2016 09 26 Monday

European Day of Languages

Russian bombers fly under Icelandic passenger jet

Taiwanese pro-independence politician barred from entering Hong Kong

More Sunni than you – Putin’s new theological warfare

From optimism to despair then back again, Songs for Scotland 2 captures the spirit of Yes

EU to support any political solution allowing Sahrawi people’s self-determination

Making sense of the recent tension in Western Sahara

“We will buy out the entire [Bulgaria]”

Do immigrants to Wales have enough opportunity to learn Welsh?

Sanctions Against Russia Contradict Serbia’s National Interests

Allegations of Rigged Ethnic Hungarian Voting in Croatia’s Latest Election

1.2 million people attended Barcelona festival La Mercè

Turkey treating Iraqi Kurdish security wounded fighting IS

Turkey arrests editor of Kurdish literary magazine

Former US Ambassador: ‘Kurdish leadership responsible for independence’

Iran’s nuclear deal forced us to end two-decade ceasefire, says Iranian Kurdish group

Dalai Lama envoy says Canada-China free trade must factor in Tibetan crisis

Five Tibetans jailed over alleged anti-Communist movement in Tibet

Tibetans in Exile Should Maintain Their Identity

Lukashenka Got Lost In His Own Forecasts

Roman Bessmertnyi: Russia Prepares Conflicts In Belarus, Kazakhstan

Up to 100 people unlawfully arrested at mass rallies held by West Papuans to thank Pacific countries for supporting them at the UN

Rize of the Morning Star presents Rockin’ for West Papua

Switzerland Is Amping Up Cyber Security Efforts

ISIS May Escape Trial for War Crimes

Diaspora groups demand Biafra referendum

President Buhari to Biafrans: No referendum for you

BIAFRA: The First Protest That Truly Worked

Judge Hands Off Kanu’s Case Pending NJC’s Investigation

Musician Hiria Moffat aims to create a Maori Hall of Fame

Vanilla Miraka – a personal journey of Māori identity

Defense consultant: Terrain in Latvia and the Baltics most defensible in Europe

Georgian peacekeeping units depart for Afghanistan

Bridges with Abkhazia

Georgia managed to address vital issues to improve the lives of IDPs

15,000 march in Finland anti-racism protest

Bosnian Serbs vote overwhelmingly for holiday disputed by a top court

Separatists of the world, except the Russian Federation, assemble in Moscow to declare support for the Russian Federation where calls for independence from that country are punishable by prison as well as their opposition to the United States

Behind efforts to split Russia by reviving Urals Republic

Russia’s Plans for Nuclear Weapons in Crimea

Kerry: Israel and Palestinians Headed for Binational State, World Must Act or Shut Up

Netanyahu Urges Obama Not to Impose One-sided Solution on Israel

Israel fumes over Norwegian theater boycott video

Pakistan war crimes in Balochistan

Baloch Nationalists, Indian-Americans Protest Against Pakistan

What Does ‘Tribe’ Mean?

Thousands march in Dublin, abroad for Irish abortion rights

Indigenous Peoples Still Fighting to Protect ‘Living Forests’ and Way of Life

October is Indigenous Peoples month

Native American tribes and Canadian First Nations sign treaty against oilsands expansion

Obama Wants Government Consultations with 567 Native American Tribes

New migration: Haitians carve a dangerous 7,000-mile path to the U.S.