Lessons & Nations

China controls the IOC and Olympic sponsors the way it governs its citizens: Through fear
Kashmir’s year and half in the dark
Veteran commander of Baloch Liberation Army assassinated in Kahan
33 years on Kurdistan Region asks Baghdad to speed up compensation for Anfal genocide victims
Quad’s uneasy place in Southeast Asia
Iran’s New Pivot to Central Asia
Longtime opposition leader claims “Chadians did not elect Deby”
Iran supreme leader: Vienna offers ‘not worth looking at’
China-drafted electoral reform bill introduced in Hong Kong
Tunisian journalists protest appointment of state news agency boss
Singapore Eyes SG$90 Billion in Infrastructure Bonds
Haiti prime minister resigns amid violence, political strife
Benin: President Talon hardens tone after re-election
The Women That Upended Samoa’s Politics
Humanitarian crisis feared in St. Vincent amid eruptions
Aide Of Former Putin Envoy Gets More Than 12 Years In Prison On High Treason Charge
Denmark becomes first European country to drop AstraZeneca
Trump-era spike in Israeli settlement growth has only begun
Bulgaria’s GERB Party To Nominate Ex-Foreign Minister For PM
India & Pakistan held secret talks to try to break Kashmir impasse
Laos Opens More Land to Chinese Investment, Raising Local Concerns
Former Xinjiang Internment Camp Detainee Honored With ‘Hero of the Year’ Award
US Delegation Arrives in Taiwan Amid Rising Tensions With China
Vietnamese Authorities Detain Ethnic Khmer Krom Publisher of Book on Indigenous Rights
Cambodia and Its ‘Dictator’ Struggle With the Pandemic
Chinese Police Arrest Six Prominent Tibetans in Kardze
Discussion starts over date of New Caledonia’s third independence referendum
Tibetans detained and interrogated for burning incense
Iranian and Pakistani forces use Balochistan borders for drug trafficking
HC Andersen’s House to open this summer
Massive gold mining operation underway in eastern Tibet
Lukashenka Running Out of Currency
Chinese Militia Vessels Departing Contested South China Sea Reef
Colorful coffins lighten mood at New Zealand funerals
Senegalese muslims resume collective prayers during Ramadan under strict health protocols
Algeria protesters at crossroads as Islamists take spotlight
Amid military build-up, Russia escalates hunt for “Ukrainian extremists”
Saudi university catches fire near Yemen border in attack
Somaliland’s “WorldRemit” tycoon gives back
Ambassador: UAE played part in India-Pakistan cease-fire
Money Laundering! What Money Laundering? Case Against Matraimov Closed
Denmark charges 3 Ahwaz with promoting terror in Iran
Local farmers in Tunisia’s north fight to keep unique traditional irrigation system
Judge orders release of 6 detained over Lebanon port blast
2017 Catalan independence referendum board members acquitted
Israeli army: Rocket from Gaza hits south Israel
Moldova’s Top Court Rules Pro-Western President Can Dissolve Parliament
A Rohingya Girl Stuck Between Three Countries
CAR: Thousands protest in Bangui over Mankeur Ndiaye’s discourse
Caws Cymreig: Mini Cheddars roll out new Welsh language-branded flavour
“France need not apologise for Rwandan genocide”- ex French PM
Can Smaller Countries Produce Competitive Fighters?
England needs independence ‘just as much as Scotland’, says top professor
West Papua Council of Churches calls for immediate UN investigation in West Papua
Biden should appoint special envoy to Tibet: Sangay
Bolivia’s El Mallku: ‘Self-governance is fundamental’ for indigenous peoples
Attack Leaves Serbian Radio Journalist In Hospital
Special ASEAN Summit on Myanmar Set for April 24
Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya to lead Belarusian delegation to Euronest Parliamentary Assembly
Let’s shake narrative of bickering Middle East, say former foes
Senegalese worshippers distribute free meals during Ramadan
China Airs TV ‘Confession’ of Belizean Accused of Funding Hong Kong Protests
Mass Prosecutions Send Chills Across Hong Kong’s Political Spectrum
Surge in violence rattles Haiti as poverty, fear deepens
Xinjiang Authorities Uphold Jail Term For Uyghur Turkish National in Secret Prison Retrial
Castro says he is retiring but will keep defending Cuba’s 1959 revolution
Indian cop arrested in Kashmir for blocking anti-rebel ops
Greek, Turkish Foreign Ministers Clash at News Conference
Long After the World Moved on, Bangladesh Is Still Sheltering Rohingya Refugees
Much needed food aid reaches the Central African Republic
Democratic senators seek to constrain F-35 sale to UAE
Greenland’s left-wing IA party forms new government, vows to block rare-earth mine
Biden Delegation Pledges US Support for Taiwan Self-Defense
Inspiring new generations of Balinese language speakers through superheroes and wikis
Slain Mali rebel leader Ould Sidati burried
Libya: UN backs ceasefire mechanism, urges foreign forces withdraw
Welsh government takes UK Government to court over ‘undemocratic assault’ on devolution
Zimbabwe frees some inmates to reduce COVID-19 risk in jails
Czech Republic Expels 18 Russian Diplomats Over Depot Blast; Searches For Skripal Poisoning Suspects
Cape Verde: Final colourful campaigns before parliamentary election
‘Fight For Life’ Demonstrators Call For Stronger Anti-COVID Measures In Sarajevo
Once again, volcanic Caribbean island looks to recovery
Nicaraguan Resistance Circumvents Ortega’s Police State
Raul Castro Leaves, Castroism Remains
Spectre of Sprogø: the dark chapter Denmark would rather forget
West Papua action group raises human rights issues with Taieri MP
Barcelona celebrates architect who designed Scottish parliament
Myanmar unity government says it must be part of any ASEAN bid to end crisis
Israel and Greece sign record defence deal
US deports woman who was a commander in the Rwandan genocide
Israel lifts outdoor mask mandate
Israeli police clash with Palestinian crowd in Jerusalem
Raul Castro’s Exit Speech in Twelve Points
Personalities of Nicaragua’s Rebellion
Balochistan: Two residents of Awaran shot dead in Saravan
New Zealand says it will set China policy, not Five Eyes
UN chief to Indigenous Forum: ‘Prioritize inclusion and sustainable development’
Hydrogen could beat oil and gas as the economy moves to net-zero
Cuba’s Communist Party chooses Miguel Díaz-Canel
Activist Investigating Gold Mining Attacked In Russia’s Bashkortostan
Albanian man with knife wounds 5 at mosque in Tirana
Russia deploys 50 fighter jets to annexed Crimea
Rwanda report blames France for ‘enabling’ the 1994 genocide
North Korea imported more than $12M of goods from China, data show
EU estimates 150,000 Russian troops near Ukraine’s borders
Tajik City’s Chinatown Dream Comes Crashing Down
Hong Kong to Fire 129 Civil Servants Who Refused to Pledge Allegiance
Facebook Removes Kyrgyz President’s Post Promoting Toxic Root To Fight COVID
Criticism mounts as Catalan pro-independence parties continue to fail to launch government
Philippines’ Duterte would send navy ships in South China Sea to assert claim over resources
Cape Verde ruling party retains power after winning legislative vote
YesCymru cofounder calls for Wales to have its own central bank
Chadian military ‘halts’ rebel advance on Ndjamena
EU’s Michel says he has brokered deal to end crisis in Georgia
US unfreezes sanctions against nine Belarusian enterprises
Green transformation will rival industrial revolution
Mali drops coup charges against ex-prime minister, radio host
Will Sweden lead the way in hydrogen-powered steelmaking?
Grappling With Parliament Limiting His Powers, Mongolian President Dissolves Ruling Party
Tales from the Cellar: how KGB/FSB uncovered “conspiracy” against Lukashenka
China calls Xinjiang accusations ‘lies and false information’
Sant Jordi map: where to enjoy the festival of books and roses
Kyrgyz Man In Hospital For Suspected Poisoning With Toxic Root Promoted By President
Brest authorities close ‘Polish School’ over ‘devaluation of historical memory’
Cubans turn to herbal remedies, barter amid medicine scarcity
Chad’s president Idriss Deby dies of injuries in combat with rebels
Prague Asks Allies For ‘Solidarity Expulsions’ In Diplomatic Dispute With Moscow Over Depot Blast
Spain goes criminal after former president of Catalonia Jordi Pujol
ASEAN calls summit on Myanmar as EU widens sanctions
Vilnius: Tsikhanouskaya meets with Poland’s envoy to Belarus
Amid A Czech Spy Scandal, A Meltdown Of Moscow’s Atomic Ambitions?
In Switzerland, the winter man explodes announcing summer
Turkey says U.S. recognising Armenian ‘genocide’ will further harm ties
Top 10 unexpected facts about the Welsh language that may surprise you
Biden urges Kosovo to continue ‘essential’ talks with Serbia
Sagrada Família streches 11 meters higher into Barcelona skyline
Hungary’s poor Roma children struggle with digital education
Not Even Former PM Will Be Calling For ‘Justice’ in China
Greek Church to allow worshippers at Easter Week services
Kurdistan Region president calls for greater UN role in solving Erbil-Baghdad disputes
Accountability is the path to better governance in PNG
Traveling Russia before winter roads melt away
Roosevelt’s lessons for nations across generations
Kurdistan Region courts Japanese investors, welcomes new envoy
Brazil’s indigenous groups protest bill that would allow commercial mining on their land
How did life change for Native Americans after 1939?
West Papuan churches call for UN to come to Papua
‘Sikhs For Justice’ launches ‘Khalistan Food For All’ charity campaign, donates $10K to UN
UK to grant asylum to ‘persecuted’ IPOB, MASSOB members
Learn from Somaliland Advises Ex US Ambassador
Algeria: Journalists imprisoned after article on Tuareg dissent
Chechnya’s anti-LGBTQ leaders could face “crimes against humanity” charges over gay torture camps

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