Pro Independence Non Paper

1968 January 31: Nauru Independence Day

1948 February 4: Sri Lanka Independence Day

2004 February 1: Erbil bombings, Kurdistan

1997 February 5: Gulja massacre, East Turkistan/Xinjiang

1917 February 6: Sami National Day

1974 February 7: Grenada Independence Day

1818 February 12: Chile Independence Day

1913 February 13: Tibetan Declaration of Independence

1804 February 15: Statehood Day in Serbia

1918 Fabruary 16: Independence Day in Lithuania

2008 February 17: Kosovo declaration of independence

1965 February 18: Gambia Independence Day

Ploy to parade fake Linyungandambo leaders ‘reconciling’ with Zambian government on national TV unearthed

Albergue to launch book on East Timor independence

US Explores Ties With Controversial Indonesian Army Unit

World’s last country to abolish slavery still isn’t doing enough to stop it

Fear and Loathing in Russia’s Catalonia: Moscow’s Fight Against Federalism

Putin the Campaigner: Scripted and Awkward, Save One Big Hug

Dagestani Man Arrested After Rescuing Jihadist Son From Syria

Ingush policemen get final torture indictment

Ingush man tortured by police presses charges

Ksenia Sobchak: Why I went to the Caucasus?

It’s All Downhill in Chechnya, This Time at a Ski Resort

Person detained in Chechnya for drugs tells about electrocuting in basement and lectures of mullah

Somaliland: The Horn of Africa’s Breakaway State

Somaliland Debates A Tough New Penal Code For ‘Rape And Sexual Offences’

‘It’s scary’ – Gambian lecturer’s arrest sparks repression fears

Baltic states centenary coin revealed

Latvia: A Small Country with a Big Literature

It’s the 50s, and Riga’s intelligentsia’s dreams of France are about to be crashed

‘Bonghjornu’ not ‘Bonjour’: Corsican nationalists want to say it their way

Green MSP claims pro-immigration case is key to winning independence

Letters: Figures show our economy is not being held back by independence focus

The case for two votes on independence

Brexit impact reports show why Scottish independence is vital

Scottish Conservative support falls as SNP’s rises – poll

It’s not too late to take control of our oil

Hmong language learning program helps students find their voice

Marvellous Mauritius: the Indian Ocean idyll reimagined

Austria to dissolve ‘Nazi songbook’ fraternity linked to Freedom Party

Austria’s right-wing government pledges to work with Hungary’s Orban

11 amazing facts about Nauru, the least visited, most obese nation on Earth

Former Nauru MP questions his country’s independence

Nauru marks 50 years of independent rule

Photos From a Slowly Modernizing Bhutan

The changing face of Bhutan – in pictures

Why UN forces are finding it hard to bring peace to Mali

Uyghur Muslim Scholar Muhammad Salih Hajim Dies in Chinese Police Custody

Thousands of Uyghur Muslims detained in Chinese ‘political education’ camps

China’s Uyghur Muslims, under pressure at home and abroad

Lithuania, the first of the centennial neighbours, unleashes celebrations

Website of the year: Bank of Lithuania

Putin’s Man In Crimea: We’ve ‘Returned To Russia Forever’

Russia deploys armed police and dogs in new offensive against Crimea Solidarity

Attack of Russian law enforcers on ‘Crimean initiative’ shows fear over Crimeans helping each other – Klimkin

Crimeans Tatars: Suleyman Kadyrov on Trial for a Facebook Comment

Dzhemilev believes that ‘Kremlin Report’ will help to return Crimea

Forty-nine cases of kidnapping recorded in Crimea under Russian occupation

Ilmi Umerov in European Parliament urges not to recognize presidential election in Russia

Crimean journalist & politician jailed on ‘extortion’ charges for criticism of United Russia party

Statistics on human rights violations in occupied Crimea released

Acting chief of U.S. Mission to OSCE calls on Russia to release Crimean prisoners

How Crimean Muslims defy Moscow’s pressure

Crimea conference members at European Parliament call for boycott of FIFA World Cup in Russia

Internet providers forced to conceal total FSB surveillance in occupied Crimea & Russia

Ukrainian side in PACE, NATO and OSCE to raise issue of illegitimacy of presidential election in occupied Crimea

The country where a luxury Tesla has become the budget option

#MeToo hits Norway’s woman-dominated politics

Norway lawmakers warn of ‘slippage’ from NATO defense spending target

Property for passports? How Russians have given Cyprus a boost

Cyprus president Anastasiades wins run-off to land second term

Portugal’s jobless rate falls to 13-year low

Australian BBC journalists expelled from West Papua by Indonesian military for “hurting soldiers feelings”

Free West Papua march in Manokwari

55 year old West Papuan mother Imakulata Emakeparo shot dead by the Indonesian police

Thousands take part in anti-government protest in Albania

Dengue outbreak declared in Tonga

In Somalia, seeking to ensure drought never again turns into famine

Finland’s President Sauli Niinisto Wins Re-Election in Landslide

Bilingual Finnish-Sámi teaching to start in Helsinki school

Arizona Native American Day: Long-overdue honor or ’empty gesture’?

Native Americans fed up with asking Boulder’s permission to hold ceremonies on ‘stolen land’

Director named for Navajo Language Immersion Institute

It’s not just Chief Wahoo. Why American Indian images became potent, cartoonish advertising symbols

Cleveland Indians to drop Chief Wahoo logo from team kit under pressure from Native Americans

Smithsonian Curator Weighs in on Cleveland Indians’ Decision to Retire ‘Racist’ Logo

Mom Says She’s Fostered 10,000 Navajo Children

US Recognizes 6 Virginia Native American Tribes

Native American Cuisine Is on the Rise—But Please Don’t Call It a Trend

Language preservation focus of 2018 American Indian Day

New Mexico Legislature celebrates American Indian culture

Supreme Court rules band in B.C. can claim compensation for land theft during 1860s gold rush

Hawaiian Is An Official Language So Why Isn’t It Used More?

Basque culture leaves its mark on Nevada

Basques in America: They got far on foot

Juaristi tells about McCarran’s sheepherders and Basque immigration at Gathering

Champion bertsolari to perform improvised Basque verse at gathering

National Cowboy Poetry Gathering celebrates Basque culture

Female improvisational poets share journey into Basque tradition

James Chan third citizen to be barred from election by Hong Kong gov’t over political beliefs

Hong Kong pro-democracy activists Wong, Law and Chow nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

China angry as US lawmakers nominate Hong Kong democracy activists for Nobel Peace Prize

The courage of youth on display in Hong Kong

Fishermen in Greenland are doing better than ever. That might be thanks to climate change.

Eritrea will be at 2018 Winter Olympics thanks to Canadian-born skier

‘I am like a prisoner again’ – Glasgow’s destitute Eritreans

How does Botswana fight corruption in Africa?

Security operations by Myanmar show ‘established pattern’ of domination over ethnic groups – UN expert

Festival that Celebrates Vietnam’s Ethnic Minorities

Fidel Castro’s eldest son commits suicide — Cuba state media

Cuba Protests US Internet Task Force

Welsh Theatre Charity Launches Pioneering Project In Lesotho

South Africa’s water crisis spreads from Cape Town, to Lesotho

China and Russia THREATEN Japan after ‘enforcing’ claim to South China Sea with military

Chinese flight routes set off military alarms in Taiwan

Taiwan prepares for NAVAL INVASION as China draws ‘red line’ over island’s independence

China will collapse in 2031: retired Taiwan diplomat

Antigua and Barbuda back in drought

Tsipras’ plays poker over Macedonia

Private sector crucial in pushing geothermal development in the Eastern Caribbean

US confirms nations exempt from solar import tariffs

Olson vows to counter China as he listens to wails of Sindh and Balochistan

Balochistan: Pakistani forces arrested over 50 people and shifted them to military camp

Baloch activists protest against China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Balochistan: Present & Future

Slim Down To Move Up In Turkmenistan?

Gasoline prices hiked sharply in Turkmenistan

US targets Hezbollah financial network in Africa, Mideast

Liberia Makes History, Chair UN General Assembly’s Fourth Committee After 57 Years’

George Weah is trying to kick-start a pay-cut revolution for Liberia’s highly-paid political class

George Weah vows to change Liberia’s citizenship laws

How George Weah united a broken Liberia in his last days as an international footballer

Ireland to hold abortion referendum at the end of May

A long way from the Troubles: why Brexit may benefit Northern Ireland

Irish language pupils stage protest at Stormont

Northern Ireland council bans Irish tricolour from St Patrick’s celebrations – but unionists still won’t go

In Pictures: ‘British government must fulfil Irish language pledge’

Language activists seek Westminster’s help

Switzerland ranked ‘global capital of bank secrecy’

UN Blames Uganda, Kenya for Fueling Conflict in South Sudan

African Union joins growing chorus demanding sanctions on South Sudan war

Irish nun providing education and refuge for girls in South Sudan

U.S. ups pressure on South Sudan’s Kiir, bans arms sales

South Sudan rebels vow ‘guerrilla war’ if peace talks fail

Under threat, Sweden rediscovers its Viking spirit

Isolated Qatar signs agreements with Oman

Vatican rejects three women speakers from Voices of Faith conference

Fresh call for French Polynesia to become an associate state

France accused of ‘nuclear racism’ over atomic tests

Namibia president bans foreign travel for all officials in cost cutting move

Namibia reports first cholera case after deadly outbreak in Zambia

Namibia ‘runs out of money to feed soldiers’

Namibian President Geingob fires rivals from cabinet

Croatia takes Spain’s self-catering holiday crown, says Novasol

Index of Economic Freedom

NATO Membership for Georgia: In U.S. and European Interest

Nauru at centre of lobbying by Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Is History Repeating Itself In Abkhazia?

Georgian-Russian Opera Singer Performs in Abkhazia, Scandal Ensues

South Ossetian Leader Meets with President of Autonomous Serbian Region

The Daily Vertical: More Than One Way To Undermine Your Neighbor’s Sovereignty

Banking ‘Watershed’ Lifts Gloom After Moldova’s $1 Billion Fraud

Banning Russian TV, Moldova Is Latest Hot Spot Fighting Kremlin Disinformation

Avenues of Russian Military Intervention in Moldova

Moldovan Army Looks to NATO for Modernisation Help

Russians in Transnistria Remain Threat to Moldova

Calls for Reunion With Romania Anger Moldova President

Domestic violence still a big concern in Cook Islands

Decay and hope on Mangaia

Lebanon tensions ease as Shi’ite officials visit Christian area

Tesco pulls patriotic Welsh T-shirts after spelling blunder

Welcome to Wales – Welcome to Welsh

Wales has the best food – we shouldn’t stick an union jack on it

Find your favourite new sound on Welsh Language Music Day 2018

There is no satnav manufacturer that offers instruction in Welsh

The unforgettable Wales v Scotland game that changed the life of a Welsh rugby legend forever

Project gives Welsh speaking throat cancer sufferers a voice

Children to be taught Welsh sign language

If Plaid Cymru wants to appeal to all of Wales it needs to ditch republicanism

Politics is in flux – we need to have the #MeToo debate in Wales

Brunei ruler replaces top ministers in surprise cabinet reshuffle

Innovation-driven prosperous Curaçao

El Salvador Convicts First Mayor for Ties to Gangs

El Salvador: life in Mara Salvatrucha’s territory

El Salvador: Constitutional ban on same-sex marriage blocked

Strike looms as students arrested in Chad anti-austerity protest

Chad arrests local journalist over satire piece

U.S. slaps sanctions on Laos Golden Triangle ‘casino’ in bid to break up narco-empire

Beware the Destruction of Civil Society in Laos

The Woven Art of Laos

Jordan King Calls for Palestinian Capital in East Jerusalem

Indigenous People of Biafra : We’ll drop agitation if…

Biafra: Buhari govt using police, DSS to persecute christians – IPOB

Buhari’s govt allowing Cameroon to abduct Bakassi indigenes – Biafra group

MASSOB vows to resist creation of cattle colonies in Igboland

Have you heard of the “Yoruba Biafran?”

Father laments harassment of exiled son over IPOB link

Taste of Saint Lucia export label

Taiwan Invests in Huge Wifi Project in Saint Lucia

Paradise lost: ‘Anote’s Ark’ shows Kiribati is on the brink

Kiribati ferry disaster: 22 schoolchildren among those feared lost

EIB to provide financing, expertise to improve Western Balkans connectivity

Borissov: Stop inventing pretexts for keeping Bulgaria out of Schengen

Bulgaria Officially Opened its Presidency of the Council of the EU in Brussels

Is the Czech Republic moving closer to China and Russia?

Top UN court orders Nicaragua to compensate Costa Rica for environmental damage

Why Is Nicaragua’s Homicide Rate So Far Below That of Its Central American Neighbors?

Burundi’s Opposition Says Only ‘Yes’ Campaigning Is Allowed on Referendum to Extend President’s Rule

Bolivia wrestles with protecting child workers as young as 10

Bolivia’s shoeshine ‘boys’ fight discrimination

Bolivia Tells President His Time Is Up. He Isn’t Listening.

Evo Morales Calls for Unity to Complete Social Works in Bolivia

Peru and Bolivia Close Airspace to Narcotrafficking

IMF: Bolivia Has World’s Largest Informal Economy

Tunisia police disperse LGBT protesters

Seven years after the ‘Arab Spring,’ Tunisia is leading another revolution — on women’s rights

Al-Azhar denies removing Tunisia from Islamic states’ list

Tunisia aims to ‘be part of the club of modern democracies’, says PM

Tunisia: An economy drowning in debt

Book by political science professor investigates Russia’s influence in Estonia, Baltic states

Estonia’s singing revolution

A photo website to celebrate Estonia’s centennial

Russia names a fighter regiment after the Estonian capital

Jamaica bans anti-gay Arizona pastor from visiting country

Jamaica Has Never Had Olympic Synchronized Swimmers. These Girls Want to Change That.

High-tech tools could help in fight against dengue

Wallis and Futuna produces more pro-rugby players per capita than any other nation on earth

UN refers Guyana-Venezuela border dispute to ICJ

The oil find in Guyana is huge

Crackdown on illegal baby trade in Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands braces for king tide inundations

American Samoa wants more help to combat drugs

Indian oil tanker and crew missing off Africa’s west coast

An African country reckons with its history of selling slaves

Pendjari National park in Benin bounces back to life

Sukhbir Badal Accuses Rajiv Gandhi Of Supervising 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots

Indian authorities rattled by London Kashmiri, Sikh protest

Azeri Incumbent Aliyev to Run for Fourth Term in October Presidential Election

Ilgar Mammadov, Azerbaijan’s Inconvenient Prisoner

Survey: Armenians’ Attitudes Toward Azerbaijan Increasingly Hardening

How Roma are made stateless for generations

Facebook poster cleared of inciting hatred with ‘batter gypos’ comment

Belize And Guatemala Go Hat-in-Hand to OAS Permanent Council

Spain produces non-paper aimed at blocking Kosovo’s EU bid

EU Rapporteur: Kosovo Has Missed the Visa Train

Kosovo absent from EU’s enlargement strategy – reports

Kosovo’s path to independence

Serbian Rightists To Protest on Kosovo Independence Day

Bahrain: Another Year of Deep State Repression

Bahrain: 60 given jail term for forming a ‘terrorist group’

Bahraini Exile Campaigns Against Crackdown in Gulf Island State

Russia permanently stationing Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad

Turkey advances offensive into Syrian Kurdish enclave

Kurdish female fighter detonates herself to destroy a Turkish tank in Afrin

Kurdish Peshmerga nominated for Noble Peace Prize for ISIS ‘sacrifices’

Erbil security forces clash with pro-Afrin marchers, 5 wounded

Minorities in Syria’s Afrin Fear Persecution as Turkey Escalates Offensive

Yazidi women suffer from complex post-traumatic stress disorder

Syrian Kurds outraged over mutilation of female fighter

IMF upbeat about Cape Verde growth but urges ongoing reform

Rwanda becomes first poor country to provide eye care for all

‘This is occupation’: The Sahrawi politicians lobbying for recognition

AU urges Morocco to facilitate conduct of Fact Finding Mission in Western Sahara Territory

EU urged to compensate Sahrawi people over illegal exploitation of natural resources

Kyrgyzstan: Freeze Turns to Hot Fury Over Bishkek’s Power Plant Failure

Appeal for dialogue in New Caledonia

Lodoe Gyatso, Tibetan man who served two decades in prison, disappears again

Tibetan Nun Dies in Hospital Corridor of Ailments from Prison

‘Tibetan suffering is real’: Tibetan Pres to French Senators

“We remain hopeful:” Tibetan President to French news

Tibetan writer Gartse Jigme released from prison

London theatre shelves play on Tibet amid fear of Chinese backlash

Kuwait projects $17 billion deficit in 2018/2019 budget

Kuwait set to spend $500 bln on energy

Debate to swear in Puigdemont postponed

Catalan actor testifies in court after tweeting about Spanish judge

15 MEPs denounce Spain’s “misuse” of European arrest warrant to EU

“It is outrageous to have political prisoners in Europe”

Jailed Catalan Leaders Lodge Case With U.N. to Put Pressure on Spain

Catalan leaders could be barred from office before trial, says Spanish minister

Jailed Vice President proposes combining a “symbolic” and executive presidency

ERC party head calls for “effective” formula to make Puigdemont president

No prison yard for 20 days: jailed Oriol Junqueras to be punished for non-authorized interview

‘Imagine if Westminster locked up Nicola Sturgeon’

Barcelona council joins October 1 lawsuits against Spanish police

Catalan politics sparks interest in Valencian Falles exhibit

Pro-independence agreement over presidency ‘in the coming days’

Amending a law to swear in Puigdemont from Brussels on the table

Belarus forests face beetle ‘catastrophe’

Belarus cuts access to independent news website Charter97

Contributors To Russian News Agency Convicted Of Inciting Hate In Belarus

It’s when, not if: Singapore worries, and prepares, for militant attack

An LGBT couple whose marriage was wiped off the books in Singapore is going to court

Amid fierce protest, Honduras inaugurates a president accused of stealing the election

Belgium braces for return of foreign fighters

After More Than 100 Years, Wild Wolves Are Finally Returning to Belgium

Guinea-Bissau president names new premier in bid to end political crisis

Hunger continues to intensify in conflict zones, UN agencies report to Security Council

Naxals kill Adivasi, torch vehicles and earth-movers

Cameroon Jails Secessionists After Extradition by Nigeria

What is going on in southern Yemen?

Secession Movements in Mexico Challenge Federal Power