As Madrid does its best to kill Catalan Independence Referendum, Paris prepares for self-rule referendum in New Caledonia

November is National American Indian Heritage Month

1981 November 1: Antigua and Barbuda Independence Day

1978 November 3: Dominica Independence Day

1903 November 3: Panama Independence Day

November 5: International Romani Language Day

1953 November 9: Cambodia Independence Day

1975 November 11: Angola Independence Day

1918 November 11: National Independence Day in Poland

1965 November 11: Rhodesia Independence Day

1839 November 13: Baloch Martyrs’ Day

1988 November 16: Estonian Sovereignty Declaration

1918 November 18: Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia

1956 November 18: Morocco Independence Day

Tough questions on Kurdistan in the British House of Commons

US Tillerson expresses support for constitutional rights of Kurdistan in phone call with Barzani

UN urges Iraq, Kurdistan to bring ISIS executioners in Mosul to justice

UNPO Strongly Condemns Death Sentence of Kurd politician Ramin Hossein Panahi Issued by Iran

Batwa: Killing in Congo Reveals Human Cost of Conservation

Diseased, Ignored and Suffering Silently : A look into the Health Status of Adivasi Women in Jharkhand

New wildlife plan backs Adivasi rights in tiger reserves despite environment ministry stalling them

As Jharkhand attempts to stem decline in tiger population in state, Adivasis fear second uprooting

Moldova’s Top Court Endorses Proposal To Switch Official Language To ‘Romanian’ In Constitution

Moldovan President invites his Romanian counterpart to visit Moldova

A small country fights a big war against Russian hybrid warfare

Self-determination is legal under international law – it’s hypocritical to argue otherwise for Catalonia

Madrid moves to reassert its control over Catalonia

Puigdemont to Europe: “I ask you to react”

EU silence over Catalan leader’s call for action speaks volumes

Scottish lawmakers call for international recognition for Catalan independence

Greens call for Estonian government to recognize Catalan independence

Catalan vice president and seven ministers sent to prison without bail

Spanish Prosecutor issues European arrest warrant for Catalan president Carles Puigdemont

Call for EU sanctions to push Spain into legal referendum in Catalonia

Party of Wales unreservedly condemns the jailing of Catalan politicians by the Spanish State

Flanders premier calls on EU to take action on Catalonia

‘French Catalonia’ independence STUNS Macron: Thousands DEMAND to join Catalan state

THOUSANDS march in Basque over imprisoned Catalan politicians

Pro-Catalonia independence parties seen winning most votes in election: poll

Serbia Promises Broader Public Debate on Kosovo

Lombardy, Veneto and the economics of autonomy

Dialogue on Kashmir – New Interlocutor

Is India Getting Serious About Dialogue in Kashmir?

India ordered to probe 2,080 mass graves in Kashmir

80 militants killed in south Kashmir in 6 months: Army

Can India’s New Representative in Kashmir Defuse Tensions?

France plans New Caledonia self-rule referendum in 2018

Suriname flip-flops on Kosovo and Western Sahara recognition

Did Suriname’s Kosovo decision go via Moscow?

Abkhazia: Still Isolated, Still Proud

Bolshevik Squabbles Still Shape the Caucasus

Georgia to Promote Abkhaz Language, But Sukhumi Unimpressed

Taiwan president arrives in Hawaii despite Chinese objections

Taiwan president visits U.S. territory of Guam despite Chinese ire

When Haiti stole hearts in 1974

Alex Salmond to issue rallying cry to Scottish Yes movement at SIC Build2

The National launches new campaign: It’s time to Save Our Scotland Brand

Voters are scunnered – but they WILL be ready to vote in Scottish indyref2 soon, according to new research

Why Nicaragua’s first-ever billionaire funded a burn hospital and a luxury resort

This Is What It’s Like On The Front Lines Of Nicaragua’s Abortion Crisis

In desert of Oman, a gateway to life on Mars

What Balfour means to Jewish critics of Israel

Hamas cedes Gaza border crossings to Palestinian Authority control

Balfour declaration isn’t history, it’s an everyday reality for Palestinians

Palestinian prisoner gets ’10 minutes’ to see dying son

Irish sympathise with the fight for Independence

Taika Waititi: The Kiwi director’s path from low budget indie to Marvel blockbuster

US store accused of cultural appropriation over temporary Māori tattoos

The Māori economy is small business, too

Iron Māori inspires ‘I can do it’ attitude

Principals back compulsory te reo Māori plan

Left-Greens Get Mandate To Form Iceland’s Next Government

You can now see the Faroe Islands on Google Street View thanks to cameras strapped to sheep

Lithuania to generate renewable energy for Luxembourg

Lithuania sentences man for praising Stalin, Soviet crimes

Lithuania, Leery of Moscow, Spars With Belarus Over Nuclear Reactor

Autumn Brings Fresh Persecutions in Russian-Occupied Crimea

Dzhemilev: Pro-Ukrainian population being squeezed out of Crimea

Lemar Aliadinov, Crimean Tatar missing since 2014 found dead in occupied Crimea

Shevket Razzakov. Beating up Crimean Tatar activists is OK in occupied Crimea, demonstrating contempt for the assailants a ’crime’

Prison staff steal all food from Crimean Tatar political prisoner

Poroshenko called on the leaders of the Gulf States to stand up for the rights of Crimean Tatars

Renat Paralamov, abducted & tortured Crimean Tatar: “If I don’t speak out, they’ll come for others”

Taiwan donates military equipment to Dominican Republic

Namibia Scraps Visas for Africans

Cheated Homeowners’ Hunger Strike In Bashkortostan Enters 12th Day

Powerful short film documents the struggles of Nenets reindeer herders

How ‘Photo Detectives’ Have Helped Reveal Irish History

Irish language film longlisted for an Oscar for the first time

Language Dispute Blocks Path Out of Crisis in Northern Ireland

How did BBC NI mark the 500th anniversary of Reformation? With a film in the Irish language

Kremlin’s Bulgarian game

Jamaica’s crime cancer — A matter for the police

Portugal Is Facing Two Different Realities

In Finland, all it takes is a phone call to find out how much your neighbour earned last year

Wary of Russia, Finns take another look at NATO

East Timor most undernourished in Asia

Editors Press E.U. on Malta Media Independence After Reporter’s Killing

Austria’s prospective ruling parties agree on budget discipline, cutbacks for migrants

Don’t treat us as heroes says bailed Hong Kong activist Wong

Hong Kong universities a new battleground in independence debate

Hong Kong in Xi Jinping’s ‘New Era’

Xi as demi-god portends ever darker times for ‘free’ Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s autonomous status has significantly deteriorated, UK think tank says

Navajo Nation Votes Down Controversial Hotel and Tram Project at Grand Canyon

EU Warns Serbia On War Criminal Teaching At Military Academy

Serbia’s president eyes early parliamentary vote

Euroscepticism in Serbia: An Image Problem?

New NASA Maps Have Very Bad News For Greenland

Greenland will offer oil, gas concessions next year

The Grand Canyon of the Arctic Circle

Social scientist: Depopulation of communities due to politics

Shrinking Spaces in Hungary and Poland

The ‘Last Jewish Writer In Hungary’ Returns To 1945

American Indian Movement founder Dennis Banks dead at 80

Research suggests American Indians are finding ‘image power’ with social media

Canada’s indigenous women inquiry delayed by red tape

Colombia’s ELN rebels admit killing indigenous leader

These Indigenous Movements Are Forcing the US to Reckon With Its Past

New Aboriginal and Indigenous law course fosters ‘eye‑opening’ experiential learning

UN experts blast US disaster response in Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico Power Scandal Expands

Djibouti – The crossroads of conflict and prosperity

Sierra Leone clinic strives to improve breast cancer treatment

Honouring one of Sierra Leone’s finest, Miriam Conteh-Morgan

Sierra Leone Mudslide Exposes Peril of Freetown’s Sprawl

Sierra Leone goes to the polls in March 2018 – there is stench of insincerity in the air

Why Zimbabwe should be split into Mashonaland and Matabeleland

Guinea Bissau vulnerable to climate change

Anti-slavery NGOs face uphill battle to free Chechnya’s slave labourers

Dagestan resident faces trial for fighting on Ukrainian side in Donbas

Ukrainian veteran, ethnic Chechen Amina Okuyeva assassinated near Kyiv

U.S. Senate passes resolution condemning anti-LGBTQ violence in Chechnya

Two wheelchairs and a stroller: Overcoming barriers to parenthood in Belarus

Belarusian Opposition Leader Statkevich Detained For Sixth Time In 2017

Protest leader Vladimir Neklyaev sentenced to 10 days in jail in Belarus

Marc Chagall’s Belarus hometown celebrates first synagogue opening in a century

Armed violence kills 16 in Central African Republic

Central Africa Regional Bloc Creates Six-country Visa-Free Zon

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Slovenian Mindset

Neo-Nazi Website Daily Stormer Hosted On Majority-Black Caribbean Island of Anguilla

China’s Mass Detention of Xinjiang’s Ethnic Minorities Shows No Sign of Let-up

Nearly 20 Uyghur Students Unaccounted For Four Months After Egypt Raids

Uyghur ‘Political Criminals’ Jailed Without Trial in Xinjiang’s Kashgar Prefecture

Xinjiang Residents Told to Hand Over ‘Two-Faced’ Officials

Prominent Uyghur Musician Arrested Amid Ideological Purge in Xinjiang

Peace a mirage for ethnic groups in Myanmar

British government ‘covered up’ their role in India’s bloody crackdown on Sikhs in 1984

Day of Dead in Ecuador inspired by ancient death rituals

Brazilian Indians battle to protect their lands

French Polynesia has high levels of mental illness

‘I am not Father Christmas’, Macron tells French Guiana as riots erupt during visit

Croatia wants to adopt euro within 7-8 years

Oromo: Twenty-Six Years After… Which Solution to End the Vicious Circle of Violence?

Indonesia accepts Pacific’s right to raise West Papua concern

West Papuan school student dies in prison after being tortured by the Indonesian military and police

Pakistan Detains Family Of Baloch Separatist Leader Allah Nazar

‘Baloch women, children abduction part of Pak’s campaign of enforced-disappearances’

Security forces release wife, daughter of Baloch rebel Dr Allah Nazar

Balochistan: Protest against abduction of Baloch Human rights activists, women and children

Animal rights activists and Inuit clash over Canada’s Indigenous food traditions

Nunavut is for Inuit, say some candidates ahead of territory’s 5th general election

New Cyprus talks must offer clarity to Turk Cypriots, official says

Beijing seen poised for fresh South China Sea assertiveness

China says hopes U.S. can ‘help, not cause problems’ in South China Sea

Beijing says it peacefully resolved a South China Sea dispute with Vietnam

Congressional vote may threaten Arctic wildlife refuge, indigenous people

Gwich’in vow to stand ground as U.S. pushes closer to drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Use of Aboriginal languages drops in N.W.T., bucking national trend

Iran Rejects Turkmen Proposal For Gas Shipments To Turkey

Turkmenistan considers shipping gas through Russia to Europe

Brunei named most improved economy in the world

Push to teach Vanuatu children about independence struggle

A Visit to ‘Africa’s North Korea’

Mystery Shrouds Rare Protest in Eritrea

“None killed” in rare Eritrea protest

28 killed in rare protests in Eritrea, opposition group says

Ethiopia busts terror suspects, says Eritrea involved in Oromia instability

Eritrea slams media, Ethiopia-based detractors over ‘fake’ deaths in Asmara

47 years after Biafra civil war, Nigerian govt agrees to pay victims N88 billion

OGONI: Shell Continues Operation despite its Disregard for Human Rights

Heated debates around domestic violence in Armenia

‘Uluru is not Disneyland’: Aboriginal leaders BAN tourists from climbing Australia’s most famous rock for cultural reasons

Oral testimony of an Aboriginal massacre now supported by scientific evidence

How Black Lives Matter is inspiring Aboriginal activists

Czech election also impacted by hoaxes: Okamura’s disinformation gesture

Czech election winner Babis to seek minority government

The real decision on Czech future will come in January

Downstream Downturn: How Hydropower in Laos May Choke Vietnam

Ensuring the survival of elephants in Laos: A matter of economics

‘Visit Laos Year’ launched to promote the nation to world

Isle of Man celebrates Hop-tu-Naa

Why hasn’t Bosnia and Herzegovina collapsed?

Cyprus, Seychelles, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Countries in Manafort Indictment Known to Laundering Experts

Ukraine Believes Paul Manafort’s Crimes Go Way Beyond Money Laundering

As New Zealand considers a climate migration visa, Pacific Islanders fight to stay

Liberia’s Supreme Court halts election preparation over fraud accusations

Father finally reunited with daughter lost in chaos of Rwanda’s 1994 genocide

Public Shaming and Even Prison for Plastic Bag Use in Rwanda

Andorra: Lessons From the Land of Longevity

Somaliland: From fighting famine to election fever

Deadly Somalia Bombings Highlight Failed Bid to Quash Al-Shabaab

Lalish Temple, the sacred shrine of the Yazidis

Visa Approves Monaco Cryptocurrency Card for Singapore Residents

Cuba to make it easier for Cuban Americans to visit

U.N. calls again for end of U.S. embargo on Cuba

Guyana, one of South America’s poorest countries, struck oil. Will it go boom or bust?

Marshall Islands backs Taiwan joining UN environmental treaty

In Paraguay, a Community Fights for the Right to Grow Food

Para-legal: How a Complicated History Led to Paraguay Becoming a Hub for Illicit Trade

Tuvalu pledges lasting friendship with Taiwan

Romani culture often overlooked and misunderstood

Roma children denied the right to education in France

Bulgarians unfazed by anti-Roma hate speech from deputy prime minister

Tunisia, the West, and the ‘Arab Spring’

Burundi bans women from playing traditional drums

Burundian Refugees: It’s Not Safe to Go Home

Togo lifts ban on weekday protests, opposition regroups for ‘massive showdown

Lawyer team concludes assassination of Honduran anti-dam activist Berta Caceres was coordinated plot

Refugees in Algeria yearn for homeland in Western Sahara

Slovakia, Hungary ink Eastring agreement to lessen reliance on Russia

Slovakia’s Overdue China Strategy

Luxembourg domiciled funds reach all-time high

Sweden’s 105-year-old blogger supports Me Too campaign

Sweden’s 65,000 nuclear bunkers aren’t enough: Civil Contingencies Agency

Albania under communists: country searching for hundreds of mass graves

Serbian, Albanian Teams Play Amid Tight Security In Belgrade

Riding along with Albania’s pot police

“Montenegro already benefiting from NATO membership”

Russia won’t hand over suspect in Montenegro coup attempt: RIA

Greece and Italy to protect Montenegro’s air space

Decoding Bhutan’s Love Affair With Chili Peppers

Singapore teaches its seniors to code

Leftist Candidates Dominate Local Elections in Macedonia

Macedonia Convicts 33 Over Deadly 2015 Shoot-Out

Kosovo calls for inquiry after citizens jailed in Macedonia

Tajikistan’s Presidential Family Ousts Competitor in the Fuel Market

Male rape used systematically in Libya as instrument of war

How Azerbaijan, Georgia, And Turkey Subverted Russia And Isolated Armenia With New Railway

South Sudan’s homeless haunted by the ghosts of Juba’s secret shantytown

South Sudan media regulator bans press groups, raising censorship fears

Civil War Leaves South Sudanese Officials Hustling for Food

Climate change worsens Jordan water crisis as Mideast tensions slow action

Escaping the exorcist: Chad’s ‘snake children’ turn carpenters and musicians

Chad wants to cut off Glencore’s oil supplies in debt row

President first Estonian to make it to Forbes’ World’s 100 Most Powerful Women list

Latvia ranked 20th in the world in gender equality index

Lithuania’s president ranks 68th on Forbes’ list of most influential women

A taste of Ukraine’s poetic Renaissance executed by Stalin

Ukrainian prisoner tortured in Russia for rejecting Russian citizenship

US lawmakers call on Trump to raise Tibet issue with Xi

China Bans Major Prayer Festival at Larung Gar

On eve of President Trump’s China trip, bipartisan resolution introduced in US Congress supporting Dalai Lama and Tibet

Tibetan Herdsmen to become Guardians of Chinese Territory bordering Arunachal Pradesh: Xi Jinping

Five-Fifty Vision to Establish Tibet’s Success Story: CTA President Dr Lobsang Sangay