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How Zoom violated its own terms of service for access to China’s market
Icelandic broadcasting turns 90
Irish fastest growing language on Duolingo
Finnish 14-year-old named world’s best young guitarist
UN retakes Central African Republic town from rebels
Gunmen kill more than 100 in attack in Ethiopia’s Benishangul-Gumuz region
Israeli submarine transits Suez Canal in show of force against Iran
HK court grants tycoon Jimmy Lai bail in national security, fraud case
Turkish parliament extends law for troop deployment to Libya
Indonesia Quietly Advances Economic, Cultural Ties with Taiwan
US Treasury, State Department Slap Sanctions on Belarus
The Flashpoints of Hun Sen’s Cambodia
Lithuanian border 30 years ago: lighting campfires for warmth, fearing Soviet attacks
Hydropower vs Heritage: Will Laos Lose Luang Prabang?
Kyrgyz Lawmakers Approve Controversial Economic-Amnesty Bill
Kurdistan cabinet calls on UN to take greater role in Erbil-Baghdad talks
Honduran Radio Host Pedro Canelas Murdered
NIA arrests Punjab resident in Delhi for alleged bid to revive Sikh militancy
Mogadishu mum as Somaliland President Bihi gets red carpet reception in Djibouti
CanArctic Inuit Networks plans to build $107-million fibre-optic cable from Newfoundland to Nunavut
State agency to aid in down payments for Native Hawaiians
The race to save an Indigenous Brazilian language from extinction
For Indigenous Reporters, Covering Protests, Land Disputes Can Lead to Arrest
Trial of largest group of Crimean political prisoners begins in Russia
China’s atrocities in Tibet are growing too big to ignore
India, Like US, Must Have A Clear Tibet Policy to Counter China
Ortega Formalizes Confiscation of Media & NGO Properties
Catalonia not part of Spanish king’s Christmas speech
Thousands in South Sudan near famine
Dozens detained in Armenia during anti-government protests
Ireland breathes sigh of relief as ‘least bad’ Brexit deal clinched
Boats, planes, helicopters: Canada gears up to vaccinate remote indigenous communities
Pompeo says U.S. began work to set up consulate in Western Sahara
Christmas In Bulgaria: ‘You Basically Become Vegan For 40 Days’
Moldova’s Pro-EU President Sandu Sworn In
Serbia Launches COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign
Commander threatens to target Turkish forces in Libya
U.S. rule change labels goods from West Bank area as ‘Made in Israel’
Lebanon eager for Christmas traditions in grim year
Rebel groups declare ceasefire ahead of Central African Republic’s tense election
5 Books to Understand 2020
The Unheard Voices of Kashmir
Is France Capable of Being an Indo-Pacific Power?
Bhutan: India First, But Not India Alone?
At War Online: South Korea and China
Elves to fight pro-Kremlin trolls now in Ukraine
‘Shift in perspective’: Indigenous place names moving Canada from colonial past
Belarus allows Roman Catholic archbishop to return
Artists lead efforts to restore, preserve Gaza’s old houses
Virus besets Belarus prisons filled with president’s critics
Three peacekeepers killed as CAR election chaos escalates
China’s economy predicted to overtake U.S. by 2028
The “Grand Canal of Nicaragua” Scam
Sudan deploys troops in South Darfur after tribal violence
Central African Republic votes amid fears of unrest
Nalchik Court Bans Four AP Videos From Chechen Conflicts
Balloon Launches Mark Opposition To Belarus’s Lukashenka
Learning Finnish is not as difficult as perceived
How Scots have learned to love independence in 2020
Balochistan: Pakistan Intelligence agencies intimidating peaceful protesters
US Taxpayers’ Dollars for Cuba Policy Failures
Belarusian Protests Become More Unpredictable And Partisan
Honduran environmental activist killed in front of family
Azerbaijan reports attack on its troops in Nagorno-Karabakh
Trials begin for 10 charged with fleeing from Hong Kong
Protests erupt against new Montenegro govt over religion law
‘I would never go back’: Horrors grow in Ethiopia’s conflict
Food aid arrives at Ethiopian refugee camps in Tigray
Amid pandemic, Pacific islands work to offset food shortages
Each year 1,000 Pakistani girls forcibly converted to Islam
Public Opinion Survey Polls Kyrgyz on Upcoming Election Questions
Amid outcry, Bangladesh readies to move 1,800 more Rohingya to island
Johnny Mullagh becomes 1st Aboriginal member of Australia Cricket Hall of Fame
U.N. says Bosnia-Herzegovina refugees at risk of freezing to death
N Macedonia: 8 charged with creating terrorist organization
90 Percent Of NATO Air Intercepts In 2020 Involved Russian Planes
Russia Orders Bulgarian Diplomat To Leave In Tit-For-Tat Move
US President Donald Trump signs ‘historic’ Tibetan Policy and Support Bill into law
In occupied Crimea, indigenous Tatars face religious profiling, persecution
Arguments against Welsh independence are like those in an ‘abusive relationship’
‘Spanish government is committed to reconciliation’ with Catalonia, says president Sánchez
U.S. strengthens investor ban on companies accused of being controlled by China’s military
Kashmir’s Political Alliance Scores Victory in Local Elections
India in the Security Council: Time to Step Up
China Wades Into Nepal’s Political Crisis
WHO chief Tedros says he is in ‘personal pain’ over Tigray conflict
Crave for fried beetles grows in Zimbabwe’s countryside
Lebanon can stretch reserves for subsidies another six months
Montenegro lawmakers change religious law opposed by church
‘What about justice?’: Chagos Islanders pin their hopes on Biden