Anonymous Xinjiang Doesn’t Have a Paper

Sofia Looks At Links Between Czech Blast And Bulgarian Incidents, Summons Russian Envoy
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China is Gabon’s leading trade partner for a decade
Turkmenistan Bans Lines Outside Stores So As ‘Not To Discredit’ President
Autistic Teenager Son of Jailed Cambodian Opposition Member Bludgeoned With Brick
Pope ousts leadership of Ecuadorian diocese amid complaints
Zimbabwe sells rights to hunt endangered elephants
Kurti Says Kosovo Will Not Open Dialogue With Serbia Next Month
Russia closing off more of Black Sea
US, UK, Barbadian authors up for Women’s Prize for fiction
29 million in Sahel need humanitarian assistance
Moldovan President Calls Snap Parliamentary Elections
Thailand Evacuates Villagers from Border after Karen Rebels Attack Burmese Army Outpost
Greek far-right lawmaker held, awaiting extradition ruling
Trial of first high profile female suspect in Rwanda genocide case adjourned
Nations in Transit: Central Asia Remains Locked in Consolidated Authoritarianism
Two steps forward one step back: Lithuania’s fight against gender violence
In Jaffa, gentrification stokes discord as Arabs pushed out
Russia expels Baltics, Slovak diplomats in quid pro quo
Hong Kong passes immigration bill, raising alarm over ‘exit bans’
Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya meets with President of Austria
Blinken to visit Iceland in May 19-20, attend Arctic Council meeting – State Dept
First Estonian-Latvian machine translator completed
National park authority refuses to adopt Welsh name for Snowdon
Australia expanding war games with US amid tensions with China
Youth unemployment rate in Catalonia is double EU average
Language revitalization efforts for Ojibwe continue despite COVID-19 challenges
Is EU-China Investment Deal ‘Dead as a Doornail’?
“We are because they were. Because we are, they will be.” A Community Fights for Its Identity in a Pandemic
Moehanga Day: New Zealand’s Māori mark the day they ‘discovered’ Britain
52 Northern Groups appeal to UN to support Igbo agitation for Biafra
Some reflections on the “anonymous Xinjiang paper”
Happy birthday, Eastern Partnership: Celebrations deferred, not cancelled
Attack on a woman in a parking lot has Jamaicans furious and a parliamentarian in limbo
Serbian anti-vaxxers revive the medieval ‘Danse Macabre,’ while pandemic deaths rise
‘Let’s talk about human rights later’ after ‘crushing’ Papuan rebels, warns Jakarta Speaker
Myanmar Ethnic Rebel Coalition to Begin Unity Talks
Birthday of Tibet’s disappeared Panchen Lama Celebrated in Ladakh
Third Straight Win Produces a Test for Albania’s Socialist Party
Chad junta tells opposition to “caution supporters” after crackdown
Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan Trade Blame for Cross-border Shelling
Reality Hits Lukashenka Regime Back
China would find change in US policy toward Taiwan ‘deeply destabilizing’
Alleged author of Niger coup has been arrested in Benin
Czech lawmakers give nod to same-sex marriage, final vote uncertain
Whereabouts, Well-Being of Renowned Uyghur Poet Unknown Three Years After Detention
Greek and Turkish Cypriots Remain Far Apart on Reunification
Malawi highest court scraps death penalty, terms it unconstitutional
Attackers kill at least 20 in attack in Ethiopia’s Oromiya region
Ashcroft poll: Scots praise Nicola Sturgeon – and mock Boris Johnson
Israeli minister warns warplanes ‘can reach’ Iran
Zimbabwe corruption exposing journalist wins case against the state
Czechs protest pro-Russian president, accuse him of treason
Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Cambodia Opposition Chief Sam Rainsy
The ‘Phantom Papers’ That No One In The Western Balkans Will Own Up To Writing
‘Clean out our insides’: Ethiopia detains Tigrayans amid war
Chadian rebels claim they have shot down military helicopter
Two Constitutional Court judges state that Catalan trial verdict is ‘disproportionate’
Kyrgyz Powerbroker Matraimov Drops Lawsuit Against RFE/RL
eSwatini’s economy risk crashing
France to restrict suspect Lebanese officials from entering
Bangladesh Rescue 30 Rohingya From Sea, Sends Them to Remote Island
Turkmen President Extends Penchant For White To Car Detailing
Namibian government links 84 doctors to fraud
Palestinian leader indicates elections will be postponed
Scottish election: Poll predicts SNP and Greens will form pro-independence majority
European Parliament Passes Resolution Condemning Russia
Bulgaria to expel Russian diplomat amid ammo depot probe
Jordanian prince, brother of late King Hussein, dies at 80
Coup Stymies Junta Peace Outreach to Myanmar Ethnic Armies
The Mountains And The Magomedovs: A Meteorological Dynasty Monitors Daghestan’s Weather
Finland receives final bids for $12 billion fighter jet deal
Gazan behind Mars drone says visiting home is no small step
Call for amnesty in Catalonia backed by over 250 lawmakers in European and American parliaments
NATO military exercises launched in Albania
China Expands Disinformation Campaign to Undermine International Xinjiang Outcry
Exploring the roots of Basque poetry from a Wyoming perspective
‘Why Do You Have Intelligence On IPOB, Not On Boko Haram?’ —Pro-Biafra Group Asks Nigeria’s Secret Police, DSS
Taiwan: Renewing a southbound vision
No progress in Cyprus talks after Turkish Cypriot authorities back partition
Nicaraguan Journalist Ileana Lacayo Dies of Covid-19
Palestinian leader delays parliamentary and presidential elections, blaming Israel
Mosque in Xinjiang’s Ghulja City Repurposed as Hotel
The US Should Apologize to the Marshall Islands for Nuclear Tests
Heritage sites under siege in Ethiopia’s Tigray war
Israel mourns deaths of 45 in stampede at religious festival
(No) right to a fair trial, or a manual to Russia’s conveyor of repressions in Crimea
Tunisia to seek $4 bln IMF loan
Cambodians Protest Food Shortages in Phnom Penh, as COVID Numbers Climb
Duterte Hedges as China Challenges in the South China Sea
Portugal opens world’s longest suspended footbridge
Swiss authorities on Biden ‘tax haven’ comments: ‘Inappropriate’ and ‘out of date’
Russia funnelled trainloads of ammo and fuel to occupied Donbas in early 2015
Pope removes legal privileges for Vatican cardinals, bishops
Xinjiang Authorities Detain Uyghur Turkish Nationals Who ‘Witnessed Government Crimes’
How the Biden Administration Can Support Taiwan
Brest and Hrodna Pose the Greatest Threat for Lukashenka
Xinjiang Activists In Kazakhstan Dismiss Chinese Film Of Happy Muslims As Propaganda
Hong Kong University Cuts Off Student Union Over Political Participation
Scottish independence: People’s Action on Section 30 case appeal rejected
Meritxell Serret returns to Catalonia and testifies before Supreme Court
Forced relocations and militarisation of border regions continue in Central Tibet
Russia blacklists chairs of Media Council and Latvian Language Center
Tibet has always been free: India needs to change the narrative
Anastasia Mejia Vows to Keep Reporting after Guatemala Arrest
Heavy rains worsen the effects of St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ La Soufrière volcano
Australia commits $170m to boost Pacific gender equality efforts
Implementation of language rights is now litmus test for new DUP leader’
Is ASEAN Still Relevant?
North Macedonia Leans On China For COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign
Beyond Xinjiang: Xi Jinping’s Ethnic Crackdown
Vaccinated faithful throng Jerusalem church for Holy Fire
Bulgaria faces fresh elections as Socialists refuse to form a government
Cuban dissident hunger strike challenges government
Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan agree to pull back troops after clash
US Army warmly welcomed ahead of NATO exercises in Albania
Will Pamir Kyrgyz Leave The ‘Roof Of The World’?
Only seven governors attend PNG’s covid crisis planning meeting
New Portuguese Bridge Not for the Faint-hearted
US Secretary of State to Hold Talks in Ukraine About Russian Aggression
Chinese university plan causes security concerns in Hungary
G7 to consider mechanism to counter Russian ‘propaganda’, UK’s Raab says
US expresses concern over El Salvador vote to remove judges
Russia Says Half A Million Passports Issued In Eastern Ukraine In Last Two Years
Muslim miners in Bosnia break fast underground
Chronicling The Bloody Belarus Crackdown An Imperative For Online News Editor, Despite Pressure
Hundreds of boats line up on Lake Geneva in border art project
Separate shootings kill Palestinian woman, injure two Israelis in West Bank
Burundi: Floods from rising Lake Tanganyika affect 8000 families
Boris plans ‘spending spree to save the Union’ over ‘fears of big gains’ for Plaid Cymru and SNP
Lithuania’s President Says Nation ‘Will Never Recognize’ Russia’s Crimea Annexation
Montenegro Moves to Erase Diaspora Voters From Electoral Roll
Brazilian indigenous leaders subpoenaed for criticizing government
Tensions Rise in West Papua
The Cost of U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan: “Get Ready. The Taliban Are Coming.”
International Conference in Kalmykia Unites Leading Buddhist Scholars
China Has Lost the Philippines Despite Duterte’s Best Efforts
Kurdish-led security forces capture ISIS leader in Syria’s Deir al-Zor
Attacks on the Press Now Routine in Latin America
As FIFA World Cup draws closer, migrant labour concerns in Qatar persist
Lao Workers Are Paid Back Wages at Chinese-Owned Cement Plant, Ending Dispute
Hong Kong broadcaster deletes shows from internet as viewers scramble to save backups
Philippines Calls on China to Stop Harassing Coast Guard Ships
Hong Kong’s press freedom index sinks to all-time low
Uyghur School Director, Brother of RFA Reporter Jailed For 14 Years After Stint in Xinjiang Camp
Israeli settlers attack Palestinian village after shooting
Russia blacklists director of the Estonian Language Inspectorate Ilmar Tomusk
French prosecutors request end of Rwanda genocide probe
New Zealand’s Ardern says differences with China becoming harder to reconcile
Puerto Rican boxer held without bail after lover found dead
Haviest Blow To Lukashenka Regime So Far
Blinken says China acting ‘more aggressively abroad’
Belarus opposition leader in Slovenia before EU presidency
‘Europe or death’: African migrants make crossing from Tunisia
100 years old: Low-key centenary for Northern Ireland
In France’s overseas territories, Napoleon’s legacy has a more troublesome side
In Step Toward Snap Polls, Armenian Lawmakers Reject Pashinian’s Candidacy As New PM
Orthodox Easter: Serbian villagers make huge beeswax candles
The Kazakh Herders of Xinjiang
Brexit barriers in focus as N.Ireland’s DUP kicks off leadership contest
Report: Japan to build ‘economic security’ channel to counter China
Unpaid salaries leave Gabon’s star footballers battling to survive
Australia wrestles with Port of Darwin, under Chinese ownership
Albania’s Socialists launch impeachment of president
Noted Belarusian Lawyer Who Defended Independent Journalists Leaves Country
Dozens of NGOs Urge Cambodian Government to Protect Reporters on World Press Freedom Day
Scotland’s difficult route to another independence referendum
Senegalese journalists stage sit-in protest to mark World Press Freedom day
Latvia celebrates 31 years of restored independence
Libya FM calls for withdrawal of foreign fighters
Malta Will Pay for Part of Your Trip This Summer
Liberal MPs move to legalise gender-neutral partnerships in Lithuania without adoption rights
Ethiopia at crossroads amid rise in ethnic tension
Luxembourg: Small but Mighty
Children in Tigray deeply affected after six months of conflict
Play about protests in Belarus sabotaged in Moscow
Car ban and virus curfew open Tunis streets to cyclists
He Puapua: Draft Cabinet paper revealed over Māori self-determination report
Outrage as French troops set to avoid trial over Rwanda Tutsi massacre
Reckless Jakarta is turning West Papuans into ‘terrorists’ to justify waging a war
Star Wars fans gather at the top of the Taipei 101
Aus state launches scheme to boost Aboriginal tourism
Eritrean president visits Sudan amid border tensions
Interrogations begin over New Caledonia unrest
Mexico marks end of last Indigenous revolt with apology
The internet is excluding Asian-Americans who don’t speak English
Mexico apologizes to indigenous Maya for centuries of abuse
HDP calls for a halt to Turkey’s Kurdistan Region military operations
EU delivers vaccine jabs to Balkans after China and Russia
Swiss Government Says Diplomat In Iran Suffered Fatal Accident
Biafra day sit-at-home now to hold Monday, May 31 — IPOB
Holocaust survivor who testified against Eichmann dies at 91
World’s coldest village facing freak wildfires caused by ZOMBIE infernos burning underground in -60C freeze
COVID-19 cases among Portugal’s migrant fruit-pickers revive rights abuse concerns
Defaced Native American petroglyphs are rocking the sport of climbing
As Lebanese cry for justice, politics paralyzes the system
Tibetan resistance continues
U.S. senators press Biden administration for new Yemen donor conference
Scottish election: SNP and Greens set for historic election success
Israel’s Netanyahu faces midnight deadline to form coalition
The Economist Sees Ortega Clinging to Power
Activist Thunberg says global leaders still in denial over climate
Taiwan, ‘the most dangerous place on Earth’? Not according to Taiwanese.
Cuba Faces Two Blockades as People Awaken
Legal experts launch advice website for Hongkongers amid growing number of arrests and charges
Cook Islands PM on travel bubble: ‘Today, we start to rebuild’
Why most Danes put a candle on their window sill tonight