As Turkey Cleanses Rojava

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
1956 October 23 – November 10: Hungarian Uprising
1964 October 24: Zambia Independence Day
1955 October 26: Austrian National Day
2014 October 26: Hong Kong Umbrella Movement begins
2017 October 27: Catalan Declaration of Independence
1979 October 27: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Independence Day
1918 October 28: Independent Czechoslovak State Day
1923 October 29: Turkey Republic Day
1981 November 1: Antigua and Barbuda Independence Day
November is National Native American Heritage Month in the US
1984 November 1: Anti-Sikh Riots
1978 November 3: Dominica Independence Day
1903 November 3: Panama Independence Day
2018 November 4: New Caledonian independence referendum
November 5: International Romani Language Day
November 7: International Inuit Day
1938 November 9: Kristallnacht
1989 November 9: Fall of the Berlin Wall
1953 November 9: Cambodia Independence Day
2014 November 9: Catalan self-determination referendum
2001 November 10: Indonesian Military assassinate West Papuan Independence Leader Theys Eluay
1975 November 11: Angola Independence Day
1918 November 11: National Independence Day in Poland

Russia’s LUKOIL signs exploration MOU with Equatorial Guinea
State of Emergency Continues in Jamaica
Kiribati Government will not relocate its people to Fiji
Papua New Guinea shuts Chinese Ramu nickel mine after spill: reports
Another vote for independence: New Caledonia’s second referendum on self-determination
Murder case that helped spark Hong Kong political crisis is now an election issue for Taiwan
Q&A: China Tibetan Cultural Exchange Delegation
Swiss raise Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang during Chinese envoy’s visit
‘Art for Tibet’ Auction Expands Into an Exhibition, With Work by Shepard Fairey
US senator Rick Scott says 2022 Winter Olympics should not be held in China
China Sharpens Hacking to Hound Its Minorities, Far and Wide
Chinese loans pose ‘clear risks’ to stability of Pacific nations
Footage of alleged prison abuse in South Ossetia leaked online
Blogger Beaten Up In Georgia’s Breakaway Abkhazia Over Comments About Lavish Wedding
Gagauzia – object lesson for Ukraine on how a ‘reintegrated’ region gives Moscow leverage
Is Europe giving up on Ukraine?
Human rights activists report on 126 arrests in occupied Crimea this year
Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Crimean Tatar language to be registered in UN
Donetsk radio tower blown up in protest at Russian-controlled ‘republic’s’ torture & illegal prisons
NATO ambassadors, Stoltenberg to visit Ukraine
EU-mediated Russia-Ukraine gas talks in deadlock
Tuvalu’s former PM would ‘never accept communist China’ in Pacific
China rejects pollution report in French Polynesia
Kais Saied: Who is Tunisia’s new president?
Will Barotseland independence bring war to peaceful Zambia? The case of Singapore and Malaysia – The Malaysia Agreement of 1963
Remains of Trinidad and Tobago’s First Peoples returned to resting place
The real cost of Russian gas
Kadyrov devises way to watch young Chechnya leavers
Authorities raid homes of Ingush anti–land deal activists
Daghestani Supreme Court ‘concealed’ ruling on Chechen border dispute
Relatives Fear Missing Chechen Man Has Joined Thousands Of ‘Disappeared’
Journalist comes out to police chief in Chechnya who oversees the ‘gay purge’
FSB detains two supporters of shaman who was heading for Moscow to “exorcise Putin”
Europe via the Indian Ocean? New wave of illegal immigration hits France’s Mayotte
StarKist’s departure would leave a $200m hole in American Samoa’s economy
Nicola Sturgeon: #indyref2020 will be focus of Scottish National Party election campaign
Denmark passes legislation to strip ISIL fighters of citizenship
Former Premier Kuupik Kleist: The Cold War is Re-Introduced in Greenland
Ninety-two percent of Greenland’s residents believe climate change is happening
Tokelau, a tiny island nation with nearly 17,000 domain names per resident
New Zealand’s future is Pacific and languages must be part of it
Innocent until proven guilty? Not if you’re Māori, poor or homeless
Bolivia close to striking deal on election audit as protests intensify
Tourism Arrivals Are Up In Belize, Good News Amid A Volatile Year For Caribbean Tourism
Seychelles upping MPAs, moving towards closed-access fishery
The ‘Glass Man’: How a former CIA worker helped bring the Hmong to America
Nnamdi Kanu’s mother died of torture, MASSOB alleges
How Russia helped Nigeria defeat Biafra during Civil War
‘We don’t need another war to actualise Biafra’, Emmanuel Kanu
Uruguay faces second-round election with candidates neck-and-neck
Two Sons Of Banned Islamic Group’s Late Founder Jailed In Tajikistan
Tajikistan: Another Chinese company gets tax exemptions
Tajikistan says it will amnesty 20,000 prisoners
India Is Slowly Easing Its Lockdown in Kashmir. But Life Isn’t Returning to Normal
Who is Laos’ first special economic zone benefitting?
Violent protests seek removal of Honduras president
Cyprus to probe how Cambodian elite obtained EU passports
Innocent Sikh students forced to perform “Aarti of Lakshmi Mata” in Delhi
Russia sends S-400 missile defense systems to Serbia for military drill
Botswana elections: Mokgweetsi Masisi retains presidency
Chad: No Redress for Ex-Dictator’s Victims
Greece moves more migrants to mainland, warns others to stay away
Togo, Nigeria Big Winners in Ease of Doing Business in Africa
Welsh justice review calls for Scottish-style devolution of powers
Hundreds gathered for memorial service for Wisconsin prosecutor killed in Micronesia
Namibia’s Herero take Germany to US court over ‘forgotten genocide’
Football helps Romani youngsters succeed in life
How Climate Change Is Pushing This Desert State to Fish
What Happens When You Kill the Messenger in Nicaragua
Balochistan: armed men shot dead a Baloch youth in Pahra
How the Sindhi community is fighting to keep its rich cross-border culture alive
The Vietnam-China Standoff at Vanguard Bank And The International Community
A new Yale exhibition takes a closer look at Indigenous peoples in art history
NCCA hosts ‘Kalkali’ forum on indigenous peoples’ knowledge
Reclaiming Inuit culture, one tattoo at a time
Native Hawaiian heiress faces court test to control millions
4 out of 5 Native American women are survivors of domestic or sexual violence. A Colorado Springs garden is helping them recover
Sacred Aboriginal scar tree illegally cut down at Gawler, removing education opportunity
Illinois museum returns items to Aboriginal Australians
What Aboriginal survivors of child sexual abuse told researchers they need
Navajo Nation is getting addresses, thanks to an open-source mapping program used in urban India
Indigenous communities ‘robbed’ as land grabbers lay waste to Brazilian rainforest
Indigenous Voters Need a Reason to Care About Canada
Ecuador’s indigenous group says government talks on hold due to ‘persecution’
Indigenous communities ripe for wave of capital for good
Japan builds “Ethnic Harmony” tribute to indigenous Ainu
Dandari enlivens Adivasi land in Telangana
Anguilla Gets Ready for Busiest Winter Season Ever
‘Armenia is Sole Guarantor of Artsakh’s Security,’ Mnatsakanyan Tells BBC
Solomon government says Chinese company’s lease of island ‘unlawful’
Ecotourism Can Save Both Gabon’s Forests and Its Gorillas
Kyrgyzstan: Political oddball’s stunts rile testy government
From Guyana to Rome, the Synod has proved to be a rich place of encounter
Resurgent Bloc Quebecois rattles Canada election, helps strip Trudeau of majority
Trudeau’s victory sparks ‘Wexit’ talk in Canada’s west
Nearly Half of Residents of Uyghur-Majority Village in Xinjiang Held in Internment Camps
Imprisoned Uyghur Advocate Ilham Tohti Awarded EU’s Top Human Rights Prize
Uyghur man taken into custody in Egypt, may be sent back to China, friends fear
He was a Communist Party member and model Uyghur. It didn’t save him from Beijing
Police Officer Beat Uyghur Internment Camp Detainee to Death in Drunken Rage
An Advocate For Kazakhs Persecuted In China Is Banned From Activism In Kazakhstan
Maldives: Fighting corruption and construction in a tropical paradise
EU approves new budget support for Moldova
Russia Tightens Quotas on Imports From Moldova
Protester killed as police block Guinea Bissau rally
Bhutan, Morocco and Aruba listed among top destinations for 2020
Nikki Haley applauds Hong Kong protests, criticizes China in SC visit
Israel Plans to Go Back to the Moon … And Stick the Landing This Time
33% of Palestine youth fear sharing political views online
‘Multi-generational tragedy’ in Israel and Palestine demands political will for two-State solution
Turkey-Russia Deal On Syria Is A ‘Pure Disaster’ For The Kurds, Bernard-Henri Lévy Says
U.S. Sudden Syria Exit Leaves Angry Iraqi Kurds Looking To Iran: ‘Oil Thicker than Innocent Blood’
Trump suggests Kurds relocate as US considers deploying armored vehicles to protect oil fields
10,000 Syrians cross into Kurdistan Region fleeing Turkish offensive
Turkey illegally deports refugees into conflict zones in northern Syria: Amnesty
Trump thanks Kurds for role in U.S. operation that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
Turkish offensive is a second hit to Ezidis and minorities living in northern Syria
Nearly 80 dead as gov. buildings, political party offices torched in ongoing Iraq protests
Rioting migrants demanding freedom torch cars in Malta
Two-year jail term sought for Amazigh flag bearers in Algeria
One of Europe’s last wild rivers is in danger of being tamed
China’s Bankers denies abusing dominant oil position in Albania
Austria’s early ski slope sparks row among environmentalists
Nigeria border closure hits Benin hard
How The Basques Became An Autonomous Community Within Spain
Thousands protest sentences in Basque bar brawl trial
10 years of Belarus’ participating in Eastern Partnership: What is to come?
Minsk seeks closer defence ties with Beijing as China expands presence in Belarus
Clashes Between Burundi Forces and Congo Militia Leaves 14 Dead
4 Burundi reporters charged with undermining state security
Indonesian General Accused of Kidnapping Is Named Defense Minister
Indonesia’s Attempts to Quell Papua Unrest Likely to Backfire: Experts
Veronica Koman wins prize for West Papua work
Anti-gay law ‘like a gun pointing at us’ says eSwatini activist
4 suspects indicted in case of slain Slovak journalist
CARAT Exercise Puts US-Brunei Defense Relations into Focus
Work begins on Nauru’s first international cargo terminal
Libya in chaos as endless war rumbles on
Guinea court jails opposition leaders for organising protests
New rally in Guinea capital against Conde’s possible 3rd term bid
As Protests Again Sweep Haiti, How Can the Nation Move Forward?
Rohingya crisis redraws fault lines in Myanmar politics
Lebanon PM Saad Hariri to submit resignation after mass protests
Iraq returns 200,000 books seized during 1990 invasion of Kuwait
LGBT In Turkmenistan: Go To Jail Or Live A Lie
Why Turkmenistan’s rosy economic reports are unreliable
If You’re A 14-Year-Old Girl In Turkmenistan, Get Ready For A Gynecological Exam
Inside Turkmenistan, secretive Asian dictatorship stricter than North Korea, where the streets are paved with marble and gold
Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, in Sierra Leone, is under threat
Bulgaria expels Russian diplomat that it accused of spying
Central African Republic asks Russia to ‘intervene’ on UN arms embargo
How a college dropout became Europe’s youngest founder of a billion-dollar company
US moves troops, tanks into Lithuania in message to Russia
Baltics have to do more to strengthen defence, American think tank says
Japan is getting involved in Baltic synchronization project
One of our main challenges after regaining independence has been countering Russia’s propaganda efforts against us
Russia moves to pardon Norwegian involved in spy swap with Lithuania
Lithuania gives proper burial to last anti-Soviet resistance leader Kraujelis
A meeting of minds: Nordic & Baltic states visit Ireland to plan for future
Ott Tänak becomes the 1st Estonian World Rally Champion
Denmark approves Baltic Pipe, but not Nord Stream 2
Lithuania marks 80 years since bittersweet victory of regaining Vilnius
China’s first Free Trade Agreement with an African nation with Mauritius
Belgium names first female prime minister
Step Toward Parole of Child Rapist and Murderer Sparks Outrage in Belgium
U.S. bans flights to all Cuban cities except Havana
“A better life somewhere else”: Europe-bound African migrants wait in Rwanda
Catalan Independence Movement Has Proven Its Strength. Now Spain’s Government Must Talk to Us
Artur Mas wants Guardiola to become the Government of Catalonia’s president
Almost 200 arrests in Catalonia independence protests
CoE Human Rights Commissioner ‘worried’ about excessive use of force by police in Catalonia
UN official expresses ‘concern’ about ‘alleged attacks’ on Puigdemont’s lawyer
EU parliament refuses to debate Catalonia
Journalists denounce ‘avalanche’ of attacks, most from police, during Catalan protests
Spanish state repression in Catalonia may be shocking – but it’s nothing new
Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: El Clasico rescheduled for December after Catalonia protests
Catalan parliament speaker Roger Torrent warns of ‘criminalization’ of fundamental rights in letter to world leaders
Pro-independence protest in Barcelona in front of Chinese consulate in solidarity with Hong Kong
Hong Kong protesters rally in support of Catalonia independence movement
Parties from across Spain call for release of Catalan leaders
‘Freedom’ – Mass rally against imprisonment of Catalan leaders
Glasgow holds protest in support of Catalan political prisoners
The two sides of the Civil War legacy
Carles Puigdemont Accuses EU of Ignoring Catalonia Protests
Europe must open its eyes to help Catalonia amid Spanish brutality
Catalan independence parties give Sánchez cold shoulder
Spain warns Belgium if it fails to hand over Puigdemont
Major poll predicts big wins for Socialists in Spain and pro-independence ERC in Catalonia
Catalan police face ‘biggest internal inquiry ever’ over protest crackdown
Catalonia’s university students start indefinite strike
Croatia Gets Green Light to Join EU’s Visa-Free Schengen Zone
How Jack O’Lanterns Originated in Irish Myth
Vanuatu reviews ‘passports for sale’ scheme after EU warning
Language of a people
Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Crimean Tatar language to be registered in UN
Indigenous languages week at UPenn highlights Quechua, Zapotec
Student Defends Thesis In Ancient Andean Quechua Language
Staying positive to keep Ainu in present tens
Treat linguistic minorities equally
App-Learning Boosts Interest in the Welsh Language
Foster insists resolution to impasse over Irish language can be found
Weeklong focus on indigenous languages
The 30 most well-loved Scottish words from glaikit to smoorikin
Iceland Is the Most LGBT-Accepting Country
All modern humans originated in northern Botswana
If ‘pagan’ rites are part of Amazon synod, they’re still ‘worship of God’: synod working doc writer
U.N. Climate Scientists Think They Can Halt Global Warming for $300 Billion
ISIS’s Leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi—the World’s Most Wanted Man—Is Dead
50 years ago today, the internet was born in Room 3420


Unnecessary, heavy-handed and counterproductive ethnic cleansing sustainable?

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
1991 October 18: Azerbaijan Independence Day
1953 October 22: Laos Independence Day
1956 October 23 – November 10: Hungarian Uprising
1964 October 24: Zambia Independence Day
1955 October 26: Austrian National Day
2014 October 26: Hong Kong Umbrella Movement begins
2017 October 27: Catalan Declaration of Independence
1979 October 27: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Independence Day
1918 October 28: Independent Czechoslovak State Day
1923 October 29: Turkey Republic Day
1981 November 1: Antigua and Barbuda Independence Day
November is National Native American Heritage Month in the US
1984 November 1: Anti-Sikh Riots
1978 November 3: Dominica Independence Day
1903 November 3: Panama Independence Day
2018 November 4: New Caledonian independence referendum
November 5: International Romani Language Day

Firm at Center of Panama Papers Sues Netflix Over ‘The Laundromat’
Chinese firm will lease part of Solomon Islands after Taiwan ties severed
UEFA to keep teams from Kosovo and Russia apart
Rioting erupts as Bolivia says Morales near outright win
NBA China Woes Refuse To Die, As Tibet Protesters Demonstrate At Brooklyn Nets Game
China has destroyed large areas of one of Tibet’s biggest Buddhist sites
Botswana, calm for decades, faces surprising election fight
Dreamworks’ ‘Abominable’ pulled from movie theaters in Vietnam over South China Sea map
Nicaraguans make their home in an idle Costa Rican factory
Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov on Being a Political Prisoner in Russia
Russia confirms huge reprisal sentences against two Ukrainians from Crimea who refused to ‘confess’
Another Russian “humanitarian” convoy arrives in occupied Donbas
Russia’s replacement of population in occupied Crimea violates Geneva Contention – UN report
“The whole town was on their knees the day of her father’s funeral… Today the country weeps for Yaroslava…”
Story of Father Ivan Kypriyan and his children who froze to death in a soviet gulag
Damning ECHR judgement puts future of Ukraine’s lustration law in question
U.S. Democrat Rep. Max Rose demands Ukraine’s Azov Battalion be designated as terrorists
Donbas militants ‘sentence’ journalist Stanislav Aseyev to 15 years for ‘spying’ & ‘extremism’
Kalmyks Protest Donbas Separatist Who Was Appointed Mayor of Republican Capital
10 key takeaways about public opinion in Europe 30 years after the fall of communism
Russia’s Putin revokes Geneva convention protocol on war crimes victims
There is no place called Barotseland in Zambia -Deputy Speaker Namugala
Honduran President’s Brother Is Found Guilty of Drug Trafficking
Why the annual ritual ceremony of Ethiopia’s Oromo is a symbol of indigenous resurgence in Africa
Concern Taiwan’s ally Saint Vincent could be next poached by China
Floods Leave Thousands Homeless in Chad and Cameroon
Tyrants celebrate as U.N. elects Venezuela, Mauritania, Libya, Sudan to top rights body
Tajikistan Declares Opposition Alliance Extremist
Scientists fight to save unique Guiana coral reef
Liberia’s contradictory attitude to a free press
BBC lists Yle Sámi journalist among 100 most influential women in 2019
Starting from Scratch, Curaçao Aims to Carve Out a Distinct Identity
Risk of ‘Sharp, Sudden’ Financial Tightening Has Risen, IMF Says
Public Finance Blockchain to Track Gov’t Spending
Can Portugal Remain the Eurozone’s Anomaly?
New Caledonia decides the timing of its second independence referendum
Disappeared in El Salvador: The return of a Cold War nightmare
Samoa Declares Measles Outbreak
Papua New Guinea’s untold media freedom challenge
$80m ‘Uniquely Māori’ hotel development planned for Rotorua
UN’s Fourth Committee: Sahrawis’ inalienable right to self-determination reaffirmed
EU does not recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara
When did Welsh identity in Wales begin?
Justice for missing and murdered Indigenous women and their families must be a priority
Water and Indigenous people: “I’m tired of being an afterthought”
Yukon candidates talk addictions, electoral reform, and sing at final forum
Announcements in Ainu set to start in Hokkaido on train routes
Violence against indigenous peoples explodes in Brazil
What We Lose When We Lose Indigenous Knowledge
Canada’s artists lead the country’s indigenous renaissance
Ecuador’s indigenous re-assert influence but face obstacles to power
Morocco’s Amazigh accuse Turkey of wanting to «exterminate» the Kurdish population
BBC 100 women 2019 list: Jalila Haider from Hazara included in the list
Quebec sovereignty camp gets confidence boost
Hope restored in the Kingdom of Eswatini as tuberculosis incidence reduced by more than half
We’re in Biafra struggle to give our kids better future –IPOB women agitators
Senior Israeli Official Attends Bahrain Meeting Focusing on Iran
Why Trump’s withdrawal from Syria has Israel on edge
Swiss fine commodities giant Gunvor over bribes in Africa
‘A tsunami’: Green Party makes historic gains in Switzerland vote
Russia, Serbia vow to boost ties despite Belgrade’s EU bid
Chinese people-tracking cameras are spreading to nations vulnerable to human rights abuse
At stake: Greenland’s right to self determination
Sweden is not socialist—so stop saying it is
Sweden’s indigenous Sami people threatened by climate change
Thousands Of Swedes Are Inserting Microchips Under Their Skin
Namibian president set for re-election next month amid economic crisis
Deadly protests in Guinea as Russia calls for change of rules to keep despot in power
Azeri police detain scores of protesters, including opposition party leader
An American Prosecutor Shot Dead in Micronesia
India and Pakistan trade fire in Kashmir, killing nine
Burundi arrests dozens in currency market crackdown
Carbon pricing inevitable for Austria: Verbund CEO
Maldives investigates activist group for ‘slandering Islam’
Baloch leader vows support for Kurdish people
Balochistan: Iranian forces disappear Baloch youth from Qasar Qand
Balochistan: Protests erupt after blackmailing and harassment reports of University students
Balochistan: State-backed death squads shot dead two Baloch youth
Balochistan: Four abducted during military offensives in Kohlu
Russian Oligarch’s Compensation Case Against Montenegro ‘Rejected’
Mass civil disobedience breaks out in Catalunya
Brussels prosecutor asks Spain to translate Puigdemont arrest warrant
Unnecessary, heavy-handed and counterproductive reminder of former Spanish regime – Catalan independence trial at Westminster
Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez call for peaceful protests on two year incarceration anniversary
What is Tsunami Democràtic?
Catalan president Quim Torra joins pro-independence protest: ‘Violence does not represent us’
President Quim Torra suggests to respond with another self-determination vote in Catalonia
Senior Slovak MPs stress that jailing Catalan leaders is cruel and does not lead anywhere
Spain Shuts Down Spanish Tsunami Democràtic, “for terrorism”
Barcelona flooded with over half a million Catalan independence supporters
Catalan president’s call for dialogue falls on deaf Spanish PM’s ears
Police in spotlight as 58 journalists injured in Catalonia
Week of unrest throughout Catalonia leaves 579 injured
Protests against sentences enter second week
United Nations Issues Human Rights Guidance for Law Enforcement
Turkey Accused of War Crimes After Suspected White Phosphorus Use Against Kurds in Syria
Top Kurdish commander calls Turkish assault ‘ethnic cleansing operation’
Can the Turkish opposition develop a sustainable Kurdish policy?
‘America has betrayed the Kurds’: Anger in a refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan
KRG president reiterates gratitude to US forces amid controversial Syria withdrawal
Netherlands extends Iraq, Peshmerga training mission through 2021
44 years since 4 Australian journalists were murdered by Indonesian special forces in East Timor
East Turkistan, West Papua and an Extraordinary Game of Football
Celebrating the 8th Anniversary of West Papua Independence
‘Think of your family’: China threatens European citizens over Xinjiang protests
Taipei exhibition tells story of East Turkestan’s Uighurs
US Religious Freedom Envoy Urges Muslim World to Speak up For Incarcerated Uyghurs
Cotton On and Target Australia stop buying cotton from Xinjiang over human rights concerns
China is destroying Uygur burial grounds in Xinjiang
Uighur scientist faces execution as part of China’s broad persecution of a Muslim minority
EU blocks Albania and North Macedonia membership bids
North Macedonia calls snap election after EU talks setback
Russian indicted by Mueller for alleged troll-farm activities is released by Belarus
Little Miracles, Huge Problems: The Bahamas A Month After Dorian
Cruel world of blood-soaked Kyrgyzstan dog fighting where wolfhounds rip themselves apart in front of kids
Gunmen raid cafes in Libya capital to curb social freedoms
Lebanon’s government makes major concessions after weekend of mass protests
Sierra Leone’s ‘smart country’ ambitions
Croatian City Following Digital Estonia and Denmark’s Fine Example
Bulgaria soccer coach Krasimir Balakov resigns after racist abuse of England team
Qatar approves minimum wage law, scraps worker exit permits
Power Perspective: Baltics divide over electricity trade with Russia
‘We are watching you’: Russia accused of sending threatening texts to British troops
Huawei lashes out at Estonia for ‘unfounded’ security claims
A NATO ally next to Putin’s Baltic Fortress is welcoming the arrival of US troops and tanks
Nearly quarter of Estonian population at risk of poverty in 2018
Three cities set to host the FIFA Futsal World Cup Lithuania 2020
Lithuanian president proposes new blocks against Belarus’ nuclear energy
First road in Estonia paved with plastic asphalt
Latvia decides: Non-citizens’ children to receive citizenship from 2020
Lithuania’s defence spending not adequate for existing threats, conservative leader says
Almost a third of Lithuanians at risk of poverty – Eurostat
Moscow to return Norwegian citizen in Lithuania-Russia spy swap
Russia covered up explosion of Skyfall nuclear superweapon that could have affected the Baltic states
Russian impact on Estonian economy has declined
Moscow seeks more power in Latvian Orthodox Church
US slaps new sanctions on Cuba over human rights record, support of Venezuela
Language Technology Tools for Icelandic: Former President First to Contribute Voice Sample
Icelandic Writer And Trans Activist Amongst BBC’s 100 Women 2019
Iceland Grey Listed for Inadequate Money Laundering Policies


Spain and Turkey in Sync on Crushing Democracy

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
1962 October 9: Uganda Independence Day
1868 October 10: Proclamation of Cuban Independence Beginning Ten Years War
1970 October 10: Fiji Day
1911 October 10: National Day of the Republic of China, Taiwan
1968 October 12: Equatorial Guinea Independence Day
1492 October 12: Indigenous Peoples’ Day
1975 October 12: Saharawi National Unity Day
2008 October 15: International Parliamentarians for West Papua launches at the British Parliament in Westminster
1991 October 18: Azerbaijan Independence Day
1953 October 22: Laos Independence Day
1956 October 23 – November 10: Hungarian Uprising
1964 October 24: Zambia Independence Day
1955 October 26: Austrian National Day
2014 October 26: Hong Kong Umbrella Movement begins
2017 October 27: Catalan Declaration of Independence
1979 October 27: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Independence Day
1918 October 28: Independent Czechoslovak State Day
1923 October 29: Turkey Republic Day

How ‘Molly of Denali’ helps Native American children feel seen
13 Ways to Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2019 in Seattle
L.A. Celebrates Indigenous Peoples’ Day
DC Council votes to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day
Every State With a Native American Name
Healing the Climate and Food Insecurity at Indigenous Terra Madre
Ecuador president, indigenous leaders reach deal to end protests that left 7 dead
Website Provides Blueprint for Repatriating Aboriginal Remains
Native American museum director: Columbus was far from the first to discover America
Chhattisgarh government trying to suppress the voice of Adivasis: Activist Adivasi leader Soni Sori arrested and detained without any reason
Adivasi cop alleges harassment by colleagues
Washington County Cherokee Association celebrates new community center
China, Solomon Islands sign deals under new diplomatic ties
Post-war Liberians are demanding better mental health care
New Monument in the Vatican Encourages Compassion for Refugees
UK must be open to Wales quitting union, says Welsh Government
Somaliland to Metamorphose to Full e-Government Functionality
Botswana Raises Alarm Over Unprecedented Surge in Rhino Poaching
Australia, Fiji to send peacekeeping mission to Middle East
China and Russia: The New Threats to Middle East Security and Stability
Israel Is Accused of Torturing a Prisoner Until His Ribs Were Broken. Now Palestinians Are Demanding Answers.
Hacker found guilty of “terror and intimidation” against Palestine activists
Gunman live-streamed attack outside German synagogue that left two dead
12 Hours. 4 Syrian Hospitals Bombed. One Culprit: Russia.
Without Naming Huawei, E.U. Warns Against 5G Firms From ‘Hostile’ Powers
Russia and China to sign internet censorship treaty
Duterte invites Russian oil giant to explore in West Philippine Sea
Chinese Support Gives Laos an Edge Over Powerful Neighbor Vietnam
Experts Call For Vietnam to Sue China in International Court Over South China Sea Incursions
Dominican Republic Says It Lost 100,000 Visitors This Year
Chinese Warship Visit to Japan Part of Growing Military Charm Offensive
Chinese naval training ship Qi Jiguang arrives in East Timor for goodwill visit
EAST TIMOR: Vulnerable youth are benefiting from Salesian agriculture and technical skills training
Evergreen Unit remembered for peacemaking operations in East Timor 20 years ago
IMF head calls for financial cooperation between world nations
Army hands over 27 pro-Biafra protesters to Abia police
Tunisia election: Kais Saied to become president
Seychelles’ drug problem threatens the success of its blue economy
Academic Huub van Baar has found Romani people succeed on the labor market when given a chance
A Newly Translated Novel Charts the Dizzying Transformation of an Independent Oman
Belize’s Maya Drained Their Swamps to Make Farmland
Ethiopia’s Oromos mark thanksgiving festival in Addis Ababa for the first time in 150 years
New Zealand Launches Innovative Program to Prevent Sexual Harassment in Screen Industry
Nicola Sturgeon will request UK Government consent for another referendum on Scottish independence before the end of the year
Switzerland’s central bank is exploring the use of digital currencies for trading
Curaçao’s local art showcased at roadshow in Belgium and the Netherlands
Why is Tajikistan pawing migrant laborers’ cash?
Tech fiddles target Tajikistan’s lonely independent media
French Polynesia centre-stage at UN decolonisation committee
The 20 countries facing population collapse
Well Testing on New CBI-funded Geothermal Plant in Dominica Officially Starts
Lesotho Garment Workers Strike Landmark Deals with Global Brands to Combat Gender-Based Violence
Aruba looks to Houston after ending refinery deal with Citgo
Marshall Islands declares national climate crisis
Trinidad and Tobago president’s stance on unmarried partners faces backlash
Dozens caged and shackled in Trinidad drug rehab center, police say
New Zealand prepared to finance Tokelau airstrip
A glimpse of Western Sahara’s forgotten refugees
Vivid portraits shine light on Tahiti’s ‘third gender’
Jamaica Is Trying to Steal Rihanna From Barbados
Liechtenstein’s Blockchain Act Makes it First to Fully Regulate Token Economy
Burundi to Nationalize Coffee Industry to Boost Farmers’ Income
Burundi’s beleaguered government reaches out to opponents
Tanzania president tells Burundi refugees to ‘go back home’
In breakaway Abkhazia, a loophole for North Korean workers amid beaches and Soviet relics
The Role of the Russian Federation in War in Abkhazia, 1992
Greece, Once in Crisis, Joins Negative-Rates Club
Thirteen Heads of State Sign Athens Declaration on the Future of Europe
Belarus calls for U.S. role in Ukraine peace talks
Russia blocks coal supplies to Ukraine through Belarus
Lukashenko thanks Zelensky for warm welcome in Zhytomyr, invites to visit Belarus
Serbia, Albania, N. Macedonia agree to passport-free travel
Kim Kardashian Reveals She Was Baptized with Her Kids in Armenia and Shares Photos from Ceremony
Rotten tomatoes line roads in Benin after Nigeria closes border
Towards the Sustainable Reintegration of Returned Migrants: Cash for Work activities in Guinea Bissau
Basques carve their history
Up to 9 years in jail for Navarran youths involved in bar brawl with police
EU removes Switzerland, UAE from tax haven list
Message to Turkey: France, Cyprus hold joint naval exercises
Intellectuals Condemn Bulgaria’s ‘Unacceptable’ Demands of North Macedonia
Russian Ammo Proposal Greeted with Suspicion in Moldova
Faroe Islands PM Nielsen to push for IOC recognition
U.S. and Greenland partner to map Greenland’s resources
As Denmark turns away from cash, a payment app has more likes than Facebook
The U.S. Is Now Betraying the Kurds for the Eighth Time
Who are the Kurds?
Factbox: The Kurdish struggle for rights and land
Kurds, caught between four modern countries
A history of selling out the Kurds, people with ‘no friends but the mountains’
Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds is a gift to Putin and Assad
A Look At The History Of The U.S. Alliance With The Kurds
Why Is Turkey in NATO Anyway?
Turkish media hail execution of Syrian Kurdish politician Hevrin Khalaf a ‘success’
US says it is withdrawing forces from Syria, amid growing chaos
Retired Marine Gen. John Allen: ‘There is blood on Trump’s hands for abandoning our Kurdish allies’
Kurds targeted in Turkish attack include thousands of female fighters who battled Islamic State
First group of Syrian refugees arrive in Kurdistan Region
ISIS Rears Its Head, Adding to Chaos as Turkey Battles Kurds
Syrian army joins forces with Kurds to repel Turkey’s offensive
“This is the next East Timor”
Indonesia blocks NZ diplomats entry into West Papua
West Papua – Australia’s shame
Cross-Platform Network Analysis of Information Operations in West Papua
West Papua protest in PNG: ‘Do the right thing’
Questions raised over bodies found in West Papua
Kickstarting ‘Made in Bhutan’
After The Storm, Haitians In The Bahamas Depend On The Kindness Of Strangers
This gamer’s punishment over Hong Kong protest shows China’s sway over U.S. companies
Apple removes Quartz news app from the Chinese App Store over Hong Kong coverage
Zedd, superstar German DJ ‘permanently banned’ from China for liking a ‘South Park’ tweet
Watch the ‘South Park’ Episode That Got the Show Banned in China
India’s repression in Kashmir is not compatible with democracy
Trump Slaps Visa Ban on Chinese Officials for Uyghur Persecution
‘There’s no hope for the rest of us.’ Uyghur scientists swept up in China’s massive detentions
Pompeo: ‘I wish the NBA would acknowledge’ China’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims
Xinjiang Children Sent to Inland Schools for “Sinicization”
Guinea Arrests Activists Opposing Third Term for Conde
Sexual Harassment in Kyrgyzstan: Should UNESCO Weigh In?
Kyrgyzstan to regulate religious schools
How Elites and Narcos Do Business, Politics in Honduras
‘I started painting the wall with my blood’: Inside Chechnya’s reported torture of gay people
Shaman Gabyshev announces new journey to Moscow
Detained Ingush land-deal activists denied access to lawyers
National Coming Out Day: A survivor of Chechnya’s anti-gay purge steps out of the shadows
Another Zambian Minister urges Speaker to declare ‘Barotseland’ un-parliamentary
‘Truce’ in Donbas: 26 Ukrainian soldiers killed, 75 wounded since July
Russia demands 20 and 15-year sentences against Crimean Tatar rights activist and five other Ukrainian political prisoners
Outrage as Crimean collaborators included in Russian delegation to Turkey
Majority of Ukrainians against ‘special status’ for occupied Donbas
Most people in separatist-held areas of Donbas prefer reintegration with Ukraine
Protests against Zelenskyy’s peace plan for Donbas continue as 12,000 march in Kyiv
Dozens vie to be Haiti’s leader amid perceived power vacuum
Orban Loses Budapest after a video of one of his allies at an orgy handed a last-minute gift
Family of US citizen imprisoned in Lebanon pleads for his release: ‘This is a cry for help’
U.N. envoy pushes to stop ‘blatant’ embargo violations in Libya
Migrants describe being tortured and raped on perilous journey to Libya
Euro 2020 qualifier between Bulgaria and England paused twice over racist abuse
Pique named Catalan Player of the Year
Human rights groups denounce ‘serious irregularities’ in Catalan trial
40 MEPs urge European Parliament to protect Puigdemont, Junqueras and Comín’s immunity
Hundreds in Barcelona protest Turkey offensive against Syrian Kurds
Catalan trial: the accused and the accusations
Brazilian journalist Taíza Brito says guilty verdict in Catalan trial would be ‘institutional violence’
Far-right supporters congregate in Barcelona for Spain’s National Day
Catalan Pro-Independence Flags Burn as Far-Right Marches for Hispanic Day in Barcelona
Catalan National Assembly calls for protests against Supreme Court verdict in 30 cities worldwide
Catalan independence leaders convicted to 9-13 years in jail for sedition
On the spot protests kick off in Catalonia after jailed leaders’ verdict
President Quim Torra calls verdict ‘act of vengeance and not justice’
Spain issues new extradition order for Puigdemont after verdict
Convictions condemn ‘more than two million people,’ says Puigdemont
Catalan parliament speakers past and present condemn leaders’ convictions
‘This has been a political trial’ – defense lawyers condemn verdict
UNPO Condemns the Sentencing of Catalan Political and Civil Society Leaders
Welsh MEP condemns ‘deeply distressing’ prison sentences for Catalan independence leaders
Catalan indy leaders’ sentences show Spain’s political extremism
Catalonia: Junqueras vows to return ‘more committed than ever’
Europe, now it’s up to you: Full statement from Catalonia’s Foreign Minister
Spanish riot police target Catalan protesters after leaders jailed
Catalan independence leaders disqualified from running in November 10 election
First jailed democratic government in EU, says VP Pere Aragonès
Protests continue across Catalonia into the evening
Cuba’s cosmetic political moves amid repression, economic misery are a big yawn
Rampant Belgium becomes 1st team to qualify for Euro 2020
Emerging Europe’s quiet energy revolution
The main activity of the Latvian state is the trade of Russophobia
Chinese demonstration in Vilnius unmasks Beijing’s reach into Lithuania
US will help Baltic states to secure Baltic energy grid
Belarus nuclear plant may launch first reactor in January 2020
Countries involved in EU cyber force creation meet in Vilnius
You can keep your fireworks, Latvia tells Russia
Vilnius calls for NATO to deploy air defences in Lithuania
Lithuania’s last partisan Kraujelis-Siaubūnas to be buried in Vilnius
Tallinn University targeted by Russian propaganda
US mechanised battalion with heavy armour deploys to Lithuania
Estonian president invites Hungarian, Finnish, Russian presidents to World Congress of Finno-Ugric Peoples
Singapore overtakes US as world’s most competitive economy
Protecting Indigenous Languages
Syrian refugee children embrace love of Welsh language
House prices and lack of work ‘emptying Welsh speaking communities’
Welsh language inspires new Gaelic campaign in Scotland
Bard na Gaidhli launches campaign to spread Gaelic pride
In one Twin Cities classroom, learning in Hmong and about being Hmong
Pacific languages are a source of strength
Harry Potter to be translated into te reo Māori
Code Switch: Saving The Endangered Hawaiian Language
‘Parasite’ Sets Foreign Language Record at Indie Box Office
Austrumi Linux Has Great Potential if You Speak Its Language
2019 Elders and Youth Conference: language is our superpower
Inuit exert language rights at Montreal conference with Inuktut-only panel
Ireland Sets Aside $1.3 Billion to Counter No-Deal Brexit Threat
Deadly rebel raid in Rwanda awakens painful memories
The Endless Trauma of Congo’s Forgotten War
More than 4,000 people have died from measles in Congo this year
India Arrests 15 Members of Tibetan Exile Group Ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Visit
China inks world’s most ambitious rail deal to connect Tibet with Kathmandu
In one way, I’m a refugee but I enjoy freedom in India, says Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama
China’s Study the Great Nation app ‘enables spying via back door’
Dalai Lama hints at possibility of him visiting China and Tibet in near future
Fewer young households in Finland own their homes
Petition calls for US to recognize Taiwan as independent nation
Panama lawmakers debate legalizing medicinal marijuana
Norway’s Outgoing Oil Regulator Is Upbeat Over Industry’s Future
El Salvador begins mass trial of alleged MS-13 gang members
New Caledonia to hold second independence referendum in 2020
New Caledonia and Corsica sign partnership agreement
Most of 95 people killed in Kiribati ferry disaster died from hunger, dehydration and hypothermia, inquiry finds


Seeing no Evil. Rewarding Failure. Uranium Found in Women & Babies

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
1958 October 2: Guinea Independence Day
1932 October 3: Iraq Independence Day
1966 October 4: Lesotho Independence Day
1991 October 8: Croatia Independence Day
1962 October 9: Uganda Independence Day
1868 October 10: Proclamation of Cuban Independence Beginning Ten Years War
1970 October 10: Fiji Day
1911 October 10: National Day of the Republic of China, Taiwan
1968 October 12: Equatorial Guinea Independence Day
1492 October 12: Indigenous Peoples’ Day
1975 October 12: Saharawi National Unity Day
2008 October 15: International Parliamentarians for West Papua launches at the British Parliament in Westminster
1991 October 18: Azerbaijan Independence Day
1953 October 22: Laos Independence Day

Balochistan: five wounded in Dera Allah Yar Acid attack
Balochistan: Two bullet-ridden dead bodies found in Kech
U.N. Rights Chief Calls for Investigation Into Violence as Hong Kong Reels From Escalating Protests
NATO Deputy Sec-Gen: Russia doesn’t want Georgia in NATO, but we’ve a different view
Scaremongering behind NATO’s Declining Popularity in Moldova
UN urges Bosnia and Herzegovina to address plight of migrants
French Polynesia’s leader in NZ for ‘Tuia 250’
Britain expresses ‘regret’ over killing of Maori when Captain Cook first landed
French Polynesian President calls for ‘revival’ of language and relationship between Tahiti and NZ
Biarritz Pays Basque launches official candidacy to host Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic surfing competitions
Pompeo warns about Chinese influence in Balkans
Azerbaijan: A linchpin of European energy diversity and security
America and Azerbaijan: Five Reflections on the Contract of the Century
Advocates for Biafra and Journalists Against Corruption Face Gov’t Crackdown
Australia–Indonesia relations: Don’t mention Papua
Facebook removes pages from Indonesia, Nigeria and Egypt over ‘inauthentic behaviour’
West Papua: Indonesian Government Uses Intimidation Tactics to Silence Pro-Papua Female Human Rights Lawyer
Indonesian Muslim hardliners encourage jihadis to go and fight in West Papua
Vanuatu invites foreigners to obtain citizenship in 1.5 months
Aruba says it will require Venezuelans to obtain visa to visit
Relatives of Dutch colonial victims will have their compensation cases heard
French sign language graduate teaching archery in Benin school for deaf children
North Korea breaks off nuclear talks with U.S. in Sweden
Inside Macron’s Russia Initiative
Russia making presence felt in Middle East
Bahamas will resume deportation of undocumented Haitians who survived Hurricane Dorian
Intrepid lawyer achieves quest to eradicate statelessness in Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan: Seeing no evil in Xinjiang
Malaysia Slams News Article on China’s Uyghur Camps
Xinjiang education reform and the eradication of Uyghur-language books
China calls it re-education, but Uighur Muslims say it’s ‘unbearable brutality
US blacklists 28 Chinese firms for human rights violations, other abuses in China’s Xinjiang
Kalmykia Town Rallies Against New Mayor From Rebel-Held Eastern Ukraine
A Language Scholar’s Suicide Draws Official Disdain — And Brings Hope To Russia’s Minority Groups
Chechen community in Germany fears social rejection, deportation
‘Putin is a demon’: Russia founds Yakut shaman insane
One-off priceless ‘gem-inside-a-gem’ rattling diamond is unearthed in Siberia
Chechen family in Germany fights deportation to Russia
On top of the world in Siberia, Vladimir Putin relaxes ahead of his 67th birthday
A shaman unnerves Vladimir Putin
Thousands demand release of Ingush activist Zarifa Sautiyeva
First Look: Amadou Fled Mauritania and the “Highest Rate of Slavery in the Entire World” in Netflix’s Living Undocumented
Cook Islands Looking To Target 2026 World Cup
Kosovo Election Winner Vetevendosje Seeks Coalition Partner
Mia Farrow visits Chad to promote new approach to hunger
How Russia’s Interference In Ukraine Has Altered U.S. Policy Toward Belarus
Belarus Pardons Ukrainian Man After Kyiv Releases Belarusian ‘Spy’
Authorized Rally in Support of Independence Held in Minsk
UN chief praises ‘momentum’ in Western Sahara
Morocco delays UN process to strengthen Sahrawi territories’ occupation
Iran warns Turkey against military action in Syria
Turkey to send troops into northern Syria as US pulls out of area, White House says
SDF leadership says it will defend land ‘at all cost’ following White House statement
A family business: how Russian security forces target the Crimean Tatar community
Russia Jails Crimean Tatar Blogger Nariman Memedeminov on Bogus ‘Terrorism’ Charges
Protests against “Steinmeier’s formula” gather largest crowd since Euromaidan
Ukrainian prisoner with cancer savagely beaten after ECHR defended her right to medical treatment
Some non-Romani social work clients in the Czech Republic refuse aid from Romani people
Putin-Duterte Meeting Signals Bigger, Trickier Russian Role in South China Sea
Handing over weapons: M.I.L.F. combatants commit to peace in the Bangsamoro
Rise of Bloc Quebecois leader Yves-Francois Blanchet poses electoral challenge for PM Trudeau
Yemeni officials say protester killed at separatist rally
Ghana: Rumble over ‘coup’ plot
US senator barred from Kashmir as lockdown enters 3rd month
Gabon’s Bongo Makes Surprise Appearance Amid Questions on Health
Poás Volcano Erupts in Costa Rica, Closes Popular Park Near San Jose
Paraguay economy contracts 3.0% in Q2, worst fall since 2009
Portugal’s ruling Socialists win election but fall short of outright majority
Bangladesh asks Brunei to deport suspects in human trafficking ring
Liechtenstein Adopts Token Act to Attract Crypto Business
Four lessons from the deadly 2009 Samoa earthquake
Hundreds of thousands voice outrage over Bolivian leader’s response to forest fires
Uruguay cannabis firm targets booming global market for medical marijuana
Botswana to Offer Free HIV Medicine to Foreign Sex Workers
All Under One Banner Edinburgh: History in the making as 200k march for indyref2
No-show from Sturgeon at Edinburgh march was a slap in the face
An astonishing turnout in Edinburgh – where was the media?
Silver Lining? Tajikistan Defends Controversial Decision To Give Mine To China
After hitting rock-bottom, Fiji is flying again at World Cup
UK should compensate Wales for ‘reducing it to poverty’ – Plaid Cymru
Huw Edwards joins backlash over bilingual name for Welsh Senedd
Brexit ‘driving up independence support in Wales like Thatcher drove devolution’
Welsh independence referendum before 2030 possible, says Conservative AM
Pope meets with pro-LGBT priest denounced by hardline conservative Catholics
US reopens embassy in Somalia after 28 years
The United States Rewards Failure in Somalia, Ignores Success in Somaliland
Why Sweden Can Handle Its Spending Better Than America
From Laos to America: Hmong family finds refuge in U.S.
Government of Daniel Ortega turned Nicaragua into a safe haven for international criminals
Tunisia Counts Votes as Poll Suggests Deeply Split Parliament
Hundreds Return to Burundi as Mass Repatriation Effort Begins
Activist from Burundi receives top forestry award
Commission for Culture and Arts leads Philippines Indigenous Peoples’ Month celebration
Indigenous women have their say at inaugural Pilbara forum
An indigenous community in Mexico finds its voice — and strength — in wild mushrooms
Research finds uranium in Navajo women, babies
Indigenous organization slams Brazilian government and evangelical missionaries
Indigenous protests convulse Ecuador as president decries ‘coup attempt’
New UNESCO ambassador Yalitza Aparicio plans to support indigenous communities
Quebec premier apologizes to First Nations, Inuit for discrimination
The Sámi Arctic Strategy to shake up Arctic discourse
Alaska Native and civil rights icon Elizabeth Peratrovich to be featured on $1 coin
Madhya Pradesh: Adivasi toddler beaten to death for urinating in public
Adivasi children are picking up cameras to shoot
Adivasi leader Soni Sori arrested in Dantewada
Marshall Islands extends dengue health emergency
Hondurans React to Bribe Offered by El Chapo to President: ‘We Live in a Narcostate.’
EU chiefs urge membership talks with N.Macedonia, Albania
Greenland in US-Denmark-China Relations
Denmark calls for EU strategy to phase out diesel and petrol cars from 2030
New Nauru Govt puts focus on country’s future prosperity
Europe’s Airline Woes Hit Slovenia — and Its Promising Tourism Growth
US sanctions squeezing Iran-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon
Humanitarian crisis increases in Haiti as anti-government protests grip the nation
UN investigator: Myanmar is not safe for Rohingyas to return
Assyrian Food Festival in Glendale serves up authentic food, taste of culture
Proud As A Peacock: Armenia’s New Yazidi Temple Draws Attention And Awe
LGBT groups from both sides of divided Cyprus join forces
Jamaica beat Britain for women’s relay gold
The story of Sierra Leone’s Krio people – in pictures
Can the Central African Republic’s peace deal be saved?
South Sudan: Crippled justice system and blanket amnesties fuelling impunity for war crimes
High Court in Northern Ireland rules country’s strict abortion ban violates human rights
Ireland says if UK’s Brexit proposals are final, there will be no deal
Britain Once Held All the Cards With Ireland. Brexit Turned the Tables.
Growing minority of teachers in Northern Ireland working across sectarian divide
Ireland to prepare for the worst with ‘no deal Brexit’ budget
U.S. Pastor Arrested in Rwanda Criticized Government for ‘Heathen Practices’: allowing access to abortion, birth control and for teaching evolution
Belgium’s first sighted wolf in a century feared killed by hunters
Mauritius’ prime minister dissolves parliament, calls general election
Spain’s assault on the European Parliament’s integrity sets a dangerous precedent
Thousands march as Catalonia marks secession vote date
Sanchez: I can still suspend Catalan autonomy at any time
Catalan president Quim Torra warned of ‘criminal charges’ over pro-independence signs on government buildings
French senators call for EU mediation between Catalonia and Spain
Spanish court denies Catalan parliament right to decide on monarchy
Council of Europe rapporteur to visit Catalonia to assess imprisonment of pro-independence leaders
Man who lost an eye on Catalan independence referendum day to run as Senate candidate for Puigdemont’s party
Lawyers and victims file a law suit accusing Spanish officials of crimes against humanity during Catalan independence referendum
Jailed Catalan independence activist Jordi Cuixart addresses Dublin meeting of human rights defenders
Europe’s Next Hiking Destination: Catalonia
Another Target for Spanish Courts? Catalan towns rename public spaces after 2017 independence referendum
“This will be a winning generation”
Catalan rider Marc Márquez clinches 6th MotoGP title
Catalan minister calls Spain’s lawsuit against three new delegations abroad ‘inadmissible’
Jailed leaders, new parties, familiar faces: election candidates ready ahead of verdict
Catalan unions postpone general strike until October 18
Borrell tiptoes around Catalan issue in hearing to become EU’s top diplomat
Unionist motion of no confidence against Catalan president fails
Spanish police officers moved to Catalonia in anticipation of post-verdict protests
Castellers de Vilafranca, Human Towers from Catalonia: San Francisco Catalan Week
Iceland to offer subsidy for international artists recording in its studios
Denial: How Moscow Portrays Its Occupation Of Poland And The Baltic States
Russian Energy Narrative Targets Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic States
Ukraine, Georgia, Baltic states form PACE alliance against Russia
Estonia tops emerging Europe for controlling corruption
New Belarusian Nuke Plant Prompts Lithuania To Prepare For The Worst
Putin furiously denies claims Stalin started World War 2
Hundreds of Russian Mercenaries Now in Venezuela, US Admiral Says
NATO’s membership needs a change
Estonia has the most competitive tax system in the OECD – for the sixth year in a row
US to help secure Baltic energy grid against cyber attacks
Nord Stream 2 ‘stunning blow to Europe’s energy security,’ says US Energy Secretary in Vilnius
Expatriate Lithuanians to have their own constituency in 2020 election
Tibet MP asks Lithuanian parliament for mediation with China
‘Fake News’ Law Goes Into Effect In Singapore, Worrying Free Speech Advocates
Amazon launches bigger local online store in Singapore
Qatar’s World Cup challenge magnified by track worlds issues
French fans, angry at early start time, protest with massive Tibet flag
Ahead of Modi-Xi meet, Tibetan govt-in-exile passes resolution on reincarnation of the Dalai Lama
Scientists fight to save unique Guiana coral reef
Finland to repatriate American Indian artefacts to the United States from its national collections
Oil-rich Venezuela and Russia come to aid of ally Cuba, but its energy woes persist
Plants alert neighbors to threats using common ‘language’
1st comprehensive anthology of Gaelic literature
El Salvador, Battling Corruption, Sees Murder Rate Drop by Half
Kiribati accused of trying to hide report on ferry disaster that claimed 81 lives
Goodwin Becomes Second US Law Firm to Launch in Luxembourg