2017 4 23

April 16: Aberri Eguna (“Fatherland Day”) in Basque Country

April 19, 1940: Indian Day in Brazil

April 23, 303: Catalonia: Sant Jordi’s Day

April 24, 1916: Proclamation of the Irish Republic

April 26, 1937: Bombing of Guernica, Basque Country

April 27, 1961: Sierra Leone Independence Day

April 27, 1960: Togo Independence Day


Disputed islands of the South China Sea

Haiti to rebuild National Palace smashed in 2010 earthquake

UN inaugurates water supply system in Haiti anti-cholera fight

A scandal of sexual abuse mars the U.N.’s exit from Haiti

With End of UN Mission Ahead, Haiti Seeks to Revive Its Military

Mongolia launches its first satellite

Mongolia Clears Hurdles Needed for $5.5 Billion IMF-Led Bailout

Montenegro is going to be Europe’s hottest new tourist destination — here’s why

Montenegro makes notable progress towards EU

Sixth False Bomb Report Alarms Montenegro Capital

Russian Media Paint Dark Picture of Montenegro

Anti-Semitic Incidents in Austria Rise Again, NGO says

‘Islamic’ kindergartens: Vienna’s Muslim preschools cause a stir in Austria

Austria calls for closure of Mediterranean migrant route

Switzerland is not manipulating its currency

Switzerland’s controversial Islamic leaders

IN PICS: Ten stunning images of Switzerland in spring

Geneva marches again – this time for science

Turkish obstruction keeps Armenian memorial in public eye

Cyprus and Austria sign MoU for co-operation in military matters

Cyprus evaluating implications of Turkish referendum results

Cyprus leaders meet in bid to revive stalled peace talks

Soros gets warm Brussels reception amid spat with Hungary

Slovenia ombudsman asks court to examine new migration law

Slovenian government seeks some supervision of central bank

Portugal’s junk rating is increasingly difficult for agencies to justify, says deputy finance minister

Portugal Is a Keynesian Mirage

In Portugal, Drug Use Is Treated As A Medical Issue, Not A Crime

Inside the World’s first all-female special forces unit: Norway’s Jegertroppen

Norway’s oil problem sets election stage after spending binge

Kuwait quizzes IS suspect deported from Philippines

Kuwait is rich and advanced, but with a contradiction at its heart

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait signal likely extension of oil output cut

Kuwait’s most prominent opposition figure freed from prison

Sierra Leone News: Enslaved in Kuwait for 2 months… Victim reveals secrets

Kuwait study urges caps on number of expatriates

Brazilian tribal leader fronts global protests for land rights

Brazil’s Indigenous Leaders Convene To Shore Up Eroding Rights

Brazil: Official Report Links Human Tragedy of the Guarani Kaiowá to Agribusiness

Donald Trump to host Palestinian president next month

Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israel go on hunger strike

Israel rules out talks with Palestinian hunger striking inmates

Israel Orders Solitary Confinement for Hunger Strike Organiser

A Novel’s Role in Israeli-Palestinian Tensions

Jewish and Arab Israelis do not want to live in same neighborhoods

Israel ‘lobbying FIFA’ to prevent settlement teams’ ban

Iran vows ‘Death to Israel’ as it unveils its latest missiles during National Army Day

US Defense Secretary Reiterates Support for Israel

Secession of Caprivi from Namibia – 3d treason trial ends with 10-year jail term

Thousands March in Tizi Ouzzou for Independence of Kabylie from Algeria

Libya urges international ‘intervention’ to stave off civil war

Occupation No One Cares About: Morocco’s Continued Occupation of the Western Sahara

UN peacekeeping force in Western Sahara must urgently monitor human rights

Sahrawi president urges UN to intervene to guarantee security, intergrity of Sahrawis in occupied territories

Polisario Front accepts appointment of Horst Köhler as UN Personal Envoy for Western Sahara

My Stand On Nnamdi Kanu And Biafra, By Charly Boy

Biafra: Southern Cameroon Joins Secession Struggle

IPOB laments members’ disappearance, detention without trial

IPOB restructures, appoints new leaders for Biafra zones

12 Nigerian states Biafra agitators want

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, 11 professors set to storm Washington DC for Biafra conference

There will be no movement in Biafra land May 30, the 50th anniversary of the declaration of the Independent State of Biafra

Exiled Ethiopian athlete vows to protest Oromo killings at London Marathon

Oromo: Controversial Report on Protests Downplays Severity of Government Crackdown

Eritrea: Will the Dutch close the Eritrean embassy?

The famine the Eritrean government doesn’t want you to know about

Egypt to establish military base in Eritrea

Eritrea presses China for help on Security Council sanctions

Somaliland editor detained after trading himself for colleague’s freedom

Break Away Nation: How Somaliland Is Putting The Horn of Africa On The Map

Somaliland: A little goes a long way

Somaliland: no water, no school & no future!

Mali returns interim authorities to last northern cities

A guide to Barotseland Self-determination

Injustice against Barotse nationals escalates as Magistrate Milumbe sees opportunity to cash-in

Batwa: Denied Land Ownership in Burundi

Somali national stadium still a military base, CAF President to the rescue

Ex-Zimbabwe PM and Veep hint of alliance to unseat Mugabe in 2018

Zimbabwe at 37: We are ‘masters of our own destiny’ – Mugabe

Zimbabwe is 37 years old, opposition “commemorate and not celebrate”

UN alarmed by Burundi militia chants to ‘impregnate or kill’ opponents

Gambia to do away with iconic glass marbles for ballot papers

Gambia’s first visually impaired female MP

C.A.R holds unprecedented disarmament talks with rebel groups

South Sudan takes first steps to a new constitution

Somalia: Roadside bomb kills 8 in Puntland

Czech court bars Uber in country’s second-largest city

Two weeks after float, Czech crown falls back to former cap level

China Bans ‘Extreme’ Islamic Baby Names Among Xinjiang’s Uyghurs

Uyghur Village Cadre Dismissed For Holding Islamic Wedding Vows at Home

Businesses eye tie-ups between Xinjiang and Singapore

‘Domestic burden’ holding young Indigenous women back from school

Private schools push for separate Indigenous campuses to cash in on federal funds

Indigenous translations go online as reform talks end

In Macedonia, anti-press rhetoric leaves journalists feeling vulnerable

The real story about the Republic of Macedonia

Suspect in foiled French election attack also sought by Belgium

Belgium’s ‘fairytale’ bluebell forest victim of own beauty

Finland’s Green Party And Nuclear Power — Really?

Finland is experiencing an increasing drain of elite brains

Rauma in the spotlight: city celebrates 575 years as Finland turns 100

Finland has a nascent ‘jihadist underworld’

How Finland could be a smoke-free country by 2030

Hybrid war in the High North: Finland responds to the Russian threat

Russian language losing its position around the world

The largest international technical cyber defence exercise in the world takes place next week

Influx of ‘red capital’ raises fears for editorial independence in Hong Kong media

CCP puts separatist activities in HK, Taiwan on national security agenda

Two unfinished tasks for independence advocate Peng Ming-min

Taiwan return of China dissident seen as bid for better ties

Independence advocate honored with Tainan park

Chiang Kai-shek statue on Yangminshan beheaded

Ai Weiwei questions HK autonomy after being denied bank account by HSBC

Belarus orphanage children found on brink of starvation

Between East and West: what’s next for Belarus?

Stanislau Shushkevich: Lukashenka Is Losing Power

Serbian president lobbies Russia, Belarus for supply of S-300s long range missiles

Serbia’s Post-Election Protests Broaden, but Can They Make a Difference?

Fresh claims of Azerbaijan vote-rigging at European human rights body

Taekwondo champion fights gender inequality in Azerbaijan

Authorities in Azerbaijan use jail, militia to stifle protest movement

Azerbaijan To Provide Georgia With Alternative To Russian Gas In 2017

Ukraine’s mission to UN tells about massive human rights violations in Crimea, Donbas

Russia turns Crimea into largest military base in the world – Poroshenko

Occupying authorities not to unban Crimean Tatars’ Mejlis – Russian media

Russian prosecutor demands 17 years for Crimean Tatar political prisoner Ruslan Zeytullaev

Putin’s Crimean hostage Ruslan Zeytullaev has been on hunger strike for NINETEEN DAYS

Crimean woman abducted and taken to interrogation with a bag on her head

How Russia fights religious ‘dissidents’ in occupied Crimea

Crimean Tatar political prisoner Arsen Dzhepparov: jailed & refused urgently needed medical care for not collaborating

In Russia rallies held in support of Crimean Tatars

“Putin friends” from EU attending business forum in Russian-occupied Crimea

Occupants “erase” Crimean Tatars from history of Crimea

Crimean Tatars: UN Court Reiterates Condemnation of Illegal Occupation of Crimean Peninsula

Tortured to Death for Defending Ukraine’s Flag and Ukrainian Unity

First casualties of OSCE mission in Donbas: land mine blast kills one, injures another

Poroshenko asks Tillerson to revisit UN peacekeepers deployment in Donbas after OSCE incident

Putin follows Hitler and Stalin in seeking to repress Jehovah’s Witnesses

20 Ukrainian soldiers to undergo treatment in Hungary

Crimintern: How the Kremlin uses Russia’s criminal networks in Europe

Moscow reacts to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan switching from Cyrillic with hysterics

Road Rage: How a New Tax Has Turned Dagestan’s Truckers Into Russia’s Most Stoic Protesters

The latest protest Moscow is trying to ignore: Thousands of angry truckers

State of counter-terror operation imposed in two districts in Russia’s Dagestan

Number of Russian citizens fighting for ISIS in Syria up dramatically in last year

In macho Chechnya, being gay is an act of intolerable rebellion

‘They want to exterminate us’, says Chechen gay man

Chechnya’s President Claims He Is Under “Attack” as Journalists Flee for Their Lives

Thousands of Slovaks protest corruption, demand ouster of PM Fico’s ally

Tajikistan Opens A New Chapter: No Books Allowed In Or Out Without Approval

Tajikistan’s Economy: Any Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Is Tajikistan’s Most Famous Militant Gulmurod Khalimov Dead?

Luxembourg to Launch a Fund Offering Financial Support for Space Resources Industry

Economic Recovery and Confronting Corruption in Kyrgyzstan

Activists ramp up pressure on Lebanon’s rape law

Lebanon rape law: Wedding dresses hang in Beirut sea front protest

Lebanon army kills wanted IS militant in raid

Catalan politicians declare commitment to independence referendum

Catalan government to call the referendum and apply its results, despite Spain’s threats

Catalonia to declare independence if Spain blocks the referendum, warns Catalan VP

British MPs, diplomats and journalists debate Catalonia’s independence roadmap at Westminster

Newcomers Dominate Bulgaria’s New Parliament

Bulgaria stops five Germans on way to Syria to join militant groups

Did Cornish voters for Brexit just kill off their own language?

U.K. Prime Minister Calls For Early Election

How an early election makes Scottish independence more likely

Nicola Sturgeon calls on Scotland to reinforce her mandate for indyref2 in the upcoming election

Nicola Sturgeon: Tory attempt to block indyref2 will ‘crumble to dust’ if SNP win election

Yes2 relaunches as aYe Scotland ahead of new #ScotRef campaign

SNP in Falkirk are telling their voters to pick pro-indy Green candidates as their next preferences

NEPA urges public to change habits as Jamaica observes Earth Day

Jamaica urged to take bold steps with ganja

Iceland’s cave people

Little taste for EU membership in Iceland

Icelanders Seek to Keep Their Language Alive and Out of ‘the Latin Bin’

Can Iran stop Iraqi Kurdistan independence?

Only Israel will recognize independent Kurdistan now, top Shiite leader

German foreign minister meets Kurdistan leaders in Iraq

What is next on Erdogan’s Kurdish agenda?

Turkish-backed rebels attack Kurdish forces in northern Syria

Turkish warplanes bomb Kurdistan border areas for third day

Kurdish parties come together to set date for independence referendum

Kurdish Iranian parties discuss creating a democratic front

Science confirms the incredible story of Lithuania’s Holocaust escape tunnel

The art of action: meet the artist who walked across Moldova in search of cultural identity

EU Warns Moldova To Honor Trade Pact As President Looks To Russia

Moldova complains about ASF threat from Ukraine

Snow storm blasts Moldova: UN provides essential equipment as hundreds of villages without electricity

Moldovan court sentences “raider” Platon in connection to $1bn bank fraud

Police, customs officials helped smuggle 10 tonnes of cannabis from Albania to Italy, prosecutors say

No candidates nominated for vote on Albania’s president

India’s Tibet Game Tests Beijing

Beijing renamed places in Arunachal Pradesh because of Dalai Lama’s Tawang visit

Exile: A Record Of The Early Years Of Exile Tibet

Tibetan monk released after three years in prison

Politics of Reincarnation: India, China, and the Dalai Lama

The night my father escaped Tibet

The four loves and the enemy within: new ideological campaign in Tibet reflects heightened agenda of control in 19th Party Congress year

Tibetan Culture Immersion Summer Program in India for Tibetan Youths

Hollywood Shunning Richard Gere For Supporting Tibet Implies Chinese Factor There

5 Tibetans arrested in Kardze after self immolation by Tibetan

Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act introduced in the US

Russian Soldier Stabbed To Death In Armenia

Sarkisian Promises ‘Radical Changes’ In Armenia

Elections in Armenia: ‘A New Beginning,’ but Highway Robbery Prevents ‘a Just Armenia’

West Papuan independence leader to visit NZ

Denmark to contest UK efforts to ‘take back control’ of fisheries

Revolting scenes in Danish soccer derby as Brondby fans throw dead rats at Copenhagen

Despite Withdrawing From Denmark, Uber Is Bullish on Its Future in Europe

Denmark sees surge in number of poor

Singapore raises voice against rising protectionism

Younger Singaporeans choose YouTube over TV

Tomorrow’s Cities: Singapore’s plans for a smart nation

New Zealand tightens immigration rules in ‘Kiwi-first’ crackdown

Puha & Pakeha brings Maori flavour to the streets

The phrase ‘Māori tribal elite’ really tells you something – about the person using it

Kosovo citizen indicted for alleged war crimes in 1999

Thaçi: Albanians to unite if EU closes door to Kosovo

Three Yezidi girls freed from Mosul

Helping traumatized Yazidi refugees requires a different kind of care

Yazidi survivors ring in new year and new life

We Yazidis understand the forces of hatred that threaten civilisation

Yazidis who fled Isis live in limbo in Turkish refugee camps

Barzani stresses unity in Yezidi new year message

Islamic State holding more than 3400 Yazidis since 2014: Kurdish official

Yezidi commander resigns from PUK, founds new party

On Yezidi New Year, SRSG Kubiš Remembers Victims, Calls for Release of Yezidis Held by Daesh

Armenia’s President congratulates Yezidi community on New Year

Sweden mulls sovereign wealth fund as government debt keeps falling

15 movies that will help you discover Sweden

Women around the world: Latvia

ETA Still Wants Independent Basque Nation After Disarming

Basque separatist group launches internal debate after disarmament move

PNV leader proposes Gibraltar co-sovereignty as a model for Madrid – Basque Country relationship

Hopes for peace in the Basque Country, writes Gerry Adams

Local exhibit in Boise, Idaho, will commemorate 80th anniversary of Gernika bombing

The Basque Experience: Analysis of Post-Conflict Context, Reconciliation, and Cultural Reflection

Greenland: Neighbourhood diplomacy: Reykjavík is being eyed as the location for Nuuk’s next ‘embassy’

Grant Provides Path to Nursing for American Indian Students at Cal State San Marcos

In The 1920s, A Community Conspired To Kill Native Americans For Their Oil Money

Photographer Captured Changing Lives of His People

Indigenous Scholars Endorse D.C. March for Science

Cherokee Nation Sues Walmart, Drug Companies Over Opioids

Athletics, reconciliation to come together at North American Indigenous Games, July 16-23

New health research centre to focus on Indigenous, mental health issues

Brexit has returned Irish unity to political agenda – O’Neill

Breandán Mac Cionnaith: Irish unity not a case of ‘changing one flag for another’

Has Theresa May turned her back on Northern Ireland?

General Election 2017: Polls at awkward times for Northern Ireland tend to make things worse

May’s election call ‘shows disinterest and disdain for Northern Ireland’

Irish Citizens Assembly votes to mandate Oireachtas to legislate for abortion

Brian Feeney: Arlene Foster’s Irish Language gesture too little too late

DUP’s Arlene Foster to meet Irish Language groups ‘as soon as possible’

`One for me, one for you’ comfort zone risks obscuring Irish language debate

After Mt Everest, Adivasi girl sets her goals high

Land issues continue to haunt Adivasis

Tatarstan Names An Ethnic Russian As Prime Minister

Georgia: Lavrov’s Abkhazia Visit To Shore Up ‘Illusion’ Of Legitimacy

Georgia and Ukraine share agenda on de-occupation

Did a Welsh Prince Reach the New World Before Columbus?

Wales must not be left behind

Wales faces a “epoch defining election”

Yes Cymru: Why do you want an Independent Wales?

Faroe Islands resume search for oil riches

Initiation of criminal case against ex-head of Russia’s Mari El Republic Markelov appealed

Albino girl known as Snow White becomes as internet sensation in Siberia

Greece blows EU-IMF bailout targets away with strong budget performance

Rival parishes on the Greek island of Chios celebrate Easter by taking part in annual rocket war ‘Rouketopolemos’

Greece’s refugee children learn the hard way

Students build bridges with Native Hawaiian youth on spring break exchange

This Indigenous Man Couldn’t Check In To His Flight Because He Used His Tribal Name

Balochistan: Over 100 people arrested during military offensives in Bolan and Panjgur

Brittany: 2017 Presidential Candidates Display Lack of Interest Regarding Regional Self-Determination

Chittagong Hill Tracts: Student Dies Following Brutal Torture by Bangladeshi Army