2017 5 22

Petition: Help to END THE GENOCIDE in West Papua


May 14, 1948 (5th of Iyar in 1948, which is May 2 in 2017): Yom Ha’atzmaut, Day of Independence in Israel

May 15, 1948: Nakba Day, Day of the Catastrophe in Palestine

May 14–15, 1811: Independence Day in Paraguay

May 16th, 1944 – the day of Sinti, Romani and Roma resistance

May 17, 1814: May 17th, National Day, Constitution Day in Norway

May 17, 1995: Panchen Lama’s abduction in Tibet

May 18, 1991: Somalia Independence Day

May 18, 1944: Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Crimean Tatar genocide

May 20, 1902: Independence Day in Cuba

May 20, 2002: East Timor Independence Day

May 21, 2006: Montenegro Independence Day

May 24, 1822: Ecuador Independence Day

May 24, 1991: Eritrea Independence Day

May 25, 1946: Jordan Independence Day

May 26, 1918: Georgia Independence Day

May 26, 1966: Guyana Independence Day

May 28, 1918: Armenia Independence Day

May 28, 1918: Republic Day in Azerbaijan


More US forces needed in Europe to deter Russia, experts say

Elcetions: Croatia at a crossroads

26 Years Ago, Croatia Voted for Independence

Slovenian Police Bans Concert by Croatian Singer

Montenegro looks west, away from Moscow

“With Montenegro in, Serbians could view NATO differently”

Serbia Parliament Appoints New Chief War Crimes Prosecutor

Adam & Eve Challenge Darwinism In Serbia

Council of Europe Calls for Serbia to Acknowledge Genocide

“Serbia and China are friends who trust each other”

UN envoy warns against Kosovo and Serbia trading ‘ethno-nationalist’ barbs

Champions League: Kosovo champions to make competition debut

Kosovo’s early elections are reviving its ‘war’ and ‘peace’ camps

Trio Battle it out to Become Kosovo’s Next PM

Challenges can derail Bosnia and Herzegovina from path of stability, Security Council told

Bosnia faces dangerous year

Scott Turow’s New Thriller Investigates a Massacre in Bosnia

Wartime Rapes of Men Remains Taboo in Bosnia

Ruling Coalition Breakups Heighten Bosnia’s Agony

Macedonia: An end to drawn-out political deadlock?

Macedonia Suspends Police Officers For Parliament Invasion

Macedonia faces local government power vacuum

Following Macedonia, Western pressure resolves Albanian crisis

Albania’s ‘track record’ of political polarization

UN Religious Freedom Expert Hails Albania Interfaith Harmony

Albania’s Muslims call for peaceful electoral campaign

Albania blocks 26 tons of salmonella poultry imported from Brazil

MEPs demand action against Hungary over CEU law

Support for Hungary sanctions builds among MEPs

EU Parliament demands action on Hungary human rights

Commission sets June deadline for Poland, Hungary to take migrant share

Hungary’s foreign minister says European Parliament resolution a ‘new attack by Soros network’

Hungary to keep tougher laws, border fence in place: PM aide

German neo-Nazi who fled to avoid prison arrested in Hungary

More than 370,000 Hungarians would leave Hungary to become migrants

Swiss give green light for renewables and nuclear phase out

Non-smoking apartments sell out in Zurich

Making Swiss trains handicapped accessible proves a challenge

Austria approves burka ban and mandatory language lessons for migrants

Austria Becomes Latest Country In Europe To Ban Full-Face Veil

Austria set for snap election

Battle for gender equality rages on in the Czech Republic

Inside the Czech Republic’s pre-election ‘soap opera’

Czech PM accepts new finance minister to end government split

Czech President and Putin Share A Joke About ‘Liquidating’ Journalists

Slovakia to buy APCs for 1.2 billion euros, send troops to NATO missions

Slovakia to prepare law on cyber security with NATO

Roma Tortured by Police in Belgrade After Reporting Stolen Car

Court in Slovakia again frees policemen charged with bullying Roma boys

Roma and Conflict: a short intro to the new issue of Roma Rights

‘Nazi salute’ scandal unfolds in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Needs a Reform-Oriented Government to Take Full Advantage of its EU Membership

Changing the rules of the game in Moldova

Moldovan President Calls EU Aid ‘Geopolitical Assistance’

2 Moldova weightlifters fail drug tests

Belarus: Sitting on Two Chairs Is What the Doctor Ordered

Why do the authorities continue to arrest Belarus’s top businessmen?

Belarus seeking security cooperation with both Russia and the West: Mission possible?

Ukraine blocks social networking sites with new sanctions against Russia

Why Ukraine Said ‘Nyet’ to Russian Social Networks

Ukrainian legislation about religion will finalize divorce between Kyiv and Moscow

The Holocaust in the Crimea and the North Caucasus

For Crimea’s drug users, a Russian death sentence

Crimea’s Virtual Blackout Means Anything Goes

Remembering Sürgünlik: Supporting Crimean Tatars in a Dark Time

Ukraine Commemorates Deportation Of Crimean Tatars

Canada concerned about human rights in Crimea

Ukraine committed to return Crimea by diplomatic means – Poroshenko

Security officials blocking actions of Crimean Tatars in occupied Crimea

Deportation, genocide, and Russia’s war against Crimean Tatars

Ukraine Opens Criminal Probe Against Stalin, Beria For Crimean Tatar Deportations

Crimean Tatars: Candles Lit in Berlin in Memory of Deportation

Deportation of the Crimean Tatars. History, chronology, victims (infographics)

Update: The Iceland Geothermal Revolution

Belgium extends commuter benefits to all electric bicycles

Luxembourg is emerging as the go-to destination for insurers fleeing London post-Brexit

Government-Backed Firm to Launch Blockchain IDs in Luxembourg

Enda Kenny, Fine Gael Prime Minister of Ireland, Will Resign

Ireland more than likely to seek post-Brexit EU aid: Kenny

Irish language activists stage protest in Belfast

Pressure mounts on DUP’s Foster to clarify views on Irish Language Act

A revolution is needed for us to properly serve isolated communities

Scotland back in the Day: The battle that kept the English at bay… for a bit

After 10 years of SNP power at Holyrood, Alex Salmond hails a political revolution

Sturgeon hails ‘special day’ marking 10 years of SNP in government

Effects of Brexit on the Isle of Man

Isle of Man most worthy poet poet competition

Dawn French speaks Cornish for new ice cream advert

Weird and wonderful Cornwall museums to visit on International Museum Day

Row over who will run Cornwall Council rages on nearly two weeks after local elections

Dental crisis in Cornwall sees 14,000 people stuck on waiting list

Plaid Cymru launches plan to ‘protect, preserve and promote’ Wales

28 fascinating things you should know about Wales (but probably don’t)

Rhodri Morgan dies aged 77: Tributes paid to former Welsh leader and ‘father of nation’

50 Welsh language campaigners could be jailed over TV licences

Wales at risk of ‘disappearing politically’, says Plaid AM

How Norway stood up to Putin – and what Canada can learn

Sweden Drops Rape Charges Against WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

Sweden launches national apex body for co-operatives

Finland, Norway, and Sweden are conducting a massive air exercise amid Russia tensions

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund has calculated its emissions – and they total twice that of all Norway

Mauno Koivisto, President Who Led Finland Into E.U., Dies at 93

Finland’s ex-President Koivisto secretly funnelled money to support Estonian independence

Stifling Debate on Catalonia

Last works on the human towers museum of Catalonia

16 international personalities join the ‘Let Catalans vote’ manifesto

Parliament suggests seeking Venice Commission’s endorsement for referendum

Spanish government invites Catalan president to present his referendum proposal before Congress

Public Prosecutor sues Catalan officials for initiating ballot box purchase

Case reopened against Mayor for not taking down pro-independence flag

Catalonia is the ICT hub Europe’s modern start-up sector needs

Independent Catalonia could have “resuscitation effect” on “struggling” Europe, says Arthur Brooks

Catalonia’s last offer to Madrid

500,000 signatures in favor of coming to an agreement about a referendum on Catalonia’s independence

Puigdemont says referendum plan should only be summited to Congress if agreement is reached first

Portugal Celebrates Eurovision Song Contest Winner

Basque Country, among the most advanced regions in the world

John Malkovich visits top Basque restaurant Mugaritz

Flanders and Basque country talk food tourism

Cake, singers mark new attractions at 53rd annual Basque festival in Los Banos

The child refugees who escaped the Spanish civil war and found safety in Newport

Eighty years since children refugees of the Spanish Civil War were welcomed to Tayside

Study of ancient Arctic temperatures could predict how Greenland ice will melt

IAEA head visits planned Greenland mine

Greenlandic language experts hope AI will give computers a fighting chance against their polysynthetic tongue

New Zealand honey makers fight for right to manuka name

Māori ancestral remains to return home from Swedish medical museum

Moriori and Māori remains to return from Germany

Maori-speaking doll a hit for Kiwi parents

Aboriginal women prisoner rates skyrocket

Chanel’s £1,100 boomerang branded ‘a new level of ignorance’ for appropriating Aboriginal culture

Artefacts found in Pilbara cave show Aboriginal life in northern WA dates back 50,000 years

It’s 50 years since Indigenous Australians first ‘counted’. Why has so little changed?

Referendum on Indigenous recognition in constitution must succeed

Australian billionaire uses indigenous land laws to keep prospectors off farm

Meet Chhattisgarh jailer Varsha Dongre: Suspended for exposing torture and sexual abuse of Adivasis

Cracks appear in Adivasi social order

Brazil: Indigenous Leaderships Oppose New President of the Indian Foundation

Brazil farm lobby seeks to dismantle indigenous affairs agency

Indigenous Leaders Find Voice In Global Climate Talks

Commission on missing, murdered Indigenous women has become a fortress of bureaucratic incompetence

Crowdfunding campaign raises thousands for Indigenous writers’ award

The making of Canada’s first Indigenous Fashion Week

‘New Life’ Initiative to Recruit American Indian Students

To solve alcoholism, Native Americans must look inside reservations

Will Indians Survive Donald Trump?

In Jamaica, a push to market island getaways — with a side of surgery

Jamaica keeps losing its best nurses to the UK

Haiti chefs carving out higher profile for country’s cuisine

BLM Co-Founder: Trump Admin’s Haiti Emails Perpetuate the Myth of the ‘Black Criminal’

58,000 Haitians in U.S. May Lose Post-Earthquake Protections

Wyclef Jean urges fans to support Haitian immigrants

Is Kyrgyzstan Ready for the Next Natural Disaster?

Kyrgyzstan: Ruling Party Nominates Presidential Candidate

Tajikistan: Travel Ban on Rights Lawyer

Tajikistan: Citizens Doling Out Violence to Law Enforcers

WFP welcomes Canadian Earth Group support for school meals in Tajikistan

Measles outbreak in Tajikistan: Sharp increase in new cases is expected to continue

London: Baloch Republican Party protests against Pakistani brutalities in the Balochistan

UN Committee against Torture Condemns Widespread Torture by Security Forces in Pakistan

World Uyghur Congress’ Annual Report on the Human Rights Situation in EastTurkestan

Beijing laying groundwork for mass DNA testing in Xinjiang

Tibetan Community Health Outreach Training Begins in Delhi

China accuses US lawmakers of promoting independence for Tibet

Teenaged Tibetan Self-Immolator’s Parents Again Detained

Tibetan exiles commemorate 22nd anniversary of Panchen Lama’s forced disappearance

Tibetan Monk Sets Himself Ablaze in Qinghai in 150th Self-Immolation

Richard Gere on how China has damaged his career over his support for Tibet

Recalling Panchen Lama’s disappearance in 1995

CTA’s Fact Sheet Of Tibet’s Missing Panchen Lama

ICT Inside Tibet: Use of “lie-detector” to test Communist Party members indicates escalation of control in Tibet

Undercover In Tibet (Full Documentary) – Real Stories

Key Facts Regarding China’s Invasion of Tibet

Buryat deputy charged for running over traffic police officer on May 9

Mongolia blocks former president from standing in June elections

Stories of Hong Kong: Hopes and fears on landmark anniversary

Macau vs Hong Kong, a tale of two cities in black and white

A turbulent first year for Taiwan’s president

Former VP to lead Taiwan’s main opposition party

Tsai urged to proclaim independence

Taiwan: China Blocks Island’s Participation in 2017 WHA

China Issues Banned and Required Terminology for Taiwan, Hong Kong, South China Sea

China and Asean agree to draft code of conduct in South China Sea

While the U.S. Is Distracted, Beijing Is Winning the Battle to Control the South China Sea

Organisers of Singapore gay pride rally tell outsiders to stay away

Inside Interpol’s Singapore cybercrime-fighting complex

Singapore ‘vending machine’ dispenses Ferraris, Lamborghinis

Malta is a target for Italian mafia, Russia loan sharks, damning probe says

‘Nothing offshore about Malta’

‘Malta Files’ contain no secrets, says PM

Facebook blocks Pulitzer-winning reporter over Malta government exposé

Who’s best to negotiate the next EU funds for Malta?

UN envoy in shuttle diplomacy for Cyprus talks’ final phase

UN says Cyprus peace talks deadlocked

Greece slides back into recession at start of 2017

Greece adopts more austerity measures in bailout bid

A journey to Somaliland: Africa’s self-made country

Somaliland Opens First Diplomatic Office in Sweden

Drought sees price of water in Somaliland rocket

Moroccan Amazigh activist calls for direct dialogue with government

Morocco′s Amazigh long road to recognition

Lutherans mark 500th anniversary of Reformation in Namibia

Namibia’s president hails Lutheran role during struggle

Landless movement dismisses Lutheran apology

Seeking justice for conflict victims in Central African Republic

Hostages held in Central African Republic mosque freed: UN

Malawi to drag Tanzania to Hague court over lake dispute

Congo president opens largest oil field in port city of Pointe Noire

President of Republic of Congo Denis Sassou Nguesso downplays Pool region crisis

President of Republic of Congo: ‘I’m not God, I never said I will be president for life’

Scandal-hit female challenger of Rwanda’s Kagame bounces back

Grenade attack kills three Burundi ruling party members

Africa least hit by WannaCry ransomware cyber-attack

Fake news killing African heads of state – death hoaxes rife

Africa’s twins, triplets, quadruplets and more – blessing or headache?

African cities becoming smarter

Europe to partner Africa, handout regime over

Pan African Parliament plans for a Continental Police

Equatorial Guinea – OPEC relations

Morocco phosphate ship held in Panama over Western Sahara challenge

African Union official: Morocco’s return may lead to solution to Western Sahara conflict

WFP Forced to Reduce Food Rations for Western Sahara Refugees as Ramadan Approaches

EU won’t fund Morocco’s renewable energy projects in Western Sahara

Barotseland Legal Position on the 18th MAY 1964 defunct agreement and creation of Zambia

HARD TRUTH: Lozis are not ‘secessionists’, can claim self-determination – Zambian lawyer

OPINION: Fake Guardian Angels! By Yubai Mukongolwa

BAROTSE CHANGE: Recapping the common Resistance factors advanced by the foes of Barotseland’s Complete Independence

UN to deploy rapid intervention force in Mali

Macron says France uncompromising in fight against jihadists in Mali

Southern Libya attack: death toll rises, defence minister suspended

What Do The Russians Have Planned Off Libya’s Coast Next Week?

London: Vigil marks 15th year of repression against Christians in Eritrea

10 Christians Arrested in Eritrea, Where Many Prisoners Die While Locked Up in Shipping Containers

Al Shabaab gunmen kill Kenyan official near Somalia border

Three Somali soldiers killed in attempt to defuse car bomb

Al Shabaab publicly cuts off hands of two Somali men for theft

Somali soldiers stage short-lived mutiny over salary arrears

Threat of malnutrition still high in Somalia despite onset of rains- ICRC

European Parliament Resolution Condemns Crackdown on Civil Society in Ethiopia

Ethiopia needs impartial protest death probe, must release Oromo leader – EU MPs

Ethiopia rejects European Parliament call to release Oromo leader

Uneasy peace and simmering conflict: the Ethiopian town where three flags fly

“I will continue to protest until the Oromo people in Ethiopia gain their freedom”

Pro-Biafra women protest half-naked against soldiers

Zimbabwe national airline banned from EU skies over safety concerns

Zimbabwe’s economy is ‘increasingly fragile’ – UK disagrees with Mugabe

Prayers held for Zambian opposition leader standing trial for treason

Rare hailstorm gives Zambians a snowy feel in May

Zambia’s political climate and treason trial of Hichilema worrying – EU MPs

South Sudan opposition groups join forces against government

Four South Sudanese soldiers killed after rebel attack in Yei

U.N. troops enter South Sudan eight months after approval

South Sudan forces killed 114 civilians around Yei in six months – U.N

South Sudan president Salva Kiir denies ethnic bias in army

EU MPs condemn rape as ‘weapon of war’, use of child soldiers in South Sudan

Celebrating with her tribe! Beyonce

Senegal’s opposition coalition supports jailed Dakar mayor

Senegalese march in support of Dakar mayor’s release

120 countries to celebrate May 30 Biafra Heroes Day – IPOB

Biafra day: Int’l observers to monitor anniversary celebrations – MASSOB

Biafra Day celebration: Buhari, security agents can’t stop Igbos on May 30 – IPOB

Nigeria: IPOB Plans Referendum to Mark Biafra’s Remembrance Day

Israel emerges as source of intelligence Donald Trump shared with Russia

With the White House in Chaos, What Can Trump’s Israel Visit Accomplish?

Trump considering how move of US Embassy in Israel could affect Mideast peace

Israel dismisses US concern over Jerusalem embassy move

Israel wants White House to explain U.S. official’s comment that Judaism’s Holy Western Wall is part of the Israeli-occupied West Bank

Israel declassifies Six-Day War archives

Israel-Palestine: the real reason there’s still no peace

On Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s visit, PM Modi says India supports Palestine cause

Gaza residents left in the dark amid Palestinian power struggle

Dozens injured by Israeli forces in Palestine protests

Israeli settler shoots dead Palestinian protester

UN envoy urges defusing tensions over Palestinian hunger strike in Israeli jails

Palestinian hunger strikers: ‘They had no choice’

Negev: Israel razes Palestinian village for 113th time

Heneghan Peng sets limestone-clad Palestinian Museum among angular landscaped terraces

Zimbabwe: Kuwait Slavery Victim Tale Leaves Senators in Tears

Kuwait ready to host Yemeni talks if ‘final formula’ exists

For Palestinians in Lebanon, 69 years of despair

Maintaining fiscal stability in Lebanon a ‘dance with wolves’, says central bank governor

Afraid of Visiting Lebanon? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be

Beirut gay pride event a first for Lebanon

Lebanon launches Arab world’s first gay pride week

In Lebanon, gay activism is fueling a new conversation about democracy and civil rights

‘It would be better if you died’: queer Daghestanis on coming out

Chechnya accused of ‘gay genocide’ in ICC complaint

Parliament urges action on persecution of homosexuals in Chechnya

US Denies Visas to Gay Chechen Men Fleeing Persecution

Chechen gay men hopeful of finding refuge in five countries

Russia ends investigation into anti-gay abuse in Chechnya claiming there are ‘no victims’

Ingush head to be summoned as witness in attack on activists and journalists

The Unsung Lament: Russian Atrocities in Caucasus

Moscow’s Efforts to Erase Circassian History Are Backfiring

Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges re-locates HQ office from Turkey to Armenia

Armenia Sends Gyumri Massacre Convict To Russia To Serve Life Sentence

A Pyrrhic victory in Yerevan? Understanding Armenia’s one party dominance

Armenia: Opposition leader’s daughter hospitalized “after police violence”

Azerbaijan destroys Armenia air defence system in Nagorny Karabakh

Armenia, Separatists Warn Azerbaijan Over Missile Strike

How Azerbaijan is losing its brains

Debt-Troubled Azerbaijan Spending Big on Islamic Games, Formula 1 and Mariah Carey

Russia Increasingly Treats Georgia as Its Prospective Satellite

Abkhazia: Chamber of Commerce Launches Cooperation with Circassian Association in Lebanon

In the ruins of eastern Abkhazia’s ‘ghost towns’, life goes on

Legendary band Aerosmith rocks Georgia

Ossetian house opens at Georgia’s Museum of Ethnography

4 Georgians kidnapped near occupied Tskinvali region

Slovakia to represent Georgia at upcoming NATO Summit

LGBT rights, ‘family purity’ and police on high alert: What’s May 17 like in Tbilisi?

Georgia ratifies Council of Europe Convention on violence against women and domestic violence

Independence Day events set to celebrate anniversary of Georgia’s iconic poet Rustaveli

Georgia expresses concern over EU representative’s visit to South Ossetia

Members of the European Parliament Warn Iranian Government to Stop Pre-election Repression of Journalists and Activists

U.S. plan to arm Kurdish militia casts shadow over Trump-Erdogan talks

Turkey says ‘pro-Kurd’ US envoy Brett McGurk should leave

Erdogan’s Security Team Violently Clashes With Kurdish Protesters In Washington

Turkish president Erdogan ‘looked on’ as aides beat Kurdish protesters in DC

Syria’s Kurds Work All the Angles for Autonomy

The Middle East’s complex Kurdish landscape

Iranian-backed militia warned to keep away from Yezidi areas

Iraqi Yazidis in 2017

Iraqi troops free two Yazidi girls from IS captivity in western Mosul

PMUs official says Yazidi mass graves likely to be found in western Mosul

The forgotten genocide: The only Yazidi in Taiwan tells his story

Yazidi Leader: West to Blame for Our Genocide

This Man Helped Save a Thousand Escaped ISIS Slaves

Surviving genocide: Storytelling and ritual help communities heal

West Papuans Reject 54 Years of Illegal Indonesian Occupation

In 24 hours at least 5 West Papuan people killed by Indonesian migrants

New Internationalist West Papua edition