2016 12 18

December 15, 2012: Indonesia assassinated West Papua independist Hubertus Mabel

December 16, 2009: Indonesia assassinated West Papua independist Kelly Kwalik

December 17, 1945: people of Kurdistan celebrate national flag day

December 18, 1971: Qatar National Day

December 24, 1951: Libya Independence Day


Pooping Logs Bring Christmas Cheer In Catalonia

Meet the Thirteen Yule Lads, Iceland’s Own Mischievous Santa Clauses

Sweden beats China to win Santa world cup

Welcome to Santa Claus Office: Joulumaantie 1, 96930 Arctic Circle


Indigenous Peoples activist detained in Moscow

Trump’s man in Moscow claims ‘misinformation’ about Crimea, Ukraine was ‘catastrophic’

We are watching Aleppo burn in real time. And just like in Bosnia and Rwanda, we do nothing

Pakistan is repeating in Balochistan what it did in Bangladesh

Iceland’s Seamen Start Their Strike Tonight

Iceland’s president calls on deadlocked parties to form government

Ireland Rules Out Bilateral Deal With U.K. for Brexit

O Muilleoir wants to end 279-year-old ban on Irish language in courts in Northern Ireland

Scotland gets new tax powers, as economic growth dims

Scotland Back in the Day: How Andrew Carnegie worked his way up to become the Bill Gates of his day

Jean-Claude Juncker tells Salmond: Scotland’s earned the right to be listened to

Alex Salmond’s Brussels speech in full: Europe must see Scotland’s Brexit fate as unacceptable

Cornwall Draws Up Brexit Blueprint

Was Cornish language funding cut because it was too successful?

Spanish court ruling tells Catalans to delay any plans for an independence referendum

Not Even a Prosperous Slovakia Is Immune to Doubts About the E.U.

Palestine prepares for 2017 general census

Palestinian official: peace prospects dead if Trump moves US embassy to Jerusalem

Hamas blames Israel for killing of drone expert in Tunisia

Israel’s government is bracing for a violent showdown at the settlement of Amona

Israel’s Parliament Draws a Line on Short Hemlines

Sweden ‘to seek anti-settlement resolution’ during Security Council presidency in January

Britain Restricts Palestinian Aid to Prevent Transfer of Money to Terrorists

MPs call for financial penalties to combat Palestinian ‘anti-Semitic incitement’

Free Cash in Finland. Must Be Jobless

Two journalists quit Finnish broadcaster in row over coverage of PM

Tibet, Southern Mongolia, East Turkestan: Exiled Human Rights Defenders Release Statement on Systematic Disregard for Human Rights in China

New Parliament of Brittany Inaugurated in Lanrodec

Provisional Government of the State of Savoy seeks more autonomy

Georgia – Best destination for business trips

Donald Trump cancels Trump Tower project in Georgia, Associated Press says

Trump Moves to Cancel Deals in Azerbaijan, Georgia

E-signatures, e-documents simplify legal services in Georgia

Georgian President: NATO enlargement is possible with occupied territories

Report: 52% of Georgians have positive view of EU

‘Australia Day’ boycott gathers steam in call for date change

Hobart Mayor Sue Hickey warns against ‘guilt-ridden’ Aboriginal focus

Aboriginal woman’s slaying exposes racial divide in Australia

Twitter suspends account lobbying against black deaths in police custody

Footage of ‘inhumane’ treatment of jailed Aboriginal woman rattles Australia

Aboriginal artwork worth $150,000 thought to be missing since 1981 is FOUND hanging in a tourism boss’s office

Africa’s first humanitarian drone corridor brought to life in Malawi

South Sudanese child soldiers estimated to be over 17,000

Tunisia’s torture victims speak out

Namibia Has Been Recycling Raw Sewage Into Drinking Water For Nearly 50 Years

Trouble stirs in sands of Western Sahara

President Ghali calls for release of Sahrawi political prisoners

Lamamra urges AU to get fully involved in effort for resolution of Western Sahara conflict

International Law Students’ Seminar about Saharawi Self-determination in Japan

Croatian Minority in Serbia Celebrates Its Day

Haiti among countries being left behind

Swedish island rejects renting pipe storage space to Russia

Russia To Nuke Baltics, Use Space Weapons And Start WW3, Report

Lithuania caught up in spying, illicit border trade

Denmark and EU to set up Europol backdoor

The Danish word of the year is…

Danish teens still most boozy in Europe

It’s official: Hygge part of new Denmark Canon

Bolivia ruling party defies referendum, backs Morales for 4th term

Despite Legal Protections, Violence Against Women Is Spiking in Bolivia

These brave LGBT activists are marching for equal rights in Montenegro

Montenegro opens two chapters in EU accession talks

China Bars Taiwan Tourists From Tibet Amid Ongoing Row With Trump

Taiwan Is Both Exhilarated and Unnerved by Trump’s China Remarks

Independence advocates thank Donald Trump

US-Taiwan breakthrough likely: ex-minister

Four Kuwaitis arrested in Iran

World’s longest tunnel opens regular service in Switzerland

A country full of Christmas markets

Switzerland: a pirate’s paradise?

Finland, the Baltic states and security

Estonian representation in Belarus becomes NATO contact point embassy

Estonian government approves ban on display of tobacco products in stores

United States decides to accelerate troop deployment to Poland, Baltic, and Romania

US, Baltics eager to sign military pacts before Trump inauguration

France, Spain accused of sabotaging Eta peace efforts with Basque arrrests

Anti-ETA militant wanted to commit suicide attack

World Bank, OECD: Latvia needs tax reform

Gorgeous portraits capture the people of old Ireland in magnificent detail

Greenland and Denmark: not so foreign

Libya announces liberation of Sirte from ISIS control

Austria: a weak link in Europe or historical ally of Ukraine?

Ex-Soviet states tell US ‘I told you so’ over Russia hacking allegations

Russian riot police conduct mass arrests in Crimea

What Putin is doing in Aleppo is what he could have done in Kyiv or Lviv

Crimean Tatars find new home in Lviv Oblast

Navalny says will hold referendum on Crimea if elected president

After Crimea and Aleppo, what does Vladimir Putin want from his wars?

Ukrainian savagely beaten in Russian-occupied Crimea now arrested

From His Home in Russia, #Calexit Leader Plots California Secession

Cambridge spy seminars hit by whispers of Russian links as three intelligence experts resign

FBI in agreement with CIA that Russia aimed to help Trump win White House

Russia’s youngest victims in occupied Crimea urgently need support

Russia’s next election operation: Germany

Putin using all means against the West – including Islamist terrorism – Piontkovsky says

Germany’s Siemens Company accused of scam to bypass Crimean sanctions

Misleading OSCE Media report ignores Russia’s annexation of Crimea

Strasbourg to rule on Russia’s 2nd deportation of Crimea Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemiliev

Dutch Court Rules Crimean Artifacts on Loan Will Return to Ukraine

Russia to appeal Dutch ruling to return Crimean treasures to Ukraine

Closed ‘court’ in Russian-occupied Crimea moves to strip Crimean Tatar leader of his lawyer

Russia stripped of right to host bobsleigh world championships

His ‘crime’ is fidelity to Ukraine: Crimean farmer faces 4 years in jail

Basis of Putin’s optimism: big US Firms were quite ready to overlook even Stalin’s crimes

The centenary of the Russian revolution should be mourned, not celebrated

Foes of Russia Say Child Pornography Is Planted to Ruin Them

EU agrees to extend anti-Russian sanctions for six months

Crimea in the dark – silencing of dissent

Tsipras says people of Greece have made enough sacrifices

The first Catalan nanosatellite successfully launched with three experiments on board

Inside Europe: Catalonia continues push for independence

Spanish court ruling tells Catalans to delay any plans for an independence referendum

Catalan leader mulls early vote on break with Spain

Spanish Court suspends Parliament’s plan for pro-independence referendum

Puigdemont: “We will vote, debate and hold meetings”

Catalonia’s right to independence debate is put on trial

Catalan parliament speaker in court over secession debate

Forcadell testifies before the court for allowing debate on independence

Thousands hit the streets to defend Forcadell, prosecution provokes international outrage

Forcadell says her trial “puts democracy at risk”

Swiss MPs add to international outcry over Forcadell’s prosecution

Pro-independence civil society organisations emphasise “unity” in support for Forcadell

European Parliament urges Spain to investigate Francoism crimes

Trump fever sweeps Iraqi Kurdistan

‘Peshmerga is ISIS’ chant drives Kurdish football clubs to withdraw from Iraq league

Masrour Barzani: Why self-determination allowed for others, forbidden for Kurds

Germany arrests suspected Turkish spy for monitoring Kurds

Armed attack on pro-Kurdish HDP as Turkey detains lawmaker

Inside Europe: Kurdish politicians in the crosshairs of Ankara

Protesters storm pro-Kurdish party local HQ after Turkey attack

Suspect in murders of Kurdish activists dies in Paris hospital

Kurds in Europe seek support for independence on Kurdish flag day

Balkanization, Kurdistan will be stabilizing: Former US diplomat

“We came, you weren’t here”: Turkish police raids Halkların Demokratik Partisi – HDP office in Istanbul

China forces Tibet’s Larung Gar students to pass political exam

China’s Buddhist Supervisory Body Announces Explicit Restrictions on Tibetan Buddhism

One Man’s Mission to Save a Culture

Tibetan sets himself on fire in China protest

Sikyong Leaves for Official Visits to Bodh Gaya, Delhi and Mundgod

Gyalwang Karmapa Rinpoche Inaugurates ‘Grassland – A Photo Exhibition’ at Tibet Museum

Japanese MPs gather to launch Tibet support group

Symposium ‘Tibet’s Past, Present and Future—What is the Way Forward?’

European Parliament Passes Resolution on Larung Gar

China must respect freedom of expression and religion in Tibet: EP

Tibetan leader urges Trump to confront China on rights

China slams India over invite to the Dalai Lama

Tibet’s PM in-exile slams China for opposing Dalai-President Pranab Mukherjee meet

Tibet is Not a Part of China but Middle Way Remains a Viable Solution: CTA

Malta competes to host post-Brexit European office for the Lloyd’s of London insurance market

Indonesia faces chance to prove it is more ‘journalist-friendly’ in 2017

Wamena, West Papua: up to 30 people reportedly arrested ahead of peaceful demonstrations

Seven members of West Papua National Committee arrested for supporting West Papua at Melanesian Spearhead Group meeting

Indonesians asking West Papuans for forgiveness for human rights violations of Indonesian government

Peru has launched its first-ever newscast in Quechua

New Xinjiang Party Boss Boosts Surveillance, Police Patrols

Passport Recall in Western China Signals a Major Human Rights Problem

Uyghur Farmers Sent to School in China ‘Anti-Extremism’ Drive

The Roma homeland that never was

Reflections on the 10th EU Roma platform

French Left and Right unite to evict thousands more Roma onto the streets

Survey shows 80 percent of Roma at risk of poverty

Macedonia’s “queen of Gypsy music” buried in Skopje

Professor confronts persecution faced by Roma people

Roma Union Chair: Fico’s Condemnation of Roma Horrifying

“Light bringers” help Hungary’s impoverished Roma power their homes

Putin Is Doing to Aleppo What He Did to Grozny: Flatten the Place

Syria’s Ilovaisk

Daghestan Authorities Intensify Pressure On Laks To Cede Homes To Former Chechen Deportees

Turkey and Russian death squads

Trump team reaches out to Native Americans

Austria to use Hitler birth home as charity headquarters

Nigeria fails to come to grips with separatist “New Biafra”

Operation Python Dance is a plan to annihilate Biafrans, MASSOB

Luxembourg must stand up for political prisoners

Kosovo Gets Its Own Country Code

Bosnia’s War-Displaced Families Still Waiting for Electricity

Cloud Armor That’s Not Quite So Fluffy

Inside Europe: Latvia’s harrowing past comes to life

Montenegro seeks man pictured with Russian foreign minister

National study finds ‘staggering’ Maori and Pacific problem gambling rates

New Zealand’s largest tribe, Ngāpuhi, move to next phase of settlments

Māori Party song goes viral

The strange case of the Northwest’s Native American Nazi

Haiti: Saving itself after foreign aid’s failure

EU Parliament in tears, gives standing ovation to Yezidi girls after hearing their tales

Film of abducted Yazidi girl wins Dubai award

Snow on Mount #Sinjar thousands of #Yazidis are still living in simple tents‬

Lamya Haji Bashar awarded European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize for freedom of thought and expression

Ecommerce in Slovenia is growing fast

Slovak Charter 77 signatory Miroslav Kusý honoured by Czech prime minister

Sweden presents new national gender equality authority

Leonardo DiCaprio donates $65,000 to Children of Armenia Fund

Why Iran is angered by Israel alliance with Azerbaijan

Two Moldovan models crowned the world’s most beautiful women in the 2016 Miss Humanity Universe beauty pageant

Hong Kong independence activists ‘assaulted’ by pro-China group during Taiwan visit

Avoid using ‘mainland mentality’ to tackle Hong Kong problems, Chinese scholar urges Beijing

Regina Ip pledges to allow discussion of Hong Kong independence in schools, defend academic freedom

Austria’s social system ‘unaffordable without migration’

Serbia to bolster air force with Russian jets and European helicopters

Great Escape: Mongolia’s Altai Kazakh Eagle Hunters Festival

India’s relations with Mongolia – Mongolia’s relations with China have taken a hit

China-Mongolian Border Blocked

Economic gods may be smiling again at Mongolia

Bulgaria Has to Be Better NATO Partner, But No Enemy to Russia – President-Elect

EU parliament writes to Ethiopian president over detained Oromo leader

Dozens march for peace deal in ethnically divided Cyprus

Macedonia’s election has opened the door to finally tackling the country’s corruption problem

Albanians From Macedonia Cross Ethnic Lines to Vote Against Ruling Parties

It’s 2016, and Macedonia is a real place

The Welsh economy still the weakest in the UK shows new figures

The Wales Office has had a rebrand and got rid of the dragon and Welsh motto

Row over UK ‘veto’ of Welsh laws in Wales Bill debate

Welsh government plans national legal code

Why the Tiny Island of Malta Has Europe’s Most Progressive Gay Rights

Lebanon to get legislative tracking app

Lebanon ‘approaching breaking point’ due to influx of Syrian refugees

Oklahoma’s Native tribes are trying to fill a gap in sex ed left by the state’s schools

More insurers considering move to Ireland, central bank says

Institute of Directors report highlights ‘extreme concern’ over Brexit in Northern Ireland

Digs funded at ‘lost kingdoms’ sites in Scotland and Ireland

Inuit group learning about Welsh language promotion

According To Instagram, Everyone’s In Singapore Now

Moldova’s breakaway territory of Transnistria: Putin Wins a Pawn

Bosnia to Expel Hundreds of Foreign Property Owners Amid Tax Probe

Hundreds gather in Sarajevo to rally for peace in Syria

“Russian World” In Belarus Is Putin Plus Lukashenka

Bosnia to Expel Hundreds of Foreign Property Owners Amid Tax Probe

Belgium’s Flanders wary of Brexit deals with large EU member states

World’s largest wave recorded off the coast between Ireland and Iceland

Slovakia’s Fico criticizes sanctions against Russia

Serbia furious with Croatia about blocking chapter in EU accession talks

Portugal loses appeal in English court over swap contracts

Armenia’s Russia problem

Serbian court postpones Srebrenica massacre trial until February

World Bank Lends Albania $71M for Tourism Infrastructure

Windsor, Ont. public schools improving Indigenous representation in curriculum

Canada ‘falls short’ in treating First Nations patients, says country’s 1st female Indigenous surgeon

Indigenous military members endure ‘systemic’ racism, report claims

Passionate supporters of the Welsh language vastly outnumber critics, study finds

Namibia: Stunting in Namibia Still Too High

Luxembourg’s entrepreneur of the year

Armenian youth learn about EU funded projects

Armenia: Anti-corruption game launched on Anti-Corruption Day

Palestinian Body Politic Rotten to the Core

The Palestinian leadership that doesn’t represent us

Portugal’s Guterres sworn in as next U.N. secretary-general

IMF urges Spain to provide Autonomous Communities with “greater power to mobilise their own revenues”

Catalan lawmakers rip up images of Spain’s King Felipe

Catalans re-arrested after burning images of the king

Crimean Tatars accuse Russia of kidnappings and political arrests

20+ Proposed Pipelines Threatening Indigenous Communities

Lebanon: Student Arrested for Facebook Post

UN: Albania must ‘turn page’ on communist-era disappearances

Currency Springs Central Bank Trap as Iceland Risks Overheating

Nigeria: The Case for Pro-Biafra Agitators

Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu remains resolute, fearless no matter the cost – IPOB

Lithuanian President Grybauskaite visits Ukraine

The Welsh flag emoji is FINALLY happening

Nearly 7 years after quake, 50,000 in Haiti still in camps

LuxLeaks whistleblowers appeal jail sentences in Luxembourg court

Malle, Belgium, to host 2017 Para dance sport Worlds

Man bashes teen, ‘racially abuses Maori teen’ on Perth bus

Bosnia preparing for return of Islamic State fighters

Ireland and four UK territories named on ‘world’s worst tax havens’ list

Easter Rising flag finally returned to Ireland 100 years on from 1916

Austria calls for freeze on Turkey’s EU membership talks

Turkey Moves to Crush Kurdish Party After Deadly Bombing

US committed to defence pact with Kurdistan Region, says Carter

Russia’s Rosatom gets compensation for scrapped €10bn nuclear project in Bulgaria

Moroccan forces intervene violently against Sahrawi demonstrators on International Human Rights Day

Albania Survey Shocks Victims of Communist Regime

Campaign repeals Lebanon’s rape law but there’s a long way to go

Hipsters’ insatiable appetite for superfoods is starving India’s ancient indigenous people

Singapore: behind the world’s best students is a soul-crushing, billion-dollar private education industry

Jamaica’s Musical Genres Rated Among The Best

Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel’s media manipulator

Orbán’s Hungary – The Kremlin’s Trojan Horse

A nasty Hungarian national mood rejects immigrants — and journalists

Ohaneze Ndigbo declares support for Biafra; provides reasons

Oxfam: Luxembourg, Ireland, Netherlands among worst tax havens

Kosovo, Montenegro premiers meet in neighboring Albania

Survey: 89% of Estonians support the country’s NATO membership

The Forgotten American Indian Slaves

Former Tibetan prisoner shares her experience of torture and human rights abuse in Tibet

Spiritual leader of Tibet and President of India grace child-rights summit