November 4 New Caledonia Will Vote on Independence from France

Anniversary of the annexation of Crimea: volunteers project the Kremlin’s crimes on facade of the Russian embassy

Russia Launches Military Exercises In Crimea, Abkhazia, Day After Presidential Vote

Crimean Tatars sacked from jobs for refusing to vote in “election”

Crimean Tatar political prisoner Akhtem Chiygoz & a schoolboy’s letter that gave him strength to fight on

The attack on media freedom in Crimea threatens to stop coverage of rights abuses

FSB professional ‘denouncers’ used for multiple political trials in occupied Crimea

Little green men: the annexation of Crimea as an emblem of pro-Kremlin disinformation

Crimean Tatar civic journalist Nariman Memedeminov jailed for reporting repression in Russian occupied Crimea

Bolton’s appointment ‘a positive signal for Ukraine’

Donors in fundraising bid for G/Bissau elections

In Haiti, no one is surprised by the Oxfam scandal

EU signals opening of accession talks with #Albania likely to start by the summer

Turkmen Elections Look Like Next Step Toward Dynasty

Begmurad Otuzov, ‘Disappeared’ Man in Turkmenistan, Dies

Hmong Raises Awareness of Their Plight in Laos

Anti-smoking activists call Austria the ‘ashtray of Europe

Vienna is again the world’s most liveable city and we should all move there

Austria recalls embassy employee from Israel over Nazi shirt

US targets South Sudan oil firms with sanctions

Burundi on brink again as president wants to rule until 2034

Tajikistan and Nowruz: Renewal, Forgiveness and Solidarity

Mali PM makes rare government visit to Tuareg-held northern city

Xinjiang Authorities Up Detentions in Uyghur Majority Areas of Ghulja City

Xinjiang Authorities Targeting Uyghurs Under 40 For Re-Education Camps

Beijing also persecutes the Uyghurs abroad

U.N. Closes up Liberia Peacekeeping Mission After 15 Years

Papuan teen Rico Ayomi dies hours after release from Indonesia jail

Rwanda among top spenders of Internet connectivity funds

The U.S. and Both Koreas Wrap Up ‘Constructive’ Talks in Finland Ahead of Landmark Summits

American Indian teens head to Vatican, hoping to overturn historic papal decrees

Bolivia Takes Sea Access Dispute With Chile to World Court

There’s Never Been a Native American Congresswoman. That Could Change in 2018.

Navajo Nation to Celebrate Justice Day

State Elections Division Holds Alaska Native Language Summit

Native language preservation: Alaska cannot rely solely on the state to save these languages

Indigenous States: Native theatre in the U.S.’s two non-contiguous states, Alaska and Hawai’i

Indigenous Awareness Week honours Indigenous ways of knowing, doing, connecting and being

Sovereignty runs deep in farewell to Indigenous warrior Sugar Montour

Marichuy: How an indigenous woman left her mark on a tumultuous presidential campaign in Mexico

March declared Missing Persons month by Navajo branch chiefs

Trump administration pursuing overly aggressive timeline for Arctic Refuge drilling

West Hartford Changes Columbus Day To Indigenous Peoples Day

Olympic Legend Billy Mills Names 10 Recipients of $10,000 Native Youth Dreamstarters Grants

Canada’s cultural genocide of Indigenous Peoples

Washington state Senate petitions FBI on safety of Native women

Inuit research strategy launched to promote Inuit ownership, control

50 years ago: Navajos flood corporate trade school

What the 2018 midterms could mean for Native voting

Liberals vow to eliminate tuberculosis in the North by 2030 as Inuit cases 300x higher than population

Inuit girls and women in Nunavik preyed upon by some workers from the south

Latin American Indigenous People Fight New Plunder of Their Resources

Indigenous Peoples: Indigenous Corporate Training Guide to Terminology

1916 March 20: Mbuti pygmy Ota Benga exhibited at Bronx Zoo commits suicide

How FIFO activists are doing down Indigenous Australia

When Indigenous Girls are Raped and Assaulted in Bangladesh, a Queen Rises Up in Solidarity

Australia to Export Celebrated Aboriginal Education Program to Africa

The lost children of the Empire and the attempted Aboriginal genocide

Adivasistan: A Separate ‘Independent’ Area Where Indian Constitution, Laws Don’t Apply

Māori voters get to choose between Māori and general rolls

Barack Obama gets a traditional nose-rubbing welcome in New Zealand

Spanish police question four over homage to late ETA member

‘Polar Silk Road’: Greenland’s courting of China for airport projects worries Denmark

How Namibia gained its independence from South Africa in 1990

Mobilizing for self-rule our top priority now, the dead 1964 agreement no longer an option – Linyungandambo

How Cornwall is preparing for life outside of the EU

El Salvador Debates Best Way to Counter MS-13 Gang Violence

Vietnam halts South China Sea oil drilling project under pressure from Beijing

Antigua and Barbuda ruling party wins vote

Meet 2 Ottawans working to keep ancient Irish language alive

Irish in Nottingham: ‘We created a little Gaeltacht by the games cabinet of an old English pub’

Queen’s University Belfast row shows the bilingual signs debate must not get lost in translation

Máirtín Ó Direáin remembered: patrols, paramilitaries and poetry

If I lose my language, I lose my identity, I’m not being dramatic

Queer dictionary for Irish language launched translating words like transgender, bigender and genderqueer

Gaelic Football is thriving in west Galway

Armenia: Getting Many Things Right

Armenian Outgoing President Says May Become PM

Armenia: Balancing act between Russia and Europe

Corsica: A restless outlier in France’s grasp

The Many Layers of the Ethiopia Crisis

Angry islanders: why France faces protests overseas

EU launches new External Investment Plan in Georgia

New charges brought against journalist in South Ossetia

Georgia to ‘sanction rights violators’ in Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Jamaica extends state of emergency covering Montego Bay

Connectivity boost accelerates Moldova, EU and Eastern Partnership science collaborations

Work Welsh programme to receive £2.5m funding for language target

Tributes, anti-Welsh bigotry and that lagoon again

Action to end #language #inequality in Europe

Impact on England ‘stops Welsh news’ on Radio 1 and 2

Comoros passport scheme was unlawful, abused by ‘mafia’ networks

Comorosians urged to attend Paris meeting to expose Azali’s misrule

China throws sinking Brunei a lifeline

Croatia Pushes Treaty on Violence Against Women Despite Protests

Patrick Harvie renews Greens’ independence pledge after Spring Conference

An independent Scotland would stand up to Russia

Scotland sends Westminster clear message – Hands Off Holyrood

We were all at the #HOOP protest – but where was Scotland’s media?

Fiji’s Green Bond used to inspire emerging markets

Nicolas Sarkozy formally placed under investigation in Libya financing scandal

UN urges Libya rivals to end political crisis

Human Rights Watch: Libya ‘incapable’ of holding elections

Executions, Torture and Slave Markets Persist in Libya: U.N.

How the United Arab Emirates, a Country of 90 Percent Immigrants, Handles Immigration

‘A sword hanging over our heads’: The repression of activists speaking out against discrimination and slavery in Mauritania

Samoa MPs consider bill to make voting compulsory

Biafra Heats up as Trials Resume, Elections Loom, and Kanu Is Still Missing

Nnamdi Kanu’s co-defendants charged for establishing Radio Biafra

Agitations For Secession Not An Offense Under Nigerian Laws, Says IPOB

Kiribati: The endangered island republic that many have never heard of

Trinidad and Tobago’s first female president sworn into office

NZ appoints new Niue High Commissioner

Maldives police arrest 139 opposition protesters under emergency rule

Is Abdulla Yameen Handing Over the Maldives to China?

Maldives president lifts state of emergency after 45 days

Maldives, fast becoming a pawn in the new Great Game

Putin’s Pals, The Night Wolves, Troll Bosnia And The Region

As Western influence recedes, Russia looks to fill Lebanon’s power vacuum

UN mission on Lebanon-Israel border marks 40th anniversary

UN gives strong backing to Lebanon’s political independence

Hezbollah leader says Lebanon public finances threaten disaster

Eastern Caribbean: LGBT People Face Bias, Violence

Investigators Say ‘No Crime’ In Tatarstan Deputy Health Minister’s Sudden Death

Court In Tatarstan Fines Poet Lilia Gazizova For Tearing Up Ballot In Polling Station

‘Landslide victory’ for Putin in the North Caucasus

Dagestan: A wrestling culture that helps keep boys away from fighting

Yakutia’s National Library promotes Kazakh literature

The tale of a Circassian mother, grandmother and inspirer of hope

Oyub Titiev Waiting for Freedom in Chechnya

Ukraine refuses asylum to a Tatar facing certain persecution in Russia for his faith

Kremlin plans ‘selective’ resignation of governors

Tatarstan Prosecutors Reject Complaint Alleging Language Discrimination

Russian Nerve Agent Scientist Admits Selling Deadly Toxin to Chechen Mobsters

Aslan Gaisumov’s Chechen Stories

Free Idel-Ural Movement takes shape in Kyiv

Xi warns Taiwan will face ‘punishment of history’ for separatism

Taiwan says should educate its youth on dangers of China

Death of Paraguay teen rape victim in childbirth fuels abortion debate

When Tiny Benin Shook Dictators Across Africa

Coordinator of European Belarus civil campaign Yauhen Afnagel Arrested

‘Trust No One’: Exiled Azerbaijani Reporter Says He’s Being Hunted In Kyiv

Slovakia Government’s Collapse Not Enough To End Protests Over Journalist’s Murder

Qatar looks to Asia for investment in its new post-blockade era

Diversity of Belgium

How Belgium Overcame the Threat from Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters

US-funded counterterrorism training center opens in Jordan

Kosovo parliament ratifies Montenegro border deal despite tear gas

Serbia Expelled From Handball Event for Cancelling Kosovo Match

Montenegro Seeks To Stare Down Fancy Bear As Election Looms

Trump, Saudi leader discuss Houthi ‘threat’ in Yemen

Chad: Government Fails Previous Dictator’s Victims

Chad considers current president’s term limits but the opposition is sceptical

How Hungary Became a Tool of Kremlin Foreign Policy

Switzerland lives by selling to the whole world

Kurdish troops fight for freedom — and women’s equality — on battlegrounds across Middle East

Turkey: Dozens Held During Kurdish Spring Festival Newroz

British PM in Newroz statement highlights freedom of expression for Kurds

Turkey-backed forces capture Syrian Kurdish town of Afrin

Nearly 170,000 displaced from Afrin need urgent assistance

US: We will remain in Manbij for as long as necessary

PKK announces withdrawal from Shingal, handover to Iraqi forces

Yezidi MP calls on Iraqi parliament to prevent Turkish operation in Shingal

Islamic State brainwashes Yazidi children into fighting in Syria

US National Security Adviser John Bolton Supported Kurdistan Independence Referendum

European Parliament President tells Turkey to ‘respect international law’ following Kurdistan Region airstrikes

France’s Macron phones Erdogan to express ‘concern’ over Afrin developments

UN presses on with bid to restart Western Sahara talks

AU ready to settle Western Sahara dispute

Köhler: My mission consists in reaching solution ensuring self-determination to Saharawi people

UK expresses support to Western Sahara people’s self-determination

Security Council expresses full support for Kohler’s efforts

Kohler suggests direct, unconditional negotiations in 2018

Jewish candidate for Muslim party breaks barriers in Tunisia

Police station torched in Tunisia mining region protest

Gambia to switch from glass marble voting to use of ballot papers

Gambia arrests 10 with possible links to activist’s death during Jammeh’s dictatorship

Togo: How Happy Is The Country With The Biggest Gains In Happiness?

Talks resume between Togo govt and opposition

Slovenia govt’ formally ends term after leader resigns

Caledonia to vote on independence from France

New Caledonian independence referendum set for Nov 4

Electoral law change approved for New Caledonia referendum

Free to Express: Meet the Artists of Cuba

Cuba Cracks Open Wholesale Food Sales for State-Linked Cooperatives

Tibet and India’s China Policy

Tibet is not a card

Release of Tibetan Poet Shokjang an Overdue Welcome Development

In Pictures: Life in Tibet, Overshadowed by China Since 1959

Tibetan Man Detained After Villagers Protest Chinese Mine Plans

US Congress Confirms Support For Funding For Tibet programs in 2018 Budget

Dozens of Chinese police storm monastery in brutal crackdown on Tibetan butter sculpture festival

“A window of opportunity awaits the Tibet cause”: CTA President tells Tibetan Parliamentarians

Amazigh Cultural Revival In North Africa – Analysis

Sweden to tighten rape legislation, outlawing non-consensual sex

Critics Round on Malta After Banker Charged in U.S. With Evading Sanctions

Malta Freezes Pilatus Bank’s Operations After Chairman’s Arrest

Whistleblower fears for life as US arrests Malta bank chair

British knight suspended by Order of Malta for writing “The Dictator Pope”

Spanish prosecutor requests seizing passports of Catalan leaders abroad

January record month for Catalan exports

UN High Commissioner asked to explore violations of rights in Catalonia

Barcelona wholesale market closes 2017 with record figures

Catalonia needs Scottish-style solution, Carme Forcadell

Jordi Sanchez renounces candidacy to lead Catalan parliament

Deadline for appointment of president set for May 22

Pro-independence Esquerra party leader Marta Rovira goes into exile

25 Catalan officials sent to trial for independence case

Spain wants to ‘bring an end to independence as political option,’ says Puigdemont

Spain to try Catalan separatist leaders for rebellion

Jail for five Catalan leaders

Spanish judge jails Jordi Turull, the 3d presidential candidate, hours ahead of planned inauguration

Outrage as Spain charges Catalan leaders with rebellion and jails five

Protests erupt in Spain following detention of Catalan leaders

Puigdemont detained in Germany

Sierra Leone capital Freetown elects female mayor, the first since 1980

Sierra Leone police and elections body clash ahead of presidential runoff

Barbara Jatta, the First Woman to Head the Vatican Museums, Is Bringing Change to the Eternal City

The Latest: Palestinian teenage protester Ahed Tamimi gets 8 months

Tough on Iran, Critical of ‘Palestine’: Meet John Bolton, Trump’s New National Security Adviser

Cheti Chand 2018: Significance, Feast and Celebrations of the Sindhi New Year Festival

Call to declare Sindhi official language

Conference on human rights in Sindh, Balochistan held in UN

Pakistan Army supports jihadis, uses them against minorities: MQM

Removing ‘Sindh’ from India’s anthem will strip away another layer of Sindhi community’s identity

Sindh: Politicians Decry Irregularities and Exclusion in 2017 Population Census

Balochistan: Experts Ring Alarm Bell on Water Scarcity in the Region

Pakistan: Government Remains Silent over Hundreds of Disappearances