2016 12 26

December 26, 1990: Independence and Unity Day in Slovenia

December 29, 1911: National Independence Day in Mongolia

January 1, 1984: Brunei Independence Day

January 1, 1960: Cameroon Independence Day

January 1, 1993: Dissolution of Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovakia

January 1, 1804: Haiti Independence Day

January 1, 1956: Sudan Independence Day

25 Years On, Collapse of Soviet Union Still Brings Cheers—and Tears

25 Years Ago, First Western Countries Recognized Croatia’s Independence


Yazidi leader seeks protection for community after genocide

Only few Yazidi women kidnapped by IS freed – Iraqi MP

Yezidi on Mount Shingal suffering under heavy snow

Santa Claus takes off to spread Christmas cheer around the world

Agreement on the Nordic Saami Convention reached

Nordic Sámi Convention agreement reached after more than a decade

Children of the Crimean political prisoner Uzair Abdullaev: “STOP BEATING AND HARASSING OUR DADDY!”

No investigation into abduction of Crimean Tatar activist, just FSB surveillance of his parents

How Russian ‘law enforcers’ humiliate their Muslim prisoners in Crimea

The Hague Court recognizes the war in Ukraine and Crimea annexation as an international armed conflict

“Convicted” Crimean prisoners will be sent to correctional labour centres in Russia

The Daily Vertical: Does Anybody Remember Crimea?

Crimean political prisoners tortured on the way to court in Russian occupied Crimea

Russia prepares new criminal charges as Crimean Tatar leader refuses to be silenced

UN officially recognized Russia as an occupying power in Crimea

Trump is on collision course with international law over Crimea

U.S. Blacklists 15 Russian Entities Linked to Ukraine and Crimea introduces special mode for hotel booking in Crimea

Turkey agrees to visits by cruise ships stopping over in Crimea, Caucasus ports

Japan to maintain Russia sanctions while embarking on economic project

Russian police arrest Yuri Dmitriev, Karelian human rights leader

Russia to ban Ukrainian World Congress

Russian Kalmyk soldiers “got lost ” in the steppes of Ukraine

Two Chechen battalions to be deployed in Syria

Putin’s Hit Teams Head for Syria

West Papuans look to march again, despite police

Over 500 arrested in West Papua demonstrations

Two West Papuans charged with treason for demonstrating

Westminster must grant Scotland the powers to remain in the European Union, writes Joan McAlpine

Alex Salmond predicts indyref2 victory should Theresa May sever Scotland’s ties with EU

Former Scottish leader warns of pre-Brexit independence vote

Nicola Sturgeon lays her Brexit cards on the table but holds back indyref2 hand

Nicola Sturgeon presents complex ‘independence in Europe’ plan to Theresa May with warning of second referendum

Analysis: First Minister plays for high stakes as she fires first shots in indy long game

Spain rejects Nicola Sturgeon’s plan for Scotland to stay in single market

Jean-Claude Juncker ‘still open’ to Scots deal despite Spain

Independence campers ordered to pay £105,000 in legal bills

Independence movement needs strong women to build it

The Bruce, The Wallace and the declaration of Arbroath

Tibetan Teen Detained, Beaten Following Protest

His Holiness the Dalai Lama remains hopeful about returning Tibet

20 nuns 1st in history to receive the Geshema degree, the highest academic title in Tibetan Buddhism

Tibetan Protest Monk Released After Serving Full Term in Jail

Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, and Laurie Anderson to perform at Tibet House benefit in March

Tibetan Women’s Association Donates Rs 6,43,950 to Tibetan Market Fire Victims in Delhi

India should make Tibet a core issue with China: Tibet PM in exile

Tibetan PM hopeful after Trump’s take on ‘One China policy’

Tibetan community outraged by TTC ads

China wages cyber war via dharamsala

Mob attacks offices of pro-Kurdish party in Istanbul

ISIS offers $1mn reward for Kurdish-Danish Peshmerga

US relations with Kurdistan solid, strong

Canada to continue military, humanitarian support to Kurdistan Region

Kurdistan’s independence, a moment of truth: Kouchner

Suspected Turkish spy ‘thought to have planned Kurdish murders’: report

Bombs kill seven near Iranian Kurdish party headquarters in Iraq

Kurdish group says Iran behind bombing its Kurdistan Region base

Kurdistan parties urge Iranian Kurdish parties to reach unity

Kurdish Militants Claim Attack on Off-duty Turkish Soldiers

PKK-armed wings recruit child soldiers in Iraq

Erdogan vows not to allow Kurdish state in Syria

We’ll discuss Kurdistan independence with Turkey in 2017: PM Barzani

Catalan leader to push for independence vote

85% of Catalans in favour of calling a referendum according to latest poll

Catalan Government receives Spanish Constitutional Court warning on penal consequences of holding a referendum

Catalan leaders call for bilateral relationship with Spain, refuse to attend upcoming regional summits

Catalonia cross-party National Alliance bids for agreed referendum in 2017 with international recognition

Catalonia’s pro-referendum block stages summit

Catalan separatists gather, prepare independence vote

Spanish Court allows Catalonia to carry out foreign action but not establish bilateral relations

February trial set for ex-Catalan chief Artur Mas

Russian gifts for ISIS: what was left behind in the abandoned military base in Palmyra

Ukraine’s rising Euroscepticism

Austrian far right signs deal with Putin’s party, touts Trump ties

Foreign Contenders: Ukrainian Sheriffs is a Buddy Cop Doc Set Against the Annexation of Crimea

The U.S.S.R. Fell—and the World Fell Asleep

Timeline: Ten Years of Russian Cyber Attacks on Other Nations

Russia’s War on the West Is Real. Why Aren’t We Fighting Back?

Russian pundit calls for Syria-style airstrikes against Ukraine

Millionaire returning $4M piece of Manhattan to Indian tribe

Ireland scoops ‘best destination’ award in New York

War over Taiwan undesirable, but not unthinkable

Roma breaks glass ceiling in Bosnia but challenges remain

Behind the wall – Ghettoization of Roma people in Krusevac, Serbia

Albania must move to ensure equal rights for Roma and Egyptian women and girls

The Year of Hygge, the Danish Obsession with Getting Cozy

Israeli Blogger Jailed in Belarus over Visits to and Comments about Nagorno-Karabakh

Azerbaijan to buy Israeli air defence system

Czech Republic buys Iron Dome radars

Greenland and Denmark: China syndrome

Obama ignores Alaskans, Natives with decision to prohibit Arctic offshore development

Obama, Trudeau, Invoke Indigenous Rights in Curtailing Arctic Drilling

Sovereign Mineral Rights and Wrongs

Ryan Zinke: Interior Secretary Pick has a Record of Listening to Tribes

Intergenerational Trauma: Understanding Natives’ Inherited Pain

An Economic Contract With Indian Country: Trump’s First 100 Days

Three out of four Greek firms in Bulgaria are ‘ghost companies’

Rebuilding Haiti: Hopes for a homegrown recovery

Sowing seeds of hope for Haiti’s future

The complicated story of NGOs in post-disaster Haiti

Haiti orders review of presidential vote results

Iceland: World’s Hottest Borehole Is Being Drilled Into a Volcano

Work has finally started on building Kresen Kernow – Cornwall Centre

Russia offers Serbia warplanes as Balkan state looks east

Serbia, Beware Russians Bearing Gifts

Russia arms Serbia amid tensions with NATO

Clashes in Chechen Capital Leave at Least Seven Militants Dead

At least 7 Libyan National Army fighters killed in Isis attack in Benghazi

A Tortuous Path to Peace in Libya

Illustrator brings Indian tribal struggle to life

Aboriginal teacher connecting people with country in the middle of the city

Finland’s Basic Income Experiment – 2017

2,000 selected for compulsory basic income trial – participants to be notified December 28

Finnish police aim to ban neo-Nazi group

Finns top mobile data table

Lauder welcomes Ban Ki-moon’s ‘long-awaited’ admission of UN bias against Israel

World Jewish Congress President Lauder ‘dismayed’ by UN Security Council resolution on Israeli settlements

UN Security Council passed a resolution to end Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories

Palestinian leadership praises passing of UN resolution

Israel settlements: Netanyahu orders UN ties review

Palestinian protesters in Santa suits clash with Israel Defence Force

Israel summons ambassadors over UN Security Council vote on settlements

Abbas: Resolution doesn’t solve Palestinian issue, but rather defines it

Once outlawed, Uganda’s tiny Jewish group opens synagogue

Holocaust survivors call on world to indict those responsible for Syrian atrocities

For Uighur exiles, Kashmir is heaven

Bolivia’s Morales says he may run for fourth term despite referendum loss

Biafra Agitation: IPOB uncovers plot against its members

‘President is a killer of Biafrans,’ IPOB says

British Govt. Exposes Atrocities Committed By Gowon During Nigeria-Biafra War

Christianity led Biafrans to slavery – Nnamdi Kanu’s supporters

Biafra: 16 members of European parliament ask EU to challenge Buhari, DSS

Biafra: IPOB thanks media for bold reportage

Sultan’s comments show hatred, hypocrisy against Biafra — MASSOB

Biafra: IPOB to protest Buhari’s visit to South-East

42 rights organisations seek probe into alleged repression of pro-Biafra activists

Massive Biafra protest hits Enugu over Buhari’s visit

Killing of Biafra activists: IPOB demands panel of enquiry, referendum date

#MissionCashless: Few use mobiles, fewer know what internet is in adivasi belts of Madhya Pradesh

Dalits and Adivasis faced highest number of atrocities in Rajasthan between 2013 and 2015

Darkness falls: thousands go blind in Chhattisgarh, no relief in sight

Police arrest adivasis who wanted to submit plea

‘There’s an elephant in the flowerbed again!’

Kennewick Man to return to Native Americans for reburial

President named Ukraine’s Environmental Pig of the Year for vetoing crucial EU-integration laws

Māori constitutional law lies in stories not statutes

Emotiki, the world’s first Maori emoji app, goes live

Foiled Coup Plot in US-Allied Montenegro Has Russia’s Fingerprints All Over It

New language protocol seeks to level linguistic playing field

Police brutality in Belarus

Kosovo arrests 59 officers in traffic police corruption probe

Wales takes on income tax powers for first time ever in milestone agreement

What exactly is a traditional Luxembourg Christmas?

A newspaper’s closure sparks fury — and concern over Hungary’s rightward drift

Deterioration of health situation of Sahrawi political prisoners on hunger strike

European Court dismisses Morocco’s claim to Western Sahara

Macedonia: Ex-PM threatens foreign ambassadors, NGOs

Macedonia’s conservatives win national elections after poll rerun

New Russian-Language Websites Offer Reality Check For North Caucasus And mid-Volga

Under the Guise of Public Safety, China Demolishes Thousands of Mosques

Algeria: 15th National Amazigh Film Festival Opens in Tizi Ouzou

Chilean football club tours West Bank to reconnect with its Palestinian roots

Cracks deepen in Palestinian politics as Abbas clamps down

First Use of Quechua Language in Peruvian News

Norway and China to normalize relationship after Nobel rift

How to save a dwindling language: Inuit fly to Wales and back

Belgium says will ‘re-examine’ relations with former colony Congo

Slovenia Finds Croatia’s Chocolates Not Very Sweet

A spat with China could push Mongolia into default

Mongolia says Dalai Lama won’t be invited again

Mongolia’s nomad herders facing winter disaster as temperatures plunge

India gets sucked into Mongolia – China relations; As China sanctions Mongolia over Dalai Lama’s visit

Trump Should Read India’s Playbook for Taunting China

Taiwanese pro-independence groups urge President Tsai Ing-wen to have courage and get tough

‘Wait until the harvest’: Leading figures in Iran, Lebanon warn of Aleppo fallout

In multicultural Lebanon, Nativity scenes are common in public places

US gets drone back, but Singapore still waiting on armoured troop carriers

East Icelanders tell TV weatherman to stop standing in front of their region

Israel just announced it will take in wounded civilians from Aleppo

Bulgaria faces early parliamentary election next spring

Bulgaria’s president-elect to appoint interim government next month

Missing and murdered Indigenous women inquiry launches new website

EIB, EBRD, EU back construction of Moldova-Romania gas link

U.N. sees steep Gaza population growth in 30 years, with economic problems ahead

Portugal dreams of a Tesla Gigafactory

Sweden Heads The Best Countries For Business For 2017

Silicon Valletta Accelerates Malta’s Emerging Tech Hub In The Mediterranean

Singapore Convicts Former Banker With Ties to Key Figure in 1MDB Probe

The extraordinary story of Wales’ protest against England after FA banned playing of the Welsh anthem at Wembley

Luxembourg opens Europe’s first hybrid bus recharging station

Albania revises gas pipeline deal to get more support

In Albania, recycling foreign waste means big business

1st Native American to receive a vote in the Electoral College for president

Why Chechnya influences Russian action in Syria

N.L. commits to annual leaders forum with Aboriginal leaders

Quebec launches inquiry into treatment of aboriginal people

Greece’s New Year of Living Dangerously

Which was the site of the world’s first decorated Christmas tree?

Taiwan’s president to visit US despite objections from China

A small African nation severs ties with Taiwan, and Beijing applauds

São Tomé and Príncipe: Sao Tome Latest Target in China and Taiwan’s Fight for Allies

Taiwan star’s gig off amid ‘support’ for independence

China tightens screws on Taiwan businesses

The BBC and Wales’ information deficit

A life in flux for Lebanon’s Dom community

Lithuania said found Russian spyware on its government computers

Albania clears path for judges law that is key to EU talks

EU presidency strengthened Slovakia’s government

Energy giants to begin talks for Cyprus gas

Norway fund blacklists more coal groups over climate concerns

Portugal Is The Country Everybody Will Be Visiting In 2017

Real-life Libya plane hijack halts hijack film shoot in Malta

Slovenian business sentiment rises to highest in 8.5 years

When Native Americans were arms dealers: A history revealed in ‘Thundersticks’

Irish language bursary scheme withdrawn in Northern Ireland

Latvia releases unique translucent coin with Earth

Germany Drains Bosnia of Doctors and Nurses

Singapore police investigate event HK activist addressed

Xi backs HK’s curbs on independence

Belarus: reporter sentenced for ‘radioactive’ milk story

Croatia Unblocks Serbia’s EU Negotiations 1

Croatia unblocks Chapter 26 in Serbia’s EU accession talks 2

‘Unscrupulous’ art dealers taking advantage of Aboriginal artists over the Christmas holidays

Norway’s ten weirdest Christmas traditions

Portugal produced 4.8 million tons of rubbish in 2015

Tiny Estonia Spearheads Fight Against Human Rights Abuses

Bosnian ‘minehunter’ dogs saving lives across the world

Singaporean blogger in immigration detention in US

5 more books by Indigenous authors for your holiday reading

Moldova’s Igor Dodon sworn-in as president

The pioneering Aboriginal team that took cricket by storm

Peru and Bolivia vow to clean Lake Titicaca

Georgia becomes partner of Europol