fiji ‘running hot’ in Hamilton, USA suffers third straight final defeat

Lebanon forms government after months of deadlock

Rosneft’s Lebanon deal reveals Russia’s bid for Mideast influence

Bulgaria Hopes To Switch To Euro In 2022

Bulgaria, Russia agreed to build gas pipeline bypassing Ukraine

‘Yes’ to Bangsamoro self-rule

Philippine referendum returns big ‘yes’ vote on Bangsamoro self-rule

Expressing Religious Views is Risky in the Maldives

Court in Bahamas issues arrest warrant for Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard

Anger as Welsh language nurseries told they will have to teach some English to children

How a match day in England uncovers Welsh identity in Newport

‘They always come back’: French Guiana battles illegal gold hunters

Oromos must seize historic opportunity

Kosovo PM Proposes Conference To Normalize Relations With Serbia

Indy is essential part of answer to Scotland’s economic inertia

Scotland’s voice in the UK is being silenced by the BBC

Progress Scotland: Angus Robertson launches new pro-indy body

‘We Have Succeeded In Surviving’: An Interview With Exiled Tajik Islamic Party Leader Muhiddin Kabiri

‘Jihad By Camera’: How U.S.-Trained Afghans Photographed The Soviet Invasion

Environmentalist on mission to preserve island nation Vanuatu

Face-to-face with child soldiers told to rape and kill in South Sudan

China’s Huawei excluded from Czech tax tender after security warning

Czech national charged with terrorism after fighting for Russian-backed militants in Ukraine

The Silver Lining of an Exodus: Bosnia Cashes In on Exit Fees

India summons Pakistan envoy over phone call to Kashmiri separatist

Kashmiris launch calendar to remember disappeared loves ones

Blatant racism by Azealia Banks against the Irish gets a free pass

The Good Friday Agreement ended decades of conflict. Ireland worries Brexit could unravel it.

Brexit Irish Border Fears Spur Warning on U.S.-U.K. Trade Talks

New Archive Reclaims the Narrative of the Roma

Nicaragua’s expanding crackdown

This Old Basque Soldier Expected to Die 80 Years Ago

Leading member of Basque ETA group returns to Spain after jail term in France

White House’s map showing Taiwan and China as separate countries rattled some nerves from behind China’s Great Firewall

Kuwait parliament expels two lawmakers sentenced to jail terms

China, Mauritania to institutionalize an investment day

Hungary to reschedule Russian loan for Paks expansion

NGO: Hungary political rights at lowest point since 1989

Orban skips European Parliament debate on Hungary Article 7 sanctions

Turkmenistan: More Cuts and Bad Business

Seychelles scores its best ranking on the global Corruption Perceptions Index

Heading Home? Daghestani Relatives Hoping Russia Will Return Legendary Warrior’s Skull

Russia Accuses U.S. Intelligence Agencies of Preparing for Civil War and the Breakup of the Country

Mari El’s ex-Head to be tried in Nizhny Novgorod

Russian LGBT Network formally requests federal investigation on Chechnya amid death threats to director

Putin Shows Rare Soft Spot to Rescue Russia’s ISIS Children

Cape Verde seizes record cocaine haul from Russian ship

UN: New talks on Western Sahara expected in March

Young Sahrawi sets himself on fire at Guerguerat crossing

European Commission’s persistence to seal trade deal with Morocco, crime against AU member state

Court orders Guyana government to hold elections by March

Tibet, Mongolia and China were independent nations for centuries: His Holiness the Dalai Lama

“Narrative on China changing,” says Tibetan President in Japan

Chinese Police Detain, Question Tibetan Anti-Poaching Activists at Qinghai Lake

Tibetan Language Advocate Marks Third Year Behind Bars

Tibetan Monasteries in Nangchen Banned From Teaching Language to Young Tibetans

Tibet on fire amid campaign of suffocation

A Young Tibetan to Speak at 2019 Under 30 Global Women’s Summit

Tibetan community in exile honoured with Art for Peace Awards 2019

Hotspot of the week: Tibetan New Year

Zuwara to start using Amazigh Callendar

Amazigh Activists Commemorate Death of Murdered Activist Omar El Khalek

United Arab Emirates scores own goal with ‘gender balance’ awards

Kyrgyzstan’s Persistent Urban-Rural Divide in Reproductive Health

A Brotherly Takeover: Could Russia Annex Belarus?

Expert suggests scenario for Ukraine in case of Russian occupation of Belarus

Shhh! Belarus Wants You to Think It’s Turning Over a New Leaf

As U.S. marks Black History Month, Botswana offers a valuable lesson about racial harmony

Mongolia parliamentary speaker ousted amid corruption scandal

Attempted storming of Turkish base in Kurdistan Region of Iraq leaves two protesters killed

Turkey arrests Kurdish mayoral candidate, 21 other women ahead of elections

Turkey condemns two top female Kurdish politicians to 14, 15 years in jail

Increasing pressure to revise US decision on Syrian withdrawal

US warns Turkey on Venezuelan sanctions after shady Venezuelan official visits Ankara

Women. Life. Freedom. Female fighters of Kurdistan

Kurdish schools closing in Khanaqin

Chief of world’s Yezidis Mir Tahsin dead at 85

Body of late Yezidi leader repatriated from Germany to be buried in Kurdistan

Kawthoolei Travelogue: A Continuing Journey of Karen Indigenous Peoples to Self-Determination

Indigenous People of Biafra to hold Biafra referendum on Nigeria presidential election day