Parliament to elect Catalan president on Tuesday

1946 January 22: Establisment of the Republic of Kurdistan

1919 January 22: Day of Unity of Ukraine

2014 January 22: The first killings of protesters on the Maidan

1759 January 25: Burns Night, Scotland

1788 January 26: Australia Day to Invasion Day to Survival Day

January 26, 1950: Republic Day in India

1968 January 31: Nauru Independence Day

1948 February 4: Sri Lanka Independence Day

1974 February 7: Grenada Independence Day

Ray of hope for marginalized Batwa communities of Uganda and DR Congo

Eritrea tops 2017 list of asylum seekers in Switzerland

Eritrea president blames ‘external forces’ for illicit migration of youth

Eritrea summons Dutch envoy to explain expulsion of its top diplomat

Nevsun appeals to Canada Supreme Court in Eritreans’ forced labor lawsuit

Equatorial Guinea holding 135 members of the opposition, says lawyer

Equatorial Guinea Weighs a Dynasty in the Making

Tajikistan: is Islamic banking the future?

A Match Made In An HIV Help Center In Tajikistan

Tajikistan: Exiled Opposition Politician Returns Home

Veto Viber? Tax Telegram? Such Are Tajikistan’s Tech Company Conundrums

Tatar culture feels Putin’s squeeze as Russian election nears

NGO Memorial’s Car Torched In Daghestan

“Shut up!”: Dagestani Memorial office employees receive threats after their car set on fire

Dagestan Under Vasilyev’s Leadership: New Government With Old Tendencies?

Moscow Works to Block North Caucasus Nations From Making Common Cause

Chechen Leader Who Oversees the Torture of Gay Men Is Super Sad About Losing His Instagram Account

Croatia bedtime stories feature same-sex families for first time

Croatia says Serbian exhibit on WWII camp is propaganda

Kyrgyzstan: Music Teacher Suspended Over Alleged Sex Tape

Russia’s Footprint in the Nordic-Baltic Information Environment

Baltic states join forces for 12 film festivals in centennial year

Drivers pick Corsica plates to look tough

China Reveals It Has Two Underwater Listening Devices Within Range of Guam

US stealth bombers in Guam appear to be readying for a tactical nuclear strike on North Korea

US and Vietnam are growing closer as Beijing’s aggressive South China Sea policy and North Korea’s provocations push Hanoi away

India, ASEAN call for binding code of conduct in South China Sea

France and Japan to scale up military exercises to deter China

Japan accuses Dominican Republic tanker of passing fuel to North Korea

Bridge from Scotland to Ireland could create ‘Celtic powerhouse’

7 key findings from new Scottish poll

5 favourite years Scotland’s second independence vote could happen

SNP ‘eradicates’ Union flag from Scottish government buildings with Saltire to fly alone on royal occasions

Flag fight breaks out over ‘Union Jack’ on Scottish public buildings

This pathetic peddling of Union flag piffle is the worst example of ‘Union Jackery’

Bill Gates praises Scottish innovation’s huge impact on modern life in visit to Edinburgh

Brexit Bill farce proves Westminster is not fit to govern Scotland

Scots remain most in favour of new vote on Brexit

Leading cultural figures hit back at top composer’s ‘politically-motivated’ anti-independence rant

Saturday in Seychelles and no internet: relief for some, frustration for others

Austria: Nazi songbook lands far-right FPÖ candidate in hot water

Austria far right: Thousands rally against Vienna ball

Austria to sue EU over allowing expansion of Hungary nuclear plant

Hungary Jews angered by rightwing memorial on Holocaust day

NZ Maori win first indigenous football internationals

Drivers license APPs to be translated into Māori

Nauru to waive media visa application fee for Pacific Islands Forum

Is women’s inheritance next on reformist Tunisia’s rights agenda?

Tunisian unrest is a symptom of healthy democratic evolution

EU should help Tunisia fulfil its Arab Spring

Mauritius business confidence jumps to its highest in Q4 2017

When the residents of Vestmannaeyjar woke up to discover a volcano erupting on the outskirts of town

Around 120,000 Uyghurs Detained For Political Re-Education in Xinjiang’s Kashgar Prefecture

Mali: Another Record Breaking Year

How tropical wood trade in Suriname is dividing opinions

France bars Breton baby name over an apostrophe

Russian FSB searches more Crimean Tatar houses in occupied Crimea

Three years since Russia began its persecution of Crimean Muslims on fake ‘terrorism’ charges

Exiled Crimean Tatar Leaders Chiygoz and Umerov Urge More EU Sanctions Against Russia

Ukrainian prosecutors say Crimea residents may use Skype to report human rights violations

PACE urges Russia end support to illegal armed groups in Donbas, cease repressions in Crimea

Crimean Tatar Ismail Ramazanov detained, tortured and charged with ‘inciting enmity to Russians’

Chubarov testifies in court on details of Russian seizure of Crimea

Forgotten Again: The Plight of the Crimean Tatars

How Has Life In Crimea Changed Since Russia Seized It From Ukraine?

Trump administration announces fresh Russia sanctions

Crimean Tatar with brain tumour arrested for social media post from 2012

Russia deploys armed police and dogs in new offensive against Crimea Solidarity

U.S. Envoy Volker: Lack Of Political Will In Moscow Thwarting Ukraine Peace

“Visitors” from Russia pushing out Donbas locals and taking over housing

Tuvalu school wins international accolade for energy project

Mauritania launches Sahel Irrigation Initiative Regional Project

African Union urges Mauritania to crack down on slavery

Main dates in troubled history of modern Cyprus

Cypriot hopes for unification are on life support, but not doomed

Cyprus deal revival hangs on election

Old guard against new blood in Cyprus presidential vote

Erdogan urged attack on Turkish Cypriot newspaper

How to become the stereotypical Cypriot man

Measles outbreak kills 100 children in West Papua

West Papua 2017 Year in Review

Indonesian Special Forces Woo Mattis With Snakes, Blood-drinking

At least 10 West Papuan people killed by the Indonesian military and police in 2017

100 years ago today: Reds take Tampere, Finnish Civil War begins

Finland heads to the polls to choose President

Fellowship Opportunity: American Indian Graduate Center

Place names reflect American Indian heritage

The Fraught History Of America’s Most Pervasive Brand

Probing the Paradoxes of Native Americans in Pop Culture

Nunavut’s Inuit language authority seeks nominations for awards

Exhibit, film examine American Indians’ cultural contributions, depictions

American Indian Museum Tackles Challenging Issue of Cultural Appropriation

Aboriginal tourism gets $2.25M infusion from federal government

American Indian Activists Rally at State Capitol

Enslaved Native Americans Who Made Gold Rush Possible

Inuit throat singer kicks off Colorado College’s Cornerstone Arts Week in Colorado Springs

The hidden health inequalities that American Indians and Alaskan Natives face

Why there’s Redskins merch at the National Museum of the American Indian

A Look at All The Ways Native American Culture Has Been Exploited In Pop Culture

Wisconsin Led US In American Indian Incarceration Rate In 2013

America as Indian Country

Basque charity celebrates 50th annual dance, fundraiser dinner

Award-winning Basque improvisational poets to perform Friday, January 26

All square in the Basque derby

McAdoo’s Basque sheepherder’s presentation to go on

Zineuskadi and EiTB renew their agreement to promote Basque cinema

Djibouti President says global powers presence in his country will not undermine the peace of the region

Hong Kong pro-independence protest leader Edward Leung pleads guilty to assault of police officer

Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong released on bail

Hong Kong’s Academic Freedom ‘Under Threat’ Since Democracy Movement

Hong Kong gov’t bans legislative election hopeful Agnes Chow from running as she ‘advocated self-determination’

Vero Communications to assist Faroe Islands bid for Olympic recognition

Puzzling Heat from Deep Inside the Earth Is Melting Greenland’s Glaciers

Puigdemont talks independence with Danish MPs

Greenland, Faroe Islands “tricky” models for Catalonia

Carles Puigdemont Working to Return Home

European Language Equality Network calls on the EU and Spain to uphold civil, political and linguistic rights in Catalonia

Catalan crisis rekindled as parliament proposes Puigdemont as leader

Carles Puigdemont: court rejects new bid to arrest Catalan ex-president

In Catalonia, the nameless dead raise old animosities toward Franco

Barcelona consolidates its position as start up hub

Spain’s Guardia Civil enters HQs of pro-independence organizations Catalan National Assembly and Òmnium Cultural

Catalan parliament set to vote for regional leader on Jan. 30

Spain seeks to block Puigdemont becoming leader of Catalonia

“This is a coup d’etat”: parties react to Spain’s latest move

Barcelona port fastest growing in Europe

Pro-Independence Together for Catalonia candidacy (JxCat) preparing criminal lawsuit against Spanish government

Catalan border controls strengthened ahead of Puigdemont’s debate

“I offer dialogue and threats are the response,” says Parliament president Torrent

Some 30% of expats unable to vote in December election

If a judge cannot put his own political opinions aside, he is independent but not objective, Puigdemont’s lawyer

Spanish police “unusual operation” around Catalan Parliament, warns chamber president Torrent

Spanish Constitutional Court allows Puigdemont’s investiture only if he turns up

U.S. State Department creates Cuba Internet Task Force

Cuba is a lot poorer than the government reports, a new study shows

Entries for the Gorsedh Kernow Awards are now open

Peppa Pig’s Mummy Pig is Cornish and loves Cornwall more than anyone

Jordan urges US to ‘rebuild trust’ after Jerusalem pivot

Israel won’t prosecute embassy guard over Jordan shootings: sources

Jordan ends bread subsidy, doubling some prices, to help state finances

Seawater Greenhouse reaps first Somaliland veg crop grown with just sea water

EU tax haven blacklist shrinks by half

India should help us like it did for Bangladesh: Baloch activist

Free Balochistan Movement to protest against sale of Balochistan lands in London

Brutalities against Baloch and Pashtun students an ‘act of terrorism’: Balochistan Political Parties

Business and Human Rights – The Curse of “Destructive Development”

Paying To Stay Disabled In Turkmenistan

Liberia bans female genital mutilation

Campaign to create online cyber Gaeltacht under way

DCU targets global diaspora with free Irish language course online

Mary Lou McDonald: New Sinn Fein boss says Irish unity ‘best solution’

Gerry Adams – the face of Irish republicanism – hands over at Sinn Féin

Norway-Sweden example for Irish border post-Brexit

Seán Mac Aindreasa, founding father of north’s first Irish language school and west Belfast Gaeltacht, dies aged 77

Taiwan: President Tsai Ing-wen Expresses Concern over Possibility of Chinese Attack

Ethiopian opposition leader calls for dialogue

Ethiopia’s Oromo leader meets German envoy over political developments

Ethiopia ‘pardons 2,000 prisoners’ jailed over Oromo protests

Pacific Islands Forum looks for key issues facing members

Guiana battles with migrant influx, drug trafficking

Calls mount for French Polynesia genetic study

Georgia’s role to connect Europe and Asia increasing annually

Georgia concerned over Russian Deputy Foreign Minister’s interview about Georgia

Georgian Won’t Put Up With Violation of Its Sovereignty

Breakaway Abkhazia Begins New Year With a New Phase of Political Turmoil

South Ossetian Separatist Leader Becomes Envoy of ‘Russkiy Mir’ in the Balkans and Ukraine

Lebanon: Living on the Blue Line

The biggest threat to Lebanon is Israel, Prime Minister Hariri says

Lebanese prime minister says he wants ‘the best relationship with Iran’

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri says his relationship with Saudi Arabia is ‘at its best’

New hunting law falls prey to old habits in Lebanon

Lebanon’s garbage crisis washes up on the beach

Moldova Says It Would Leave CIS Only After Becoming EU Candidate

Falling Birth Rate Threatens Moldova’s Future

Moldova MPs Accuse Russia of Interference

Russia Dismisses Compensating Moldova for ‘Occupying’ Transnistria

EU encourages Moldova to continue with energy reforms

DNA study: Why the Welsh might be the first true Brits

In Wales we don’t need a bridge to France – but one to Ireland

Workers at major firm told not to speak Welsh if non-Welsh speaking people also present

Wales has ‘much to learn’ from Catalonia says Wood as she meets with Puigdemont

New hard hitting Welsh language play 2071 brings rising sea levels to the fore in Llanrwst

Farmer’s son buys North Wales business so can bring up children in Welsh language

Labour for an Independent Wales ‘opening up discussion within the party’

Milestone over the airwaves as second BBC Welsh language channel launches

Birthday celebrations for Welsh language centre in Wrexham

Brunei’s Kampong Ayer: World’s largest settlement on stilts

Vatican ‘asks underground Chinese bishops to stand aside for government-backed ones’

Vatican defrocks Peter J. Inzerillo, priest accused in sex assaults in Massachusetts dating back decades

Vanuatu bans plastic bags and polystyrene takeaway boxes

Bahamas To Ban Plastic Bags

Samoa affected by China’s plastic recycling ban

Gabon Has Busted A Major Ivory Smuggling Network Connected To Boko Haram

Can Kiribati be saved or will it drown?

A Warning from the Center of the World: Pacific Nation Kiribati Is Disappearing as Sea Level Rises

Sinking Islands, Floating Nation

Liberalism faces next big test in Czech elections

Professor Fights Putin’s Czech Ally in Key Election

Pro-Russia incumbent wins Czech presidential election

Lux among Europe’s biggest wasters

Can Drought Be Prevented? Slovakia Is Trying to Find Out

Slovakia: Commission initiative helps a low-income region catch up

Yahya Jammeh, former leader of the Gambia, could face extradition

Top Jammeh generals arrested after sneaking back into The Gambia

Recent Twitter activity indicates Russian plan to destabilise Bosnia ahead of general election in October

In Jamaica’s tourist hub, a state of emergency

Separatist leader in troubled Senegal region warns over crackdown

Muslims to Get Self-Rule to Avoid Another Bloody Separatist War in the Philippines

Thousands of women in anti-president protest in Togo

Malta obtains the highest scores on LGBTIQ inclusive education indicators

Haiti urbanisation rises but not wealth: World Bank

A Year in Review: Azerbaijan in 2017

Azerbaijan Courts Convict Two Outspoken Government Critics

Chad must cut costs or risk ruin: finance minister

Russian-speaking activists attempt to block new Latvian Language Friend mobile app at Google Play

Kremlin’s efforts to influence opinion increasingly focusing on Sweden

Bahrain: Rights groups demand care for jailed activist Nabeel Rajab

UK fines Al Arabiya for Bahrain ‘torture confession’ of Hassan Mushaima

Sierra Leone: Women Helping Women Out of Prostitution

Yezidi MP ‘pessimistic’ about future in post-ISIS Iraq

Turkey invades Kurdish enclave in Syria

U.S., British citizens join battle against Turkey in Syria’s Afrin: SDF official

Erdogan says to extend Syria operation despite risk of U.S. confrontation

Trump warns Erdogan to avoid clash between U.S., Turkish forces

Turkey to U.S.: End support for Syrian Kurd YPG or risk confrontation

Turkey’s Erdogan threatens to expand Kurdish offensive as far as Iraq, despite Nato tensions

Kurdistan needs help from the US and international community to build a stable future

Masoud Barzani: No regrets about Kurdistan independence referendum

First Kurdistan Modern Arts exhibition to kick off Sunday in Erbil

War in Iraq and the Plunder of Kurdish Oil

Rwanda aims to be the most drone-friendly country in the world

Recycling e-Waste in Rwanda

Pacific islands sign on for NEXT subsea cable

India Republic celebrations: A ‘black day’ in Kashmir

Switzerland embraces cryptocurrency culture

Trump arrives in Switzerland to take ‘America First’ to the Davos elite

East Timor President Calls for New Election to End Impasse

China Orders Tibetan Pilgrims in India And Nepal to Return Home

People’s Liberation Army assists private courier firm to launch operations in Tibet

Chinese Tibet Oppression Raised in US House of Representatives

Chinese gov’t taking over administration of Tibetan Buddhist monastery Larung Gar, NGO says

‘Unofficial’ Tibetan Language Summit Draws Hundreds of Advocates in China’s Qinghai

Belarus Urged To ‘Prioritize’ Democratic Reforms

Belarus blocks access to popular opposition website

Why would authoritarian Belarus liberalize cryptocurrencies?

Belarus: Paradoxes of National Memory and Freedom of Speech

Former Maldives President accuses China of ‘land grab’

It’s convenient to say Aboriginal people support Australia Day. But it’s not true

What life was like for Aboriginal people during colonisation

Aboriginal activists leading Sydney’s ‘Invasion Day’ rally call for Australia Day to be ABOLISHED

Push to fly Aboriginal flag on Sydney Harbour Bridge

Victoria’s first female Aboriginal MP receives death threats over Australia Day comments

Annual Adivasi Mela from January 26

Illegally sterilized Romani women from Slovakia and the Czech Republic launch online petition as part of their fight for justice

Romanian Roma use theater to address bigotry