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We Need Referendum, Freedom From Nigeria, Not Asylum, IPOB Tells UK Government
Khmer Krom: Activist arrested for distributing UN declaration on indigenous people
China Secretly Sends Food Aid to North Korea by Rail
Outspoken Critic Of Turkmen Government Says She Is Under Pressure In Turkey
A home for the “soul of Iceland”
Hungary’s government spars with mayor over homeless hospital
International authors take part in unprecedented virtual book signing
Montenegro Rearrests Notorious ‘Crime Boss’
British Broadcasting Corporation Scotland flooded with complaints over anti-indy bias in Leaders’ Debate
Four Patients Being Treated In Kyrgyz Hospitals For Poisoning With Toxic Root Promoted By President
Deby’s son named “president” of Chad as opposition decries coup d’état
Prague Gives Moscow Ultimatum As Diplomatic Spat Escalates
Labour plotted to steal Scottish oil and change marine borders to stop indy
NATO fighter jets scramble to intercept Russian aircraft over Baltic Sea
Australia cancels Belt and Road deals; China warns of further damage to ties
Chad rebels threaten to depose slain president’s son
Stonewalled by Minsk, US ambassador to Belarus will reside in Vilnius
Brutal Separatist Or War Hero? Serbian Party Riled Over Plans For Memorial To Albanian
U.S. says Iran support to Yemen’s Houthis ‘significant, lethal’
The Missing Uyghur Children
Ukraine’s president vows nation will oppose Russia to ‘last man’
Jewish Aid Group Issues Fundraising Appeal For Struggling Uyghur Refugees in Turkey
Catalan literature’s international reach grows with boom in English translations
Japanese Lawmakers Form Alliance in Support of Mongolians in China
Cuban artists fight repression through song, social media and hunger strikes
In Romania, ‘modern slaves’ burn noxious trash for a living
Nearly 1,800 people detained during protests in Russia
A Closer Look At China’s Controversial Lending Practices Around The World
Ramadan nights see Israeli police and Palestinians face off in Jerusalem
EU’s Cynical Hong Kong Proposal
Libya national oil company declares force majeure, halts oil production
Gambia becomes 2nd African nation to eliminate trachoma
UK Parliament declares China’s treatment of Uyghurs a genocide
Biden Expected To Recognize Massacre Of Armenians As ‘Genocide’
Two new polls predict pro-independence majority at Holyrood election
Australia Ends China Deals on National Interest Grounds
In Moscow Talks, Putin And Lukashenka Praise Progress On Union State
Gunmen kill two Guard members in Iran’s Kurdish area
The tale of Gay capital turned homophobic state
Serbian Leader Talks Up Ties To Biden, Says ‘No Interest’ In ‘Greater Serbia’
Germany rejects idea of redrawing Western Balkans borders
Chief of Sahara’s Polisario Front hospitalized in Spain
Over a million people illegally imprisoned in China
Lebanon offers a path to save maritime border talks with Israel
Russia orders troops back after massive drills in Crimea
Pope meets with Lebanon’s PM-designate, urges end of crises
Tigray’s humanitarian crisis worsens, no Eritrean exit
Mismanagement Fuels Mongolia’s COVID-19 Spike
Czechs order Russia to pull out most embassy staff in worsening spy row
Jordan releases alleged plotters following king’s appeal
Spain’s Constitutional Court dismisses Jordi Turull’s appeal, opening path to ECHR
‘Very Dubious’: Data Shows Alleged Russian Agents In Bulgaria Around Time Of Arms-Depot Blasts
Take Away from the Cuban Communist Party Congress
Top EU official signals quick return for independent Scotland
Baltic states join NATO allies in kicking out Russians for spying
Germany Urges Serbia, Kosovo To Work Harder To Normalize Ties
Social Media Is Blurring the Lines of National Sovereignty
Authors being told to ‘be less Welsh’ to appeal to readers across the border
Shooting revives criticism of Israel’s use of deadly force
Senegalese Christian youth show religious solidarity during Ramadan
Chad holds funeral for late president amid rebel threat
A successful Sant Jordi, despite the pandemic
Saudi bans Lebanese produce because of drug smuggling
Harris moves forward with new Central America strategy
US Urges China to Reveal Whereabouts of Tibet’s ‘Disappeared’ Panchen Lama
Tajikistan Didn’t Issue Passport Allegedly Used By Russian Agent Implicated In Czech Blast
North Korean State Agencies “Officially” Resume Smuggling Goods from China
US Public Supports Action on China’s Human Rights Abuses
Xinjiang Authorities Sentence Prominent Uyghur Author to 20 Years in Prison
Still unbowed and undeterred: More migrants perish off Libya’s coast
Junta Brutality Gives Myanmar’s Majority a Taste of Ethnic Minorities’ Plight
Vast swathes of land beyond the Volga leased to Chinese companies
Basque chocolatiers recreate ‘Guernica’ in show of skill and cultural pride
Moving Past the Troubles: The Future of Northern Ireland Peace
Indigenous Governor Sandra Liliana Peña Killed in Cauca, Colombia
The CCP is Retooling its Censorship System at a Brisk Pace in 2021
Timor-Leste’s floods and Covid lockdown aggravate political rifts
George Floyd verdict gets netizens thinking about police brutality in the Caribbean
ASEAN Leaders Meet, Call for Immediate Stop to Violence in Myanmar
Ahead of Geneva talks, Cypriots march for peace
Albania’s president lambastes US ambassador on TV talk show
Chartists’ rebellion inspiration for new Welsh song of freedom
Israel, Gaza militants exchange rocket fire as violence continues
Moscow pushing even more expansive claims on Arctic
Biden Recognizes Atrocities Against Armenians as Genocide
The Armenian genocide: This is what happened in 1915.
Translate Ukraine: new grant programs open Ukrainian literature to the world
Russia withdraws from the World Congress of Finno-Ugric Peoples
Catalonia not threat but an opportunity to EU
Independence is normal: Believe in Scotland unveils new pro-Yes billboard campaign
Solidarity with Czechia not the same as with UK
New players pose additional threats to Jerusalem tensions
Armenian PM Triggers Early Election a Day after Biden’s Genocide Announcement
Turkmen Succession Speculation As Son Of Leader Takes The Reins For National Horse Day
Coup Plots, Poison, Hacking, Sabotage: What Is The GRU’s Unit 29155?
Portugal celebrates ‘carnation revolution’ with little social distancing
Tunisian hometown of suspect who killed French officer ‘shocked’
Women in Senegal try to keep pottery tradition alive
Here in Nicaragua: “We Solve Everything with a Bullet”
Book clubs and science fiction offer ‘escape’ in Kurdistan Region
Virus surge in crowded Gaza threatens to overwhelm hospitals
Barter shops gain popularity in Latvia
Chad army appoints election runner-up as prime minister
Russia Finno-Ugric congress withdrawal statement likely posturing
Libya PM calls off Benghazi visit after security turned back
V. Sinica. Lithuania doesn`t glorify Nazis and Noreika wasn`t one (a response to Silvia Foti)
Alleged military coup perpetrators plead guilty on Belarus state TV
U.S. landmarks bearing racist, colonial references renamed
Chernobyl anniversary: Water cannons, prison trucks, lots of police in Minsk
Kyrgyzstan Bids Farewell To Writer And Journalist Beksultan Jakiev
Somalia on the ‘brink of war’ as gov’t claims control of Mogadishu
Belarus claims safety plea from workers on nuclear plant’s website a ‘hack’
Free movement is main hurdle in Swiss-EU treaty talks
Finnish Foley artist happy to be behind the scenes on Oscar-winning project
Normalization Process in the Bangsamoro Faces Rising Uncertainty
Using Union Jack to ‘reassert authority’ over Wales will ‘end in tears’, says Drakeford
Blinken presses Ethiopia’s Abiy on withdrawal of Eritreans from Tigray
New all-time high of Catalans living abroad
US sanctions Guatemalan officials over corruption allegations
Bulgaria Lurches Toward Fresh Elections After New Antiestablishment Party Can’t Form Government
Taiwan Church Website Blocked by Hong Kong National Security Police
Turkey Puts 108 Pro-Kurdish Party Officials on Trial
China Trolls Circulate Fake Taiwan Presidential Office Memo on Social Media
Gagged West Papuan envoy blocked again from raising self-determination issue at UN
Irish language signage introduced on Belfast bus route
Oscar winner pays tribute to Hong Kong demonstrators after beating 2019 protest doc to award
Why Cubans Prefer “Capitalist Builds”
Summit in Spanish prison to find solution for Catalan political problem
‘Another Round’ wins best international film at the Oscars
Húsavík shone at Oscars
Looks like wait is nearly over for formal Scottish indyref2 campaign
Mission Siberia project discontinued in Lithuania
Welsh language channel S4C has a near £200m impact on the UK economy
Finland – Estonia sign MoU promoting Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel and Rail Baltica
Referendum on changes to Belarus Constitution to be held in January-February
‘Million troops on your borders’: Can Belarus-China ties pose threat to Baltics?
Albania’s Socialists win election, gain 3rd straight mandate
Australian Uyghurs throw support behind Senator’s bill to ban imports from Xinjiang
Indigenous leader accuses Russia of ethnocide
Opponents force referendum on Swiss same-sex marriage
Aboriginal artist sets record straight with ‘bloody’ statue of William Crowther
Lithuanian, Polish leaders to mark Europe’s first Constitution anniversary
Barcelona vies for hosting future EU health emergency authority
Israeli soccer referee comes out as transgender woman
Villagers Relish Peace as India and Pakistan Adhere to Kashmir Cease-fire
Burundi begins releasing prisoners in bid to stop overcrowding
Ireland confident of solution for post-Brexit Northern Ireland
Fears of major military crackdown in Papua
Covid vaccines arrive in Mauritania via France donation
China’s map of Senkaku Islands draws protest from Tokyo
First-ever paid holiday on California Native American Day for court workers moves to State Senate
Enormous sandstorm sweeps across Inner Mongolia
Human Rights Watch: Israel is guilty of apartheid and persecution
As the Caspian Sea Disappears, Life Goes on for Those Living by Its Shores
The US urges Ethiopia to address humanitarian “disaster” in Tigray
India-Kyrgyzstan Hold Bilateral Military Exercise Khanjar
Singapore bloggers crowdfund defamation damages due to PM Lee Hsien Loong
North Korea Bans Criticism of China and Prejudice Towards Ethnic Chinese Residents
Nicaragua: Confessions of ex-Supreme Court Justice Solis
Hong Kong Police Launch Probe Into Organizers of Mass Protest Marches
Director of “El Nacional” of Venezuela: We Won’t Give Up
Attacks by an Ethnic Militia Kill Some 15 Junta Troops in Myanmar’s Chin State
National security clampdown casts shadow over Hong Kong’s annual Tiananmen Massacre vigil
Kosovo recalls war victims on National Missing Person’s Day
More than 500 advocates call on Biden to renew TPS for Haiti