2017 4 9

Due to unknown to Small Nations’ Alliance reasons the web site was down for almost one week.

April 9, 1989 Day of Nationa Unity and April 9, 1991 Restoration of Independence in Georgia

Alex Salmond: Being small is no barrier to the success of independent countries such as Norway, Slovakia and others

Wednesdays, the only language allowed at that government office will be Aymara

Top Bolivian NGO facing eviction – given just days to move archive

First Transsexual Woman in Bolivia Gets Legally Married

Bolivia seeks Friday Security Council talks on U.S. Syria strike

Bolivia Condemns OAS ‘Coup’ After Being Removed from Presidency

From powwow to rock, Indigenous Music Awards nominees announced

How a non-Indigenous man became a member of the Fort William First Nation

Indigenous students’ journey to finding their voices on campus

Researchers: How to Protect Peru’s Rainforest? Indigenous Land Titles

Consultations Finally Begin Between Indigenous and Costa Rica

Berta Caceres Murder: DESA Corporation’s Defamation Lawsuit Dismissed

Violent Eviction of Indigenous Shuar Clears Way for Copper Mine

How Did I Miss That? Cherokee Nation Teams Excel at Robotics World Championship

Same-Sex Marriage? Osage Nation Votes ‘Yes’

Over a Hundred Gay Men Reportedly Rounded Up, In Some Cases Killed, by Police in a Single Region in Russia

Moscow deploys Russian Guard and OMON against truckers in Daghestan

Moscow’s false story about Alaska infuriates residents of Russian North

Putin accepts resignation of Mari El Republic’s head

Head of Russia’s Udmurt Republic arrested in corruption case

Rosneft Discovers New Field In Bashkortostan

Tatarstan’s Prime Minister Resigns, Becomes Chief Of Tatenergo

Tatarstan makes a strong pitch for global spotlight

Eritrea slams US sanctions after North Korea military deal

US Imposes New Sanctions on Eritrea’s Navy Over North Korea Links

A story of regeneration and reforestation from Eritrea

Main South Sudanese rebel group threatens to stop oil production

Over 3000 South Sudanese flee border town to Uganda after Tuesday raid

U.N. denied access to South Sudan town alleged to be massacre site

New Somali PM vows to eliminate corruption

Somali pirates hijack another ship

Somalia: At least seven dead in Mogadishu’s car bomb explosion

Tunisia to hold first post-revolt local polls on Dec 17

Mali peace conference urges talks with Islamist groups

Mali: Situation Desperate, Must Reorganize

Middle East Studies hosts film series on displacement

Tinariwen: From the Sahara desert to Denver, one road leads to another

Southern Libya tribes sign peace deal after secret talks in Rome

Tebu body rejects Rome deal with Tuareg and Awlad Suleiman

Italy-Libya accord to fight smugglers is ‘dangerous fiction’: aid groups

Barotseland freedom fighters still in jail

Former US president Bush visiting Namibia

Negotiating Western Sahara: between international law and geopolitical interests

From the Sahrawi refugee camps: Polisario prepares its resistance

Western Sahara Conflict: “the key to the solution is in Europe”

IPOB vows to lockdown Biafra land on May 30 to honour fallen heroes

Ex-Gov. Obi warns Federal Government against use of force against the Biafra

Army displays weapons made by Biafran engineers in Owerri

Biafra: Charlyboy drums support for Nnamdi Kanu, follows him to court

Biafra: Again, Nnamdi Kanu opposes hiding identity of witnesses

Remove Itsekiri land from Biafra map to avoid civil war – Itsekiri youths warn

What Gowon said about Ojukwu after the Biafra war

Biafra: Why we won’t be part of your ‘Kangaroo investigative panel’ – IPOB tells Army Chief, Buratai

Oromia: Deep Reform Set to Bring Radical Change

64% of Maltese happy with the way democracy works in Malta

Should Lebanon get more funds for hosting refugees?

Fighting intensifies in Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon

Lebanon’s Hezbollah calls US strike on Syria ‘idiotic step’

Jamaica finds true heir to Usain Bolt’s throne – record-breaking 12-year-old sprinter Brianna Lyston

Jamaica looking for benefits from financial services sector

Banned drug found in Jamaican sprinters’ 2008 samples — report

Serbia’s Vucic confirms domination with presidential win

EU the biggest loser in Serbia’s elections

Thousands of Serbs protest against big election win for PM Vucic

Slovakia does not want Soros’ uni

Slovakia lifts amnesty over 1995 kidnapping of ex-leader’s son

Wha’s Like Us? Former partners Czech Republic and Slovakia are flourishing after Velvet Divorce

Wha’s Like Us? ‘It is a strange feeling for us’: Brexit limbo of Slovakian Scots

Czech koruna soars as central bank ditches its euro peg

Czech FM wants appeal in Czech national’s killing in London

Lithium reviving centuries-old Czech mining tradition

Haiti’s new government pushes back on US priorities

Haiti Stands Up to US, Rejects OAS ‘Coup’ Attempt Against Venezuela

Haitians wonder if they will be sent home to a still-devastated Haiti

Turning plastic trash from Haiti into trendy shoes

Testing the waters: Somaliland dives into the international arena

Multi-million dollar deal for Somaliland’s historic port sparks land rush

Somaliland journalist sentenced to 2 years in prison

New Kuwait highlights the same old problems

Kuwait, UNHCR sign landmark agreement to aid Syrian refugees

Armenia elections tainted by vote-buying: OSCE monitors

U.S. Congratulates Armenia on ‘Calm and Orderly’ Elections

How Armenia Is Trying to Stop Sex-Selective Abortions

Armenia’s election: The status quo wins at the expense of democracy

Armenia – Azerbaijan – First anniversary of the truce following the “Four-Day War” (5 April 2017)

Businessman suspected in Italian bribery case linked to Azerbaijan’s first family

EU and Switzerland to reopen trade and political talks

Italy, Switzerland in Dispute Over Nighttime Border Closings

Concerns Mount Over Kyrgyzstan Being Breeding Ground for Terrorists

St. Petersburg train bomber believed Uzbek, 22, who left restive Kyrgyzstan to find work in Russia

Crackdown, repressions prompt wave of solidarity in Belarusian society

Russia and Belarus, after presidents meet, say disputes settled

With crackdown on protests, Russia’s new friend Belarus tightens its grip on power

#Belarus: European Parliament condemns mass arrests

Russia Makes Preparations For Full-Scale Offensive Operation

Tajikistan steps up battle against Islamic clothing

Australia’s indigenous aid program bureaucratic and wasteful: U.N.

Australia’s Aboriginal children ‘essentially being punished for being poor’ – UN rights expert

Aboriginal astronomy the star of Dreamtime stories

Indigenous elders develop app in bid to reduce youth suicide rate

Indigenous plight by the numbers

Highlight: A Touch of Tuva

What the hell is going on in Macedonia?

Who is using and forcing all of Macedonia’s attributions?

Power Battle Leaves Macedonia Without Government

Macedonia Accuses Albania Of Interfering In Internal Affairs

EU tells Macedonia, paralyzed by political crisis, to focus on EU entry

Macedonia’s Gruevski Faces Grilling Over Election Fraud

Norway: ‘bomb-like device’ destroyed in central Oslo

Norway’s Doomsday vault will now store and protect the world’s data

Wha’s like us? Norway can give us inspiration for a future Scotland

‘I am not here by luck. I am equal to everyone else’ says lone Adivasi faculty at MG University, Kottayam as she battles against caste discrimination

Rupee dreams: Tribal youth opting for jobs over studies

Melania Trump’s home country celebrates 25 years of US recognition

Albania PM calls Montenegro NATO entry historic for Balkans

Moldova, Montenegro agree on cooperation within European integration

NATO Day celebrated in Montenegro

Moldova Says 17 Arrested In Plot to Assassinate Leading Politician

Moldova Urges Moscow Not To Recognize Transdniester Documents

Moldova PM hits back at president’s anti-EU claims

Hungary passes bill targeting Central European University and its founder George Soros

Austria ready to host embattled Budapest-based university

Germany’s Merkel Encourages Spain, Portugal to Invest in Solar

Dazed but defiant, Stockholm unites after attack

Sweden celebrates International Roma Day

Bulgaria’s Borissov Starts Coalition Talks With Nationalists

EU Court Reprimands Bulgaria Over Air Pollution

Cyprus leaders to resume peace talks on April 11

Cyprus peace deal needs to be watertight for vote, says President

Wha’s like us: Is Croatia a partner or rival for the tourist trade?

Wha’s like us: Scottish fishing industry lends a hand in Croatia

Wha’s like us: Croatia proves a country can join the EU and not use the euro

Influential Turkmen Energy Chief Fired For Failing To Achieve The Unachievable

Singapore cuts jail term for megachurch leader in pop music fraud case

Singapore is not quite what Brexiters think it is

Terms Of ‘Union’ With Russia Dominate South Ossetian Presidential Election

South Ossetia Polls: What You Need to Know

European Parliament’s committee chair condemns developments in Abkhazia and Tskhinvali

US Mission to the OSCE sums up recent Int’l discussions on Georgian conflict

Russia Absorbs Military Units of Breakaway Abkhazia

U.S. Condemns ‘Illegitimate’ Elections In Georgian Breakaway Regions

Georgia president’s annual address touches on Russian occupation, EU and NATO

World experts shape future for Georgia’s mountain tourism

9 people kidnapped in 33 days for crossing occupation line in Georgia

Georgia and Norway sign defence cooperation agreement

Inside the Luxembourg bid to lure City firms after Brexit: How the Grand Duchy lines up against Frankfurt, Paris, Dublin and other rivals

Luxembourg labour costs 4th highest in EU

Luxembourg University ranked 11th worldwide

Israel approves first new West Bank settlement in 20 years

Hamas executes three ‘Israel collaborators’ in Gaza

Palestinian activist’s Australian visa cancelled on eve of speaking tour

Why Israel Is Nothing Like Apartheid South Africa

Can Social Entrepreneurs Create A New City Of Palestinian Opportunity?

Israeli soldier killed in Palestinian car ramming in West Bank

Hamas ‘would accept Palestine state within 1967 borders’

Palestinian flag to fly above City Hall over ‘brutal occupation’

No End in Sight for Mideast Conflict, But Palestine Stocks Are Soaring

Estonia is to introduce its culture, arts and science to Europe

Andres Simonson: Estonia 100 – the gift of security

Basque leaders hope ETA disarmament plan will bring end to long conflict

Basque separatist group ETA hands over arms, ending decades of conflict

Iceland weighs pegging its currency to the euro, finance minister says

Iceland’s genetic goldmine, and the man behind it

Climate Change Is a Boon to Tourism in Iceland

Was Russia in Kurdistan preventable?

Why the Pentagon doesn’t want Turkey’s help in Syria

Is the Iranian regime facing a Kurdish uprising?

Democracy on Trial in Ankara

Turkey’s new-old red-lines in Iraqi Kurdistan

Kurdish flag to fly above Kirkuk despite Iraq ban

Turkey’s Erdogan calls on Iraqi Kurds to lower Kurdish flag in Kirkuk

Turkish President Courts Kurdish Vote

Kurdistan will hold independence referendum in 2017, senior official

Trump son-in-law, top US officer meet Iraq Kurd leaders

Lithuania says Russia has ability to launch Baltic attack in 24 hours

Article 50: What to look out for in Wales

Leanne Wood warns Wales could be left with a ‘puppet parliament’ post-Brexit

Programme to promote the use of the Welsh language

Festival to celebrate and embrace Welsh learners

Embrace Irish language act, says Welsh minister Alun Davies

Wales football hero to return to home turf as 2017 National Eisteddfod President

Albania Defense Ministry opens military island for tourism

Albania, Kosovo Struggle to Boost Low Trade Levels

Upcoming elections will be ‘real test’ of #Albania EU credentials says report

Want the baby to stop crying? Be Danish. Or don’t breastfeed

Denmark hopeful Trump meeting will settle concerns over transatlantic relationship

Wha’s like us? Common values between Scotland and Denmark could be priceless

Wha’s like us? Denmark proves how small countries can handle debt and invest for growth

Freedoms of religion and speech on the backfoot in Denmark

Expat to be deported from Denmark after 32 years in the country

Uganda parliament pledges support for West Papua independence

West-Papua: Concerns Over Rapprochement Between Indonesia and Solomon Islands

Jokowi urged to honor promise to free up media access to West Papua

Dialogue is a recipe to end deadly violence in Papua

How Ukraine and the West Could Push Putin Out of Crimea

Finnish railway firm pulls magazines over Crimea holiday ad

Russia breaches international law forcing Crimeans to serve in occupying army

King Abdullah: Compromise with Russia on Crimea to get its help in Syria

Russian FSB resorts to flagrant falsification to jail Ukrainian activist in Crimea

Pro-Ukrainian victim of savage attack faces ’extremism’ sentence for Crimea is Ukraine post

Crimean Tatar placed on Russia’s List of Extremists & Deprived of Pension for Calling Crimea Ukraine

2 Crimean Tatars on trial for a pre-annexation pro-Ukraine rally released under house arrest

Security forces raided Central Market of Simferopol

Crimean Tatar political prisoner punished in Russia for refusal to act as informer

Crimean Tatar political prisoner declares hunger strike

Russia ignores its own international agreements in trying journalist for saying Crimea is Ukraine

Children taught to glorify war and the invader in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russia’s Crimean Tatar captive goes on hunger strike demanding justice

Syria: containers for chemical weapons found at Shayrat Air Base

McCain: Trump Administration ‘Seriously Considering’ Lethal Defensive Aid to Ukraine

Ukrainian public broadcaster urges Eurovision to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty

Spoiling Ukrainian-Polish relations: next phase in Kremlin’s hybrid war

Only Ukraine’s success can influence positive development of Russia – Lithuania’s ex-Prime Minister

Ukraine should aim to make occupation of Donbas as painful as possible – expert

If you want to see Russian information warfare at its worst, visit these countries

Remnants of Cyclone Debbie leaves New Zealand underwater

Chicken run: New Zealand Post will start delivering KFC to beat mail slump

Seven in 10 Bay of Plenty prisoners are Maori – the highest rate in 30 years

First global smartphone with Māori language operating systems unveiled

Denmark spurned Chinese offer for Greenland base over security – sources

Greenland: Plenty more money in the sea?

Greenland’s political parties are looking on the bright side of a lacklustre local election

Greenland’s eastern coast trapped in a decimating population slide

Chef Leif Sørensen brings culinary prestige to the Faroe Islands

‘Swiss ignorance about Roma speaks for itself’

Shutka: Inside Macedonia’s only Roma-run municipality

Sweden celebrates International Roma Day

Lawyer admits to negligence representing Roma refugees

International Romani Day celebrated in Bucharest this weekend

Roma Burned from their Homes as Lessons Go Unlearned in Romania

Italy: Gianturco Roma Camp Demolished on the eve of International Roma Day

Slovenia: tolerance highlighted on International Romani Day

‘The best Roma in the village is the Roma who works as a servant’

Slovakia: there are efforts for positive changes in Roma community

CityU HK student union claims political suppression over ban on pro-independence party merchandise

Baltic states think Russia is laying the groundwork for looming ‘kinetic operations’

Russia to send the world’s largest submarine to the Baltic

Russian Narratives on NATO’s Deployment

Tensions flare as Greece tells Turkey it is ready to answer any provocation

Syrian migrant sets himself on fire in Greek migrant camp

China bans ‘abnormal’ beards and wearing veils in Xinjiang

Xinjiang Police Search Uyghur Homes For ‘Illegal Items’

Re: Baltica: Baltic Russian-language news sites Baltnews linked to Kremlin’s global propaganda network

Lithuanian government backs cutting back alcohol sale hours and banning advertising

Estonian formin: US response to use of chemical weapons was necessary

Latvia’s FM: Missile strike on Syrian airbase was an adequate response

Lithuania’s Grybauskaite: Syrian and Russian leaders must know red lines

Got your ‘Passport for Cornwall’?

Tibetan Lama gives up monkhood for marriage and people love it

Dalai Lama and Tibet: India’s leverage against China

Tibetan Sikyong meets with Swiss Parliament delegation

The kingdom of women: the society where a man is never the boss

Tibetan fashion hits the Beijing runway

Tibetan lawmakers debate on electoral reform, women empowerment

Speaking up for Tibet: advocates around the world on Tibet Lobby Day

Arunachal bodyguard relives 1959 with the Dalai Lama

How Donald Trump may have provided India an opportunity to play the Tibet card

Why the Dalai Lama’s visit to a tiny town in India is causing such a stir

India unperturbed as China throws up a tantrum over Dalai Lama’s Arunachal visit

Nancy Pelosi And US Lawmakers Tell Trump To Talk Tibet With Xi

Tibetan Political Prisoner Released After Nine Years in Prison

Tibet seeks meaningful autonomy, not independence: Tibetan leader

Senators Cardin and Rubio call on Secretary Tillerson to raise Tibet during Xi Jinping’s visit

Sweden Does Not Accept India’s Tibetan Travel Document ‘IC’

I first got my freedom in Arunachal: Dalai Lama

Tibetan museum comes up with exhibition on self-immolations

Tibetan Families Ordered From Their Homes in Chamdo Prefecture

India Borders Tibet, Not China: Arunachal Chief Minister

Sweden Arrested Spying Agent Targeting Tibetan Refugees

Tibetan Self-Immolation Protest Survivor Released

Tibetan Girl Among Top Model Belgium Finalists

How the Dalai Lama escaped to Arunachal Pradesh 58 years back

Swedish Parliamentarians form new Swedish Tibet Friendship group

Happiness will Prevail Once Again in Tibet: His Holiness the Dalai Lama Tells Tibetan Community in Guwahati

Yazidi woman, enslaved by ISIS, shares her story of survival

The World’s Biggest Yezidi Temple to Be Built in Armenia

Brexit revives Sinn Féin campaign for united Ireland vote

Plans for Irish language college among those left in the balance

Brexit begins: Northern Ireland reaction as Article 50 triggered

Wha’s like us? Irish border will be contentious after hard Brexit

Wha’s like us? Ireland can show us how to live life on the edge

America Can No Longer Afford to Leave Taiwan Out of Its China Policy

Documenting Taiwan’s blacklisted dissidents

Kosovo leader’s military maneuvers

Thaci Backtracks on Establishing Kosovo Army

Scotland Home Truths: David Low, who helped save Celtic in the 1990s, says indyref2 campaign must be built on honesty

Spain says it would not veto an independent Scotland joining the EU

Book Review: McSmorgasbord explores a variety of relationships with the EU and points a way forward for Scotland

Westminster’s post-Brexit power grab could end Scotland’s renewables ambitions

Top Spanish MEP attacks UK for keeping Scotland out of EU

No legal challenge to Scotland Act planned for second independence referendum

Fast track: Key Merkel ally says indy Scotland would have ‘relatively speedy’ entry into the EU

Puigdemont: What goes for Scotland, goes for Catalonia

Former British MP suggests raising Catalonia pro-independence aspirations at the UN

Spanish Court suspends Catalan independence referendum line items from budget

Catalan Government committed to referendum despite Spain’s suspension of budget

Catalonia to announce date of independence referendum in June

The date of the Catalan referendum will be announced in June

Catalan Government appoints delegates in Poland, Geneva and Scandinavia

Banned Catalan leader can’t stand for EU Parliament either, says Spanish Court

Puigdemont meets with Jimmy Carter to talk about Catalonia’s pro-independence process

Kremlin-backed APT28 doesn’t even bother hiding its attacks, says Finnish secret police

Finnish Baby Box Is Becoming Popular Around the World

Women have been voting more than men for three decades in Finland

Smoke-free babies as a goal: 15% of pregnant Finns still smoke

Finland: Information and communication workers top median earnings list

Lapland reindeer herders still carrying radiation from Cold War nuclear tests

Finland: Over 800 couples marry in first month of legal same-sex unions

Secret orders for media coverage of Chinese presidential visit to Finland

Wha’s like us? Finland’s immigration issues are something that Scotland can learn from

Wha’s like us? Finland is proof a small country can withstand a few huge economic blows

Finland’s centenary year 2017 opens a treasure chest of events