2016 10 19 Wednesday

Violence against indigenous people high, as land conflicts heat up

Anti-Slavery Day & EU Anti-Trafficking Day: Breaking the Silence: Trafficking in Romani Communities

HK activist urges Taiwan to strive for independence

The Basque Tigress emerges from behind bars on three-day exeats

Juaristi presents book on Basque culture

‘Young people lack enthusiasm for Welsh traditions’ – a GEM reader’s letter

American Indian reflects on nation’s oppressive history

All aboard! Singapore now to try out self-driving buses

Singapore government pivots toward “Smart Nation” strategy

Flood and greening Luxembourg’s transport sector

The State of Play in Transdnistria

Macedonia calls Dec. 11 vote to end two-year crisis

Dutch aid ship forced to quit Haitian port as crowds threaten security

The hottest spot on Earth has a melting economy

Catalan leader insists EU will recognise independent Catalonia

Catalan flags to be handed out before Barcelona-City

Headless Franco pelted with eggs as controversial Barcelona history show opens

Muddy vote result weakens Djukanovic’s 25-year grip on Montenegro

Montenegro opposition rejects election outcome due to ‘atmosphere of fear’

Peshmerga capture ISIS terrorists trying to escape in women’s clothes


What if the PKK wins in Turkey?

Erdogan says Turkey will capture Kurdish-held town in Syria

Kurds digging for victory against Islamic State in Iraq

European MP: ‘Kurdish statehood part of final plan in Middle East’

Lebanon speaker Nabih Berri warns of civil war

The Bizarre Tale of the Middle East’s First Space Program

Dharamsala Holds Second Young Tibetan Scholars’ Conference

Tibetan Official Jailed After Complaining About Corruption is Released After Serving Full Term

Czech politicians meet Dalai Lama in contrast to country’s pro-China policy

President’s spokesman lashes out at culture minister for meeting with Dalai Lama

Switzerland: ‘nothing certain’ on future of EU research access

Switzerland loses youth employment crown

Russian aircraft carrier passes Norway on way to Syria

Albanian fighters in a foreign war

West Papua: Widodo’s Infrastructure Projects Won’t Fix Human Rights Issues, Activists Say

A genocide overlooked: A Catholic priest works to bring attention to the mass killings of Yazidis

Yazidi Refugees Tell Their Story

Al Jazeera: Controversial new nuclear plant ignites Belarus

IAEA makes recommendations to Belarusian regulator

Meet Mongolia’s First Ever Eagle Huntress

Belarus’ Lukashenka: We Need To Prepare Officers To War

Lukashenka’s Economy: Work Better – Earn Less

American tourists in Iceland will outnumber Iceland’s population this year

Wahine Maori suicides increasing

Patrons of Palestine

Italian «friends of Putin» figured out how to make Western companies legal in Crimea

Russia’s Friends Form New ‘Cossack Army’ In Balkans

Donbas militants have more tanks and artillery than German army

Russian embassy to US and Britain: Grozny today is ‘solution we’re all looking for

Aleppo Agony as Obama’s Guernica or Grozny

Russia feeding global instability with provocations

County, Duchy, Nation or Country? The Case For Cornwall – Part 11: National Symbols

Scotland 1, The Union 0: Even the new edition of Football Manager is predicting independence after Brexit

Leading pro-indy group endorses calls for LGBT education in Scottish schools

Neighbors compare notes on centenary celebrations

Burundi President Promulgates Burundi Withdrawal From International Criminal Court