A Secret Visit and Sino-Tibetan Dialogue


Catalan Separatists Want Independence. Who Else?Papuan Protests on the anniversary of Indonesia military operationBaloch leader Brahumdagh Bugti hopes for Bangladesh-like liberation for Balochistan from PakistanSlovakia remains key tourist destination for Czechs 25 years after splitA Secret Visit and Sino-Tibetan DialogueCatalan leaders need to be bold and seize the moment

1878 December 18: Qatar National Day

1961 December 19: Operation Trikora

1951 December 24: Libya Independence Day

1990 December 26: Slovenia Independence and Unity Day

1911 December 29: Mongolia Independence Day

1960 January 1: Independence Day in Cameroon

1993 January 1: Velvet Divorce: Czech Republic and Slovakia

1804 January 1: Haitian Declaration of Independence

1962 January 1: Samoan Independence Day

1956 January 1: Sudan Independence

1948 January 4: Myanmar Independence Day


Three cheers for Estonia and its stance on Kurdistan’s referendum

One year in, President of Estonia Kaljulaid anything but toothless

EKRE chairman: Estonia must support Catalonian independence

Braiding Science Together with Indigenous Knowledge

Philippines: Indigenous people seek peace after attacks

Medicines of the land: Sámi Reflections on the Role and use of indigenous medicine today

Sami herder in Norway ordered to put down dozens of reindeer in controversial cull

Indigenous languages must feature more in science communication

We’re not closing the gap on Indigenous employment, it’s widening

Indigenous culture has a part to play in protecting the next generation of children

Friday essay: dreaming of a ‘white Christmas’ on the Aboriginal missions

Aboriginal children suffer ‘unexplained’ injuries in out-of-home care

Mapping Indigenous languages in Canada

Fair trade for Peru’s indigenous coffee growers?

Bar Harbor to host Northeast’s biggest Native American marketplace

In Opioid Battle, Cherokee Want Their Day in Tribal Court

Fear of losing heritage drives Cherokee Nation opioid case

Why Fritz Scholder Was One of Few Native Artists to Break into the American Mainstream

Last of a warrior breed: Colorized photographs show Native Americans as their way of life was irrevocably changed by the conquest of the West

Coal Mining in the Navajo Nation: lighting the West, dividing the tribe

American Indian Graduate Center Receives Million Dollar Grant From Wells Fargo

A Native American tribe on the Eastern Shore receives Maryland Indian Status

The picture that has shamed Argentina: tiny Mbya Guarani girl goes on hands and knees to lick water from a dirty puddle

Inuit artists to represent Canada at Venice Biennale

In Bolivia’s bellwether city, anger at Morales grows

Canada’s Winnipeg Art Gallery Receives $10 Million to Launch New Inuit Art Center

What the ‘California Dream’ means to indigenous peoples

‘This fight is not over’: Gwich’in, Environmental Groups Vow to Resist ANWR Oil-drilling

Brazil: the Guarani and a decade of broken promises

Watch these ‘future leaders’ spell out their post-Brexit solutions for Welsh farming

Are Welsh male voice choirs slowly dying out?

Wales launches strategy to double number of Welsh speakers by 2050

Plan to put education at heart of ambition to achieve a million Welsh speakers by 2050

A million Welsh speakers- we can make it happen

Plan for extra 600 Welsh-medium teachers by 2021

Minister recalls how stones were thrown at her Welsh medium school bus in Cardiff

Top 5 ways Westminster shafted Wales in 2017

‘If Wales doesn’t stand up to be counted, the rest of the world will forget it ever existed’

Wales to be promoted as ‘principality’ by Lord Elis-Thomas

Remembering Himmler’s ‘Auschwitz decree’ to exterminate Roma and Sinti

‘Roma Segregated’ in Bulgarian Maternity Wards

Russia Holding Norwegian Man On Suspicion Of Spying

3000-strong Southern Finland Sysmä municipality to trial independent currency in 2018

A second territorial dispute in Asia could be more dangerous than the South China Sea

China air force drills in Sea of Japan and again around Taiwan

Taiwan Suspects Pro-China Party of Passing Information to Beijing

Milashina To Receive Harvard Journalism Award For Reporting On Chechen Gay Abuse

Reputed Organized-Crime Bosses From Russia, Elsewhere Hit By New U.S. Sanctions

U.S. Sanctions Chechen Leader Kadyrov, Four Others Under Magnitsky Act

U.S. Sanctions 52 People For Abuses Related To Global Magnitsky Act

Czech parliament appoints Communist-era policeman’s election to oversight post and cancels the appointment, for now

A convicted murderer is the new star of Czech television

Greek supermarkets strip shelves after eco-terrorists ‘poison foods in Christmas consumerism protest’

Sahrawi political detainee Mohammed al-Ayoubi sentenced to 20 years imprisonment

Catalan Separatists Want Independence. Who Else?

IPOB faults Nwodo on equation of Biafra agitation to war

BIAFRA: Igbo youths right on agitation, wrong on strategy – Nwodo

Samoa reopens damaged hydropower stations five years after Cyclone Evans

Small hydro in Samoa increasing via rehabilitation and development project

Media freedom ‘at risk’ in Samoa: criminal libel law

Despite agreement, no sign Rohingya will be allowed to return home to Myanmar

‘I’m Struggling to Survive’: For Rohingya Women, Abuse Continues in Camps

Stateless Rohingya to get digital IDs with blockchain

The language of the persecuted minority Rohingya will be digitized

ICAN Nobel Peace Prize resonates in radiation-hit Marshall Islands

Occupation legacy: Marshall Islands residents use Japanese term for traditional handicrafts

Many Marshall Islanders living here still can’t get care to deal with U.S. nuclear fallout

America’s Overlooked Pacific Island Partners

Sport: Mini Games leaves Vanuatu with ‘can do attitude’

Vanuatu govt restricts liquor access during festive season

For remote Vanuatu islanders, fleeing climate disasters is an uphill battle

Vanuatu MP issued with restraining order over land dispute

Vanuatu PM Salwai defeats motion of no-confidence

Take Part: Uruguay’s ongoing legalization of cannabis

Scuffles, flares as Albania picks interim prosecutor

Qatar marks National Day amid Gulf crisis

Qatar seeks new markets amid Gulf crisis, tours West Africa

WHO certifies Gabon as polio-free

Gabon hopes to attain self food sufficiency by embarking on an ambitious agric program

Paraguay senator with dictatorship ties to run for president

Paraguay Parliament recognizes Khojaly genocide

#Cementazo: legislative committee requests ethics sanctions against Costa Rican president

Six weeks before elections, one third of Costa Ricans are undecided

Dreaming of Somaliland

Somaliland: A step closer to International Recognition

Here are the 7 small nations that sided with U.S. and Israel on U.N.’s Jerusalem vote

ADB provides $US15m for Pacific disaster resilience

Ecowas threatens Guinea-Bissau sanctions as crisis drags

Writers Seek to Form National Identity Through Literature for Guinea-Bissau

Eritrea’s first Winter Olympian is from Alberta

Does Eritrea Deserve the Lifting of its Sanctions?

School rules: Plea to Canberra from relatives of jailed Eritrea protesters

Eritrea’s Democratic Credentials!

Grenada PM calls for reform of region’s energy sector

East Timor parliament rejects government budget second time

Being Irish gave me instant kudos in East Timor

Resistance leaders’ sway still strong in Timor

In Sweden, There Is No Christmas Without Donald Duck

Sweden Says #MeToo

Hundreds protest in Sweden after police told women to ‘stay inside or walk in pairs’ after series of violent gang rapes of teenage girls

Sweden plans change in law to require explicit consent before sexual contact

A Base In Tiny Djibouti Shows China’s Grand Global Ambitions

UN Migration Agency Launches Mobile Clinic for Stranded Migrants in Djibouti

ECHR charges Russia for the death of a witness in Tatarstan

Tatneft ran Crimea fuel station, despite sanctions risk

Siemens wins contract for Tatarstan combined-cycle plant

Telangana gags media against reporting Adivasi-Lambada tribe conflict

Will a Nationalist Triumph in Corsica Lead to More Autonomy From France?

What’s Hogmanay without a ceilidh?

Let’s hope the SNP rediscover their capitalist instincts in 2018

Alarm at rise in Scottish suicides as rest of the UK sees decrease

Scottish Labour leader accidentally makes the case for independence during FMQs

UK’s failure to protect Scotland brand is one of many reasons No voters are now thinking again

Latest poll shows 49 percent of Scots back an independent Scotland in the EU over post-Brexit UK

Canadian Gaelic teacher denied her dream job on Scottish island of Mull

Legal action by Scots politicians to reverse Brexit gets go-ahead

SNP group ‘had no choice’ but to quit East Dunbartonshire council

Case Continues Against South Ossetian Journalist Accused of “Slandering” Ruling Party

Russia Aims to Lure South Ossetian, Abkhazian Patients Away from Georgia

Separatist South Ossetia votes in 2018 budget to be financed by Russia

2,000 Russian troops conducting military drills in Georgian breakaway regions

Georgia crowned European champion in bridge among small federations

US: With invasion of Georgia, Russia demonstrated willingness to violate sovereignty of states in region

Georgia-Belarus sign deal to exchange and protect classified information

Authors Of Articles For Russian News Agency On Trial In Belarus

Belarus adopts crypto-currency law to woo foreign investors

Oman Pride: Basketball competition for physically challenged athletes in Oman

Coalition government with far-right Freedom Party takes power in Austria

Austria and Italy clash over South Tyrol citizenship proposal

Austria’s Kurz says will fight anti-Semitism after Israel voices concern

Austria: Russia’s Trojan Horse?

Trump’s Jerusalem Announcement Sparked Deadly Violence — From Israel

Israel to Probe Fatal Shooting of Palestinian Paraplegic

Israel Tackles Existential Threat Posed By 16-Year-Old Palestinian Girl

Miss Iraq family flee country after selfie with Miss Israel

Palestinians slam US veto on Jerusalem resolution

After Trump’s Jerusalem gambit, the world must recognise a Palestinian state

Bringing te reo to deaf Māori

Most teachers are using te reo Māori

Few Schools Able to Develop Students’ Te Reo Māori Skills

Basque linguist exchanges language strategies with Māori

French judges finish probe into attack that sparked Rwanda genocide

Lithuania Bans Kaspersky Lab Products on Critical Systems

Ebola survivors drag Sierra Leone’s government to Ecowas Court of Justice

Ebola survivors in Liberia demand prosecutions for fraud and corruption that cost lives

Liberia to move ahead with Dec 26 runoff poll

Let’s take Jamaica back from violence, says investor

US will provide anti-tank weapons to Ukraine

Ukrainian journalist imprisoned in Russia awarded Sakharov Prize for Courage

EU Urges Western Balkans, Eastern Partnership Countries To Speed Up Reforms

Moscow’s divide and rule strategy

U.S. Envoy Says 2017 Deadliest Year In Ukraine Conflict, Warns Of Spiking Violence

Ukraine makes strides towards energy independence

Russia tries 86 Crimean Tatars in single day

Mass ‘trials’ of Crimean Tatars for legal pickets against repression in Russian-occupied Crimea

Akhtem Chiygoz: Russian terror in Crimea is an attempt to recall the events of 1944

Spirits unbroken: “Crimean Solidarity” pays $14,000 of fines of repressed activists with coins

Russia confirms ban on independent journalists & freedom of speech in occupied Crimea

UN Approves Measure Condemning Rights Violations In Russian-Annexed Crimea

Return of Soviet-era punitive psychiatry

Putin rival Sobchak defends Crimean Tatar activist on trial for saying, like her, that Crimea Is Ukraine

FSB terrorize, arrest and even jail the elderly in Russian-occupied Crimea

Portugal’s economic revival reaches turning point

Portugal Has Emerged as Europe’s Booming Anti-Germany

Portugal makes another early IMF repayment, 80 pct now paid

Papuan Protests on the anniversary of Indonesia military operation

66 arrested and 4 beaten at solidarity rallies to reject Indonesia’s occupation of West Papua

West Papua Police ‘Evacuate’ Protesters After Clash

Indonesian military and police shoot 5 West Papuan people and torture 4, including children

EU, Kyrgyzstan Launch Talks On New Agreement

Kyrgyzstan Goes Back To Russia For Hydropower Project Help

U.S. restores trade benefits to Gambia, Swaziland

Washington impounds exiled former Gambia President Yahya Jammeh’s US assets

U.S. sanctions Myanmar general, others for abuses, corruption

China underscores one-China principle as Gambian president visits

Leonor Espinosa Receives The Basque Culinary World Prize 2017

Why Basques wear their berets with pride

Koopera, Ramon Barea, Abel Barriola and ‘NO always is NOT’, Sabino Arana Awards of 2017

The 77-year-old loophole that created Puerto Rico’s unique market and led to its ultimate meltdown

Puerto Rico Homeowners Brace for Another Disaster: Foreclosures

Hong Kong fined for Chinese anthem booing

The best Irish-language books of 2017

‘Social media provides a means for anyone to build a virtual language community’

Motherfoclóir: can millennials rescue Irish?

2018 will be ‘Bliain na Gaeilge’ – the Year of Irish: ‘It’s not about getting it perfect, it’s about having fun’

Taoiseach launches Bliain na Gaeilge programme

Irish people share the most ridiculous ways their names get mispronounced abroad

DUP launches fresh attacks on the Irish government as the relationship between them deteriorates further

Pupils ask Santa to deliver Irish Language Act this Christmas

Laochra Loch Lao. Don’t bet against those words being on the tongues of gaels across the land in the years ahead

Soldiers cleared of mutiny rap in Lesotho

UN refugee chief finds Somalia suffering from instability and drought, but sees hope

Somalia: Up to 30 Percent of Soldiers Unarmed

AU Says it Needs Urgent Resources for its Mission in Somalia

Somalia releases jailed ex-minister and government critic

Burundi peace talks are all wrong

Uighurs in Xinjiang live in constant fear

12 days in Xinjiang: How China’s surveillance state overwhelms daily life

Technology-aided Chinese Big Brother Makes Thousands Disappear

China will collect the DNA of every adult in Xinjiang province, where Uyghur people are systematically oppressed

China Dangles Huge Payouts For Tips on ‘Terrorists’ in Largely Uyghur Hotan Prefecture

Two Uyghur Students Die in China’s Custody Following Voluntary Return From Egypt

World Uyghur Congress President Sounds Alarm Over Organ Harvesting in China

China Detains Kazakhs During ‘Unity Week’ in Troubled Xinjiang Region

Baloch leader Brahumdagh Bugti hopes for Bangladesh-like liberation for Balochistan from Pakistan

Head of World Baloch Women Forum Naela Quadri Baloch seeks US President Trump’s intervention in Balochistan

Free Balochistan campaign launches in New York

Then we have the proof: Santa is from Greenland

6 suspected Somali pirates held in Seychelles face 30 years in prison

Serbia Negotiating Purchase Of More Russian Arms After Vucic’s Visit To Moscow

Serb President Sees Second Term Unlikely After EU Work Ends

Tongan rugby star Sione Vaiomounga stranded in Romania

Bahrain Interfaith Delegation Lights Hanukkah Candle in Jerusalem

Valuing and protecting biodiversity in the Caribbean

Delay in Release of Election Results Lands Former St Kitts Supervisor of Elections in Court

Cuba boosts trade ties with Cold War ally Russia as U.S. disengages

Raul Castro Will Step Down as President of Cuba Later Than Expected

Russia donates military equipment to Tajikistan

Border Roads Shut, Hampering Trade On Tajik-Afghan Frontier

More protests in Togo as president chairs ECOWAS

ECOWAS urges Togo to have an ”inclusive dialogue” on political crisis

UNICEF: 2017 has been a ‘very difficult year’ for children in Central African Republic

Remains of Central African Republic’s imperial past

Botswana trans rights victories: What’s next?

A terminal crisis in Turkmenistan?

Nicaragua Taught Me to Laugh at Donald Trump

Ethiopia’s ruling coalition sweats over insecurity as Oromo, Amhara MPs protest

Dozens die in clash between Ethiopian Somalis and Oromos

Venezuelan President threatens to break ties with Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire

Hernández announced winner of disputed Honduras election

In Honduras, Calls Rise for New Presidential Elections

East Libyan commander Haftar says U.N.-backed government obsolete, hints may run in elections

U.S. Bank Reportedly Freezes $22.6 Billion In Kazakh Assets Over Moldova Dispute

Luxembourg 2017: Nation branding, Ray Liotta and Asian connections

Energy Union: European solidarity on energy – synchronization of the Baltic States’ electricity network with the European system will strengthen security of supply

South Sudan rebels accuse army of attack as peace talks restart

South Sudan Army Makes Push Against Rebels as Peace Talks Begin

Kidnapped aid workers in South Sudan released: U.N., rebels

South Sudan government, rebel groups sign ceasefire

Civil War Pushing South Sudan Closer to Starvation

In Bolivia’s bellwether city, anger at Morales grows

In Montenegro, cornerstone laid for first synagogue in centuries

Slovakia remains key tourist destination for Czechs 25 years after split

Denmark opens the world’s ‘most humane’ maximum security prison designed to teach prisoners to change their ways

Brunei women lucky, but still need more work to raise gender equality

Azerbaijan’s unlucky lawyers

Facebook now lets you check to see if you followed Russian propaganda

Moldova recalls ambassador to Russia over ‘intimidation’, as diplomatic tensions rumble on

‘Brooklyn to Benin’ Explores Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Heritage and Identity in Mixed-Media Series

Hungarian left’s far-right dilemma

PM Orban: Hungary will block any punitive EU action on Poland

Switzerland Says the EU Is Trying to Weaken Its Financial Center

Lonely Cape Verde rethinks West African isolation

The African islands that the whole world wants to visit

Kashmir: Woman and two fighters killed in a gun battle

Slovenia – the happy country that should be even happier

Bulgaria rolls out anti-corruption law before taking over EU presidency

The Hirak: A Moroccan People’s Movement Demands Change From the Streets

Protests in Algeria over Tamazight language

Can helping men in Mongolia improve life for women?

Legends of Judo: Mongolian icon Tüvshinbayar Naidan

Life washes up on Maldives’ local islands

China arm twists Maldives into signing a free trade agreement

Tunisia to hold long-delayed municipal vote in 2018

LGBT radio goes online in Tunisia despite threats

Seven years after Arab Spring revolt, Tunisia’s future remains uncertain

Will the 2010s be the ‘wasted decade’ of Arab hopes?

Bhutan Government officials poised to break down gender barriers

Corporate Income Tax: Bahamas ‘Too Eager To Be Led To Slaughter’

Belgium just became the first country to make a woman its ambassador to Saudi Arabia

Belgium ends 19th-Century telegram service

One year on, armed Kurdish party continues to accuse Iran for deadly twin attacks

Turkey demolishes cemetery of fallen Kurdish fighters

In Turkey, Repression of the Kurdish Language Is Back, With No End in Sight

Opposition groups quit Iraqi Kurdish government over protests

Protests rage in Iraqi Kurdistan

Mountains to Manhattan: A Tibetan journey

A Secret Visit and Sino-Tibetan Dialogue

Former monk sacrifices himself for Tibet

China tightens security around Larung Gar

Economists defend Catalan economy strengths

Traditional candidate portrait made impossible by prison and exile

Catalonia National Day demonstrations fall under crime of rebellion

Congratulations from Yes Cymru

Scottish politicians show solidarity with Catalonia at Holyrood rally

Guy Verhofstadt under fire for ignoring pro-indy victory in Catalonia election

Spanish supreme court broadens Catalan independence case investigation

Catalan leaders need to be bold and seize the moment

EU should be ashamed of attitude to Catalonia

Rajoy must now sit down and talk to Catalans

EKRE chairman: Estonia must support Catalonian independence

Diary from Catalonia: It’s time for pro-indy parties to make majority count

Christmas carols for freedom of ‘political prisoners’ sang across Catalonia

Who delivers Catalan kids their Christmas’ presents?

Amended constitution undermined possible resolution of the Barotseland Self-determination question – Catholic Church in Zambia

PP blocks measure, backed by nearly 30,000 people, designed to ensure the use of #Galego in the socio-economic area