Tibetan Political Detainee Died in 2019, Exile Source Says
French Kurdish activist brings hope to displaced Yezidis in Kurdistan
El Salvador’s parliament removes checks and balances on President Bukele’s powers
Denmark’s first ever banknote sold for 170,000 kroner
Catalan independence v Spain: the legal battles at the European Court of Human Rights
New Zealand leader Ardern plans to marry over the summer
Foreign envoys surprised after El Salvador’s Bukele puts “private” meeting on TV
200 years: Remote St. Helena island marks Napoleon’s death
Authorities Shut Down Ethnic Minority Church in China’s Yunnan
Case Filed In Germany Accusing Lukashenka Of Crimes Against Humanity
U.S. backing for Guatemala drug cartel fight key to ending graft, minister says
Staunch Anti-India Kashmir Politician Dies in Police Custody
Swedbank fined in Stockholm over historic anti-money-laundering failures
China Is Courting Middle Eastern Nations on Xinjiang
Hong Kong Exiles Lobby For Political Asylum Seekers in Canada
What Napoleon saw and did in Lithuania – ‘these Poles aren’t like in Warsaw’
UK sending patrol boats to Jersey over post-Brexit dispute
Refugee doctor in Sudan chronicles Tigray atrocities
Will negotiating platform with Lukashenka regime be launched with help of Austria?
New Zealand Lawmakers Pass Motion Condemning ‘Severe Human Rights Abuses’ in Xinjiang
New Kushner group aims to promote relations between Arab states, Israel
Cambodia Sentences Five Environmental Activists to Jail For ‘Incitement’
Review: Life of Ivanna
PKK and Peshmerga clash in Bradost, no casualties reported
Qatar finance minister arrested over alleged embezzlement
Dwindling Armenians show Easter faith in Romania
Ethiopia lists Tigray People’s Liberation Front as a terrorist group
Floods could triple across Himalayas, Tibetan Plateau as planet warms
We Don’t Need to Wait on the UN to Expand Taiwan’s International Role
EU proposes joint approach to develop COVID-19 drugs
Lithuanian president uses HBO’s Chernobyl to warn EU leaders of another nuclear astravyets
In First Official Count, Tajikistan Says 19 Killed In Kyrgyz Border Clashes
Gridlock in Athens as transport staff strike over labour reform
China suspends economic dialogue with Australia
Hong Kong Court Jails Joshua Wong, District Councilors Over Tiananmen Vigil
Over 150 Endangered Caspian Seals Found Dead On Daghestan Coast
China ‘in a Category by Itself’ of Religious Rights Violators
Dubai luxury home market soars as world’s rich flee pandemic
Latvian Saeima notes Ottoman genocide against Armenians
Icelandic couple waited all weekend for stillborn induced labour
Turkmen WWII Veterans Must Pay For Gifts They’ll Receive From President On Victory Day
UN human rights chief sounds alarm on violations in Latin America
UN releases $65 million to aid Ethiopia, most for Tigray
Meritxell Serret to be tried over 2017 independence referendum in Catalonia
Gaza reporter says she was beaten for not wearing headscarf
How Mongolia Made the Most of Vaccine Diplomacy
Estonian government ‘fully supports’ sanctioned language board director
Israel says Palestinian NGOs funnelled European donor cash to militants
Vatican conference features Fauci, Francis – and Aerosmith
China’s Deep-Sea Motivation for Claiming Sovereignty Over the South China Sea
Angela Merkel To Belarusians: Don’t Think We’ve Forgotten About You
China Is Building Entire Villages in Another Country’s Territory
4 Hong Kong activists, councillors sent to prison after taking part in Tiananmen commemoration
In Cuba, It’s Communism or Nothing or Both
Expelled from University in Nicaragua, Forced into Exile
Sherpa guide scales Mount Everest for record 25th time
Ramadan in China: Faithful Dwindle Under Limits on Religion
New films explore youth democracy as 16 and 17-year-olds across Wales vote for the first time
Montenegro’s Limited Coalition Hammers Away At Perilous Religion, Nationality Issues
China in Sri Lanka: The Colombo Port Conundrum
Vaccinations Progress Slowly in Central Asia
Belarus leader bristles at criminal complaint in Germany
Harris says Mexico, US can work together to improve quality of life in Northern Triangle
Court of Auditors would like €4.55 million from Diplocat
Ethiopian Orthodox Church patriarch blasts Tigray ‘genocide’
Kyrgyzstan’s Worrying New Limits on Dissent
Togo: Youth series 100% written in Africa for authentic representation
Tajik, Kyrgyz Officials Deny Reports Of Ethnic-Based Expulsions After Deadly Border Fighting
Catalonia in recession as GDP shrinks in first quarter
How the US Can Protect the Sovereignty of the Smallest Pacific Islands
Blinken calls for Taiwan to join World Health Assembly in opposition to China
Palestinians, Israel police clash at Al-Aqsa mosque; 53 hurt
South Sudan introduces caps on fees charged by private schools
TripAdvisor removes insensitive review of Auschwitz Museum
Conflict Resolution in Papua and the Label of Terrorism
‘Scared or Prepared?’: Inside Sweden’s Effort to Steel Its Citizens Against Threats From Russia
Somaliland deserves international recognition
Nnamdi Kanu Writes Open Letter To President Joe Biden
How non-Adivasi journalists trivialise and misrepresent Adivasi culture
The ‘smart and cheeky’ Aboriginal boy teaching Australia a lesson
OAS Sees Another Electoral Fraud Brewing in Nicaragua
Imagining the Caribbean’s architectural alphabet
Scotland elects 72 pro-Yes MSPs
Scottish result ‘significant’ for Irish unity drive, says Sinn Fein leader
Czech PM Asks European Council To Condemn Russian Involvement In Arms-Depot Blast
Baltics and German Greens: unexpected allies on Russia?
Judged For Their Tattoos: Women In Russia’s North Caucasus Face Uphill Battles In Custody Cases
EU Posts Bail to Free Jailed Georgia Opposition Leader
How Chinese Fans Enforce Chinese Nationalism on the World
“A blatant North Korea in the center of Europe.” Belarusian refugees explain why it’s so difficult to beat the dictatorship
China urges U.N. states not to attend Xinjiang event next week
Jerusalem tensions high as thousands head to Al-Aqsa after clashes
Libyan militias briefly take over Tripoli gov’t headquarters
Hoping to lure back tourists, Greece reopens beaches after lockdown
“Victory Day” was really “Occupation Day” for western Ukraine and half of Europe
Ukraine’s leader marks end of WWII in Europe by visiting village near Russia
Tunisia orders lockdown amid ‘worst’ ever health crisis
‘A Gift To Posterity’: Four Men Who Risked The Wrath Of Stalin To Photograph The Holodomor
Bomb kills at least 30 near girls’ school in Afghan capital
Maldives’ Parliament Speaker Nasheed in Critical Condition After Blast
‘Why Do We Deserve to Die?’ Kabul’s Hazaras Bury Their Daughters.
School bombing heightens fears among Afghanistan’s Hazaras, long a target for militants
Cuban Artist Luis Manuel Otero Still Kidnapped
Nicaraguan Gov. Cancels Residency of Franciscan Priest
He Puapua report proposals bogged down in ‘swamp of politics’
Why did Lithuania elect former communist as first president?
Lukashenka Signs Contingency Decree On Presidential Powers
Serbia gives award to 2019 Nobel apologist
Russia Pledges Support For Tajikistan Amid Concern Over Afghanistan
U.S. Navy Seizes Arms Shipment In Arabian Sea
South Sudan president dissolves parliament in line with peace deal
Cornwall’s Mebyon Kernow win election – in Cardiff
Boris Johnson offers ‘olive branch’ summit meeting to Nicola Sturgeon
State of alarm and curfew come to an end in Catalonia after 195 days
Seychelles faces ‘worrying’ situation as Covid-19 cases on the rise
Long-haul carrier Emirates to ship aid for free into India
Jordan condemns Israel over attacks on worshippers in Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque
Israel plays for time on flashpoint Jerusalem evictions
Palestinians fear loss of family homes as evictions loom
In tense Jerusalem, flag-waving Israeli march to go ahead
NATO and Austria sign agreement on liaison office in Vienna
Norway plans record election year spending from wealth fund
Portugal to send another 60 troops to Mozambique on training mission
Indigenous diaspora: Leaving home and the journey across Mexico
Qatar Offers To Mediate Somalia – Somaliland Talks
Fearing of Khalistan, India blocks supply of oxygen from US based Sikhs
Japanese Legislators Affirm Support for Tibet’s Exiled Autonomous Government
‘We are living in a war zone’: violence flares in West Papua as villagers forced to flee
Chinese military probed weaponising coronavirus in 2015, claim leaked documents
Azerbaijan’s former ‘graffiti prisoner’ Bayram Mammadov found dead in Turkey
Brutality escalates as Indonesian crackdown takes force in Papua
China Warns of ‘Damage’ to Relations if Bangladesh Joins Quad Initiatives
Baltic ambassadors snub Moscow victory day event
Tunisia: Eid coronavirus-prevention restrictions in effect nationwide
Bystanders stop man who stabbed 4 at New Zealand supermarket
Hundreds of Palestinians hurt in clash at Jerusalem holy site
‘No Right to Jury Trial,’ Hong Kong Prosecutors Tell Judicial Review
Fire erupts at Kuwait’s largest oil field; two injured
Independence support will rise unless Wales gets Home Rule
Fresh Dispute Erupts Between Spain and Morocco Over Western Sahara Leader
Turkmen Leader Pardons Hundreds Of Inmates, Including Jehovah’s Witnesses
Burundi: At least 12 killed in roadside ambush
No Religion in Tibetan Schools, China Tells Parents
3 Portuguese immigration officials imprisoned over killing
Hamas fires rockets toward Jerusalem and southern Israel
Mick Antoniw slams ‘Anglocentric’ reporting of election win
Armenia’s Parliament Dissolves In Final Step Toward Early Elections
Hit by COVID, Senegal’s women find renewed hope in fishing
Armenian officer champions his troubled nation as a member of CENTCOM Coalition
Czechs light nearly 30,000 candles to honor COVID-19 victims
Lao Power Company Deep in Debt, But Managers Live Well
May 6 elections show Britain and Wales are split three ways
Denmark draws China ire for inviting Taiwan leader to speak at ‘democracy summit’
3 children among 9 dead in Israeli airstrike after rocket attack
Burundi aims to become badminton powerhouse
East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah becomes emblem of Palestinian struggle
Publishing, Media Takeovers Part of China’s Two-Pronged Grip on Hong Kong
UK Government to scrap voting system that helped Plaid and Labour to victory in PCC elections
BBC accused of ‘blatant bias’ against Scottish independence after Radio 4 report
Catalan media expresses envy at pro-independence victory in Scottish elections
Khodorkovsky report singles out Kremlin links to Lithuanian aviation company
Shooting of ‘Fools of Fame’ starts
Turkey has advanced up to 20km into Kurdistan Region
Russian lawmakers vote to scrap tax agreement with Netherlands
Finland unveils dozens of measures to combat human trafficking
China Threatens Retaliation Against Ericsson if Sweden Doesn’t Drop Huawei 5G Ban
70 rescued migrants brought to Malta
Urška Žigart is Slovenia’s newest WorldTour superstar
Austria opposes ‘decoupling’ Albania-North Macedonia EU path
Croatia to issue international arrest warrant for former Dinamo coach
China Deepens Its Balkans Ties Using Serbian Universities
Bulgaria caretaker government appointed until July election
EU ready to ignore Hungary veto on Hong Kong
Czech Republic’s Karlovy Vary film festival plans August return
Reprisals against Crimean Tatars is hybrid deportation by Russian authorities
Illegal gold miners fire on Yanomami indigenous community in Brazil
Indigenous in Salvador: A struggle for identity in Brazil’s first capital
Nine Killed In Tatarstan School Shooting; Putin Calls For Weapons Clampdown
Russian Foreign Minister Finally Responds to Kazakh Sovereignty Worries
Hmong Week kicks off in Portage County
‘Clear and convincing evidence’ Daesh crimes constitute genocide
Charges laid over New Caledonia’s Vale unrest
Impasse prompts New Caledonia ‘partition’ debate
Aboriginal boy, 13, dies after bin he was sleeping in emptied into garbage truck
Amid Crackdown, Indonesia Arrests Papuan Independence Leader Victor Yeimo
Thursday is the first day of Eid al-Fitr in the Kurdistan Region
Trial Opens for Steven Donziger, Lawyer Who Sued Chevron for Amazon Oil Spills
Thirteen Things We Need to Discuss in Cuba
Felicia and Her Havana Bookstall
Hong Kong journalist injured in ‘drive-by’ baseball bat attack
Nakba is an event in the present tense – in Jerusalem and in Gaza
Sister of Uyghur Rights Advocate Rebiya Kadeer Confirmed to Have Died After Release From Detention
Barcelona court rejects investigation into head of Spanish riot police for referendum day violence
2d Catalan independence leader maketh over the line to the ECHR
Ex-Mauritania leader under house arrest on corruption charge
Gaza block collapses after Israeli strike, rockets hit Tel Aviv
26 Palestinians, 2 Israelis killed as violence intensifies
US sanctions seven individuals over financial ties to Hezbollah
Coroner rules that 10 victims in 1971 Belfast shooting were innocent
Outcry in Arabic-speaking African countries over Israeli airstrikes
Youngest Dubai DJ scratches her way to fame in world contest
Senegal gambles on teqball to absorb leftover soccer talent
Liberia war crimes: First hearings in Gibril Massaquoi trial held in Sierra Leone
40 years on, reggae singer Bob Marley still lives on!
Protest in Cape Town in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza