2017 01 08

January 01, 2007: Bulgaria Marks 10 Years of EU Membership

January 01, 1814: Haiti observes 214th anniversary of political independence

Rapper from Cornwall is taking the internet by storm with song about PASTIES

What Does It Mean To Be Cornish In 2017?

Chair of Welsh language group refuses to pay TV licence fee

Wales needs more “innovative” grassroots media to help explain how the nation works

Radio Cymru is 40: Penblwydd Hapus

Western Mail launches its latest Welsh History Month with women centre stage

Smiles and happy tears as new parents open Scotland’s first baby boxes

Consultation on a Draft Scottish Independence Referendum Bill

Nicola Sturgeon takes next step towards second Scottish independence referendum

The 3 steps that could take Scotland to an independent currency

Labour for Independence returns to launch major recruitment drive with Yes2 backing

No Irish Need Apply – The actual signs and ads

Northern Ireland’s peace process is not too big to fail

Tim Cook accused of being ‘disrespectful to the Irish people’ after refusing to appear before tax probe committee

Poland to set up consulate in Belfast

Police Killed More Native Americans in 2016 Than Previous Year

Fighting Big Oil in the Amazon

New Witch Hunt in Ecuador Against Indigenous and Environment Defenders

Amazon Indigenous REDD+: an innovative approach to conserve Colombian forests?

Bolivia indigenous group nears extinction with woman’s death

First Quechua Language TV News Show Premiers In Peru

New mayor a woman and indigenous too

Maori and Aztec unite on environmental issues

Sixties Scoop: Personal Stories of Adoption in Canada

First Nations Adoptees Seeking Redress: Canada Confronts the Sixties Scoop

From Dakota Access to Murdered and Missing Women: The Indians Won 2016

White House Hopes Trump Won’t Kill Council on Native American Affairs

Project adds Indigenous names to Canadian history

Ottawa accused of failing to provide for indigenous children

Pilot project designed for Indigenous survivors of domestic violence

Learning Not To Discuss Native People in the Past Tense

‘We, as a people, still exist’ — artist illuminates Native American history with family photos

What it means to be Indigenous: Boyden raises difficult questions

The Video Game That Attempts to Preserve Native Alaskan Culture

Pari Ibrahim receives prize from Folia magazine HvA / UvA_Amsterdam (University of Amsterdam) for founding / leading Free Yezidi Foundation

Why are Yazidis being uprooted again?

US to Resettle Iraqis Victimized by IS

KRG closes offices of Yezidi rights organization Yazda

Closure of Iraq Charity Puts Rescued Yazidi Sex Slaves at Risk, Director Warns

A network of smugglers rescues women from ISIS

West Papuan Flag was seen on the roof of the Indonesian Embassy in Melbourne

Australian government funds and trains Indonesian army that tortures, mutilates and kills Australia’s WW2 allies, the people of West Papua

West Papuan Zakarias Waer died after being severely tortured by drunk Indonesian police officers

EVERY DAY over 20 West Papuan people are arrested by the Indonesian police for peaceful expression

Steven Itlay sits in jail for treason against Indonesia for leading prayer service to support West Papua as a full member of the MSG

West Papua celebrate the anniversary of the alliance of people of Timika for self determination

China Considering Strong Measures to Contain Taiwan, Sources Say

The Taiwanese see themselves as Taiwanese, not as Chinese

Young Taiwanese support independence even if it means war with China: poll

Chinese trolls jumped the firewall to attack Taiwan’s president and military on Facebook

South China Sea: Japan And Taiwan Send Their Own Strong Messages To Beijing

Taiwan leader heads to Americas; US stops set to irk China

American bull in a china shop

Hong Kong: Pro-Independence Protests Erupt

China’s leaders worry about Hong Kong independence movement

HK activist Joshua Wong under police protection after failed assault in Taiwan: Reports

Hong Kong in the mood for marching, as Beijing cracks down on local aspirations

Singapore and Hong Kong gain ground as rising currency trading rivals to London

Uyghur Government Workers Ordered Not to Identify on Forms as Muslim

Show of force in Xinjiang sends hardline message

Xinjiang: Uighurs Grapple with Travel Restrictions

Modi’s Empty Promises May Have Pushed Mongolia Into China’s Arms

Inner Mongolia: Herdsmen welcome 2017 with camel race and beauty pageant

Tibetan Parliament Appeals UN to Reaffirm its Commitment on Tibet

Dalai Lama Commences 34th Kalachakra

China admits it discouraged Tibetans from attending Kalchakra ritual in Bodhgaya

Tibetan Singers Release Music Albums in Bodh Gaya

Thousands of Tibetans Forced Back to China Ahead of Buddhist Gathering

China Calls Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra ‘Illegal,’ Threatens Punishment for Those Taking Part

Spiritual leader of Tibet urges devotees to be 21st century Buddhists

Buddhist Scholar Bob Thurman on the Dalai Lama’s View That a Woman Could Succeed Him

China tightens Tibetan border security to combat ‘separatism’

Tibetan parliament-in-exile asks UN to restart Sino-Tibet talks

Tibetans Beaten, Detained For Coming Late to Lecture on Public Health

Security threats bring Iran’s Kurdish groups closer together

Turkey’s pro-Kurdish party condemns Istanbul attack

Are Conditions Ripening for Iraqi Kurdish State?

Barzani vs. PKK: Recipe for Kurdistan’s Second Civil War?

Donald Trump-themed restaurant opens in Iraqi Kurdistan

Kurdistan and Hungary extend education exchange program

Turkey demands US to stop supporting Kurdish YPG forces in Syria

Turkey shuts down Kurdish language institute in Istanbul

Three countries to open, upgrade representative offices in Kurdistan

US welcomes France’s support to the Kurdistan Region

Paris Demands Justice for Murder of Kurdish Citizens in 2013

‘Patients who should live are dying’: Greece’s public health meltdown

Demonetisation ground report: Helpless adivasis pay Rs 20 for withdrawal slip

Mainstream and marginal in ancient India

If Adivasi children want to get educated, they have to leave their families

70 villages in Maharashtra unite to oppose mining, save the Adivasi way of life

Tribals protest sexual exploitation of students in Adivasi Ashram Shalas

Khagrachhari blockaded over arrest of Adivasi leader

Adivasi question in Uttar Pradesh

Adivasis cautioned against women trafficking

Odisha’s Niyamgiri adivasis pick their nominees for development

Former Soviet republics must and will become Russia’s ‘protectorates,’ Moscow blogger says

Russia should reinstate the monarchy and appoint PUTIN as royal emperor, says influential Moscow churchman

Putin’s most likely next anschluss – a united Ossetia within the Russian Federation

French Front National chief Le Pen: annexation of Crimea “not illegal”

Ban on entry for Le Pen after scandalous statement on Crimea

A Trump-Putin deal on Crimea could trigger a much bigger war, Israeli analyst says

USA Today Parrots Kremlin Propaganda on Crimea

Moscow is trying to destroy the Crimean civic nation, Shtepa says

Like Crimea, ‘Trump is Ours,’ Russian products proclaim and other neglected Russian stories

Crimean Tatars: Moscow Adds Those Opposing Annexation to List of ‘Terrorists & Extremists’

NATO is funding a cyber defence programme for #Ukraine

Ukraine Def. Minister reveals number of Russian military grouping, hardware in Donbas

Senator McCain says U.S. ‘must stand up to Vladimir Putin’

Greendland: Independence: Quiet resolution

Saami: Making a statement

The slippery nature of cultural identity

U.S. Lending Support to Baltic States Fearing Russia

Latvia not actually «scared to death»

Latvia worried about potential attempts to influence elections

Lithuania: new links cut electricity costs to Baltics

Like the sound of 10-gigabit internet everywhere? Then move to Estonia

Baltic states: please stop calling us «former Soviet» countries

Lithuania refuses to extradite former head of Georgia’s anti-terrorism center to Russia

Kosovo ex-PM arrested in France on Serbian warrant

US Senator: Putin Illegally Annexed Part of Georgia

Finland Celebrates 100 Years Of Independence: Here’s What To Expect

US deterrence forces arriving in Europe

Homeless man invited to spend Christmas in Sweden after giving directions to tourists

Russia spreading fake news and forged docs in Sweden: report

Biafra: International observers to monitor Nnamdi Kanu’s next court sitting

Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has called for a sovereignty referendum in its bid to actualising Biafra

Israel Refuses to Return Bodies of Hamas Militants

Benjamin Netanyahu Questioned in Israel Graft Inquiry

Israeli Blogger Feared Soon to Be Extradited From Belarus to Azerbaijan

South Africa’s Jacob Zuma: It is unfathomable that Western Sahara still remains colonized

US administration does not recognize alleged Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara

Independence of Western Sahara is an inalienable right

Anatomy of Europe’s democratic recession

Understanding Malta’s EU Council presidency

Malta to establish common EU Policy on asylum seekers during presidency

Olympics: IOC refuses to lift Kuwait sports ban

Oil Rallies To 18-Month High As Kuwait, Oman Cut Output

Kuwait Shows Depth of Opposition to Austerity in the Gulf

When Kuwait was on fire, they saved the day

‘Denying [Armenian] genocide traumatises survivors a second time’

Roma actor sells Silver Bear award to feed kids

Tragic death in UK of two Romani girls from Czech Republic sparks horrible online commentary

Ukraine: Odessa is flooded with anti-Romani posters

Documentary: The men of the Fifth World

First Nation healers working to keep traditional medicine alive

Australia’s first Aboriginal grower group established in Western Australia

Aboriginal culture tours kick off in Watsons Bay

Czech Fake News Watchdog Kicks Off Operations

Czech ‘hybrid threats’ centre under fire from country’s own president

Czech budget shows first surplus in two decades

Albania: Europe’s cannabis paradise

Transgendered no longer considered mentally ill in Denmark

Denmark: Russia, terrorism and cyber-attacks highlight annual risk assessment

100-year flood hits Denmark

Flooding in Denmark becoming the norm

Montenegro’s NATO-Russia Chess Match

Iceland center-right parties to seek EU referendum

This Is How Often Iceland Will Cover Europe In A Volcanic Ash Cloud

Iceland: artist salary in 2017

Norway Ends 500-Y-O Lutheran Church Partnership, ‘Biggest Change Since the Reformation’

Norway, an Exemplar of NATO Burden-Sharing

Norway will become the first country in the world to switch off FM radio

Jamaica’s film industry — 100 years on and we are still gasping for breath

Costa confounds critics as Portuguese economy holds course

India, Portugal sign defence agreement

New Moldovan, Transdniester Leaders Hold Meeting Behind Closed Doors

Moldova’s Dodon Revokes Citizenship Of Pro-Western Romanian Leader

Ex-Romanian President will sue Moldova’s President for removing his citizenship

Largest lake in southern Europe under threat from “eco-resort”

16 sexual assaults reported in Austria after New Year’s Eve celebrations

Satire one of few remaining bastions in Orban’s Hungary

Fidesz dominance of Hungary’s rural media depicted on a map

Hungary’s First Heart Transplant Operation Was Performed 25 Years Ago

Luxembourg nationality law goes to vote in January

Luxembourg’s millennials optimistic but critical of society

The website daring to mock the Eritrean regime

2016 Donostia Protocol – A Tool to Ensure Protection for Regional and Minority Languages

Galicia: shellfish management plans will include environmental information for the first time

Critics urge repeal of Lebanon rape law

Haiti: Jovenel Moise confirmed as new president

Why it took 14 months for Haiti to get a president-elect

Food stocks low in southern Haiti in wake of storm

Former Haiti rebel leader wanted in US arrested during talk show

Former Haitian rebel leader appears in US court on drug charges

Croatia Starts 2017 Off Right by Abolishing Fur Farms

Oromo: Study Identifies Strategies Ethiopian Government Uses to Create Information Blackout

A total of 1,523 violent deaths were reported in Libya in 2016

Libya says will declare force majeure at two ports over smuggling

Germany is sued in U.S. over early-1900s Namibia slaughter

How Spain’s King Felipe kept low profile in Catalonia in 2016

Bulgarian radio barred from playing new music in copyright fight

Anti-corruption party launches in Bulgaria as election approaches

Macedonia’s Ethnic Albanians Want Nation Declared Bilingual

Belgium to fight terror with curb on travel tickets

Hope for a fresh settlement in Cyprus

Balochistan: Malnutrition and Child Mortality Still Rampant

Somaliland: Internet Providers Support Government in Suppressing Critical Voices