What Kind of Nation State will Greenland be?

Can More Transparency, New Technology Save Small Island States?

Tibetans may have lost their country but we will regain our freedom one day: CTA President in Norway

Renewed Papuan independence call amid alleged ‘hostage’ standoff

No signs yet Baghdad willing to enter into talks with Erbil

Alex(ei) Salmond plays Russian roulette with reputation

Salmond interviews Puigdemont on his 1st RT show

Another Crimean Tatar taken away ‘voluntarily’ after armed search


November is National American Indian Heritage Month

1839 November 13: Baloch Martyrs’ Day

1988 November 15: Palestinian Declaration of Independence

1988 November 16: Estonian Sovereignty Declaration

November 16: Icelandic Language Day

1989 November 17: Czech Republic’s National Day of Freedom

1918 November 18: Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia

1956 November 18: Morocco Independence Day

Nov 22, 2017: European Parliament Conference “Friends of Indigenous Peoples of Latin America”

1943 November 22: Lebanese Independence Day

2017 November 25: Remembrance Day for the Victims of Holodomors in Ukraine

1975 November 25: Suriname Independence Day

1912 November 28: Albanian Flag Day/Declaration of Independence

1960 November 28: Mauritania National Day

1821 November 28: Panama Independence Day

1966 November 30: Barbados Independence Day

1967 November 30: Yemen Independence Day

1961 December 1: Global Flag Raising for West Papua

1971 December 2: United Arab Emirates National Day

Government of Anguilla Announces World’s First Cryptocurrency Offering Registration Process

Status quo ‘unacceptable’; Guam governor prefers statehood

Protesters In Russia’s Bashkortostan Voice Support For Bashkir Language In Schools

Kremlin Won’t Make Concessions To Kazan On Language Issue

United Arab Emirates sets its sights on Mars

Amid growing isolation, North Korea falls back on close ties with Cuba

‘Well that was unexpected’ Writer’s joy after debut book clinches three prizes

Bangor University to develop synthetic Welsh language voice

Wales has the attitude of a beggar – we must decolonise our minds

Top 10 most common anti-Welsh language arguments and why they’re stupid

Djibouti and Gabon Barred from 2020 African Nations Football Championship

Arbitrary Detention & False Prosecution Continues in Belarus

Russian Nuclear Power Play Astravets in Belarus

Latvia: The Baltic Resurrection

Spain’s prime minister rules out negotiations with ousted Catalan leaders

Mikko Kärnä: ‘If Catalan secessionists win the elections, it will mean that the Republic is taking hold’

Catalonia: a cry for understanding and recognition

Puigdemont: ‘I’m still Catalan president’

Catalan teacher arrested for criticizing Spain’s Guardia Civil online

Chief suspect behind Barcelona attacks was informant for Spanish intelligence

Catalonia crisis: Flemish separatists make common cause

Belgian judge adjourns Puigdemont extradition hearing until December 4

Revenge Petition Calls to Abolish Catalan Language Education in Schools in Catalonia

Wee Ginger Dug: How Spain uses courts to turn its lies about Catalonia into the truth

December 21 election in Catalonia will be “referendum drill”

“Barcelona ready” to host European Medicines Agency HQ

The Scottish Gaelic Awards are a night to celebrate the surge in Gaelic speakers

Harry Potter the Scots version hits shelves in time for Christmas

Scottish Government did the impossible … it took on the drinks industry and won

Tory MSP Graham Simpson calls for Withdrawal Bill amendment to safeguard Scotland’s devolved areas

Scottish Indyref2 moves ever closer as Tommy Sheppard and Pete Wishart shift their views

Alex(ei) Salmond plays Russian roulette with reputation

Salmond interviews Puigdemont on his 1st RT show

Vladimir Putin Hosts South Ossetian Leader in Moscow

Russia offers easier citizenship procedures to people of occupied Tskhinvali, Georgia

Georgia to join Lapis Lazuli transit corridor connecting Europe and Asia

Austria accepted its Holocaust guilt. So why is its far-right on the rise?

Worcester man sets up research institute to improve education in Gambia

Gambia: Jammeh’s victims begin the long road to justice and healing

Gambia Secures First Female Vice-President, Fatoumata Jallow-Tambajang

Growing ties between Saudis and Israelis could be an ominous sign

Miss Iraq and Miss Israel selfie strikes a nerve

Why we need a Māori investment fund

Venezuelan crisis threatens Curaçao and Aruba

Jamaica, Grenada and St Kitts are exemplary regional models — Lagarde

Qatar, Saint Kitts and Nevis join inclusive framework on base erosion profit shifting

Tourism and Energy Identified As Drivers for Economic Transformation in Comoros

Security clampdown bites in China’s Xinjiang region

Uyghur Exile Leadership Passes to ‘Younger Generation’ in Munich Election

Xinjiang Glacier Could Melt Away in 50 Years

Uyghur Activist Rebiya Kadeer’s Relatives Detained

Mali Crisis: A Historical Perspective Of Azawad Movement – Analysis

Magnitsky Act: Lithuania adds to EU momentum on Russia sanctions

Did a Sierra Leone mudslide uncover a forgotten promise?

The Citizens’ Manifesto: a new hope for democracy in Sierra Leone?

Mauritania broadens death penalty for blasphemy

Belarus arrests Ukrainian Radio journalist probing abduction to Russia of 19-year-old Pavlo Hryb

Unrelenting torture of imprisoned Ukrainian activist & his elderly mother in Russian-occupied Crimea

European Parliament says Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova could be considered for EU membership

Russia stands behind “DNR” leader’s order to confiscate food crops, echoing Stalin’s Holodomor

‘In Crimea, traitors are convicting patriots’, Ilmi Umerov

Persecution of Crimean Tatars Intensifies

Crimean human rights activists call to sabotage the conscription into the Russian army as violating the Geneva Convention

Another Crimean Tatar taken away ‘voluntarily’ after armed search

Environmentalists take Norway to court over Arctic drilling

Norway’s $1 trillion wealth fund proposes dropping oil and gas stocks

U.N. Security Council renews arms sanctions on Eritrea and Somalia

Eritrea’s Military Got Help From U.A.E. and possibly Russian, Czech and Italian companies in the past year

Guinea receives $20bn in pledges for development

Renewed Papuan independence call amid alleged ‘hostage’ standoff

Papuan hostage claims a distortion says Indonesian lawyer

Vanuatu PM raises climate migration and West Papua during audience with Pope Francis

West Papuan civilians in danger amid Indonesian military raids

More West Papuan people involved in hit and run attacks by the Indonesian police

Yanto Awerkion, West Papuan political prisoner facing life imprisonment

Somaliland is first in the world to use iris biometric voting system

Somaliland: International Observers Applaud Successful Presidential Elections

2 Shot Dead in Somaliland as Opposition Party Calls Voting Rigged

Kyrgyzstan refuses $100 million Kazakhstan aid amid growing tensions

Majority of Finns feel effects of fake news

How The Opioid Crisis Is Affecting Native Americans

Forgotten minority: Native Americans are killed in police encounters at higher rate than any other racial or ethnic group

Native Americans See Far More Discrimination In Areas Where They Are A Majority

A map of language charted by Navajo philosophy

For Some Native Americans, Uranium Contamination Feels Like Discrimination

Vast Indigenous Land Claims in Canada Encompass Parliament Hill

How Indigenous and black artists are using science fiction to imagine a better future

Canada Moves Closer to Gender Equity for Indigenous Women

Amazon Gold Rush Continues to Decimate Peru’s Rain Forest

Native Tongue: Elysia Crampton’s identity is no secret

Puerto Rico Economists See Bleak Picture of Island’s Future

Hong Kong pro-independence pair found guilty of making smoke bombs

Students vow to revive pro-independence campaign on school campuses across Hong Kong

Beijing signals impatience at Hong Kong’s delay in enacting national security law

NASA says New York will flood when the ice caps in Greenland and Antarctica melt

What Kind of Nation State will Greenland be?

European Parliament urges EU probe of Malta after journalist killed

Fiji to move more than 40 villages inland as seas rise

Where On Earth Did East Timor Go?

Irish language scheme exceeds target of 20,000 people three years early – ‘This shows that there is a demand to learn Irish’

Bursary launched to commemorate Irish language activist, Aodán Mac Póilin

Proposals sought for Irish Language Plan for Galway City

China, Vietnam sign cooperation pacts in bid to play down South China Sea tensions

Baloch Martyrs Day: Free Balochistan Movement holds references in Balochistan, abroad

Pakistani forces abduct five Baloch youth from Buleda and Karachi

Baloch separatist commander Younas Taukali killed

Swiss slap ‘lifetime ban’ on exiled Baloch leader Mehran Marri

London to take down ‘Free Balochistan’ adverts from buses

Equatorial Guinea ruling party wins elections

Rights watchdogs sound alarm over E. Guinea cartoonist

Glencore offers Chad new plan to repay more than $1 billion loan

Chad: Misinformation and lack of resources hamper cholera response

Tajik Opposition Party Leader Says He Was Attacked In Dushanbe

Katy Perry Denied Entry To China Over Controversial 2015 Performance In Taiwan

Taiwan says shut out of U.N. climate talks due to China pressure

Back From the Brink, Mongolia’s Markets Boom

Serbia Hosts Joint Military Drills With U.S. As Bosnia Hosts NATO Delegation

Serbia embraces cricket to make refugees feel at home

Landmark Srebrenica trial resumes in Serbia

Mladic still a hero in dying home village in Bosnia

Ex Bosnian Serb leader Ratko Mladic awaits verdict of war crimes trial

UN Votes to Add 900 Peacekeepers in Central African Republic

Moldova To Reopen Talks with Breakaway Transnistria

Moldova Eyes Blockchain IDs to Help Curb Child Trafficking

U.N. calls on El Salvador to stop jailing women for abortion

Bulgaria: Living expenses are much higher than income

Luxembourg seeks to become Europe’s green finance hub

Zimbabwe: Army in control of state institutions, but insists not a coup

Tens of Thousands Take to the Streets in Zimbabwe Demanding an End to Robert Mugabe’s Reign

Botswana’s Khama tells Mugabe to go

South Sudan lifts siege on ex-military chief’s house

South Sudan Supreme Court judge quits citing lack of independence

Nikki Haley: US Must Take Sides in South Sudan Conflict

Czech Republic’s anti-Havel

Libya: damned if we do and damned if we don’t

African Union calls for Libya ‘slave market’ probe

St Vincent PM promotes son to finance minister

Monaco’s tiny military still packs a punch

Ireland sees Brexit uniting smaller EU states on benefits of trade

Nations Join Global Alliance to Phase Out Coal by 2030

1st Female President of the Marshall Islands & Her Poet Daughter: We Need Climate & Nuclear Justice

‘Bankruptcy Tourists’ Battle for Assets From Caymans to Marshall Islands

#Yezidis protest on Mount Sinjar, calling on the government to provide their areas with public services

Raped, beaten and tortured: Former ISIS sex slave on her journey to new life in Canada

Macedonia lawmakers approve Albanian as second language

Greece searches for the missing after deadly floods

Armenia, Azerbaijan Dispute Partnership Language Over Nagorno-Karabakh

Ilgar Mammadov, Another Chance to Right a Wrong in Azerbaijan

Estonia, Iceland have the most internet freedom

Motherhood and resistance in Palestine

Can Trump and Saudi Arabia force Palestinian surrender?

Montenegro deserves to enter the EU as soon as possible

What it’s like to be a poor child in wealthy Switzerland

Europe’s wealthiest royal now among the world’s richest 500

Kosovo at risk of attacks by returning Islamist militants

Kosovo’s Bridge To Russia

Top judge quits EU Kosovo mission, alleging corruption

EU judge in Kosovo resigns, subject of ‘serious allegations’

Kosovo: Time for action overtakes time for excuses, UN envoy tells Security Council

Kosovo court jails four for 2016 parliament rocket attack

Russian Interference in Kosovo – Kosovo Serbs as a primary tool of influence?

U.S. launches media fund for Hungary to aid press freedom

Hungary accuses US of meddling in election

In Laos, the power of knowledge is buried beneath social media’s shiny, distracting surface

Singapore suspends trade relations with North Korea

Haiti Prepares to Introduce Its Revived Military

The Double-Stuffed Boat to Haiti

Quake-hit Kurdish areas were already among poorest in Iran

No signs yet Baghdad willing to enter into talks with Erbil: official

Tillerson to PM Barzani: US encourages Baghdad to start serious talks with Erbil

Syrian Kurdish party backs longer US role in Syria

Moroccan occupation forces intervene violently against Sahrawi demonstrators in the occupied cities of Aaiun and Boujdour

Investigation launched into Israeli dronemaker suspected of bombing Armenia

Armenia’s Parliament Adopts Military Draft Law Amid Student Protests

Armenia approaches EU from EEU’s orbit

Deal on New Caledonia restricted electoral roll for next year’s planned independence referendum challenged

Tibetans may have lost their country but we will regain our freedom one day: CTA President in Norway

If Chinese govt agrees, I will return to Tibet at once: Dalai Lama

Tibetan Winter Markets in India Boycott Chinese Goods

Tibetan Monk and Songwriter Freed After Serving Five-Year Term

Supporting Tibet reflects Scandinavian values: CTA President in Swedish Parliament

The first grammar book for Riffian Tamazight was written by a Spanish missionary

No matter who replaces Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as Liberia’s president, these four challenges loom

EU, Others Mount Pressure On Liberia Over Election Delay

U.S. embassy defends credibility of Liberia presidential poll

Jordan switches on world’s largest solar plant — in refugee camp

Africans are to blame if others define and solve our problems – Rwanda’s Kagame

Maldives investigation alleges two suspects were planning suicide attack in capital

Tuvalu’s plea for survival

COP-23: Can More Transparency, New Technology Save Small Island States?

Don’t give up on Pacific Island nations yet

Relocation causes loss which cannot be replaced

NPC Croatia wins top prize for social inclusion project

White House considers Nicaragua sanctions for Venezuela links

Nicaragua’s Sergio Ramirez wins Spain’s Cervantes prize

Nicaragua: “Enhancing” the Dictatorship?

Africa could overtake Europe in digital world

Czech President says 90 % of “inadaptable citizens” are Romani

Hungary: Kisvárda offers Roma families $5,650 to leave town