2017 5 7

May 1, 1707: shameful dying days of Scotland’s independence before the Act of Union

May 3: World Press Freedom Day

May 4, 1990: Independence Restoration Day in Latvia

May 10, 1878: Independence Day in Romania

May 14, 1948 (5th of Iyar in 1948, which is May 2 in 2017): Yom Ha’atzmaut, Day of Independence in Israel

May 15, 1948: Nakba Day, Day of the Catastrophe in Palestine


Сase of $2.3mln embezzlement from Russian Railways’ Udmurt office referred to court

Austria’s oldest football club faces final whistle

Turkmen President Wins Horse Race As Country Marks National Horse Day

Turkmenistan discovers potentially large gas field near Caspian

Turkmenistan: Death and Corruption at the Top of the Tree

Kyrgyzstan: Russia Cancels Debts, But Credit Pile Remains High

A Day in Kyrgyzstan

UN Celebrates School Meals Day In Tajikistan For Healthy School Children

Tajikistan: Forces Reportedly Scrambled as Clashes Intensify on Afghan Border

World Bank Supports Energy Security in Tajikistan

OSCE Office in Tajikistan supports World Press Freedom Day conference

Greek Marathon Isn’t Over Yet

EU to cut Greece 2017 growth forecast to around 2%

Bulgaria’s parliament approves new government

Albania president calls for dialogue to end political crisis

Albanian leaders fail to back compromise for June 18 vote

Kosovo needs a new beginning

Despite Pressure, Kosovo Hesitates to Set Montenegro Border Vote

Kosovo Opposition Parties Seek No-Confidence Motion Against Government

Skopje to be “neutral” during next vote on Kosovo in UNESCO

Pejović, Ahmetaj: Montenegro’s achievements are incentive for Kosovo on the way to EU

Kosovo EOD Teams Observe International Mine Awareness and Assistance Day

Vladimir Putin’s sphere of influence edges closer to EU as Serbia accepts Russian weaponry

On Serbian airwaves, a battle for heart of Balkans

Serbian FM seeks diplomatic status for Russian-run base

Serbia’s Fading Protest Movement Splits

Serbia likely to soften its position on GMO ban

Peace and quiet in Montenegro

Everything is possible in Macedonia

The supermarket that shook Croatia

Soaring Debt Threatens Bosnia’s Liquidity

The media in Bosnia-Herzegovina: fertile ground for political control

EU executive acts against Slovenia over ECB data incident

New Zealand blocks media merger to defend diversity

New Zealand dollar jumps as unemployment rate drops

Playboy model angers Maori with nude shoot on sacred mountain

Willie Jackson ‘disappointed’ no Māori in top 15 for Labour list

Māori leader makes historic claim for New Zealand water rights

Pākehā complaining about Māori place names just ‘unwilling to try’

Māori life expectancy has increased at twice the rate of non-Māori in last 10 years

Three-year project will help Kuwait meet renewable energy goals

Kuwait Sees $80 Oil By 2020

Portugal breaks ranks as star euro zone bond performer

Portugal’s disabled population continue to struggle for independent living

Portugal is exhibiting human skin with smutty old tattoos

Galician president announces strategic plan for canning industry

Catalonia follows WHO advice with taxes on sugary drinks

British MPs accuse Rajoy of breaching freedom of speech by prosecuting Forcadell

UN urged to protect Catalans’ right to a referendum

Catalan independence referendum conforms to Spanish constitution, say 600 lawyers

Catalonia getting ready to buy the ballot boxes for the independence referendum

FC Barcelona supports vote on Catalan independence

Catalan president encourages businesses to get on board with independence

Spain Court Hands 44-Year Sentences to ETA Members Guilty of Murder in 2008

The Basque Novel Comes of Age

Basque child refugee archive

Bolivia: No Easy Way Forward, With or Without Morales

Bolivia’s caravan of courage leaves a bittersweet legacy for disabled protesters

The changing landscape of Bolivia’s salt flats

Brown and barren land: Bolivia’s historic drought – in pictures

Celebrating indigenous peoples as nature’s stewards

Social Forum Calls for Fight Against Corruption, to Defend the Amazon

Ecuadorian Indigenous Leaders Deliver Letter Calling on China to Abandon Oil Drilling in Their Territory

Indigenous Peoples of Chocó forced to flee for their lives

Indigenous Wampís Notify the Peruvian State on its Autonomous Territorial Government

Colombia Constitutional Court Finds Atrato River Possesses Rights to “protection, conservation, maintenance and restoration”

“We don’t want contamination”: open-pit mine turns Guatemala’s largest lake into its most polluted

Brazilian Ranchers Brutally Attack Indigenous Land Rights Activists

Amazon attack: Gamela tribe shot, stabbed and mutilated

Brazil indigenous agency head sacked ‘for being honest’

Brazil Sacks Head of Indigenous Agency Amid Land Conflicts

Rights of indigenous peoples ‘not in a very good state,’ UN expert

‘I want to have a say’: Indigenous voters push for bigger presence in B.C. election

Colonialism Lives On In Canada’s Indigenous Land Claims Process

Slow climb: American Indian parent committee still in non-concurrence

American Indians want Trump to revive memorial on Staten Island

American Indian Party Chair Fights for Indigenous Rights

Native American advocates size up Trump administration

In Shocking Facebook Post, Woman Cop Highlights Police Abuse Of Adivasi Girls

Adivasis unsafe in Bengal, alleges BJP

Mega quiz contest organised for adivasi students

Notes from the margins

Malta’s PM calls for snap vote after family scandal

Knights of Malta elect temporary leader

Malta re-loading

Equatorial Guinea: Rights Groups call for immediate release of detained activist

Polisario ready for talks with Morocco over Western Sahara

South Africa detains Moroccan cargo ship after Western Sahara request

Ethiopia hopes Morocco’s AU return will speed fresh Western Sahara talks

Washington pleads for Sahrawi people’s right to self-determination

Moroccan forces intervene violently against Sahrawi protesters in occupied Smara

Asturias Parliament calls on companies not to contribute to Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara

UN demands release of Eritrean journalist Dawit Isaak jailed since 2001

Ivory Coast sends troops to Mali

AFL Soldier Falls Victim to Tuareg Rebels; Three in Critical Condition

Why is Mali in the eye of a West African storm?

French forces kill over 20 militants in forest on Mali, Burkina border

Burkina Faso gov’t to open over 22,000 public sector vacancies

Namibia mourns its top cyclist who died in a car crash

Former US president Bush visiting Namibia

Namibia Liberation Struggle Veterans Battling Mental Illness

Namibia to build three plants to boost electricity security

Why VOTE REVOLT is the answer for Barotseland self-determination

‘Arson’ flops as Munyinda’s charge changes to sedition. Bail and medical attention denied!

How alert Barotse youths fought for Munyinda’s rights to police bond

ZAMBIA MUST ADMIT IT: Afumba, Hakainde and others are political prisoners

BAROTSE CHANGE: An emphatic “NO” to Zambia’s Postmodern and Internal Colonialism: Part 1, Part 2

Biafran leader Nnamdi Kanu: The man behind Nigeria’s separatists

”Am Solidly Behind Nnamdu Kanu On Biafra Struggle Till I Die” – Kanu’s Father Declares

Everybody Has The Right To Say, ”I Want Biafra” – Iwuanyanwu

IPOB names Fayose honorary Governor of Biafra Republic

Biafra: FG clampdown on our members will not stop our anniversary – MASSOB

35 year old female joins race for Rwandan presidency

Zimbabwe is Africa’s second most developed country – Mugabe

Is the corruption probe against Emir Sanusi of Kano politically motivated?

Niger Delta village sues Eni in Italy for pipe explosion damages

UK troops in South Sudan on a support mission

South Sudanese judges on strike over poor living conditions

Aid agency fees hiked from $600 to $3,500 in South Sudan

Agritourism in Congo-Brazzaville

Appeals court upholds 30-year prison sentence for Congo opposition figure

Sports federation subsidy suspended in Gabon

Africa worst-hit by illicit capital inflows and outflows – Report

World Economic Forum on Africa ends

China becomes single largest contributor of Africa’s Foreign Direct Investment

Ethiopia’s humans rights problems may tank its ambition to become a global apparel center

Ethiopia: Oromo leader’s objection to terrorism charge, court to rule on June 2

Ethiopia must free political prisoners and open up civic space – UN rights chief

Ethiopia must allow for UN probe into protest deaths – Rights chief

Mauritania mourns former junta leader Ely Ould Mohammed Vall

Ghana: French compulsory at the expense of other African languages?

Dozens killed in Central African Republic violence in past 3 months: report

The UN neglected child victims of peacekeeper sexual abuse in CAR

Four aid agencies in Central African Republic suspend operations amid threats

Sahel and Sahara defence ministers approve plan to set up anti-terrorism center

1.4 million children to suffer acute malnutrition in Somalia- UN

Somalia’s youngest minister shot dead in Mogadishu

Somali Auditor General sacked after bodyguards kill minister

Chinese navy hands over three Somali pirates to authorities

Somaliland: From Hunger And Thirst To Deadly Sickness

Meet the doctors and nurses behind the fight against starvation in Somaliland

A desperate plea for help as 4 African nations near a famine crisis

Libya’s rival leaders in ‘breakthrough’ agreement that could see end to civil war

Constitution Drafting Assembly and High Council of Libyan Amazigh members meet in Zuwara

Five things to know about Morocco’s Rif

Detention of ex-Gambia interior minister extended in Switzerland

The Gambia signs visa waiver agreement with Russia

Switzerland faces ‘heightened’ terror threat in uncertain Europe

Germany urges Switzerland to cooperate in espionage probe

32 incredible world records held by Switzerland and the Swiss

Norway billionaire Kjell Inge Roekke to give away ‘lion’s share’

Denmark to scale up Baltic Sea region defense activities

Nordics and Baltics agree on digital development

A way of life melting away in Greenland

A tale of two winters: Greenland is bathing in snow right now – last year, they were just bathing

The future is next week: lawmakers and business leaders in Greenland sit down to talk with, rather than at, each other

Greenland has seated a group of lawmakers who will write country’s first constitution

That’s Media eyes Isle of Man

Journalists furious after Theresa May shuts them out of Cornwall factory visit

Cornwall Council Election Results

Two more Cornish communities restrict new-builds from being second homes

Poll shows most Scots would prefer independence in Europe rather than face Tory rule in UK after Brexit

EU Citizens for an Independent Scotland will give new Scots a voice in the campaign for indy

Moray Labour candidate sparks outrage after publishing posts in favour of Scottish independence

Glasgow turns tartan for record-breaking Kiltwalk

Blow to Unionists as 51% of Scots back independence in new poll

Lesley Riddoch: Get oot and vote! Here’s why this, local, election matters

Nicola Sturgeon hails another emphatic election win for the SNP … but Tories gain ground

Labour’s 40-year rule of Glasgow City Council ended by SNP

The National View: Victory for the SNP, but with a warning that must be heeded by its leaders

James Kelly: The lesson is clear … the SNP should not shy away from firing up their pro-independence voters

Wales at risk of merging with England and disappearing as a country if extreme Brexit leads to the break-up of the UK

Born in England. Made in Wales. A Personal Journey.

Lack of Welsh language tutors for adults is ‘crisis’

Rugby star George North to be honoured at the National Eisteddfod

Book for Welsh learners raising funds for eisteddfod

5m Lottery Grant to Digitalise Historic Welsh Broadcast Material

Stark warning over Wales farming future

Plaid celebrates significant gains across Wales

Brian Feeney: EU decision changes the question on Irish unity

Unionists urge block on Irish language officer

Irish language school broken into three times in three days

Trump Just Got Palestinians’ Hopes Up

US envoy holds Israeli-Palestinian parlay

How Israel’s violent birth destroyed Palestine

Right-wing Protesters Disrupt Joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremonies

‘Israel has never recognized its Palestinian citizens’

Israeli forces assault Palestinian journalists during ‘hunger strike’ march

Israel to Force-Feed Palestinian Hunger Strikers

Lebanon’s ex-PM Salim Hoss joins Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike

Hamas presents new charter accepting a Palestine based on 1967 borders

Islamic Jihad rejects Palestine state within 1967 borders

Ismail Haniya elected new political chief of Hamas

Trump to visit Israel, Vatican and Saudi Arabia in first foreign trip

Space Industry in Luxembourg Set To Blast Off, Fueled By Government Partnerships

Luxembourg says no sweetheart deals for financial firms fleeing Brexit

Surrealism Abounds in China’s Uyghur Crackdown

China to deploy drones in Xinjiang to prevent infiltration

Why the Communist Party has created a new bureau for Xinjiang

China’s Tourism Industry Ordered to Monitor, Report on Visitors to Xinjiang

Uyghur project demands China give foreign journalists free access to Xinjiang

Geoparks in Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang given world-class heritage status by UNESCO

Tibet: autonomous area focuses on better lives

Team Tibet visits UK to strengthen ties

Tibetan Man Self-Immolates In Amdo Bora

Tibetan Man Released after Eight Years in Prison, in Poor Health

California Based Tibetan Starts ‘Tibetan Kids Book Project’

Tibetan PM in exile seeks support during trip to Australia, NZ

Policy or discrimination? UMass Amherst student prevented from carrying Tibetan flag at graduation.

Dalai Lama’s ‘Freedom in Exile’ Becomes Available in Tibetan

‘China can’t have it both ways:’ US Rep demands freedom of movement

As Trump woos China’s Xi, Dalai Lama has to wait on the sidelines

China threatens with further crackdowns on Serta Larung Gar in Tibet

Communist Party members in Tibet funding Dalai Lama: Chinese official

Billionaire businessman Babis is at heart of Czech political crisis

Czech Prime Minister Delays Resignation as Parties Seek Way Forward

Czech Girl Scout becomes viral sensation after confronting neo-Nazi group

Czech soccer federation head still detained after raid

Belarus protest draws 400 despite main organizer’s arrest

Belarus, once again, cracks down on dissent

Belarus Carries Out First Execution This Year; EU Urges Moratorium

Why Niggerhead Rock and Suicide Bay need Tasmanian Aboriginal names

Songs give insight into life in Aboriginal missions

Aboriginal women claim developer is spying on them during women’s business at sacred site in West Wallsend

Aboriginal Parents Engagement in Children’s Education a ‘Two Way Street’

Separatism fears grow in Belgium as German speakers assert themselves

Belgian Catholic group explains switch on euthanasia

Seven hilarious must-see videos of Finland’s new competitive sport: hobby-horse riding

Finland’s guaranteed basic income is working to tackle poverty

Finland holds public cabinet meeting to promote democracy

Roma say they’re being barred from flights to Canada

A Blind Eye on Anti-Gypsyism at the European Parliament

French Traveller shot and killed by police: can Macron “turn the page” on France’s shame?

How did Romani people live in the Czech lands before they were sent to concentration camps?

Azerbaijan: Racing To Develop Natural Gas Potential

Turkish, Azerbaijani Joint Military Drills Draw Protest From Nagorno-Karabakh

After Economic Shocks Armenia Plans for Macroeconomic Stability

World’s Longest Zipline to be built in Armenia

Russian biker gang Night Wolves refused entry into Georgia

Council of Europe stresses Russia’s responsibility for conflict in Georgia

US act bans gov’t from supporting states that recognise Georgia’s occupied regions

Tbilisi celebrates European Days 2017

Challenges faced by NGOs in Abkhazia

Georgia blocks agreement between Abkhazian and Italian towns

Putin Meets New S.Ossetian Leader in Sochi

Since 1945, Moscow has been involved in a military action on average every 2 years

Russians tried to seize Ukrainian rescue boat in Black Sea

Media reveal Russian citizen now managing seized Ukrainian factories in militant-occupied Donbas

Up to 4,000 Russian servicemen in the occupied Donbas

Ukraine: A forgotten war in Europe

The Vanishing Galician Accent and How it Lingers in the Diaspora

Crimea: ‘Not Our Home Anymore’

Ukrainian MP who offered leasing Crimea to Russia stripped of citizenship

Council of Europe demands Russia reinstate Crimean Tatar Mejlis, allow leaders to enter Crimea

Ingush child saved from ‘suicide game’

Putin Has a New Secret Weapon in Syria: Chechens

Parents of gay men told ‘kill your sons or we will’ by police in Chechnya

Corruption is a state system in Russia and Chechnya is no exception

Gay Teen In Chechnya Pushed Off Ninth Floor Balcony By Uncle

Angela Merkel urges Vladimir Putin to protect Chechnya gay rights

LGBT activists arrested for protesting Chechnya horror

Jamaica 55 — Can we recapture that first fine careless rapture?

Bob Marley, ganja and the green stuff – is selling Brand Jamaica just a pipe dream?

The only way is up

Strange mantle plume under Iceland helps keep Scotland afloat

Iceland drills 4.7 km down into volcano to tap clean energy

Game of Thrones Crowns Iceland Krona as World’s Best Currency

IMF approves more money for Moldova, EU cash in the pipeline

Explaining Oligarchic Moldova

Emerging Europe banking: How do you solve a problem like Moldova?

Russian troops unconstitutionally occupy Moldovan territory – Constitutional Court

Haiti’s main international airport flooded by downpour

Independence referendum bolsters Kurdish position before Iraqi elections

No turning back on referendum, top Kurdish official pledges

Kurdish citizens ‘rest easy’ after American military patrols parade through cities in northern Syria

Kurdish academics in Turkey arrested after signing peace document

Three raising Kurdistan flag during May Day arrested in Turkey

Turkish leader Erdogan says he is ‘seriously saddened’ that US troops are patrolling with ‘terrorist’ Kurdish militia in Syria

A Kurdish Referendum: Unforeseen Benefits

ACRPS Conference on Arab-Kurdish Relations Opens in Doha

Turkey must find peaceful solution to Kurdish problem

Yazidi pilgrims climb Karajal Mountain in the south of Kurdistan

Yazidi genocide evidence mounting against Islamic State – legal experts

Group Of 36 Yazidis Rescued From IS In Iraq

It’s not over: Yazidis are still suffering genocide at hands of ISIS

Haunting film on Yazidi refugee family’s trauma screened at Toronto fest

Gyozal Stays Strong: Yezidi Woman Battles Government Red Tape, Indifference, to Defend Family Interests

Slovakia increased spending on development aid in 2016, by 27%

Dark Web Marketplace Shut Down in Slovakia

China Bullied Australia Into Ejecting Taiwan: Next Time Show China The Door

China warns Hong Kong not to challenge

Singapore wants innovators to solve ‘real life problems’

Singapore to invest over $100 million in A.I. in next five years in smart nation, innovation hub push

Mongolia opposition taps former judo star as presidential candidate

Deliberative Democracy in Mongolia

How Mongolia Is Tackling Violence in the Home, After Years of Neglect

West Papua: Arrests and torture ahead of World Press Freedom Day

Pacific nations back West Papuan self-determination

Action urged on threats against journalists in West Papua

Indonesia is ‘double-dealing’ on media freedom, says RSF

Pacific nations condemn Indonesia’s human rights violations at ACP meeting

Journalists in Indonesia’s Papua Region Complain about Violence, Threats

South China Sea Isn’t China’s Own Sea

China welcomes ASEAN summit declaration on South China Sea

Asean Tacks Away From Rocky South China Sea Issue

Trump’s nominee for China ambassador takes tough line on South China Sea

Is US steering clear of South China Sea under Trump?

Trump promised to crack down on China in the South China Sea. He hasn’t.

Despite Navy requests, no operations near disputed South China Sea islands

Taiwan Can’t Negotiate, Likely to Observe Rules on South China Sea

The Truth About Duterte’s ASEAN South China Sea Blow

ASEAN sidetracks South China Sea dispute, advocates stronger economic ties with China

Tatarstan during 10 years: how republic still copes with two economic crises

Sweden probes ‘arson attack’ on nation’s largest Shiite mosque

Sweden ends ID checks on Denmark travelers imposed as migration peaked

How is Sweden tackling its integration challenge?

Sweden in Focus: An in-depth look at what makes this place tick

How Sweden Became “The Most Alt-Right” Country In Europe

Cyprus songbird slaughter: UK Government responds to petition

Cyprus expects to top last year’s 3.2 million visitors

Turkey’s actions around Cyprus being noted by international players

Thousands participate in pro-EU, anti-Russia march in Hungary

Rally in Hungary to support reporter claiming govt assault

How the United States can stop Hungary’s descent into authoritarianism

Hungary’s government is increasingly autocratic. What is the European Parliament doing about it?

Hungary to close home for disabled criticized in NGO report

On the wild frontier of cooking at the Faroe Islands’ first Michelin-starred restaurant

Balochistan: Abducted Baloch football player killed in fake encounter

Balochistan: Tortured and Mutilated Dead Bodies of Five Activists Found