Ottomans Target Kurdish Afrin – Spaniards Go After Catalan Language

12: Chile Independence Day

1913 February 13: Tibetan Declaration of Independence

2011 February 14: Day of Rage (Bahrain)

1804 February 15: Statehood Day in Serbia

1918 Fabruary 16: Independence Day in Lithuania – Lithuania is 100

2008 February 17: Kosovo declaration of independence

1965 February 18: Gambia Independence Day

2014 February 20: Heavenly Hundred Remembrance Day in Ukraine

February 21: International Mother Language Day

1979 February 22: Saint Lucia Independence Day

1944 February 23: Aardakh a.k.a. Operation Lentil: Soviet expulsion of Vainakh (Chechen and Ingush) to Central Asia

1918 February 24: Estonia Independence Day – Estonia is 100

1921 February 25: Soviet Russian Invasion in Democratic Republic of Georgia

1950 February 25: Kuwait National Day

1844 February 27: Dominican Republic Independence Day

1976 February 27: Proclamation of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

1947 February 28: 2.28 Incident in Taiwan

1992 March 1: Bosnia and Herzegovina Independence Day

589 March 1: Saint David’s, National Day of Wales

1878 March 3: Liberation Day in Bulgaria

March 5: St Piran’s Day, the national day in Cornwall

DESIGN COMPETITION 2018: International Museum of the Crimes of Communism

Hong Kong court rules pro-independence stance must bar standing for election

Wife of Taiwan NGO Worker Jailed by China Takes Campaign to Europe

Mauritania: Human Rights Defenders at Risk

Did Equatorial Guinea request death penalty for opposition activists?

Sustainable Agriculture in the Central African Republic

EU Extends Belarus Arms Ban, With An Exception

Latvian centenary magazine published online

Donald Trump warns Israel its settlements are ‘complicating’ search for Middle East peace

Teachers contributing to Māori under-achievement

What happened in Mauritius

Laos confirmed Asia’s youngest nation

This Icelandic music festival is doing amazing things for young composers

China’s Hui Muslims fearful Chinese New Year education ban a sign of curbs to come

Xinjiang Authorities Launch Anti-Religion Campaign Through Local Police Stations

Uyghur Extraditions Reveal China’s Growing Surveillance State

US Urges Malaysia Protect Uighurs Facing Deportation

Melbourne street art video spreads message of Mongolian pollution problem

It’s 100 years since Lithuania declared its independence

Where did all the good people from Euromaidan go?

Only 1 person serving sentence for Maidan killings, says Prosecutor General’s Office

Fourteen people charged in Maidan murder case

Video: Heaven’s Hundred

Detailed timeline of the events of February 18-20, 2014

Trojan Horse of Russian Gas

Tortured Ukrainian spoils Russia’s most absurd ‘Crimea Saboteur’ case by refusing to ‘cooperate’

Profoundly cynical trial begins of Crimean Tatar human rights activist and five other Crimean Muslims

Activist who defended Crimean political prisoners arrested and facing 7-year sentence

Six and a half-year sentence for fictitious ‘Ukrainian sabotage plot’ in Russian-occupied Crimea

Is Russia attempting to erase Crimean Muslim culture?

Ukrainian MP caught in scam to bypass sanctions on Russian-occupied Crimea

Fake Crimean Tatar pro-Putin propaganda stunt uses the wrong language

Russia’s barbaric destruction of 16th century Crimean Tatar Khan’s Palace challenged in court

Turkey slams Cyprus for gas search, blocks rig with warships

Chad feels the sting of government economic measures

Sierra Leone voters tune in for rare presidential debate

Portugal’s recently bailed-out economy is growing at the fastest rate in 17 years

Indonesia’s Papua province children starving in a land of gold

China remains biggest market for “West Papua`s exports”

‘Eye of Papua’ shines a light on environmental, indigenous issues in Indonesia’s last frontier

Indonesia warns MSG members against meddling in other countries` sovereignty

Indonesian troops tearing down Melanesian flags at a pro-MSG gathering

West Papuan man brutally tortured by the Indonesian police in Timika

West Papua fulfills prerequisites for full Melanesian Spearhead Group membership

Burundi police threaten opposition to constitution change

Hungary anti-immigration bill an ‘assault on human rights’: U.N.

Funding al-Shabaab: How aid money ends up in terror group’s hands

Fury across Canada after white farmer acquitted of killing Indigenous man

Maryland recognition of Accohannock tribe sparks debate within community of Native Americans

Navajo officials commemorate anniversary of Treaty of 1868

In ‘Heart Berries,’ An Indigenous Woman’s Chaotic Coming-Of-Age

Colours, costumes, masks: Bolivia’s Carnival goes on despite natural disaster

In ‘Paradigm Shift,’ Trudeau Announces Talks on Indigenous People’s Rights

Elizabeth Warren, Addressing Claims of Native Ancestry, Vows to Press for Tribes

One woman’s quest to keep ancient Inca language alive

Guarani-Kaiowá: Community Faces Risks of Violent Eviction from their Traditional Land

Three reasons why the gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians aren’t closing

10 years since apology for ‘stolen’ Aboriginal children

Olympics: Australia’s Windsor ready to fly Aboriginal flag

15 years ago, Spanish police shut down the country’s only newspaper in Basque language

“If you speak in #Basque you will be sent off”, Spanish ref to two Basque-speaking football teams playing in Basque Country

Spain ordered to pay Eta bombers compensation for police abuse

Behind bars not in Basque: Where ETA prisoners ended up

The making of the Basque West

Flour Power: Turkmenistan Mulling ‘Surplus Confiscation’ Amid Shortage

Serbia, Croatia differ on past but agree to look to the future

Doctors find neurological injuries among US diplomats in Cuba, but the cause remains a mystery

Kosovo and Montenegro reach deal on 2015 border agreement

Spain might deny Kosovo visas in Mediterranean Games, say reports

Students Celebrate 1st Child Born in an Independent Kosovo

A Decade of Independence for Kosovo

Balochistan: Pakistani forces arrested and disappeared eight people in past few days

Sindh Theatre Festival opens in Karachi

Journalist working for Sindhi daily whisked away from Badin

Irish republican leader Gerry Adams retires

DUP will not sign off on stand-alone Irish Language Act

Why do some unionists fear the Irish language?

‘No prospect’ of Northern Ireland deal as talks between DUP and Sinn Fein break down

We will not rest until we get stand-alone Irish act: language group

There is nothing to fear from the beauty of the Irish language

The Guardian view on… cultural genocide

James Joyce’s early work showed awareness of important Irish/Scottish connections

‘There’s a deep-rooted hatred toward the indigenous culture of Ireland, above all its language’

Most of those living in Ireland think the Irish language should be legally protected in the North

South Sudan sentences rebel leader’s spokesman James Gatdet Dak to death

Sudan Says Border With South Was Opened for First Time Post-Secession

Ethiopia’s Oromia region at standstill as 3-day social shutdown kicks off

Ethiopia govt drops case of Oromo leader Bekele Gerba, six others

Tajikistan Debt Crosses a Red Line

Facebook Overtakes Russian Rival in Moldova

Action needed to tackle link between poverty and suicide in Wales says Samaritans Cymru

Tokens of love: The Welsh tradition of lovespoons

Carwyn Jones demands soft border between Welsh ports and Ireland after Brexit

Plaid Cymru: ‘Time is now’ to devolve policing as funding settlement branded ‘a con’

Tackling loneliness in Wales ‘a priority’ for the Welsh Government

World Book Day 2018 to offer Welsh-language title for first time in 20 year history

The actress who learned Welsh to land Keeping Faith lead role

We need to stop unwanted prisons being foisted on Wales

Proud Welshman goes on hunger strike in campaign over control of S4C TV channel

Wales’ rail network being short changed by £1bn by UK Government

Black Panther’s universe features an ‘independent Wales’

Welsh flag flies as independent state in Marvel superhero film Black Panther

Marvel movie franchise recognises Welsh independence

El Salvador Court Releases Woman Jailed over Stillbirth

Catholics warn of church schism if Vatican makes a deal with China

When the Islamic State Came to Libya

Indigenous Peoples of Biafra declares Nigerian president ‘terrorist president’

U.S. boosts aid to Jordan, downplaying its break with Trump over Jerusalem

Mexico foreign minister heads to Caribbean to win over Venezuelan allies

Saint Lucia Continues to Build on Relationship with Taiwan

Tonga’s parliament flattened after country hit by worst cyclone in 60 years

Eritrea marks 28th anniversary of defeating Ethiopia in key liberation battle

Czech PM loses legal battle over communist-era secret police ties

Bolivia blames both Carnival blasts on dynamite

Russian-made arms shipment to Bosnian Serbs sends out alarms

FSB in Dagestan accused of kidnapping

Tatarstan Health Minister Fired After Deputy’s Death

Returning to historical traditions: Taimyr’s youth teach children traditional skills

The Coldest People On Earth

Yazidi Women Finally Go To School, Defying Former ISIS Rulers — And Their Own Parents

Outraged by the Attacks on Yazidis? It Is Time to Help

Trudeau won’t meet with Indian leader behind Sikh separatist controversy

Guyana Is About to Open Up Pandora’s Barrel

YesM8Scotland to ‘peacefully’ occupy bridges across M8 motorway

Brexit’s losses may be independence’s gains

Alex Salmond calls for independence debate as he brands Theresa May ‘incompetent’

YesDIY: How do we get Yes?

Malta is the booming indy state we DON’T want to emulate

A changing Malta: More crowded, more foreigners, more men

Oxfam Workers Accused Of Sexually Exploiting Haiti Quake Survivors

Azerbaijan opposition vows to boycott snap presidential vote

Saudi Arabia and Iran battle it out in Azerbaijan

Bulgarian Politicians Deny Police Brutality, Call for Harsher Measures against Roma “Disorderliness”

Exposing Sexual Abuse of Romani Girls in Macedonian State Care

‘Nightmare’ of Roma children taken from their families and placed at risk of abuse in Hungary’s state-run care homes

Award-winning Bosnian Roma actor Nazif Mujic dies penniless

West African court orders the Gambia to decriminalize its draconian media law

Ethics Dispute Erupts in Belgium Over Euthanasia Rules

Estonian centennial week begins with ceremony in Tallinn

Four international organizations to back communist crimes research center

Northern Mariana Islands look to Congress to increase domestic workforce

Djibouti’s Booming Nightlife Scene — Fueled by Foreign Militaries

Bahrain orders 17,000 school textbooks reprinted over “Persian Gulf” gaffe

Clashes mark anniversary of Bahrain’s 2011 uprising

PM Barzani thanks President Macron for breaking ‘diplomatic embargo’ on Kurdistan

Turkey’s pro-Kurdish opposition elects new leaders: Pervin Buldan and Sezai Temelli

Syrian Kurds clinch a deal with Syrian army to repel Turkish offensive in Afrin

Erdogan slams US ‘support for Kurdish YPG fighters’

Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatens US forces with ‘Ottoman slap’

Turkish army hit village in Syria’s Afrin with suspected gas: Kurdish YPG, Observatory

U.S., Turkey to set up “mechanisms” to ease disputes

Poland is trying to rewrite history with this controversial new holocaust law

Israeli opposition hammers Polish PM for saying Jews also perpetrated Holocaust

CPJ Urges Kyrgyzstan To Drop Case Against Journalist

French Senate debates New Caledonia electoral law change

New Caledonia referendum nears amid ‘confusion’ – Valls

Switzerland still most secretive despite tax pacts

Big cats find love and habitat in Switzerland

Switzerland sets out guidelines to support initial coin offerings

Traversing through Tibet

Tibetan authorities want people to snitch on Dalai Lama supporters

South African leaders stand up to China’s protest over Tibetan Presindent visit

Tibetan leader greets new South African President

Tibet/South Africa Relations: A tale of two countries – trade and the voiceless

Tibetans begin festivities to celebrate new year

A Dance for Tibetan New Year, Then 17 Hours in Custody

Foreign media find growing difficulty in getting into Tibet: FCCC

Photo Story: Life in the Exile Tibetan Community

Tibetan Filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen Testifies Before US Congress

Algeria lawmaker under fire over ‘racist’ attack on Berber language

The use of chemical weapons in the Rif : Madrid responds to an Amazigh NGO’s request

Catalan carnival children dress up as baton-wielding Spanish police

Catalonia best south European region for foreign investment

National Catalan Assembly to take legal action against Spanish TV

Girona changes name of square from ‘Constitution’ to ‘October 1’

Catalan Parliament speaker Roger Torrent to ask European Court of Human Rights to enable Puigdemont’s presidential bid

MP Mireia Boya Tells Spanish Supreme Court Catalan Declaration Of Independence Was For Real

Madrid may use direct rule to change language system in Catalan schools

Six months since terrorism struck Catalonia

Aranese language denied ‘positive discrimination’ by Spanish court

Spanish or Catalan? Planned school policy shift sparks anger

Women on the Verge of Catalonia’s Breakout

Barça supporter arrested for waving independence flag

Why Spain’s planned language system change in Catalan schools infuriates society

Catalan leaders in jail are ‘political prisoners’ says ex-prosecutor José Maria Mena

Former Catalan president Artur Mas leaves court without preemptive measures

No heating in Catalan minister Joaquim Forn’s prison cell

Catalonia breaks export record for seventh consecutive year

Crisis in Catalonia: Why does it matter?

Secession in Contemporary Europe: Scotland, Catalonia and Brexit (IBEI, June 25)

Rights groups warn Togo over campaign against protest leaders

Citing Hostility, Leader of Anti-Corruption Panel in Honduras Resigns

Albania agrees to allow EU police on its territory to handle immigration

Taiwan says ‘insensitive’ China playing politics with Papua New Guinea move soon after quake

These Sámi women are trying to keep their native Skolt language alive

Arc Of Le Kovenant: Gwenno On Her Cornish Language Album