2016 10 27 Thursday

Zambia Independence Day – so what?

Austrian National Day


Boosting NATO’s presence in the east and southeast

Nato states pledge troops to Russia-deterrent force

New pipeline will end Finland’s energy isolation

Finland just got big help from the EU to break its dependency on Russian energy

Gazprom and Brussels agree to settle long-running dispute

US Announces Deterrence, Defense Buildup in Europe

Jerusalem’s Gypsies: The community with the lowest social standing in Israel

Romania’s ‘invisible’ Roma battle for identity

Appearance and reality in Greece

Doing business in Greece gets ever harder

Thousands of Greek Businesses Flee to Bulgaria

Russia is losing public support in Armenia

It’s Hard To Be Gay in Armenia

“Armenian Studies in the Arab World”

Bulgaria, Europe’s ‘most corrupt country,’ cracks down – again

Bulgaria to pay 600 mln euros to Russia over cancelled nuclear project

Bulgaria completes upgrade to extend life of Kozloduy nuclear reactor by 30 years

Moldovan presidential candidate withdraws to boost pro-EU camp

Moldova: 28 police officers detained on bribe suspicions

A Pivotal Moment Looms for Moldova

Some 2,000 people march for Romania’s union with Moldova in Bucharest

Cyprus peace talks move to Switzerland

Southern Mongolia: Monitored Human Rights Activist Dies of Cancer

Russia and Belarus hold joint military drill on Europe’s border

Belarus Opens Up? The Government Announces Visa-Free Entrance

Belarus: Pension Of Working Pensioners To Be Cut By 40%?

Number Of Hrodna Residents Eager To Emigrate to U.S. Grows By 10 Times

Rwanda: Corruption Is a Human Right Violation

South Sudan: Armed Groups Free 145 Child Soldiers

Somalia: IS-Affiliated Militant Group Seizes Port Town

Mauritius Has Potential for Offshore Wind Farms

Georgia joins Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation

Stoltenberg: NATO must react, we see Russia’s will to use forces vs Georgia, Ukraine

130 Georgian products apply for geographical indications

Macedonia Presses On With Market Reforms

Montenegro’s Prime Minister Resigns, Perhaps Bolstering Country’s E.U. Hopes

Serbia unmasks plot to sway election in neighbouring Montenegro

Number of asylum seekers in Sweden dropped 80% last year

Sweden: Russian warships in the Baltic ‘worrying’

Sweden wants emission- free cars in EU by 2030

Kuwait starts up its first solar power plant

Albania’s constitutional court suspends law key to EU hopes

Kurdish women fight odds to broadcast on women’s rights

Protests Flare in Turkey After Kurdish Co-mayors Arrested on Terror Charges

Kurdish YPG will be part of coalition effort to isolate Raqqa: U.S. commander

Turkey Threatens to Launch Ground Operation in Iraq, Citing Kurdish Terror Threat

It’s time for a new peace process between Turkey and the Kurds

Mosul offensive: Turkish and Kurdish forces launch attacks on IS

Turkey hits ISIS in Iraq following Kurdish request

Turkey launches probe against four Kurdish MPs

Syria’s Kurds restore ancient names to Arabised towns

Sweden increases military advisers in Kurdistan Region

Scotland prepares to celebrate Kurdish struggle on International Kobane Day

Iranian Kurdish leaders warn that party splits have harmed their cause

Why existence of Kurdistan is no longer disputable

In Lebanon deal, Iran wins and Saudi retreats

Israeli army says soldier wounded by shots fired from Lebanon

Syria refugees in Lebanon now get aid with debit card

The blending of Lebanon and Syria

Ethiopia Rules Out Early Elections to Address Unrest

Diaspora media movement shaping the coverage of Ethiopia’s protests

Inside Tibet: Our Journey to The Rooftop of The World

Tibet: Jigme Gyatso is Released From Prison in Gansu

Why should Asian nations be cautious about China?

Kusho Bagdro: Activist, Author, Ex-Political Prisoner

West Papuans fought alongside Australian troops in WWar2 – Now West Papuans suffer genocide and illegal Indonesian occupation

West Papuan men brutally tortured by the Indonesian military

How Yazidi Women Are Fighting Back Against ISIS

Canada unanimously votes in favour of resettling Yazidis

Yazidi Children Screamed and Cried Outside the Door While ISIS Fighters Raped Their Mothers

‘If you can’t save us, please bomb us’: The U.S. must help free enslaved Yazidi women in Mosul

Who Will Rule Nineveh After ISIS?

Slovakia outlaws far-right train patrols targeting Roma

Slovak NGOs Ease Migrant Integration Locally But Need Political Support

County, Duchy, Nation or Country? The Case For Cornwall – Part 12

Cornwall’s great inter Celtic Festival!

Cornish language petition clears 10,000 name hurdle, forcing government to respond

Proposed ‘Devonwall’ constituency makes a mockery of Cornwall’s identity, say Greens

Cornwall Lib Dems Oppose Devonwall

Finland: over 400,000 living on less-than-minimum budget

Finland’s economy among worst in EU

Finland: Foreign nationals suspects in 1/5 of sexual offenses

Finland ranks in top 3 travel destinations for 2017

Cleveland Indians: Native Americans rally against logo

Native Americans ignored when police brutality is viewed as black and white

Pro-Independence Hong Kong Lawmakers Won’t Be Allowed to Take Office Until Court Rules

Pro-independence Hong Kong legislators speak at National Taiwan University

Norwegian Minister Tells Muslims: ‘We Eat Pork, Drink Alcohol And Show Our Face’

Denmark’s queen: Living here doesn’t make you Danish

Denmark continues to plummet down gender equality index

Gender inequality gets worse in Switzerland

Swiss firm fired for firing Muslim with headscarf

‘Despite the franc, Switzerland is doing well’

Russia’s First Crimean Political Prisoner Found After More Than Two Years

10-year sentence for being a Crimean Tatar and Muslim?

Russia refuses to return Crimean political prisoner Sentsov back to Ukraine

Russia legalizes state kidnappings to ’fight terrorism’

Azerbaijan sentences youth activist to 10 years in prison

Conference on Property Rights for Women in Kosovo

Kosovo still dreams of EU and NATO membership

Prosecutor indicts Kosovo crime ring led by ex-lawmaker

Official song of World Floorball Championships launched in Latvia

Ethnic clashes replacing ‘dedovshchina’ abuse in Russian military units

Putin Visits Crimea, Calls Tatar Activists ‘Amazing Idiots’ And ‘Stupid’

Unwelcome Visitor: Putin’s trip to Crimea and 5 issues he addressed there

Brexit has reopened the Irish question

Ireland makes pitch for London’s EU institutions

‘Ireland provides an ideal new home for the European Banking Authority’

A dozen things you might not know about Irish names

Iceland’s Pirate Party looks likely to take the country’s election next weekend

Iceland’s women take to the streets: 2:38pm

Iceland to Harness Molten Magma for Electricity

Iceland’s No. 1 Dating Rule: Make Sure You’re Not Cousins

Miss Iceland 2015 is too fat, says beauty contest

Moroccan forces intervene violently against Sahrawi demonstrators

UN called upon to increase efforts to find just settlement to Palestinian and Sahrawi questions

20 minutes from modern Jerusalem, a Palestinian village is stranded in the past

Palestinian Preaches Positive Thinking To A Tough Crowd: His Own People

Palestinian villages ‘get two hours of water a week’

Greenland: Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

China’s New Law Targets Muslim Children For ‘Correction’

Chinese Government Sends Religious Monitors to Xinjiang’s Hotan

Remembering war, grateful Bosnians rally for Hillary Clinton

Bosnian Scholar Talks About Religion, Nationality in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Croatia Ex-President Warns of Plan to Break Up Bosnia

85% of Croatians Want to Abolish Daylight Saving Time in Croatia

How Many Croatians Aged 18 to 34 Still Live with Mom and Dad?

Preventing Cultural Genocide with the Mother Tongue Policy in Eritrea

When Soviet tanks crushed Hungary’s bid for freedom

Hungary summons Russian envoy over 1956 uprising criticism

Stop the EUSSR! Hungary PM slams Brussels ‘Sovietisation’ in savage attack on federalism

Whistles disturb government’s commemorations of Hungary’s 1956 revolution

UN Criticized for Failure to Admit Legal Role in Haiti Cholera Outbreak

Guard dies in Haiti prison break as 174 inmates flee, firearms stolen

Sweden’s highest court bans drones with cameras

Malta must clean up its environmental act for EU presidency

Five dead as French reconnaissance plane crashes in Malta

Kuwait Prepares to Counter ISIS on its Borders

Māori prison rates at record levels

History’s role in understanding Māori prison rates

With new restaurant, Francis Ford Coppola turns to American Indian cuisine

Anti-emigration party storms to victory in Lithuania

The rare country where voters are less worried about immigration than about emigration

Paraguay Recognizes Indigenous Rights but Ignores Laws That Defend Them

Brazilian farmers face charges over shooting of Kaiowa people, private militias

Native Credit Scores Getting Better!

Libya’s Migrant Economy Is a Modern Day Slave Market

Libya: Freed ISIL migrant girl relives kidnap ordeal

Luxembourg reckons London City firms are about to head there in their droves

Aboriginal communities struggle with world’s highest rheumatic heart disease rates

Aboriginal educator questions State Government language revitalisation program

Research shows hope for Maori women’s money lives

Jamaica is a model of democracy

One more Lenin toppled in Ukraine, this time in annexed Crimea