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2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
1990 December 26: Slovenia Independence and Unity Day
1991 December 26: Dissolution of the Soviet Union
1943 December 28: Day of Memory and Sorrow in Kalmykia
1911 December 29: Mongolia Independence Day
1960 January 1: Cameroon Independence Day
1993 January 1: Velvet Divorce of Czechia and Slovakia
1804 January 1: Haitian Declaration of Independence
1962 January 1: Samoan Independence Day
1956 January 1: Sudan Independence Day
1948 January 4: Myanmar Independence Day
1968 January 5: Prague Spring
1918 January 8: Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points on free trade, democracy and self-determination
1991 January 13: Freedom Defenders Day in Lithuania

Montenegro church property law passes after Parliament chaos
Yamal Journalist Fired After Asking Putin a Question
Vladimir Putin’s Christmas Message: Hatred and Thinly Veiled Threats
Ingush activist Mustafa Vyshegurov sentenced to colony settlement
Kalmyks Mark Anniversary Of Stalin Deportations To Siberia
20 years of Putin: Inside the brutal Chechen war that dealt a death blow to Russian democracy
Mauritania’s Travel Advisory Now Includes Level 4 Notice
Trying To Form The World’s Newest Country, Bougainville Has A Road Ahead
Spanish province León passes historic motion to split from ‘fictitious’ Castilla y León
Natural weapons put malaria on notice: eco-friendly insecticides in eSwatini
Kenya: The Next Nation to Fall Into China’s Debt-Trap Diplomacy?
The 2020s can be the decade of the Welsh independence movement – if it learns the lessons of the 2010s
Georgian Doctor Vazha Gaprindashvili Released from Tskhinvali Custody
Poisoning, shootings and elections – the main events of Abkhazia in 2019
Wounded Knee Massacre 129 Years Ago: We Remember Those Lost
The Decade of Indigenous Truth: top news stories of 2010s
The last reindeer herders: China’s ethnic minority Ewenki keep a centuries-old tradition alive
Seattle Shelter Focuses On Native Peoples Experiencing Homelessness
Baby Yoda captures the hearts of Alaska Native artists
Oral histories vital to document Aboriginal history of the 20th century
Inuit-Canadian singer who covered ’Diamonds″ dies at 26
Bill aiming to return historic Cherokee land passes House, heads to Senate
Indigenous/Adivasi: NGOs asked to drop the words from their names
United Arab Emirates embassies wish Jews a happy Hanukkah
Tourists Mean Hope for Palestine
Kashmir crisis 2019: Between a rock and a hard place
Fresno Hmong New Year begins as residents deal with tragedy
Rescuer Set Up for Those Fleeing Ortega’s Nicaragua
Curacao oil refinery takeover: Good for jobs, bad for climate?
Climate Change and Political Chaos: A Deadly Mix in Honduras Dengue Epidemic
My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding twin brothers found dead in suspected suicide pact
Comoros inaugurates Saudi-funded road network
The long game for indyref2 and Scottish sovereignty
Drought, Dams Cause Mekong River in Laos to Turn Unhealthy Blue
Ukraine Swaps Prisoners With Russia-Backed Rebels in Move to End War
Russia’s return to PACE has not promoted improvement in conflict in Ukraine
Current developments make Biafra inevitable — South-East, South-South monarchs
This Tiny Island Nation of 11,000 People Is Cashing in Thanks to Its .tv TLD
Moscow to Prioritize Karabakh Issue, Beef up Military Presence in Armenia
How Putin got a new best friend for forever in Africa
Samoa Lifts State of Emergency After Deadly Measles Epidemic
Bolivia boots Spanish diplomats who visited Mexican mission
How This Abandoned Mining Town in Greenland Helped Win World War II
Faroe Islands saw double-digit tourism growth in 2019
Back from the brink: Air and cruise lines lead drive to revive Bahamas after Dorian disaster
Violent Extremism in the Maldives: The Saudi Factor
Serbs Unveil Spending Spree to Fuel Growth, Catch Up With EU
West Papuans call for help
Czech president blasts Moscow over 1968 invasion comments
Student’s death reveals dark side of Bhutan-Japan exchange program
Russian ambassador to Poland summoned for Putin WWII remarks
Why Don’t We Care About China’s Uighur Muslims?
Costa Rica creates National Lifeguard Corps to protect nation’s beaches
Azerbaijan: Financial market regulator succeeds globally, falls short locally
‘Cutting each other’s throats’: Allies fear Russia will annex Belarus to save Putin’s life
Putin’s next aggression
Turkey’s Kurdish movement not going away, despite crackdown
Despair looms over Kurds in northeast Syria
UN condemns Myanmar human rights abuses against Muslitshkm Rohingya
Suicide within Yezidi communities reveals mental health care crisis
Europe’s Failure to Protect Liberty in Hungary
Ex-Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn has fled Japan for Lebanon
Erdogan announces plan to send troops to Libya
Ancient Irish Pagans Made Epic Journeys for Ceremonial Feast
New dual English/Māori place names
Nashville Kurds Launch a Kurdish-Language Book Drive
A Dying Language Of Enslaved Africans Lives On At Harvard
Roskomnadzor Terminates 7×7-journal for Publishing in Komi
How Scottish are you? Interactive maps shows use of Scots language around the country
Wear a badge to show you talk the (Gaelic) talk
PH, Turkey agree to coordinate on all engagements with Bangsamoro
Exiled Catalan MEPs accredited to take up seats
Madrid extends its spider’s web to control the Spanish economy
Spain’s hopes of having a new government could depend on Catalans’ keeping theirs
Spain and Catalonia remain deadlocked in Junqueras prison scandal
President Torra sees ‘no honest dialogue’ with Spain without a referendum
What’s next for Catalonia in 2020
Somalia suicide car bomb attack rocks capital, killing scores
For Iraq’s Assyrians, This Year Might Be Their Last
‘China has a grand, strategic plan. We don’t’: how Djibouti became a microcosm of Beijing’s growing foothold in Africa
Chagos Islands dispute: UK accused of ‘crimes against humanity’ by Mauritius
Baltic countries again top emerging Europe in Human Freedom Index
Russian military flights in Baltic have not become safer
Chinese tourist vandalises cross at Lithuania’s top tourist site
Pope sends Christmas greetings to South Sudan leaders
Rwanda accuses a pastor’s daughter of treason and espionage
Central African Republic traders in deadly battle over militia taxes in Bangui
Booze and Football Present Tricky Choices for Qatar
Disney cuts lesbian kiss from ‘Star Wars’ in Singapore
Same-Sex Marriage Comes To Northern Ireland
Community in Exile: India’s ‘Little Tibet’
Chinese investments in Sri Lanka compromises Colombo’s sovereignty
To get IMF bailout, Equatorial Guinea’s ruler must reveal assets
China fishmeal factory a threat to Gambia’s coastal communities
Ahead of election, Taiwan president calls China ‘biggest threat’
Human rights commission asks El Salvador for records


European Court Of Justice Comes Out In Support Of Prosecuted Catalan Independists

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
2011 December 18: Arab Spring
1878 December 18: Qatar National Day
1961 December 19: Operation Trikora, New Guinea
1979 December 24: Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
1951 December 24: Libya Independence Day
1990 December 26: Slovenia Independence and Unity Day
1991 December 26: Dissolution of the Soviet Union
1943 December 28: Day of Memory and Sorrow in Kalmykia
1911 December 29: Mongolia Independence Day
1960 January 1: Cameroon Independence Day
1993 January 1: Velvet Divorce of Czechia and Slovakia
1804 January 1: Haitian Declaration of Independence
1962 January 1: Samoan Independence Day
1956 January 1: Sudan Independence Day
1948 January 4: Myanmar Independence Day
1968 January 5: Prague Spring

Africa Youth Parliament admits Somaliland as its 55th member
Young Indigenous activists lead climate justice action in Alaska
Who are the Indigenous People of Manipur ?
Sámi reconciliation process gains final approval
Navajo Nation to create ‘one-of-a-kind Medicaid program’
Lawyer and Aboriginal justice advocate wins 2019 legal writing prize
Six charged with treason in Indonesia after Papua protest
Denmark approves US consulate after spat over Trump’s offer to buy Greenland
At the Edge of the World, a New Battleground for the U.S. and China
eSwatini Opposition Leaders, Activists Targeted in Police Raids
The Betrayal of the Kurds
Scottish independence: Could Scotland leave the UK and stay in the EU?
How Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland Became a Part of the U.K.
Montreal Mayor refuses to consider honoring Irish Famine dead with REM station
Tearful caller shares her experience of anti-Irish racism
The Biggest Social Media Operation You’ve Never Heard of Is Run Out of Cyprus by Russians
Vatican office struggles to keep up with clergy abuse cases
Reimagining ocean conservation
Luxembourg Establishes Centre of Excellence for Clean Space with NorthStar
New York rents in the Sahara? Living in Africa’s most expensive city
Switzerland Shuts Down 47-Year-Old Nuclear Power Plant
Benin: head of mission to the EU declared persona non grata
Gabon passes law criminalizing gays
Dozens of gravestones vandalized in Jewish cemetery in Slovakia
Top Criminal Court to conduct official probe into alleged war crimes in Palestine
Barbados ecomomic outlook upgraded
Chinese utility buys 49% of Oman power grid
The decade in the Māori world: from Taika to Tariana
EU allocates EUR 8 mln to help people on both sides of contact line in Donbas
Big Brother Is Watching: Putin Poster Pun No Laughing Matter For Russian Police
FSB raid homes of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Karachay-Cherkessia
‘Help comes from those who themselves need help’
Putin’s Russia is stagnating but there will be no “Moscow Maidan”
First three convicted in Ingush protest trials
Battle of Grozny: 25 Years Ago the Russian Military Hit Rock Bottom
‘If Someone Speaks the Truth, He Will Be Killed’
Fear of Russian attack hangs over Chechens in Germany
Relations Between West, Russia Likely to Remain Antagonistic Next Year
Why Putin’s Threat to Belarus Can’t Be Ignored
Opening of Comoros’ Consulate in Al-Aaiun: Attack on Sahrawi people’s sovereignty
Daughter of Jailed Uyghur Scholar Ilham Tohti Accepts Sakharov Prize For Her Father
Bolivian Prosecutors Seek to Arrest Evo Morales for ‘Terrorism’
Turkey breaches airspace of Greece 40 times in a day, triggering mock dogfights between the NATO allies
Basque And Proud: Athletic Bilbao Are Sticking To Its Roots And It’s Paying Off
What the United Arab Emirates can teach resource-rich countries in Africa
Namibia’s power supply squeezed as drought hits hydropower plant
Shocking report finds UN peacekeepers fathered hundreds of children while working in Haiti
Sweden ends five years of negative rates with hike to zero
A Hezbollah-backed academic is set to be Lebanon’s next prime minister
Two languages for the price of one – Frisian villages go local
Galicia: Spain’s forgotten stateless nation
Without a government for a year, Belgium shows what happens to politics without politicians
Cuba names Manuel Marrero Cruz as first prime minister since 1976
NATO faces most ‘complex security’ environment in its history
NATO Must Survive
Russia gas pipeline sanctions legislation (PEES Act): A way ahead
Merkel’s Split-the-Difference Strategy Isn’t Working
Latvia Flagged ‘Suspicious’ Hunter Biden Payments in 2016
A NATO Urban Delaying Strategy for the Baltic States
Vilnius rejects free concert proposal with ‘Kremlin’s ears’
Belarus’ nuclear plant to receive fuel early 2020
Police arrest senior Russian ‘mafioso’ in Tallinn
Lithuania’s strategic pipeline clogged with Russia ties
European Court of Justice grants immunity to jailed Catalan MEP-elect Oriol Junqueras
Foreign investment in Catalonia down 56.6% in third quarter
Exiled Catalan MEPs accredited to take up seats
Spain’s National Court grants bail to 3 CDR activists accused of terrorism
As Barcelona Seeks Independence, Some 1992 Catalan Help for Croatian International Recognition
Bill to Support Tibet Moves Forward in the US Congress
A Tour of Iceland’s Feminist Past and Present
China fears Taiwan’s democracy the most


Bougainville Votes for Independence

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
1981 Deceember 11: El Mozote massacre, El Salvador
1994 December 11: First Chechen War
1963 December 12: Jamhuri, Kenya Republic Day
1974 December 13: Malta Republic Day
1971 December 16: Bahrain National Day
1991 December 16: Kazakhstan Independence Day
1989 December 16: Romanian Revolution
2011 December 18: Arab Spring
1878 December 18: Qatar National Day
1961 December 19: Operation Trikora, New Guinea
1979 December 24: Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
1951 December 24: Libya Independence Day
1990 December 26: Slovenia Independence and Unity Day
1991 December 26: Dissolution of the Soviet Union
1943 December 28: Day of Memory and Sorrow in Kalmykia
1911 December 29: Mongolia Independence Day

Azerbaijan: Snap elections are coming – and a new generation of politicians
Climate Change Is Starving Out Reindeer in Sweden’s Arctic
The dark side of wildlife conservation
Persistent Malnutrition in Ethnic Minority Communities of Vietnam
Revitalizing Indigenous languages through mobile apps and human connections
Congress of Yucatán approves introduction of mandatory Maya lessons at school
Adivasis meet Prime Minister
Gwich’in Tribal Council deputy chief shares frustration from UN climate conference
McDonald’s in Australia Fires Restaurant Owner Who Questioned Aboriginal Man’s Heritage in Race Row
New York Times Reporter Chronicles A Season Of Navajo Rezball
Murders of indigenous leaders in Brazilian Amazon hits highest level in two decades
Major Native corporation drops out of Alaska Federation of Natives
Student works to translate original Cherokee Phoenix issues
The Jesuit missionaries who inspired Roland Joffé’s ‘The Mission’
Ex-Fighter Of ‘Death Squadron’: I Participated In Murders Of Those Who Criticized Lukashenka
Women want in as internet revolution creeps into Chad
Algeria presidential vote faces brick wall of Berber opposition
Monaco Court Dismisses Case Against Art Dealer Accused of Defrauding Russian Oligarch
Entrepreneurs and government are teaming up to boost food security in the United Arab Emirates — and beyond
Balochistan: Whereabouts of three women and three others remain unknown
US Senate Unanimously Recognizes Armenian Genocide, Rejects Turkey’s Gag-Rule Against Remembrance
Trial begins of Georgian doctor in South Ossetia
Israel bars Gaza’s Christians from visiting Bethlehem and Jerusalem at Christmas
El Salvador court gives hefty sentences in mass gang trial
Atoll Nations Make A Collective Stand For Their Right To Remain In Their Islands In The Face Of Climate Change
Only Wales’ party can solve Wales’ problems
From Tibet to Xinjiang, Beijing’s man for restive regions Chen Quanguo is the prime target of US sanctions
Foreign experts quit Hong Kong police probe questioning its independence
Chinese state media pulls TV coverage of Arsenal game after Mesut Ozil shows Uyghur support
Defender Europe 20: Building bridges and NATO readiness
EU Moves Closer to Creating U.S.-Style Magnitsky Act
Tunisia as a hub for LGBTQ rights? Democracy is making it happen.
Māori TV changes migrants’ views on Māori
Cyprus Tops List of EU States Falling Short on Market Abuse Rules
Chinese-Led Consortium to Build Cyprus’ Gas Import Terminal
Remote island off East Timor turns sunlight, air into drinking water
Court Fines Yakut Shaman Who Resumed March To Moscow ‘To Drive Putin Out’
Kremlin’s Political Prisoners: The Case of Vladislav Sinitsa
HBO acquires David France documentary ‘Welcome To Chechnya’
Trinidad And Tobago Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Decriminalization Bill
A new Pacific nation? Bougainville votes for independence from Papua New Guinea
“Yes” to independence wins Bougainville referendum with 98% of votes
Gay altarpiece of original sin makes waves in Sweden
Norway’s Telenor picks Ericsson for 5G, abandoning Huawei
Russia Throws Wrench Into Efforts to Renew Serbia-Kosovo Talks
A Moment for Justice in the Central African Republic
American Samoans’ Citizenship Status Still In Limbo After Judge Issues Stay
Kashmir’s economy suffers due to continued lockdown
India’s crackdown hits religious freedom in disputed Kashmir
Six dead in protests over Indian citizenship law deemed biased against Muslims
Reckless Development Worsens Maldives’ Environmental Crisis
Change in Finland: A government led by five women and the world’s youngest prime minister
The Longest Road On Earth wins best Basque video game award at the Fun & Serious Game Festival
Tuvalu voices support for Taiwan at U.N. climate change conference
Turkey’s Kurdish sweep backfires
Fearing conscription into Assad’s army, Syrian Kurds flee to Iraq
Israel’s love of Kurds weaponized by their foes
ISIS and the false dawn of Kurdish statehood
Yezidis at Mount Sinjar camp call for solution to humanitarian situation
Turkey could free enslaved Yazidis. Instead, it’s keeping them
‘We Don’t Know What the Future Holds.’ How Yazidi Women Are Recovering From the Trauma of ISIS
Kyrgyzstan Ski Resort Unveils 8-Foot Vladimir Putin Statue
UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission demands access to detainees in occupied Donbas
Ukrainians now outnumber Estonians in work-based immigration stats in Finland
Human rights situation in occupied Crimea continues to deteriorate
US Ramps Up Attention On Micronesia To Curb China’s Expanding Influence
‘Future of Gabon’ at Stake in Counterpoaching Fight
Namibia rushes to drill boreholes as worst drought in a century bites
Namibia Rhino Poaching Drops in 2019, After Sharp Rise Last Year
For island vets, benefits are a 4,000-mile plane ride away
In WWII, The Japanese Invaded Guam. Now They’re Welcomed As Tourists.
Vietnam confronts China in the South China Sea
Honduras lawmakers urge president to shut down anti-corruption body
Curaçao: Choppy Waters
Sturgeon ready to ask permission for second referendum after SNP wins 80% of Scotland’s seats
Luxembourg urges EU debate on Palestine recognition
Greenland’s accelerating ice losses are now in line with highest sea-level scenario
Chinese Ambassador Threatens Faroe Islands over Huawei 5G Contract
Only a tenth of Vatican donations directed to charity
Eswatini government denies King Mswati III ordered treason arrests
Costa Rica Struggling to Stop Repeated Organ Trafficking Cases
A pro-Western government has been pushed out in Moldova
Famine stalks millions in South Sudan after droughts and floods, UN says
Nicaragua nationalizes major gas station chain linked to Ortega
Nauru 19 found guilty of rioting and unlawful assembly in retrial
Guyana seeks buyers for government’s share of first oil output
Amal and Hezbollah supporters riot in Beirut after video criticising Shiite figures
King of Sweden Gives Peter Handke a Disgraceful Nobel Prize
Miss Jamaica crowned 2019 Miss World
Sierra Leone government must allow pregnant girls to attend school, court rules
Ghana: Court Rejects Bail Application in relation to Homeland Study Group declaration of independence
Lift for maritime sector in Kenya and Djibouti after fall in piracy
Myanmar’s Suu Kyi Denies Charges Of Genocide Against Rohingya Minority
Kuwait Arrests Muslim Brotherhood Member Arriving from Turkey
UN report says Libya will be new frontier for Islamic State
Breaking Up with Britain: Why Mauritius Wants an Agreement with America
Singapore opposition party corrects online posts under ‘fake news’ law
Turkey warns again it will block NATO defense plan over Kurdish issue
The State of Aloha
What Flanders, Catalonia and Scotland all have in common
Brussels Ring Road: Wallonia prefers ‘dynamic speed management’ over 100 km/h limit
Christmas in Iceland means a ‘flood’ of books under the tree
LGBTI+ hotels in Cuba: Military-owned businesses seek ‘pink money’
The more the British learn about Ireland’s loyalists, the less they like
For Scotland and Northern Ireland, a Weakening of Ties


“We’re going home,” exiled Crimean Tatar

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
1917 December 6: Finland Independence Day
1961 December 9: Tanzania Independence Day
1948 December 10: Human Rights Day
1981 Deceember 11: El Mozote massacre, El Salvador
1994 December 11: First Chechen War
1963 December 12: Jamhuri, Kenya Republic Day
1974 December 13: Malta Republic Day
1971 December 16: Bahrain National Day
1991 December 16: Kazakhstan Independence Day
1989 December 16: Romanian Revolution
2011 December 18: Arab Spring
1878 December 18: Qatar National Day
1961 December 19: Operation Trikora, New Guinea
1979 December 24: Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
1951 December 24: Libya Independence Day

Silence on West Papua ‘costing lives’
The football fans whose goal is independence
Botswana holds onto title as Africa’s best safari country
Montenegro Urged to Declare Njegos Birthday a Holiday
Protests Erupt as Russia Seeks Closer Ties With Belarus
Doors wide shut? Tales from our neighbourhood
Chinese-Owned Factory in Laos Causes Health Scare, Foul Smells in Nearby Villages
Why Liberia Lost Its Seat On The International Maritime Organization
Batwa extinction worries authorities, traditionalists as numbers continue to dwindle
Indian gov’t report: 17 Adivasi falsely dubbed Maoists, shot dead
Afghanistan- Tanwir: I would marry Hazara girls to Pashtoon men if I am in power
Fiji in the throes of momentous change
Renting influence: China in the Pacific
Outdated Borders Are Strangling Liberal Democracy
Catalan parties representing 55% of voters do not attend commemoration of Spain’s constitution
Òmnium Cultural urges Europeans to call political leaders to action on Catalan conflict
Pedro Sanchez’s socialists say they will address Catalan ‘political conflict’
Catalonia is EU’s canary in a coalmine when it comes to citizens’ democratic rights
Donald Tusk: I told Mariano Rajoy not to use force in Catalan poll
Tsunami Democràtic calls for ‘massive’ protest for Barça-Madrid clásico
Defense Minister Visit Highlights Mongolia-Vietnam Security Ties
Singapore Offers Funding For International Co-Productions
The upriver battle of revitalizing the Wolastoqey language
Can Guaraní Language Thrive in a Digital Age?
Iran releases Kurdish activist and language teacher after 6 month detention
Language barrier leads to inequality for Kurds in accessing healthcare in Turkey
Keepers of the Language: Gwich’in host’s ‘sole mission’ is to preserve language
Scottish Gaelic app ‘has more users than people who can speak language’
Inuit org uses 30-year-old document to allege Ottawa “blocked” language rights
‘Baby Shark’ creators plan Navajo version of popular video
‘Gie it a shot’ – OU offers free Scots language course
Paris demonstration underlines need for ‘regional’ language legislation
Netflix offers its first series dubbed in Catalan
UNHCR outraged at senseless attacks on humanitarians in South Sudan
The State of Eritrea Becomes Africa Finance Corporation’s 24th Member State
Kosovo jails former minister for denying a war massacre
34-Year-Old Sanna Marin of Finland Becomes the World’s Youngest Prime Minister
Two former Ingush officials sentenced to five years for misspending budget funds
Germany Expels 2 Russian Diplomats, Citing Evidence Of A Sanctioned Murder In Berlin
Putin’s Killers in Europe: How Russian Agents Hunt Down Kremlin Opponents
Why Russian Interference Matters: 106 Suspicious Russia-related Deaths since 2014
30 years after Cold War ends, NATO still has important role
American Samoa declares measles outbreak, closes schools
Island of Comoros Raises $4 Billion to Fund Infrastructure, Tourism
Aminatou Haidar Honored For Decades of Peaceful Resistance in Western Sahara, Africa’s Last Colony
Russian court sentences Crimean Tatar activist Seytosmanov to 17 years in prison
Netherlands Embassy presents human rights award to Crimean lawyer Lilia Hemedzhy
We’re going home! – exiled Crimean Tatar leaders announce march on occupied Crimea
Ukraine, Russia Agree On Full Cease-Fire, ‘All-For-All’ Prisoner Swap By End Of 2019
Zelensky stands firm in first encounter with Putin over Crimea
U.S. Lawmakers Include Russian-Pipeline Sanctions Bill In NDAA As Completion Deadline Approaches
Zeinab Jalalian, Kurdish political prisoner: No bullet can extinguish the people’s cry for freedom
Germany starts shipping arms to Turkey, could be used against Kurds
Syrian Kurds Turn To Russia For Support After U.S. Military Withdrawal
‘In cold blood’: Syria Kurds say killed, robbed by Turkey proxies
If we don’t stand with the Kurds, who should stand with us?
Desperate Syrian Kurds who fled Turkish incursion head home to uncertainty
Pariah people in the 21st century: the Kurds’ predicament in the Middle East
Kyrgyzstan: Blogger Aftandil Zhorobekov Faces Incitement Charges
China, Japan, and the East China Sea: Beijing’s “gray zone” coercion and Tokyo’s response
Press Freedom Still Under Attack in Nicaragua
Russia expels Bulgarian diplomat in tit-for-tat move
Vatican’s Nuclear Diplomacy from the Cold War to the Present
Sweden charges former China envoy over dissident bookseller case
Samoa Arrests Anti-Vaccination Activist As Measles Death Toll Rises
For a third time, Slovak court acquits police of brutalizing Romani children a decade ago, prosecutor appealing
Bolivia: Tense calm under interim government
Kashmir users kicked off WhatsApp
Maldives wants to restructure debt to China
Three Ministers Fired, Arrested in Gabon Anti-Corruption Drive
Denmark Strikes Deal to Slash CO2 Emissions by 70% in a Decade
Faroe Islands Joins World Taekwondo
In A Warming Greenland, A Farming Family Adapts To Drought — And New Opportunities
Can the World Keep Ignoring Somaliland? Why?
A Baloch library
Russia Could Create Problems In this Important Eastern European Country
Prominent Uyghur Activist Waris Ababekri Dies Days After Release From Xinjiang Internment Camp
Missing Uyghur Tech Company Owner Guljamal Ebeydulla Confirmed Held in Xinjiang Internment Camp
US House passes Uyghur Act calling for tough sanctions on Beijing over Xinjiang camps
Forlán: “I nearly joined Athletic, I’m as Basque as anyone there”
Asier Altuna Preps Basque Historical Drama ‘Karmele the Hour of Waking Together’
Tiger conservation efforts recognised in Bhutan
BHANSA takes control of Bosnia and Herzegovina air traffic
Taiwan may help if Hong Kong violence expands
Milan Kundera’s Czech Citizenship Is Restored After 40 Years
Jewish Graves Desecrated in Historic French Cemetery
Guyana On Brink Of Unimaginable Oil Wealth: Is This Poor, Small Country Prepared?
China’s Genetic Research on Ethnic Minorities Sets Off Science Backlash
Shinto festival carries on centuries-old tradition in Japan
‘In the Name of Belief’: Indonesia embraces indigenous religious education
‘Soldiers of Jesus’: Armed neo-Pentecostals torment Brazil’s religious minorities
21 Western Togoland campaigners busted in Ho
Volta, Oti chiefs disown Western Togoland
Former US general Hodges: Turkish veto on Baltic defense not a catastrophe
French influence thrives on an exotic island in the Indian Ocean
UN Libya migrant center plagued with crowding, TB, food cuts
Education gets lion’s share in Bangsamoro 2020 budget
Hungary competition authority fines Facebook $4 million
Australian Monument to the Great Irish Famine
United Kingdom and Ireland step up plans to co-host 2030 FIFA World Cup
What could a Morales-free Bolivia mean for its indigenous people?
The Morales critics within Bolivia’s indigenous community
Bolivia’s Morales visits Cuba for medical appointment
Cuban dissident urges Lithuania to block EU-Cuba deal
Russia is eating America’s lunch in Libya
Lebanon’s Hariri re-emerges as PM candidate as Khatib withdraws
Hate Crime: Uber Sikh driver attacked, strangled for wearing turban in Washington
Ex-prime minister of Saint Kitts is held at Gatwick Airport after he tried to leave Britain with £70,000 in cash
With memories of Rwanda: The Gambian minister taking on Suu Kyi
Meet the N.J. model competing in Miss Universe… as Miss El Salvador
Kiribati has 93 workers in Australia’s Pacific Labor Scheme
Christmas in Iceland means a ‘flood’ of books under the tree