Strong Weaknesses

When women earn more than their male partners, domestic violence risk goes up 35 per cent
Catalan Declaration of Independence to be translated into Scots
China Sharply Reduces Elected Seats in Hong Kong Legislature
Blinken reaffirms Trump-era ruling on Hong Kong autonomy
Responsibility for promoting Cornish language should be in Cornwall
Indonesian racism against indigenous Papuans ‘flourishing’, say protesters
Libya authorities release 120 captured pro-Haftar fighters
Palau President Visits Taiwan Despite Chinese Pressure
UN Experts Describe Reports Of Major Abuses By Russian Mercenaries In Central Africa
Nicola Sturgeon makes case for independence at BBC leaders’ debate
Ukraine Army Chief Warns Of Russian Military Buildup Along Border
Serb accused of 1999 massacre of 130 men arrested in Kosovo
Svetlana Tikhanovskaya is Emerging Europe’s Public Figure of Year
Ukraine’s post-Maidan cinema renaissance continues to blossom
US Ambassador Makes First Visit to Taiwan in More Than 40 Years
The Russian widows of first generation Peshmerga
How Beijing cracked down on Hong Kong’s elections
How a Salvadoran artist teaches Nawat language to empower transgender people
‘A day without internet is a day in the dark’: The Gambia’s growing digital divide
Latvia’s historic Cold Pine Cone Soup makes a comeback
Designating Free Papua Organisation as terrorists will ‘increase tension, rights abuses’
Libya intercepts boat carrying 138 Europe-bound migrants
Miss Grand Myanmar to Speak for Her Country From Thailand
Lebanon on brink of hunger crisis; meat is a ‘luxury’
Imprisoned Palestinian leader’s entry shakes up planned vote
Vilnius University awards diplomas to students expelled by Soviets
Seven leading pro-democracy advocates convicted in Hong Kong
EUCOM raises threat level for Ukraine as Russia builds up forces
Jailed Tajik Opposition Figure Reportedly Moved To Prison Hospital
US preparing more than $100 million in aid for Palestinians
Did Estonia expell Chinese diplomat last year
In Dubai, an art show’s return reflects city’s new normal
Moldovan President Says Vaccines Diverted To Officials’ Relatives, Authorities Investigate
Adam Cathcart & Christopher Green on the China-North Korea Borderlands
Body of Swiss hostage kidnapped by Al-Qaeda affiliate recovered in Mali
USA may unfreeze economic sanctions in light of ‘worst point in Belarus’ independent history’
Lured by richer Gulf countries, Tunisian doctors ditch jobs at home
Tourism-reliant Croatia and Montenegro cautiously optimistic as summer approaches
Gaza man says Hamas forced him to divorce after torture
Angry protest in Tunisia over garbage shipment from Italy
Torture by sound: Imprisoned politician forced to listen to Lukashenka’s speeches
EU Accuses Russia Of Launching ‘Conscription Campaign’ In Crimea
The Dutch went first in 2001; who has same-sex marriage now?
How Queen Elizabeth I took credit for founding Oxford college away from a Welshman
Armenian Parliament Approves Changes To Electoral System
WTO Predicts Strong but Uneven Post-Pandemic Trade Recovery
Wrestling makes a comeback in Senegal after yearlong wait
Why not try? What a Papua New Guinean team could bring to the NRL
Closer Taiwan-US ties are stabilising the region, not the opposite
Pakistan, India peace move silences deadly Kashmir frontier
Three warders who tortured prisoners in occupied Donbas “concentration camp” ID’d as Russian citizens
Oil drill threatens Namibia’s unspoiled landscape
Inside Crimea’s water crisis
Catalan team to compete in this year’s AI Song Contest
New reports highlight old problems in Serbia
Central African Republic rebel chief Sidiki Abass dies
Lithuania puts off deepwater port project eyed by China ‘for at least a decade’
KGB puts politicians Tsikhanouskaya, Latushka, BYPOL activists ot ‘terrorist’ list
Westminster refuses to deny it pushed academics to delete blog on indy Scotland
Balochistan: Mass grave containing remains of four persons found in Dera Bugti
Bert Rose, pioneer of Jamaica’s independence-era dance movement, dies at 81
Balochistan: Pakistani forces abduct five Baloch youth from Surab
With Xinjiang cotton, Beijing is taking on the world
Jackson Kiakari: What happened to the PNG dream? How did paradise go wrong?
51 Dead in Taiwan’s Deadliest Train Accident
Namibia struggling to protect rhinos amid pandemic
Ukraine to hold join military drills with NATO amid escalating tensions with Russia
Kosovo Opposition Accuses PM Of Stoking Instability
Prices in Belarus Increased by 408%
Turkmen Currency Slides Sharply To New Lows
Putin’s “Trojan horse” in Ukraine — Babyn Yar and Holocaust memorialization
A Bulgarian Showman Could Be The Country’s Election Kingmaker
Losing faith: Catholicism in Catalonia and the secularization of traditions
China Is Changing Serbia From the Inside
Serbian TV drama reveals just how divisive Slobodan Milošević remains
China’s Maritime Militia at Whitsun Reef: Trouble in the South China Sea
Jordan king’s relative spoken to in relation to country’s ‘security and stability’
Balochistan: 80-year-old father and 9-year-older son killed in Kahan offensive
Can the Eurovision Song Contest change Russia’s views on migrants from Central Asia?
Digital resources are the key to saving the ‘definitely endangered’ Nepalbhasa language
Severe floods hit Timor-Leste capital Dili in Easter disaster
Kazakh Activism Against China’s Internment Camps Is Broken, But Not Dead
Training opens ‘a window of hope’ for Albanian rug-weavers
Palace intrigue harms Jordan’s stable image
Northern Ireland police appeal for calm after violent unrest
Kosovo’s Parliament Elects Reformist Lawyer Osmani As President
Russia to Build Airport in Laos, Train Armed Forces
Kurdish activist Dr. Nemam Ghafouri dies from COVID-19 in Sweden
Balochistan: Iranian intelligence agents murder Baloch athlete
A year after pandemic hit, Haiti awaits vaccines amid apathy
Libya receives first doses of Covid vaccine
Bulgaria’s course unclear after fractured election result
At least 40 killed in tribal violence in Sudan’s Darfur
Hikers scramble as new fissure opens up at Icelandic volcano
The Politics of South Korea’s ‘China Threat’
Katsiaryna Snytsina: I Am Sure That Belarus Will Be Free in 2021
Netanyahu’s favours were ‘currency’, prosecutor says as corruption trial starts
UN: Attack in Mali killed 4 UN peacekeepers and 23 attackers
Jordan’s Prince Hamza pledges allegiance to king after mediation
EU pledges ‘unwavering’ support for Ukraine amid Russian troop buildup
3rd time in a week U.S. Air Force transport planes land in Ukraine amid escalation in Donbas
Minorities in Myanmar borderlands face fresh fear since coup
The 1991 Kurdish exodus through the lens of a British photographer
Kurds need to work together on a new independence strategy, former French consul says
UN human rights chief and Vanuatu condemn Indonesian abuses in West Papua
Ghanaian digital activist pushes for more online visibility for the Dagbani language
Chinese Authorities Detain Tibetan Educator and Author in Sichuan Capital
The big issues at play in the IMF and World Bank spring meetings
Cuba Breaks Another Record
S4C launches new Welsh language national news service for Wales
Chad: Charged pre-election atmosphere as opposition calls for boycott
‘There aren’t enough of us to be divided’: vow to be a president for all Kosovars
Senegalese Muslim volunteers bury unidentified dead
Activist And Wartime Rape Survivor Elected To Kosovo Parliament
Libya: Italian PM Mario Draghi in Tripoli in first overseas trip as leader
At least 100 killed in border clashes between Ethiopia’s Somali and Afar regions
Serbian President Opts For Chinese Vaccine In TV Event For Skeptical Public
France to Open Archive for Period Covering Rwandan Genocide
After five years of quiet, Burundi is on a diplomatic offensive
Court revokes privileges for 2 jailed Catalan independence leaders
Armenia’s Ex-President Kocharian Cleared Of Coup Charges
Sceptical president invites Netanyahu to form next Israeli government
Arcadi Oliveres, economist and tireless activist for ‘a different world’, dies at 75
Effort to Return Benin Bronzes to Africa Remains Ongoing Challenge
New Zealand opening travel bubble with Australia
Indigenous culture in Arctic Russia gets funding boost
Ordinary Nazis
Jamaicans agonise, politicians seek solutions after another young woman is killed
China’s strengths shouldn’t blind us to its weaknesses
Lithuania to open Singapore embassy to reduce ‘dependence’ on China
Haiti Has Yet to Receive a Single Vaccine Dose
Rare earth mining centre stage as Greenland votes
Gunmen free more than 1,800 inmates in attack on Nigerian prison