Tibet still matters

Another Ukraine? Russia Backs Separatist Politician’s Military Buildup in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Top U.S. Official Warns Of ‘Destructive’ Russian Role In Balkans

Bosnia: Russian biker gang ‘Night Wolves’ banned from entering country

First wind farm operational in coal-reliant Bosnia

Benin suspends pharmacy body over ‘fake drugs’ scandal

EU Tax haven list: Bahrain, Marshall Islands, Saint Lucia removed; Bahamas, Saint Kitts and Nevis, US Virgin Islands added

Vatican removes archbishop, but doesn’t say why

CPJ joins call for Kyrgyzstan to end restrictive media practices

The stench of economic decay is overwhelming Barbados

Gambia, Somalia human rights strides praised by U.N.

Macedonia Faces New Crisis Over Minority Language Law

Russian billions slip through Latvia’s loose net

Austria remembers Anschluss, with far right now in power

Austrian plan to drop smoking ban ignites opposition to far right

Justice for atrocities in South Sudan just a signature away: U.N. investigator

At 31, my first glimpse of life outside Gaza

Why I’m walking from Sweden to Palestine

Uyghur Linguistic Rights Under Assault

Uygurs around the world rally in protest against Chinese security campaign in Xinjiang

Xinjiang official vows to continue ‘intense’ campaign against separatists

Uyghur Teenager Yaqupjan Naman Dies in Custody at Political Re-Education Camp

China ramps up security presence in Tajikistan

Tuaregs celebrate culture in Niger Sahara festival

Detained Ingush Opposition Activist Magomed Khazbiyev Starts Hunger Strike

Vulnerable and divided: the uncertain state of the Circassian language

Chechnya LGBT crisis – one year on

Daghestani woman who returned from Syria sentenced to 8 years in prison

FSB eavesdropped phones of Dagestani government officials since 2014

Putin’s Man in Dagestan Faces Increasing Resistance and Opposition at Home

Scapegoating Becomes a Pre-Election Ritual in Russia

Russian voting starts early for nomadic Nenets reindeer herders (Photos)

Russia doubles war crimes against Crimeans forced to serve in occupier’s army

History repeats itself in Crimea

EU prolongs sanctions against Russia over illegal annexation of Crimea

From Crimea to Salisbury: Time to Acknowledge Putin’s Global Hybrid War

Poroshenko urges G7 not to recognize Russian elections in occupied Crimea

Facebook massively blocking accounts of Ukrainian critics of Russian aggression

US Department of State: Crimea Is Ukraine

Mounting Soviet-style jamming of independent media & hate speech in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russia uses loyal ‘observers’ and repression for illegal elections in occupied Crimea

Ukraine urges UN to toughen sanctions against Russia over Crimea

EU doesn’t recognize Russian elections in Crimea – Mogherini

Military base instead of a resort: Crimea four years after the occupation

Crimean Tatars boycott illegal Russian elections despite likely persecution in retaliation

Crimean Tatar Palace and other historic sites Russia is destroying in occupied Crimea

Volodymyr Balukh, Crimean jailed for Ukrainian flag, announces hunger strike

Russia expands its children’s army in occupied Crimea

Anniversary of the annexation of Crimea: volunteers project the Kremlin’s crimes on facade of the Russian embassy

Norway became the first country in the world to pass a gender quota law for boards 10 years ago – here’s the verdict

Letting Indonesia join Melanesian Spearhead Group was a mistake

West Papua’s enduring struggle for independence

Papua activist Yanto Awerkion gets 10 months jail for independence petition

Portugal’s flourishing tourism becomes economic mainstay

U.N. blames Honduras security forces for killing electoral protesters

In Guinea, Wave of Protests Leaves at Least 11 Dead

UAE to train Somaliland forces under military base deal

Somaliland – between Democracy and Prosperity

Eritrea Arrests Hundreds of Perceived Opponents: U.N.

Why This Is Now the Happiest Country in the World

Trinidad and Tobago is Happiest Country in the Caribbean, Says UN Report

An Indigenous Language Is Stayin’ Alive In A Karaoke Contest

Indigenous Yukpa face humanitarian crisis after fleeing Venezuela

Elizabeth Warren rejects DNA test to settle Native American heritage claim

Why Should Native Americans Vote? Protecting Sacred Sites Is One Answer

Deadly Corruption in Honduras

Mexico indigenous do not benefit from inspiring fashion

Biggest Fake Native American Art Conspiracy Revealed

An Algonquin Chef Cezin Nottaway Fights to Restore Indigenous Cuisine

Standing Shoulder-to-Shoulder with Indigenous Women at Risk in Ecuador

In wake of Standing Rock, Native storytelling gets more screen time

Sailing Maori Journey, New Zealanders Rekindle Indigenous Pride

Why adivasi farmers in Maharashtra want the Forest Rights Act implemented

Adivasis welcome girl child

Adoptions for more Indigenous children should be an option, Minister says

Commemorations to show how Suffolk village helped Basque child refugees evacuated in Spanish Civil War

China’s Belt and Road rail project stirs discontent in Laos

Anguilla: an island climbing back slowly from Irma

Death toll from Papua New Guinea earthquake rises to 125

BBC Kernow? Council of Europe support for Cornish culture says it should happen

Activists blame Pakistan for genocide of Sindhi people

Pak army at the heart of Baloch rights abuse: Activists at UNHRC

Pakistan rangers killed five Baloch in a staged encounter in Lyari

Storm over QUB refusal to put up signs in Irish

Stop politicising Irish language, warns Varadkar

St Patrick’s Day: from the Fighting Irish to the society of the spectacle

Heads of 23 Nations to Attend International Solar Alliance Summit

Ethiopian security forces massacre at least 9 civilians in Moyale as martial law takes toll on Oromia

Ethiopia arrests top Oromia official Taye Dendea who openly slammed Moyale killings

Ethiopians online laud detained Taye Dendea for tough talk against military

Ethiopia crisis is ‘the beginning of the end of autocracy’ – Kenyan security expert

UN team visits New Caledonia ahead of independence referendum

French PM warns of New Caledonia referendum risk

Independence Referendum: French Polynesia could follow New Caledonia’s lead

Photos: Soyuz rocket soars into space from French Guiana

Climate change and looters threaten the archaeology of Mongolia

Past and future drought in Mongolia

What Mongolia Gains By Playing Host to a Historic Trump-Kim Summit

Mongolia President Appeals to U.S. for Trade to Protect Democracy

As copper booms, miners take hunt to Mongolian dunes

‘Dzud’ winter freeze kills 700,000 livestock in Mongolia

IMF names Georgia among world’s 5 countries with best tax reform

Former Moldovan Lawmaker Iurie Bolboceanu Sentenced To 14 Years For Spying For Russia

Happy 100th birthday to the man who sparked movement to unite the Welsh across the world

Wales will bear the brunt of Brexit as Westminster scrambles to protect London at all costs

Was St Patrick Welsh? An expert reviews the evidence

Anti-Welsh bigotry is rife. It’s just as well we’re a tough people

How three Welsh rugby players changed the lives of complete strangers

Knowledge of Wales ‘not essential’ to work for Welsh Secretary

Mauritius President Gurib-Fakim refuses to resign over expense scandal

Brunei among top 10 in Islamic finance

Armenian Activists Oppose Draft Antiterrorism Law

Dominica on track to become first ‘climate change-resilient’ nation

Solar powered 3D printing aids Solomon Islands relief

Four countries on track to graduate from UN list of least developed countries

Samoa election votes to be cast electronically

Ogoni: MOSOP Calls for International Community to Intervene

Biafra Is In Our DNA & Our Freedom Is Near – Dr. Ikedife

Biafra will not come by fighting, quarreling – Nwodo

Declare Fulani Herdsmen Terrorist Now Soyinka Dare’s Buhari

Missing pro-Biafra leader Nnamdi Kanu not in our custody: Nigeria police

Thousands rally against Czech president’s attack on media

France’s troubled Indian Ocean island of Mayotte

In Maldives, at least three journalists detained over protest coverage

China Meddling In Our Internal Affairs: Maldives’ Opposition Leader

Jagmeet Singh defends speaking at Sikh separatist rally in 2015

Steady flow of women seeking domestic violence aid in Marshall Islands

Greek police: Racist hate crimes nearly tripled in 2017

Luxembourg: smart cities in a circular economy

Burundi named least happy country

UN Investigators Call for Accountability and Justice in South Sudan, Burundi

Burundi ruling party clarifies president’s title is ‘visionary’

The secret history of Romani Gypsies

‘Democracy came and the baron disappeared’

Roma children systematically humiliated in Hungary’s segregated schools

Trump signs U.S.-Taiwan travel bill, angering China

Estonia’s Revolutionary Spirit, Embodied in Music

Ilves calls for new kind of alliance to protect democracies

Belgium takes back Brussels’ Grand Mosque from Saudi government

How Jordan’s particle accelerator is bringing together Middle East enemies

Grenada discovers oil after years of optimism

Kosovo – A young nation at the crossroads

Being gay in Kosovo, Europe’s youngest nation

Swaziland: MPs Block Swazi State-Radio Funds

Pro-Kurdish protests close King’s Cross and Manchester Piccadilly stations

Turkey-backed forces capture Syrian Kurdish town of Afrin

Turkey commits ethnic cleansing by resettling Arabs, Turkmen in Afrin

Halabja conference in Washington marks 30th anniversary of genocide

Aysel Tugluk, senior Kurdish politician in Turkey, sentenced to 10 years in prison

Iraqi forces kidnap former Governor of Kirkuk’s Kurdish bodyguard

British artist Banksy pays tribute to Kurdish artist Zehra Dogan jailed in Turkey

US ‘deeply concerned’ with developments in Afrin

UN urges new, ‘post-ISIL’ Iraq to draw on diversity, support religious minorities

Unethical Journalism Endangering And Re-traumatizing Female Yazidi ISIS Victims

Several Sahrawi political prisoners in Morocco go on hunger strike

Italy grants 1 million Euros as aid to Sahrawi refugees

Togo shows world’s biggest improvement in new Happiness Report

Indian troops kill 3 rebels in Kashmir, triggering protests

Heated abortion debate greets El Salvador woman released after 15 years in prison over miscarriage

Improvements come to Haiti slowly but surely

Haiti’s Troubled Path to Development

Tibet Can Exist With China Like ‘European Union’: Dalai Lama

‘Tibet still matters’

March 10 Uprising Commemorated in Latin America

March held in Taipei to mark Tibet National Uprising Day

US leader Pelosi seeks efforts for meaningful Tibet autonomy

People show support for Tibet outside Chinese embassy in Prague

Hundreds gather in Berkeley to observe 59th anniversary of Tibetan Uprising Day

Tibetan Monk Released After Serving 10-Year Prison Term, Two Others Detained

We haven’t sought independence for Tibet since 1974, says Dalai Lama

Tibetan govt faces protest from Tibetans amid strained relations with India

A March Begins in Tawang to Mark 60th Year of Dalai Lama’s Journey to India

Historical and Current Presence of Indigenous People in Tibet

Graphic Novel: The Dalai Lama’s Escape to India

China’s New Campaign Targets Dalai Lama Supporters

Dalai Lama condemns China’s ‘cultural genocide’ of Tibet

A Chinese Spy was Encountered at Tibet Rally in Swiss

As Castro steps down, challenges await Cuba’s new leader

World’s first blockchain-powered elections just happened in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone presidential runoff: Here are the two kingmakers

Andorra celebrates 25 years of its constitution

Exiled in Scotland Catalan independendist Clara Ponsati seeks refuge here from arrest warrant in Spain

Clara Ponsati calls for support

‘Republic Now’ march draws thousands in Barcelona

Nike Salutes F.C. Barcelona and the Catalan Culture in Flashy Ad by W+K

Guardiola defies sanction and wears a yellow ribbon again

Controversy over Spanish Army presence at education fair in Barcelona

Case against six teachers charged with hate speech closed

Carles Puigdemont to visit Switzerland

Protesters burn Spanish king pictures to celebrate court ruling

Valtonyc, rapper sentenced to prison, calls for ‘disobedience’

Catalan police suspends officer without pay for writing in Spanish

Sànchez can still be president, insists JxCat

Spanish prosecutors eye Swiss arrest of Carles Puigdemont

What’s Next for Catalonia?

Swearing jailed Sànchez in “possible,” says Esquerra

Les Falles: Catalan politicians on fire—literally

Protesters demand release of pro-independence activists after 5 months in prison

Madrid removes Catalan secretary of public information Antoni Molons

Catalan independence cause lands in UN’s headquarters

Nearly 1,000 people attend debate with Puigdemont in Geneva

Puigdemont to travel to Finland on Thursday

Scotland’s youth can blaze the trail for independence

Latest STV poll shows support for Scottish independence climbing to 48 per cent

Poll: No cracks in the pro-indy vote as Yes nears the finishing line

If you support Scottish independence there is no point voting for Labour

Malta places third in quality of life survey

Car costs make Singapore world’s priciest city. Again.

Tens of thousands join rally for Hungary’s Orban before April vote

Seychelles creates new marine protected area in the Indian Ocean

President Vucic Says Serbia Ready For Compromise Over Kosovo

U.S. Urges Quick Balkan Solution as Serbs Reject Kosovo Army

Digital islands: How this tiny country is embracing e-governance

Hmong : Sectarian Violence in Vietnam Amidst Restrictions on Freedom of Religion