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Increasing restrictions by Morocco against activists of Western Sahara
Top UK military academy commissions 1st-ever Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga female officer
Germany committing millions to vaccinate Holocaust survivors
Kremlin simultaneously seeking to destroy republics and nations on which they rest
Azerbaijani Blogger Living In France Threatened After Being Stabbed
SEC adopts measure aimed at cracking down on Chinese firms from US exchanges
Mauritania receives first Covid-19 vaccines from China
New Zealand passes bereavement leave for miscarriages, stillbirths
Armenian PM Calls For Changes To Electoral System Ahead Of Snap Polls
US, Europe, NATO close ranks to counter ‘aggressive’ China
Senegalese journalists allege increasing intimidation over Ousmane Sonko
A crash course on the Belarusian 1918 attempt at independence
Brexit is reason to request detention for Scot jailed in Barcelona riots in hearing
Greece kicks off events for bicentenary of independence war
Senior European official challenges Portugal over racism
Born in war, Bangladesh marks 50 years of independence
Belarusians Celebrate Freedom Day
Moscow Says Return Of Tajik Students To Russian Universities On Hold For Now
Belarus radiation monitoring stations went dark after incident at nuclear plant
A top Libyan military commander wanted by ICC shot dead
Putin claims right to territories of former Soviet republics
South Sudan receives first Covid-19 vaccines via Covax
Biden admin announces $15M in humanitarian assistance for Palestinians
Soviet disinformation campaign helped create North Korea
Botswana opens elephant hunting rights in attempt to boost industry
Russia Rejected Turkmen Activist’s Asylum Request, Deported Him To Turkey, Group Says
Thousands affected by fire in Sierra Leone slum, officials warn
Fears grow for fate of Armenian POWs held by Azerbaijan
Russian Language To Get Official Status In Nagorno-Karabakh
Freedom and Solidarity withdraws from Slovak government over Sputnik purchase
Uyghurs in Turkey protest Chinese foreign minister’s visit
Bulldozers and looting threaten Libya’s ancient treasures
Singapore Joins Calls for Emergency ASEAN Summit on Myanmar
‘Irresponsible’ to reset relations with Russia as war in Ukraine ongoing
Haley slams Biden’s ‘weak leadership’ regarding China
Taiwan Mass Producing New Long-Range Missile
Uyghur Leader Detained in Turkey as China Foreign Minister Visits
France bears ‘overwhelming’ responsibility for Rwanda genocide, report
14 Years Later, Turkish-Armenian Journalist’s Assassination Leads to Life Sentences
French army accused of killing five civilians in north Mali
Psychosocial support for Sami proposed ahead of reconciliation commission
Brazilian explains why he took UK citizenship oath in the Welsh language
Armenian High Court Drops Criminal Case Against Ex-President Kocharian
Senegalese activist released, calls for exit of big French retail companies
Biden says he suggested to UK’s Johnson a plan to rival China’s Belt and Road
Union Jack ‘must always’ be flown in ‘superior position’ to Welsh flag
Ethiopia says Eritrea agrees to withdraw troops from Tigray
Facebook’s monopoly danger in the Pacific
Opportunity knocks for NATO and its partners in the Asia-Pacific
Cubans Discover the Virtues of the ‘Food Truck’
Nicaragua’s Political Challenge for 2021
Paraguay Offered Chinese Vaccines for Cutting Ties with Taiwan
Bundestag Targeted by Threat Group Focused on Campaigns in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland
David vs Goliath: How Space-Based Assets Can Give Taiwan an Edge
Israelis gather for Passover, celebrating freedom from virus
Lukashists Were Not Allowed to Participate in Eurovision
Algerians protest against government in new Hirak demonstration
Anti-China Protests Staged Across Kazakhstan; At Least 20 Detained
How unpopular is the Spanish crown in Catalonia?
Nearly 200 Detained In Muted Belarus Protests Amid Heavy Security
Alba Party Scotland: Alex Salmond makes his return to politics
See which countries side with Russia on Crimea
Brooklyn Rivera of Yatama: “We Can’t Be Afraid”
Digital giants robbing media houses of advertising revenue
Cuba to Allow More Tourist Flights from Russia
Nuclear quagmire facing the Baltics. Severing the last Soviet ties
Slovak premier resigns to end crisis over Russian vaccine
Turkmen Voters Given Two Hours To Cast Ballots In Senate Election
Kosovo Receives 1st COVID Vaccines; Last Nation In Europe To Begin Immunization
Bringing back the ‘ap’: Why I decided to change my surname to restore a Welsh tradition
Papua Merdeka isn’t a ‘terrorist group’ – the Indonesian state is
Democracy and State Formation Nexus: Experiences in Somaliland
Nicola Sturgeon: Independence ‘essential’ and ‘not a distraction’ in Scotland’s recovery
Russian journalist Vasiliy Vaysenberg threatened over report on electoral official’s salary
Canada’s first Indigenous language degree to be offered at UBC Okanagan
China’s Policies in Its Far West: The Claim of Tibet-Xinjiang Equivalence
Russia Finds Itself Marginalized Between China and a Reuniting West
Orwell Fell Short, Cuba Tops Imaginations
Czechia’s richest man Petr Kellner killed in helicopter crash
Lithuania seeks expulsion of Russia, Belarus from Europe’s network of constitutional courts
Catalonia’s Jordi Cuixart is the only one from the EU mentioned in CoE human rights report
Jehovah’s Witness Gets Lengthy Prison Term In Crimea
Vaino Väljas, the Great Silent One of Estonian Sovereignty Declaration, turns 90
Beijing Is Getting Better at Disinformation on Global Social Media
Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan Border: ‘Resolved 100 Percent’
Tankie Man: The Pro-Democracy Hong Kongers Standing Up to Western Communists
Houthis launched Aden airport attack that killed 22
Money trail from Daphne murder probe stretches to China
Migrant workers leave en masse, changing life for Lebanese
Swiss banker to Venezuelan kleptocrats becomes star witness
Economist who pulled Albania out of 1997 anarchy dead at 58
Guatemala declares emergency measures as new caravan rumored
Native American and Indigenous Immigrant Groups Unite to Fight Hunger
“The Team” Behind a Documentary that Doesn’t See Race
Germany: Free Balochistan Movement protest against the occupation of Balochistan
Three Nicaraguan Women Exiled in Costa Rica
Data withheld from WHO team probing COVID-19 origins in China
US Opens Initiative to Focus on ‘Small and Less Populous Island Economies’
Sierra Leone appeals for aid for 7,000 victims of devastating fire
Reflecting on Alexei Navalny suffering; remembering Jüri Kukk
Respected Tajik Activist Who Helped Migrants In Russia Is Missing After Being Forcibly Deported
Lithuania draws red line on Russia’s Sputnik
UN probe finds French strike in Mali in January killed 19 civilians
As ethnic armies unite against coup, war returns to Myanmar’s borderlands
Moldovan President Goes To Top Court On Snap Elections Bid
Migrant caravan of hundreds departs in Honduras for United States
In Tunis, birds wade past waste in key Africa wetlands
U.S. human rights report blasts China over Uighurs
Portugal embarks on a rescue mission in Mozambique
Forced migration in Crimea as part of Russia’s ‘hybrid’ strategy
Police Search Home Of Outspoken Tatar Activist
The watchtower on the mountain of Dagestan’s indigenous languages
Putin plots Ukraine peace talks without Ukraine