Catalan Independence Leader Puigdemont to Europe: “I ask you to react”

1956 October 23 – November 10: Hungarian Revolution

1964 October 24: Zambia Independence Day

1955 October 26: Austrian National Day

1979 October 27: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Independence Day

1991 October 27: Turkmenistan Independence Day

1918 October 28: Independent Czechoslovak State Day

1923 October 29: Republic Day of Turkey

1981 November 1: Antigua and Barbuda Independence Day

1978 November 3: Dominica Independence Day

1903 November 3: Panama Independence Day

1953 November 9: Cambodia Independence Day

1975 November 11: Angola Independence Day

1918 November 11: National Independence Day in Poland

1965 November 11: Rhodesia Independence Day


Journalist reports death threats over Rwanda book

Pakistani forces abduct nine people including a well-known Baloch Human Rights activist

Russia after Putin’s speech began a new stage in the Russification of indigenous peoples

General Elections in Iceland bring a complicated political landscape

United Liberation Movement for West Papua appeal to New Zealand’s new prime minister

Elderly Among Thousands of Uyghurs Held in Xinjiang Re-Education Camps

Launch of ‘Friends of Uyghur’ Friendship Group in the European Parliament

Deadly ‘donations’, China’s organ harvesting program and nuclear radiation in Xinjiang

Dreams of independence persist in an interconnected world

City of broken promises: Is self-determination the only way left for Hong Kong?

Pro-democracy activists Joshua Wong and Nathan Law released from Hong Kong jail

Educators Try New Methods to Save American Indian Languages

Khalistan, anti-Sikh pogrom, and poetry of 1984

Galileo delivered to French Guiana

Australia rejects indigenous ‘voice’ in parliament

Guam: Feds Are Attacking a Program That Gives Indigenous People Land

Canada: indigenous population growing rapidly, languages surging: census

Two-thirds of Inuit can speak Inuktut, largely unchanged since 2011: StatsCan

After 2006, non-Arctic Inuit population grew dramatically

Wider Image: Mexico’s indigenous Muslims in Maya heartland

‘Barotseland won’t be part of Zambia’s independence celebrations’

Barotseland freedom fighters push for arbitration at UN agency

Native Hawaiians wage an ongoing battle to organize into a sovereign nation

The Case for Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani to step down

Revenge by red notice: how Azerbaijan targets its critics abroad

Moldovan President Igor Dodon Suspended by the Constitutional Court

Moldova Seeks Russian Troop Withdrawal from Transnistria

Dictator Xi vows to crack down on “separatists” in Tibet and beyond

Tibet has always been an independent country

Where The Truth Lies: Finland’s New Attempts At Sámi Reconciliation

Catalan Parliament declares independence

Catalan police chief sacked as Madrid takes steps to impose direct rule

Comparing Catalonia with Ireland or Kosovo

Former Slovenian president Kučan slams EU for inaction over Spanish violence in Catalonia

Puigdemont to Europe: “I ask you to react”

Greece is on track to exit its bailout plan but doubts over its future remain

Czech state to pay roughly CZK 450 million to buy out pig farm on Roma genocide site

New clash in the AU over Western Sahara

Morocco expels a Euro-parliamentary delegation from Western Sahara

Gdeim Izik Sahrawi political prisoners in Kenitra jail begin hunger strike of 48 hours

Malo ni! Welcome to Tokelauan Language Week

Welsh government plans minimum pricing for alcohol sales

Finland at 100, from a 7,000-tonne icebreaker

Finland does not fear Russia

Gender neutral traffic signs on the way in Finland

The ongoing plight of the Yazidis

The Unwanted: A Haunting Look at the Rohingya Who Escaped Ethnic Cleansing

Voluntary sterilisation planned for Rohingya refugees

Palestinian Authority & Hamas: Peace at last?

Does the Palestinian reconciliation deal make peace more likely?

Australian State Enacts Landmark Laws to Revive Aboriginal Languages

Who is who in the Kremlin proxy “Donetsk People’s Republic”

How Russia recruits Serbian mercenaries into the ranks of its fighters in Donbas

Ukrainian citizens turned into ‘foreign nationals’ in Russian-occupied Crimea

Over 92% of Ukrainian citizens consider themselves ethnic Ukrainians – survey

Imprisoned Crimean Tatar leaders Chiygoz and Umerov released by Russia, flown to Turkey

100 years and 100 million deaths later, Communism still has its converts. Why?

Kazakhstan to change from Cyrillic to Latin alphabet

Breathtaking Project Shows What Giving Birth Is Like for Indigenous Women Around the World

Jacinda Ardern sworn in as New Zealand PM, promising ’empathetic’ government

Māori MPs secure 18 ministerial portfolios

Māori attorney to represent California tribe

New Zealand to ban foreign buyers snapping up existing homes

Biafra: Bishop orders church members to embark on 40 days fasting for IPOB

Liechtenstein: Europe’s Richest Royal Gets Richer as Family Bank Lures Wealthy

New Caledonia march for automatic Kanak voter enrolment in next year’s independence referendum

Which other regions want to secede from Spain?

Sinn Féin MLA, Linda Dillon, to visit Basque Country to share experiences of Irish peace process

How Russia stands to profit from Austria’s new government

Brunei has lowest number of pollution-linked deaths

Saint Lucia to host conference geared towards eliminating mercury use

Waiting for the tide to turn: Kiribati’s fight for survival

Bashkirian Open Russia movement lawyer deprived of status for posts on social networks

Authorities in Abkhazia Strengthen Discriminatory Policies Against Ethnic-Georgian Population

Georgian gov’t creates state program to protect and develop Abkhazian language

São Tomé and Príncipe: paradise islands that tourism forgot

Turkmenistan’s Currency Slumps On Black Market Amid Economic Crisis

Turkmenistan dictator opens golf course – and quickly hits ‘hole in one’

Will political and security unrest deepen in Lesotho?

Dagestan: policeman sentenced to 13 years for mediating in hit ordered by ‘Kadyrov’s sworn brother’

Who Was Behind Third Attempt To Kill Popular Ingush Preacher?

When Women Rule: Kyrgyzstan’s youngest female MP puts bride kidnapping, attacks on women in spotlight

Migrant Women Workers and a ‘Lost Generation’ of Children in Kyrgyzstan

Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan Row: A Spat Between Friends Or A Parting Of Ways?

IMF calls on Croatia to speed up reforms

Huge marine reserve in Palau will protect rich tourists rather than fish

Namibia wants to regulate hotel disruptor Airbnb

Willies, ghillies and horny Highlanders: Scottish Gaelic writing has a filthy past

Nobel prize-winning economist makes the case for Scottish independence in the EU

Scotland’s social security service will lay the groundwork for independence, says Jeane Freeman MSP

Scottish Government ‘respects’ Catalan independence decision

Espinós praises Small States of Europe Karate Championships

Singapore Claims the Title of World’s Most Powerful Passport

Singapore Is Banning Additional Cars on Its Roads as the City-State Runs Out Of Space

Luxembourg has lowest share of female managers across EU

Gabon students angry at sex-for-grades pressure

Key Witness Identifies Russian Suspect In Funding Of Alleged Montenegro Coup Plot

As climate threats grow, Solomon Islands hunts “evergreen” solutions

Volcano Erupts In Solomon Islands’ Causing A Shower Of Ash

527 Millionaires In Fiji

Vanuatu Volcano Alert Passes, And Islanders Are Allowed To Return

Dennis Banks, Native American Activist And Wounded Knee Occupier, Dies At 80

El Salvador: The Youth Are the Ones Who Are Dying

Trans activist from El Salvador seeks refuge in Ireland

From 400,000 to 3 million: the future of Malta’s population

MEPs to visit Malta over rule of law concerns

Malta Proposes Rules for Cryptocurrency Investment Funds

United States invades Grenada, Oct. 25, 1983

A celebration of Grenada’s people

Grenada, the Caribbean Capital of Chocolate

After U.N. troubles, Haiti wary of new justice mission

Where Somaliland’s 2017 presidential candidates stand on key issues

Somaliland, Khatumo sign historic national unity deal

When Women Rule: El Alto’s first female mayor defies Bolivia’s old boys’ network

Gambia spies plead not guilty to murder of Jammeh opponent

PNG journalist death sparks anger over violence against women

We finally know the results of Papua New Guinea’s elections

Tajikistan Registers 367 Suspected Gays, Lesbians in Database

China-Russia Contest for Central Asia: Tajikistan

U.S. House passes sanctions on Iran-backed Hezbollah

Hezbollah says U.S. sanctions aim to stir unrest in Lebanon

Art exhibit in Lebanon takes on civil war’s old wounds

Balfour Declaration Promised Lebanon and Jordan to the Jews, Too

Benin’s ‘chicken king’ in fraud probe

Brexit drives Belgium to set up English-language commerce court

Tunisia’s Democracy: Between Economic Reform and Public Engagement

Tunisia to lay off 16,500 public sector workers in 2017 and 2018

EU prolongs sanctions against Burundi officials

Burundi rebel leaders ‘extradited from Tanzania’

Burundi Takes Steps to Extend President’s Rule as Crisis Deepens

Burundi becomes first nation to leave international criminal court

Hundreds gather to demand Guinea Bissau government resign

West African leaders plan shared currency by 2020

Ending child marriage in West and Central Africa could take 100 years, warns UNICEF

Slovakia a pro-European island in its region, PM says

World Youth Conference Coming To Belize

Human Trafficking: Can Belize Get To Tier Two?

Trinidad and Tobago heading to failed state

Chad gold mine clash leaves 10 dead

Explosion kills three Chadian U.N. peacekeepers in northern Mali

Armenia, a campaign to end violence against children

Tufts Student Launches Dog-Therapy Program in Armenia

Jamaica shuns Inter-American Commission on Human Rights hearing

Rave no more: Serbia, 140 beats per minute

Is Jordan likely to change ‘sexist’ nationality law?

Election complaints overshadow Liberia presidential runoff

Liberia is one of the world’s worst places to learn. Here’s how that’s changing

In Hungary, Viktor Orban’s favorite mayor goes on a shopping spree

Orban calls for Hungarian spy agencies to probe ‘Soros empire’ of NGOs

Is Jordan likely to change ‘sexist’ nationality law?

Qatar ‘to introduce’ minimum wage as part of labor reforms

Tatarstan: ”Loss of the national language is the first step towards mankurtisation. We will lose Islam then”

The Bifurcated World of Eritrea’s ‘Caged’ Tyrant

Eritrea: UN expert urges world not to turn its back on people fleeing unending human rights abuses

In Central African Republic, UN chief warns of religious divide, seeks global solidarity to rebuild country

Central African Republic: Civilians Targeted as Violence Surges

3 killed as heavy rain, flooding hit southeast Bulgaria

Bulgaria is last in the EU on Internet Usage

India to open talks with all parties in disputed Jammu and Kashmir

Partition 70 years on: When tribal warriors invaded Kashmir

70 years of Jammu and Kashmir’s accession to India: Here’s what happened this day in 1947

‘Black day’ in Kashmir marks 1947 Indian army arrival

Swiss to represent Iran, Saudi interests after rivals broke ties

‘Swiss-made’ helped Switzerland weather currency storm

Adivasis in Andhra Odisha Border live in a state of constant fear

Honduras’s Drug War

Nicaragua To Join Paris Accord, Leaving U.S., Syria As Only Nonparticipants

Torrential rain in Nicaragua leaves five dead

East Timor bids to join Asean

Albania parliament lifts ex-minister’s immunity for drug trafficking probe

Communist Albania Saw Increased Abortions, Infant Mortality

Albania: the Balkans’ Biggest Believers in the ‘American Dream’

From Bhutan to Cambodia, early warning saves lives in floods

Mass Repressions In Belarus

Brexit has awoken the Welsh independence movement

Lithuanian court convicts man for public approval of Soviet crimes