December 1: Global Flag Raising for West Papua

‘Every signature was an act of courage’ – a game-changing 1.8 million-strong petition
No court can cancel 3 million votes for independence
Prison, exile and electoral campaign in the aftermath of Declaration of Independence
New Caledonia debates future institutions after independence referendum next year
Chinese football team stormed out of football match in Germany after Tibet protest
Aboriginal plea to help Kristallnacht Jews finally heard after 79 years
Chechnya’s Kadyrov Says Time Has Come For Him To Step Aside


November is National American Indian Heritage Month

2013 November 21: Euromaidan

1943 November 22: Lebanese Independence Day

2017 November 25: Remembrance Day for the Victims of Holodomors in Ukraine

1975 November 25: Suriname Independence Day

1920 November 27: Belarusians Mark Heroes’ Day

1912 November 28: Albanian Flag Day/Declaration of Independence

1960 November 28: Mauritania National Day

1821 November 28: Panama Independence Day

1966 November 30: Barbados Independence Day

1967 November 30: Yemen Independence Day

1961 December 1: Global Flag Raising for West Papua

1971 December 2: United Arab Emirates National Day

December 3: Commemoration Day of Victims of Genocide Against the Latvian People by the Totalitarian Communist Regime in Latvia

1917 December 6: Finland Independence Day

1961 December 9: Tanzania Independence Day


1 young Walloon in 6 is neither a student or a worker

Welsh language threat link to post-Brexit farming

English as a second language? Schools need to stop treating it as an obstacle to success

‘They refused to serve us a drink because we had Welsh on our driving licences’

Wales must stop asking for help and demand the tools to help ourselves

Wales was neglected by the Budget – so we need the power to invest in our own country

Why an award-winning Welsh singer is releasing a pop album about a lost city in Cornwall

Anguilla: looking right into Irma’s eye

Swaziland King ‘Exploits Forced Child Workers’

Somaliland picks ruling party’s candidate Musa Bihi Abdi as new president

Volunteers and loudspeakers: How a local response curbed Somaliland’s cholera outbreak

Somaliland ticks boxes of statehood

Why is Sweden’s ‘lagom’ leadership taking the world by storm?

Sweden eyes small satellite market with expanded space center

Sweden stops some new aid for Cambodia in protest over crackdown on opposition

Church of Sweden to stop clergy calling God ‘he’ in bid to crack down on gendered language

Concert Blast Shows Central African Republic Religious Rift

Civilians die after last aid agency evacuates Central African Republic town

Central African Republic: President Faustin Touadera – ‘Conflicts Are Why the Population Has No Hope’

Luxembourg: Small in size, big in Eurovision

Luxembourg’s Bet On Space Industry Shows Early Signs Of Success

Dagestan Rocked by Unprecedented Wave of Demonstrations

Kremlin pledges to stand up for Dagestani born billionaire Suleiman Kerimov arrested in France

Adivasis observe Rights Day

FIFA bans former FA presidents of Guam, Nicaragua and Venezuela for corruption

First national Pensioners for Independence conference comes to Edinburgh

What Scotland can learn from the referendum from below in Catalonia

Union Flag on Police Scotland uniforms undermines sense of ‘neutrality’

Scotland the brand: Sainsbury’s: ‘We use Union Flag to represent England’

Mike Russell calls on Scotland and Ireland to deepen ties as Brexit looms

Lombardy and Veneto. Liguria wants more autonomy too

Israel’s settlements: 50 years of land theft explained

Israel arrests Palestinians over population count

This Is the Caribbean Island That Is Most Revisited

Every Christmas, New Zealand holds a nationwide Secret Santa game

South Island iwi up for Māori Language Award

Staff sent home as Nauru refugee detention centre chaos mounts

Libya’s Tuareg and Amazigh form new political party

Becoming Berber: ethnicity and identity politics among Moroccans in Belgium

Lithuania given EU backing in nuclear plant dispute with Belarus

Iceland’s slowing economy a good thing, central bank chief says

Thailand ‘not deporting’ Uygurs to China after detention centre escape, say police

Failed promises: survivors of deadly mudslide left homeless by Sierra Leone government

Activists in St. Petersburg stage single-person pickets to support Crimean Tatars

Human rights violations in Crimea recorded every three days

Letter from the Crimean border, Maxim Edwards

In Ukraine, Crimean Tatars Haunted By A Second Exile

Crimean Tatar Activist Vedzhie Kashka Dies After Search by Russian Agents

Crimean Tatar leader Dzhemilev: At least 250,000 people from Russia brought to occupied Crimea

Crimean Tatars prosecuted for legal pickets and the truth about persecution in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russia jails four respected Crimean Tatars and spreads lies about ‘machine guns & drugs’ to discredit the Mejlis

Another Ukrainian detained in Belarus

Ukraine suffered the most deaths in the Holodomor, while Kazakhstan had the highest percentage loss of population

10-15 years needed to clear Donbas of mines

Eleven films about Euromaidan you can watch online

Switzerland approves $1.3 bn in EU aid

Switzerland seeks a wider role for European Innovation Council

The Case of “Business and Human Rights” In Eritrea

Lessons from Zapad – jamming, NATO and the future of Belarus

In rural Belarus, villagers prefer hard work to city smoke

High noon in Papua: conflict simmers around Freeport mine

West Papuans call for closure of Freeport gold mine

Shocking new photo of Indonesian colonialism in West Papua, family of Izak Kua

Police brutally attack Papuan journalist in Timika

The Question of West Papuan Independence

‘Every signature was an act of courage’ – a game-changing 1.8 million-strong petition

Despite presence of different religious sects, Oman is a bastion of peace in turbulent region

Husbands are a handicap, say career-minded Omani women

Glimpses of Hope as Dominica Rebuilds After Hurricane Maria

Muslim Leader’s Arrest In Kyrgyzstan Puts Attention On Secretive Islamic Society

Burundi opposition to boycott new round of talks: UN

13 Things Banned (or Strongly Discouraged) in Tajikistan

Puerto Rico is set to become the world’s worst economy next year

Malta tries to bury new sleaze claims

Mauritius the best governed country in Africa

From ecological disaster to small miracle in Mauritania

Mauritania strengthens blasphemy law after blogger case

Mauritania opposition decries ban on planned protest

The American Indian foundation of American gun culture

American Indians strive to restore nearly lost tribal food traditions

This man was living on $200 a month when he sold a ‘worthless’ blanket for $1.5 million

Five myths about American Indians

Over 200 American Indian Tribes Gather for Thanksgiving

Desecrated in macabre ways, the ancestral remains of Catalina’s Native Americans finally come home

Trump Eyes Arctic Wildlife Refuge for Oil Drilling, Alarming Gwich’in

Native pride: Movies to watch during National American Indian Heritage Month

‘Our fight is the same fight’: Kaepernick visits Alcatraz in support of ‘Unthanksgiving Day’

Inuit want free travel over international waters between Canada, Greenland

Inuit in Canada and Greenland want to co-manage open seas

Legendary New Mexico: Navajo Nation

‘A Country Within a Country’: Inside the Navajo Nation in 1948

The world’s best cheese comes from a dairy in Cornwall, but you can’t eat it until 2019

When is Mummer’s Day 2017, what is the Cornish festival about and why is it controversial?

Barbuda: Whole island remain homeless after hurricane – meanwhile authorities bulldoze pristine land for new airport

Toxic cost of rubbish scavenging in East Timor

St. Kitts and Nevis to Benefit from EU Geo-Thermal Scheme

Tit for tat? Will India grant Baloch leader Brahumdagh Bugti asylum now that Pakistani court has freed Hafiz Saeed?

Baloch leader Brahumdagh Bugti says has not applied for asylum in India

Pakistani minister prescribes genocide to resolve security issues in Balochistan

Abduction of Baloch activist on rise as seven more whisked away

Akbar Gabol Baloch, famous social and human rights activist abducted from Gulshan Iqbal

Baloch, Sindhis protest in Canada against enforced disappearances in Pakistan

British MP raises Balochistan issue at foreign office questions in parliament

Baloch political parties ahead of next general election

Have India and Pakistan Collaborated to end Terrorism in Kashmir?

Chad, CEFC China Energy deny involvement in alleged $2m bribe offer

Chad opposition leader released from jail : sources

A thaw in the South China Sea

China tells Australia to mind its own business on South Sea dispute

Beijing sends bombers over disputed South China Sea as part of training ‘to win a potential war’

Oscar hope for west Cork Irish-language film

Dublin threatens to VETO Brexit trade talks unless UK caves in on demands for Northern Ireland to stay in EU customs union

AI ‘could boost Irish economy and bring jobs back home’

Why are there so many Gaeilgeoirí in Leixlip?

Donald Tusk: Britain has 10 days to fix the Irish border issue if it wants Brexit breakthrough

Irish government set to fall weeks before Brexit summit

Taiwan independence groups mark 40th anniversary of Jhongli Incident

China air force again flies round Taiwan, over South China Sea

Mongolia domestic violence: ‘I screamed for help, but nobody came’

Oromo group decries ‘ongoing genocide’ in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s ethnic violence displaces up to 400,000

Ethnic Violence in Ethiopia Amid Shadowy Politics

Ethiopia jails four over planned terrorist attacks in Oromia state

NATO trains Serbian civil servants in cyber defence

Serbian PM: We shouldn’t be asked to choose between EU and Russia

Mladic falls, but Milosevic loyalists on the rise in Serbia

Belgrade’s Balancing Act Between East And West Tested By Ukraine

OPEC chatroom dead as Qatar crisis hurts Gulf oil cooperation

Countdown to Qatar 2022: Five points

WTO to hear Qatar’s complaint against UAE over blockade

Qatar calls for renewed push against ‘terror groups’

Nandi step up compensation push for colonial era injustices, Stephen Sang

Turkmenistan’s Iron Lady Gurbanbibi Atajanova: A Strange Tale Of Corruption

People Continue To Disappear In Turkmenistan

Russia’s Security Inroads With Turkmenistan

BAZAR: Afghan Businesswomen Hold First Joint Meeting In Turkmenistan

George Soros accuses Hungary of lying to the public over claims he orchestrated mass migration

What’s behind Hungary’s campaign against George Soros?

Hungary’s Russian-built nuclear plant powered by politics in Brussels

Hungary Seen as Riskiest Country in Central and Eastern Europe

Hungary disastrous at retaining talent

EU, Georgia Adopt Revised Association Agenda

U.S. State Department Approves Sale of Javelin Missiles to Georgia

Georgia celebrates Saint George’s day

Danish PM’s party dealt blow at local election, Social Democrats gain

Russia-wary Moldova seeks more US, NATO cooperation

New Cold War? Former Soviet Republic Moldova Gets Close to U.S. As Fight With Russia Heats Up

EU Agrees Aid to Help Moldova Reforms

Growth Increase Offers Glimmer of Hope for Moldova

NATO To Open Liaison Office in Moldova

Failed Referendum against Pro-EU Mayor Deals Blow to Moldova Socialists

Dodon: Interests of some players impede unification of Moldova

Moldovan PM Pavel Filip: The time of frozen conflicts has passed

In Honduras Election, Ex-Sportscaster Takes Lead Over President

Honduras presidential vote: Both candidates claim victory

San Marino, the Least Visited Country in Europe

First conference of indigenous – language teachers to take place in St. Petersburg

Children in Russian Arctic Brave -50°C to Attend School

Rwanda’s Torture Problem

Energy Security: Bulgaria, Macedonia to do feasibility study on gas link

Bulgaria, Macedonia Agree to Drop Roaming Charges

Bulgaria: Counselling for parents of LGBT kids now available

Bulgaria, EU sexism champion: 81% say a woman’s most important job is taking care of home and family

Did Zika Impact Sex Education in El Salvador?

El Salvador congratulated for being ‘stand-out tax reformer’

As climate change threatens islands, Kiribati’s president plans development

An Island Nation Turns Away from Climate Migration, Despite Rising Seas

‘Shocking’ Detention of Australia’s Aboriginal Children

‘Don’t call us indigenous’: Noongar elder Robert Isaacs

Aboriginal plea to help Kristallnacht Jews finally heard after 79 years

Disproportionate number of Aboriginal children in foster care

Remote Aboriginal community in the NT signs 99-year lease to control their own land

Botswana Court Affirms That Legal Recognition of Gender Identity At Core of Human Dignity

How Mugabe’s political mess infected Botswana

Goodbye Mugabe, hello new Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe: Army operation that led to Mugabe ouster ends

Zimbabwe officially declares Mugabe national holiday

Robert Mugabe to get $10m payoff and immunity for his family

Fighting between rebel and army kills 27 in South Sudan

South Sudan risks famine within months

South Sudan cannot issue passports after failing to pay tech fees

Enough Project Applauds Tough US Approach on South Sudan

War on Hunger: Feeding the Hungry in South Sudan

Pope Prays for ‘Seeds of Peace’ for South Sudan, DRC

War and greed: Rome events shed light on conflict in South Sudan, Congo

A Look Back At The Velvet Revolution, 25 Years Later

Czech Police Seek Prosecution of Billionaire Election Winner Andrej Babis

Putin Says Russian-Czech Ties Developing Despite ‘Difficulties’

Czech president plans to appoint Babis’s cabinet by mid-December

Czechoslovakia should be grateful to the USSR for 1968, Russian propaganda says

Ratko Mladic jailed for life over Bosnia war genocide

Monaco set to expand thanks to the reclamation of land from the Med

Pope Francis to visit Baltic states next year as they mark 100 years of independence from Russia

Guyana seeks offshore oil wealth in a green economy

Grenada banking on climate-smart agriculture to tackle poverty

The Chechen watcher

Chechnya’s Kadyrov Says Time Has Come For Him To Step Aside

Lebanon’s premier Hariri suspends resignation after return to Beirut

Protests and riots as Greece remembers student uprising

Greece sees primary surplus at 3.82 pct, GDP growth 2.5 pct in 2018 budget

Four in 10 children in Greece at risk of poverty

Three Separatist Fighters Killed In Azerbaijan’s Nagorno-Karabakh

We Are Our Mountains, Republic of Artsakh (previously known as Nagorno-Karabakh)

Azeri ‘Alternative Nobel’ winner barred from going to Sweden

Europe’s Roma Do Not Have Equal Education

Estonia leads PISA study’s teamwork ranking

Estonia ranks highest in poverty risk of elderly in EU

Five lessons from the mayoral run-off elections in Kosovo

Kosovo Makes Albania’s Independence Day A Non-Working Day

Kosovo war crimes court ready for first indictments: chief judge

Filmmaker Who Documented Cuba for 45 Years Reflects on Nation’s Rocky Journey

Castro meets North Korea minister amid hope Cuba can defuse tensions

Religious harmony in Cuba

Have Conditions Improved In Haiti Since 2010 Earthquake?

Singapore Wants To Add Biotech Hub To Its List Of Accomplishments

Singapore sees running autonomous buses on public roads from 2022

Putting Singapore’s Dollar On Blockchain May Prove It’s The Most Crypto Friendly Place On Earth

Qubad Talabani warns of existential threat facing Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Kurdistan Region

Turkish and Kurdish forces exchange fire in Syria

Masoud Barzani: No court can cancel 3 million votes for independence

Iraq’s Top Court Rules Kurdish Referendum Unconstitutional

UN says referendum issue is resolved, urges Kurdistan Regional Government to accept court ruling

Kurdish MPs ask to remove Baghdad-appoint Kirkuk Governor over abuses of power

Several prominent Jews join organization supporting Kurdistan’s independence

Report: Iraq blocked German FM diplomatic visit to Erbil

British MPs question Kurds on UK policy on Kurdistan

Donald Trump ‘to stop arming’ Syrian Kurdish fighters

Kurdish parties discuss time, nature of next elections

KRG Prime Minister: Erbil has nothing to cancel post-referendum, but Baghdad does

Cape Verde seeks Icelandic help to privatize and grow state airline

New Caledonia debates future institutions after independence referendum next year

New Caledonia Labour Party threatens referendum boycott because of electoral roll irregularities

Zimbabwe going the way of Guinea Bissau

Chinese football team stormed out of football match in Germany after Tibet protest

Tibet wants to stay with China, seeks development: Dalai Lama

Canadian Senate to focus on Tibetan prisoners as Liberals pursue trade with China

China Warns Germany For Defending Tibetan Independence

India and China never shared a border: President of Tibet in Halifax

Tibetan Muslims Have Equal Responsibility In Tibet Struggle: Dalai Lama

Tibetans In Tibet And Exile Will Come Together Again: Dalai Lama

Lhakar (White Wednesday) at the Seat of Tibetan Exile Administration

Polar night descends on northernmost Finland

Armenia, EU Sign Landmark Agreement in Brussels

The paradox of Armenia’s domestic violence law

Is Tiny Armenia’s Out-Sized Political Clout in Washington Being Used by Russia?

Liberia electoral commission rejects parties’ fraud case

After the outbreak: Med schools boost Ebola-wrecked Liberia

Paradise Papers was ‘attack’ on Isle of Man

Venezuela needs our attention, but so do dictatorships-in-waiting Nicaragua and Bolivia

The end of the Nicaragua Canal?

Don’t think people of Barotseland have forgotten about Barotse issue – Mitete MP Mutelo tells Zambian government

Fascist gathering in Madrid to honor leader’s death anniversary

Spain ‘ready to discuss’ greater fiscal autonomy for Catalonia

Sergi Blázquez: ‘In Catalonia we attorneys are afraid of providing legal counsel because our own words might be construed as a criminal offence’

China expresses support for Spain after Catalan indpendence declaration

Polls must ‘ratify’ Catalonia’s desire for independence: Puigdemont

Fresh ban by electoral board: Barcelona city must remove ‘Free our Political Prisoners’ banner

Prison, exile and electoral campaign: the aftermath of the Declaration of Independence