An unrecognized democracy emerges in Somaliland

Paramilitary: The Immortals [Tribal Politics]Macron opens door to changes in mainland-Corsica relationshipPiedmont ready to talk autonomyImagine a Palestinian Movement Led by GandhiUnder the Radar: An unrecognized democracy emerges in SomalilandOvercoming people’s fear of change will win indyref2, not socialismChina threatens ‘decisive action’ if Taiwan declares independencePutin’s Children in Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and BoliviaBiafra take Nigerian govt to AURohingya crisis: Is another Bosnia in the making?The Iron People Of BelarusKurdistan’s at a Breaking Point, but Will It Be a ‘Kurdish Spring’ or a Civil War?Tibetan President calls on China to review its failed policies in TibetSpanish siege repelled as Catalan independence forces re-win majority

1990 December 26: Slovenia Independence and Unity Day

1911 December 29: Mongolia Independence Day

1960 January 1: Independence Day in Cameroon

1993 January 1: Velvet Divorce: Czech Republic and Slovakia

1804 January 1: Haitian Declaration of Independence

1962 January 1: Samoan Independence Day

1956 January 1: Sudan Independence

1948 January 4: Myanmar Independence Day

1991 January 13: Freedom Defenders Day in Lithuania

Paramilitary: The Immortals [Tribal Politics]

Freed Donetsk religious scholar: Many in Donbas want a return to Ukraine but are afraid

Red Famine traces the shocking history of Stalin’s war on Ukraine

Russia turns to punitive psychiatry as its trial of jailed historian of the Terror collapses

Largest prisoner swap in Donbas: 73 Ukrainians released from captivity of Russian-run “republics”

Russian security agents detain woman in Simferopol raid

Rafis Kashapov Released: Trading ‘Small Prison’ For Big One

Emine Dzhaparova: Our main success story in Crimea is Chonhar tower broadcasting 4 radio stations and 5 TV channels across occupied territory

Chiygoz, Umerov sue Kremlin

Mejlis chairman Chubarov: Russia wants to legalize theft of Crimea through UNESCO

Former Malian president Toure returns from exile

Winners and losers in another year of political upheaval for Hong Kong

Khalistan Movement & Sikhs in India

Macron opens door to changes in mainland-Corsica relationship – no language rights

Corsica Is Not the Next Catalonia

Piedmont ready to talk autonomy

Three months after a hurricane devastated Barbuda and everybody left, little is back to normal

Israel behind ‘Christian exodus’ from Palestine

Imagine a Palestinian Movement Led by Gandhi

Jerusalem Train Station Near Western Wall to be Named After Donald Trump

Israel passes disputed law muzzling police on high-profile probes

Iceland’s tourism dilemma

Ex-head of Mari El accused of bribery achieves reduction of sentence

North Ossetia Defends Mandatory Ossetian Classes In Schools

Self-proclaimed president Bibilov Says Breakaway S. Ossetia Belongs to Russia

Palau holds out as China squeezes Taiwan’s allies

Tatarkino in the beam of light

UAE cancels Tunisia handball games amid row over women

Football star George Weah wins Liberian presidential election

FBI investigates Russian-linked Cyprus bank accused of money laundering

Adivasi-Lambada rift: Internet suspended in Adilabad

Russian fake news is causing trouble in Latvia

Under the Radar: An unrecognized democracy emerges in Somaliland

Why the world is even more curious of Guam after nuclear threats

Political generation gap in Scotland has never felt wider

Bravehearts say William Wallace epic is their top Scots film … but Unionists are only half as keen

Why Scots need to rediscover first footing in 2018

BBC Scotland most-read stories of 2017

Ask Angry: What’s next? 12 months of fighting for independence

Overcoming people’s fear of change will win indyref2 – not socialism

Scotland in Union’s cabal of letter writers exposed in leaked email

What Ireland’s 80-year-old constitution might teach a new Scotland

READERS’ LETTERS: Gaelic signs help keep our history alive

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon sets out vision for Scotland’s 2018

Soldiers arrested for trying to assassinate Guinea-Bissau army chief

Leeuwarden-Friesland European Capital of Culture 2018

2017 Year in Review: Europe’s secessionist movements

In China’s Xinjiang, Even Mild Critics Silenced

China probes deeper into the lives of Uyghur minority

Haiti’s ex-prime minister banned from travel amid corruption probe

Haiti records 45 deaths from diphtheria

On 214th anniversary of Haiti’s freedom, Haitians tell Trump #Neveragain

Pacific News Minute: Pacific News Projections for 2018: Decolonization

Venezuela blames Portugal for sabotaging Christmas with ham delays as protesters urge ‘pork revolution’

Portugal: Thousands leaving the country each year – few returning

All we want for Christmas is a Free West Papua!

From bitcoin to Belize, here are the best and worst assets of 2017

Vatican is holding a contest for climate change startups

At least 23 church workers killed in 2017

A Woman Now Leads the Vatican Museums. And She’s Shaking Things Up.

Topless protester tries to grab baby Jesus figure at Vatican

Review: Dictatorland: The Men Who Stole Africa by Paul Kenyon

The world’s youngest continent will keep being run by its oldest leaders

Secessionist Crisis in Cameroon Risks Sliding Into a Rebellion

Finland nurses its economy back to health

Brain drain of Finnish researchers continues into second decade

Finland’s street harassment law imposes immediate fines for harassers caught in the act

22 killed, 18 injured in inter-clan war in South Sudan

South Sudan: Refugees flee to DRC amid latest fighting

South Sudan Information Minister Defiant About US Sanctions

39 injured in fireworks explosion at Cuban festival on Christmas Eve

Goodbye Venezuela, hello Russia. Can Vladimir Putin save Cuba?

Basque charity dance in Caldwell nears 50th anniversary

An Indigenous Community in Paraguay Faces One of the Biggest Hydroelectric Dams in the World

In Paraguay, an Indigenous Community Is Facing a Second Eviction Due to a Hydroelectric Dam

“Ojibway Netflix” app launched as part of effort to revive American Indian languages in Minnesota

Last Native American Village in Yosemite Being Rebuilt

Solar Panels Are Replacing Diesel Fuel in Canada’s Far North

Book published on Inuit tattoo revitalization ‘all my visions coming to life,’ says author

Cherokees look to the sun for energy with car-charging station

Navajo lawmakers support funding for student housing project

Sizing them up: Utah rep, not Trump or Obama, meets Navajo needs on Bears Ears

‘Unscripted America’: Rivett explores Native American linguistic contributions to American literature

Why 2018 will be the year of Indigenous youth

Navajo officials remember female judge as role model

Column: Time for a non-racist name for Washington’s football team

“This Is Not A Symbolic Action” — Indigenous Protesters Occupy Oil Platforms in Radicalized Fight Against Pollution in the Amazon

Brazil 2017: environmental and indigenous rollbacks, rising violence

You Are What You Eat: How Seasons and the Inuit Diet Affect the Microbiome

Earthlings unite in collaborative show at U of T gallery

Navajo: Crotty, advocate for the underdog, rises to Person of the Year

50 years ago: Worst snowstorm of 20th Century hits Navajo Reservation

American Indian nursing documentary garners awards

Beer stores near American Indian reservation fight tax bill

Possibly world’s oldest human footprint returned to place of origin

The bizarre story of Canada’s lost, doomed scheme to import Indian yaks for Inuit to farm

Louie Kamookak among several Northerners honoured with Order of Canada appointments

Journalism versus activism in times of resistance

2017 forced us to ask how far we have come in Indigenous affairs

Gambia Seeks Sanction Extension to Jammeh’s Family

The Gambia set to rejoin the Commonwealth after Jammeh exit

Westminster failings fuelling Cornish ‘crisis of democracy’

The silver lining of disasters in Fiji? Improving the lives of women

Switzerland tightens sanctions against North Korea

Burundi’s Pierre Nkurunziza organises week long national prayers

The Baloch Refugees

Vandals spray paint over Irish language Mid Ulster Council sign

Gaelic gangster rap is now a thing in Ireland and it’s great

Brexit boosts support for united Ireland

One in five Irish passports this year go to people living in BRITAIN

MI5 ‘asked loyalist paramilitary group to assassinate Irish prime minister at height of Northern Irish conflict’

State papers: Pressure for Irish Language Act from Irish government in 1992

State papers: Bid to ‘depoliticise’ Irish language years before Stormont power-sharing impasse

‘Violence has not left our homes’: the fight goes on for female guerrillas in Timor-Leste

Chinese official threatens ‘decisive action’ if Taiwan declares independence

Youth in Taiwan embrace Taiwanese language and independent mind-set

Putin’s Children in Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Bolivia

Victims of the red revolution: The haunting faces of prisoners worked to death in Stalin’s slave camps emerge as 100th anniversary of 1917 Bolshevik takeover approaches

Stalin’s legacy lives on in city that slaves built – archive, 1994

Somalia aim to play at home after 30 years

After 27 Years, Somalia Regains Control of Airspace Management

Corruption rife in Somalia, UN says in year-end assessment

Norway leads way on electric cars: ‘it’s part of a green taxation shift’

A mass for a fascist: a troubling history haunts modern Croatia

Croatia: WWII Controversies and a General’s Suicide

Journalists in Croatia Facing Death Threats

The country that brought its elephants back from the brink

Widow Of Tajikistan’s First Elected President Dies In Fire

UNESCO recognizes Panama’s hats — no, not those ones

Jamaica virtually sweeps tourism segment of World Travel Awards

What Moldova’s new NATO office means for Russia—and the EU

Moldova Needs the West’s Help Against an Aggressive Russia

Interpol Rejects Russian Request to List Moldova Leader

Bahraini military court convicts six to death on terror charges

Bahrain sentences 10 to life for manufacturing bombs

The truth about the greatest Welsh rugby stories ever told and the ones that just don’t stack up

Christmas traditions that used to be common in Wales

Extra funding given to early years childcare to get 1 million Welsh speakers by 2050

Threat of ‘blood diamonds’ returns as exports flow from Central African Republic

First Decentralized Casino on Ethereum is Legalized by The Curaçao Government

Eleven acts are asking the question: Is this the way to San Marino?

Siberian Super Horse: Incredible photographs show how the Yakut survives winter temperatures of -60C

Bolivia: Helping children break the cycle of poverty

Bolivia seeks investors to power up lagging lithium output

Bolivia: Health Workers Escalate Protests and Strike in La Paz

Bolivia economy grows 3.8 percent in third quarter

Fresh anti-Gnassingbé protests kick-off in Togo

Macedonia introduces emergency measures as smog chokes capital

Highs And Lows Of Pacific Mini Games

Albania is losing its national bird to rampant poaching

The robots are coming, and Sweden is fine

The history of Biafra – a comparative perspective of the old and contemporary struggle

Yemen, the modern-day Biafra

Biafra: Why we dragged Buhari’s govt to AU – IPOB

IPOB: AU acknowledges receipt of Petition against Buhari, FG

Solar power for homes in Kiribati capital

Court fees and fear: Bosnia war rape victims struggle

Bosnia war crimes: Former female fighter Azra Bašić gets 14 years

Bosnia Charges 25 Muslim Wartime Officers, Four Bosnian Serbs With War Crimes

Bosnian Serb Ex-Minister Charged with Srebrenica Crimes

Rohingya crisis: Is another Bosnia in the making?

Hundreds flock to Brunei E-sports event 2017

Time Required To Start A Business in Malta Is Insanely Long

Serbia: War Criminals Praised, War Trials Delayed

Serbia Routinely Ignoring Human Rights Rulings, Experts Say

Facebook Reveals Serbian Fighters’ Role in Ukraine War

Iraq: Yezidi Fighters Allegedly Execute Civilians

More than 3,000 Yazidis still missing after collapse of Islamic State’s self-styled caliphate

62 mass graves with thousands of Yazidi victims’ relics found in Sinjar: Official

Why Guyana’s rainforests are a scientist’s dream

Sugar cane production falls to 27-year low in Guyana

Another Group In Azerbaijan’s Nardaran Case Sentenced To Prison

Chinese ships spotted by satellites ‘selling oil to North Korea’ 30 times since October, despite sanctions

South China Sea: How 2017’s forgotten flashpoint could flare again

Human rights activist from Kharkiv helps Roma community to integrate

Armenia looks to solar energy to move out of Russia’s shadow

Inside Estonia’s Bold Plan to Build a Digital Country on the Blockchain

Estonia hands EU presidency off to Bulgaria

Belarus Legalizes Cryptocurrencies and ICOs – Tax-Free for Five Years

Environmental protection in Belarus: are the rankings misleading?

The Iron People Of Belarus

Hoist Flag Back! Three heroic deeds of the year that inspired Belarusians

Mikalai Statkevich: Most Interesting, Important Things Begin in Belarus

Libertarian Paradise: Liechtenstein

PUK head warns about Kurdish protests: United we stand, divided we fall

Hundreds detained in Iraqi Kurdistan amid corruption protests

Kurdistan’s at a Breaking Point, but Will It Be a ‘Kurdish Spring’ or a Civil War?

Serbia Extradites Kurdish Activist to Turkey Despite UN Appeal

Reviving Kurdish language in northern Syria

Arab Writers: Arab World’s Opposition To Kurdish Independence Referendum Is Hypocritical

Muslims, Christians, Zoroastrians celebrate Christmas in Sulaimani

Kurdistan flag banned, Khamenei photo raised in Kirkuk

Officials sound alarm over Kirkuk Arabization: Kurds given 72-hrs to leave

Samoa recycle company to assist Tokelau with waste management

Tibetan filmmaker flees to U.S. after ‘arduous and risky’ escape from China

Unity of three provinces of Tibet is most important: Tibetan leader

Tibetan President calls on China to review its failed policies in Tibet

Tibetan Self-Immolator, a Former Kirti Monk, Dies of His Burns

‘Not Tibet anymore, but an occupied Chinese Tibet’

Lhakar in the land where Buddha attained enlightenment

China Launches Helicopter Tourism In Tibet

Tibetans In Exile Source Of Hope To Brothers And Sisters In Tibet: Dalai Lama

Cloud of corruption hangs over Bulgaria as it takes up EU presidency

From migrants to Brexit, Bulgaria to play mediator at EU helm

Algeria sets Berber New Year as public holiday

Innovative medical aid for Gabon’s ‘poorest of the poor’

Catalan Independence majority reconfirmed

Catalan election: Spanish establishment siege repelled as independence forces re-win majority

Catalan Parliament agrees to appeal Article 155 in Spain’s Constitutional Court

‘Puigdemont will be sworn in as president’ insists JxCat

Catalan parliament to hold constitutive session on January 17

Catalan professionals take part in an EU project in Egypt

Catalonia year in 10 images

Puigdemont to Rajoy: “What has been the point of so much repression?”

Solar roads in Monaco

The Second Life of Mongolian Fossils

Bhutan: A society for sustainable tourism

Inside the Djibouti refugee camp bracing for influx as Saudis launch fresh Yemen offensive

Kadyrov’s Social-Media Accounts Blocked Due To U.S. Sanctions

Trump administration sends a commendable signal to despots everywhere

Democrats Are Actually Praising Team Trump for Taking on Russia

Chechnya’s first openly gay man forced to apologise on national TV

Rihanna’s cousin shot dead in Barbados on Boxing Day

Thousands attend separate Hmong New Year celebrations. But it meant the same for all

Bright Ideas 2018: Teach kids Hmong history in school

Balearic Islands Friendship Association with Saharawi People organizes a rally in support of Sahrawi political prisoners and disappeared

Western Sahara issue gains visibility in France in 2017, despite media blackout