December 21: the 2d round of Catalan independence referendum

The spectacle of Palestine – Taiwan and its South Pacific allies – ‘Confusion’ and ‘frustration’ about Welsh politics – Arab Spring Anniversary – Paris leaves little scope for enhanced Corsican autonomy – Is it really such a crime to be Crimean Tatar? – From Akhriya to All of Eritrea – 10% of Residents of a Xinjiang Township Arrested – Macedonia needs prospect of joining EU to thwart authoritarianism – Papuans want justice, not infrastructure – China gives Tonga huge aid package – A Native American ‘Sesame Street’ could help save dying languages – Child Psychiatrist Calls for US Government Apology to American Indians – How Native Americans Taught Both Assimilation and Resistance at Indian Schools – Equality for Euskara language in Nafarroa – An icy cold war and the fight for Greenland – Russia asks UN for green light to send arms to C. Africa – The Long View: Catalonia and Cornwall – China to attack Taiwan ‘the day a US warship visits’ – Collective Punishment in Balochistan – Fed by greed, Jamaica continues to bleed – Why Bother with a Country Like Swaziland? – Oromia hit by fresh #OromoProtests in response to state-sponsored killings – Moldova backing EU membership at record levels – How school has been used to control sovereignty and self-determination for Indigenous Peoples – Small-scale peace in South Sudan – Barred from Turkish parliament for saying: ‘Kurdistan’ – My father fought the CIA’s secret war in Laos – Irish-Gaelic rebirth has Northern Ireland talking – French senate team to help set up New Caledonia independence referendum – Tibet as ‘core issue’ – Berbers protest for Tamazight language rights – Self-determination, to be free of oppression

1963 December 12: Jamhuri or Republic Day in Kenya

1974 December 13: Malta Republic Day

1971 December 16: National Day in Bahrain

1991 December 16: Kazakhstan Independence Day

2010 December 17: Arab Spring begins

December 17: Kurdistan Flag Day

1878 December 18: Qatar National Day

1951 December 24: Libya Independence Day

1990 December 26: Slovenia Independence and Unity Day

1911 December 29: Mongolia Independence Day


The Book Flood Cometh: Iceland’s ‘Jólabókaflóð’ Arrives Once Again

“Majority of Icelandic women are whores”

Iceland’s Gender Equality Policies Are Famous, But Violence Against Women Is Out Of Control

TASS: How to compensate indigenous peoples for degradation of their lands

Non-Russian nations of Russia to defend themselves from Putin because their elites won’t

Kremlin Hopeful Sobchak Decries ‘Cavalier Assault’ On Tatar Language

Tatar Villagers Living In The Shadow Of A Nuclear Tragedy

Russian Plant Admits It Emits Nuclear Isotope Amid Leak Reports

Russia sanctions not to be lifted until Ukraine’s territorial integrity restored – Tillerson

EU leaders agree to extend sanctions against Russia

They called him “Yuriy”: the KGB past of the man who advocates restoring Russia at PACE

Worries Grow In Hong Kong As China Pushes Its Official Version Of History In Schools

Forbes: Chinese ownership is raising questions about the editorial independence of a major U.S. magazine

Israel closes Gaza border crossings

The spectacle of Palestine

57 Muslim nations say Trump is now disqualified from Israeli-Palestinian peace process

Muslim nations urge recognition of East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital

Israeli undercover unit breaks up Palestinian protest

Jerusalem: Palestinians killed in fresh clashes with Israel

Informing action: Pacific nations unite on the environment

Taiwan and its South Pacific allies

Judges in Nicaragua learn to see the world through the eyes of vulnerable women

Kyrgyzstan Deports AFP Central Asia Correspondent

Tug-Of-War: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan Look To Finally Settle Decades-Old Border Dispute

UN added a horse game from Kyrgyzstan and dolma to a list of important cultural heritage items

‘Confusion’ and ‘frustration’ about Welsh politics

Welsh Assembly: Report backs more members and votes at 16

‘It is possible to find a meaningful place in Welsh society as an immigrant with brown skin’

North Wales gets its own regional chief from Welsh Government to drive economy

Welsh university bosses’ pay ‘generally lower’

‘The most senior person in the county should speak the language’ Calls for next council chief to speak Welsh

Welsh Books Council drops plan for book shop after complaint

‘Support for proposal to develop Welsh-language provision for pupils with autism’ says BCBC

Wales needs control of taxes so that we can forge our own economic future

Central Africa’s free market plan hits the roadblock of reality

Bank of Cyprus and former CEO found guilty of market manipulation

Haitian Women Seek Support for Children Fathered by UN Troops

UN committee: Slovakia still discriminates against Roma

Roma arriving in Scotland being ‘targeted unfairly’

Racist shop owner who pushed with her foot a Roma girl sentenced

Hungary plans big boost in solar power generation

Switzerland thrives on apprenticeship tradition

‘Heal Guyana’ formed to treat “fractured country”

Adivasi-Lambada rift takes violent turn

Adel Chihi: How sport can make a difference in Tunisia

Tunisia: Truth Commission Divides Nation

NATO defence education experts visit Tunisia

Tunisia ready for “decisive action” on economy, IMF says

At Arab Spring Anniversary, Is Tunisia Really a Success Story?

Tunisia’s Nobel prize-winning trade unions are holding the country back

Corsica calls for greater autonomy from France after election

Paris leaves little scope for enhanced Corsican autonomy

Macron should draw lessons from Catalonia on Corsican autonomy, says European Free Alliance

Move over Hygge, ‘Còsagach’ is the Scottish lifestyle trend set to take over in 2018

Russian cyber-activists ‘tried to discredit Scottish independence vote’

Scottish islands find an innovative solution to a shortage of teachers

SNP claims Russia is likely to have interfered in referendum

Indyref2 in early 2019 would mean easy EU entry for Scotland, says top expert

Top marks for Aldi as supermarket promotes Scottish produce

Trump signs defense bill into law with $354.6M for Guam buildup, 4,000 H-2B workers

Liberia to Hold Runoff Presidential Election Dec. 26

Italy declares state of emergency after deadly gas explosion in Austria

Austria stubs out looming smoking ban in name of ‘freedom’

Far-right party in Austria’s new government

Togo frees detained Imams critical of government

Togo’s opposition coalition boycotts government talks

Togo opposition wants regional backing for political change

Jihadists’ kill six in an attack on an armed Tuareg group in Mali

Bahrain interfaith group pays unprecedented visit to Israel

Gaza Protesters Gather to Stop Bahraini Peace Tour with Rotten Eggs

Israel delegation to visit Bahrain after furore: report

Ukrainian World Congress to fight for Crimean Tatar people rights

Paul Goble: Russian occupiers now hold at least 70 political prisoners in Crimea

Russian occupiers raid Crimean Tatar activist Osmanov’s house, detain son

Dzhemilev warns fake Mejlis may be created in occupied Crimea

UN documents torture and arrests of Crimean Tatars by Russia

Vedzhie Kashka: “Is it really such a crime to be Crimean Tatar?”

Crimea occupied by terrorist state, Deputy Mejlis Chairman Akhtem Chiygoz

Ukraine to broadcast to Crimean Tatars

Crimean Tatar political prisoner Bekir Degermendzhy is dangerously ill

Norway becomes first country to switch off FM radio

Norway’s footballers sign historic equal pay agreement

Norway has voted to decriminalise drug use

Eritrea: Post Akria Developments

Akhriya Steps-Forth: From Akhriya to All of Eritrea

Caribbean Island Of Anguilla Bounces Back After Intense Hurricane Season

China Collecting DNA From All Uyghurs in Xinjiang Under Guise of Free Physicals

Uyghur Woman Dies of Condition Left Untreated in Chinese Police Detention

Nearly 10 Percent of Residents of a Xinjiang Township Detained by Chinese Authorities

Use of ‘halal’ logo in restaurants restricted in China’s Xinjiang

Former Macedonian rightist PM resigns party leadership

Macedonia-Greece Name Dispute Could Be Resolved In Coming Months, Says UN Envoy

Macedonia says it needs prospect of joining EU to thwart authoritarianism

Fitch lift makes Portugal predominantly investment-grade

Portugal cleans up with six top prizes at World Travel Awards, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile

Asian ecumenical group describes “grave human rights violations” in West Papua

Pursuing freedom for West Papua

West Papua could compete in future Pacfic Games

West Papuans pleaded for US help in 1960s amid Indonesia takeover

Files show birth of Papua independence struggle

Papuans want justice, not infrastructure

West Papuan political prisoner Yanto Awerkion behind bars charged with treason

West Papuans remember Kelly Kwalik and Hubertus Mabel assassinated on 16th December in 2009 and 2012

Gambia denies hosting Russian imperial revival bid

The Gambia-EU Relationship

Tonga waiting for the next PM

Caretaker Govt signs new economic agreement with China

China gives Tonga huge aid package

A Second Year Of Shortages In Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan tightens fx regulations as black market flourishes

A Native American ‘Sesame Street’ could help save dying languages

Incredible images show remote Brazilian tribe which was nearly wiped out by disease dancing, balancing in trees and swimming in waterfalls

The Misguided Concept of ‘Wilderness’ Comes at the Expense of Indigenous Peoples

Prostate cancer mortality 87 percent higher in American Indians

Native Americans Feel Invisible In U.S. Health Care System

Child Psychiatrist Calls for US Government Apology to American Indians

Mi’kmaq Resistance: Defend The Sacred

Fake web pages claim Redskins have changed their nickname

American Indian activists seek to rekindle debate on Redskins nickname

How Native Americans Taught Both Assimilation and Resistance at Indian Schools

Billings middle school students confront American Indian stereotypes

Indigenous March in Ecuador Yields Major Victory

Canada announces first presentation of Inuit art for 2019 Venice Biennale

NATO supports Mauritania in enhancing its crisis management system

IMF: Mauritania Gets Help To Strengthen Economic Stability, Speed Up Growth

Mauritania: Return of the birds

Basque protesters in Paris demand ETA prisoner rights

Thousands demand reduced sentences for Basque separatists

Athletic Bilbao v Real Sociedad: Goals galore in Basque derby

A Crash Course On Basque Cuisine From Legendary Chef Gerald Hirigoyen

47% of citizens would vote ‘no’ on an independent referendum

Demonstration for equality for Euskara language in Nafarroa

Worldview: An icy cold war and the fight for Greenland

Fears Rise Over LGBT Discrimination in Conservative Paraguay

Brazil captures most wanted arms trafficker in Paraguay

Migrants and Militias: Libya’s Enduring Crises

Hurricane Maria has made Puerto Rico a testbed for new technology

EU advances membership talks for Montenegro, Serbia

Women as change makers in Papua New Guinea

Troubled Papua New Guinea deep-sea mine faces environmental challenge

Central Africa Republic: The country with no teachers

Central African Republic: The state that doesn’t exist

Russia asks UN for green light to send arms to C. Africa

The Long View: Catalonia and Cornwall

Cornish tickbox demanded on next census as campaign launched at Westminster

Cornish fishermen out in force in Brussels to secure better quotas

In Fiji, India’s Pacific Presence Grows

Reserve Bank of Fiji looks at ways to lift economy

The biggest misconceptions about Nordic countries

Finland’s first international gender equality prize goes to Angela Merkel

How Finland eliminated homelessness

East Timor considering contraceptives ban for unmarried women and girls

Democracy in meltdown as East Timorese PM denounces ‘coup’

Somalia: Suicide bomber hits Mogadishu police academy

U.S. suspends aid to Somalia’s army over corruption

Pentagon Foresees at Least Two More Years of Combat in Somalia

Lesotho: Trial of soldiers for shooting newspaper editor offers hope of justice

Lawyers representing women soldiers in Lesotho vow to fight pregnancy rule

Burundi’s President Launches Campaign to Extend His Rule

Burundi orders ‘voluntary’ tax to fund fresh elections

Burundi: Rights Defender Nestor Nibitanga Detained

Tajikistan: Independent journalist Khayrullo Mirsaidov detained for corruption report

Tajikistan: How A Broke Government Keeps Its Books Balanced

The letter from high profile nationalists appealing to Leo Varadkar not to abandon the north

Nationalist ‘uprising’ came about out of frustration, says leading lawyer

Irish-Gaelic rebirth has Northern Ireland talking

Irish Sign Language is handed official status at last

New Zealand security chiefs warn of China threat

China Calmed Asian Maritime Dispute in 2017 Without Ceding Sovereignty

While focus is on North Korea, China continues South China Sea buildup: think tank

China to attack Taiwan ‘the day a US warship visits’: diplomat

China flies most powerful warplanes around Taiwan and over South China Sea during ‘regular’ and ‘necessary’ military drill

China war planes SURROUND Taiwan ready for INVASION if US warships meddle

Spanish court allows extradition of 121 Taiwanese to China

Pakistan says over 300 Baloch separatist militants surrender

Baloch National Movement urges UN intervention for prevention of Baloch genocide by Pakistan

The Collective Punishment in Balochistan

Fed by greed, Jamaica continues to bleed

Jamaica tun cow bwoy town!

Why Bother with a Country Like Swaziland?

Swaziland: 8 in 10 Elderly Are in Poverty

Ethiopia: Oromia hit by fresh #OromoProtests in response to state-sponsored killings

Ethiopia has blocked social media sites as new Oromo protests hit the country

Hundreds of thousands of displaced Ethiopians are caught between ethnic violence and shadowy politics

To Snitch or Not to Snitch? Explaining Non-cooperation with Police in Georgia

Geneva Talks focus on ethnic discrimination against Georgians in occupied regions

Gulf banks face up to Qatar fallout

Moldova backing EU membership at record levels, survey claims

Bulgaria Freezes Assets of Independent Media Publisher

Bulgaria makes telecoms overhaul a focus during Council presidency

Reforms in education, judiciary key for Bulgaria to bridge income gap-IMF

The vengeful sea devouring Albania’s coast

First Aboriginal owned and operated mine in Australian history opens in Arnhem land

Indigenous Australians ‘taking power back’ from government in Queensland

Australia: organ transplant system ‘tipped towards non-Indigenous patients’

How school has been used to control sovereignty and self-determination for Indigenous Peoples

Protesters injured in Honduras clashes as electoral crisis rumbles on

Somaliland hailed as it swears in new president

Russian Court Sentences Two Chechens To Prison Over 1995 Budyonnovsk Hostage Seizure

Ebola victims sue Sierra Leone government over mismanaged funds

Armenia and NATO sum up 2017 and outline new directions

Estonia: Europe’s Little Technological Giant

In war-torn South Sudan, one town nurtures a small-scale peace

Death toll from fighting in South Sudan’s Great Lakes rises to 170

South Sudan needs $1.7 billion humanitarian aid in 2018

UNHCR’s Grandi appeals for urgent action as South Sudan crisis enters fifth year

Four Years Of War In South Sudan Leaves Seven Million In Need

UN warns of cost if South Sudan stymies ‘last chance’ peace plan

Bosnian museum of wartime childhood aims to go global, wins top prize

‘EU must recognize historic opportunity to solve Kosovo issue’

How a Postage Stamp May Have Helped Create the Panama Canal

Kurdish forces suffer big setbacks in Deir Ezzor amid endless ISIS attacks

Turkey launches artillery, airstrikes in Kurdistan mountains: official

HDP lawmaker barred from Turkish parliament for saying ‘Kurdistan’

Theresa May invites Kurdish PM Barzani for meeting in London

KRG FM receives Turkey’s new Consul to Erbil

Kurdish PM Barzani is set to meet Chancellor Merkel

Flag of Kurdistan proudly raised high at Flag Day events

Singapore: Go green with a twin-centre

Vatican should consider voluntary celibacy to cut child abuse risk – royal commission

Party without parliamentary seats leads in Slovenia opinion poll

U.N. appalled at 30-year sentence for woman under El Salvador abortion law

From life as thugs to baking, El Salvador’s ex-gang members seek peace

Hmong: my father fought the CIA’s secret war in Laos

Laos: 5 Years Since Civil Society Leader’s ‘Disappearance’

What’s Next for Vietnam-Laos Border Cooperation?

Laos Cracks Down on Trafficking on Border With Thailand

French senate team to help set up New Caledonia independence referendum

Indian police arrest French journalist for filming in Kashmir

The Incredible Linguistic Diversity of Tibet Is Disappearing

Treat Tibet as ‘core issue’, Tibetan govt-in-exile president to India

Gaden Ngachoe observed across Tibet despite heavy restriction

Meet Nepal’s man in Tibet, the head of the only diplomatic mission based in Tibet

As Tibetans in India Opt for Citizenship, Will They Be Less Committed to Tibetan Struggle?

Massive rally for Tibet in New York marks Int’l Human Rights Day

Tibet activists protest against Chinese FM Wang Yi’s visit to India

Book on Tibetan women writers to be published in 2018

Dalai Lama launches iPhone app… but it’s blocked on Apple’s China app store so most Tibetans can’t access it

Tibet Holds the Key to Changing China: CTA President

In Morocco’s Tinghir, Authorities Refuse to Deliver Family Records in Tamazight

Clashes as Algeria students march in support of Berber language

Algeria’s Berbers protest for Tamazight language rights

Lebanon sets 6 May date for first legislative election since 2009

Letters: The quashing of the Catalan movement sets a grim precedent

Catalonia’s December 21 elections

Catalonia On Knife-Edge As Pivotal Elections Loom

Palau Makes All Tourists Sign a Pledge to Protect the Environment

French officials accused of ‘complicity’ in Rwanda genocide

Not one ‘single dinar’: Yezidi MP slams Baghdad for failing Shingal

Benin cassava flour makers seek Geographical Indication

ECHR orders Russia to pay €99.000 to 6 victims of police torture, including Mari El and Chuvashia

Auckland universities ‘caught off guard’ as popularity of te reo Māori classes surges

Guinea-Bissau opposition rejects president’s crisis talks plan

Belgium’s Lavish Energy Use Sheds Light on More Than Just Its Roads

Self-determination, to be free of oppression – interview with Marino Busdachin, the UNPO secretary-general