2017 05 15

May 9-10, 1878: Independence Day in Romania

May 14, 1948 (5th of Iyar in 1948, which is May 2 in 2017): Yom Ha’atzmaut, Day of Independence in Israel

May 15, 1948: Nakba Day, Day of the Catastrophe in Palestine

May 14–15, 1811: Independence Day in Paraguay

May 17, 1814: May 17th, National Day, Constitution Day in Norway

May 20, 1902: Independence Day in Cuba

May 20, 2002: East Timor Independence Day

May 21, 2006: Montenegro Independence Day


Annexation of Crimea Isn’t Going as Planned

EU visa waiver looms for Russia-annexed Crimeans

Banned from Eurovision, Russian singer performs in Crimea

Lessons from Russia’s Operations in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine

Eurovision winner Jamala: We can’t ignore politics

Even Remembrance of the Crimean Tatar Deportation prohibited in Russian-occupied Crimea

Stages of Russian occupation in a nutshell

Three years after sham referendums in Donbas, no Russian Spring

Izborsky Club calls for new Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact to re-divide Eastern Europe between Moscow and Berlin

Said Ismagilov: Maidan and the war made Ukraine discover its Muslims

President of Moldova was the only foreign leader to visit Moscow on Victory Day

PEN America Launches Campaign to Free Ukrainian Writer and Filmmaker Oleg Sentsov

Russia’s youngest Ukrainian prisoner is on total hunger strike demanding to be returned to Ukraine

Russian prison staff jailed for torturing 16-year-old Ukrainian to death

Moldova’s Proposed Electoral Change Is a Blow to Democracy

Tatarstan Failed-Bank Clients Detained In Moscow Protest

Caught Between Russians and Tatars: Can the Bashkirs Save Bashkortostan?

Russia’s truckers win biggest victory yet: Daghestan to press for repeal of Plato System

RUSSIA: Further arrest for Muslim study groups

Chechnya gay rights: Activists with petition held in Moscow

Akhmat Kadyrov: Chechnya marks ‘Day of Remembrance and Sorrow’

Ramzan Kadyrov: Veteran ‘Silovik’ Named To Head Chechen Presidential Administration

Al-Qaeda shock troops graduate in Idlib following Chechen training

Georgian officers, NATO troops in Spring Storm defence drills

Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan to sign defence deal in Batumi

Georgia, China sign historic Free Trade Agreement

Aerosmith preparing for concert in Georgia

A New Joint Angel Fund Between Armenia and Turkey Builds Bridges Through Capital

Azeri Bank Plans $3.3 Billion Restructuring After Defaulting

Azerbaijan blocks access to independent media websites

Azerbaijan, America’s reliable partner

Kyrgyzstan: President Bashes Russian Migrant-Phobia

Taking Down A Powerful Ally Of Convenience In Tajikistan

Fighting Along the Afghanistan-Tajikistan Borderlands: Cause for Concern in Central Asia?

Tajikistan under attack from Taliban and Daesh forces

US Transfers $6 Million in Vehicles and Equipment to Tajikistan

Tajikistan detains son of defector to Islamic State: security sources

Tajikistan: US Embassy Complains of Aid-Blocking Bureaucracy

Are Trade Fairs in Turkmenistan Pointless?

Peary the Explorer Is No Hero to the Greenland Inuit

IAEA Director General Visits Copenhagen and Greenland

Greenland lawmakers disagree on how to teach children more English

Future Greenland: land of opportunity

Mining returns to Greenland with the opening of the Aappaluttoq ruby mine

Food security: greenhouses are not a thing in Nunavut. Yet

Adivasi students demand end to murders in CHT

This Prison Official Confirmed What We all Know. Adivasi Women in Chhattisgarh are Regularly Molested in Police Stations

Dalits, Adivasis, Muslims worst off, says Indian Exclusion Report

Beyond Rape And Torture Of Adivasis In Chattisgarh, Suspended Cop’s Facebook Post Reveals More Horror Stories

Revisiting Muthanga incident (2003)

Chittagong Hill Tracts: Special Forces Prevent Civic Delegation from Conducting Land-Grabbing Research

Native American Two Spirit Fights to Keep Tribe’s Language Alive

American Indian Pueblo Gets Electric Car Charging Station

Beacon of Hope for Native Victims of Sex Trafficking in Seattle

Andrew Jackson: the Father of Genocide of the South and Eastern Tribes

Vandals Deface Salish Language Immersion School for Kids With Racial Slurs

‘Collaborative Colonialism’: A Way to Analyze Native/Non-Native Relations

Whiteclay After the Deluge: Alcohol Gone but Appeals Case Fast-Tracked

Blackfeet Nation Ratifies Water Compact

The Music That Shapes Our Lives As Natives

Yakama Want Hanford Nuke Waste Gone

Bears Ears in Crosshairs

Ingrid Washinawatok El-Issa Still Inspires

Conversations With My Lakota Mom: Happy Mother’s Day

Inside Bolivia’s long struggle to unlock the world’s largest lithium supply

Bolivia to Host Second Regional Economic Development Forum

Guarani Linguistics in the 21st Century

Quechua: Bringing cultures together through culinary arts in Taos

What We Can & Cannot Fix Rewatching ‘The Mission’

South America’s indigenous groups used to line up with the left. Not anymore

Venezuela indigenous group flees crisis for Brazil

Indigenous peoples in Brazil: we don’t believe in words anymore

Indigenous Peoples’ Protest in Brazil Met With Police Brutality

Brazilian indigenous leader appeals for solidarity against land grabs

New Calls For Resistance Across the Amazon

Murray-Darling Aboriginal nations sign treaty, hoping for a stronger voice on Indigenous rights

‘I want to be a proud, queer elder’: Meet Aboriginal artist Peter Waples-Crowe

Federal budget 2017: Aboriginal people exposed to British nuclear testing to receive improved health care

Priest and teachers ‘abused girls’ at Aboriginal mission

National Rugby League adopts ‘alternative’ national anthem for Indigenous round

Aboriginal Day is now a statutory holiday in Yukon

More Indigenous nurses needed to change health-care system, practitioners say

Prestigious award for leading researcher in Indigenous law

Museum offers face-to-face encounter with 4,000-year-old Indigenous family

The future of Indigenous Canada is at stake

Falling for feijoas: the fruit New Zealand wants the world to love

New Zealand’s ambitious plan to save birds: Kill every rat

New Zealand Population Surges Most Since World Turmoil of 1974

New Zealand Is Surprised It Still Has a Blasphemy Law, Tries to Repeal It

Playboy model who posed nude on sacred New Zealand mountain under fire  for claiming Maori people are ‘NOT indigenous’

Christchurch cafe Kākano reviving Maori cuisine

Kapa Haka and te reo Māori may help Māori avoid dementia

Acheh: ASNLF Activists Take Part in May Day Rally in Stockholm

Morning star rising: after 54 years of struggle under Indonesian rule, is freedom finally in sight for West Papua?

West Papua: Locals Share Accounts of how Indonesian Occupation Affects their Daily Lives

West Papua independence leader seeks Māori backing for self-governance

West Papua diplomatic cause advances in Brussels

NZ declaration on independence for West Papua

Indonesia deports Japanese documentary makers out of Papua

‘We’ll not be safe with Indonesia,’ says West Papua’s Benny Wenda

Anti-IS coalition meets in Denmark to assess campaign

Denmark among world’s elite inventive nations

More youth in Denmark diagnosed with depression

Denmark: one in ten female municipal council members sexually harassed

Annual pilot whale killings in the Faroe Islands – An ongoing debate

Activists urge EU to rebuke Denmark for Faroe whale hunt

US arming of Kurdish fighters ‘unacceptable’

U.S. To Arm Kurdish Fighters In Syria Despite Turkey’s Objection

Kurdish Militia Says US Arms Will Hasten Assault on IS-held Raqqa

Erdogan sees ‘new beginning’ in Turkish-U.S. ties despite Kurdish arms move

Syrian Kurdish forces to push on IS capital this summer

One Dud Oil Field Doesn’t Set a Trend as Kurds Keep Drilling

Syrian regime says US-backed Kurdish forces are ‘legitimate’

Turkish-led attack on Kurdish-held town in northern Aleppo results in heavy casualties

Coalition to help Kurdistan create ‘robust’ Peshmerga force to defend itself

Mortality and kidnapping estimates for the Yazidi population in the area of Mount Sinjar, Iraq, in August 2014: A retrospective household survey

How are Iraq’s Yazidis faring amid Kurds’ confrontations?

Healthcare for thousands of displaced Yazidis

Kuwait US$8bn Debut Marks Largest Dual Tranche Bond in Emerging Markets

A timeline of Palestinian mass hunger strikes in Israel

Palestinian hunger strike enters fourth week

Israeli video appears to show Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike leader sneaking food in cell

Pizza Hut apologises for ‘mocking Palestinian hunger striker by suggesting he should have some pizza’

Why are Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike?

Dozens of Palestinian cars defaced in J’lem ‘price tag’ attack

Lebanon pushed to brink in election law stand-off

Lebanon: Fears as ‘Aleppo boil’ disease spreads

Lebanon Blames Israel for Anti-Hezbollah Telecoms Hacking

Reunification talks in Cyprus at risk of collapse over ‘international crisis’ says UN envoy

Development banks ready if Cyprus overcomes reunification hurdles

Cyprus leader criticizes UN envoy for alleged bias, haste

EU membership ‘best guarantee of Cyprus’ existence’

MEPs seek debate on rule of law in Malta

Malta’s prime minister under pressure from MEPs over corruption claims

Malta branded ‘Panama of Europe’ after anonymous tip-off

14 things you didn’t know about Luxembourg, Europe’s unhappiest country

Resonating with Luxembourg

Teams from Kiev and Luxembourg share the spoils at first LuxBlockHackathon

Luxembourg Lurks in Dark as Regulators Light Up Shadow Banking

Private-Equity World Has a New Rival: Monaco

Trouble in Macedonia as ethnic tensions run high

Nine indicted over Macedonia parliament violence

‘Government of the People’ formed in Macedonia

Turmoil in Macedonia

Macedonia will become NATO’s 30th member – Zaev

Croatia’s ruling party clings to power

Croatia PM aims to get support for new ministers after local elections

French intellectual Levy gets pie in the face in Serbia

Serbia PM Reignites ‘Greater Albania’ Row

Montenegro’s Kotor risks losing UNESCO status over excessive development

Montenegro to meet EU criteria in the next five years

NATO membership will boost foreign investments in Montenegro

Kosovo PM Mustafa loses no confidence vote – general election next month

Journalist Turned Politician Beaten up in Kosovo

Albania: How not to lose an election? Refuse to take part…

Albania opposition holds anti-gov’t rally ahead of polls

Bosnia 1992: The Omarska Camp

Bosnia’s fourth attempt to meet requirements for IMF loan tranche fails

Public TV Survived The War, But Can It Survive Peacetime In Bosnia?

Manx-made and proud: the Isle of Man food you need to try

Infection stops Isle of Man horse tram service for 10 days

Prag Na? a new Cornish language project

None shall pass – Driving in Cornwall

Register to protect Welsh historical place names launched

Breakthrough for Scottish Greens as record of seats returned

From one seat in 1967 to electoral dominance … how a handful of activists changed the fortunes of the Scottish National Party

Nicola Sturgeon accuses UK prime minister of ‘sacrificing Scottish jobs to gain Ukip votes’

£2.5m subsea centre for Aberdeen will lead the world

Scotland ‘out of step’ on smacking children, says MSP John Finnie as he bids for ban

SCOTTISH Unionist leader poses with bigoted trawlerman who tweeted ‘take her out’ threat about Nicola Sturgeon

‘Why don’t you f*** off back to Scotland’: Tory MP blasts schoolgirl wanting Scottish independence

Russia ‘set to U-turn on support for Scottish independence’

Pro-independence Scottish Greens to ‘prop up’ SNP by standing fewer than 10 candidates

‘Ireland’s interests will be the EU’s interests’, says EU’s chief Brexit negotiator

No return to hard border in Ireland after Brexit, EU chief negotiator says

Deaglán de Bréadún: Achieving Irish unity is going to be a long game

Salvador Sobral Of Portugal Wins Eurovision Song Contest

Pope makes two Fatima children saints on centenary of their visions of the Virgin Mary

Walk to the end of Europe (and nine other amazing ways to see Portugal)

Saints and winners: Amazing architecture, top tapas and the original Zara store on a tour of Galicia

Why are Basque nationalists coming to the rescue of the Spanish conservative government?

Twin towns in Labrador and Spain explore their Basque connections

Big crowd supports Parliament President as she faces High Court for allowing independence debate

FC Barcelona Supports Referendum on Catalan Independence

Former Spanish Minister aimed to stop symbolic 9N referendum by force

Catalan Government will ask for international support if the referendum result is ‘Yes’

Puigdemont’s offers Madrid final chance to negotiate referendum

Conservative MEP calls for “mediation” between Catalonia and Spain

Greens-EFA co-president and MEPs meet Catalan President to discuss referendum

Belgium’s Wallooon Region Bans Halal and Kosher Slaughter

Israel denounces attacks on freedom of religion in Belgium and Norway as being ‘anti-Jewish’

A Photo From Space Shows Belgium Shining Bright, and Social Media Lights Up

Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu tours homes of fallen agitators

Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu visits eastern consultative leaders in Enugu, vows to fight on

OPINION: Why ethnic minorities may suffer if Biafran Republic is achieved?

May 17: MASSOB to celebrate 17 years of foisting flag

May 30: IPOB, MASSOB announce one-week activities for Biafra Day celebration

Biafra agitation is about my people – Kanu

Eritrea: Why Isaias Afewerki to Maintain a Huge Standing Army

Haratin: Arrest of IRA Leaders Part of Renewed Crack-Down on Anti-Slavery Movement

A View Into the Eritrean Regime

UAE accused of air strikes against Eritrean Afar civilians

East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Call for Accountability, Address Culture of Impunity

Feyisa Lilesa: Oromo People Are Still Suffering in Ethiopia and the World Must Do More to Help Them

Oromo: UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Renews Request For Access to the Region

The Dahomey Amazons

Nigeria almost triples budget for Niger Delta militants amnesty

Libya’s neighbours discuss restoration of peace and democracy

Mauritania signs partnership agreement with ECOWAS

4 UN peacekeeper killed, 8 injured after ambush in Central African Republic

What New Zealand Owes The Western Sahara

Western Sahara remains a “Non-Self-Governing Territories”

Tuareg fusion: Desert cats

Ethiopia-Djibouti electric railway begins regular test run

Djibouti’s strategic port

Ethnic violence in DRC deepening humanitarian crisis – UN

The Gambia: Jammeh-era central bank chief fired without reasons

ECOWAS works towards eradicating statelessness in the sub-region

Gabon: National dialogue underway, Ping remains defiant

Burundi crisis: Is Michel Kafando up to the task?

Crisis in Somaliland: drought and famine threaten millions

Somaliland and Puntland hunger crisis: ‘if we don’t help the people here, they will die’

Giant diamond auction fails as Sierra Leone rejects offer

South Africa threatens to cut power to Zimbabwe over $44.5m debt

Zimbabwe gets $1.35 million Swedish grant, but with a warning

Mugabe doesn’t sleep in public, in Singapore on advice of local opticians

Faith Tourism: A resource initiative for Africa

Several soldiers killed in al Shabaab attack on Somali army base

London Somalia Conference 2017: Security, humanitarian aid tops agenda

Rwanda dreams big in essential oil production

35-year-old female challenger of Rwanda’s Kagame hit by scandal

Botswana invites hackers to compromise new Indian e-voting system

Namibia secures $750 million loan from African Development Bank

Senegal opposition coalition

West African traditional wrestlers lock horns in Senegal’s capital

Senegal’s Macky Sall talks politics, terrorism and economy

Chad, Mali and Niger sign an accord on judicial cooperation

Kaunda lied Zambian government would not interfere in Barotse government and day to day running of Barotseland

Over 1 million South Sudan children now live in exile

South Sudan national dialogue in limbo

South Sudan VP’s convoy attacked, bodyguards injured

South Sudan’s president says ousted army chief “in a fighting mood”

Sacked South Sudan army chief returns to Juba says not seeking war

Burundi’s Nkurunziza eyes another term through anticipated constitutional reform

Tunisia: Confusion over electoral body ahead of elections

Tunisian Jewish festival celebrated amid tight security

Thousands of Tunisians march against corruption

Fate of ‘Francafrique’ with new French president Emmanuel Macron

Trump Administration Wants Evidence of Crimes Committed by Haitian Immigrants

Leonardo DiCaprio, Sean Penn Help Raise Money for Haiti

A Harrowing Turning Point for Haitian Immigrants

Who Benefits From the Alcoholisation of Belarus?

Realists Winning Tug of War Over Belarus

I Can’t Hear This Anthem – Why we need our symbols back

Anti-government protests sweep Czech Republic

Prison sentence increased for Czech who attempted to join IS

Czech Authorities Issue Warrant For Activist Wanted In Russia

Czech court adjourns hearing on Russian hacking suspect wanted by U.S, Russia

Bulgaria halts defense industry privatization

Bulgaria Seeks Private Investors for Nuclear Project

Scenes From Xinjiang

China Bans Islamic Baby Names with Religious Connotation in Xinjiang

Uyghurs Studying Abroad Ordered Back to Xinjiang Under Threat to Families

China Holds Ethnic Uyghur Woman For Reposting Quranic Verses on Social Media

Rights Groups Blast Uyghur Activist’s Expulsion From UN Forum in New York

Magnitude 5.5 earthquake in Xinjiang kills 8, injures 23 – authorities

Between Identity and Integration: Between Identity and Integration: Uyghur Diaspora in the West

University of East Anglia students remove ‘offensive’ Tibetan flag

U.S. lawmakers visit Dalai Lama in exile, highlight situation in Tibet

Tales of Tibetan terror

Tibetan monk arrested under suspicion of disseminating news of self-immolation

Pro-Tibet Signs Return to Arts Quad After Last Month’s Theft

High-Level US Congressional Delegation Pledges Continued Bipartisan Support for Tibet

China uses its economic leverage to silence the voices of Tibet: Pelosi

US Congressional delegation visits Tibetan settlements in Nepal

Tibetan Self-Immolator’s Family Harassed, Visitors Restricted

A conversation with Tibet’s PM in exile

Finland’s Arctic Council chairmanship begins at a crucial moment for the climate and the region

Finland, poster child of migrant relocation

Top Production Company In Finland, Rabbit Films, Makes It Big Stateside

Finland, UK and Ireland singled out in 2017 ‘Nanny State Index’

Finland voices concern over US and Russian climate change doubters

Formula 1: How did tiny Finland become an F1 giant?

Russians hold first-ever Victory Day parade in Helsinki

Psycho-drama theater allows Romani women to work through trauma

Life in Slovakia’s Roma slums: Poverty and segregation

Horror in Italy after Roma sisters die in arson attack

Slovakia: Romani women protest discrimination in maternity hospital with a petition

Hungary, Slovakia challenge quotas on asylum-seekers at top EU court

Hungary’s president urges civility in political discourse

Hungary’s latest refrain: ‘We will be slaves no longer’

Austria’s ‘Django’ unchains Vienna coalition

Austrian court rules Facebook must delete ‘hate postings’

Iceland is Using Extreme Tech to Harvest Clean Energy From Volcanoes

Prostitution on the Rise in Iceland

Searching for another Oyu Tolgoi: Mongolia’s big mining expansion

What do the Swiss eat?

Why the Sweden Democrats and Centre Party could be key in the next Swedish election

Singapore, a Rising Home for Quiet Money, Comes Under Pressure

Dealing With Chinese Sanctions: South Korea and Taiwan

Japan, China and Taiwan in a Time of Turbulence

Vladimir Putin sends three Russian warships into Nato waters after US vessel arrives in Baltic Sea

Energy and transport connections between the Baltic states and the rest of Europe is the assurance of our future

Russia’s covert warfare is remarkably overt

Estonian president: In the face of Brexit, unity will be at the heart of our EU presidency

Tallinn jails GRU agent spying on Estonian and NATO forces

U.S. Criticizes Russian Buildup In Baltics, May Temporarily Deploy Patriot Missiles

Estonia to lead debate on the future of social systems in the digital era

US defense secretary pledges to defend Baltic States

Lithuania Calls for Permanent U.S. Military Presence Amid Russia Tensions

Six NATO ships arrive in Tallinn

Mogherini: EU expects energy, determination from Estonia during presidency

After three Baltic countries agree to disconnect power grids from Russia, the cyber hackers arrive

First openly gay swimmer to compete for Estonia

From the language of serfs to official EU communication – the journey of Latvian

Nato legislators are in Svalbard to see Arctic change close up

Greece eyes bond sale amid optimism over debt deal

Hong Kong Philharmonic expresses its independence claims

China’s No 3 official warns Macau teachers against spreading ‘evil thoughts’ in veiled shot at Hong Kong separatists

Hong Kong Rejects Pro-Democracy Rally Application Ahead of 20th Anniversary

Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay Books to move to Taipei

London: Baloch Republican Party to protest against Pakistani Army atrocities